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Rob McConnell on Space in the ‘X’ Zone Main Studio Wake Up UFOlogy !
declined the interview. The President of the Chamber of Commerce in Stephenville, July Danley was also sent an email and a fax inviting her on the show, Wednesday, January 30 from 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific, but as of the writing of this posting, she has not responded to the invitation. MUFON Headquarters and Ken Cherry of MUFON who bathed in the media Lime Light were also sent invitations to appear on Wednesday, January 30 from 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific, but they too, as of the time of this posting have not responded to the invitation. What are they hiding from? The truth? It seems that as long as members of the media are willing to swallow all the UFO hype without questioning those who have these "sightings," the self proclaimed "investigators" and the members of society that I call the "woo - woo crowd" - they will talk a blue streak... showing fuzzy photos... shaky video... out of focused lights... talk about alien abductions and how they have been probed in various manners... how their cattle are being mutilated... and they are being used as human incubators for alien genetic experimentation. Please! However, when invited on a show like The 'X' Zone that challenges what they say, what they claim to have see, and what their personal motives might really be, decline to come on the show. Also, I sent to all members of the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce who had their email addresses listed in the Chamber Member Directory emails asking them how the UFO publicity has been for business, asking for a reply for Wednesday nights show... not one member of the Chamber replied. Now, is it just coincidence that the Stephenville UFO sighting happens just in time to cross promote the 2008 UFO Conference and Film Festival that is being held Saturday February 23, 2008 - Saturday March 1, 2008 at the New Aquarius Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada? Would this type of UFO event be successful if it were to be held in New York, Washington or even Chicago? I doubt it. After all, you would not have the tales of Area 51, government conspiracies and cover-ups, reverse engineering in the dessert, and the atmosphere and "whoppi" effect that a casino would lend to such an event. I find it ironic that so many of the people in the UFO community laugh at other members of the public who are not in their little "clique" like the Prophet Yahweh, the members of the Church of Scientology or Rael from the International Raelian Movement. Ummm. Didn't the Prophet Yahweh summon UFOs and predict UFO sightings in Las Vegas, Nevada? What about Charles Hall who claims to have seen inter-galactic ships come and land in "Area 52" in Nevada and has gone on record that he escorted the aliens into the City of Las Vegas where they went unnoticed by the humans around them? Continued on Page 2

by Rob McConnell
Hamilton, Ontario: The alleged sighting of a UFO, according to some witnesses was 60' in diameter, others claim the UFO was the size of a Wal-Mart, and yet to other, the UFO was over a mile-and-a-half long. Alleged UFO video footage surfaced after three weeks of UFology Delight and Madness. Please take note that the so-called UFO has top and bottom navigation lights on it. Now, why would a UFO need Earth navigation lights? I invited Angelia Joiner, of the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, the reporter who broke the story on the "Texan UFO" that made international headlines as well as put the little town of Stephenville on the media map to join me for a one hour interview on Wednesday, January 30 from 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific. In a telephone call to The 'X' Zone offices in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, this morning, after receiving an email and a fax from me, she

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Wake Up UFOlogy !
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Yes, there are people in the UFO community who do have a sense of reality and who are well educated, and are able to use their credibility to talk about UFOs, but from what I have seen and from where I sit, and with the experience of doing The 'X' Zone over the past 15 years, they are the exception and not the rule. However, it should be pointed out at this time, and maybe this has something to do with it, that I do not broadcast my show from a trailer in Nevada, on the edge of Area 51. Maybe this has something to do with it. So, as the self proclaimed Ufologists will continue to yell and scream that the governments of the world are conspiring against humanity and covering up the fact that the aliens are here, those members of society who have had encounters and experiences of a kind that defied logic and scientific explanation will remain in their shells, their closets, and walk with their heads down looking at the ground, for they do not want to be associated with "mainstream" ufology, the attention, and the whoopla that the majority ufologists thrive on My final question to Ufologists around the world and those who believe in the tales that they yarn, how come, in this modern age of technology, where there are more video surveillance cameras... dash mount cameras... webcams... digital video cameras... and camera phones, and that is not including cameras used by astronomers around the world or members of law enforcement and the military, that the numbers of UFO photos and UFO videos show a drastic decline in numbers and a very poor quality of photo when one of an alleged UFO is show? Is this because computer technology is able to prove them as hoaxes as never before? As I have repeatedly said over the years, the internet is the greatest septic system ever created by mankind, and unfortunately, that is where people go when they want information about UFOs. In my opinion, it is the majority of Ufologists who are keeping the conspiracy alive and who are responsible for the distribution of disinformation and NOT the government. Follow the money. UFO merchandise, books, videos, models, lectures, seminars, souvenirs and such are a major industry. People are making money keeping the myth alive. I believe that there are many mysteries in this world of ours and for every mystery that is solved, 10 more mysteries are born. The investigative procedures of examining unidentified flying objects, to gain the respect of society must be done by credible persons, who have earned the right to be called investigators and researchers by taking legitimate courses, understanding human psychology, astronomy, chemistry, physics and other established courses given at credible institutions of learning. My final words - Buyer Beware and in the words of the great show man P T Barnum, "there's a sucker born every minute." Accountability is what the UFO community is sadly lacking. Accountability leads to credibility. []

