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-Its entitled the world is an apple because Marios life was change when he stole an apple.


Alberto S. Florentino
He was born on July 28, 1931. Florentino had his first familiarity probably during the time when his father, a teacher, was active on school activities such as directing plays, opted to get assistance from his son to do copies of the plays that he is directing. It is said that Florentino got his technique in playwriting with the experiences he got due to the fact that while typing multiple copies of his father's plays, he needed to read the manuscript over and over again. As for his education, he attended U.S. Information Service and then at the University of the

East. He also attended the University of the Philippines and the Far Eastern University. Alberto Florentino was 23 when, as an accounting student at the University of the East, he won a Palanca award for his play, "The World is an Apple." This success at his first serious attempt at playwriting made him abandon his accounting studies to become a writer. He has since written more than 50 plays for stage and more than 100 for television, besides having published seven collections of his own plays and more than 70 titles by other Filipino authors. He is today considered one of the foremost Filipino playwrights in English. Alberto S. Florentino is the author and playwright of the famed The World is an Apple."The themes he usually tackles about deals with everyday scenarios of a commoners life. He usually portrays the struggles of Filipinos

GLORIA- The wife of Mario and
mother of Tita.

MARIO- The husband of Gloria

the father of Tita.

TITA- The child of Mario and


PABLO- The old friend of Mario

who is very bad.
The character I like the most is Gloria. Because she loves and care for Mario and Tita very much and she always thinks for the best. The character I hate is Pablo. Because he is a bad influence to Mario and he push Mario to do bad things like stealing.

The setting of the story is in the house of Mario and Gloria they choose a good setting. The setting is big the author choose a nice setting.

a. Introduction:
When Mario got home. Gloria saw Mario and she was asking for some money to feed their children to Mario. Mario said that he have no money because he did something.

b. Conflict:
Gloria didn't believe on what Mario said and said to tell the truth. When Mario answered it, Gloria was shocked on what she heard because Mario lost his job. Gloria asked Mario if how he lost his job and Mario answered it and Gloria was shocked again because Mario said that he lost his job because of an apple.



Gloria said that how can he lose his job by just taking one not a dozen not a crate but one apple and Mario answered that he just saw it rolling and he found himself putting it in his bag because Tita would love to have it, and Mario told Gloria that there's no need to worry because he found a new job.

d. Denouement:
Suddenly Pablo was there ruining the whole conversation and asked them if how is their daughter doing and he'll loan a few pesos to help their daughter and Gloria said that no thank you because Mario stopped depending on Pablo. Pablo said that Mario's new job was with Pablo and when Gloria heard it he told Mario that it's a bad doing and risky.

e. Conclusion:
But Mario didn't listen and walks away with Pablo and told Gloria not to worry because he will come back early morning and don't wait for him. Gloria cries and shouting Mario, while Tita was crying also because he heard the conversation.


The mood of the story is sad because the characters got many problems and Mario lied to Gloria in several times and at the end Mario chooses to go with Pablo instead of his wife Gloria.

The theme of the story is poverty because an apple factory worker is fired from work after stealing an apple. He claims that he stole it to feed his sick daughter, what he left out is that he actually had been using his salary to pay for prostitutes, hence, the money that was intended for the family was diverted to satisfy his selfish desire for sex.

The lesson I got from the story is to avoid lying and doing bad things to everyone like stealing and getting things do not belong to you. I will apply this by being honest all the time also by saying the truth and never steal anything thats not mine.