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Berikut adalah latihan soal sekaligus prediksi SNMPTN 2009, disertai dengan jawaban dan pembahasan, soal dan pembahasan diambil dari berbagai sumber sesuai dengan standard Pendidikan di Indonesia.

bands work, but they do prevent motion sickness. SPMB-05-51 1. suitable title for the text is __. A. Motion Sickness B. Inability to Avoid Motion Sickness C. Effect of Motion Sickness D. The Worst Kind of Motion Sickness E. Susceptibility to Motion Sickness SPMB-05-52 2. person gets motion sickness because of ___. A. sitting in vehicles B. reading a book while traveling C. waiting for the airplane to come D.the conflicting messages received by the brain E. watching rides in the amusement park SPMB-05-53 3. Victims of motion sickness can reduce the chance of becoming sick by doing the following, except A. avoiding spicy foods B. eating a light meal before traveling C. consuming high-fat food D. taking the back-seat in a car E. not consuming alcohol SPMB-05-54 4. From the text we may conclude that ___. A.basically everyone tends to get sick when they are traveling B. there is no definite solution to the problem of motion sickness C. medical help is the best way to cure motion sickness D. there are so many ways for people to stop getting motion sickness E. motion sickness can be overcome by any drug prescribed by a doctor SPMB-05-55 5. The meaning of 'over-the-counter medication' is medicine bought ___. A. outside drugstores B. in small grocery stores C. only in drugstores

BACAAN (READING) Text 1 2005 Motion sickness comes in many forms, not just seasickness. Ninety percent of the human race is susceptible to motion sickness of one kind or another. Some people become sick when they sit in the backseat of a car; others cannot read or look at a map in any kind of moving vehicle. People get motion sickness on airplanes, motorcycles, amusement park rides, and even on camels! Scientists have learned that motion sickness occurs when the brain is trying to make sense of a situation and there are too many conflicting messages. While the eyes are sending one message, the ears are trying to send a message about balance. The skin and bone joints, sensitive to air pressure send another message. Many people who have experienced violent motion sickness try to avoid travel. But that is not always possible. So travelers should employ some well-known strategies to avoid getting sick. The most useful strategy concerns food: eat a light meal before traveling and bring along a packet of plain soda crackers to snack on regularly. Avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages, high-fat foods, and spices. Care in choosing the location of your seat is another important strategy. In a car, sit at the front and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. People who still got sick after trying these strategies can try medical help. Some rely on over-the counter medications, although some of them can make you sleepy. Others use simple ginger capsules to settle their stomach. A large number of travelers use pressure bands on their wrists. It is not clear how these 1

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D. by paying cash E. without prescription Text II 1998 People manage to count even when they do not have names for numbers. Early men demonstrated numbers to each other by counting on their fingers, and some primitive tribes still do this. In fact, some tribes have names for only the numbers "one" and "two" and can only indicate higher numbers by pointing to a particular finger. In other tribes, the numbers do have names, but these names are directly connected with finger counting. UMPTN-98-71 6. The text tells us about.... A. early demonstrations of numbers B. the use of fingers in counting C. the importance of numbers D. primitive tries E. various names for numbers UMPTN-98-72 7. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text? A. It was not necessary to have names for numbers in counting. B. Only in earlier days did people use their fingers in counting. C. There are tribes who only consider "one" and "two" important. D. For some tribes., it is unusual to use fingers when counting. E. The words "one" and "two" were unpopular among many tribes. Text III 2003 In the last few thousand years many civilizations have risen to a high level of development and then collapsed. As far as we know none of them had such a sophisticated technology as we developed, but nevertheless they produced remarkable and long lasting artifacts, such as the great pyramids and the sphinx of Egypt, the arch at Ctesiphon and the extraordinary stone constructions of Middle 2