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Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
PART II Exclusively W ritten For The "X" Chr onicles Newspaper By: Jaysen Q. Rand, Ph.D. © 2007 Futur eworld Publishing International, L.L.C.
Earth date: Thursday 01/10/08 Local Time: 10:15 am (CST) Location: Horn Lake, Mississippi The Mission: Assemble and write Part Two for Prelude To Our 2012 Planet-X Countdown As I begin to write Part Two for the January issue of the "X" Chronicles Newspaper, I suddenly find myself sitting at my desk with one eye cautiously looking out the window at a very angry, windswept, rain-filled, threatening sky-while also having both ears and my other eye fixed firmly on our prized 54" Hitachi HD flat-screen TV with its red hot home theater sound system. So, should I be worried?? If I consider myself to be a reasonably sane person-the answer is obviously-YES! But why? Call it conditioning/or being savvy to the times/or just smart! Like everywhere else in the country these days our local weather patterns here have been really wacky-first it's cold (the lower 20s/30s)-then it's unseasonably warm (the upper 60s/70s)-instantly switching back and forth from winter to spring to being completely summer-like-then instantly back again to our January norm of being cold/wet/windy and whoops-now this…as I'm writing these very words… tornado warnings right here in DeSoto County-in the middle of winter-so what's going on, here, Mr. Weatherman? -Could it secretly be Planet-X coming? For the past 45-minutes the local weather forecasting center in Memphis, TN, has been blasting a severe weather watch bulletin announcing more than a dozen near counties in both Tennessee and Mississippi, including my small home town of Horn Lake (18-miles due south of Memphis), should be on the lookout for a series of tornadoes just sighted along a large squall line estimated 600 miles across a SW to NE weather front stretching from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Ohio River Valley and beyond into the northeast. Hopefully-this threat, too, will pass… Since publication of our book, The Return Of Planet-X, in April of '07-we've been privileged to complete more than 35 guest interviews across a variety of AM/FM radio stations and Internet radio networks based in America and Canada and around the planet. Additionally we've been doing fun-filled book signing events and educational lectures where we've been spreading the word about our tome, its message and Planet-X timing. We believe "X" to be a brown dwarf star-or possibly a rogue, unknown/unnatural type of glowing celestial body-one that we suspect revisits our solar system about every 3,600 to 4,000 years. We encourage you to read our first article for the "X" Chronicles Newspaper (October '07 issue) that offers a complete discussion dedicated to brown dwarf stars and one in particular-they call it "Wormwood." The most current hypothesis we have to examine concerning X's next return through the solar system centers around the fact that X's extended orbit (about every 3,600 to 4,000 years-first passing outside the solar system then back in again), suggests that its 'destructive cycle' occurs in two phases. This 'first phase' begins with X's 'initial pass-through' in 2009 separated by three years until its 'second phase'wherein it makes its 'second pass' through the solar system in 2012. This passage marks X's return leg back into deep space beginning again its extended 3,600-4,000 year trek through the heavens. Planet-X's last return visit through the solar system most likely coincided with the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt under Moses, now estimated around 1447 BC-roughly 3,460 years ago. Did God somehow come to Moses' aid by staging a cosmic event that no one today understands? Our book discusses this subject in greater detail offering a variety of viewpoints/references and we encourage you to


