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Undergraduate Programs in Liberal Arts

Online Programs in Liberal Arts....................3 Why Penn State?.................................................5 Education Model for Liberal Arts Degrees...6 Undergraduate Certificate................................8 Associate Degree................................................9 Bachelor’s Degrees...........................................10 Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences..............................................................12 Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society............13 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science............14 Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership.........................................................15 Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology.................16 Bachelor’s Degree Minors...............................17 Frequently Asked Questions..........................18 Begin Your Application Today......................19

“An education in the liberal arts cultivates students who communicate well, think critically, understand the wider world in which we live, and imagine new possibilities for more ethical and just relationships with others. The Penn State World Campus liberal arts curriculum makes those traditional values of a liberal arts education more accessible to a wider audience and translates them into a digital age.” —Christopher Long Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education in Liberal Arts
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edu | 3 . Our undergraduate offerings in liberal arts include: Certificate • Organizational Communication Associate Degrees • Associate in Arts in Letters.worldcampus. and thus give you the flexibility to follow your preferred career path across many industries.psu. the arts. you can learn the foundational skills to help you lead the transition from one trend to the next. teaching. A liberal arts degree does not follow the latest industry trends. instead. Arts. and social science.Online Programs in Liberal Arts An education in liberal arts can give you the opportunity to develop broad knowledge. and many other fields. Our programs help provide you with a solid foundation and excellent preparation for careers in business.S. science. learning from several disciplines such as history. in Psychology Minors • Labor Studies and Employment Relations • Political Science • Psychology www. and Sciences • Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership • B. Arts.A. and Sciences Bachelor’s Degrees • Bachelor of Arts in Letters. law. journalism./B.

we were consistently pushed to strive for excellence in our work and think critically about the material and how it is relevant in today’s world.“I found a strong interaction with my instructor and classmates.” —Megan O’Meara Caldwell Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 4 | 800 -252-3592 .

your diploma will look no different from the one earned by our resident students. not just convenience Academically Rigorous. Online Delivery Experience— Penn State’s World Campus In 1892. Accredited Programs Our online courses are the same courses that we offer on Penn State’s www.worldcampus. Over the years. As a pioneer in distance learning. culminating in the foundation of Penn State’s World Campus in 1998. Our programs are also accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (www.Why Penn State? Career-Enhancing Programs The Wall Street Journal has ranked Penn State No. no matter where in the world they are. 1 in the nation for having well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed. Each program offers: • courses taught by highly respected faculty members who are experts in their fields • an engaged and diverse network of peers faculty members in the College of the Liberal Arts are committed to creating a first-class learning environment for their students. Penn State founded one of the nation’s first correspondence courses.msche. Whether you are looking to broaden your education or if you are just getting started. we have significant experience in understanding the needs of off-campus students. Penn State’s undergraduate degrees and certificates in the liberal arts can provide a great stepping-stone for successful professional development. You can experience courses that are: • designed around best practices in online delivery • taught by faculty with experience teaching in an online environment • created using technology to support successful learning outcomes.psu. our distance education options have evolved to include technology-enhanced learning | 5 .

6 | 800 -252-3592 .* *Example based on a student taking two 3-credit courses in a semester to complete a 12-credit undergraduate certificate within one year. The credits you earn in our undergraduate certificates may be transferable to an associate degree.—Shounda Hathaway Bachelor of Arts in Letters. Arts. and Sciences Education Model for Liberal Arts Degrees Our education model allows you to reach your highest academic goal by achieving important milestones along the way. and in turn. the applicable credits you earn to complete an associate degree may be transferable to a bachelor’s degree. Your achievement for studying at Penn State World Campus can be almost immediate—with the possibility of the first certification being awarded as soon as you complete your first year.

edu | 7 .Choose Your Path Benefit from continuous career development all the way to your highest academic goal. where applicable. I feel that this would not have been the case with other institutions. Certificate (12 credits) • Organizational Communication Associate Degree (60 credits) • Associate in Arts in Letters. and Sciences Bachelor’s Degrees (120 to 123 credits) • Bachelor of Arts in Letters. Arts.A. “The ability to enter into a defined ‘distance’ program that still allows for the flexibility of enrolling in a wide array of courses separates World Campus from other programs./B. and Sciences Law and Society Political Science in Organizational Leadership • B.S.” —Justin Guadagno Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership www.psu. in Psychology   • Bachelor of Arts in • Bachelor of Arts in • Bachelor of Science Note: Credits may be transferred to an upper-level degree in the College of the Liberal Arts or any other college at the University.worldcampus. I could stay on track with my major courses. but explore other topics that I am interested in or that I felt supported my efforts in the organizational leadership program. Arts.

communication technology. With this certificate.Undergraduate Certificate Earning a certificate can help reinforce the skills you have already learned on the job or give you a more competitive edge in the workplace. employers rated “communication skills” among the top three most important qualities. you can hone your skills in information management. and business writing. 6 | 800 -252-3592 8 . Organizational Communication (12 credits) When asked by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to rate the importance of candidate qualities and skills for the Job Outlook 2012 survey. conflict resolution and negotiation. public address.

