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Order Starbucks from Twitter



002TS means, you ordered for a Regular Coffee of the Day in Tall size.

Insight: Long lines at Starbucks & phenomenal growth of Twitter. Millions access Twitter every day, Starbucks account on has around 259,000 followers. Twitter is massive! And is growing in a humongous manner day by day. Idea: To integrate ordering process with Twitter.

Rationale: It will save time & resources for people who wait in long lines at Starbucks & also for the outlets! How will it work? i. Once time Twitter account integration on Starbucks website. ii. Tweet or DM your order directly to the outlet nearest to your location, indicate time of pickup. iii. Receive order confirmation on Twitter, email & text message on your mobile.

iv. Show the order no mentioned in the 'order confirmation' - pickup the drink & enjoy! What about payment? Users should be able to integrate payment information right at the time of sign up on Starbucks web site. (Just Tweet n’ go!) Note: Similar integration can take place for iPhone & other Smart phone interface too.

iPhone App for Hallmark

Introduction Targeted towards the young iPhone user to enable them to express their feelings through Hallmark greetings cards. This app challenges the conventional wisdom, brings the best of two worlds right on this mobile platform! Key Features

How will this work?





Snail Mail:
The highlight of this app is convenience! For a nominal amount, you can opt to send a ‘paper greeting card’ right from your iPhone.


a. You design a card of your choice for a friend b. Using the iPhone you place an order to send the card via ‘Snail Mail’ c. Your design & mailing information reaches the Hallmark for order processing, Once the order is processed as per your requirement d. Paper Card reaches the recipient!


•Choose from the template •Design your own card •Add your personal photographs,
message, audio & even video*



Basis of the idea
“E-cards are impersonal, paper cards are not. E-cards are convenient, paper cards are not” This integration of Hallmark with iPhone medium makes paper cardspersonal & convenient!

Handwriting tool:

market will continue expanding during 2008-10 at about 6-8% annually. •More than 90% of all U.S. households buy greeting cards.

•Use your handwriting •Choose from various


Target: The iPhone User

•Select from a range of gifts items •Customize your message & order!

•Male (primary), Female (secondary)# •Aged 25-34 •Earn more that $100,000 •Have a college degree
This target segment is statistically most likely to be comfortable with technology and electronic communications. They agree that electronic messages are too impersonal for the type of feeling they wish to evoke from greeting cards.

* ‘Snail Mail’ feature cannot be used with Audio & Video # iPhone users are more likely to be men

Bubble Wrap Stimulator
Popping the bubbles has a cathartic effect. The point of popping bubble wrap is to pop all the bubbles. The satisfaction of knowing you are powerful against the weak plastic wrapping that cannot do anything against your torturous fingers. The achievement of expelling the trapped air in every single little pocket provides a psychological relief & a feeling of rejuvenation Complement to Bubble Wrap… is coffee, we drink coffee for its taste and the caffeine jolt. Not necessarily used only during stress, but it keeps us going. A New research is shedding light on the benefits of coffee aroma! According to a recent study, scent of coffee beans may stir your brain & give you the jolt needed to shake off sleep. How will this work?
Air Pockets with ‘Strong Coffee Aroma’

Concept A bubble wrap with the air pockets filled with strong coffee aroma. The moment you ‘pop’ the air pockets, the aroma of coffee is released instantaneously to help you loosen up your stress or shake you off sleep! Scenario You’re sitting in the office, stressed with how the week has gone. Stress or high dosage of caffeine may have left you sleep deprived. Just pull out a small sheet of ‘Bubble Wrap Stimulator’ from the cool refillable container it comes with. Opportunities for extension This idea is specifically catered towards adults with stressful lifestyle. But, similar concept can be extended towards various segments of population by adding cool aromas of flower, fruits, etc.


Bubble Wrap Stimulator



‘Coffee Aroma’


Open (when in use) Close

Product Features

Concept A desktop juicer that provides access to nutrition and natural energy in an on the go, afternoon snack—appropriate for desktops, college dorm rooms, or wherever you’re on the go to every day, everywhere.

