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THE MITCHELL- records or photographs of the crystal skull. Why

not? This was truly - if a legitimate discovery,
very colorful, vivid and over active imagination.
There is no scientific proof whatsoever that the
HEDGES CRYSTAL the find of the century and would have secured crystal skull has been responsible for any harm
Mitchell-Hedges in the archaeology books for falling on a person or any miraculous healing or
SKULL OF DOOM ever - and yet not one piece of evidence other miracle.
HOAX supports the claims of this find. Sidney Burney
and others who were on the expedition, claimed
I find it very strange and fascinating that
while I have been studying the skulls which
from day one, that Mitchell-Hedges did not find have been found throughout the world for a
the skull in Lubaatun. Mitchell-Hedges himself, number of many years, I have answers for
according to friends, family and associates, did almost none of the important questions about
not start talking about the skull until 1943 after the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull. Although
purchasing the skull. there are set or "stock" answers for many of the
Not one other member of the expedition questions which are constantly being asked, I
has ever talked about this find. cannot honestly say that anyone knows with any
The first time that the Crystal Skull was degree of certainty who made the skull, how it
in 1936. During the lectures, seminars, and was made, when it was made or what purpose it
speaking engagements that Mitchell-Hedges actually served.
gave between from the time he returned from Personally, I believe it to be a total hoax..
Lubaatun, until 1943, just prior to the sale of the
by Rob McConnell
Burney Skull, Mitchell-Hedges or his adopted Other Cr ystal Skulls
daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges Smith never
Hamilton, Ontario: Believers in the power of mentioned the Crystal Skull. Anna Mitchell-
the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, beware! Hedges Smith passed away in 2007 at the age of
The British Crystal Skull - It is currently
Although it is a truly magnificent 100. Prior to her passing, she had moved from residing in the British Museum of Man in
ancient artifact, whose origin and age are Kitchener, Ontario to, ironically, Indiana. London, England, and has been there since
presently unknown, the purpose of the artifact I have discovered that the lost tribe of 1898. It is a one piece clear quartz full size
of which is still unknown, on many levels. Indians that Mitchell-Hedges claimed to have quartz crystal skull. There is a pair of similar
The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull was discovered were in fact discovered by Balboa. skulls known as the British Crystal Skull and
NOT found in 1924, 1925, 1926, or 1927 by Mitchell-Hedges never attended Cambridge. the Paris Crystal Skull.
Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the adopted daughter of Based on exhaustive research and interviews, (Continued on Page 2)
FA "Mike" Mitchell-Hedges. Mitchell-Hedges has a very low credibility
The skull was actually bought by FA rating.
Mitchell-Hedges in 1943 at an auction at Plus, the initials that Mike Mitchell- The ‘X’ Zone Websites
Sotheby's in London, England, from Sidney
Burney. This was confirmed by notes that have
Hedges used to put behind his name were those
of his membership to the London Zoo with no
found at the British Museum and the
Smithsonian Institute.
other significance at all.
The many references that Mitchell-
Other evidence further supports the Hedges had made about the bad luck or the www.xzonestor
discovery that the skull did not take place
during a British Expedition. There are no
willing of people to death by the crystal skull
have been found to be the figments of his own
2 Mitchell-Hedges Skull Hoax
In This Edition of THE MITCHELL-HEDGES The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
The ‘X’ Chr onicles CRYSTAL SKULL OF
with Rob McConnell
Newspaper Continued From
From Front
Front Page The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard Monday - Friday
(Print/Online/CD ROM from 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern, and then the show is
Version) Both are said to have been bought by repeated in its entirety from 2 AM - 6 AM on The
mercenaries in Mexico in the 1890s, possibly at TalkStar Radio Network and it family of affiliates
the same time. They are so similar in size and throughout the United States, Canada and the
June 2008 - Index shape that some have guessed that one was Caribbean (Satellite Galaxy 4R), on TalkStar Radio
copied to produce the other. In comparison to Streaming Audio on our website at
the Mitchell-Hedges skull, they are made of, throughout Central America,
Publisher.....Rob McConnell
cloudier clear crystal and are not nearly as South America and the Pacific Rim on Americas
finely sculpted. The features are superficially IntelSat 7 (TelStar 7) and now across Asia on Agila2
Mithchell-Hedges Skull of Doom Hoax.....Pg 1 etched and appear incomplete, without and also on G-3.
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.....Pg 3 discretely formed jawbones. The British Crystal
New Hope for Non Readers..................Pg 5 Skull is on display at London's Museum of United States of America
The ADHD Fraud...................................Pg 6 AM 1350 KCHR - Charleston MO
Mankind, and the Trocadero Museum of Paris
Searching For The Truth.....................Pg 7 AM 1400 WZNG - Shelbyville / Nashville TN
houses the Paris Crystal Skull. TalkStar 840 - Titusville, Orlando, Mims FL
Hoax of Ancient Crystal Skulls..................Pg 11
Smithsonian Crystal Skull.........................Pg 12 FM 107.7 WMEX - Rochester NH
The Paris Crystal
Crystal Skull - It is currently FM 89.7 KNTS - John Day OR
Crystal Skulls Are Fake: Study..................Pg 13
residing in the Trocadero Museum in Paris, AM 1330 WELW - Cleveland OH
How Aliens Work.......................................Pg 14
France. You may notice a slight indentation on AM 1340 KSEK - Pittsburgh KS
Strange Facts.............................................Pg 16 AM 1510 WDRF - Woodruff SC
the top, which is a hole that was cut into the
The ‘X’ Zone Order of Woo Woo’s.........Pg 16 AM 1600 KOHI - St Helens OR
skull purported to hold a cross.
Why Do People Believe In UFOs?..........Pg 17 FM 104.7 KEIF, Enid, OK
$1,000,000 For Real Photo of Bigfoot!......Pg 21 AM 1320 WARL - New Bedofrd, MA
The ‘X’ Zone Store Advertisement............Pg 22 Mayan Cr ystal Skull FM 99.1 KRUP - Dillingham, AK
The ‘X’ Zone Store Advertisement...........Pg 23
Chinese Are Skeptical About UFOs.........Pg 24 The Amethyst Skull - Further examples Canada
10 Reasons NOT to Believe in UFOs......Pg 25 of primitively sculpted skulls are a couple called AM 630 CKOV - Kelowna BC
Failed Prophecies Throughout History......Pg 26 the Mayan Crystal Skull and the Amethyst AM 580 CFRA - Ottawa ON
Got Ghosts Convention............................Pg 30 AM 920 CJCH - Halifax NS
Skull. They were discovered in the early 1900s
FM 92.9 CKNS - Caledonia, ON
Florida Professor’s Plasma UFO..............Pg 32 in Guatemala and Mexico, respectively, and
AM 1330 CHLW - St. Paul, AB
Learn Your Own Intuition..........................Pg 34 were brought to the U.S. by a Mayan priest. The FM 104 CJSB - Swan Lake, MB
From The ‘X’ Zone Newsroom.................Pg 35 Amethyst Skull is made of purple quartz and the FM 90.1 CHMZ - Tofino, BC
Last Flight of The Honeybee?...................Pg 39 Mayan skull is clear, but the two are otherwise FM 99.5 CIMM - Ucluelet, BC
very alike. Like the Mitchell-Hedges skull, both FM 98.9 CFPV - Pemberton, BC
The ‘X’ Chronicles is published by REL-MAR of them were studied at Hewlett-Packard, and
McConnell Media Company. The contents of this they too were found to be inexplicably cut Caribbean
material are (C) Copyright 1993-2008 by REL-MAR AM 1620 WDHP - Frederikstead USVI
against the axis of the crystal.
McConnell Media Company and may not be copied or
reprinted in whole or in part without the express written
consent of the publisher. All opinions, comments or Texas Cr ystal Skull - A skull known as
statements of fact expressed by Rob McConnell's guests The Philippines a
"Max," or the Texas Crystal Skull, is a single- China
are strictly their own and are not to be construed as those
piece, clear skull weighing 18 pounds. It Hong Kong
of The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show or in any manner
endorsed by Rob McConnell, REL MAR McConnell reportedly originated in Guatemala, then passed Taiwan
Media Company, TalkStar Radio Network, its affiliated from a Tibetan spiritualist to Joann Parks of Korea
stations or employees. REL-MAR McConnell Media Houston, Texas. The Parks family allows
Company assumes no responsibility for claims made by visitors to observe Max and they display the
its advertisers and do not endorse any product and or
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an email to ET Skull - "ET" is a smoky quartz skull
found in the early 20th Century in Central COMING SOON T O A TV SET NEAR America. It was given its nickname because its YOU INCLUDING -
pointed cranium and exaggerated overbite make
The ‘X’ Zone Main Site it look like the skull of an alien being. ET is part KHPK CH 28 - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
of the private collection of Joke VanDietan, who WBQP CH 12 (Cable 75) - Pensacola, Florida
tours with her skulls to share the healing powers WBCF CH 3 - Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama she believes they possess. WXLF CH 5 - Florence/Muscle Shoals, Alabama
KWVT CH 52 (Cable 7) - Salem, Oregon
Watch, Listen & Chat During WDRL CH 24 (digital 41) -
The LIVE Daily Broadcast
Broadcast 10 Rose Quartz
Quartz Crystal
Crystal Skull - The only Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia
known crystal skull that comes close to
pm - 2 am EDT Weeknights resembling the Mitchell-Hedges skull is one
KCTU CH 41 - Wichita, Kansas
KBGN CH 59 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
called the Rose Quartz Crystal Skull, which was Western Cable Service - Sequim, Washington
reported near the border of Honduras and KLFA TV Channel 8, Los Angeles, California. Guatemala. It is not clear in color and is slightly
Buy Your ‘X’ Zone iPod Here
Here larger than the Mitchell-Hedges, but boasts a Cable in Guatemala and parts of Central America
comparable level of craftsmanship, including a
removable mandible. - and -
The evidence which supports the fact that the
The ‘X’ Zone Music Channel Mitchell-Hedges Skull is a hoax is supported by
LIVE 10 am - 2 pm EDT the scientific community. []
Indiana Jones and the Cr ystal Skulls 3

Indiana Jones and the especially when the viewer finds himself or
herself in the old warehouse that the Ark of the You will be amazed as you see how
Cr ystal Skulls… A Movie Covenant was stored in, at the end of the first perfect and intricate the designs are. As the site
or Pr opaganda for the movie. It's a nice cinematic touch. What mentions no one has proven who created them
happens next put me on the edge of my seat. or why. There is also a very large figure that
Luciferian End Game? There is something that the Russians - who are might resemble a being from another world, but
the bad guys in this adventure - are desperately that is up to you to decide!
By LA Marzulli
Marzulli seeking for and even accuse Indiana of The Nazca lines, links back to the
observing it eight years earlier. I'll cut to the retrieved body from the Roswell crash site, as
I'm a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, chase and say that what they find is the body of well as pushes the story toward its conclusion.
especially the first one. I'll never forget that a retrieved alien from the 1947 Roswell crash There is also a brief explanation of the cone
huge stone rolling down the narrow site, and with it the missing crystal skull. head shape of the skull. It is a known fact that
passageway, of the temple while Jones, OK, why are they showing me this and some ancient cultures engaged in head binding
clutching the prized 'idol', in his hands, ran for how does this tie into the crystal skull stuff? of their babies to elongate their skulls, but why?
his life. I loved the fact that the Nazi's were the Glad you asked… Were they imitating what the 'gods' looked like?
bad guys and I was fascinated about the idea It seems that there is one skull, out of Were they paying homage to them? Here is a
that the Ark of the Covenant could have been thirteen, that is missing and, as legend would link to the mysterious skulls that are on display
hidden away for millennia, only to be have it, the person who finds the skull and in Peru - here is a the link to one of the many
discovered in the modern era! returns it to the temple - where the other crystal sites -
The title of the new movie refers to the skulls are - will receive all wisdom and What is interesting is this site believes
crystal skulls, a collection of skulls, in which knowledge. So the race is on to place the like I do that the fallen angels, described in
each one was carved out of a single block of missing skull in its appropriate place. We then Genesis 6, are responsible for these, but I 'm
quartz. I had researched them a few years back cut to a short lecture on the Nazca lines. For getting ahead of myself…
and found then fascinating, although their those of you who aren't familiar with these they The site also draws a parallel between the
origins spurious. So with the title of the movie are a series of large 'sketches' that are etched, headdress worn by the Egyptians and the
hooking me and with fond memories of the first into the bleak desert terrain of the Nazca elongated skulls found in Peru. Is this
of the series, my wife and I headed toward a Plateau in Peru. The Nazca lines were not coincidence?
matinee last Saturday. The trailers rolled by and discovered until the invention of the airplane, After cliff hanging car chases, through the
we both mentally checked the coming features when from high above the etchings on the fire ant infested jungle, Jones and crew along
we thought we might see, as we munched on desert floor became visible. This begs the with the Russians, who have been in hot pursuit
popcorn and waited for the start of the feature questions, why would anyone create a series of wind up at the secret location of a long lost
film. very large drawings that were only visible from Mayan Temple. So what's the big deal?
I loved the opening scene of the movie, the air? Here's a link to the Nazca lines and you
may check it out for yourself. Continued on Page 4

People in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the

Bermuda Triangle
Listen to The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
with Rob McConnell on AM 1620 WDHP
4 Indiana Jones and the Cr ystal Skulls
Indiana Jones and the neatly with Darwin's theory of evolution that days). “When I read Frank Peretti’s book, ‘This
has been taught now for over a century as a fact, Present Darkness,’ I got serious about my own
Cr ystal Skulls… A Movie not a theory. writing,” he said. He wrote a novel, sent it out,
or Pr opaganda for the The idea that aliens, or E. T. were and received “a couple of nibbles” but no
directly involved in the miracles and /or contract. By this time he had become fascinated
Luciferian End supernatural events that are the foundations for by the whole UFO phenomena and began doing
Game? the world's major religions will cause the great extensive research. “Most people have no clue
deception that will draw people away from what as to what’s going on with the UFO
I believe is the truth of the Gospel - and replace phenomenon,” he says. “It used to be so fringe,
Continued from Page 3 it with a lie. but now with The X-Files on television, Art Bell
With the recent statement released by and George Noory on the radio and a
The Russians take control of the the Vatican announcing that E.T. is our tremendous Internet presence, there is this
situation and the skull is placed on the headless “brother,” and we should embrace him coupled growing fascination with it. There are all kinds
skeleton of one of the thirteen seated crystal with the landing on Mars - and it's my opinion of web sites, novels and books coming out on
skeletons sitting in a circle. And that's when the that they will find life there - and just today, the it.” Serious research is being done into alleged
'magic' begins. The skeletons suddenly come Drudge Report ran a story that announced a film alien abductions; it’s not just the stuff of
together as one compresses against the other of E.T. that would be shown this coming Friday supermarket tabloids.
and finally we see… E.T., the extraterrestrial, in Denver, Colorado. Marzulli has researched the topic of
large and ominous looking. This takes everyone Is all of this leading up to full disclosure, UFO cults in depth, which became the basis for
by surprise, but wait there's more. Suddenly the of an extraterrestrial presence? Are we about to his the Nephilim trilogy (Zondervan). His
Mayan temple begins to crumble as something witness, what might be the most pivotal event in research has convinced him that serious
begins to surface from deep below it. Jones and history? spiritual deception is going on, and many
crew stand in awe as a huge flying saucer, UFO, You'll have to make up your own mind people are falling under its spell. He wrote the
MOTHER SHIP is revealed. It creates a cyclone on the issue as to where you stand, but in my trilogy to help people understand the spiritual
effect, as it begins to take off, swirling trees, opinion, we are being set up for the greatest dimensions of the whole UFO phenomenon,
boulders, parts of the temple and anything else deception mankind has ever witnessed. In the which he sees as part of the end times
that's not nailed down, around it. Finally it fly's words of Jesus… prophesied in The Book of Revelation, The
off! Jones asks, “Where did it go, outer space?” …Even the elect would be deceived, if Book of Daniel, and elsewhere in the Bible.
He is quickly set straight, as his sagacious that were possible. “At the heart of all of this weird
mentor explains, “No Indy, it's You can find out more by going to phenomena, whether you’re talking about
interdimensional.” people who claim to have found the tomb of
Now let's take a minute and walk through The official website of L. A. Marzulli Jesus, to those who believe in UFOs and alien
this. First, the implications are that the god's of and Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. abductions, is a negation of the spiritual
the Mayans' were in fact Extraterrestrials. It's teachings most of us have grown up with,”
good that the producers and writers picked a LA MARZULLI: L.A. Marzulli, author, Marzulli says.
dead religion, one that is basically extinct so composer and researcher had no use for God Though it’s fiction, the Nephilm trilogy
they're not offending anyone by saying that that after the age of 13, when he stopped attending sheds the light of biblical truth on the
E.T. is god, or created the gods that 'primitive' the Catholic church of his parents. When he was deceptions of our day. Though these phenomena
man worshipped. But isn't this a step away from 18, his 16-year-old girlfriend was killed in an may seem fringe to many of Christian faith,
declaring that all the religions of the world were accident. Deeply affected by this, he felt there Marzulli says that it’s only because we don’t
started and manipulated by E.T.? Is there an was no God whatsoever. To ease the pain, he realize how many people are caught up in it.
agenda that ties in with what I would call the sought relief from many sources including “One of the tactics of the enemy is to
coming great deception? drugs. introduce something, wait a while, then
In my book Politics, Prophecy & the By the age of 21, Marzulli moved into reintroduce it,” he says. “The second time
Supernatural I quote from an author who an ashram. Though he’d left the church, he around, it doesn’t seem so strange or bad. “I
believes that all the religions of the world were found himself drawn to other spiritual think UFOs will be like that”. Back in the
in fact started by E.T. His name is Barry expressions, especially the New Age 1950s, there was a lot of talk about them, and it
Downing and his book is called The Bible and movement. His fascination with unusual seemed very strange to most people. But now it
Flying Saucers. phenomena drew him deeper and deeper into seems more believable. We even have people
…But I very much suspect that the the supernatural and occultist world. By age 30, like the Israeli journalist and skeptic [BARRY
ascension cloud was the same UFO which led however, he realized something crucial: that CHAMISH] talking about the Nephilim—the
the Israelites through the Red Sea, gave Moses none of his experiences did a thing to change giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4--returning to
the commandments, carried Elijah into heaven, what was on the inside. Israel. There are hundreds of UFO sightings
'descended' like a dove at the baptism of Jesus, Marzulli read a book by Dave Hunt, weekly around the world. I think everything
perhaps carried away bodily at the ascension. “Kingdom of the Cults”, and started researching points to demonic deception on a growing
This was probably the same 'cloud', which how many of today’s phenomena have deep scale.”
brought two men to meet Jesus at the Mount of occultist roots. This research led him back to Marzulli sees his former involvement in
Transfiguration and probably the same UFO, God and allowed him to heal from his past. the occult as the basis of his current calling:
which brought angels to the Shepherds at Marzulli knew he had been deceived by an “Having my roots in the occult, then becoming
Christmas… enemy. a Christian—all I went through—has enabled
So there you have it! Downing Marzulli’s fascination with the enemy me to look at this phenomenon from both an
embraces, in a nutshell, what I would call the continued, but now from a whole new insider’s view and a biblical view. I want to
“Alien Gospel,” which is synonymous with the perspective. He sees the current fascination with steer people away from getting involved, and
subtitle of my book The Coming Great UFOs and other unusual phenomena as tools arm people to know what to say to someone
Deception and the Luciferian End Game. that the enemy is using to deceive people. It who is involved in the occult.”
Simply put, the “alien gospel” will reveal that bothered him that Satan was deceiving so many, L.A. Marzulli holds an honorary
the “aliens” created humankind by genetically just as he’d been deceived. He wanted to warn doctorate (D. Min.) from Pacific International
manipulating primitive man (early humans) others as to what was really happening, and University for his research on Nephilim. A
thousands of years ago; therefore, they are, in equip other believers to share their faith with talented musician and composer who has
fact, our progenitors. Hence they will present those who were caught up in supernatural recorded a number of albums, he is also the
the supposed missing link in human evolution. phenomena. LA Marzulli had expressed himself Worship Pastor at Mercy Christian Community
They will claim that they are responsible for creatively all his life, through music (he Church in Agoura Hills, CA. L.A. Marzulli lives
genetically engineering the leap between ape composed piano pieces at the age of six), and in Malibu with his wife and two daughters.
and humans. This, of course, will dovetail writing (he wrote screenplays since high school
New Hope For Non Readers 5
Dear Educators and Parents,