or math. Arts.Associate Degree The Associate in Arts in Letters. every resource was available to me. I could tell that the professors really wanted us to succeed. and sciences degree can give you the flexibility to work in a broad range of positions. Arts.worldcampus. history. and Sciences www.psu. Arts. and Sciences “The quality of the education was unbelievable. and Sciences at Penn State is a multidisciplinary. —Judge Worsham Associate Degree in Letters. they are quality people who cared about all of their students. arts. • 24 major course credits • 21 General Education credits • 15 elective credits A letters.” —Linda Housand Associate Degree in Letters. including: • retail or sales manager • purchasing agent • teacher’s assistant • human resources assistant • administrative support specialist This degree can be used as a stepping-stone for one of the College of the Liberal Arts’ bachelor’s degrees (where credits apply). student-designed major that allows you to use elective courses to enhance your learning experience in | 9 . It wasn’t just a matter of them wanting to do a job.

Our programs range from 120 to 123 credits. To view a full list of courses. career opportunities./B. Our admissions counselors are available to help you make a Find out which program is right for you. and interpersonal skills applicable to many professional situations. Arts. please visit: www. psychology.Bachelor’s Degrees Our bachelor’s degrees highlight interdisciplinary education to help you develop a broad range of analytical.worldcampus. This brochure presents a brief overview of each program. or political science in combination with any of our bachelor’s degrees.A. creative. Call toll free: 800-252-3592 —Ed Cochran Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership 10 | 800 -252-3592 . Choose from the following programs: • Bachelor of Arts in Letters. and suggested applicant profiles. and credits earned from an undergraduate certificate or associate degree may be applied toward the fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree (where applicable).S. and Sciences (120 credits) • Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society (123 credits) • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (123 credits) • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (123 credits) • B. in Psychology (120/123 credits) Students also have the option to complete minors in labor studies and employment relations.

and Sciences .—Christina Barsness Bachelor of Arts in Letters. Arts.

Who Should Apply? • prospects with some or no undergraduate education • managers looking to advance their careers Career Possibilities • advertising. The Bachelor of Arts in Letters. and sciences can help you gain the workplace skills you need to succeed in almost any field. Arts. leadership. global perspectives. and public relations • banking • profit and nonprofit management • government —Michael Crane Bachelor of Arts in Letters. and Sciences • arts and entertainment industry • writing. Our program focuses on sharpening your communication and analytical skills. as well as enhancing your leadership abilities by offering courses in multidisciplinary fields such as ethics. Arts. or if you’re already in a managerial position and wish to advance at your workplace. marketing. but is particularly suitable for students who have college credits that can be transferred. editing. public relations. Arts. arts. This degree is ideal if you already have some undergraduate education and you wish to finish your degree. and Sciences is an excellent choice for anyone. a bachelor’s degree in letters. and publishing 12 | 800 -252-3592 . and diversity. and Sciences Whether you are interested in creative arts. or marketing.Bachelor of Arts in Letters.

writing. Who Should Apply? • workers who have to deal with legal issues as part of their job duties • students planning to attend law school • students aspiring to attend graduate school • law enforcement and corrections officers • community service professionals • members of the armed services who want to enroll in a degree-completion program Career Possibilities • law enforcement officer • legal assistant • arbitrator • mediator • small-business owner “I found that legal issues always came up in my business. This program is ideal if you have interest in law enforcement agencies. Typical courses include historical and contemporary issues in law. and the legal systems of the United States.worldcampus. regulatory agencies. and legal institutions.” —Stacy Bryan Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society www. public policy and social service agencies—or if you deal with law topics in your small business or are preparing to go to law | 13 .Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society The bachelor of arts major in law and society is an interdisciplinary program intended to provide students with a greater understanding of law. labor organizations.psu. and that was how I first became interested in studying law. critical thinking. legal principles. human behavior. law offices.

Who Should Apply? • persons interested in government and public policy • professionals dealing with political aspects of trade in an organization • students aspiring to attend graduate school Career Possibilities • government agencies • nongovernmental organizations • regulatory entities • domestic and international businesses • journalism • public relations 14 | 800 -252-3592 . public policy. Many of the courses in the political science program emphasize research-based writing that can give you the hands-on experience necessary to prepare you for success from the very beginning. this program can help you develop an advanced understanding of both American and international politics and relations. or such issues as health care or immigration. This degree is also an excellent stepping-stone if you wish to pursue graduate studies in homeland security and economic development. foreign affairs.Bachelor of Arts in Political Science If you have an interest in politics.

and it provides opportunities to move up in your current job or into a management job. Who Should Apply? • employees of any industry who would like to advance in their careers • managers who need an academic degree to keep climbing the corporate ladder • persons interested in leadership and organizational culture • military personnel looking to climb the ranks—or transition into civilian life Career Possibilities • human resources • management • sales • administrative services • military officers “The organizational leadership program is really well suited to people who are already working fulltime. The knowledge and insight you acquire with this degree program draw heavily on any real-world experience you bring to your studies. Using a multidisciplinary approach that includes courses in psychology.” —Cynthia Stoichess Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership www. making your education more relevant and invaluable.psu. sociology. communication.worldcampus. this program can prepare you for leadership positions in any type of environment. economics.Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is a highly practical program that explores current issues of leadership and organizational dynamics. labor. and industrial | 15 .