America. The civilization of Knossos in Crete even had plumbing on the third floor. Some of these civilizations were destroyed by barbarian invasions, others by earthquakes, fires or other disasters and some in Mexico apparently collapsed purely as a result of the irreversible growth of top heavy bureaucracy. In all of them, however, their collapse has had a central case, which was the run down or degeneration of the overall motivation, spirit, or ethos of the social system. SPMB-03-58 8. The general reason for the collapse of all these ancient civilizations is ___. A. their inferior technology B. barbarian invasions C. the growth of bureaucracy D. natural disasters E. the degeneration of the social system SPMB-03-59 9. The topic of the paragraph is ___. A. the development of world civilization B.sophisticated technology in ancient civilization C. the fate of civilization in ancient times D.examples of some ancient advanced civilizations E. the differences in world civilizations Text IV 2000 In canning, heat can be used to destroy bacteria and halt enzymic activity in food. Bacterial 75 from external sources is prevented by sealing the food in a can. The can is the heated to a temperate 76 to sterilize the contents. The length of time and the temperature 77 to ensure sterilization depend on the product and on the type of bacteria to b,e destroyed. It is important .that the contents of the can are heated 78 An experimental check can be made on the exact temperature in any part of a sample can 79 it is being heated by inserting a there couple into the can. UMPTN-00-75 A. influence B. effect.

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C. contamination D. excess E. infectiousness UMPTN-00-76 A. regular B. convenient C. operative D. sufficient E. complete UMPTN-00-77 A. .require B. requirement C. recurs it D. requisition E. required UMPTN-00-78 A. unity B. uniform C. uniformity D. uniformly E. uniformed UMPTN-00-79 A. while B. because C. whereas D. since E. so that TATA BAHASA (GRAMMER) UMPTN-98-80 At the beginning of the semester, eac of the students ... given a new time-table. A. he is B. they are C. are D. is E. be UMPTN-98-81 -These are all government offices." "... is your father's?' A. Which B. When C. Whose D. Why 3

E. What UMPTN-99-83 'You look so unhappy, Anton. What's the matter?’ 'My father ... his job.' A. has just lost B. has been losing C. losing D. is losing E. loses UMPTN-99-84 He asked me whether he... my car to go to the party. A. can borrow B. might borrow C. ought to borrow D. may borrow E. would borrow UMPTN-00-88 Hanny became the focus of attention when she wore a colourful dress and __ at my birthday party. A. her behavioral is foolish B. was a fool C. behaved foolishly D. her foolishness E. hear foolish behavior UMPTN-00-89 'Have you been informed about the exact number of victims of the airplane crash?' 'Yes, __ to the headquarters of Garuda' A. they are faxed B. has faxed C. the victims fax D. it has been faxed E. we fax it UMPTN-01-83 'While living in Bogor, we always went to school onfoot.’ This means that we ___ on foot while we were living in Bogor. A. go to school B. are going to school C. used to go to school D. are used to going to school

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E. liked going to school

UMPTN-01-92 Smoking can be the cause of many illnesses and respiratory disorders; ___ it may harm nonsmokers. A. consequently B. however C. in addition D. nevertheless E. otherwise SPMB-03-75 Mr. Sulaiman is a prominent figure among Indonesian scientists; moreover, people know him as ____ person. A. an arrogant B. a strict C. a proud D. a tough E. a sociable SPMB-04-70 'Do you often go to restaurants?' 'No, it __ quite a long time since I went to a restaurant with my friends.' A. as been B. would be C. is being D. was E. had been SPMB-05-71 He did not pass his oral examination because he was either nervous ____ A. or he did not prepare himself well B. and did not prepare well C. also the preparation was not good D. or not well prepared E. but he was not well prepared SPMB-06-70 “As I was sent out of town to work on construction project, I could not help my fiencee with our wedding preparations.” But you should____.” 4

A. B. C. D. E.

Ask her to help Have helped her Ask us to help her Have somebody help her Have her help somebody