When I started out thirty years ago as a special

education teacher, I never imagined I would
become a school psychologist, special
education director, university professor,
education researcher, and author of an
innovative reading methodology for non-

I enjoyed my years as educator, but I felt

terribly frustrated by that unreachable group of
children who seem to exist in every school,
defying instruction and never learning how to students and adults who gave up a long time ago
read anything. You know who they are because Based on that experience, I developed the – are experiencing what it feels like to read for
you all have them. They fall farther behind each Failure Free Reading methodology, a meaning, with engagement and confidence. In
year, eventually give up and then drop out of compensatory methodology designed to just the first lesson, they realize “I can read.”
school. Unbelievably, there are almost a half scaffold vocabulary, fluency and I’ve had the great privilege of seeing this
million of these students sitting in America’s comprehension for non-readers. My approach is happen again and again, and it never fails to
classrooms right now. Their average total sight not remedial like phonics interventions inspire me. Trust me, it’s never too late to help
word vocabulary is fewer than fifty words. That designed for the struggling readers who score your non-readers take their crucial first steps to
is a tragedy for each and every one of them. from the 20th to the 50th percentile. Instead, becoming readers.
Failure Free Reading meets the unique needs of
No matter what I tried with my non-readers – the worst-performing students, those who score Sincerely,
and believe me, I tried everything – I just in the 0-15th percentile range. The program
couldn’t help them. But eventually I realized controls for three essential, research-based
there was a big difference between the poor elements that together enable non-readers to
readers, the struggling readers, and the non- finally be able to experience reading success:
readers. The non-readers were extremely sufficient repetition, comprehendible sentence
deficient in vocabulary and background structure, and age and developmentally
knowledge, and they didn’t respond to skills appropriate story content. I also found that by Dr. Joseph Lockavitch,
training. I started calling them “phonetically starting my students at their frustration level I Failure Free Reading Author and President
deaf ” because I could literally give them was able to accelerate each student’s
hundreds of hours of alphabetic instruction, and vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency —
non-readers included.
it still didn’t help! Clearly, they needed
something very different. An ‘X’ Zone MUST Read!!!
Today, non-readers of all ages – even secondary
6 The ADHD Fraud
Bipolar Disorder: “diseased” and is “medicated,” is that not
poisoning? Is it not assault and battery? If the
Epidemic W ithout a same patient dies, what is that called?
Disease . While false diagnostic labels alone may
not make persons psychiatric patients-in-
perpetuity, drugs which cause chemical
dependency and conspicuous injury, such as
Parkinson’s syndrome or tardive dyskinesia in a
seven year-old, surely do. Max’s parents were
told (1) “treat (your) child and risk a bad
outcome, or (2) “don’t treat and risk a worse
one.” In either case, this message is surely to
the liking of the pharmaceutical industry which
bankrolls it all.
Max and his parents have come to
believe the “bipolar” fiction and to play out
their roles in it. The main authors--perpetrators
of this and all of psychiatry’s fictitious
“diseases” are the DSM Committee of the
Fred A. Baughman Jr.,
Jr., MD, American Psychiatric Association and
“researchers” at the National Institute of Mental
Neurologist, Child Neurologist
Neurologist Health (NIMH).
For Max’s mother: “There was one good
In the Newsweek cover story of May 26,
thing about this strange diagnosis, she thought:
2008, Growing Up Bipolar, Mary Carmichael
at least it meant she wasn’t a bad mother.” Max
describes yet another magical psychiatric DR FRED BAUGHMAN
and his parents all had roles to play. Max’s role
epidemic. In any report of an epidemic there
is to be “bipolar,” a psychiatric patient-in-
should be a description of the disease of which
perpetuity. Everything else would take care of Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD, Neurologist, Child
the epidemic is comprised and mention of the
itself and psychiatry and Big Pharma would Neurologist, Fellow, American Academy of
test by which the disease is diagnosed. But
reap billions a year. And who knows, perhaps Neurology; Director of the March of Dimes-
nowhere is there mention of a physical
the 800,000 “bipolar” Max’s Carmichael says Birth Defects Clinic of Western Michigan,
abnormality—gross (visible to the naked eye),
we have this year will become 1.5 to 2 million 1967-1975. He has discovered and described
microscopic or chemical, to make it a disease.
next year, which many think it already is. real diseases including CHANDS: The Curly
Where is the proof that Max Blake, now ten, is
Harvard psychiatrists Joseph Biederman Hair-Ankyloblepharon-Nail Dysplasia
other than physically, medically normal?
and Janet Wozniac were said to have Syndrome. The Clinical Delineation of Birth
Symptoms abound. Max can’t sleep.
“described” pediatric bipolar disorder in 1995. Defects, Volume XII, 100, 1972 and is author of
Max is sad. Max wants to kill himself. All
I have no doubt that they “described” it but, as the book: THE ADHD FRAUD -- How
serious symptoms to be sure, but entirely
is the case with all of psychiatry’s “chemical Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal
subjective--not objective “signs,”
imbalances” they have never proved that a Children
abnormalities, diseases. Undaunted,
single one is an actual disease, as throughout the
Carmichael calls “bipolar” an “elusive disease”
rest of medicine. MORE INFO ON DR BAUGHMAN
with a grave prognosis: a “horror story,” in
At 2 ½ years of age, Rebecca Riley of
which “terrible things happen.” But still no
Hull, Massachusetts was “diagnosed” ADHD Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD has been an
and bipolar disorder, by child psychiatrist, Dr. adult & child neurologist, in private practice,
Next, we are told: “some doctors do not
Kayoko Kifuji, and was put Clonidine, for 35 years. Making "disease" (real diseases--
believe (bipolar) exists in children.” But
Depakote and Seroquel, the last of which is a epilepsy, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) or
diagnosis is not a matter of belief. If no
potent, poisonous, antipsychotic. None had "no disease" (emotional, psychological,
abnormality is demonstrated the diagnosis is
been approved by the FDA for children so psychiatric) diagnoses daily, he has discovered
“no evidence of disease”—NED, or “no organic
young. Rebecca became like a “floppy doll” and described real, bona fide diseases.
and died December 13, 2006, at 4 years of age, It is this particular medical and
Absent abnormalities, Carmichael,
not from a psychiatric disease, because there is scientific background that has led him to view
marshals more symptoms: “These babies are
no such thing, but from the very real, very toxic the "epidemic" of one particular "disease"--
born screaming.”
psychiatric drugs prescribed for her. Incredibly, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Next, seeking to overwhelm with
her parents sit in jail, charged with her murder. (ADHD)--with increasing alarm. Dr. Baughman
epidemiology, Carmichael writes: “800,000
Who made it appear that Rebecca had two describes this himself. Referring to psychiatry,
children in the United States have been
“diseases”? Who convinced the parents she did he says:
diagnosed.” “The disease is hard to pin down.”
and that the medications prescribed were "They made a list of the most common
Nor does repeating the word “disease” make it
“treatments” for them? Countless hundreds if symptoms of emotional discomfiture of
not thousands of children thus diagnosed and children; those which bother teachers and
Parents are asked to chose from among
drugged are dying, not from psychiatric parents most, and in a stroke that could not be
the “many drugs” available even though “it’s
diseases, but from the one or several drugs more devoid of science or Hippocratic motive--
unclear how they work.” How could it be
prescribed for them as “treatment.” Between termed them a 'disease.' Twenty five years of
otherwise without a disease to treat. No
1990 and 2000, 186 deaths from research, not deserving of the term 'research.,'
infection, cancer, or diabetes—all diagnosable,
methylphenidate-Ritalin were reported to the has failed to validate ADD/ADHD as a disease.
all treatable. In psychiatry, drugs change
FDA-MedWatch program, a voluntary reporting Tragically--the "epidemic" having grown from
emotions and behaviors by damaging the
program the FDA itself, says detects no more 500 thousand in 1985 to between 5 and 7
normal brain, causing intoxication, poisoning,
than 1-10 percent of the actual number. million today--this remains the state of the
Who is responsible for the murder of 'science' of ADHD."
“The disease is hard to pin down.” “Its
Rebecca Riley? Who is responsible for the The entire country, including all 5-7
unclear how they (the drugs) work.” This is not
thousands or tens of thousands of deaths from million with the ADHD diagnosis today, have
medical science, it is the “medical-speak” of
prescribed psychiatric drugs for psychiatric been deceived and victimized; deprived of their
“biological,” psychiatry that is deceptive,
“diseases” that do not exist? informed consent rights and drugged--for
fraudulent, and intent on peddling drugs. When,
the patient is known to be normal but is called profit! It must be stopped. Now!
Sear ching For The Truth 7
Sear ching for the Truth while the Aztec craft appeared to make a forced
crash east of Aztec in Hart Canyon with slight
various locations within the city of Aztec and
again this past March a sold-out crowd was
(Always Telling the Truth damage, and measured about 99 feet in present. Not a bad problem to have.
Means Never Having to diameter. Roswell's craft supposedly had 3-5 Be on the lookout for a new book by
bodies, while Aztec's had 13. Both crafts are Scott Ramsey shortly that will be the most
Remember Anything) believed to have been recovered by the military comprehensive account of the Aztec crash to
with Roswell using the 509th bomb wing from date. Doing research on the Aztec crash, Scott
the Roswell Army Airfield, and the Aztec crash has traveled to 31 states, interviewed over 73
being recovered by a military unit from first and second-hand witnesses, and archived
Colorado. over 3476 Atomic Energy Commission, United
in his book "Behind the Flying Saucers" States Air Force, F.B.I. and C.I.A. documents.
published around 1950. In 1986 William He has also uncovered three secret radar bases,
Steinman and Wendell Stevens published "The with possible connections to the Aztec crash.
UFO Crash at Aztec". Similar to the The Aztec crash like the Roswell crash
descriptions of the "metal" in the Roswell craft, back in the late 1940's are both cases that will
the Aztec craft "metal" could also not be burned, require further research to finally determine the
cut or damaged when attempted. Neither craft truth, since we obviously have not been given
showed any signs of rivets, bolts, screws or that truth for over 60 years.
signs of welding. After 60 years no physical
traces have been discovered at the Roswell ABOUT DENNIS BALTHASER
crash site yet, while the Aztec site has a road
By Dennis Balthaser leading to the site that wasn't shown on older As a young man, Dennis Balthaser
maps, and a small concrete slab exists that could would look into the night sky and wonder at the
Much has been written about the have possibly been used as a support for a crane
Roswell Incident of July, 1947 over the past 60 secrets it held. Some years later Dennis bought
outrigger. It has been established that the a book about UFOs and his wonder turned to
years, and while some researchers have written concrete slab is not a well cap and no other
it off as a crashed balloon with crash test investigation. Today he has a library with over
reason for its existence at the crash site exists. 90 books in reference to ufology.
dummies, some of us continue to look for other Although I had read both of the books
explanations of what really happened, not Dennis served 3 years ('59-62) with the
mentioned, I too didn't put much confidence in United States Army in the 815th Engineering
believing the four excuses given by the military the account of the Aztec crash for several years,
during those 60 years. New witnesses and Battalion.
until the Friends of the Aztec Public Library After some 33 years in Civil
information continues to be found about the decided to conduct an annual symposium
Incident and that appears to be worth Engineering, Dennis retired from the Texas
starting in 1997 to celebrate the 1948 crash, and Department of Transportation in 1996. Having
investigating, to determine what actually to help generate interest in obtaining a new
happened. been keenly interested in the Roswell Incident
library for Aztec. (That goal was accomplished of 1947, Dennis decided to move to Roswell,
The annual celebration of the Roswell a few years ago with the dedication of a new
Incident each July since 1995 has attracted New Mexico, to pursue his avocation: Ufology.
state-of-the art library in Aztec.) There are not Initially Dennis worked as an
many visitors to this southeast New Mexico enough words to be said about the many
town generating revenue for the city of Roswell, Engineering Consultant in Roswell,
volunteers who have diligently worked at volunteering his time at the International UFO
and exposing the incident to the world with the accomplishing this over the years, for the
media coverage it has received. Many however, Museum and Research Center on weekends.
benefit of the library and the city of Aztec, not Nine months later he resigned from the
view the annual Roswell event as a carnival to mention the UFO enthusiasts who attend each
rather than as a serious study of what happened engineering firm, assuming the duties of
year. A few of the volunteers that have been IUFOMRC Operations Manager, served on the
here 60 years ago, even though some well actively involved all these years include, Scott
known researchers are usually present each year Board of Directors and became the UFO
and Suzanne Ramsey, Katee McClure, Donna Investigator for the Museum, as a full time
to share their research. When the city of Chadwick, Randy and Suzanne Barnes, to
Roswell took over the annual event last year, the volunteer.
mention only a few. Due to his love of ufology, his
attendance figures once again increased I was involved with the Roswell Festival
compared to the previous few years when the dedication and his exhaustive work, Dennis is
as a speaker on several occasions during the regarded as a leading investigator and ufologist
UFO Museum was in charge of the Festival. past 11 years, but consider myself extremely
It was the city's desire to make the by his peers, communicating regularly with
fortunate to have been involved with Aztec's such well known researchers as Stanton
annual celebration a family event. The UFO symposium every year for the past 11 years as a
Museum and city were not been able to work Friedman, Donald R. Schmitt, Wendy
speaker or Master of Ceremonies. The annual Connors, and others in their quests to find the
together, thus 2 separate events were held Aztec symposium had a few speakers during the
during last years Festival, and it appears that it truth.
early years that were less than credible, and they Currently, in that Dennis is no longer
will be the same again this year for the have decided to be more cautious about who is
upcoming July 2008 Roswell Festival. affiliated with the Museum, he is able to devote
invited to speak at the annual event, thus his full time as an independent
On the opposite end of the state near providing a symposium for those interested in
Farmington, New Mexico in the four-corners researcher/investigator to the Roswell Incident,
serious UFO research, without any of the Area 51 and underground bases research, and
region of the state, another crash supposedly carnival or "woo-woo"atmosphere.
happened only 10 months after the Roswell frequently lectures on these and other topics,
The recently held Aztec Symposium in related to ufology.
Incident in March 1948, known as the Aztec March 2008 was a good example of the type
Crash. The Aztec crash has also been riddled Dennis is a Certified Mutual UFO
researchers Aztec is attracting, and the Network Field Investigator, a member of Great
with skepticism and beliefs of it being a hoax, increased crowd attendance verified the
however in recent years much more information Pyramid of Giza Research Association, and
importance and interest of those attending. As belongs to several ufology organizations.
has come forward primarily through the emcee this year I had the honor of introducing;
research of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, Stanton Friedman, Mike Forston, Duane
requiring a much closer look at that event. Other Dennis G. Balthaser
Tudahl, Ron Storch, Timothy Good, Ted
than the fact that both crashes occurred in New Phillips, Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, and Dr. Website:
Mexico within 10 months of each other, there Jesse Marcel, Jr. Email:
are many differences in the two events. The One problem that the Aztec symposium All photo credits: Dennis Balthaser
Roswell craft was discovered in many small is encountering is the fact that a facility is
pieces scattered over the Foster Ranch, and was needed to accommodate the ever-increasing
estimated to be about 30-40 feet in diameter, crowds. The annual symposium has been held in To see the Story Photos, please go to Page 9
8 Answers Fr om Your Angels

Answers Fr om Your Angels

W ith
Amethyst Wyldfyr e
Psychic Readings with Amethyst Wyldfyre
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validate your experiences and provide you greater inner peace. Call to
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I have three different types of live readings that I offer to those who are interested in
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excercises and activations, attunements, harmonizations and initiatory energy
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Amethyst Wyldfyre

Sear ching For The Truth 9

Sear ching for the Truth

(Always Telling the Truth
Means Never Having to
Remember Anything)

Continued fr om Page 7

Photos by Dennis Balthaser

10 Adver tisers

Alien Autopsy Inquest

Philip Mantle
The so-called Alien Autopsy film was released by London businessman Ray Santilli in
August of l995. It made newspaper and TV headlines around the world. This film has gone
down in UFO history as the most controversial piece of film ever. At the forefront of
research into this film from the very beginning was former BUFORA Director of
Investigations Philip Mantle. He was the first recognised UFO researcher contacted by Ray
Santilli in l993 and he has been attempting to get to the bottom of this controversial film
ever since.

Now, for the very first time, Philip Mantle brings together 14 years worth of research and
investigation into one book; ‘Alien Autopsy Inquest’. This unique 280 page (illustrated)
work is published by PublishAmerica and is unique in every sense of the word. There is no
other book that is dedicated entirely to the Alien Autopsy film. This book looks at the film
from every conceivable angle, interviews and questions the relevant experts from around
the world, and presents the facts as we know them. At the end of the book a number of
possible scenarios are put forward to possibly explain the nature and origin of this
controversial film, but in the end the reader is left to make up their own mind.


Visit Philip Mantle on line


Includes Copy of Seven
Stanzas Fr om the Book of Dzyan

Immanuel Velikovsky's monumental work Worlds in

Collision will live again in this update. Doomsday, end of
times and planet X will be written in bold print when an
electrically charged planetoid hurls itself through the solar
system. Like an angry, fire-breathing dragon, it will spread
volcanic ash from the vast tail dragging behind it.