check out this Biblical information. Our theory calls for the return of "X" as early as 2009 wherein it will make its initial approach arcing in from the southern quadrant and popping out from behind the constant glare of the sun from below the plane of the ecliptic along the outer fringes of the solar system. Then by 2012 completing its return arc making its way back to deep space following its highly elliptical orbit and quite possibly passing close enough to/or into the solar system greatly affecting the nine known planets, their moons and the asteroid belt thus causing planet Earth to experience a nasty series of cataclysmic Earth-changing events. If we're right-these events could literally turn our world upside down (with the worst case scenario being a catastrophic 180 degree pole shift/or in the best case scenario leaving the planet significantly damaged-with a vast array of continental landmass changes and massive societal readjustments creating our 2012 Planet-X flyby legacy. And, like we point out in the book and discuss during our many media interviews and lectures-maybe Planet-X (or whatever constitutes the reality of what cosmic surprise is coming at us), may not cause us a great deal of upheaval/physical damage.But in any case, something is still radically wrong with Mother Earth, our fragile blue home in space with its physical speed in motion estimated at approximately 18.5 miles per second. Continued on Page 4 Watch & Listen To The ‘X’ Zone at

There W ill Be More Sightings There More / Contacts Than Ever in the Next Few Years
More than half of Americans are convinced UFOs exist. And 75% of Americans believe the U.S. government knows more about them than it is letting on. But according to Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand, within the next few years there will be simply no way to deny their existence any longer - not when sightings and even open contact with them becomes common place in present-day human society. Get ready for a story so shocking/revealing that it will make The 'X' Files look like a kid's bedtime story. Drawing on Ancient prophecies, Dr. Rand reveals why an explosion in paranormal activity is set to occur between now and the year 2012, and why life on Earth will be fundamentally changed by what we experience within the context of realizing the reality of Planet-X.


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Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown

Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
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This troubled world-the third rock from the sun-races through the heavens as part of our magnificent solar system rotating in deep space located approximately halfway from the center point of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Whatever is coming this way we must, as a 21st century society, be better prepared. To simply complain about the drastic weather changes plaguing Earth-and it's not just here in the United States, but in every country, on every continent and hemisphere being affected-we must first better understand the 'nature of the problem'-which in this case is 'Mother Nature' herself. Yes, we do believe that the hotly debated subject of 'Global Warming' is indeed a contributing factor-but not necessarily the primary cause. In the November issue of the "X" Chronicles we presented a thorough review of this topical/timely/important subject and we encourage our readers to also review this article. Being forewarned with the truth is far more valuable than simple conjecture, and so we devoted a special section of our book to exposing the truths/myths/ facts surrounding the concept of 'global warming.' It's presented within a science-fact format that's uncomplicated, easy to understand and document.

Jumping back in time to September 1950, a single event in my life forever changed its direction mission/scope/intent. In another book currently under writing entitled: The Reality Engineer, this author details how at age eleven, his life was saved by a young ET and how he spends nearly five hours aboard their landed 'flying disc' more commonly known today as a UFO / 'flying saucer.' Details of the what, when, where and why of that story weren't as significant as was the result of my 'life's mission role' they had offered me. Their ET offer came as the direct result of my real-life contactee encounter with A-Lon and his ET family out in the wilds of Manitoba, Canada. The writing of this book (and others), my career as a record, TV and media producer and my lectures and educating activities on topic-fulfilled their 'destiny call' for my PlanetX teaching role from that day forward to now. These Fourth-Racer ETs correctly predicted that I would be a musician/producer, a writer and teacher-they were right on all counts and all in the right order. While aboard their landed spacecraft that stormy afternoon, I was given a classroom learning session wherein I was shown an hourlong program detailing the origin of the universe, including our sector of the galaxy and solar system, and a prophetic look at Wormwood as seen through its billion-year history with its recurring role as Earth's cosmic 'nemesis' throughout the ages. When asked 'why' I was shown this very special program-their response was that I was chosen (along with thousands of others across the planet) to become part of their ET 'endtimes' mission to help save our planet and everyone on it who would listen to and learn

