Remedies for Overcoming Obstacles in Education

“Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Vidyarupen Sansthita Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah”.

Students often complain about lack of memory. Lack of concentration in studies, tendency to forget lessons and fear of examinations are those stumbling blocks which give tensions not only to the students but also to the parents. For eradicating the obstacles from the way of educational progress the various mantras and remedies of goddess Saraswati are as follows :1. Mantra For Overcoming Examination Fear-

“Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Pustakdharineem Mam Bhay Nivaaray Abhayam Dehi Dehi Swaha” 2. For Good Memory-

“ Om Aing Smrityai Namah” 3. Mantra For Overcoming Obstacles-

“Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Antarikshasaraswati Param Rakshini Mam Sarv Vighna Vadha Nivaaray Nivaaray Swaha ” 4. Mantra For obtaining Good Marks and Complete Result after hard Work-

Recite above mentioned mantra 108 times daily and after that recite one rosary of following Mantra: “ Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Mahasaraswatyai Namah ” If possible recite these mantras on a rosary of green agate or crystal for multiplying the benefits.“ Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Blung Gyanmurtye. Mantra For Enhancing Concentration- “ Om Aing Haing Hreeng Kini kini Vichai ” 6. Mantra For overcoming All Obstacles and Enhancing Education-Gayatri Mantra “ Om Bhurbhuveh Swah Tatsaviturvareniyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah prachodyaat ”. Some Remedies: Saraswati Locket Saraswati Yantra Sampurna Vidya Pradayak Sampurna Vidya Pradayak Yantra . Vigyaan murtye Param Bramh Swarupaay Paramtatvadharine Mam Mamasye Prakasham Kuru Kuru Swaha” 5.

Do breathing exercise at least 10 times in a day. .    Have a look on previous question papers.Trishakti Locket          Wear Saraswati locket comprised of Saraswati Yantra on Wednesday. Recite the mantra of Saraswati on a rosary of green agate and wear in your neck. Have curd before going for the examination and recite the following mantra of lord Ganesha . Wear emerald locket or Trishakti locket containing emerald. If you feel tired at night have bath with hot water before sleeping and continue reciting Saraswati Mantra till falling asleep.east while studying. It shall keep your mind cool and you shall be able to concentrate in your studies. Your face should be towards east or north. If you do not get sound sleep at night keep your head towards south and feet towards north while sleeping. Whenever you loose concentration recite it thrice. learn it after understanding the same thoroughly and properly and don’t think about any other question rather keep your mind absolutely open and free. If you are suffering from examination fear and failing to concentrate because of it then just select one important question. If examinations are away and have sufficient time then simply make the notes only and go through them after regular interval of time. Keep Saraswati Yantra and Sampuranvidyadayak Yantra on your study table or hang on the wall. Parents are advised not to preach their children and they should not scold them rather give some little work to them daily and in case they do not do it then sit with them and ask to do. four faced and six faced Rudrakshas for enhancing memory. Wear one faced. Keep an idol or painting of goddess Saraswati in your room.   If Sadesati is in operation donate mustard oil on Saturday. Method of Preparation for Examination:   Prepare the important questions only before examination. It shall give you energy and concentration level shall go up.

“ Om Vakratundmahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha” "Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Dev Sarv Karyeshu Sarvda”. It also denotes the feeling of motherhood.east direction. This direction gives all sorts of happiness. The Sun rises in the east. West: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 247½° to 292½° as west direction. This direction represents good health. Venus is the lord and Agni is the deity of this direction. The fault in this direction proves inauspicious for the stability of mind. Any of the family . In addition to that it might result into the loss of progeny also. South. Mars is the lord and deity is Yam. intellect. prosperity and bright future. post. This direction signifies intellect. This direction is connected with health. meditation and studies. This direction brings success. South: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 157½° to 202½° as south direction. there remains tension in mind and one doesn’t get complete success in accomplishing the tasks. glory. destiny. courage and patience. This direction signifies success. Therefore if this direction in a house is having some defects in that case the health of the person staying in that house doesn’t remain good at all. We hope that shall definitely get benefited by above mentioned remedies Bansal Top Directions in the Plot and Building East: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 67½° to 112½° as east direction. reputation. fame. Write students Arun Future Point ('Om Aing' ) on the question paper and start answering. North: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 337½° to 22½° as north direction. Therefore this direction has been given first place. happiness and prosperity. knowledge. It is essential to keep this direction free from any fault otherwise one won’t get the blessings of deceased forefathers (pitrigana). The planet Mercury is its lord and deity is Kuber.East: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 112½° to 157½° as south. contemplation.The health of head of family won’t remain good and he won’t live long. Planet Saturn is the lord of this direction and lord is Varun. wealth. The lord of this direction is Sun planet and deity is Indra.