From the Book of Dzyan comes the explanation for an

expanding earth the heat of Venus and Io’s cold surface.
Mysteries solved.
Hoax Of ‘Ancient’ Cr ystal Skulls 11
W ith a high-tech Dubbing it “The Skull of Doom,”
Mitchell-Hedges began producing it to entertain
micr oscope, scientist guests at social gatherings. According to him, it
had been made 3,600 years ago. Mayan priests
exposes hoax of wielded it to invoke gods and devils. Its curse
'ancient' cr ystal skulls could bring misfortune and death.
As more skulls were “discovered” by
others, the fanciful accounts escalated. Some
said the things came from the lost kingdom of
By Donald Smith
Atlantis, which had received them from space
aliens. Others said the skulls had accompanied
the Knights Templar in the Crusades. The
objects emitted strange lights and sounds,
depending on the alignment of the planets. They This electron scanning microscope image
channeled spirits. They talked. reveals the signature left by ancient stone-
They could do stand-up comedy as far as carving techniques. The picture shows the
Walsh is concerned and they still wouldn’t silicone cast of an irregular groove cut
impress her as having been made much earlier centuries ago by a pre-Columbian sculptor
than the 19th century, if then. using primitive techniques. (Jane Walsh
“If you were a pre-Columbian artisan Photo)
and you wanted to carve something in stone or
rock crystal—which is actually quartz—you’d
use a stone file with maybe sand as an
abrasive,” Walsh says. Modern stone carving
tools have embedded abrasives, usually
diamond or carborundum. They just leave very
different imprints in the stone.”
In investigating the skull owned by the
Smithsonian—which the Institution had
received in the mail from a donor in 1992—
Walsh scoured historical records. Then, using
methods first developed by Margaret Sax, a
Jane Walsh holds a skull carved from crystal, materials specialist at the British Museum,
which was donated to the Smithsonian’s Walsh plunged into a world where distances are
National Museum of Natural History in 1992. measured in microns. This electron scanning microscope image
Close analysis revealed that it is a 20th- reveals the signature left by ancient stone-
century creation and not an ancient artifact. A dead giveaway carving techniques. The picture shows the
(Photo by Owen Macdonald) silicone cast of an irregular groove cut
At a table behind her desk at the Natural centuries ago by a pre-Columbian sculptor
History Museum, Walsh takes out a small stone using primitive techniques. (Jane Walsh
They were relics of a lost civilization,
carving, then picks up a device that looks like photo)
hand-crafted by wizards, or possibly
extraterrestrials. They could cast spells, conjure one of Martha Stewart’s glue guns. Walsh
spirits, cure illness and foretell the future. squeezes a quarter-size dollop of oozy black
At least that’s what a lot of people silicone onto a section of the carving. Within a
few minutes the material hardens. She peels it Modern fakes
believed when a number of humanlike skulls
carved out of rock crystal began causing a off and holds up a perfect mold of the carving.
Not only are the tiniest details revealed, but they Walsh took the Smithsonian’s crystal
sensation in the art and antiquities world some skull to London, where it and two similar skulls
60 years ago. pop out in relief, enabling Walsh to examine
them more closely. owned by the British Museum were subjected
Actually, they aren’t ancient at all. And to the microscopic treatment. Sax and Walsh
now, the archaeological detective who applied After receiving a super-fine coating of
gold to reflect electrons, the mold is placed in a compared these skulls to several carved crystal
space-age methods to expose the true nature of artifacts from Mexico known to be authentic
these strange objects is developing a way to vacuum container to have its portrait made by a
scanning electron microscope. At and to a crystal skull known to have been
help museums around the world separate real carved in modern times.
artifacts from modern fakes. magnifications of 50 to 100 times, even an
untrained observer can quickly discern patterns “We discovered that all of the crystal
“Crystal skulls have always been skulls had been carved with modern coated
questionable,” says Jane Walsh, an made by ancient tools versus modern ones.
Scorings made by pre-Columbian tools lapidary wheels using industrial diamonds and
anthropologist at the Smithsonian’s National polished with modern machinery,” Walsh says.
Museum of Natural History. “Nobody has ever look uneven and messy. Modern stone-carving
and polishing implements leave uniform marks Walsh is now working toward a
excavated one. But they are in a number of collaboration with the British Museum to
major museums, including our own. That’s how that look like more like brushed steel. The
reason is that abrasives that were used to make develop a database of scanning electron
we first got involved. microscope images—taken of both authentic
genuinely old artifacts—ancient craftsmen
typically used sand—tended to move around as and fake carvings—that can be accessed via
Curses, gods and devils the tool dug into the stone’s surface. Modern computer by other museum professionals. She
abrasives that are permanently affixed to is trying to raise $25,000 for the project, to be
Tall tales concerning the crystal skulls engraving and polishing tools leave neat, even spent mostly on travel to London and Mexico
first began circulating in 1943, when F.A. rows. City to make molds.
Mitchell-Hedges, a colorful British banker- Another dead giveaway is the use of In the meantime, the Smithsonian’s
turned-adventurer, and his adopted daughter, wheeled tools—used, for example, to inscribe crystal skull, a heavy object with a splotchy
Anna, made a startling announcement. During a the lines between teeth on a skull. These lines whitish complexion, resides inside a plain beige
1920s expedition deep into the jungles of show up as arcs where the wheel has bitten into metal cabinet in Jane Walsh’s outer office. No
Belize, Anna discovered, tucked away under the the stone. As far as anyone knows, wheels were one has ever heard it say a word. It passes the
altar of a Mayan temple, a crystal skull with unknown to pre-Columbian Americans. time in silence, staring sightlessly, one
supernatural powers. Or so they claimed. presumes, into the darkness. []
12 Smithsonians Cr ystal Skull
The Smithsonian's claimed that they were ancient.”
A major player in the skull game,
Cr ystal Skull according to Walsh, was Frederick Arthur THAT
Mitchell-Hedges, an English stockbroker- THE ‘X’ ZONE
turned-adventurer who, in 1943, began RADIO & TV SHOW
displaying a crystal carving that he called “The
MAY 2008
Skull of Doom” to his dinner-party guests. His
daughter, Anna, later claimed that he had found ALEX KERSHAW - Escape From The Deep;
the skull in a ruined temple in Belize during the AMIRAH - Soul Mystic; ANN BLAKLEY
early 1920s. The family’s stories seemed to RICE - Daily Intentions; BERHARD HAISCH -
generate the “discovery” of more skulls with The God Theory; BOB GEBELEIN - The Mental
even wilder tales attached. (They had come Environment: Mostly About Mind Pollution;
from the lost city of Atlantis or been left by BRIAN DAVID ANDERSEN - Earth Changes;
extraterrestrials.) CHARLA WHITE & JOAN ST. JOHN -
Investigations by the Linnean Society of Spirited Tours; CLIFF MICKELSON -
London, a research institute specializing in Morgellons - The Fiber Disease; COLLETTE
LAFIA - Comfort and Joy; DAVID & DIANE
taxonomy and natural history, revealed that
MARIANT - Truths and Myths About Bipolar
Mitchell-Hedges actually purchased his skull at Disorder; DENNIS BALTHASER - The Roswell
auction at Sotheby’s in London in 1943 for
How the museum's quar tz around £400, about $18,000 today. How it came
New Mexico UFO Crash;
MacEACHREN - Big Green Purse; DOUG

cranium highlights the to the auction house isn’t known. (Anna KELLEY, ParaNexus Co-Founder/Director; DR
Mitchell-Hedges kept it until her death at age ALAN GREENBERG - Are Heavy Metals
epic silliness of the new 100 last year; the object remains in the family.) Poisoning Your Health; DR DAN
Indiana Jones movie Experts now believe that many extant crystal LIBERTHSON - Baseball & Little League Are a
Metaphor for Life; DR JAYSEN RAND - LIVE
skulls were made in Germany during the late
1800s; Walsh thinks that the Smithsonian skull From The LA Book Fair - The Return of Planet-X;
By Owen Edwards was carved in Mexico in the 1950s. DR MAURICE RAMIREZ - Medical
Emergency Teams be facing in Myanmar?; DR
By 1996, Walsh had decided to put the
The crystal skull sought by Harrison RICHARD HAMMOND - The Unknown
skull to the test. She took it to London’s British Universe; DR WILLIAM SCHNEID - Serial
Ford as Indiana Jones in the latest silver-screen Museum, whose collections contain two similar Killers! What Makes Them? Who Are They?; DR.
installment of the archaeologist’s over-the-top skulls. Margaret Sax, a materials expert there, FRED BAUGHMAN - Neurology -vs-
adventures is, of course, a movie prop— used scanning electron microscopy to study tool Psychiatry; DR. JOE LOCKAVITCH - Help For
masquerading as an ancient artifact from pre- marks on the skulls. In each case, she noted that Kids Who Can't Read; ELIZABETH JOYCE -
Columbian Central America. (Disclosure: in my modern tools and abrasives had been employed. Psychic; ERIC ALTMAN - East Coast Bigfoot
day job, I work for a magazine published by Today, the skull that launched Walsh’s sleuthing Conference; FRANK HARRITT - Diabetes;
producer George Lucas’ Educational sits in a locked cabinet in her Washington, D.C. HARRY MEDVED - Fandango Filmgoers Have
Foundation.) As it happens, the prop bears a office, faux and forlorn. Walsh, offering an a Jones for "Indiana"; JARI MIKKOLA -
strong resemblance to scores of crystal skulls in explanation as to why many museums even ParaNexus Co-Founder/Director; JASON
museum collections around the world. These LEIGH - The Quest for Evidence of UFOs; JIM
today exhibit crystal skulls as authentic
skulls, carved from large chunks of quartz, may KOEPKE - Government Corruption; KAL
Mesoamerican antiquities, describes the KORFF - Kal's Korner LIVE from Prague in the
well have been chiseled by descendants of artifacts as “reliable crowd pleasers.” Czech Republic; KEITH ROBINSON - Logic's
Aztecs and Mayans, but they are decidedly A few years ago, another skull was sent End; LA MARZULLI - Politics, Prophecy and
post-Columbian. to NMNH for testing. Researchers took a the Supernatural; LEE McCORMICK - Spirit
Fakes are an all too real part of the sample; what had appeared to be quartz crystal Recovery Inc; LLOYD LOFTHOUSE - Are
museum world. “There are always artists was found to be glass. Olympic Protesters Endangering America? ;
capable of making and selling things that seem “So that [one],” says Walsh, “turned out LORNA REICHEL - Aura Imaging Specialist;
old,” says anthropologist Jane MacLaren Walsh to be a fake fake.” LOU RICCIUTI - Depleted Uranium;
of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural MELISSA ABRAHAM - You Only Get One
History (NMNH). Walsh has seen her share of ABOUT ELIZABETH OWENS: Owen Funeral; MICHAEL STELLITANO - Your
fakes. In fact, she has become something of a Healing Hands; MICHAEL UNGAR - Too Safe
Edwards,who lives in San Francisco, is a
specialist on the subject. “I didn’t start out as a for their Own Good; MICHELE CHAPUT -
freelance writer and author of the book Elegant Wellness Consultant; MIKE WOODS - Author
skeptic,” she says, “but experience has changed Solutions.[] and Member of Canada's Own Rock Group
my outlook.”
"Circuit."; MISS BONNIE - Psychic, Medium,
In 1992, according to Walsh, the Clairvoyant; MISS ELLEN - Putting A Positive
museum received an unsolicited donation of a Spin on life through the Metaphysical; MITCH
larger-than-life, ten-inch-high skull carved from BATTROS - Earth Changes TV; NOLALEE
milky-hued quartz. Some time later, Walsh, an SCHENK - Solar Myth; PEGGY SUE
expert in Mexican archaeology, was asked to GERRON - Biddy Holly's Peggy Sue; REV.
research the skull, one of several known to SHANE FLANNIGAN - Professional Deep
exist. Until that point, skulls of this kind Trance Channeller; RICKY ROEHR - The
typically had been attributed to ancient Raelian Movement; ROBERT W MORGAN -
Mesoamerican cultures. The American Anthroplogical Research
Walsh knew that if the skull proved to be Foundation; ROBIN ANTHONY - Health Expert
Says Fatigue Is America's New Pandemic; SEAN
a genuine pre-Columbian relic, it would
FORKER - American Bigfoot Society; SIR
constitute an important addition to the KNIGHT DARYL BREESE - Aliens Do Not
Smithsonian collection. But she harbored Clash With Church Doctrine; TANIA
doubts from the start. “After Mexican GABRIELLE - Numerology; TARA GREENE -
independence,” she says, “a lot of outsiders Tarot Card Readings; TOM SMITH - Karla
started coming into the country and collecting Smith Foundation; WARREN MACK - Who the
historic pieces for museums.” The collectors, Hell is Ken Dahlberg?; WILLIAM J FEDERER
she adds, “created a demand, and local artisans - Tyranny of the atheist minority.
then created a supply. Some of the things sold to
these foreigners may not have been made to
intentionally deceive, but certain dealers SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE
Cr ystal skulls ar e fake: study 13
Cr ystal skulls ar e fake: The British Museum bought its skull, a
life-size carving from a single block of rock
"It is always disappointing when an
intriguing artefact like a crystal skull turns out
study crystal, from Tiffany and Co., New York, in not to be genuine," said Cardiff University's Ian
1897. Its origins were unknown but there were Freestone, a member of the research team.
suggestions it was of ancient Mexican origin. "However, it is important to be precise about
Human skulls worn as ornaments and what is authentic and what is fake if we are
displayed on racks were known to have featured properly to understand our past. Maybe Indiana
in Aztec art. The skull attracted much public Jones will have better luck in his hunt for a real
attention and speculation and was once thought crystal skull!"
to have healing powers. The findings are to appear in The
Crystal skulls have since featured in Journal of Archaeological Science. []
many books, articles and films, most recently in
the new Steven Spielberg movie Indiana Jones
and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. NEXT
However, there have been doubts about MONTH...
the authenticity of the skull since the 1930s.
Now an international research team has
scrutinized the British Museum skull and a
larger white quartz skull donated to the
Smithsonian in 1992.
Electron microscope analysis for tool
marks found both skulls were carved with rotary
Courtesy Cardiff University disc-shaped tool, a technology the ancient
and World Science staff Mexicans didn't have. Analysis of the quartz in
the British Museum skull suggests it was
As Indiana Jones races to find an quarried from Brazil or Madagascar - far
ancient crystal skull in his new movie outside the Ancient Mexicans' trading links.
adventure, he might want to take a moment to The team, made up of experts from
check its authenticity. Cardiff and Kingston universities in the U.K.,
New research suggests two well-known the British Museum and the Smithsonian,
crystal skulls, in the British Museum and the concluded that neither skull could have been
Smithsonian Institution in Washington, are not, made in Mexico before the time of Columbus.
after all, from ancient Mexico. Academics now They believe the British skull was created in
believe the British skull was made in 19th- Europe in the 19th century, and the
century Europe and the American one even Smithsonian's shortly before it was bought in
later. Mexico City in 1960. ELONGATED SKULLS

Paul Min ar
The Complete Numer ologist
It's been over 25 years since the channeled essence of Pythagoras instructed Paul to write
a book on Numerology. Since then, Paul has practiced, studied and researched the ancient
art, always guided by the Spirit of his Mentor until, at last, the book has come into being.

» Numerology for fast, easy decision making

» The numbers--alphabet connection
» The nine parts of God's creative geometry
» Discovering your numerical DNA
» Creating successful outcomes
» Change your name, change your destiny
» Numerology for animals Paul Minar
and much more!

