Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad Studying abroad has become increasingly appealing nowadays, owing to the enhanced

possibilities of travelling and living in a foreign country. The global village encompasses us all and young people can benefit most from opportunities of being part of a different kind of educational system given by another country. Upon returning, they become enriched with knowledge of other cultures, customs, they master the language of the country they have been to much better and also, they become cross-culturally aware of aspects of daily life. First of all, an argument in favour of studying abroad is the integration into a new culture and knowing customs of another people. While staying in a foreign country, every day we take a step further in becoming culturally aware of the difference (and possible similarities) between the nation we come from and the one hosting us. A simple outing to a supermarket can imply a new experience, as we need to use the foreign language and every meeting and word exchange can trigger a communicative situation where we learn more about simple gestures, such as taking leave or thanking someone, or even more, offering a gift to someone celebrating their birthday. Each gaffe that we might make in such a new environment teaches us more about traditions and written or unwritten habits. As highschool students, we have the opportunity to study a year (more or less, depending on the scholarship programme) abroad. Another important advantage of having such a possibility is the fact that an improvement in all language skills (such as writing, listening, reading, but most of all, in speaking) is visible in fellow students who return from such an exchange programme. Having spent an entire year (or semester) in another learning institution in Europe or elsewhere provides the chance of coming into contact with other school curriculums, different educational environments, methods and procedures of teaching, studying, self-studying and interacting with classmates. An additional advantage could be the future studies and career prospects, as a whole range of perspectives open to the student immersed in a foreign context. After graduating from highschool, the student may opt to apply to a university in the same country where they completed the scholarship programme, choosing thus a path for their future career. A completed study programme in a foreign country (for example, a university degree) might encourage better career prospects in the selected field. One drawback of such an enterprise is that we leave our family and friends behind and it is difficult to get used to a new beginning. Students are obliged to adapt to the new cultural and educational environment as quickly as possible, since transition from home atmosphere and the context of staying with a host family is rapid. Moving in with a new host family involves not only adjusting to using the

the scholarship does not cover all the expenses which means the student should have a sort of allowance in order to support language daily. these scholarships may sometimes become unaffordable to most students (whether they are in highschool. students should have financial backup for the entire period of their stay abroad. however. Another major disadvantage includes the usual high costs required. There are undeniable advantages to it. as the student has to balance their options before deciding upon such an important step. . studying abroad should not be disregarded entirely as a goal beyond reach. Considering this. but also. host families may desire to sustain the student they accommodate. All things considered. university or teachers). usually. getting accustomed to several chores in the house and the new student life rhythm. but should be viewed in all of its aspects. which should be fully exploited. negative aspects should not be omitted. Due to the lack of government sustenance in adequately designed plans or programmes for the study abroad. but it is not the case in each and every scholarship or exchange programme. At times.

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