1 phonetics and phonology Phonetics= the science which studies the sounds used in speech and provides methods for their description, classification and transcription. Speech sounds can be analyzed from several points of view: a) acoustic b) articulator c) auditory d) functional a) What is commonly called acoustic phonetics, studies the physical properties of speech sound as transmitted between mouth and ear. b) From the point of view of the production, what organs are used, how we articulate the words. c) From the point of view of the perception, ear, auditory nerve and brain d) From the point of view of the accent, syllable and intonation Phonology studies speech sounds categorized by speakers of a given language: phoneme. The actually pronounced speech sounds are called variants or cellphones of phonemes. Branches of phonology • The study into distinctive units or phonemes called segmental phonology the analysis of prosodic and paralinguistic: non-segmental/suprasegmental phonology. Connection with grammar * pho

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