14 How Aliens Work
How Aliens Work and evolved on Earth, what governs the way life
is organized and what makes a planet habitable.
following points to it:
Similar organisms reproduce similar
Astrobiology combines the disciplines organisms -- a dog reproduces a dog, a
of biology, chemistry, physics, geology and dandelion reproduces dandelions and a fish
astronomy. Often, astrobiologists must use the reproduces a fish.
information learned about life on Earth as a O ften, the number of offspring are
guide for studying life elsewhere. Let's examine overproduced such that the number that survive
some of the things that we have learned from is fewer than the number reproduced.
life on Earth. In any population, individuals vary with
respect to any given trait, such as height, skin
What is Life? color, fur color or shape of beaks, and these
variations can be passed on to the next
While it is hard to pen a clear definition of generation.
"life," most biologists agree that there are many Some variations are favorable, in that
characteristics in common among living things. they make those individuals best-suited to their
If an object meets these characteristics, it is environment, and some are not. Those
considered alive: organisms with favorable variations will survive
Organized - Living things are made of and pass those traits on to their offspring; those
atoms and molecules that are organized into individuals with unfavorable variations will die
by Craig Freudenrich,
Freudenrich, Ph.D. cells. The cells in an organism can be either and not pass on their traits -- this is natural
uniform or specialized for various functions. selection.
Are there other forms of life in the The cells can be further organized into tissues, Given sufficient time, natural selection
universe? The scientific search for organs and systems. Living things on Earth are will accumulate these favorable traits. The
extraterrestrial life forms has been bolstered by quite diverse as to their organization and species will evolve.
two recent discoveries. First, the discovery of complexity. Although Darwin's theory of evolution
life forms in exotic environments on Earth Homeostatic - Living things carry out was proposed to explain changes in Earth-based
indicates that life is very hearty and can adapt to functions that keep them in a constant, species, its principles are general enough that it
the strangest and most hostile environments. relatively unchanging state called homeostasis. could be applied elsewhere in the universe as
Second, astronomers found planets orbiting For example, your body has systems that keep well.
stars besides our sun -- over 50 extrasolar your body temperature constant -- you shiver if
planets have been discovered as of 2001. Are you're cold, sweat if you're hot. Life in the Extreme
there alien life forms on any of these planets? Reproduces - Living things make
If alien life does exist, what might it be copies of themselves, either exact copies Up until about 30 years ago, it was
like? Would it be simple forms of life such as (clones) by asexual reproduction or similar believed that all life on Earth was dependent
bacteria, viruses or algae, or more advanced, copies by sexual reproduction. upon energy from the sun. Furthermore, it was
multi-cellular creatures, perhaps even Grows/develops - Living things grow thought that you would probably not find life
intelligent beings? Would aliens be animals, and develop from smaller and/or simpler forms. where temperatures were extremely hot, like in
plants or have characteristics of both? Would For example, a human begins life as a fertilized geysers or hot springs, or extremely cold, like in
they have arms and legs and walk upright as we egg, developing into an embryo, fetus and then the Antarctic desert.
do? Would they depend upon vision as their a baby. The baby subsequently grows into a These ideas changed when
primary sense or use another way to gather toddler, adolescent and adult. oceanographers explored hydrothermal vents,
information about their surroundings? Would Takes in energy from the environment openings in the ocean floor where extremely
they "breathe" oxygen or some other gas? - Staying in a relatively constant, organized hot, mineral-rich water erupts from the crust.
Speculation about aliens has typically state violates the second law of Hydrothermal vents are located several miles
been left to science-fiction authors, science- thermodynamics, which states that the degree of below the surface, on the ocean floor, where the
fiction readers and Hollywood writers and disorder (entropy) of all objects increases. For a surrounding water is at or near freezing, it is
directors. In this article, we will examine living organism to maintain organization, it absolutely dark and the pressure is high. In
astrobiology, the scientific search for must take in, process and expend energy. The organized communities around the bases of
extraterrestrial life. We'll apply what we have way humans and other animals do this is by these vents, called black smokers, scientists
learned about life on Earth to speculate about eating food and extracting energy from it. found clams, crabs and exotic, giant tubeworms
what alien life forms might be like. Responds to stimuli - Living things measuring 6 feet (2 meters) long. The water
respond to changes in their environment. For coming out of these vents is 230 to 662 degrees
example, if a stimulus causes you pain, you Fahrenheit (110 to 350 degrees Celsius).
Greetings, Carbon-based Bipeds! respond by moving away from that object. If
you place a plant near a well-lit window, the Continued on Page 15
Most of us picture alien life the way it's branches or shoots grow toward the light
portrayed in movies, where aliens are (phototropism). For protection, some animals
commonly depicted as human-like forms change color to blend in with their surroundings
because they use actors either to play the roles (camouflage).
directly in make-up or to be models for Adapted to its environment - The
computer-generated animation. Also, audiences characteristics of a living thing tend to be suited
relate to human-like aliens better than to more for its environment. For example, the fins of a
exotic, monster-like creatures. However, the dolphin are flat and adapted for swimming. The
human body plan -- bilateral symmetry with wing of a bat has the same basic structure as the
one head, two legs and two arms -- stems from bones in a dolphin's fin, but has a thin
when early amphibians and reptiles colonized membrane that enables flight.
the Earth's land masses, and it seems unlikely
that such a shape would evolve on an alien Now that we've got a definition of what
world. So, let's forget Hollywood for the life is, we need to look at how it changes over
moment and look closely at the real science of vast expanses of time. The basic rules governing
astrobiology. whether species arise, live, remain unchanged
Astrobiology is the scientific study of or become extinct are those of evolution by
life in the universe. Astrobiologists seek to natural selection as proposed by Charles
understand (among other things) how life arose Darwin. Darwin's theory of evolution has the
How Aliens Work 15
chemicals could be solvents as well, such as
How Aliens Work ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide or
energy from its surroundings, extract the energy
and eliminate wastes.
hydrogen fluoride. - The alien would have senses (such as
Continued from
from Page 14 Temperature - Alien life may require sight, sound, touch) to obtain information from
temperatures at which its solvent can remain the environment and respond to stimuli (while
How can these animals survive so far liquid. we use vision as our primary sense, this may not
from the sunlight, under these extreme Pressure - Alien life may require be true of aliens). They would also have some
conditions? In the water, scientists found environmental pressures (and temperatures) that type of brain or nervous system to process
species of bacteria that split hydrogen sulfide allow solvents to exist in three states of matter information.
from the water to get energy to make organic (solid, liquid, gas). - The alien would have some means of
compounds (chemosynthesis). The tubeworms Energy source - Living things require reproduction, either sexual or asexual
have bacteria in their tissues that help them energy to remain organized. This energy may
derive energy from the water. The clams feed on come from a star or from chemical or Alien organisms would probably have
the bacteria, and the crabs feed on the geothermal energy (as in hydrothermal vents similar ecological structures to life on Earth.
tubeworms. and hot springs). On any alien world, there - Population sizes would be limited
The discovery of hydrothermal-vent would have to be some source of energy to based on the predominance of food, predators,
communities showed that it is possible for life sustain life. disease and other environmental factors.
to evolve in places without light from the sun, Complex molecules - Living things on - Alien life forms would exist in food
and in other worlds without sufficient light from Earth are organized and made of complex, chains and food webs in their native
the parent star. In view of the discovery of carbon-based molecules that carry out environment, like life on Earth. Producers will
hydrothermal vents, it may be possible that life biochemical functions. Carbon is a versatile make food, consumers will eat producers and/or
exists on Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter, which atom that can form bonds with up to four other other consumers and decomposers will recycle
scientists believe has a water ocean beneath its atoms, in many shapes, to make molecules. atoms and molecules from dead organisms back
icy crust. Although not as versatile as carbon, silicon can into the environment.
also form up to four bonds with other atoms and - Alien life forms will be integrated with
has been proposed as a basis for molecules of their habitats and ecosystems, like life on Earth.
alien life (silicon-carbon hybrid molecules have As you can see, life of any kind is intimately
also been proposed). It is likely that alien life tied to its environment, so the characteristics of
forms would have some type of complex the planet would be extremely important in
molecule to carry out similar functions. determining the characteristics of the life form.
Informational molecule - In Earth
organisms, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a Speculation: What Might Aliens
complex molecule that carries genetic Be Like?
information and directs the formation of other
molecules in order for life to reproduce and With these ground rules in mind, and
function. Because a characteristic of life is that since no extraterrestrial life forms have been
it reproduces, it seems likely that alien life conclusively discovered, alien physiology lies
forms would also have some type of in the realm of our imagination. Science-fiction
informational molecule. authors, especially the 'hard" ones who try to
adhere strictly to real science, have been doing
Alien beings that are larger than this for years. They first design or build a world,
microbes would have some equivalent of cells. carefully working out its physical, astronomical
Tubeworms around a hydrothermal vent As an organism gets larger, its internal volume and ecological characteristics. Next, they work
(cubic function) grows faster than its surface out what type of aliens could exist in that world.
Life has been found in other extreme area (square function). This places a limit on the
environments as well. Scientists discovered An example of one such world-building
organism's size, because substances from the exercise can be found at the Epona Project,
microcolonies of lichens called cryptoendoliths outside of the organism must pass into and
in rock samples of the Antarctic desert, where where several science-fiction writers came
throughout the organism by diffusion, which together to create a world called Epona,
temperatures often drop to 100 degrees below depends upon large surface areas, short
zero and there is little or no liquid water. In complete with planetary, geological and
distances and differences in concentrations. As ecological data. One artist, Steven Hanly,
contrast, thermophilic (heat-loving) bacteria an organism grows larger, the distance to its
have been found in hot springs where created Epona creatures.
center increases and diffusion gets slower. To For his novel "Mission of Gravity," Hal
temperatures exceed the boiling point of water. maintain workable diffusion distances, an
If life can evolve in extreme Clement created a world called Mesklin that
organism must have many small cells instead of circles a double star. Mesklin rotates once every
environments on Earth, it seems possible that one large cell. So, an alien would be multi-
life may exist in the extreme environments of eighteen minutes and has a flattened shape
celled if it is larger than a microbe. (We would caused by its rotation. The gravity of Mesklin
other worlds such as Mars. not expect to find a light-years wide, single- ranges from three times Earth's gravity, at the
celled organism like that portrayed in the equator, to seven hundred times at the poles.
Some Ground
Ground Rules for Alien life original Star Trek episode "The Immunity Mesklin has a hydrogen atmosphere and
Syndrome.") methane oceans. Mesklinites, one of the planet's
Using what we have learned from life on Alien life would evolve and adapt to its life forms, are small, centipede-like creatures
Earth, what can we say about alien life? While surroundings by the theory of evolution as made of an insect skeletal protein called chitin.
it would probably be vastly different from life previously explained. They have 18 pairs of legs that end in sucker-
on Earth, alien life would probably adhere to The physiological make-up of a multi- like feet, forward pinchers for grasping, a strong
certain universal guidelines, as the widely celled alien would be most suited to its circulatory system and absorb hydrogen right
varying life on Earth does. These guidelines or environment. Organ systems would be adapted through their shells. They are immensely strong
ground rules include the following: to environmental conditions such as -- a result of living on a high-gravity world, yet
Alien life would be governed by laws of temperature, moisture and gravity. they have a fear of being picked up because a
physics and chemistry. - The alien would have some way of fall from a small height could be fatal on such
Alien life would be based on some type bringing solids, liquids and gases inside its high gravity. (See "Barlowe's Guide to
of chemistry (eliminating the sci-fi concept of body, distributing them to every cell and Extraterrestrials" and "The Science of Aliens"
pure-energy beings). removing waste products (equivalents of heart , for descriptions of Mesklinites and other alien
Solvent - On Earth, the solvent for all of blood vessels and kidneys, for instance). life.)
our biochemicals is liquid water. Other - The alien would be able to take in Continued on Page 16
16 How Aliens Work
chemical means. It hunts near the small bodies
How Aliens Work of surface water, feeling along the water's edge MEET THOS WHO HAVE BEEN
and tasting the sand and water for other animals. INDUCTED INTO THE
Continued from
from Page 15 Upon locating prey, the Lashlarm crouches ‘X’ ZONE ORDER OF WOO WOOS
down and glides up to it. The Lashlarm then
At HowStuffWorks, we've envisioned an opens its large mouth and springs down upon
alien world and alien life forms. In our world, ALBIANI, Joe DNR, BAIRD, Robert DNR,
the prey, swallowing it whole.
BALEGA, Betsy DNR , BAY, Brandon DNR,
the planet orbits a bright star. Only 10 percent of The Nirba is is slightly larger than the BILLOW, Ann DNR, BISCARDI, Tom DNR,
the world is covered with surface water, but Lashlarm. It lives in the water, near the edge, BODINE, Echo DNR, BRADY, George DNR,
throughout the land mass there are pockets of much like a crocodile or alligator but is not fully BURTENSHAW, Debbie DNR, CHIPPEO,
water that collect under the sands from the aquatic. The Nirba comes out to prey on other Rosemary DNR, CRISWELL, Dick DNR, CROSS,
sparse rainfall. The environment is hot and arid animals that come down to the water, Patrick DNR, CROTEAU, Roland DNR,
and the sunshine is bright. The planet is massive particularly the Lashlarm. It has a large head CRYSTAL, Ruth DNR, DREAM HEALER,
and has gravity that is one-hundred times with nostrils located on top of its nose so it can Adam DNR, DRUFFEL, Anne DNR, FORMAN,
stronger than that of Earth. The atmosphere is breathe while mostly submerged. The Nirba has Linda DNR, GALLANT, Velma DNR,
an Earth-like air mixture of helium, oxygen and thick skin, to prevent dehydration while out of GILLILAND, James DNR, GRANT, Richard DNR,
carbon dioxide. HARI, Gurdip DNR, JOHNSON, Robert Bowie
the water in the hot sun, and big, muscular front
DNR, JONES, Jessica DNR, KAY, Margie (Real
The two alien life forms that we legs with large claws for killing its prey. A long
Name - Marge PADGITT) DNR, KUEHN, Robert
envision for this world are animals -- mobile tail helps it swim in the water, and the "UFO Bob" DNR , LEA, Sienna DNR. LEVY,
predators that live around the planet's few small "arrowhead" end assists in hunting and Michael DNR, LONGO, Frank DNR, LOPORTO,
bodies of surface water. Both aliens are short, territorial defense. [] Garrett DNR, LUKATHER-KITCH, Lora DNR ,
about 1 foot (30 centimeters) tall, with thick MANZO, Wayne DNR, McCRACKEN, Ken DNR,
limbs to support their weight against the McDONALD, William DNR, MENKIN, Michael
immense gravity. Both have thick coverings or DNR, METZ, Bill DNR, MIRAKI, Dr Mohammad
skins to minimize evaporation and conserve DNR, MORNINGSTAR, Robert DNR, OESTER,
water. To gather information, one relies Dr Dave DNR, PHELAN, Janet DNR, RANVILLE,
primarily on vision, while the other uses Keith DNR, RAPPOPRT, Roger DNR, RITTER,
chemical senses (taste and smell). George DNR, SHERWOOD, Chris DNR,
The Lashlarm is our first alien predator. SHERWOOD, Ed DNR, SHRINER. Sherry DNR,
It looks like a walking toilet bowl. The mouth
DNR, TAYLOR, Suzanne DNR, THOMAS, Robbie
portion is supported by three stalky legs
connected to a flat pedestal. Underneath the VEGH, Beth DNR, WALTERS, Eric DNR,
pedestal are many scales, so the pedestal glides WOLFE, Burton DNR, YURCHEY, Doug DNR,
across the surface of the sand much like a snake ZIMMERMAN, Robert DNR.
moves along the ground. It has several sensory
appendages that allow it to locate prey by

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Why do people believe in UFOs? 17
Why Do People beliefs in extraterrestrials and UFOs is the
'need'. Like our ancestors, modern people 'need'
later centuries."
This is interesting, considering the first
Continue Believe in myths they can't scientifically explain. That is investigation didn't happen until WWII had
why we happen to deceive our self, already started. Why did the gov't wait until
UFOs? intentionally changing the circumstance of the WWII to start an investigation?
situation for it not to fit logical explanation.
Curiosity, dispute and reluctance of ultimate Evidence of UFO Sightings
By Ksenia Golikova axiom of how to identify whether the unusual
we witnessed is unawareness or true phenomena For every unexplained object on earth,
that what feeds our conviction in the existence there will always be evidence. People will have
In such industrialized and fast paced
of advanced civilizations. [] photographs, videos- they may be real, or they
time as XXI century humanity has variable
may be fake. You will never know. A website,
resources, technology, and an extensive
knowledge, which we apply to events and UFOs: Do They Really, has photos of the
evidence. Various UFOs have been spotted
situations in desire to explore the world we live
in. As many professors mention as an example
Exist? throughout the decades. It doesn't matter what
decade it is, I'm sure you'll find pictures from
in their lectures, we explained the phenomena
that date anyway.
of the rainbow, we built settle lights, and took By Megan Reinbold
first steps on the Moon. However, the human
Types of Physical Evidence
kind never stopped searching for more. Still, we I have to admit, I've always been
keep looking for mysteries beyond our interested in the supernatural or unknown. It's Photographic Evidence. This is one of
understanding. Thus, people continue to believe almost as if I've been drawn to it, but I'm not the main types of physical evidence. Many
in UFO. Why does this believe remain popular? obsessed with them. Sometimes I love finding people who have claimed to have seen UFOs
Do people feel lonely, or it's the next step in the out information about it- if I'm interested in it, take videos, and pictures. How do we know that
evolution of the human kind - to find a I'll do some reasearch to find out more about th they didn't use something digital? Or how do
civilization of higher organization? subject. they know if it wasn't some man-made object
According to scientific observation,
that they created for a picture?
individuals tend to mistake the objects they What are UFOs? Electromagnetic Interference.
have never seen before for the UFO just because
Electromagnetic interference is interference
the experience is unusual and unforeseen. Before I begin to discuss UFOs, we with radio or tv signals, or having problems
However, when scientific support for the must first learn what they are. If you don't know, with anything electronic (like stalled cars).
mystery they witnessed is given and UFOs are Unidenified Flying Objects. People Radar contact and tracking- you can use
explanations are found (the changing colors claim to have seen UFOs, but what exactly are a radar to track where UFOs have been spotted
object we see in the night sky so often in fact are they? Some people say that they're spaceships and even for supposed UFO sights.
the settle lights that reflect sun beams), the from other planets with aliens in them. Other I didn't list all the types of physical
person is slightly disappointed because the people say that UFOs don't exist, yet others say evidence, but they are the main ones that people
unknown is solved. Strangely, it boosts the that UFOs are top secret military and use.
scavenger hunt. People start patiently watching government projects. We may never know what
the sky until finally they see Venus, glowing they are, but people are still interested in them, Ideas and Explanations for UFOs
near the horizon, migrating birds with light and you will continue to hear about sightings.
colored feathers that reflect the neon of
Some people say that UFOs could be top
streetlights... If witnesses are not familiar with History of UFOs secret government projects. Others think that
the scientific aspect, the venues are being
UFOs are spaceships from another planet with
justified as UFOs. Investigations of UFOs began once aliens in them. It all depends on how you look
Scientists explain attractiveness of the WWII started, and continue to this day (and at it. Do you believe the government is hiding
UFO theory as a subconscious response to the beyond). The first well known sighting was in something from us? Are they hiding spaceships?
timeless search of the reason of unusual Roswell, NM in 1947. Are they hiding weapons? Or are they hiding
happenings' occurrence. They found that human According to, "Unusual top secret flying objects?
as a curious explorer has amazing ability to find aerial phenomena have been reported According to,
and reinforce the patterns that are familiar and throughout history. Some of these phenomena "To account for unsolved UFO cases, a
suitable, and arise in the daily life. At the same were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: number of explanations have been proposed by
time, this unique ability is a weakness that leads comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five both proponents and skeptics.
us to self-deception. As a result, we see what we planets which can be seen with the naked eye, Among proponents, some of the more
want to believe in and fascinate our self with planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical common explanations for UFOs are:
what we had persuaded our self. phenomena such as parhelia and lenticular - The Extraterrestrial Visitation
In the article Cosmic Loneliness, clouds.An example is the Comet Halley, which Hypothesis (ETH) (most popular)
Donald Goldsmith and Tobias Owen indicate was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in - The Interdimensional Hypothesis
another debate why do people believe 240 B.C. and possibly as early as 467 B.C. - The Paranormal/Occult Hypothesis
extraterrestrials existence. Authors provide Other historical reports seem to defy prosaic - The hypothesis that they are time
speculations between science, creationism and explanation, but assessing such accounts is machines or vehicles built in a future time.
factual analysis of reasons that trigger human difficult because the information in a historical - Similarly, skeptics usually propose one
mind to consider possibility of the UFOs, life on document may be insufficient, inaccurate, or of the following explanations:
other planets, and stellar traveling. They embellished enough to make an informed - The Psychological-Social Hypothesis
encourage human realize the capital knowledge evaluation difficult. - The man-made craft hypothesis
we already possess to relate it to the Whatever their actual cause, such
phenomenon we observe "us" and the planet we sightings were often treated as supernatural Continued on Page 24
leave on. Why don't we start searching for life in portents, angels, and other religious omens. Art
the Universe assessing evolution and progress historian Daniela Giordano cites many
on Earth? Then, Goldsmith and Owen Medieval-era paintings, frescoes, tapestries and THE ‘X’ ZONE iPOD IS FINALLY
state,humanity will be able to "join the galactic other items that depict unusual aerial objects; HERE!
network and end forever our cosmic loneliness" she acknowledges many of these paintings are
([6], Cosmic Loneliness, p.188, Insights). difficult to interpret, but cites some that depict T O ORDER YOURS T ODAY
Evaluating materials of the articles and airborne saucers and domed-saucer shapes that
lectures, I tend to think that strongest ground for are often strikingly similar to UFO reports from
18 Why Do People Believe In UFOs?
Why Do People the sky until finally they see Venus, glowing
near the horizon, migrating birds with light GET YOUR
Continue Believe in colored feathers that reflect the neon of

streetlights... If witnesses are not familiar with
the scientific aspect, the venues are being
by Ksenia Golikova
justified as UFOs.
Scientists explain attractiveness of the
UFO theory as a subconscious response to the
In such industrialized and fast paced
timeless search of the reason of unusual
happenings' occurrence. They found that human NOW!
time as XXI century humanity has variable as a curious explorer has amazing ability to find
resources, technology, and an extensive and reinforce the patterns that are familiar and
knowledge, which we apply to events and suitable, and arise in the daily life. At the same
situations in desire to explore the world we live time, this unique ability is a weakness that leads
in. As many professors mention as an example us to self-deception. As a result, we see what we
in their lectures, we explained the phenomena want to believe in and fascinate our self with
of the rainbow, we built settle lights, and took what we had persuaded our self. []
first steps on the Moon. However, the human
kind never stopped searching for more. Still, we
keep looking for mysteries beyond our
understanding. Thus, people continue to believe
in UFO. Why does this believe remain popular?
Do people feel lonely, or it's the next step in the
evolution of the human kind - to find a
civilization of higher organization?
According to scientific observation,
individuals tend to mistake the objects they
have never seen before for the UFO just because
the experience is unusual and unforeseen.
However, when scientific support for the
mystery they witnessed is given and
explanations are found (the changing colors
object we see in the night sky so often in fact are
the settle lights that reflect sun beams), the
person is slightly disappointed because the “Dar e to Believe”
unknown is solved. Strangely, it boosts the
scavenger hunt. People start patiently watching

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issues to hauntings. Not only does Richard have
extensive experience in lecturing and healing, he has
consulted clientele ranging from law officials, medical
facility boards, Vatican priests, Fortune 500 executives
to affiliates of the Smithsonian. For a span of three
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Whether the interest is guidance, clairvoyant advice and messages, dehaunting,

blessings, private workshops, or investigations, his testimonials on the website and
his public record put him in a position to serve as an "expert advisor to the experts"
as well as to researchers or folks in need of clarity or assistance. Richard has
knowledge of diverse faiths and religions and calls upon them when they may best
be employed. You will find Richard to be among the most successful, versatile, Is the True Reason for Global Warming a Polar Shift, and Will
tactful, knowledgeable, and engaging in teaching or assisting in all matters of America Become the Next Lost Continent?
spirit. Being a colleague and repeated guest of Rob McConnell's show, his great
fortune with The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show and subsequent success with these • ForeWord Magazine Clarion Review
patrons, makes this venue is a likely place to make his gifts, skills and experience "Aficionados of legends will find the blend of humor, suspense and
available. mythology to their liking. The Atlanteans's strong plot, interesting
About Services
and sympathetic characters, and a storyline rich with the arcane
" Spiritual Guidance - by telephone or in person legends of a lost civilization are guaranteed to keep the reader's
" Paranormal Expertise/Investigation - solve and change spiritual interest well afloat."
" Classes & Lectures - Our catalog or your request • “A great novel that will inspire readers to take a close look at the
" Guest Speaker/Interviews - "enthusiastic and eager" world around them.” Rob McConnell - The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
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" Customized services for individual or group needs worldwide. Hardback, 441-pages, ISBN #978 059 566 7352. To
read a Brief Synopsis of the story, a one-page Prophesy and Reviews,
To join our email list, for more information, to schedule services or other please visit:
inquiries, please visit,
Email, or Phone us at 203-387-7725
$1,000,000 For Bigfoot Photo! 21
Find Sasquatch And Matthews. "So go grab your gorilla suit and
head to the nearest woodlot. Just don't get
through Dec. 15, 2008. For complete
sweepstakes information, rules and eligibility
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slaves who think you're free and are are
doing exactly what you're covertly told to.