The behavior of other people with the head of family is not good and they become his enemies unnecessarily and he happens to get into legal disputes too.west has been fixed for earth element. The ruling planet is Jupiter and deity is Paramapitaparmeshwara. For example if Saturn is inauspicious in . The mind of head of family and that of other family members get corrupted. Therefore each direction has a specific importance in vastushastra because each direction is under the combined impact of a specific planet. a specific deity and a specific universal energy. Rahu is its lord and deity is Nairhitti.west direction. If this portion of the house is defective in that case the owner of that house is always having problems in life and there remains probability of fear of enemies. This direction is very auspicious for intellect. patience and courage. knowledge. The area of south. If this direction doesn’t contain any fault in it in that case it fills the family members with lot of vigor and energy. In addition to that head of the family also enjoys happiness from children and wife. It is connected with relatives and guests also. Family starts complaining about the lack of male child. Lord of this direction is Moon and deity is Pawandev.East: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 22½° to 67½° as north. Direction and Deity: According to fundamentals of vastu there are 4 sub directions apart from 4 main directions therefore the calculations of entire vastu are done on the basis of these eight directions.east direction. This is most stable among all elements. Therefore this area enables us to fight with all sorts of difficulties. accidents. spiritual discrimination. If this direction is defective in that case friends turn into foe. North. sudden death and mental or physical injury. Yashkaran Sharma Future Point Top Tip Of The Month Remedies for Overcoming Malefic Impact of Planets  If a planet is exceptionally troublesome you are advised to overcome its evil impact by burying the article of planet in the earth. This direction signifies friends and enemies.West: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 292½° to 337½° as north.west direction. Therefore it is inevitably essential that this direction doesn’t contain any fault. Family members might become victim of evil eye or black magic etc. South. Any type of fault in this direction causes various types of troubles.members is always having one or other health problem and other members of the family become lazy. This is the direction of devil and that of a person engaged in cruel activity.West: Magnetic compass denotes the area from 202½° to 247½° as south. North. The intellect gets corrupted and there remains atmosphere of lack of harmony in the family and mental tensions go on increasing. Therefore this direction should not be kept empty.

otherwise results of doing so shall be negative.  For getting rid of the malefic impact resulting because of fight of two enemy planets the friendly planet of these planets should be established between them. in that case ring of Gold (Jupiter) should be worn in the little finger of Mercury. But before doing so it is necessary to make sure that none of the enemy planets of Jupiter is there in 9th house. its friendly planet can be propitiated for making it completely auspicious. Because 6th house in the sign of Mercury in Zodiac and by doing so Mercury and Jupiter (Teacher of Ketu) succeed in keeping Ketu under control. blue flowers (Rahu) should be offered to Goddess Saraswati (diety of Rahu) for curing the diseases.  For overcoming the inauspiciousness of an auspicious planet the article of that specific planet should be offered to its other significator object.  For overcoming the malefic influence of slightly inauspicious planets the article of enemy planet of that planet should be kept. For example if Ketu is producing inauspicious results in 6th house. By doing this Saturn gets satiated.  If Rahu of 8th house is troubling in that case pieces of Lead should be thrown is running water everyday. For example if Rahu’s placement in 6th house gives diseases. For example to overcome the malefic influence of Mars in 8th house one should keep article of Rahu (enemy planet of mars) i.  Other method can be to worship the presiding deity of the planet. cover it properly with its lid and bury it in earth near some pond of water.  For overcoming few malefic impacts of planets the articles of concerned planets should be thrown in running water.e. ivory with him or her.6th house put some mustard oil in an earthen pot.  A planet which is auspicious and inauspicious both. For example for overcoming the inauspiciousness of Jupiter Grams (Jupiter) should be offered in a temple (Jupiter). For example to overcome the malefic influence of placement of Sun and Saturn (Because .

