See if your child’s school has a YMCA Prime Time program, visit us at www.ymcaafterschool.


The Metro Atlanta YMCA Prime Time after-school program provides a safe, supportive environment with realistic and appropriate expectations. Positive interaction & exciting enhancement programs help children build a strong foundation.

Program Components
Academic Support Homework Time
Study and Test Taking Skills, Time Management Homework Assistance and Resources

Social Competencies
Conflict Resolution, Asset Development

Reading Clubs, KidzLit

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Family Involvement

Science & Technology
Experiments, Cooking, Computer Lab, KidzMath

Empowerment Workshops, Physical Fitness, Karate, Parent Education, ParentGames, Intramural Child Activities Sports

Nutritious Snack
Meets USDA CACFP Regulations


Community Collaborations

Service Learning
Theme-Based Curriculum, Special Projects

Arts & Humanities
Arts & Crafts, Character Development

The YMCA provides experiences to develop and nurture positive self-esteem in an inclusive environment. One of the goals of the after-school program is character development. The YMCA develops character by teaching and demonstrating values. We use positive adult role models to teach the four basic values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Education Enhancement
The YMCA creates and maintains an environment that promotes learning. Academic excellence is valued and encouraged. Activities are designed to teach and challenge. High expectations are the norm for any endeavor undertaken.

Health & Wellness
The YMCA provides opportunities to pursue health and fitness activities promoting good health habits. Structured and scheduled organized athletic activities promote positive self-esteem and the appreciation for teamwork.

Qualified YMCA Staff Team
The YMCA seeks to employ only qualified, trained and experienced staff. We also collaborate with local schools to employ teachers and para-professionals as an integral part of the staff team. Satisfactory background checks are required prior to employment for all staff. The YMCA program operates on a 1:15 staff to student ratio. Certified Teachers are recruited to assure the academic component supports the objectives and goals addressed during the school day.

Affordable Fees & Assistance Program

Reasonable affordable fees are offered to provide an opportunity for all children to participate. The sliding fee scale is available to families making direct payments for childcare services. Slots at the various levels are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Providing the BEST After-School Program in Atlanta
Youth Fit For Life™
Youth Fit For Life™ is a physical activity program delivered through selected after-school sites and in YMCAs. It is an excellent way to supplement school-based physical education. The program consists of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, nutrition education, and behavioral skills training. It teaches children confidence-building, self-management and goal-setting skills, so when they have a choice of how they spend their own time, they will choose to be more physically active.


The MAX program is a component of after-school programming funded through 21ST CCLC in specific DeKalb and Fulton county schools. MAX provides and opportunity for positive interaction with caring adults while students participate in interesting, age-appropriate activities where they can develop competencies enabling them to be successful in school. The MAX component is delivered during 36 weeks of the school year and summer.

See if your child’s school has a YMCA Prime Time program, visit us at

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