“The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it) is a must read for one and all. Two
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24 Chinese Skeptical About UFOs
UFOs: Do They Really Hong Kong people astronauts and 76 percent would pay $20-
million (about R130-million) to fly to the moon,
Exist? sceptical about UFOs if they had the money. - Sapa-dpa []

Continued from
from Page 17 Hong Kong - Hong Kong people believe
there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe
The unknown natural phenomena but are much more down to earth when it comes
hypothesis, e.g. ball lightning, sprites. to UFOs and little green men, according to a
Peter F Coleman advanced a survey released on Friday.
meteorological theory that many so-called Seventy per cent of people surveyed in
UFOs or unexplained lights seen now and in the the city of 6,8 million said they believed
past are actually instances of visible combustion humans are not alone in the universe, but only
of a fuel (e.g. natural gas) inside an atmospheric four percent said they had seen an unidentified
vortex. He has argued his case in his book, flying object, and one percent said they had met
Great Balls of Fire-a unified theory. This vortex an alien.
fireball theory was first published in Weather The results, published in Friday's South
and later in the Journal of Scientific Exploration China Morning Post, come from a regional
Earthquake lights/Tectonic Strain hypothesis survey by market research firm Synovate,
There are myriad explanations being put which asked people's attitudes about
forward all the time: extraterrestrial life and UFOs.
One explanation is that (some) UFOs are The survey - involving interviews with 5
misidentified "shiny-bodied insects." 500 people in Hong Kong, Indonesia, China,
Another is the Extraterrestrial energyzoa India and South Korea - found that people in
theory. That they are caused by "floaters", a China were most likely to believe in alien life
medical condition affecting the eyes, which are forms.
considered "normal". Their interest in extraterrestrials appears
Usually a combination of explanations to have been spurred by China's recent manned
is cited to explain all cases, and even proponents missions into space, which have generated
will sometimes invoke skeptical explanations, enormous interest among young people.
such as man-made military aircraft." [] Hong Kong ranked second in believing
in life on other planets, but people in the
WATCH, LISTEN & CHAT WITH THE territory were the most skeptical among those
‘X’ ZONE NATION DURING THE LIVE surveyed when it came to spotting UFOs and
BROADCAST OF THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO little green men.
SHOW AT The study also found that 61 percent of Hong Kong parents hope their children will be

This book resolves the biggest

secret and international
conspiracy of all time – the true
origins of Christianity.

The original objective was to

confirm that St Paul (Saul) was
actually Josephus Flavius.
However, this novel
identification exposed new
perspectives on the life of Jesus,
who was actually a king.

"Priests and kings were

anointed ... hence the title
'christ' or 'messiah' often signified the same as 'king'."

Commentary on the Bible, Adam Clarke 1832

Contrary to orthodox perceptions, King Jesus and Queen

Mary Magdalene were the richest couple in Syrio-Judaea.
The Romans wanted to impose taxes on Jesus and Mary, an
imposition that provoked the Jewish Rebellion. King Jesus
fought and lost that war, and so he was crucified, reprieved
and sent into exile in Roman England. In those remote
lands, King Jesus became known as Atur-tii (the Egyptian)
or 'King Arthur and the twelve disciples of the Last Supper

This identification of Jesus as a wealthy, royal, warrior-

hero of first century Judaea may sound bizarre, but that is
what the texts say. All research and quotations are from
By Ralph Ellis original sources, including the New Testament, Tanakh,
Talmud, Josephus, Origen, Eusebius, Irenaeus, Herodian,
Suetonius, Tacitus, Clement and many others besides. This
is a secret history that has been deliberately concealed from
us for two millennia – for those feet, in ancient times, did
indeed walk upon England's mountains green!
10 Reasons Not To Believe in UFOs 25
10 r easons you wouldn't be anywhere near as funny if UFOs
were real spacecraft carrying real alien visitors.
shouldn't believe in That's not supportive of my position, I'm just
UFOs Tick-tock, people: This debate has been
going on for eons and the pro-UFO crowd hasn't
by Paul McNamara been able to make a case that the anti-UFO
crowd will buy. Speaking for the latter, it's not
Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington that we don't want to believe or cannot be
and his band of others are out beating the drums persuaded, it's that the evidence - which as Carl
so loudly about UFOs that they might be heard Sagan famously said needs to be extraordinary -
on another planet. I just watched this Larry remains extraordinarily weak.
King interview ... and the stories these men tell We can't find them. Not for a lack of
are remarkable; just not remarkable enough to trying, mind you. SETI, to cite only one
convert me from a lifelong skeptic into a example, has been around since 1960 and
believer. SETI@home has been crowdsourcing this baby
Here are 10 of my reasons why, which like nobody's business since 1999. Nada. I
you should consider yourself free to adopt: understand that our means of searching are
No alien monkey wrench. This is not primitive compared to what it would take to
an original thought, but I've always found it a transport an alien being from a distant planet to
compelling one. Earthlings have littered the Earth, but we're a lot smarter than we used to be
solar system with tons of space junk and yet no and still unable to find anyone out there. By the
one has come forward with anything that we can way: Not believing that aliens have visited here
all agree had to have been left behind by one of isn't the same thing as not believing in them
these multitudes of visitors from other planets. period. I'm willing to take it on faith that there's
There are no secrets. You say the space something life-like out there somewhere.
junk exists but it's being kept hidden by It's not my job; it's not your job. We
governments including our own? Phooey. First have real lives to live, and besides, you can't
of all, our leaders would never do such a thing prove a negative. The onus here is on the true
(don't make use an emoticon). Moreover and believers. I'm not saying that every last skeptic
much more seriously, people who cling to this needs to be converted - after all, some believe
belief simply do not understand how lousy the Earth is flat and that O.J. was innocent. We'll
governments are at keeping secrets. Those who settle for the reasonable-man-or-woman
think the media is involved in the cover-up - like standard. I'm reasonable: Start with convincing
my own brother, for crying out loud - have no me.
idea how many journalists would trade one of I've never seen a Star Trek movie. GET YOUR
their own children for a scoop of this Again, I'm not saying this constitutes evidence ‘X’ ZONE iPOD
magnitude. And remember, the cover-up needs of anything, just that it might help explain why AT
to have been ongoing flawlessly for generations I don't believe. []
now to support the theory.
No indisputable visual evidence. That
kind of proof is necessary to overturn a ref's call ‘Dare To Believe’
in a football game, so it's necessary if we're
going to believe in alien visitors. Ah, but what
about all the fuzzy pictures and grainy footage, In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
you say? Well, the fact that we're going to argue
People Listen To
about whether any of it is indisputable means
those pictures and home movies do not amount The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
to what's needed here. Geraldo Rivera posing with
with a foot up on a spacecraft bumper: That I'll Rob McConnell
This is indisputable: Dreams,
hallucinations, pranksters and optical illusions AM 580 CFRA
are unquestionably real.
Alien beings are too quiet. They can
get here, but do not communicate, especially
with world leaders or journalists? I know, I
know, they're afraid of spooking us. Guess
what? We're already spooked and they should
be plenty smart enough to understand that fact.
(By the way, I'm available for an interview,
should any alien be reading this blog. I will not,
however, give up one of my children.)
My pet South Park theory: The
episode of South Park where Cartman gets -
well, I have to worry about spam filters here -

The ‘X’ Zone Websites
26 Failed Pr ophecies Thr oughout Histor y
FAILED PROPHECIES appear, the church did not return the gifts.
Serious criticism of the Church followed. The
be the Antichrist. Owen helped found New
Harmony, IN.
THROUGHOUT Church reacted by exterminating some heretics. - 1832?: Joseph Smith (1805-1844) was
Agitation settled down quickly. the founder of the Church of Christ, which
HIST ORY - 1000 - MAY: The body of became the Restorationist movement after
Charlemagne was disinterred on Pentecost. A many schisms. It now includes The Church of
- About 30 CE: The Christian legend had arisen that an emperor would rise Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- a.k.a. the
Scriptures (New Testament), when interpreted from his sleep to fight the Antichrist. Mormons, and about a hundred other
literally, appear to record many predictions by - 1005 - 1006: A terrible famine denominations and sects. He heard a voice
Jeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) that God's throughout Europe was seen as a sign of the while praying. He wrote, in Doctrines and
Kingdom would arrive within a very short nearness of the end. Covenants section 130:
period, or was actually in the process of - 1033: Some believed this to be the - 14: "I was once praying very earnestly to know
arriving. For example, Jesus is recorded as 1000th anniversary of the death and resurrection the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when
saying in Matthew 16:28: "...there shall be some of Jesus. His second coming was anticipated. I heard a voice repeat the following:"
standing here, which shall not taste of death, till Jesus' actual date of execution is unknown, but - 15: "Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou
they see the Son of Man coming in his is believed to be in the range of 27 to 33 CE. art eighty-five years old, thou shalt see the face
kingdom." In Matthew 24:34, Yeshua is - 1147: Gerard of Poehlde decided that of the Son of Man; therefore let this suffice, and
recorded as saying: "...This generation shall not the millennium had actually started in 306 CE trouble me no more on this matter."
pass, till all these things be fulfilled." Since the during Constantine's reign. Thus, the world end - 16: "I was left thus, without being able to
life expectancy in those days was little over 30 was expected in 1306 CE. decide whether this coming referred to the
years, Jesus appears to have predicted his - 1179: John of Toledo predicted the end beginning of the millennium or to some
second coming sometime during the 1st century of the world during 1186. This estimate was previous appearing, or whether I should die and
CE. It didn't happen. based on the alignment of many planets. thus see his face."
- About 60 CE: Interpreting the - 1205: Joachim of Fiore predicted in - 17: "I believe the coming of the Son of Man
Epistles of Paul of Tarsus literally, his writings 1190 that the Antichrist was already in the will not be any sooner than that time." 14
seem to imply that Jesus would return and usher world, and that King Richard of England would The year in which this event occurred is not
in a rapture during the lifetime of persons who defeat him. The Millennium would then begin, recorded. However, one commentator suggested
were living in the middle of the 1st century. sometime before 1205. 1832 or earlier. 16 Smith is later recorded as
- About 90 CE: Saint Clement 1 - 1284: Pope Innocent III computed this having said:
predicted that the world end would occur at any date by adding 666 years onto the date the Islam - "I prophesy in the name of the Lord God, and
moment. was founded. let it be written--the Son of Man will not come
- 2nd Century CE: Prophets and - 1346 and later: The black plague in the clouds of heaven till I am eighty-five
Prophetesses of the Montanist movement spread across Europe, killing one third of the years old." 17
predicted that Jesus would return sometime population. This was seen as the prelude to an - Smith would have reached the age of 85
during their lifetime and establish the New immediate end of the world. Unfortunately, the during 1890. Unfortunately, by that year, Smith
Jerusalem in the city of Pepuza in Asia Minor. Christians had previously killed a many of the had been dead for almost a half century, having
- 365 CE: A man by the name of Hilary cats, fearing that they might be familiars of been assassinated by a mob. Note that his
of Poitiers, announced that the end would Witches. The fewer the cats, the more the rats. It prophecy is ambiguous. It can be interpreted
happen that year. It didn't. was the rat fleas that spread the black plague. that:
- 375 to 400 CE: Saint Martin of Tours, - 1496: This was approximately 1500 - Jesus would return during 1890 (which did
a student of Hilary, was convinced that the end years after the birth of Jesus. Some mystics in not materialize) or that
would happen sometime before 400 CE. the 15th century predicted that the millennium 1890 would pass without Jesus' return (which
- 500 CE: This was the first year-with-a- would begin during this year. did come to pass).
nice-round-number-panic. The antipope - 1524: Many astrologers predicted the - Some anti-Mormon sources quote only verses
Hippolytus and an earlier Christian academic imminent end of the world due to a world wide 14 and 15, and draw the former conclusion --
Sextus Julius Africanus had predicted flood. They obviously had not read the Genesis that Smith's prophecy failed.
Armageddon at about this year. story of the rainbow. - 1843 - MAR - 21: William Miller,
- 968 CE: An eclipse was interpreted as - 1533: Melchior Hoffman predicted that founder of the Millerite movement, predicted
a prelude to the end of the world by the army of Jesus' return would happen a millennium and a that Jesus would come on this date. A very large
the German emperor Otto III. half after the nominal date of his execution, in - number of Christians accepted his prophecy.
- 992: Good Friday coincided with the - 1533. The New Jerusalem was - 1844 - OCT - 22: When Jesus did not
Feast of the Annunciation; this had long been expected to be established in Strasbourg, return, Miller predicted this new date. In an
believed to be the event that would bring forth Germany. He was arrested and died in a event which is now called "The Great
the Antichrist, and thus the end-times events Strasbourg jail. Disappointment," many Christians sold their
foretold in the book of Revelation. Records - 1669: The Old Believers in Russia property and possessions, quit their jobs and
from Germany report that a new sun rose in the believed that the end of the world would occur prepared themselves for the second coming.
north and that as many as 3 suns and 3 moons in this year. 20 thousand burned themselves to Nothing happened; the day came and went
were fighting. There does not appear to be death between 1669 and 1690 to protect without incident.
independent verification of this remarkable themselves from the Antichrist. - 1850: Ellen White, founder of the
event. - 1689: Benjamin Keach, a 17th century Seven Day Adventists movement, made many
- 1000 - JAN - 1: Many Christians in Baptist, predicted the end of the world for this predictions of the timing of the end of the world.
Europe had predicted the end of the world on year. All failed. On 1850-JUN-27 she prophesized
this date. As the date approached, Christian - 1736: British theologian and that only a few months remained before the end.
armies waged war against some of the Pagan mathematician William Whitson predicted a She wrote: "My accompanying angel said,
countries in Northern Europe. The motivation great flood similar to Noah's for OCT-13 of this 'Time is almost finished. Get ready, get ready,
was to convert them all to Christianity, by force year. get ready.' time is almost finished...and
if necessary, before Christ returned in the year - 1792: This was the date of the end of what we have been years learning, they will
1000. Meanwhile, some Christians had given the world calculated by some believers in the have to learn in a few months."
their possessions to the Church in anticipation Shaker movement.
of the end. Fortunately, the level of education - 1794: Charles Wesley, one of the Continued on Page 28
was so low that many citizens were unaware of founders of Methodism, thought Doomsday
the year. They did not know enough to be afraid. would be in this year.
Otherwise, the panic might have been far worse - 1830: Margaret McDonald, a Christian WATCH, LISTEN & CHAT TO THE
than it was. Unfortunately, when Jesus did not prophetess, predicted that Robert Owen would ‘X’ ZONE AT
Adver tisements 27
The World’s Greatest
‘X’ Zone Suggested
UFO/Flying Saucer
Websites DocumentAry emier
www.r oactiveandpr epar
www.kalkorf Award W inner for Best UFO Documentrar y in the World DVD Available @ or
www.americandaybr NTSC or PAL @
28 Failed Pr ophecies Thr oughout Histor y
FAILED PROPHECIES Adam's creation. Exactly 1,000 years was to
pass for each day of the creation week. This
He predicted that a comet would hit the earth,
probably in the mid 1970's and destroy all life in
THROUGHOUT prophecy also failed. the United States. One source indicated that he
- The current estimate is that the end of the believed it would happen in 1973.
HIST ORY world as we know it will happen precisely 6000 - 1972: According to an article in the
years after the creation of Eve. 9 There is no Atlantic magazine, "Herbert W. Armstrong's
Continued From
From Page 26 way of knowing when this happened. empire suffered a serious blow when the end
- 1919: Meteorologist Albert Porta failed to begin in January of 1972, as Armstrong
- 1856 or later: At Ellen White's last predicted that the conjunction of 6 planets had predicted, thus bringing hardship to many
prediction, she said that she was shown in a would generate a magnetic current that would people who had given most of their assets to the
vision the fate of believers who attended the cause the sun to explode and engulf the earth on church in the expectation of going to Petra,
1856 SDA conference. She wrote "I was shown DEC-17. where such worldly possessions would be
the company present at the Conference. Said the - 1936: Herbert W Armstrong, founder useless." 3 According to an article in Wikipedia:
angel: 'Some food for worms, some subjects of of the Worldwide Church of God, predicted that "The failure of this prophetic scenario to take
the seven last plagues, some will be alive and the Day of the Lord would happen sometime in place according to this Co-Worker letter
remain upon the earth to be translated at the 1936. Nothing much happened that year, except scenario, which was often repeated over the
coming of Jesus." 11 That is, some of the for the birth of the compiler of this list -- who years in print by Armstrong, may have been one
attendees would die of normal diseases; some has been referred to as an Anti-Christ. When the of the initial reasons why the church
would die from plagues at the last days, others prediction failed, he made a new estimate: 1975. organization began to decline as unfulfilled
would still be alive when Jesus came. "By the - 1940 or 1941: A Bible teacher from expectations led to great disappointment. As
early 1900s all those who attended the Australia, Leonard Sale-Harrison, held a series events unfolded, it became obvious 1972 did
conference had passed away, leaving the of prophesy conferences across North America not have the biblical significance that the church
Church with the dilemma of trying to figure out in the 1930's. He predicted that the end of the had anticipated for nearly two decades."
how to explain away such a prominent world would happen in 1940 or 1941. - 1974: Charles Meade, a pastor in
prophetic failure." 12 - 1948: During this year, the state of Daleville, IN, predicted that the end of the
- 1891: Mother Shipton, a 16th century Israel was founded. Some Christians believed world will happen during his lifetime. He was
mystic predicted the end of the world: "...The that this event was the final prerequisite for the born circa 1927, so the end will probably come
world to an end shall come; in eighteen hundred second coming of Jesus. Various end of the early in the 21st century.
and eighty-one." world predictions were made in the range 1888 - 1975: Many Jehovah's Witness
- 1891 or before: On 1835-FEB-14, to 2048. predicted this date. However, it was not
Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon - 1953-AUG: David Davidson wrote a officially recognized by the leadership.
church, attended a meeting of church leaders. book titled "The Great Pyramid, Its Divine 1978: Chuck Smith, Pastor of Calvary Chapel
He said that the meeting had been called Message". In it, he predicted that the world in Cost Mesa, CA, predicted the rapture in
because God had commanded it. He announced would end in 1953-AUG. 1981.
that Jesus would return within 56 years -- i.e. - 1957-APR: The Watchtower magazine - 1980: Leland Jensen leader of a Baha'i
before 1891-FEB-15. (History of the Church quoted a pastor from California, Mihran Ask, as Faith group, predicted that a nuclear disaster
2:182) saying in 1957-JAN that "Sometime between would happen in 1980. This would be followed
- 1914 was one of the more important April 16 and 23, 1957, Armageddon will sweep by two decades of conflict, ending in the
estimates of the start of the war of Armageddon the world! Millions of persons will perish in its establishment of God's Kingdom on earth.
by the Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible flames and the land will be scorched.' - 1981: Arnold Murray of the
and Tract Society). They based their prophecy - 1959: Florence Houteff's, who was the Shepherd's Chapel taught an anti-Trinitarian
of 1914 from prophecy in the book of Daniel, leader of the Branch Davidians faith group, belief about God, and Christian Identity. Back
Chapter 4. The writings referred to "seven prophesied that the 1260 days mentioned in in the 1970's, he predicted that the Antichrist
times". The WTS interpreted each "time" as Revelation 11:3 would end and the Kingdom of would appear before 1981. Rev. Sun Myung
equal to 360 days, giving a total of 2520 days. David would be established on 1959-APR-22. Moon, founder of the Unification Church
This was further interpreted as representing Followers expected to die, be resurrected, and predicted that the Kingdom of Heaven would be
2520 years, measured from the starting date of transferred to Heaven. Many sold their established this year.
607 BCE. This gave 1914 as the target date. possessions and moved to Mt. Carmel in - 1982: Pat Robertson predicted a few
When 1914 passed, they changed their anticipation of the "end time". It didn't happen. years in advance that the world would end in the
prediction; 1914 became the year that Jesus The group almost did not survive; only a few fall of 1982. The failure of this prophecy did not
invisibly began his rule. dozen members remained. Most Branch seem to adversely affect his reputation.
- 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, Davidians did die on 1993-APR-29 as a result - 1982: Astronomers John Gribben &
1975 and 1994, etc. were other dates that the of arson apparently ordered by their leader, Setphen Plagemann predicted the "Jupiter
Watchtower Society (WTS) or its members David Koresh. They were not bodily resurrected Effect" in 1974. They wrote that when various
predicted. Since late in the 19th century, they -- on earth at least. planets were aligned on the same side of the
had taught that the "battle of the Great Day of - 1960: Piazzi Smyth, a past astronomer sun, tidal forces would create solar flares, radio
God Almighty" (Armageddon) would happen in royal of Scotland, wrote a book circa 1860 titled interruptions, rainfall and temperature
1914 CE. It didn't. "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid." It was disturbances and massive earthquakes. The
- The next major estimate was 1925. responsible for spreading the belief in planets did align as seen from earth, as they do
Watchtower magazine predicted: "The year pyramidology throughout the world. This is the regularly. Nothing unusual happened.
1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in belief that secrets are hidden in the dimensions
the Scriptures, even more clearly than that of of the great pyramids. He concluded from his Continued on Page30
1914; but it would be presumptuous on the part research that the millennium would start before
of any faithful follower of the Lord to assume the end of 1960 CE.
just what the Lord is going to do during that - 1967: During the six day war, the
year." Israeli army captured all of Jerusalem. Many ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV
- The Watchtower Society selected 1975 as its
next main prediction. This was based on the
conservative Christians believed that the rapture
would occur quickly. However, the final
Show Mer chandise Is
estimate "according to reliable Bible
chronology Adam was created in the year 4026
Biblical prerequisite for the second coming is
that the Jews resume ritual animal sacrifices in
No Available At:
BCE, likely in the autumn of the year, at the end the temple at Jerusalem. That never happened.
of the sixth day of creation." They believed that -1970's: The late Moses David
the year 1975 a promising date for the end of the (formerly David Berg) was the founder of the www.xzonestor
world, as it was the 6,000th anniversary of Christian religious group, The Children of God.
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30 Got Ghosts Convention
HIST ORY HERE'S HOW IT'S DONE A Thanks to Bob Catlin for sending them to us!
convention for people with supernatural
Continued From
From Page 28 interests and ghost hunters. AND THE HEADLINES ARE:

- 1984 to 1999: In 1983, Bhagwan Shree Hosted by the Nevada Spirit Seekers, Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash,
Rajneesh, later called Osho, teacher of what has this Got Ghosts Convention will be held at the
been called the Rajneesh movement, is said to Expert Says
Empress Hotel, on July 6-9th, 2008. Here,
have predicted massive destruction on earth, people interested in spirits will learn how to
including natural disasters and man-made investigate and deal with the paranormal. At
Police Begin Campaign to Run Down
catastrophes. Floods larger than any since Noah, night attendees will tackle mankind's oldest and Jaywalkers
extreme earthquakes, very destructive volcano strongest emotion of fear since the days of the
eruptions, nuclear wars etc. were to happen. caveman -- the fear of the unknown -- by Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes
Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, exploring some of downtown Victoria's well-
Bombay will all disappear. Actually, the Over
known haunts.
predictions were read out by his secretary; their Lisa Reyna of Nevada Spirit Seekers
legitimacy is doubtful. explains, "We have hosted ghost conferences in
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
- 1985: Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's the States for years and know how popular they
Chapel predicted that the war of Armageddon are. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting
will start on 1985-JUN 8-9 in "a valley of the This event is our first venture into Defendant
Alaskan peninsula." Canada. We have heard so many reports about
- 1986: Moses David of The Children of the paranormal activity in Victoria we thought
God faith group predicted that the Battle of War Dims Hope for Peace
it would be a logical place to hold our next
Armageddon would take place in 1986. Russia conference."
would defeat Israel and the United States. A Deep into the night, ghostly activity If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May
worldwide Communist dictatorship would be happens in the heart of old Victoria. From Last Awhile
established. In 1993, Christ would return to Chinatown, through Bastion Square, to the
earth. Inner Harbour lies a hidden veil where ghosts
- 1987 to 2000: Lester Sumrall, in his Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
quietly lurk. Recent trends on specialty
1987 book "I Predict 2000 AD" predicted that television networks, like YTV's Ghost Trackers
Jerusalem would be the richest city on Earth, and Mystery Hunters to Sci Fi Channel's Ghost
Enfield ( London ) Couple Slain; Police
that the Common Market would rule Europe, Hunters, show that hunting for ghosts is Suspect Homicide
and that there would be a nuclear war involving popular. If OLN's Creepy Canada isn't enough
Russia and perhaps the U.S. Also, he to tell a spooky tale, viewers will get a chance Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
prophesized that the greatest Christian revival in to hear more and investigate Haunted Victoria
the history of the church would happen: all for themselves in this one time only conference.
during the last 13 years of the 20th century. All Man Struck By Lightning: Faces Battery
John Adams, a local historian and ghost
of the predictions failed. storyteller, agrees that Victoria is one of the
- 1988: Hal Lindsey had predicted in most haunted cities on the West Coast. "We are
his book "The Late, Great Planet Earth" that the very excited to have such a well-known group New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger
Rapture was coming in 1988 - one generation or of speakers about ghosts and spirits coming to Test Group
40 years after the creation of the state of Israel. Victoria. This is a perfect opportunity for
This failed prophecy did not appear to damage anyone interested in the paranormal to find out
his reputation. He continues to write books of Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in
about the subject from the experts and to
prophecy which sell very well indeed. experience the thrill of actually taking part in
- Alfred Schmielewsky, a psychic whose nighttime investigations."
stage name was "super-psychic A.S. Narayana," Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
predicted in 1986 that the world's greatest
About Nevada Spirit Seekers
natural disaster would hit Montreal in 1988.
Sadly, his psychic abilities failed him on 1999- Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
They are a nonprofit organization, a group of
APR-11 when he answered the door of his home
paranormal researchers located in Northern Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
only to be shot dead by a gunman.
Nevada, serious in doing more than just
- 1988-MAY: A 1981 movie titled "The
investigating. They do extensive research.
man who saw tomorrow" described some of Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery;
Their goal is to prove once and for all that there
Nostradamus predictions. Massive earthquakes
is existence after corporal death, and through Hundreds Dead
were predicted for San Francisco and Los
scientific method, the acknowledgment of life
after death. Our mission is to educate the public
- 1988-OCT-11: Edgar Whisenaut, a
and validate the existence of paranormal
NASA scientist, had published the book "88
phenomena through a logical and scientific
Reasons why the Rapture will Occur in 1988."
It sold over 4 million copies.
- About 1990: Peter Ruckman
concluded from his analysis of the Bible that the GOT GHOSTS CONVENTION
rapture would come within a few years of 1990.
- 2000 - Y2K, the largest of reccent JULY 6 - 9, 2008
hoaxes that was fueled by a late night talk show
host who pushed doom and gloom. Needless to THE EMPRESS HOTEL
say that nothing happened.
Stay tuned to The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
for more prophecy updates! [] CANADA
Psychic Attack 31
32 Florida Pr ofessor ’s Plasma UFO
Florida Pr ofessor ’s expressed interest in the aircraft, and the
university is seeking to license the design, he
hoping to fly within Earth’s atmosphere will
need at least an order of magnitude more thrust,
Plasma-pr opelled said. Roy said.
“This is a very novel concept, and if it’s Also, the power source needs to be
Flying Saucer Stirs successful, it will be revolutionary,” Roy said. extremely lightweight yet still produce enough
Inter est The vehicle will be powered by a
phenomenon called magnetohydrodynamics, or
power to generate the necessary plasma. Not to
mention the fact that the very same plasma that
the force created when a current or a magnetic will allow the aircraft to fly also will interfere
Jay Goodwin - University of Florida field is passed through a conducting fluid. In the with electromagnetic waves necessary for
case of Roy’s aircraft, the conducting fluid will communication with the vehicle.
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — University of be created by electrodes that cover each of the But Roy is confident that the unique
Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering vehicle’s surfaces and ionize the surrounding air nature of his design will allow it to clear the
associate professor Subrata Roy has submitted a into plasma. technological hurdles and take to the skies, and
patent application for a circular, spinning The force created by passing an he’s not deterred by the risk of failure.
aircraft design reminiscent of the spaceships electrical current through this plasma pushes “Of course the risk is huge, but so is the
seen in countless Hollywood films. Roy, around the surrounding air, and that swirling air payoff,” he said. “If successful, we will have an
however, calls his design a “wingless creates lift and momentum and provides aircraft, a saucer and a helicopter all in one
electromagnetic air vehicle,” or WEAV. stability against wind gusts. In order to embodiment.”
The proposed prototype is small – the maximize the area of contact between air and The propulsion system for Roy’s saucer
aircraft will measure less than six inches across vehicle, Roy’s design is partially hollow and sprouts from his extensive U.S. Air Force-
– and will be efficient enough to be powered by continuously curved, like an electromagnetic funded plasma actuator research, the results of
on-board batteries. flying bundt pan. which have appeared in more than 15 scholarly
Roy said the design can be scaled up and One of the most revolutionary aspects of journals.
theoretically should work in a much larger form. Roy’s use of magnetohydrodynamics is that the The production of the aircraft will be a
Even in miniature, though, the design has many vehicle will have no moving parts. The lack of joint project of UF’s mechanical and aerospace
uses. traditional mechanical aircraft parts, such as engineering department and its electrical and
The most obvious functions would be propellers or jet engines, should provide computer engineering department. []
surveillance and navigation. The aircraft could tremendous reliability, Roy said. Such a design
be designed to carry a camera and light and be
controlled remotely at great distances, he said.
also will allow the WEAV to hover and take off
‘X’ Zone Radio &
Fittingly, Roy said his flying saucer one
day could soar through atmospheres other than
Though the design is promising on
paper, towering obstacles stand between the
TV Show
Earth’s own. For example, the aircraft would be
an ideal vehicle for the exploration of Titan,
blueprint and liftoff. Mer chandise Is No
No plasma-propelled aircraft has
Saturn’s sixth moon, which has high air density
and low gravity, Roy said.
successfully taken flight on Earth. Such designs Available At:
have found some success in space, where
The U.S. Air Force and NASA have gravity and drag are minimal, but a vehicle www.xzonestor

as a Healer is to help you find your Inner Spirit.

as a Healer is to help you find your Inner Spirit.

For Lifetimes, Amirah has served as a "Soul Mystic" -- Master Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual
Teacher. Amirah's profound work creates life changing results that clients value.