It helps to overcome hurdles. It shall prove highly auspicious to worship it if Mercury becomes the lord of your lagna. or house of destiny in your horoscope. Top Product Of the Month Green Margaj Ganesha Green Margaj Ganesha idol is worshipped to sharpen intellect and enhance health & wealth along with educational success.of opposite nature of planets) in 6th house Mercury (which is friendly planet of Sun and Saturn) should be established in between by planting the flower plants (Mercury) at home. If the planet Mercury is afflicted in horoscope in that case in order to give power to this planet one should worship this green color Margaj Ganesha idol. .

peace and prosperity in its major and sub periods. one gets death like trouble if the periods are that of Venus in Saturn or Saturn in Venus. Whenever it transits in 12th house from Moon or transits over Moon or 2nd from Moon it is termed as Saturn's Sadesati. . It is a yogakarka planet for Libra ascendant and brings material comforts. inauspicious for Cancer and Leo but yields average results for Leo.Auspicious or Inauspicious Everybody is afraid of the wrath of Saturn. It is correct that Saturn is very harmful if malefic but if it is benefic then a beggar can also become a king. rather. Sometimes it troubles the native more than in its major period. it is not like that. For Taurus ascendant also being lord of 9th for fixed lagna it is badhak and does not produce very good results in spite of being the lord of Kendra and Trikona house of horoscope. Similarly. The harmful impacts of Sadesati or 8th Dhaiya get multiplied if Saturn transits over 8th or 12th house from ascendant also or especially if this Saturn is weak in the birth chart. It is average for Gemini and Virgo ascendant. Since the inauspiciousness of Saturn can be reduced therefore it is worshipped extensively. Generally the impact of Dhaiya of 4th house from Moon is weak but the impact of Sadesati is high. It produces ordinary results for Scorpio and Sagittarius. Jupiter or Venus. it is a planet whose impact can be known in advance and if one propitiates then its maleficience can be reduced substantially. For Pisces it is not inauspicious. Is Saturn always harmful for everybody? No. when it transits over 4th or 8th house from Moon it is known as Dhaiya.Mantra Top "Saturn" . To whom does it give good or bad results? Being the lord of 11th for a moveable lagna it is badhak for Aries ascendant. sometimes makes a person rise very high in his life. It is auspicious for Capricorn but slightly inauspicious for Aquarius. According to Uttarkalamrita the sub period of Saturn in major period of Venus is important. This period yields opposite results when Saturn is Yogakaraka but one gets auspicious results if it is weak. Contrary to it is highly difficult to change the malefic impact of other planets like Rahu. The Sadesati of Saturn is also very effective to give good or bad results. In addition to that if Saturn transits over Badhaka planets placed in these negative houses (8th or 12th) the malefic impacts reach its climax. Further.

