me: hem vineeth Phone: 6787202484 Email: tech.namerica@gmail.

com Location: US-NJ-Woodbridge-07095 Vineeth

Professional Skills:
• Over 7+ years of strong IT experience in BEA WebLogic Server 7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x administration tasks such as day-to-day site monitoring and maintenance, infrastructure configuration, network management, system installation, tuning, system backup and restoration, application migration, quality of service management and security implementation. WebLogic installation in all the 3 modes - GUI, Console and Silent mode Configuration template’s for various environment based installations. Worked on Deployment of applications in WAR, JAR and EAR formats in Domain and Clustered environments of BEA WebLogic Server. Extensive experience in configuring, creating and troubleshooting of JDBC connections. Good knowledge in other applications servers like IBM Web Sphere, Sun java systems application server (Sun One application server), JBoss. Extensive experience in Enterprise Applications for J2EE platform using MVC, JAVA, JSP1.2, Servlet 2.4, EJB 2.1, JDBC/ODBC, RMI 1.0, JMS 1.2, Apache Ant 1.6.Designing. Expert in creating and setting up User, Group and Global Roles configuration. Setup 1- Way SSL, 2 - way SSL and self-signed certificate configuration to WebLogic Server. Experience in using external LDAP configuration with Sun iPlanet server, Novell e-Directory, Open LDAP and Microsoft ADS. Strong experience in configuring and troubleshooting WebLogic Server issues in production, production-fix and testing environment. Installed and configured SunOne and Apache WebServers in various environments like Sun Solaris, RedHat Linux, HP-UX and Integration of the same with the WebLogic. Proficient in deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files in domain and clustered environments of WebLogic Server. JDBC Connection Pool and Multipool configuration with Oracle, MySql, DB2 and SqlServer etc. WebLogic Administration, Monitoring and troubleshooting/debugging using Admin Console and JMX. WebServers - Apache, MS IIS and iPlanet configured with standalone Managed Servers and Clusters of managed servers. Experience in maintaining BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1, 9.2, 10.x. Extensively worked on cluster configuration, multi-node clusters and Deployment over clusters. Expertise in analyzing Memory Leaks, JVM heap settings and tuning. Good at Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly. Extensively used Shell Scripts, WLST, Jython Script for configure various WebLogic Components/Services. Expertise in analyzing Memory Leaks, JVM heap settings and tuning. Extensively used WLST, Jython Script for configure various WebLogic Components/Services. Good knowledge in other applications servers like IBM Web Sphere, Sun java systems application server (Sun One application server), JBOSS.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

x/10. including load testing. LDAP. WLST. DHTML Unix (Solaris 8/10.1/9. High Availability and FailOver functionality. In-depth experience in analysis. T3S. quality assurance and tuning Technical Skills:Languages/Software Java Technologies Protocols Web/App servers Databases Web/Scripting Skills Platforms/OS Others Version Control Reporting Tools JAVA.2. Visual Basic J2EE. Configuration and Administration of Savion BPM. Oracle 9i/8i/10g MS-Access. Apache HTTP server 2. C. WindowsNT/2000/2003/98. JDBC Connections and JMS connection factories. MS Excel. IIS. SNMP and POP3 Oracle/BEA WebLogic 7. Toad. JDBC Connections and JMS connection factories. IBM Web Sphere . planning.0 T3. Https. EJB2. MS Visio. XSLT. Ftp.x/9. Apache Tomcat 5. HTML.2/10. Sybase Shell script.x/8. • Deployed the BPM applications on multiple Web Logic Servers. BEA WebLogic Portal Server 8. • Configured Clustering of EJB objects. JSP. MySQL.• • Good at Server Performance Tuning . Rational Rose 2000. WinCVS. JBoss 4. • Involved in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production. Red Hat Linux). development and implementation stages.0 SVN.C++.5 Professional Experience: Pfizer. Business Objects 6. PL/SQL.0. PLE and Production environments. Wily Introscope. HP-UX CA Siteminder. SQL Server 2005/2008. Applet. Savion BPM Suite 7. ANT. XML. VSS. Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly. • Deployed applications on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load Balancing (BigIP and F5). Apex. Power point.0/4. QVCS. • Providing 24x7 support for Testing. JVM GC verbose logs. Configured Clustering of EJB objects. Servlets. SQL. JDBC 2. WAR. Various subsystem debug logs • Extensive experience with the Installation.1. TCP/IP.0/2. SunOne web server (iPlanet).Till Date Responsibilities: • Expertise in deployment and troubleshooting of JAR. . Quest JProbe .5. JMS. SOAP 1. Rational Clear Case Crystal Reports. Http. Sitescope. server logs. • Expertise in analyzing the WebLogic thread dump. CT WebLogic Administrator Jul’ 2008.0. Groton.0.x. AIX 5.x.3 SP1. and EAR files in clustered environment.Thread Dump Analysis.