SPMB-06-75 These tourists, ____are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “Dangdut “ dance. A. There are many B. Many of them C. Whose many D. Many of whom E. They who SPMB-07-70 ‘My little sister brought the antique vase I bought last year.’ A. What did she do B. Oh, I am so sad C. Oh, it must be expensive D. Oh, where was she E. What a shame SPMB-07-71 As I found out that not all the workshop participants knew about today’s schedule, I got my secretary____it right away. A. Distributing B. Distributed C. She distributes D. To distribute E. In distributing SPMB-08-74 ‘What should the government do to create political stability?’ ____ A. Law enforcement should work effectively B. The effective work of law enforcement C. Enforcing the law to work effective D. Working to make law enforcement effective E. To make law enforcement work effectively

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PEMBAHASAN SPMB-05-51 Jawaban : A Pembahasan Paragraf 1 memaparkan alasan mengapa orang mengalami motion sickness (mabuk perjalanan). Paragraf 2 memaparkan strategi menyiasati dan menghindari motion sickness. Dan paragraf ke 3 memaparkan alternative lain untuk siasat tadi. Jelas bahwa wancana soal memiliki tajuk atau inti cerita, tentang mabuk perjalanan (motion sickness) SPMB-05-52 Jawaban : D Pembahasan Seperti di informasikan kalimat ke 4 paragraf 1: scientists hav learned that motion sickness occurs when the brain is trying to make sense of situation and there too many conflicting messages”, yang menjadi penyebab orang mabuk perjalanan adalah pesan-pesan kacau yang diterima otak (the conflicting massages recived by the brain) SPMB-05-53 Jawaban : C Pembahasan Perhatikan kalimat keempat dan kelima paragraph 2 : “Avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages, high-fat foods, and spices. Care in choosing the location of your seat…”. Terlihat bahwa yang tidak direkomendasikan untuk mengurangi kemungkinan mabuk perjalanan adalah mengonsumsi makanan berlemak tinggi (consuming high-fat food). SPMB-05-54 Jawaban : B Pembahasan Dari keseluruhan paparan wancana, terlihat bahwa dengan terdapatnya terlalu banyak cara menyiasati mabuk perjalanan bearti penanganan terhadap mabuk perjalanan untuk orang yang satu belum tentu berhasil untuk orang lain (there is no definite solution to the problem of motion sickness). 5

SPMB-05-55 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Yang dimaksud dengan ‘over the counter medication’ adalah obat-obatan yang tamnpa resep (medication without prescription) UMPTN-98-71 Jawaban : A Pembahasan “memasalahkan bagaimana cara menghitung” UMPTN-98-72 Jawaban : A Pembahasan Pernyataan yang tepat dalam kaitannya dengan teks adalah: kata “ one and two “ tidak dikenal oleh banyak suku”, kendati banyak juga memiliki nama hanya untuk angka, bahkan menghubungkan angka dengan jari-jari tertentu.

SPMB-03-58 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Perhatikan kalimat terakhir “ in all of them ,however, theirs collapse has had a central case, which was the run down or degeneration of overall motivation, spirit, or ethos of the social system” jelas bahwa alas an umum keruntuhan peradaban kuno ( the collapse of ancient civilization) adalah untuk mematikan atau degenarilasasi motivasi, semangat atau etos dari system social) Cara singkat dalam menjawab pertanyaan melengkapi gagasan, lihatlah di wancana pernyataan yang sama dengan potongan kalimat soal, dan lihat kelanjutan kalimat tersebut; itulah jawabanya. SPMB-03-59 Jawaban : A Pembahasan Wancana dibuka dengan mentabirkan kenyataan banyak peradaaban mengalami pasang surut-mencapai puncaknya, dan kemudian runtuh pada kalimat pertama; kemudian kenyataan tadi diberikan lewat