Chant Hanumanashtak or Bajrangbaan. Light a lamp under a tree of Peepal on Saturday evening Donate oil of jasmine and a Chola to lord Hanuman on Saturday. The native becomes directionless. The friends turn into enemies. Lord Hanuman ordered Saturn not to trouble his devotees. including children. If this Saturn transits through Kendra or Trikona from ascendant or the period in operation is that of a yogakaraka planet. Dip around 250 grams of black grams in water on Friday.Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shaneshcharaay Namah OR Om shang Shaneshcharaay Namah On Saturday pour some mustard oil in a steel bowl. Governmental enquiries start. Wear 7 faced and 14 faced rudrakshas. By doing 3 or 4 out of these above mentioned remedies one can get relief from the wrath of Saturn. Problem of sleeplessness and stomach pain starts. As the mythology goes once Saturn tried to show his superiority over lord Hanuman. At home all. Put a piece of charcoal. Saturn asked for mercy. One of the malefic impact of Saturn is loss of reputation. black clothes and iron to poor people on Saturday. wife and parents start preaching but no body comes forward to share his sorrows. In Business losses go on increasing. Saturn’s position became miserable as Saturn collided with stones on earth and in the process got innumerable injuries and his body got drenched in blood. horse bean (urad). the native gets some strength to do some work as spiritual power enhances. In this situation the remedies of Saturn bring some sign of relief. It becomes difficult for one to concentrate in work. On Saturday take out them from water and wrap in black cloth. In case of more trouble do the following totkas (a special remedial measure) 1. The condition of the native becomes deplorable and life appears burdensome. Chant Sunderkand daily or on Saturday.If Saturn is yogakaraka for a native auspicious results are experienced during Sadesati. results of Sadesati are good and not bad. The best article to be donated for propitiating Saturn is mustard oil. Life becomes miserable because of loss of health. . put a coin and see your face in this oil. Lord Hanuman tied Saturn in his tail and walked around normally. 5 or 8 times. After wrapping rotate around your head 7 times and then flow in running water. Reliable people around the native turn against him. That day onwards Saturn started asking for oil from people to cure his physical injuries and in return blessed them. After that offer it to Saturn or donate it Dakaut. The fear of imprisonment and repayment of debt troubles a lot. Offer sweats and bread dipped in oil to black dog Perform abhishek of Saturn (by sprinkling oil) in a Siddha temple of Saturn Wear black horse shoe ring in the middle finger of your right hand. a coin of one rupee and sesame. black sesam. The remedies mentioned below are very simple and anybody can do them            Recite the mantra of Saturn:. Offer black grams (kala chana).

If there is no planet in the 10th house from Lagna or Chandra. mining operations and manufacturers. temples and charities. If the Sun is in the 10th house the person inherits paternal property. educated classes. he gets money through the mother. painter. if Jupiter is found there. gold. poet. he gets money by dealing in corals. priests. in which physical strength and courage is utilized. Bansal This is very important to find out all the ways and means by which a man earns his money and livelihood. mechanic. if Mercury joins the tenth. the person makes money by scented articles. he gets money through friends. if Mars occupies it. Shani temple of Chandni chowk and Shani Dham in Asola. and ascribe the acquisition of wealth to such methods or processes which are controlled by that planet. Some astrologers say that the most powerful among the two must be found out and then the source of wealth predicted from the planet who occupies the 10th from it. Shingnapur in Maharashtra. shells. Moon and Sun. mathematician. engraver. engine driving or wherever there is work connected with fire and by rash adventures or speculations and venturesome deeds or such actions. Shani temple near Hanuman temple of Cannaught place. pearls. If the lord of the Navamsa is the Sun. or compounds. then money comes through women. the person has wealth through brothers. he will make money by minerals. Suppose there are two or more planets in the 10th from Lagna or Chandra or from both. if Venus is in the 10th. wool and medicines. architect or scent maker. He may be a medical man himself or may be an attendant or nurse upon patients. Tirunallaru near Karaikal in Tamilnadu. take the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th from Lagna. if the Moon is there. by fire in being engaged in fireworks. ores.Fatehpur which is just 8 kilometers away from Mehrauli in Delhi. the person becomes a writer. and if Saturn occupies it. If Mars owns that navamsa. sculptor. When Jupiter becomes the lord of that Navamsa the person gets money through Brahmins. he procures wealth through his enemy. kitchens. agricultural products and dependence upon women. Arun Future Point Top Basic Principles to Determine Profession and Income. . Take the Lagna or the Moon at birth and see who occupies tenth house from it. then money flows in through those channels which are ascribed to the planets in their Dasas and Antardasas. by weapons of various kinds.Kokilavan near Vrindavan. for example. sacrifices. servants fetch him money. Shanidev temple in Gwalior. If lord of the navamsa of 10th lord is the Moon.For propitiating Saturn you can donate Shani’s articles or do Shaniabhishekam in any Siddh temple of Saturn. If Mercury becomes the lord of that Navamsa.