Installed and configured Apache HTTP server 2. Apache Tomcat 5.x/10. Clusters. MQ series. RedHat Enterprise Linux. • Configuration and maintenance of WebLogic 8.1/9.0 • Experience in deploying web applications and EJB applications on WebLogic servers.x. UAT and Prod environments. and Bridges. • Deployed applications (WAR. Clusters. Provided active support for Load/Stress Testing. Developed and maintained Administrative tasks for various applications to help support train and troubleshoot issue. Queues. Test.1 & 9. 9. most importantly Local Traffic Manager. Shell scripts and source code management systems.2 to WebLogic Server 10 Extensively worked on Big IP"s suite of products. JDBC.Savion BPM 7.x. High Availability and Fail Over functionality.2/10. Perl.1 in Deployment and Production environments. Big IP. • Creation of development environments for developers using Ant scripts. • Involved in upgrading Weblogic 8.x/9. T3. • Developing WLShell scripts for Monitoring WebLogic Servers.x. Deployed applications on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load Balancing. Solaris 8. troubleshooting and performance tuning.1 with JDBC. JNDI. Environment: Oracle WebLogic Application Server 8. J2EE. Set up WebLogic domain with a single Server instance for developers on their windows machines.4/1. or 10.0. SNMP. Involved in Disaster Recovery and Production-Fix environment build and integrated it with Apache 2. Windows NT/Windows 2003. Oracle 9i/10g.0. SunOne Directory Server (iPlanet). Queues. configuration. JAR) in Domain and Clustered environments. JDK 1.0 to work with WebLogic Server 8. Deployments. WLST. Developing WLShell scripts for Monitoring WebLogic Servers.0 Web Server. EAR. Wilmington. JMS.1. First National Bank.2 Performed WebLogic Server administration tasks such as installation. . Involved in Migration of WebLogic Server 9. Extensively build and deployed Savion BPM Applications in Dev.5. Worked on Siteminder for authentication and Single sign-on for access to Web applications. Jython. Experience in the support and administration of Savion BPM and Service Oriented Architectures.x. SunOne WebServer 6. Deployments. Implemented plans in MS project and Excel for installing and configuring the applications for new releases and for maintenance events. Apache HTTP server 2. DE WebLogic Administrator Jan’ 07 to Jun’ 08 Responsibilities: • Administration of WebLogic 8. monitoring and performance tuning. Configured and administered JDBC Connection Pools/Multi Pools/Data Sources on WebLogic Server 8.1 to Weblogic 9.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • production-Fix and testing environment. Configured Node manager for administration of Managed server. SNMP and J2EE Services. and Bridges. Experience with F5"s Big IP version 8. Monitored memory usage for applications using Wily Introscope.