An Advanced Forecast of PlanetForecast X Prophesies During 2008 and Prophesies Beyond
Although I don't profess to be a prophet in any sense of the word-I do have certain ideas and viewpoints to share about future events on planet Earth as we speed towards 2009 and 2012. The great academic mental genius Albert Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." We'd like to comment on his statement by adding: "We completely agree 100%, Professor!" However, once forewarned with the knowledge and information about Planet-X as contained in our book-The Return Of Planet-X-your imagination should instantly take over thus creating your own prophecy about Earth's future, your destiny and that of your loved ones. Planet-X is admittedly a volatile/argumentative/controversial/and in many cases-a politically/ socially/and religiously charged subject. By keeping an open mind, heart and spirit-your vested interest level will provide rich rewards both surprising and plentiful to all seekers of the 'truth.' We should also point out that the Internet offers a rich array of websites/blogs/commentary and research (both professional and non) covering the subject of Planet-X/Nibiru/Wormwood and a host of related material on topic. We encourage you to seek other ideas/viewpoints and opinions on Planet-X- thus rounding out your understanding of the facts and non-facts in your discovery.

from Mother Nature's warning signs (both Earthbound and celestial) and then immediately take the appropriate steps to prepare for a worst case Planet-X scenario while actively praying for the best case outcome. As I pressed on for more information-I was then shown planet Earth in the aftermath of 2012! So, I agreed to their offer and to play by their rules. 58-years later after successfully fulfilling their career prophecies (forecasted in 1950)-the last segment of my Planet-X mission required me to produce the book just published. So there you have it; this was the scope of my ET role! Sure sounds like another Universal Pictures-Steven Spielberg ET-II blockbusteronly this time Kathleen Kennedy's screenplay isn't fiction-and these ETs don't look like nor act like their lovable (child-like) space creatures did. And thanks to Director Spielberg-it suddenly becomes quite fashionable (during the late 70s/early 80s) talking about ETs-visiting Earth like they'd already landed-which of course they already had-let's not forget Close Encounters! Continued on Page 5

My Contactee Mission: Write a Definitive Work on The Return Of

Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
Continued from Page 4 from Let's Talk About "The Bigger Picture" - "The Cosmic Jig Saw Picture" Puzzle Being Assembled"
Armageddon: Is the place where the final battle between good and evil will be fought (probably a reference to the battlefield of Megiddo)-an ancient city in N. Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon most often identified with the Biblical Armageddon prophecy in-Rev. 16:16: And he (the Lord) gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. This place called Megiddo is perhaps the world's most contested piece of territory and Bible prophecy tells us that once again it will become the focal point for a spiritual battle fought beyond our comprehension. Didn't that come full-circle and doesn't that prophecy qualify for the End-Times reading list? This author believes we've already entered the 'time period' identified by modernday Christians as the End-Times heralding the return of Jesus Christ to his faithful Church on planet Earth-the Biblical End-Times Church. Although the word "Rapture" never appears within the Bible-most Christians profess the belief that Christ himself will return with his legions of angels to first remove his flock from this world (via the "Rapture" scenario) for safekeeping, then proceed to destroy the forces of hell as the Good Lord conducts the final battle between good and evil-Armageddon. So, here's my personal 2008 prophecy forecast for Earth's near future and beyond as our planet rushes headlong towards the Mayan's "End-ofCosmic-Time" -December 2012. Phase One-Setting the stage: Will it (Armageddon) happen in our lifetime? Yes! When exactly? We believe that clock's been ticking for several years now. And our best-guess estimate lines up with 2009 as the start of real hostilities (notwithstanding global terrorism with Iran as the fuse)-then escalating into a global real war with NUKES flying every which way until the planet really gets toasted-or until some extraterrestrial intervention arrives (be it spiritual {the Lord} or celestial {Planet-X} or both at the same time). Will the Christian "Rapture" mystically happen? Probably, and for all the reasons previously stated-although the actual facts/scenarios/details may vary from prevailing wisdoms of the day and among contemporary Christian faith interpretations of the Bible's sacred 'Word.' Phase Two-Executing the plan: Will planet Earth continue to suffer growing numbers and more severe natural disasters as 2009/ 2012 approaches? You bet! And do we believe that Planet-X is the likely culprit here? You bet we do! Is there any chance this 'bitter cup' will pass our way? Sure!! Anything's possible-but it's highly unlikely with all the global warning signs we see everywhere!