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contoh-contoh peninggalan keemasan peradaban tertentu pada kalimat kedua dan ketiga, dan alas an keruntuhan peradaban pada kalimat keempat dan kelima. Jelas bahwa wancana bertajukan perjaanan (berkembang dan runtuhnya) peradabanperadban disunia ini (the development of world civilization) sementara nasib peradaban di masa lalu ( the fate of civilization in ancient time), jenis-jenis peradaban didunia (the differences in world civilization), usaha penciptaan teknologi canggih pada peradaban kuno (shophisticated technology ini ancient civilization), dan contoh-contoh peradaban kuno yang maju (example of some ancient advances civilization) merupakan pengembangan pikiran penduduk (supporting ideas) dari tajuk tadi diatas. UMPTN-00-75 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Bacterial (adj) …from external sources is prevented by sealing the food in a can. Kata yang lebih tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat ini adalah infectiousness (kata benda). UMPTN-00-76 Jawaban : A Pembahasan …a temperate … to sterilize the contents. Dapat dilengkapi dengan kata ‘require’ = teratur.” UMPTN-00-77 Jawaban : E Pembahasan The length of time and the temperature … to ensure…bagian perlu diisi dengan kata kerja bentuk pasif : ‘reuired’ (bukan kata sifat). UMPTN-00-78 Jawaban : D Pembahasan …can are heated …perlu diikuti keterangan (adverb of manner) UMPTN-00-79 Jawaban : A Pembahasan 6

An experimental check can be made on the exact temperature in any part of a sample can … kata penghubung yang tepat adalah while = although UMPTN-98-80 Jawaban : D Pembahasan Each membicarakan satu dari suatu jumlah sehingga bentuknya selalu tunggal : sehingga predikat kalimatnya juga harus singular. UMPTN-98-81 Jawaban : A Pembahasan Kata Tanya yang dipake untuk suatu bentuk pilihan yang jumlahnya terbatas adalah : which. UMPTN-99-83 Jawaban : A Pembahasan anton sangat sedih akibat dari PHK terhadap ayahnya yang berlangsung baru saja. UMPTN-99-84 Jawaban : B Pembahasan Kata penguhubung “wheather” mengingatkan kita akan kalimat langsung dan tak langsung bentuk : “Yes/No Question”. Di samping itu, ada bentuk “ Reporting verb : … asked” dalam past tense yang menuntut agar bentuk kata kerjanya dari kalimat langsung harus diubah sesuai tensenya UMPTN-00-88 Jawaban : C Pembahasan Behaved foolishly adalah frase ‘kata kerja yang lebih tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat ini UMPTN-00-89 Jawaban : A Pembahasan untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut perlu bentuk pasif. Dengan demikian demikian…they are faxed … adalah pilihan tepat. UMPTN-01-83


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Jawaban : C Pembahasan Always went merupakan suatu kebiasaan pada waktu lampau (past). Ungkapan kebiasaan pada waktu lampau dapat dinyatakan dengan used to V1. Always went = used to go ; used to + V1 = pernah. Alih-alih to be used to + V in,(are used to going) = terbiasa, menyatakan kebiasaan yang dilakukan dari dulu hingga sekarang. Cara singkat Always + V2 = used to + V1 UMPTN-01-92 Jawaban : C Pembahasan Klause it may harm non – smokers (merokok dapat juga membahayakan orang yang bukan perokok) merupakan tambahan informasi dari pernyataan sebelumnya smoking can be the cause of many illness and respiratory disorders (merokok dapat menjadi penyebab banyak penyakit dan gangguan pernapasan). Klausa yang yang berfungsi menambahakan informasi dengan klausa intinya harus dirangkai dengan konjugasi mereover/in addition/ further more/besides (terlebihlebih/selain itu). SPMB-03-75 Jawaban : B Pembahasan kata hubung ‘mereover’ digunakan untuk menghubungkan hal positif dengan positif dan negative dengan negative. SPMB-04-70 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Untuk menentukan tenses yang digunakan dalam kalimat ini perlu diperhatikan adverbal clause “since I went to restaurant with my friends.” kalimat ini menggunakan bentuk simple past tense, sehingga kesepadanan tenses yang menyatakan makna ‘ sudah ‘ di klausa utamanya adalah past perfect tense : it had been a long time … SPMB-05-71 Jawaban : D Pembahasan 7

