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Project in A.P.

Submitted by: Rexanne Monique C. Cosico Robelene M. Bedia Christian Jefferson T. Ignacio Brix Joshua F. Timbalopez Mervin Florence Cruz Alex Tatsuya P. Osugui

Submitted to: Mr. Ernie D. Capisonda

Julie Anne V. Silvestre

An interview with the employees of Bubble Crush October 11, 2013

Bubble Crush Tea Shop started on the 30th day of March in the year of the Lord 2012, it stands at the 2nd floor of Unit 6B-Rosario Avenue, Rosario Complex, San Pedro, Laguna. Young and old alike frequent the green shop selling varieties of teas. This place is a favorite hang-out for students like Ecclesiaens. It started with a very small capital, (the interviewee did not want to divulge how much.), until the business's good service and top notch quality of products made it into a success and made the business flourish. The main challenge for the business, however, is the ever changing seasons of our country. Rainy days cannot be avoided and customers are hard to be persuaded to come out of their homes and buy their products when it's raining cats and dogs. The result? Loss of profit. The opening of other establishments who sell milk teas also proved to be a big challenge to keep the shop afloat. Thankfully, loyal customers made sure it did. The cooperation of all employees and workers in the shop helped a lot too. The good managament of the manager didn't hurt and the efficient customer service made sure customers kept coming back for more of the "blasTEAng experience." The shop welcomes all students-Ecclesiaens, Academians, Agustinians, you name it, and theyve experienced having it! The main problem of this is that student's allowances stretch only so far but the main perk is that they got to know how students from different schools act. Asked on what to tell future entrepreneurs, the interviewee just smiled and said "Think positive and be business-minded."

An interview with Ms.Anne Kristine Galos, owner of The Cake Rack Bakeshop October 09, 2013
September 20, 2013 marked the Grand Opening of The Cake Rack Bakeshop. Located on Unit 6B Rosario Avenue, San Pedro, Laguna, this cute and trendy shop is the first business venture of Ms. Galos. Baking cakes, cookies and cupcakes was just a hobby for her at first. Gradually, friends, relatives and colleagues started asking more for her baked pastries. The flow of orders were smooth at first, leaving her time to do her other jobs. "I had no choice but to open up a branch!" says Ms. Galos on why she decided to open The Cake Rack. She decided to open up the bakeshop because of her growing clientele and the demand for more products available, and of course; the golden opportunity of doing what you love. Ms. Galos' mother is a learned baker too, and she helps out on some of the orders the shop receives. The hardest part, Ms. Galos admits, is convincing clients to pay the price. Cupcake and cake ingredients don't come cheap so it follows that the price really is high. One cupcake alone sells from about P60-P70-a big price for something quite small, as some potential customers would say. It isn't possible ofcourse, to lower the price of their products because doing so would leave them no profit at all. Thankfully, the product's great taste and the shop's ambiance keep the customers growing and coming. The red velvet cupcake, one of their best sellers, can be soldout in one day, she shares with a smile. Since opening her business, she has gained new acquintances and friends. Her relatives and friends come to help her in manning the shop and ofcourse, she is glad to find smiles of delight and amazement of customers who share it with others-making Cake Rack become one of the fastest growing and flourishing establishments in the area. Asked on what she can advise future entrepreneurs who want to open their own businesses in the future one day, she can only say these words: "Choose you passion and do what you love!" Our sweet tooths cannot get enough of the success story of this shop and its owner.

An interview with Mrs. Arlene Bragais, owner of Lindens Food Inc. October 11, 2013
The business that opened on May 10, 2009 started as a cafeteria in Manila. When the owner married, she decided to open a little shop in Rosario Avenue, San Pedro Laguna, Eventually, the cafeteria turned into a bakeshop, famous for it's delicious yema cake and tasty chocolate cake. The road to opening the business was not paved with gold. The owners experienced financial troubles, namely, the necessary money and funds for capital. They also had trouble thinking up of ways to introduce their products to the market-they were new to the area, after all. The need to find great and loyal employees also challenged them at first. Thankfully, they overcame this and the people they hired proved to be great employees and friends. From a number of 2 employees, they now employ five. This proves that success was easily reached by the owners of Linden's Bakeshop. Customers also flocked to their shop and became familiar faces, becoming fans of their pastries because of it's sweet price and great value. "Take calculated risks" is all Mrs. Arlene Bragais advice to future entrepreneurs. After all, You cannot gamble your funds and you cannot have too much confidence when all is said and done; and you cannot be a coward and never reach for success. Kudos to you, Ms. Bragais!

An interview with the owner of Puti Top laundry shop October 09, 2013
The laundry shop that caught your eye with it's name: "Puti Top" has humble origins. What started out as a laundry shop with one washing maching, one dryer and one washer soon flourished and became a success. As of now Puti Top boasts of three branches: Rosario, San Pedro, Laguna; Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna and one at the highly industrialized Las Pias City. Success was slowly but surely in wait for this business. The one washing machine gradually turned into two, three, four, five and now six. Getting into it's success now wasn't easy though. The owners encountered different problems and challenges along the way: the washing machines break and stop working, stains are left unremoved and customers complain and share their negative views on the laundry shop, some wash orders are delayed and they had to pay for damages done to clothes even if it was purely unitentional. However, this laundry shop's bubble did not burst amidst all the challenges. Even if they experienced having short-tempered and hot-headed customers shouting at them for a few stains left unclean, the majority of their other customers kept coming back for the service and efficeiency Puti Top gurantees it customers. True to it's name, many customers loved and stayed loyal to this shop because of the washed clothes scent, softness and sanitation. It's been washing and drying for eight years now. Asked for the secret to success, the shopkeeper only replied with one word and we couldn't have said it better; Tiyaga

An interview with Chito A. Mushi, manager at T-C-T Computer Shop October 09, 2013
TCT Computer Shop (formerly TNT Computer Shop) started in 2007 with Mr. Mushi as a living witness. Like the shop with it's humble origins, he started as a utility. Success smiled at him and the business-Now, they are both succesful, he as it's general manager and the shop as the surviving computer shop in the area. The business first served 24/7. Sadly, due to the WiFi, tablets and smart phones era, they have since trimmed down their services to 14 hours. Not bad for a computer shop! The difficulty of the owners and the manager was that they knew nothing about computers at first. Not a single one of them took a computer course so they were basically clueless. However, they persevered and soon, they became knowleadgable and business started growing as more customers kept coming. The success of this business venture of the owners led to them owning a land area in Cavite. It didn't actually take 1000 mbps for this business to reach the stability it has gained today. They experienced hiring employees that stole and profits were tremendously affected. Asked if they had no profits at weekends, the manager replies "Are you kidding me? Peak season ang weekends! " The business stayed put because of the employees and owners own diligence and hardwork. "Dapat yung eyebags mo abot sa pisngi!" says Mr. Chito, when asked for advice to future entrepreneurs who wish to enter the business world.