Similarly if Saturn occupies 10th house. If the house he occupies is his own he gets money in his house. According to Rishi Gemini when the 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by benefic planets other than Mercury. When Shukra becomes the lord of that navamsa he gets money by gems. and such mean travels which are against the traditions of his family. If 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by Mercury the person will be in government service. If Jupiter is the ninth from karkamsha the person is an agriculturist. or Moon or Lagna is situated in the navamsa and if he is in a friendly or inimical sign predict as above.. find out where the lord of the 10th from Sun. . If he occupies unfriendly houses. metals. then he makes money through his enemies. For making more accurate analysis we can also analyse that which planets occupy or aspect 10th house from Karkamsha lagna and Arudha lagna. If there are two malefics in the 6th house from Karkamsha lagna the person is an agriculturist. If he happens to be Sun. If there are no planets in the 10th house. i. Planets give wealth similar to the houses they occupy. such as travelling and carrying. however divergent it may be from his original work. by being an executioner or hangman. Such a person will succeed in any business he undertakes. (This is a combination for fame). to make the man acquire wealth by self-exertion. the native is firm minded or the native becomes either a priest or one who settles the disputes of other people. According to one classical author if Jupiter occupies 10th house from Janmalagna the native attains glory by involving himself in the activities of public welfare. If the 10th house from Karkamsha is aspected by only Jupiter and Sun. the person will make money by various means. Take those lords in the 10th from lagna or chandra and find out in what house he is. cows and buffaloes. in Aries. the native gets reputation and recognition by working for the poor people. Note :. If it is his friend's then he gets money through friends. and is in his exaltation and is otherwise powerful the person acquires wealth by self exertions.The term Agriculturist and cow herd can cover a lot more than it did in the older days because these areas have become specialised with time. If Saturn is in the Karkamsha lagna the person will make a living through a famous occupation. or dealing in milk products.e. If Sun and Venus aspect the Karkamsha the person is in government service. 2nd and 11th houses.discipleship and pilgrimage. To the above must be added the fact of the Sun being exalted. or has connections in the government. If all the benefic planets are powerful and occupy the lagna. When he is Saturn the man earns money by labour. the person will be a cowherd (Dairying.

Moon and Venus and if second lord is in the 7th house then the person is a doctor. 10th and 11th houses.L is aspected by Venus and Moon the person is an alchemist (one who deals with chemicals) For rapid growth in one's career it is essential to have powerful planetary combinations for the acquisition of wealth in his/her horoscope (Janmakundli). If 2nd lord. 7th. Moon and Mars are in Lagna. Venus and Saturn are in first house. If ascendant sign is Aries and Jupiter is in 11th house and Sun in 5th house. 2nd. 5th. lord of 11th house and lord of 1st house are together in any Kendra and one of these three are exalted in that case a person succeeds to make unlimited wealth in his life. If all the auspicious planets occupy all 4 kendras of horoscope. Here we shall give few important combinations. 9th and 3rd house. Jupiter. If auspicious planets are there in 2nd house and Jupiter is exalted. 8th.If Ketu is in the K. If ascendant sign is Sagittarius or Pisces. 9th lord and 11th lord all are in kendras. If ascendant sign is Aries or Scorpio and Mars. If Rahu. If 2nd lord is powerful and Jupiter. If lord of 2nd house. Moon and Sun are placed in 5th. If lord of 1st house is in 2nd and the lord of 2nd house is in 1st house.L. If all planets are there in 1st. Venus. 2nd lord. If Lagna lord.L and is aspected by only Venus then the person is a priest.L is occupied by Sun and Rahu and they are associated with benefic and malefic planets then the person will be a doctor or vaidya who is expert in poison cure. If K. If Mars is in its own sign or in exaltation and occupies any kendra. 9th lord and 11th lord all are exalted. If lord of 2nd house is exalted and several planets are there in 2nd house. If K. If the K. Mars and Saturn all are in Virgo. Mercury. is aspected by Mercury. Different professions signified by different planets in modern context are as follows - . If Lagna lord is placed in lagna native gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmi throughout his life.

