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Imagine for a moment historians of the distant future grappling with the question of which event best describes

the latter 20th century. Would it be the explosion of the first atomic bomb or the emergence of the internet or even the astonishing creation of 500 channels of television without anything much worth watching? Perhaps. But then again it just might be the moment on June 24th 1947. When a pilot of a single engine plane a salesman named Kenneth Arnold was amazed to see nine metallic objects zooming pass Mount Rainer at impossible speeds. Flying, he said, like saucers would if you skipped them on water. In the following weeks, thousands of reports of flying saucers flooded in from much of the world. In the shadow of the atomic age, the era of the UFOs had began. But why this event is so important that should even be mentioned alongside the most expressive milestones of the last century. Tipo: we will bring you the special radio television broadcast in order to give you the very latest information on an amazing phenomenon So this is the story of how that happened and it begins if it has a beginning in the Pacific Northwest on the 24th of June, 1947. While he was flying home to Idaho at the end of a business trip, Kenneth Arnold spend an hour searching for a down plane in the wilderness of Washington State. It was a bright sunny day with perfect visibility but he had no luck. Arnold sold a forest fire fighting equipment hopping about the northwest in his single engine CallAir. As he turns to his home a blinding flash of light caught his attention. He located it source as sunlight reflected off the metallic surface of 9 objects flying south pass mount Rainer. Arnold clock their speed over the 47 mile distance to Mount Adams at 18 hundred miles an hour almost four times faster than any plane knowing to be flying at the time. Thinking they might be test craft, then 18 hundred miles an hour was too fast to even contemplate. He caught it t 12 hundred miles an hour when he reported what he have seen to a local newspaper the story was picked up by the AP wire service and a headline writer label them flying saucers. INSERTOS: N.D Man reports flying disc saucers seen in 39 states. Plane strikes flying saucers at 32,400 feet, pilot says Saucers sail over capital Flying saucers now complete tour of world Nation is seeking solution to flying disc mystery Bug-eyes pilot describes shiny odd-shaped planes timed at 1,200 mile speed. Mysterious objects fly across sky at incredible speed. Pilot says. Flying saucers have everyone up in air