In our book, Chapters 8-9 are a great start and using your 'God-given imagination' is the next logical step. Will mankind survive a pole shift (should one occur in 2012)? Absolutely! But don't expect things to be the way they were; bye, bye our modern-day civilization with all its conveniences! When should you begin preparing and will it help? AS SOON AS you feel it's right for you to begin the process and YES it will! We also believe that time here on the planet is rapidly running out! Phase Three-Long range forecasts include: The researched array of bulleted scenarios presented here serve as an outline of future events, and in some cases, actual human transactions currently happening on the planet. As you read through them-please allow each one to enter your consciousness free of prejudgments. Continued on Page 6


Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
planet's major population centers will suddenly begin to experience over-crowding, food/water/utility shortages, vast government disruptions with public disturbances, great civil disobedience and widespread marshal law declared by most, if not all, major and minor governments in power across the planet. * Global terrorism remains a constant/deadly threat moving past 2009 with the probability of continued escalating terrorist acts committed against the weaker/more damaged western nations/ cultures as these Earth Changing events manifest into reality worldwide. 'Suicide bombers' and 'dirty bombs' are sent against selected U.S. targets like Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami for starters. * The continuing global threat by radical Islamic terrorists boldly continues to escalate. Their global agenda will be to continue attacking western-style Democratic governments / institutions / societies / religions (especially Jewish and Christian faiths) -with no regard / reason/mercy for the innocent, aged, infirm, youth or race other than Muslim. The entire planet is fair game to them… * Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and several other European nations will con-tinue their coalition of friendship / cooperation / security as the Earth Changing 'bottom drops out' around them. France, Germany, other European and Scandinavian countries soon follow suit, all out of dire necessity and fear of internal collapse, financial weakening and mass civil disorder. * In regard to our recently crumbling relationships the U.S. maintains with Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other Central, South American and Caribbean nations-those prospects continue disintegrating eventually becoming openly hostile to the common welfare and security of their North American neighbors. They'll test our naïve / peaceful willingness seeking viable / workable solutions to their mostly left-wing / liberal / socialist / communistic ideals / and propaganda programs. * Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and the Palestinians create the format for a deadly terrorist 'cold war' era. This time their weapons of choice are oil/industrial terrorism/dirty bombs/suicidal Muslim fanaticstake your choice!! * If Iran succeeds in producing nuclear weapons while seriously threatening Israel and the West with arms proliferation and continued terrorist support-all bets are off!! Best guess is that the Israelis strike first drawing in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and a loose cast of European/ Asian coalition members-with most reluctantly, at first, jumping into the fray. And don't count Israel out using 'first strike' lowyield NUCLEAR weapons-THEY remember the 'holocaust.' Continued on Page 7

Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
Continued from Page 5 from Long Range Planetary Forecast Planetary Forecast Regarding the Future of Planet Future Earth Earth
* A continuing escalation of more severe/dramatic Earth Changing events sweeping across the globe as we approach 2009 and 2012 with specific focus on far more powerful escalating tropical storms / hurricanes/ tornadoes / earthquakes / volcanoes / flooding / wildfires. Most governments of the world (although well-meaning and sincere) will all be overwhelmed with the scope and tragedy of these mega-natural disaster events (shades of New Orleans and Gulf Coast). Momentarily they will seemingly all band together by joining forces-and all the while secretly planning their individual conquests over the remaining few survivors still strong enough to defend themselves. * Once the first series of major Earth Changes strike the North American continent approaching 2009-Canada, the US, Mexico and Central America will patch up their social/political/financial differences, as we see a unified continental society develop with little or no border restrictions with a practical/working/operational philosophy-one designed to keep all of these 'democratic societies' in 'accord' as 'things' start to get truly problematic for their terrified populations. * As these global events manifest-the