J2EE. XML. • Configured the WebLogic server with Apache HTTP Server through WebLogic’s proxy plug-in. BEA Tuxedo. performance and tuning of WebLogic server. Connection Pools and JMS Bridges for different components of the applications. Expertise with JVM and WebLogic tuning utilizing verbose GC logs. DB2. tuxedo error log files and application error log files to track and fix bugs. JMS servers. Maintained Load balancing and Fail over functionality. GC logs. • Managed Log file for troubleshooting and probable errors. . Monitored the database (data tables and error tables). testing and production-fix environment. RedHat Enterprise Linux. EJB. Creation of SSL and Digital Certificates for requesting. WebLogic Server 7.0. web archives. SQL. • Configured managed server instances on different machines and clustered all the managed servers. Performed Load balancing and Performance tuning. failover and performance tuning. Environment: BEA WebLogic Application Server 8. • Configuring multiple WebLogic domains in development. JDBC. Oracle8i. Supported on call schedule for Production support Involved in back-end activities like creating the tables. • Monitoring Server and Domain logs. OK WebLogic Administrator May’ 05 – Dec’ 06 Responsibilities: • Installed WebLogic 7. load balance. Stillwater. • Deployed java archives. WebLogic. JDK 1. Win2K.0/8. JSP. • Configuring Execute Threads.4. JVM Stat. Provide 24/7 on-call supports for critical business applications and production environments.0 application server on Solaris Environment. MerCruiser. • Created the connection pools. Data Sources. Developed UNIX Shell. Application Deployment. AIX. data and database administration tasks.x/9. Servlets. VisualGC. Involvement with the customer care and deployment teams in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production on 24/7 schedule. Monitored Memory usage of applications with JProbe. generating and implementation for the communication between Web server and the Application Server. and PL/SQL scripts for day-to-day system. CORBA. • Upgraded the WebLogic servers with necessary patches and Service Packs. JMS Destinations. • Setting the JVM parameters like maximum and minimum heap size in WebLogic startup scripts. procedures and functions and queries in SQL Server. • Configuring Single Managed servers and Clusters. • • • • Managing and Monitoring the JVM Performance by adjusting WebLogic heap size and garbage collection parameters.• • • • • • • • • • Development and maintenance of Shell scripts that facilitate the Administration of BEA WebLogic. • Supported WebLogic Server clustering. and enterprise archives files on WebLogic7.x.1. Troubleshooting WebLogic Application Server connection pooling and connection manager with Oracle 8i. LDAP.

• Designed and developed the Presentation layer to Loan module with Java Server Pages.x • Well versed with Shell Scripts for Unix System backups monthly. LDAP. development team leads.1. • Developed and executed test scenarios. Richmond. Oracle. Environment: JDK1.3.J2EE.0. Execute Threads etc.2/1. Documenting design procedures and test plans. Win2K. XML. project managers. test cases and documented bugs. • Have knowledge network protocols such as TCP/IP and HTTP. Weblogic7. Minneapolis. • Worked with cross-functional teams: System Admin group. Provided on call 24x7 support on a rotation basis to attend user and system calls. • Tune application and operating system and hardware for optimal performance and general JVM tuning. SMTP and HTTP access.0. clients.4. MN Weblogic Administrator Mar’ 03 – Apr’ 05 Responsibilities: • Installed. • • • Involved in the development of Web modules using JSP and Servlets and EJB.5. Jostens Inc. yearly and annual. EJB. VA Web Admin/Java App Support Jan’ 02. JDK1. Capital One. data sources. JMS. high availability and Fail over functionality. • Configuring JDBC Connection Pools. • Developed JSP pages and code.. Solaris. • Ability and flexibility to support and manage dynamic 24X7 Production J2EE Environment as well as the other testing environments • Monitor servers and applications for errors and performance problems with server monitoring tools. JDBC. .Environment: J2EE. configured. Linux and CVS . Apache Http Server and other J2EE software products and fixes on Linux/Windows/UNIX platforms. • Extensively involved in Tuning and Clustering of the WLS 6.0 and 5. • Involved in Installation and configuration of MS-Exchange 5.2. • Configuring individual servers for different environments. Servlets. and maintained Weblogic Server 6. SHELL scripts responsible for administration and maintenance of Weblogic server. document management. QA. Ant1.x • Deployed applications on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load balancing. Involved in application implementation and developing various modules. • Developed and executed the ANT. • Problem determination using local error logs and by running user traces and service traces. Microsoft SQL Server. JDBC. WebLogic Server 6.5 based messaging systems for internal use and for POP3. Apache1. JSP.Feb’ 03 Responsibilities: • Install and configure Tomcat. DB2. Apache HTTP server. Solaris. LDAP.

RedHat Enterprise Linux. Oracle 7. Oracle. XML. JSP. HTML. .x. PHP. Servlets. JDBC. EJB.x.Environment: Tomcat WebServer 3. JavaScript.

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