spirituality related profession and financial management. Dasha of Lagna lord of Dashmamsha. service. Government and profession relating to medicine. The strength of 10th lord in Dashmamsa (D-10) chart i. While analysing the profession. Dashmamsa is the concerned divisional chart for the profession. Dasha of a planet occupying or aspecting 10th house of Dashmamsa or birth chart. industrial workers and leadership for politician.Jupiter and Saturn must make a contact by way of conjunction or aspect with the two conditions out of four mentioned below :  10th house . The 10th house is the most important house for profession. dealing in luxurious items. Dasha of the dispositor of 10th lord. music. 11th and 2nd houses. the timing of rise in profession is indicated by Dasha of planets operating during a particular period. Venus signifies TV and film industry. Mercury signifies finance. 10th lord. Mars signifies the armed forces. planets conjoined with 10th lord and planets placed in 10th house. Number of factors are associated with determining the professional field of a native and timing for events for rise in profession. structural designing. Jupiter signifies education. we should assess 10th hose alongwith 9th. consultants. entrepreneurship. dealing with labour. otherwise the results can be misleading. While analysing the house of profession of the native. financial advisor. Transit parameters.e D-10 and position and strength of lagna lord of D-10 should be given equal importance. Dasha of planets aspecting 10th houe. legal profession. life saving drugs. Planets aspecting or conjoined with dispositor of 10th lord. writing and Astrology. however due importance is to be given to 9th house being the house of luck and 2nd house being the house of status.The Sun is the significator of Administration. Dasha of 7th lord. The Moon signifies profession related to hospitality and public relations. police. Birth chart only indicate the professional field of the native. Dasha of a planet who is exalted in Dashmamsa. Saturn signifies industries. Dasha parameters for determining timing of rise in profession        Dasha of 10th lord of Birth chart.

image of heart and picture of Cupid in this zone. But if it is not so.  If the main entrance of your house faces the east. keep a pair of Mandarin ducks. If the main entrance of your house faces the west.western area of the house.   If the main entrance of your house faces the north. the inauspicious Chi energy can give adverse results. . to make your life secure. loving. This will increase the moments of love in your life. Take care not to have a water-source or a bright light in this direction. If this happens. It will be good to put up a silver wind-chime or stereo system in this direction. at the right angle and is built in the proper manner. besides leading to bitterness in the relationships. The imbalance of elements and of Yin as well as Yang energies can also cause these bad results. Yashkaran Sharma Future Point Top Tip Of The Month Make The Main Entrance of The House Auspicious All types of good or bad energies enter the house through the main entrance only. it can have an adverse effect on your family's peace. have the directions of your house activated and made effective according to the Feng-shui. then Put up a Yellow/Golden wind-chime in the north. Also. then Keep a heavy thing made of metal in the western part of your house. affection. then everything remains all right. If the main entrance of your house is in the right direction.   10th lord 7th house 7th lord from lagna or Moon.  If the main entrance of your house faces the south then Keep auspicious symbols like the crystal. happiness and prosperity. The adverse atmosphere around the house also has a bad consequence on your main entrance. Om. rose quartz. happy and peaceful. swastik. then Make an arrangement of a bright light towards the south-western area of your house. Therefore.

vessel or have a underground tank or a reservoir of water made to balance the Chi energy in this direction. It protects from evil eye and fills the wearer with positive energy. put up plants and trees in the eastern directions. If the main entrance of your house faces the north-east. Wear it on Saturday.holy cross. keep natural rock crystals in the south-western direction.  If the main entrance of your house faces the south-west. then Keep some natural rock crystals of a big size in this direction to make the familial relationships deeper and more affectionate. then To do away with the adverse characteristics of this direction. Following mantra should be recited for it -"Om Praang Preeng Praung sah Shaneshcharaay Namah" . Also. Top   Product Of the Month Lapis Lazulli Locket (Nazar Dosh Locket) It provides relief to the people who are under the malefic influence of Saturn. etc. then Put up bulbs of light in this zone of the house to make I this direction effective. to make the Chi energy more effective towards the north-eastern (Ishan) zone of your house. keep a water. If the main entrance of your house faces the north-west.  If the main entrance of your house faces the south-east. It can be worn by the people of all ages. (Ishan) then In the northern direction of the house.

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