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Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
Continued from Page 6 from
the reasons are many-but the fact of a much younger (18 to 25) energized voting base appears to have drastically changed the normal ability of the nation's 'pollsters' to accurately predict the course/flow/choices/winners and losers in both political camps. Whatever the outcome-the '08 election promises to be volatile, lethal, hotly debated, steamy and vitally important to the nation! * Sad to say-political/Congressional bickering and mutual name-calling continues rankling the American public with no clear pathway developed or legislated (in the near future) for America controlling its country's borders or its out-of-control illegal immigration problems. President Bush's prime-time speech on Monday, 15 May 2006, was certainly a step in the right direction -albeit a year late and dollars short in the Administration's attempt at dealing with the border problems which former Administrations (of both political parties) mistakenly ignored for the past 30+ years. General amnesty laws enacted by President Reagan in 1986 set the initial tone for judicial reforms but failed to achieve any meaningful results as 12-15 million illegals flooded in. * Gasoline prices finally settle in at $3.85 for regular and $4.35 for premium grades and diesel. Alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles remain a slow transition in the U.S. with smarter countries like Brazil bravely leading the way to gaining foreign oil and natural gas independence. The U.S. lacks an unconditional will/unwavering commitment to kick in. We possess the greatest ability to open new atomic power plants, oil fields, growing corn and developing Ethanol-based products propelling the U.S. economy to its own energy independence by 2012 or before. * As President Bush recently stated"Don't expect federal or local governmental agencies to bail out or totally protect the public from any sudden/catastrophic natural disasters." Recently, Senator Susan Collins, R-Main (Chairwoman of the Homeland Security Committee) and Senator Joe Lieberman, D-CT (top Democrat on that same committee)-stated in a 04/27/06 USA TODAY feature article that in their opinion: "FEMA is a failure and should be replaced with a more powerful disasterresponse agency." That won't happen soon! Michael Chertoff, new head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said: "A new departmental agency is not needed," repeating FEMA's familiar mantra: "Are You Ready? The key question should be: Is FEMA? * Fully expect harsh rhetoric/heated debate to continue swirling around the 'Global Warming' issues now gaining world attention. Former Veep Al Gore has been a long-time advocate of adopting immediate U.S. policies/procedures/laws to reduce the threat of what he perceives as massive 'global warming' issues on a planet-wide scale. He's recently thrown his support into promoting what the industry calls 'his movie,' a controversial Hollywood-style film titled: An Inconvenient Truth. Gore's global efforts spearheaded its Documentary OSCAR win with Gore also receiving the Nobel Peace Prize challenging the 'usual administration suspects' caught up in this fierce on-going media battle between die-hard environmentalists pitted against big-business interests as the Bush administration weighed-in


Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
* The final cosmic battle of Armageddon has begun as the Biblical account of 'tribulation' starts unfolding. A suspicious war-wary world braces for what promises to be the worst period of war and unrest imaginable!! The recent war in Lebanon with Israel defending against HEZBOLLA and HAMAS signaled the start of this process and continues even today with Iran's support. * As expected by the United States and our allies across the western world-the United Nations (U.N.) continues to remain impotent / corrupt / incapable / useless / gutless by their not achieving any meaningful measure of respect / control /dignity / honesty / leadership or discipline in guiding world affairs now or in the near future. NATO remains in tact but is greatly stressed / torn / conflicted by regional/religious/cultural politics surrounding these forthcoming Earth Changes. And for the moment NATO and the U.N. remain stable-but for how long? Our next nasty hurtle is Iran! * A new book entitled The U.N. Exposed (How the United Nations Sabotages the Security of the U.S.) written by Eric Shawn (A Fox News Journalist), takes on the currentday U.N. with his scorching expose of their sins-both large and small. Except for the global humanitarian work financed (in large part) by the mega-millions of yearly U.S. tax dollars donated to the U.N.'s dishonest coffers-many Americans question why we continue to support 'it' by throwing away cash resources on a dysfunctional organization boldly conducting its shady business on U.S. soil. * Poor Africa as always, is tragically left 'out there on her own'-more like 'the survival of the fittest.' Those dozen 'Island Nations' (at least the ones surviving the giant tsunamis now stalking them) will also be 'left on their own' to endure. We should add that all of the world's major city coastlines remain extremely vulnerable as well as those located on major rivers and inland lakes. * The use of military force-regardless of who starts the conflict-will be limited. If the entire planet is suddenly blown 'off line' surviving will soon become paramount with military options remaining marginal and rogue dissident nations quickly humbled and/or destroyed in the process. * Expect major Middle East earthquakes in 2009/2012 that bring down the 'Dome of the Rock' and other sites sacred to both warring factions. Once again-all bets are off should these natural disasters occur. Biblical prophecy calls for Israel rebuilding the 'Temple Mount'and if this is accomplished by the Jewish stateall hell breaks loose in this already volatile/wartorn region. * Concerning U.S. politics-the November '06 Congressional elections shook up the GOP ranks as the power curve in Washington shifted to the DEMS. As of this date-any meaningful long shot picks for presidential ticket winners/pairing/coalitions is a waste of time. This year none of the normal/accepted/traditional rules of political engagement appears to be working. We believe