kata either berkolokasi dengan kata or ; opsi yang memungkinkan adalah (A) dan (D). kolokasi ‘either…or…’ selalu menghubungkan kata/frase/kalimat yang bentuk dan jenisnya sama. Kata setelah either adalah nervous (kata sifat) – bukan pola kalimat. Pada opsi (A) or he didn’t prepare himself well ; merupakan pola kalimat ; maka dianggap tidak parallel. SPMB-06-70 Jawaban : D Pembahasan Karena pembicara pertama dikirim keluar kota untuk bekerja pada proyek konstruksi maka dia tidak bisa membantu tunangannya mempersiapkan pernikahan mereka. Secara konsteks, respon pembicara kedua yang tepat adalah ‘ anda sebaiknya minta saja seeorang untuk membantu tunangannya’. Ungkapan meminta seeorang melakukan sesuatu dapat dinyatakan dengan pola causative : have + object + V1. SPMB-06-75 Jawaban : D Pembahasan Klausa yang diapit koma akan member penjelasa pada kata/frase yang diikutinya ; maka harus dirangkai dengan relative pronoun. Opsi yang memungkinkan adalah( C ) whose many, (D) many and whom, (E) they who. Whose tidak boleh diikuti dengan quantifier : many, maka opsi ( C) salah ; dan who tidak boleh diiawali dengan pronoun yang digantikannya : they maka opsi (E) tidak tepa. Kalimat soal menghendaki pengertian : para turis ini banyak dari mereka adalah orang Jepang, berada diantara kerumunan orang yang turut bergoyang dangdut, yang dalam bahasa inggris bearti These tourists, many of whom are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “Dangdut “ dance. SPMB-07-70 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Kalimat “ my little sister brought the antique vase I bought last years” (adik saya memecahkan jambangan antic yang saya beli tahun lalu) merupakan suatu berita buruk atau suatu musibah. Respons yang tepat

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untuk kondisi seperti ini adalah ungkapan rasa simpati atau rasa iba, yang lazim nya dinyatakan dengan,’sayang yah’ – yang dapat dinyatakan dengan bahasa inggris dengan that’s awful!/that’s a shame!, that’s a pity!, that’s a terrible!, that’s to bad, atau dengan ungkapan saya sedih mendengarnya – yang dinyatakan dalam bahasa inggris dengan ‘ I’am sorry to hear that atau I’am so/very sorry. SPMB-07-71 Jawaban : D Pembahasan secara konteks , karena tidak semua peserta loka karya mengetahui agenda hari ini, maka untuk mengatasi hal tersebut saya meminta secretary membagikan agenda tersebut secepatnya, pengertian meminta / menyuruh seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu dapat dinyatakan dengan pola causative get : get + agent + to V1I, yang dipenuhi oleh opsi I got my secretary to distribute it right away. SPMB-08-74 Jawaban : E Pembahasan Jawaban pendek untuk pernyataan ‘What should the government do to create political stability…’ ? semestinya adalah frasa yang dimulai dengan karta kerja infinitive tanpa to, misalnya “Enforce the law.”. namun frasa seperti ini tidak ada dalam pilihan sehingga yang paling memungkinkan adalah (What the government should do is) To make law enforcement work effectively,” dengan asumsi frasa “ What the government should do” sudah sama-sama dimengerti (understood).

Latihan soal untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional, Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi, akan terus kami update bersama dengan jawaban dan pembahasan, harapanya dengan latihan soal dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya dapat menjadi sarana untuk peningkatan bahan belajar menghadapi Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri. Mata pelajaran lain seperti bahasa Indonesia, Matematika dasar, IPA dan IPS akan kami upload setelah pembahasan selesai. Tetaplah berkunjung ke website Untuk menerima update latihan soal dan prediksi terbaru. Apabila ada pembahasan yang kurang berkenan, silahkan konsultasikan lebih lanjut dengan guru pembimbing.

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