AMIRAH is a SoulMystic - a * Spiritual Life Coach

masterful quantum energy
healer and spiritual teacher. Her
* Quantum Energy Healer
reputation is far reaching on an * Psychic Medium Consultant
international scale working on * Clairvoyant Training and Healing
exorcisms, missing persons, * Author of "Love Up Your Life!"
personal counseling and
education. She has spent almost * Sacred Journeys
3 decades immersed in healing
and intuitive arts and has been a
guest on numerous radio shows.
Nostradamus 33
Real Dreams Predicting Your Tomorrow? NOSTRADAMUS ABOUT THE AUTHOR
He walked the DITA
OF THE STARS: earth 500 years ago WEGMAN
How they move and is still known in
every corner of the From her
us humans!Dita
globe. His fame has earliest youth,
Wegman, a long-
only increased, then still living in
time searcher of
since his accuracy Europe, Dita
the Truth who has
in predicting future Wegman was
diligently studied
events continues to drawn to the name
and experienced
fascinate us today, " Nostradamus "
as it has for like a magnet. His
centuries. name resonate
concerning the
with a kind of
power of the stars, came into the possession of
Should we not ask ourselves from where mysteriousness, especially when she gazed in
the prophet’s only dream book in a mysterious
he drew such knowledge - a knowledge of awe at the Universe with those millions of
events hundreds of years before they took, are sparkling lights, searching at the night sky for
This edition of Nostradamus’ DREAM
taking, and will take place? Is it possible that he star-images, find them and proudly could call
BOOK (1928) was the last one in existence.
was privileged and perhaps chosen to provide them by name, she felt even more drawn to the
Dita spent many decades, not only studying
mankind with the insight of this knowledge - of great Astronomer, not knowing 'why'?
the tools Nostradamus revealed to predict
what to expect in the future? One day , as it so happen, a Lady friend of hers
individual’s futures, but consistently,
introduced her to her "German Edition of
throughout her lifetime, has experienced their
Could it be, that the pattern of events is Nostradamus' Dream-Book " Dita was
predetermined by ‘Divine Power’ - according to fascinated with the book then as she is today,
According to Nostradamus (and
the constant activity of the Universal Laws, also and was saddened to learn that it was no longer
modern Science), radiation holds the Universe
known as "Natures Law" in action, recognizable available in print.
together and causes every object to radiate in
as a "a consequence" of our own volition About 20 years later, already residing
its own characteristic way. Our established
(according to one of a fundemental law, known in Canada, and while on a trip to Germany, Dita
Zodiac is proof, confirming that each
as 'cause and effect'.) Therefore, through our had not forgotten her desire to posses this book.
individual born under one of the 12
own actions taken, we are not only shaping our After Dita tracked down her friends family and
astrological signs reflects certain
individual destiny, but also the destiny of our got the news by her son, of her passing, sadness
characteristics radiating from the planets that
Nation and The World! set in and her chance to see this book again,
conform to each sign of the zodiac.
slipped away. But Dita had to ask, if he would
Four hundred fifty years ago,
Nostradamus, the great astronomer and know about the existence of the Nostradamus
Nostradamus, who was a medical doctor and
astrologer, medical doctor and greatest seer, book ? Spontaneously he answered, "Wait
master in astronomy/astrology (called 'divine'
found and recognized the interconnectedness of here" while he retrieved it from the attic. In
by contemporary scholars), understood the
the meaningful light- radiation through the disbelieve and almost numb Dita heard him say
truth behind the meaningful power radiation of
celestial bodies, which influences, shapes and :"Here it is - take it... I know mother would
the stars. He saw the interconnectedness, how
guides life on earth. - have given this to you because she liked you
the stars influence human organisms, and how [] very much and knew how desperately you
it affects our sleep and dreams. []
wanted it for yourself."The rest is history. []
34 Learn To Your Own Intuition
Learn to Listen toYour times. She felt immense love from his spirit and
knew that he simply wanted to say “hello from
Own Intuition the spirit world” and “good-bye for awhile”.
People can certainly guide us, we are all
connected to each other and The Source of All. THURSDAY NIGHT’S
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her twenty-eight year old had been in a car - Are You Ready For LOVE?
accident and died of massive internal injuries. - Activate Your Love and Sex Magnetism
She was still in a lot of pain and was - Send an Energetic Love Letter
filled with fear. My sense however, was that her - Healing Relationship Karma Spaceship...Aliens...Cover-up or
dread had something to do with someone else
Hoax? What Really Happened at
who had influenced her and not her son’s death. HEALING:
She admitted that a so-called "psychic" she Roswell?
- Unlock Secret Healing Codes
recently consulted told her that she was the only - Thoughts Are Living Beings
one who could help her get through this - Heal Grief - Connect With Spirit
New witnesses! New evidence! A
grieving period. After instilling her with lots of - Healing Journey to Ireland shocking conclusion!
fear and taking lots of her money, the gypsy
psychic disappeared. SUCCESS: Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft really
The truth is that the only teacher she - Key to the Secret crash in the New Mexico desert in 1947?
needed was herself. The fact alone that she Were alien bodies found...and, if so, was
- Turn Knowledge Into Power
decided to reach out and seek help or guidance there a secret autopsy? Are the recent Art
- What Does My Future Hold?
is proof that she can make decisions on her own. Bell revelations true?
- Realize Your Potential
Marilyn felt like she was losing her - Are Hidden Beliefs Creating a Lackluster For fifty years the mysteries of Roswell
mind because she could sense things. She Career? have tantalized the public. Now UFO and
doesn’t have anyone she can talk to anyone - Creating VS Reacting -- Consciously Create paranormal researcher Kal K. Korff reveals
about it. She could sometimes feel her son's Goal the real story. Through his exclusive access
presence. Often she would even see a purple - What is Your Life Purpose? to military records, previously classified
apparition. Marilyn also explained that she now - The Essence of Creating Miracles material, and real eyewitnesses, he
felt another energy other than her son when - 3 Biggest Manifesting Mistakes explodes the lies and lays bare the truth.
visiting her daughter-in-law. - Future Isn't in a Cookie The result is a revelation powerful enough
As it appeared, Marilyn’s own to change public opinion forever!
spirituality and abilities were activated through PROSPERITY
her son’s death. When guided Marilyn tapped - Are You Limiting Beliefs Hindering Your Find out about:
into herself and realized that things were going Success? - The actual objects found at the
to be alright. She didn't need a dishonest woman - Gnome Magick Story crash site--including real-life photos;
to cure her. - Create MONEY Magic - New, disturbing information about
Marilyn needed help to learn about - It Pays to Work Less Roswell eyewitness Maj. Jesse Marcel;
spiritual boundaries. It appeared that other - The original "flying disc"
energies were trying to invade her space. As she UNIVERSAL LAWS newspaper story, reprinted in its
psychic abilities were opening at an accelerated - The Law of Reciprocity entirety...and who "killed" it;
speed, she needed to ground herself and gain - The Law of Attraction - The startling analysis of
confidence. She learned she could communicate - Law of Gratitude "spacecraft" fragments sent anonymously
with the entity the next time it appeared. to Art Bell;
Marilyn immediately felt much stronger and - Aliens at Roswell: Were bodies
more confident as she practiced using a found? Did any survive? What experts now
- Getting Ready for the New Year
grounding cord and infusing herself in golden say about the autopsy film;
- The En-light-ened Diet - The real Air Force cover-up...the
light. She learned how to protect herself -- there - Start the New Year by Clearing Clutter whole truth for the first time!
is nothing to fear. As time passed, and she
continued to learn and practice meditation and
psychic tools; she realized she was clairvoyant, www.kalkorf
clairsentient and clairaudient.
In time, her son visited a few more 1-800-659-6796
Fr om The ‘X’ Zone Newsr oom 35
He calls his design a ’wingless electromagnetic
British hacker should Ar e alien invasions on air vehicle’, or WEAV. In other words, he is
not be extradited to US, the cards? developing a ‘flying saucer’. If he succeeds, we
might see flying saucers in the air chasing alien
Lords told Merinews ones – it will bring back to memory the aerial
by Peter Walker dog fights of the World Wars.
The search for living beings in far-off George Stevenson gave us the steam
JUNE 15 2008: A British man who galaxies has kept mankind occupied for engine in 1814; the Wright brothers are credited
allegedly hacked into the Pentagon's computer centuries. There have been sightings of with giving us the option to get airborne by
network should not be extradited to America UFOs in the past and similar incidents inventing the airplane in 1903, and with the
because US prosecutors tried to intimidate him are reported from time to time. The passage of one more century we have certainly
into cooperating with them, the House of Lords entered the age of flying saucers. We have come
question is - are alien invasions really on a long way from the Stone Age and animal
was told today.
the cards? drawn carriages like the chariots of the Greeks.
Gary McKinnon, a systems analyst who
faces up to 60 years in jail if his extradition goes Let us hope that our dreams to conquer the
JUNE 15 2008: THE GOVERNMENT galaxies materialise soon. []
ahead, was the victim of an abuse of process,
of Romania has released video recordings of the
the panel of five law lords was told.
sightings of unidentified flying object (UFOs)
The 44-year-old is accused of causing
by pilots of a MiG-21 Lancer aircraft on
Romanian airplane hit
£475,000 in damage by hacking into 97
computer systems operated by the Pentagon,
October 30, 2007. This was shown on a TV by an UFO
channel and a search of the Internet revealed
Nasa and elsewhere in the US military.
news items that lend credence to the
McKinnon, a self-taught hacker who JUNE 15 2008: The Romanian military
information. There have been sightings of
operated under the name Solo, admits accessing has announced that their airplane was hit by an
UFOs in the past in the deserts of Mexico. The
the computers but insists he only did so to try to Unidentified Flying Object on October 30th last
popular TV serial on the X-files takes us into the
find evidence for UFO landings, and that he was year. The aircraft camera captured 4
mysterious settings and we meet people who
only able to gain access because of lax security. Unidentified Flying Objects which could not be
appear unreal. Other similar incidents are
His activities, described by British made out on video due to the speed and due to
reported from time to time. The question is – are
prosecutors in 2005 as the "biggest ever military the impact. The MIG 21 Pilot announced that he
alien invasions really on the cards?
computer hack", were carried out using a low- and another airplane was doing a routine
Volumes have been written on the
speed dialup connection from a room in his exercise 6km away from Gherla, Romania when
subject and secret research is carried on by
girlfriend's aunt's house in Crouch End, north this object came from under the clouds and hit
scientists to establish the truth or otherwise of
London. his airplane. The object which hit the plane at an
sightings that keep getting reported from remote
McKinnon was first arrested in 2002 but altitude of 6300 metres was inititally thought to
corners of the globe. Enormous monies are
has never been charged in the UK. Last year, he be a bird. The idea that was later ruled out as it
spent to send out probes into outer space to
lost a high court appeal against a government was thought to be highly unlikely that a bird
collect evidence of life forms elsewhere in the
decision to grant his extradition to the US. would cause such damage to the military plane.
universe. Movies based on fictional characters
Addressing the Lords today, his lawyer, Mystery was to increase along with
run to packed houses and the ideas bring forth
David Pannick QC, said McKinnon was told by investigating the case, led by Lt. Nicholas
the best in humans to exploit the sentiments of
US authorities that unless he agreed to plead Comandorul Grigorie, himself MIG pilot and
the general public. Indian mythological
guilty and to extradition he faced a much graduate of the French Institute for Security
characters could have joined the bandwagon if
heavier jail sentence. Aeronavelor therefore one of the Air Force
they had been properly marketed. We have our
A US embassy legal official involved in specialists to investigate such incidents. The
own near-alien characters in the Ramayana and
the case had also quoted New Jersey authorities Officer reported that all assumptions that could
the Mahabharata, the Greeks had theirs in the
as saying they wanted to see McKinnon "fry", provide a scientific explanation of chance were
form of the one eyed monster Cyclops, and the
said Pannick, an apparent reference to the cancelled.
Arabian Nights had Sinbad who was carried off
electric chair. First, have been excluded natural
to the nest of a huge bird called ‘the roc’ , while
It was "not in dispute" that a UK court causes: the device has not been hit by a bird (in
the old man of the sea clung to his shoulders.
had the power to turn down an extradition if it Romania because the birds not to fly at the
These are written off as figments of the
was thought there had been abuse of process, height of 6,500 meters, and the body of the
imagination but who knows, they could very
Pannick told the law lords. plane was not found any trace of organic
well have been present in times of yore.
"The US prosecutors sought to impose matter), nor a piece of ice (because the sky was
The search for living beings on other
pressure on the appellant through his legal clear and did not contain any conditions that
planets or in far-off galaxies has kept mankind
advisers to consent to extradition and plead would cause water to freeze) or by a meteorite,
occupied for centuries. Imagination runs wild
guilty," he said. because no astronomical data confirms entry of
whenever we close our eyes and try to visualise
McKinnon was told that if he cooperated such bodies in the air that day. Then, have been
scenes where we come face to face with
he would receive a jail sentence of between 37 excluded the chance of the body being a result
inhabitants of other planets. We presume them
and 46 months and would be repatriated to the of human activities. There were no civilian
to be more intelligent than us – we are told that
UK for possible parole after half this time, the flights at that hour at about 30 km from Gherla.
there are experts who keep round-the-clock
lawyer said. It cannot be fallout of exercises with artillery
vigil from strategically located places to latch
"By contrast, the appellant's cannons or missiles.
on to the slightest clue that might provide proof
representatives were told that if the appellant The object that struck the device was a
of the theories. Recently, there were rumours
declined to cooperate, this sentence would be in motion of rotating around its own axis. "We can
that specialised e-mails are continuously being
the region of eight to 10 years, possibly longer," say with certainty what was not, but not what it
transmitted into outer space in the hope that
Pannick said, adding that one threat was to treat was - an object that struck the MIG - but we do
these might reach someone’s mailbox and set
the matter as a terrorism case, resulting in a not know what material was or origin", Grigorie
the ball of friendship rolling.
possible 60-year term. said, refusing to make any speculation about a
A scientist of Indian origin from the
US officials additionally said any possible "Extraterrestrial origins."
University of Florida in America has
transfer to the UK would also be ruled out if
conceptualised the design for a plasma-
McKinnon fought extradition, Pannick told the Continued on Page 36
propelled flying saucer. He is a mechanical and
law lords.
aerospace engineering associate professor and
"This was pressure of an unacceptable
has submitted a patent application for a circular, WATCH & LISTEN TO ROB McCONNELL
degree," he said.
spinning aircraft design, reminiscent of the ON THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO & TV SHOW AT
A judgment is expected within three
weeks. []
spaceships seen in countless Hollywood films.
36 Fr om The ‘X’ Zone Newsr oom
Stephenville UFO "military sleeve." Where's the data? Meanwhile,
it's mostly recognized that UFO sightings are
War waged on conmen
r epor t out eventually identified. James Fox, UFO who target the elderly
filmmaker, believes as many as 95 percent are
r by Neil Atkinson
identified and he has been known to say it's the
other 5 percent we should be worried about.
IT’S war on the conman!
The world waited for Mutual UFO What the report does not say is which
A new Kirklees Council campaign is
Network's (MUFON) official report on the cases were not identified or give any exact
aimed at families, carers and friends of older
Stephenville unidentified flying objects. numbers.
people to advise them on how to stop them
And waited. And waited. Cherry has been quoted as saying most
falling prey to cash scams.
That was cool. That meant a lot of work of the people in Erath County saw planets, stars
A scam is a scheme to con someone out
was going on and State Director Ken Cherry or clouds. Maybe, but where's the data? What
of their cash. They often take the form of bogus
and Chief Investigator Steve Hudgeons were planets and stars did they see? It would seem
and fraudulent offers sent by post, phone or
pouring through hundreds of eyewitness easy for an untrained observer to make that
accounts, plotting on maps, coordinating radar mistake.
Fake lottery and prize draw wins,
data, and organizing field investigators. The Doppler radar information provided
foreign money offers, bogus psychic
Finally, the report was forthcoming in by William Puckett for the official report was
predictions, ‘get rich quick’ investments and
the May edition of the MUFON Journal. interesting. Puckett apparently found an object
miracle health cures are some of the tricks that
Eagerly, those of the UFO community as well as that piqued his interest at 6:34 p.m. Jan. 8. It
fraudsters use to con victims out of money.
those not so familiar began scouring the was something that was not using a transponder
Clr Khizar Iqbal, who chairs the
document. and something that did not show 10 minutes
Kirklees Safer Stronger Communities
For what? before or 10 minutes after this time period.
Partnership, said: “We would urge anyone who
To find out, the Stephenville Puckett is quoted as saying, "I found a
cares for older people to look out for their
investigation was the largest sighting the Texas fast moving target moving on an eastward
welfare and safety by raising their awareness of
group had ever handled. And it showed. Crowds vector of about 700 mph. This was clearly not a
scams and giving them the confidence to spot
flooded the January Dublin meeting, more than passenger jet. It could have been a military jet or
and say ‘no’ to them.”
willing to share their experiences of the unusual an unknown object. The object was not
The warning coincides with World Elder
event. transponding."
Abuse Awareness Day on Sunday, which is
Eight MUFON investigators answered Puckett goes on to state weather
being supported by Kirklees Council and other
the call for volunteers to interview witnesses. conditions for the area Jan. 8.
agencies. The day aims to raise awareness of
With all of the media attention, the job must Well, we all knew there were jets in the
different forms of elder abuse and highlight
have seemed overwhelming. area. Even Maj. Karl Lewis with the Naval Air
appropriate action.
We find out Texas has had more than Base finally admitted there were 10 from his
Clr Margaret Bates, Kirklees Cabinet’s
550 sightings from 1947 to Nov. 1, 2007. The base alone on the evening in question after first
member for adult services, said: “Abuse of
author of the article said that information was denying there were any.
older people takes many forms, such as
for perspective, but it seemed more like filler. The report also mentions three area law
financial exploitation, physical cruelty,
Especially because the title of the article leads enforcement officers and their accounts on Jan.
emotional neglect and even sexual abuse.
the reader to believe he or she will find out more 8, but mistakenly calls them "constables." A
“The abuser can be a stranger, a carer, a family
about Erath County sightings. The title is recent phone call to one of the officers
member or someone else in a position of trust.
"Stephenville: Report of Cluster of UFO confirmed that none of the three ever made an
“It is important that people are aware of
Sightings in Erath County, Texas, Nov. 2007 to official report to MUFON investigators. Nor
abuse of older people and take action to prevent
Feb. 2008." does the report state how the information or the
and report it.
Steve Allen is the pilot who first brought computer drawings was obtained.
“We can all do our bit by checking on
the sightings to the attention of the world. He Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., a ufologist
our elderly neighbours, staying in contact with
and three friends saw something so studying the field for years was provided with a
older relatives or reporting abuse to the police,
unbelievably large and absolutely silent Jan. 8 copy of David Coran's video. Coran is a
Kirklees Adult Services or another relevant
they didn't feel it should remain between Stephenville resident and first showed his film
friends. And, when a few minutes later the to Steve Allen. Allen gave Coran some money
“If you have any concerns get in touch
object appeared for the second time, apparently and Coran told him to use the film as he pleased,
and put a stop to elder abuse.
being chased by F-16 jets, it made the sighting according to Allen.
“Together, we can make a difference.”
all the more interesting. Allen is mentioned, but Then Ken Cherry arranged a meeting
A chronic scam victim is someone who
the report does not recognize if his sighting was between Coran and UFO Hunters of the History
is taken in repeatedly because they are over-
identified or is to remain unidentified. And, Channel to purchase the video. Maccabee is the
trusting, socially isolated or suffer from a
what about those jets? Did they show up on organization's state director for Maryland.
mental health problem such as dementia.
radar? Is there anything new in this report Without the original film or camera or being
People who have been duped may feel
regarding Allen's sighting that wasn't already able to look through that camera at the precise
embarrassed and ashamed, making them less
known? time and place the film was taken, Maccabee
likely to admit the problem to family and
A map is included with Allen's location determined that Coran was viewing an out-of-
in Selden along with the time (6:15 p.m.) Allen focus star. It's an analysis that many in the UFO
Graham Hebblethwaite, chief officer of
claimed he saw something a mile long and a community agree with.
West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, said:
half-mile wide. There are other anonymous A conclusion, Allen says, he will never
“If you are one of the few people in regular
witnesses plotted on the map at other locations believe. Allen said the tape he has shows trees
contact with an older person be alert for scams,
from Stephenville to Dublin but no mention of and rooftops clearly in focus while the "star" is
offer advice and get help.
sighting times. There are arrows, which show putting on a light show.
“Anyone can fall for a scam, but the
directions of something traveling along the path Thanks, Steve Allen, for giving us all
elderly are more vulnerable and more likely to
of the witnesses. But, where are numbers like courage; courage to report, courage to write,
be targeted.”
altitude and speed? Why isn't there any and courage to look deeply into the unknown.
He added: “There have been cases
information in the report to explain how the In Ken Cherry's short article for the
where some victims receive as many as 100
researchers knew the path this object took? Journal, he says, "No doubt, this report will not
mailings and phone calls a week and lose
The report says many of the sightings satisfy the skeptics or true believers."
thousands of pounds.
have been identified, including one video No doubt, he's right.
If you are worried about the emotional
presented by an unknown witness that
and physical welfare of an older person contact
resembled a black snake "being blown across Angelia Joiner is a former Stephenville
Kirklees Council Adult Services. []
the sky." MUFON identified this object as a Empire-Tribune. []
Fr om The ‘X’ Zone Newsr oom 37
Hoax or not? UFO The Exeter incident was one of the best
documented in the folklore of UFO sightings. It
villagers saw the two big footprints outside the
fenced up area,” he said.
sighting alleged in happened on Sept. 3, 1965, when several New According to Tan, “When I asked the
Hampshire residents believed they saw a UFO villagers if they were afraid or not they told me
Newbur y traveling overhead. some were afraid; other just curious. But all of
The first to report it was Norman them apparently believe that the place was
By Katie Curley Muscarello, 18, who was walking along Route ‘unclean’.”
150 in Kensington, N.H., at 2 a.m. after visiting The villagers are now clearing up the
his girlfriend in Amesbury, when he saw a footpath leading to the large footprints in
NEWBURY: JUNE 15 2008 — Greater strange glow in the sky. anticipation of more people coming to have a
Newburyport is no stranger to UFO sightings, Moments later, Muscarello said he saw look at the footprints. (ANI) []
but would the little green men actually pick an orb of red and blue lights.
Friday the 13th as a landing date? "I didn't know what it was, but it was as
big as a house," Muscarello recounted in the
Psychic message helps
Two local men swear that something
appeared over Interstate 95 about 10 a.m. book, "Sightings: UFO" written by Susan nab pedophile
yesterday, and they say it was unlike anything Michaels and published in 1997. "It had a red
they've ever seen. hue and flashing lights, sometimes in sequence, By ninemsn staf f
"I was driving my nephew James to sometimes erratic."
school at Triton to pick up some paperwork," Muscarello dived into a ditch full of A pedophile who was nabbed after a
Robert Mace, 36, of Congress Street in leaves to hide from the extraterrestrial activity. popular British psychic received a message
Amesbury, said. "Then we both looked up and Exeter police witnessed the orb, as did during a live seance has been jailed for five
saw this silver, illuminated saucer flying other residents. The Air Force dispatched years.
through the air, it changed shape into a cylinder officers to investigate. The case was a featured Terrance Dunstan, 61, eluded authorities
and left a trail of smoke, and then it snuffed out topic in a congressional hearing into UFOs. for 11 years after he abused three girls at his
like a candle." While there is little evidence to back up home, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports.
Mace is no science fiction enthusiast, the claims of Robert and James Mace, Robert But his undoing began when psychic
but his voice shook as he recounted his Mace said he is still telling everyone what he Patrick Hutchinson, performing a show in a
experience. Hours after the incident, which he saw, an image he will take to his grave. pub, said he had a message from the
said occurred near Exit 55 in Byfield, Mace said "I can't contain myself," Mace said. "I'm grandmother of a girl in the audience.
he still had goose bumps. telling everyone who will listen." [] The grandmother urged the girl, now
"I never saw anything like this in my aged 20, to report her attacker because he was
life, and I probably never will again," Mace Large footprints still at large.
said. "It was so brightly illuminated in the clear The girl, who had never told anyone
blue sky ... It was a big, shiny platter and then discover ed on Borneo about the crime, confided in a 19-year-old
changed shape and only lasted about 30
may belong to Bigfoot friend who revealed she too had been abused by
"We kept driving down the highway The pair agreed to report his crimes to
looking up at it shift shape," Mace said. Two extra large footprints discovered in the police and alerted them in October last year.
His nephew James Mace, 19, of Lena a village on the Borneo island may belong to the A third victim, now aged 17, also came
Mae Way in Salisbury, said at first he thought mythical ‘Bigfoot’. forward with similar allegations about the father
his mind was playing tricks on him. But before Bigfoot is one of the more famous of eight.
long he realized his uncle also had his eyes creatures in cryptozoology, and, like many Dunstan was convicted of indecently
glued skyward. cryptids around the world, there is a fierce assaulting three children aged nine to 11
"I just watched it disappear like a cloud debate as to whether the species exists or not. between 1997 and 2001.
or something," James Mace said. "I don't know According to a report in The Borneo During the trial, the jury heard how
how to explain it. It was pretty crazy." Post, the idea that the newly discovered Dunstan had only pleaded guilty to an earlier
Robert Mace added, "We both got goose footprints belong to the mysterious creature, is charge of indecent assault to avoid being locked
bumps. I'm still getting them for some reason. spreading like wildfire in the village and up.
We just looked at each other, and we both knew surrounding districts. In sentencing, Judge Rodney Grant said
what we saw. Local businessman Tan Soon Kuang the crimes were of the "most serious" and only
"I don't care what anyone thinks, anyone from the Daro district said that each footprint took place after he encouraged them to visit.
can ask me, and I will tell them I know what I measures 47 inches from heel to toe and 17 "Once they were there you, in effect,
saw and I know the difference between what a inches sideways, clearly too gigantic for any indulged in grooming them for sexual purposes
jet looks like and what a plane looks like." normal human being. by indulging in play fighting that not only
Mace worked in local lumber yards for Asked if there is any possibility that the groomed them in the way that I mentioned but
more than 10 years before a back injury forced footprints were man-made, Tan said it would be also established your control over them," Judge
him to stop work due to disability. His nephew a tough act for a person to create such a mark on Grant said.
recently graduated from Triton Regional High the hard ground. Dunstan will remain on the sec
School. On his conversation with the villagers, offenders' register for the rest of his life. []
Yesterday, no one came forward with Tan said that when he asked the villagers about
similar sightings, and the state and Newbury the first time they discovered the two big
police said they didn't receive any phone calls. footprints, they told him it was on June 9.
When asked if there were any unique “They also told me they now recall that
planes in the area, a skeptic Jim Peters, before they came across the footprints, the
spokesman for the Federal Aviation villagers had, a few months ago felt
Administration said, "Our agency doesn't have uncomfortable and sick as if there was
the time or the resources to look into such something ‘unclean’ in the air,” he said.
things." “They said they decided to look for a
Employees at a nearby Citgo in ‘bomoh’ (medicine man) who told them to go to
Newbury laughed at the idea, while one stone- an area, dig a small hole, then build a fence
faced employee mentioned he had seen on around it,” he added.
television there have been an increase on UFO The bomoh further told them to make
sightings. He also wondered if the UFOs were offerings outside the area fenced.
moving from Exeter, N.H., to Newbury. “And then last Monday morning the
38 Ontario Hypnosis Centr e
Last flight of the honeybee? 39
Last flight of the