defending their mainstream 2007/2008 agenda. We believe "Global Warming" is complicated by additional factors currently unresearched. * Speaking of recent films-Hollywood released a great remake of The Poseidon Adventure (1972) naming the new flickPoseidon; same story, same plot-but far better 'special effects.' I couldn't help but overhear audience reaction as they were gasping and commenting on the real horror of what fate delivered to that sleek ultra-modern ocean liner as it was struck by a rogue 100-foot wave totally capsizing the giant ship and killing almost everyone onboard. Could this happen? Absolutely!! Is this scenario pure storytelling or a now truth? Anything's possible!! * Other recent box office hits like The Day After Tomorrow, CORE, The Perfect Storm, Twister, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Super Volcano, Dante's Peak and TV network specials like NBC's earthquake thriller, 10.5 and CBS's hurricane drama Category '6' all seemingly share a common theme-Mother Nature gone mad. Even the Weather Channel and the History Channel are now featuring weekly serialized programs detailing the reality/probability/severity/scope of the most current weather disasters/global events savaging the planet with no reprieve or escape in sight. The common theme in all of the above appears clear: DISASTER, DISASTER, DISASTER… * On any given day and on any given television channel (both network/cable), we find it most disturbing that their "lead stories" tend to zoom in upon the most current weather aberrations or disaster-related stories. Example: The lead story on most network news/cable outlets today 01/11/08, was the fact that for the very first time 'real snow' (yep-regular, soft, white snow) was seen falling in Baghdad, Iraq, that morning. Apparently, snow (yep-regular, soft, white snow) has rarely been recorded falling in Baghdad-not in the recent history of that region. So what's up with that and why now?? But once again-this very unusual news item suddenly hits the wires/it appears only once/then the story just as mysteriously disappeared (see AP News Flash). * Why is it that every time weather is reported in the news these days-regardless of the venue -network/cable/radio or in newspapers, magazines and the Internet, the news amazingly centers around dramatic headlines decrying massive tornado damage / freaky winter, summer, spring, fall weather patterns / with regional flooding / massive wildfires burning / sudden new earthquakes and erupting volcano activity / tsunamis / out-ofseason hurricanes and it never seems to stopnever? Continued on Page 8


Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
and stay positive! * Just as we did in the book-in closing, let us look back at the prophecies of Mother Shipton-revisiting this 16th century seer who appears to have had a completely lucid understanding of this cosmic drama in which we are currently embroiled. Many hundreds of years ago coming from a society barely digging itself out of the Dark Ages, Shipton was able to communicate more about Mother Nature's wild ways than most people are capable of understanding today in the early years of this new millennium. Hers was a troubled time during the Dark Ages when Mother Nature also went mad. -Is there a meaningful parallel here and are we missing the clues?? Mother Shipton's haunting insight prompted her to sacrifice her own life by writing for us her messages of warning and hope-a prophetic futureworld vision from across the impermeable fabric of time and space. As Confucius once said…"Study the past if you would divine the future." Remembering what Mother Shipton wrote to us back in England's darkest of human ages: For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken To bite away the shores and then The mountains will begin to roar And earthquakes split the plain and shore. Not every soul on Earth will die As the dragon's tail goes sweeping by. Not every land on Earth will sink But these will wallow in stench and stink. And before the race has built anew A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown To mingle with the Earth now grown. Cold from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow. The children with the second sight A natural thing so that they might Grow graceful, humble and when they do The 'Golden Age' will start anew. The dragon's tail is but a sign For mankind's fall and man's decline My body singed and my soul set free You think I utter blasphemy…? You're wrong these things have come to me This prophecy will come to be. - END Thank you sincerely for reading our workplease pass on its message and meaning. We suggest visiting our exciting new website at for interesting and challenging details about Planet-X and how to obtain a copy of our hit book in either paperback and e-book version. Our third printing is available at bookstores everywhere and To order this book: 1-800-247-6553 or This author is available for radio and TV interviews, bookstore signings, media events and educational lectures. He can be reached at or by calling (901) 336-9660. May God bless and keep us all-Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Pr elude to 2012 Planet-X Countdown
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* It's January 2008 now in the 21st century. We're witnessing the more dramatic effects of our increased global warming / earthquakes / intense tropical storms/extended forest fire seasons/much warmer winters and summers plus drastic changes in all of our planet's regular weather systems. Are we now experiencing what could be the forthcoming countdown to the predicted pole shift event in 2012? For some arcane and truly unknown reason, the Mayan Celestial Calendar Codex inexplicably ends 21 December 2012. According to ancient Mayan cosmology-'time' as we know it on planet Earth will reach its climax on that date. And no one seems to know why!! * As a society are we so dumbed-down now in this new millennium by the constant barrage of bad global weather news-day after day after day-that we simply don't care any more? Or is it the fact that most federal and local authorities, politicians and the news media are, themselves, thoroughly confused / demoralized / out of answers, cash and energy combating these volatile / costly / uncontrollable issues-with or without our added "Global Warming" components being factored in? HELLO-is anybody out there listening?? We believe that our planet is slowly coming apart at its seams and that Mother Nature is currently suffering-doing her best to communicate with us, to alert us, to prepare and decidedly warn us-but nobody's listening… * Earth's calendar date in early 2008 finds our fragile blue world in dire crisis. Consider the facts of overpopulation / global warming / a badly depleted ozone layer / rain forest devastation / uncontrollable wildfires / hurricanes / typhoons / storms / tornadoes bringing global flooding/tsunamis and droughts / Arctic-Antarctic meltdowns/mass extinctions of multiple plant and wildlife species/ widespread famines/deadly disease outbreaks of animal and human origins / ever-increasing worldwide earthquake and volcanic activity-all of which are collectively taking a heavy toll on human, plant and animal life-not to mention billions upon billions of dollars in global property damage, lost wages/the economy and major consumer disruptions to the everyday needs of its citizens. Mother Nature takes no prisoners-gives no quarter-and remains uncontrollable. * The real burden of public/family survival rests with the individual head of each family, or the single person responsible for his, her or their own safety and welfare in the future. Ultimately, your future and that of your loved ones lies in your own hands-so prepare for it! Reality Engineering your survival for whatever future awaits our planet's destiny is an individual responsibility to be taken seriously. We believe that every man/woman/child deserves a glorious safe 'future.' We've tried to present the honest facts here, as we believe them to be! Our decision to write/publish The Return Of Planet-X was largely based upon the sincere need we felt to alert the public. -The rest is now up to you-stay alert / get informed / be prepared