It can give you the foundation you need to work in a social-service field. and school social worker • medical and public health social worker • mental health and substance abuse social worker • probation or corrections officer • caregivers Career Possibilities • human resources specialist • labor relations specialist • advertising • marketing and consumer behavior • public relations 16 | 800 -252-3592 . humanities. mental health. Bachelor of Science in Psychology The Bachelor of Science in Psychology provides an opportunity to study the application of psychology in the workplace and to choose courses related to business. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can provide a broad education in the arts. and social sciences. leadership development. Who Should Apply? • prospects seeking to focus their studies on understanding human behavior • professionals wishing to pursue further training in psychology • persons who want to work in fields that deal with children. It may also be a good fit if you want to attend graduate school in psychology or a related field. or substance abuse Who Should Apply? • professionals interested in working on interpersonal relations and organizational culture in a business setting • students interested in entering a career in marketing or marketing research • students wishing to combine the study of psychology with business-related topics Career Possibilities • child. public health.Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology Whether you are interested in social work or developing your career in business. or marketing. family. management. families. a psychology degree can provide you with the critical thinking and interpersonal and research skills necessary to become a successful professional. It may be a good choice if you are a business professional interested in human resources.

work-life balance. clinical.worldcampus. comparative politics. and in most cases the courses used to satisfy General Education or bachelor’s degree | 17 . With a minor.Bachelor’s Degree Minors The College of the Liberal Arts offers students the possibility to complete a minor in the course of their studies for their bachelor’s degrees. Our minors are typically open to any World Campus student who meets the prerequisites. and international relations. with at least one course in each of the following political science areas: American politics. and human resource management. industrial/ organizational. explain. Psychology Minor (18 credits) This minor can help you understand. cognitive. It focuses on several fields of study. developmental. and social psychology and their application to the workplace. along with electives. employee-employer relationship. theory/ methodology. www.psu. including biological. you can gain deeper insight into the following fields: Labor Studies and Employment Relations Minor (18 credits) This minor offers interdisciplinary courses to explore common topics at the workplace. may also be used to satisfy requirements for the minor. and predict human behavior. —Galen Hooks Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society Political Science Minor (18 credits) This minor introduces you to political processes and institutions. communication. such as ethics.

or part-time degreeseeking student.Frequently Asked Questions How much is tuition? Tuition is based on the cost-per-credit associated with your program of study.psu.worldcampus. We also have different How long will it take me to finish my program? This answer varies for each student. options to help you. you may incur additional charges. you could be eligible for federal student aid. and military payment options. exam proctor.. some students are able to complete 12 credits every year—others more than 20 credits. If you have applicable transfer credits. Tuition rates are assessed every semester of enrollment. during your course of study. such as deferred payment plans. transfer credits. and transcript fees. interact with faculty and peers. There are many factors (e. you may be able to shorten the length of your program. reply to message boards.g. and more. visit: 18 | 800 -252-3592 . course load per semester) that influence how long it will take. What does the online classroom look like? Our philosophy for designing online courses: Use the latest technology to best deliver the content in the most flexible way while keeping the technology transparent to you. As a full. We use one centralized platform where you can log into your classroom. third-party payments for employed professionals. Depending on the program. For more FAQs. As a student. Does Penn State World Campus offer financial aid? World Campus makes many options available to help you pay for your education. There you can get assignments. such as credit-byexamination.

associate degree. 1. Visit www. if you attended another institution • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. 3.psu. with no mention of distance or online education. must be received by the dates below to be considered complete: June 30 for fall semester admission October 31 for spring semester admission March 15 for summer semester admission Necessary Documentation • Official high school transcripts or GED transcript • Official military transcripts (if applicable) and/or official college or university transcripts. Recruiters in a Wall Street Journal survey ranked Penn State as No. Please visit our admissions website for a more detailed description of the requirements and application procedure: www. most well-rounded graduates.psu. you must be a high school graduate or have obtained a GED. including receipt of all transcripts. www. Click on the How to Apply link to get your specific application instructions.worldcampus.worldcampus. Deadlines Your degree | 19 .edu/liberal_arts 2. or bachelor’s degree program.psu. if applicable General Admission Requirements To apply to a certificate. Select your program of interest to be directed to that specific program page. Our online courses involve frequent interactions between students and with Did you know? Penn State credits and degrees earned online are identical to those earned on campus.worldcampus.Begin Your Application Today Beginning your application for any of our online liberal arts programs is easy. 1 for producing the bestprepared.

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