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UH(API) Nuclear Logging Calibration Facility

Richard Liu, Professor University of Houston Oct. 8, 2011

History of the API nuclear calibration pits Introduction to the pits The purpose of the facility Usage and maintenance Operation of the pits

API Nuclear Calibration Facility Gamma Ray and Neutron Porosity Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Gamma & neutron


Gamma Ray and Neutron Porosity

Built in 1957-1958 Agreement between API and U of Houston
API provided funds UH provided land and maintenance

May cancel agreement after 7 years

54 Years Ago

Core Preparation


API Neutron and Gamma Ray Calibration Facility (1995)

Neutron pit

Gamma Ray pit

Technical Information
API RP 33 Web site:

K-U-Th Pits
Constructed in 1983 Agreement between API and U of Houston (1982-1983)
API provided funds UH provided land and maintenance Treated as an addition to the gamma ray and neutron pits

Gamma & neutron


Technical Information
has not been officially endorsed by API Presented in Well Logging Laboratory Technical Report No. 23 (2002)

Web site:

Figure 1. KUTh Pit No. 1 (North pit)

Restrictions for use of this borehole. See Sec. 4.7

KUTh Pit No. 2 (South Pit)

Physical Conditions Gamma Ray and Neutron Pits

Television camera inspection of neutron pit Conducted in April 1987 Ralph Wiley & Jerry Bowen, Amoco
In remarkably good condition Confirmed existence of small fractures noted in RP33 Small grooves and gouges were observed Do not seriously affect the utility of the pit

Document and photos archived at WLL

Physical Conditions K-U-Th Pits

Television camera inspection Conducted in February 1994 By Halliburton Video tape archived at WLL

Usage of Calibration Facility by Company 2009-2011

Alpha Neutronics, Inc., Schlumberger ThruBit LLC Tucker Energy Services Century Wireline Pioneer Wireline Services GE Energy Probe Technology Services US Geological Survey Halliburton Energy Services Teledrill Inc., Pathfinder Weatherford Intl. Etudes et Productions Schlumberger Tucker Hotwell US Ltd BakerHughes Wood Group

Usage of calibration pits 2000-2011

API Usage 2000-2011 30 25
API Usage

20 15 10 5 0 00 01 02 03 04 05 Year 06 07 08 09 10 11

Gamma Neutron Gamma+KUTH

Annual Reports
Before 1995: Mr. C. O. Liles American Petroleum Institute 700 North Pearl Street, Suite 1840 Dallas, TX 75201-2845 1995-2000
Mr. Tim Sampson American Petroleum Institute 1220 L street, NW Washington, DC 20005