October 11,2013


i spent about 4 hours with Our Trustee and Officers last night AND we had to admit that we needed to drop PLAN-A and move onto PLAN-B because PLAN-A is not being accepted by anyone, especially when our initial offering of PLAN-B has all kinds of people interested in it. PREAMBLE: After about 3 months of trying to get anyone to participate in our BCMMAR trust, has resulted in being able to place 2 EDAs, in Vancouver, and there are about 3 other dispensaries that are on that fence of simply not believing that a Pier trust is possible, and everyone else appears to want no part of it. In spite of there being well over a thousand MMAR growers in BC alone, i simply cannot get even one MMAR grower to believe it's possible to do this Pier trust. AND frankly, we have to agree that it's impossible, because a Pier trust simply cannot work without consent of the governed. The governed simply refuse to go legal, or want to change anything Doing a Pier trust would have meant actually highjacking the old MMAR, [which we could do because we are a federal Party] It would have meant taking on large administrating costs BUT raising this kind of funds by collecting 'redemptions from donors' would easily have financed it all BUT there simply are NO takers. Without donors this trust is dead in the water [that's just the way it is]. PLAN-A would have meant taking over the MMAR vessel under a Pier trust, and then creating a separate vessel that was attached to the MMAR vessel, in order to carry-on with providing a better program than the MMPR program. PLAN-B means, we just create a Pure trust, in other words, we are not taking over the old-MMAR and that means [for example] Jason Wilcox, thru his lawyers get there chance to beg the Harpster to please repeal the order to sink the MMAR. I personally cannot imagine any concession from the Harpster, but then no one believes our plan would have worked either. Under PLAN-B all we are doing is creating a vessel that is attached to our Quadra EDA. This Pure trust vessel is exactly the same legal vessel that we had. It's still called the BC-MMAR trust and it's still the same off-shore international bank that we were originally going to set-up. It still offers 'immunity from prosecution' to anyone who operates under our BC-MMAR trust. We're still offering the same City tax proposal; these articles were always under our Pure trust SO WE ARE PROCEEDING WITH PLAN-B – [which is - just filing for a Pure trust] The costs of just filing for a Pure trust are affordable, and no court can deny our Pure trust registration. And because it's affordable, means we can therefore are proceeding down this path, even without anyone wanting to join it immediately, because it suites our immediate purposes. BUT as we'll outline, we simply cannot do what was possible under both a Pier and Pure trust AND the biggest casualty of losing this Pier battle is that there is NO GENERAL AMNESTY for past liability to everyone. Rather than focus on all the things we lost, we will focus on what we can do under just our Pure trust. Since our entire focus of our BC-MMAR trust is on providing for the members, means this old PLAN-A that i was promoting is basically not available The original ORR structure for distributing royalties between dispensaries and wholesale suppliers of 2+2+2+2+2=10% is not happening. Under our Pure trust, the ORRs are now structured as 5% for Quadra + 5% for the participating EDA - In other words, we are telling the growers [until further notice] that we are not offering protection to wholesale growers because they don't want it AND i simply can't afford to pay for all the heavy legal costs up-front before anyone comes on board - So all growers can wake up and smell the roses. Under our PLAN- B structure the Co-op dispensaries will simply charge a 10% sales tax on all purchases to the grower and if they don't like it then that's too bad - because just like the old MMAR dispensaries cannot buy from criminal growers and all old MMAR growers are now criminals. To my knowledge, these political donation receipts can be cashed by the person who took them, and when they pay their taxes [in April] means they can get it all back, as a tax credit.

BUT by collecting a 10% tax on these dry goods, means we can buy it [under a necessity defence] These tax deductible receipts are not any kind of protection to the grower because these wholesale providers sell pot to other criminals. What must be pointed out is THAT: This measure is simply a stop-gap before existing dispensaries that do not grow enough of their own pot, because 'growers of your own pot' is easily covered by just a Pure trust. The function of this 10% donation is 2 fold – It makes it legal for the dispensary to buy, and meanwhile, this 'tax on growers' subsidizes /pays for these new grow-ops that are owned or operated under this dispensary – this will inevitably eliminate these wholesale growers Surprisingly, we are getting a very good response to this PLAN-B from people who are distressed over the ever increasing unprofitable nature created by the ever changing rules and regulations from the MMPR - [for example] i've found really big backers for the fact that by opening a Federal Party Headquarters means they don't need occupational licenses from the City [for example] just like Marc Emery did when he first opened his provincial Marijuana Party Headquarters. In fact, because of our Pure trust , these Party Headquarters can now not only have a head shop and marijuana hemp fashion BUT they can operate a dispensary in this Headquarters [for example] I have people very interested in my remarcable restaurant platform of my original proposal with a vapour lounge in the back [or upstairs] and our dispensary that operate under the same Pure trust nurse /receptionist platform that we were originally promoting AND [we have no problem with operating the restaurant, the vapour lounges and the dispensary discretely [as in - not up front] and if we need 500 light to feed this operation we'll have it. IN OTHER WORDS we are setting up 'a straight one grower-network supplying one outlet.' almost like the MMPR but with retail outlets that pay taxes to the city on the sales of the entrusted dry goods. - I can find enthusiastic supporters who would like and can afford one of these Headquarters that can get their own network of growers [under common law contract or as direct employees] as exclusive suppliers to one dispensary is/as workable.[as opposed to wholesale growers who sell to retail stores] IN THIS WAY every community grows its own medicine; and all benefits stay in that community. Frankly all we have to offer is a better program than this ill begotten MMPR program and it will find a market, and we have captured their attention Many of these 180 or so potential MMPR program applicants have no problem undertaking the operation of a party headquarters [like the BC Marijuana headquarters here] and they are mostly all respectable old business men [with questionable pasts] with lots of contacts everywhere. So why not go with people, who because of the huge investment will play by the rules? The retired 'old guard' who want pot legalized have already shown a desire to grow /sell pot under a bad program AND when given a choice, our plan is far better than the MMPR They've already spent 1/2a million+ each in buildings and equipment - they are already co-ops [they are not non profit societies] they have tons of very good pot with too small of a legal market - Their top lawyers and trustees have been in discussion with one of our new directors and i'm meeting with a bunch of them shortly. By accepting their offer [they are open to negotiate] we could place every riding in Canada in a couple of months - the transfer of fungible goods in our trust would give our Pure trust a cash flow of about $100milion per month by March, and it legalizes the cannabis industry I'm well aware that this will throw a monkey wrench into the entire industry, as it was, and that's their problem - The MMPR program is about to loose about 80% of their new growers - it's not as if i did not warn everyone in the MMAR a month ago that if they don't get off the fence someone will take it. We simply could not convince any old MMAR growers to join; that's just the way it is. A Pier trust simply cannot be done without consent of the governed. and these guys want to be governed. - Who are we to say that we don't want successful business man, who got out or want to get out of the organized trade, before getting busted, [under this MMPR trap] by holding our EDAs? BOTTOM LINE we're forming a Pure trust and when we can, we'll then have to file our Pier trust.

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