Dave Hackenberg's bees have been on

the road for four days. To reach the almond
orchards of California's Central Valley, they
pass through the fertile plains of the
Mississippi, huge cattle ranches and oilfields in
Texas, and the dusty towns of New Mexico on
their 2,600-mile journey from Florida. The bees
will have seen little of the dramatic landscape,
being cooped up in hives stacked four high on
the back of trucks. Each truck carries close to
500 hives, tethered with strong harnesses and
covered with black netting to prevent the
millions of passengers from escaping. When the
drivers pull over to sleep, the bees have a break almonds now come from this pocket of the fruit trees, field beans and other crops. In
from the constant movement and wind speed, planet. But the supply of almonds in addition, the 5,000 tonnes of British honey sold
but there's no opportunity to look around and confectionery, cakes and packets of nuts is now in UK stores generates a further £12m.
stretch their wings. threatened by a mysterious malady that is UK farming minister Lord Rooker,
Their final destination is some two hours causing honeybees to disappear. however, warned last year that honeybees are in
north of Los Angeles. As the sun begins to fade Hackenberg was the first beekeeper to acute danger: "If nothing is done about it, the
over the vast, flat terrain, the convoy slowly report that his bees had vanished. On a honeybee population could be wiped out in 10
snakes through orchards filled with row upon November day 18 months ago, he checked the years," he said. Last month, he launched a
row of almond trees stretching as far as the eye hives in his Florida bee yard to find they were consultation on a national strategy to improve
can see. Every February, the valley plays host to empty. "They weren't dead, they were just and protect honeybee health.
billions of honeybees as trees burst into gone," he recalls. People's initial response to the idea of a
blossom, blanketing the landscape in a soft, Since then, close on two million bee-less world is often either, "That's a shame,
pinkish hue which extends to the horizon. colonies of honeybees across the US have been I'll have no honey to spread on my toast" or,
The sandy loam and Mediterranean wiped out. The strange phenomenon, dubbed "Good - one less insect that can sting me." In
climate are perfect for the cultivation of colony collapse disorder (CCD), is also thought fact, honeybees are vital for the pollination of
almonds, but that's where any comparisons to to have claimed the lives of billions of around 90 crops worldwide. In addition to
picturesque orchards of Spain or Italy end. honeybees around the world. In Taiwan, 10 almonds, most fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
Here, there are no verdant weeds, wild flowers million honeybees were reported to have are dependent on honeybees. Crops that are
or grass verges to please the eye, just never- disappeared in just two weeks, and throughout used as cattle and pig feed also rely on
ending trees that form what looks like an Europe honeybees are in peril. honeybee pollination, as does the cotton plant.
outdoor production line. In Britain, John Chapple was the first to So if all the honeybees disappeared, we would
In the cool hours after sunset and before raise the alarm. In January 2007, he lost all of have to switch our diet to cereals and grain, and
sunrise, more than one million hives are the 14 colonies in his garden in west London. give our wardrobes a drastic makeover.
unloaded at regular intervals between the trees "It's too cold at that time of year to open the According to Albert Einstein, our very
by commercial beekeepers such as Dave hives," he says, "so I always check on the bees existence is inextricably linked to bees - he is
Hackenberg, who have travelled from the far by giving the hive a thump and waiting for what reputed to have said: "If the bee disappears off
corners of the US to take part in the world's sounds like a roaring sound to come back. But the surface of the globe, then man would only
largest managed pollination event. The there was nothing, just silence." When he have four years of life left."
mammoth orchards of Central Valley stretch the opened the hives to see what had happened, he Bees are a barometer of what man is
distance from London to Aberdeen, and the 60 found them practically empty. Examination of a doing to the environment, say beekeepers; the
million almond trees planted with monotonous further 26 hives scattered across the capital canary in the coalmine. Just as animals behave
uniformity along the 400-mile route require half revealed that two-thirds had perished. weirdly before an earthquake or a hurricane,
of all the honeybees in the US to pollinate them "I was completely shocked," says cowering in a corner or howling in the wind, so
- a staggering 40 billion. Chapple, who chairs the London Beekeepers' the silent, empty hives are a harbinger of a
By February 16, National Almond Day Association. "I could attribute some losses to a looming ecological crisis. But what is causing
in the US, the trees are usually covered in failing queen bee or wax moths, but there were them to vanish - pesticides, parasites, pests,
flowers and humming with the sound of busy a few I could find no reason for. There was a viruses? No one knows for sure. The more
bees. Attracted by the sweet nectar that each healthy queen and a few bees, but nothing else." fanciful theories when CCD was first detected
flower offers, the bees crawl around on the Chapple's inquiries as to whether the parks included an al-Qaida plot to wreck US
petals to find the perfect sucking position. As where he kept some of his hives had sprayed agriculture, radiation from mobile phones and
they do so, their furry bodies are dusted with new pesticides also drew a blank. even celestial intervention in the form of
beads of pollen. As they fly from blossom to He was not alone. Beekeepers in north- honeybee rapture.
blossom in search of more of the sweet energy west London also reported strange losses.
drink, they transfer pollen from the male part of Chapple calls the disappearance the "Mary Continued on Page 40
the flower to the female part, and so fertilise it. Celeste syndrome". A year later, a survey of
Not long afterwards, the plant's ovaries swell hives by government bee inspectors across WATCH, LISTEN AND CHAT
into fruit, which by late August turn into Britain has found that one in five colonies has WITH
precious, oval-shaped nuts. perished this winter. THE ‘X’ ZONE NATION
Without this army of migrant pollinators There are some 270,000 honeybee hives
paying a visit for three weeks every year, the TO
in Britain run by 44,000 keepers, more than
trees would fail to bear the almonds that are 90% of them amateurs. According to estimates THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO & TV
California's most valuable horticultural export. by the Department for Environment, Food and SHOW
Last year, they earned the state more than Rural Affairs (Defra), bees contribute £165m a AT
$1.9bn, double the revenue from its Napa Valley
vineyards. Moreover, 80% of the world's
year to the economy through their pollination of
40 Last flight of the honeybee?
Last flight of the Hackenberg, however, disagrees: "I've been
doing this 40-odd years. We've done all the
1999, the French government banned the use of
Gaucho on sunflower crops after thousands took
honeybee? same things, but the rules have changed. to the streets in protest. Two further pesticides
Something's messing up." were banned because of their potential link to
Hackenberg, 59, wears cowboy boots, a bee deaths. It appeared to stem the massive bee
Continued from
from Page 39 checked shirt and blue jeans. He even has a hard die-offs for a time, even though the
hat in the shape of a Stetson, with netting manufacturers' own tests demonstrated there is
Scientists around the world are trying to attached that he wears when unloading no correlation, and a long-term study by the
pinpoint the culprit, but it is proving elusive. beehives. He began his own investigations into French food safety agency revealed no
They have even set up an international network what killed 2,000 of his honeybees at the end of significant differences in death rates before and
to monitor honeybee losses - a sort of Interpol 2006, by talking to growers and reading up on after pesticides were banned. This winter, bee
for bees - which is operating out of Switzerland. pesticide use and research into their effects on deaths across France are reported to have shot
Its coordinator, bee pathologist Dr Peter bees. "It's those new neonicotinoid pesticides up again to 60%.
Neumann, blames a bloodsucking mite called that growers are using," he says. "That's what's Bayer is also being blamed by German
varroa. Little bigger than a pinhead, it has messing up the bees' navigation system so they beekeepers for the eerie silence along the Rhine
preyed on honeybees in Europe and the US can't find their way home." valley, where the buzzing of bees is a common
since its arrival 30 years ago. Under a Honeybees have a sophisticated dance sound at this time of year. They say two-thirds
microscope, the reddish-brown mite looks like a language they use to communicate with each of honeybees have been killed this month by the
cross between a jellyfish and a Frisbee. It other in the hive. Until Karl von Frisch pesticide clothianidin, sold under the trade
activates lethal viruses in honeybees and carries unlocked the mysteries of this dance - his name Poncho, which has been widely applied
them from bee to bee when it feeds on their discovery won him a Nobel prize in 1973 - we on sweet corn. As a result of the bee deaths,
blood, like a dirty syringe spreading HIV/Aids. didn't fully appreciate that bees returning to the eight pesticides, including clothianidin, have
"It has to be the backbone of the problem," hive laden with nectar and pollen will tell their been temporarily suspended in Germany.
Neumann says. "But it is probably not acting sisters (all worker bees are female) where they Anecdotal evidence of pesticide-related bee
alone." got their supplies by doing a dance that points to deaths in Italy and Holland is also piling up.
In the US, where the genetic code of the the location of the flowers in relation to the European beekeepers accuse scientists
honeybee was unravelled by scientists two years sun's position. and government agencies of being in the pocket
ago, they have been employing advanced Tests have shown that the pesticides of the chemical companies. It's a similar story in
technology to discover if a new virus is Hackenberg refers to can interfere with the bees' the US, where scientists maintain that there is
responsible for killing the bees. Genome communication and orientation skills, and also no correlation between the bees' disappearance
sequencing techniques uncovered the DNA of a impair memory. and pesticide use. According to Hackenberg:
virus called Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV) With innocuous brand names such as "Big Ag has control of the USDA [the US
that was found in almost all of the hives Gaucho, Assail and Merit, these pesticides are Department of Agriculture] from the secretary
suffering from CCD. The discovery, published used worldwide, from sunflower fields to apple right down to the lowest guy on the totem pole."
in Science, was hailed as a major breakthrough orchards, lawns to golf courses. The chemicals Jeff Pettis is not sure where he comes on
in the investigation. But honeybees are riddled they contain are an artificial type of nicotine the pole. The senior manager at the federal bee
with latent viruses. They become a problem and that acts as a neurotoxin that attacks insects' laboratory in Maryland, he's the man
cause disease only when the bee's immune nervous systems on contact or ingestion. responsible for coordinating the US
system is shot. Like humans, they are prone to Because it is systemic, the chemical moves government's response to CCD. Pettis advises
illness when they are stressed and run-down. So throughout a plant, so if it is applied as a seed some beekeepers may do well to forgo the
the real question is, what is making the bees too dressing, it will travel to the shoots, stem, leaves almond pollination and rest their bees. "You are
weak to fight a virus? and flowers where bees can come into contact getting them ready for February when the
The answer is probably overwork, with small doses. Many of these widely used sunlight hours and the temperature are telling
coupled with various environmental factors that pesticides are classified by the US them it's too early in the year to be foraging at
are the flipside of pollination on an industrial Environmental Protection Agency as "highly full strength," he says.
scale and intensified food production. After toxic to bees" and come with a warning label Deceiving bees is an essential part of the
Hackenberg's bees have pollinated the almonds intended to help prevent their exposure to the business. Beekeepers dupe them into thinking
in California, they head north to the apple pollinators. it's already summer by moving them to warm
orchards of Washington State, then east for the "It's in such small print that the growers locations in winter and feeding them an array of
cranberries and pumpkins, before reaching don't see it," Hackenberg says. He accuses protein and energy supplements. The more food
Maine in May to pollinate blueberries. In a year, farmers of "stacking" - or mixing - pesticides, that comes into the hive, the more eggs the
they can cover 11,000 miles. It's a well-worn herbicides and fungicides. "No one has ever queen lays, to create more of the worker bees to
route that's travelled by many of the 1,000 tested what happens to the toxicity if they do go out and pollinate.
commercial beekeepers in America who mix, simply because the chemical companies The bee broker Joe Traynor says the
between them own 90% of the country's 2.4 are not required to by law, but this combination deception goes much further than trucking bees
million honeybee colonies. It is pollination, could be a thousand times more lethal than if the south. "We're interfering with their natural cycle
rather than honey production, that keeps US chemicals are applied separately." because we want strong colonies for almond
beekeepers in business. In 2007, honey In Britain, beekeeping is very small- pollination. We're stimulating hives in August,
production was worth $160m to the US scale compared with the US. There are a few September and October, and making the queens
economy, compared with pollination services hundred professional beekeepers, who run an do a lot more laying. As a result the queens are
that have been estimated at $15bn. average of 100 hives each; only around 50 of suffering burnout. It used to be that a beekeeper
Joe Traynor is a California bee broker. them transport bees to orchards, usually over could pretty much leave his bees alone during
From a small office in a quiet side street in distances of 25 or so miles, rather than across a winter. That's no longer the case."
downtown Bakersfield, on the southern tip of continent. Many orchards provide a year-round Moreover, scientists funded by the
Central Valley, he runs a lucrative business home for hives kept by amateur beekeepers, so Almond Board of California are now
matching almond growers with beekeepers. I there is no need for migratory beekeepers. But experimenting with artificial pheromones that
put to him that surely all this moving around of in this country, as in the rest of Europe, it is hard trick bees into thinking there are more larvae in
bees, confined to their hives for long periods, to escape pesticides and the varroa mite. the hive that need feeding, so they forage more,
must be stressful for them. He admits that too In France, beekeepers have for more and in the process pollinate more almond
much travel is not good for their health: "When than a decade waged a war against the chemical blossom.
you're trucking bees, they need sleep, just as giant Bayer CropScience. They hold
humans do, and the bumping around in the truck responsible the company's bestselling pesticide, Continued on Page 43
for two to three days keeps them awake, and this imidacloprid, trade name Gaucho, for killing a
lowers their resistance to pests and disease." third of the country's 1.5 million colonies. In - Dare To Believe
Secr ets Of Cat Attitude Revealed 41

Secr ets of Cat ATTITUDE

Is your daily cry "Scotty Beam Me Up, my cat has attitude"?

The secret really is out of the bag with the purrr-fect, "No Copycat"

Carolyn Bartz (the cat's meow on cat behavior) adds a new twist and
flavor that shares her years of personal experience and insight to
solving problems from the cat's point of view.

Cat owners and lovers crave that " right over your shoulder"
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STRANGE FACTS Tourists visiting Iceland should know that
tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult!
programmed machine are made every day in the
United States!
Saturday mail delivery in Canada was One car out of every 230 made was stolen last It takes glass one million years to decompose,
eliminated by Canada Post on February 1, 1969! year! which means it never wears out and can be
recycled an infinite amount of times!
In Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most The names of Popeye's four nephews are
trips of less than 50 minutes! Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye! Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill!
There are 18 different animal shapes in the Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea Almost half the newspapers in the world are
Animal Crackers cookie zoo! were used as money in Siberia! published in the United States and Canada!
Should there be a crash, Prince Charles and The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three A lightning bolt generates temperatures five
Prince William never travel on the same naked men with their hands on each other's times hotter than those found at the sun's
airplane as a precaution! shoulders! surface!
Your body is creating and killing 15 million red When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of
blood cells per second! 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, wood!
a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second!
The king of hearts is the only king without a It is estimated that 4 million "junk" telephone
moustache on a standard playing card! A Boeing 747 airliner holds 57,285 gallons of calls, phone solicitations by persons or
fuel! programmed machine are made every day in the
There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling United States!
casinos! A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one
minute. Half an ounce is used to start the It takes glass one million years to decompose,
There is one slot machine in Las Vegas for every average automobile! which means it never wears out and can be
eight inhabitants! recycled an infinite amount of times!
A lightning bolt generates temperatures five
Every day 20 banks are robbed. The average times hotter than those found at the sun's One ragweed plant can release as many as one
take is $2,500! surface! billion grains of pollen!
The most popular first name in the world is A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of It's illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while
Muhammad! wood! you're sitting on a curb in St. Louis!
Tablecloths were originally meant to be served It is estimated that 4 million "junk" telephone No piece of square dry paper can be folded
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their hands and faces after eating!

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Last flight of the honeybee? 43
have disappeared. The first recorded another nocturnal delivery of east coast hives,
Last flight of the unexplained loss was in the US 150 years ago Hackenberg says it's only the money that brings
and ever since large numbers have vanished at him and his waning bees to California each year.
honeybee? intervals throughout North America, Europe "I'd rather be back in Florida with my bees.
and Australia. An epidemic first reported on the They'd be feeding on the maple and willow. It's
Isle of Wight wiped out 90% of honeybee paradise down there. Why would anyone come
Continued from
from Page 40 colonies in the UK at the beginning of the 20th to this godforsaken place? But something's got
century. Then, as now, the main suspects were to pay the bills. I'm here for a $150,000
This is the Almond Board's profit-driven deficiencies in the bees' diet, pollution in the cheque." []
response to a potential shortfall of honeybees: to environment, pests and parasites and
work even harder those that remain. Bees are mismanagement by beekeepers, but the killer Some interesting
interesting facts about bees
being treated as a machine with no was never identified.
consideration for their life cycle and When bees die, beekeepers can restock - Honey bees' wings beat 11,400 times per
downtimes. And any machine pushed to its their hives quickly by buying a new queen who minute.
limits and not well maintained will break. lays 2,000 eggs a day at her peak. Across the - Bees' flight speed averages only 15 miles per
Environmentalists argue for world, most have chosen to fill their apiaries hour.
conservation measures on land planted with with a type of honeybee renowned for its gentle - Bees possess five eyes.
single crops that will both improve honeybee nature and prodigious honey production skills. - Honeybees can perceive movements that are
nutrition and attract wild pollinators that could This race of bee, originally from Italy, now separated by 1/300th of a second. Humans can
shoulder some of the honeybees' workload. dominates beekeeping. The downside is that the only sense movements separated by 1/50th of a
Monoculture, the hallmark of modern honeybee gene pool has been diminished and second. Were a bee to enter a cinema, it would
agriculture, covers much of the world's 1.5bn with it traits that may have helped bees fend off be able to differentiate each individual movie
hectares of arable land. Single-crop plantations mites and other parasites, such as a new fungal frame being projected.
and orchards can stretch for hundreds of bacteria, Nosema ceranae, that attacks its gut. - Bees cannot recognize the color red.
kilometres. The advantages for the farmer are There are fears that mites are becoming - Honeybees' stingers have a barb which
manifold: the crop blooms at the same time, can increasingly resistant to chemicals administered anchors the stinger in the victim's body. The bee
be treated with the same pesticides and can be by beekeepers to kill them. Pettis says we are leaves its stinger and venom pouch behind and
harvested together for maximum efficiency. But controlling too many bee ailments with drugs soon dies from abdominal rupture.
for honeybees, pollen collected from one crop and a more organic approach is needed that - Africanized Honey Bees (killer bees) will
does not provide a balanced, nutritious diet. includes stocking apiaries with locally reared pursue an enemy 1/4 mile or more.
Scientists agree that malnourished bees are bees better adapted to local climate and - Honeybees communicate with one another by
more susceptible to disease and pesticide environmental conditions. "dancing" so as to give the direction and
poisoning, while the best-fed are the hardiest. Meanwhile scientists are hoping to use distance of flowers.
Planting hedgerows of wild flowers the mapping of the honeybee genome to - A single hive contains approximately 40-
would give honeybees a more varied menu. engineer in the laboratory a super bee that has 45,000 bees.
While this has happened in Europe, US almond the resilience to withstand varroa but retains all
growers have proved resistant to the idea, the qualities of the Italian bee. Biologists will Queen bees
concerned that the bees would make fewer visits tell you, however, that it will be only a matter of
to the almond blossom if they had a choice. But time before a super bee breeds a super parasite. - The queen is the only sexually developed
hedgerows would also provide food and habitat Geneticists also discovered that honeybees have female in the hive.
for other pollinators such as butterflies, fewer genes providing resistance to disease than - The queen mates in flight with approximately
bumblebees and solitary bees. There are 4,500 other insects. In particular, the number of genes 18 drones. She only mates once in her lifetime.
wild bee species in North America that are responsible for detoxification appear to be - A queen can lay 3,000 eggs in a day.
capable of pollinating myriad fruits and smaller, making it unusually sensitive to - Queens can live for up to 2 years.
vegetables - some more efficiently than pesticides and poisons. Its large-scale - A queen can lay her weight in eggs in one day
honeybees. disappearance across the US and high death and 200,000 eggs in a year.
Could they prevent a pollination crisis if rates in Europe are signalling that industrialised - Fertilized eggs will become female offspring,
honeybees become extinct? Only if they have farming makes demands on honeybees that are while unfertilized eggs will become males.
somewhere to make a home in the orchards and not sustainable.
fields, and something to eat after the single crop Central Valley has been described as a
has bloomed. Monoculture deprives them on big brothel where billions of honeybees from all
both counts. over the US can pick up a contagious illness and
- The only function of drones is to mate with the
The Xerces Society runs a pollinator take it home. It's spread by mites from infected
conservation project in northern California. to healthy colonies. And there are plans to
Farms in Yolo County receive a mixture of expand Central Valley's almond orchards to the
plants that flower throughout the year and nest point where, by 2011, they will require 1.6
blocks for wild bees, and they keep large areas million honeybee colonies for pollination.
- The workers are sexually undeveloped
of soil untilled for native bees to live on. They Despite around a third of all US
say they have seen the return of native bees and honeybees being wiped out last year, and again
- Life expectancy is approximately 28 to 35
benefited from their pollination services. But this year after beekeepers had restocked their
final details being hammered out in a farm bill hives, the almond pollination has yet to suffer.
Why? Honey
on Capitol Hill look like trimming conservation
budgets and reducing financial incentives for
There are two answers. The shortage of - Bees have been producing honey for at least
farmers to manage their land in a more
honeybees has pushed up the price of hive 150 million years.
pollinator-friendly way.
rentals for almond pollination to an all-time - The honeycomb is composed of hexagonal
So growers will continue to be
high of $140 per hive, so more and more cells with walls that are only 2/1000 inch thick,
increasingly reliant on honeybees to do a job
beekeepers are making the trip west, and the but support 25 times their own weight.
once performed by a host of different insects.
Almond Board's requirement of two hives each - Honey is nectar that bees have repeatedly
Their profits now hinge as much on honeybees'
containing 20,000-30,000 bees per acre to regurgitated and dehydrated.
availability to pollinate fields as they do on the
pollinate the almonds is excessive, but provides - In the course of her lifetime, a worker bee will
sun and rain. This is why there is such urgency
a buffer should some of the hives be empty. produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.
in solving the mystery of disappearing and
- To make one pound of honey, workers in a
dying bees.
As the sun rises over the almond orchards after hive fly 55,000 miles and tap two million
This is not the first time that honeybees
flowers. []
44 East Coast Bigfoot Convention