•Compact size •Simple user interface •Silent motor •One-Push cleaning •Smart storage for accessories •USB Port •Four detachable / dishwasher safe parts •Progressive design backed by highest
quality of materials to suit well with the ‘on-the-go’ environment.

Desktop Juicer
Consumer Insight There is a growing interest in being a total health individual, but it is difficult to find the resources to assist this lifestyle choice.

a Problem People drink fresh juice while at home, but in the afternoon… spend money on pasteurized juice that are not completely healthy. b c d

Material Highly recyclable anodized aluminum, Rubber base on the bottom for a firm grip, Compact two-way motion, Low power consumption motor, Tough polycarbonate removable accessoriesfunnel, Water resistant LED screen, etc.

Legend a. Fruit funnel b. Fruit slicer c. Fruit squeezer d. Pulp extraction container e/f. Storage drawer for accessories g. Space for functional & aesthetics purpose h. Base with digital clock f

e g


A widget for your cellphone provider
Triggers •It is always a hassle to visit at&t website to check my account info. •I lost my cell phone & gone with the wind were my valuable contacts. •Remembering the bill date is not my cup of tea. I set up reminders in i-cal, on my mobile, i also have a post-it on my desktop. Concept A desktop widget by at&t (can be developed by any network provider) that enables you to sync your cellphone account from the at&t website to this widget. This widget effortlessly keeps you updated about your minute / data usage. My widget will come equipped with “Live Chat”, “Phone book” & “Payment Reminder”.

•Live Chat: Customer service right at your desktop! •Phone book: Allows you to sync your contact list directly into this
widget! •Payment reminder: Option to set payment reminders

sign in

check your phone usage

click arrow for more options

click on customer service for live chat

click on address book to sync your cellphone contact numbers

Electronic Saplings
The future is here! Welcome to 2020 How does this work? •These E-Saplings can be planted anywhere on the earth. •E-Saplings are capable to generate electricity and provide power to the buildings & recharging Electric Vehicles (EVs). •More you water it, more it grows. Bigger it gets, more electricity it generates! •It can be planted alongside roads (like normal trees) to use it as a recharge station for EVs

How will the world benefit from this? Electronic Saplings are invented with an aim to bring ecological harmony in the world. E-Saplings will increase the proportion of greens on the earth’s surface. Thus safeguarding the environment & increasing the longitivity of our planet!

Hand-held Mini Juicer
Fruit juice is best when freshly squeezed. It gives you a much greater supply of antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Freshly squeezed juice tastes better too. But, if you don’t have the time to squeeze your own fresh fruit juice, you can buy canned fruit juice. The canning process destroys many of the vitamins that make the juice healthy in the first place. You drink canned fruit juice thinking that they are drinking a healthier option. But, you don’t realize that in the hard economic condition you are giving away your hard earned money for a product that is pasteurized! Concept A new product innovation that enables fresh intake of fruit juice without wasting any time! A ready to go! Battery powered Mini juicer with USB Port & regular AC Adapter as attachments. Make juice anywhere you want, any time you want. Target For the time starved, health minded people on the go! These are the people who understand the meaning of healthy drinking & realize the importance of fresh fruit in their daily food intake.
transparent plastic to prevent spatter & clean the container meshed outlet to prevent pulp to mix with the juice USB Port battery powered cylindrical pipe to lift the lid Lid with transparent plastic to prevent spatter Fruit Slicer Entry for sliced fruits into the container Sound Insulated high quality #5 polypropylene plastic (safe & non-leaching) Outlet for juice to enter the mug (c) (c) (c) Sectional Elevation of USB Port & nozzles for outlet

Hand-held Mini Juicer (a) Lid with fruit slicer (b) Juice Processor Sound Insulated high quality #5 polypropylene plastic (safe & non-leaching) (c) USB Port, & juice outlet. (e) High quality stainless steel (vacuum insulated) (d) Stealth knife cum fruit peeler (a) Lid (a)

Juice Blade


High quality vacuum insulated stainless steel Stealth Pen Knife cum fruit peeler



(a) Sectional Elevation of lid with fruit slicer

(d) Elevation of container with stealth knife at the bottom

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