DR JAYSEN RAND - Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energyinformative Sciences, from the Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia. His contributions in the study and pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and his representing the United States at The First World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ - 1991) - earned him distinctive recognition and his Doctorate from their Russian Academy of Sciences on December 18, 1992 in Moscow. Jaysen Rand also attended the University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), Palmer School of Business, the National College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S. Army (MOS) school diplomas from (1963 1966). He's also a gold/platinum, multi-award winning music producer / recording artist / songwriter / publisher and recording studio manager being a music A&R executive with real hands-on corporate industry experience. As a Grammy nominated record producer, Rand received significant industry recognition from RIAA, NARAS, NATRA, Billboard, Record World and Cashbox magazines, a Readers Digest article on hot dance music, a 60 -Minutes TV disco dance special, and 3 Dick Clark LA Music Award nominations earning him 35 gold and platinum records. Dr. Rand now resides in Horn Lake, MS. In support of Doctor Rand's creative writing projects based on his Planet-X entertainment concepts, he's written three Teleplays all designed at TV Pilots for weekly series. He believes that these exciting Planet-X adventure themes would easily translate into major contemporary film studio projects followed by several weekly TV series. The author is currently completing a 4-CD set of demo sound tracks designed for his writing projects based upon Planet-X and are currently available upon request for audition and production purposes. Jaysen Q Rand has authored three books including The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, The Cosmic Blueprint For After and The Reality Engineer. Dr. Rand travels widely establishing close ties with his fellow UFOlogists and paranormal researchers especially in Russia where Rand has close ties with Lt. Col. Marina Popovich and her former husband, Army General Pavel Popovich, who both live in Moscow. Marina and Pavel remain active in the UFO field representing Russia. - 1-800-247-6553

Letters to the Editor
Dear Rob: After all the attention that the recent sighting of a so-called UFO, I would like to reply to those who believe in the following that I have entitled, The Psychopathology of Ufology. prominent self-glorification is. Few blogs and web-sites take the phenomenon seriously – we’ve noted some that do in our blog listings on the right of your monitor screen – but one has to concede that they do entertain, which is primarily what flying saucers, UFOs, and ufologists have done since 1947. Ufologists who make appearances on television assume an air of seriousness, but a twinkle in their eye or a quirk in their smile (Stanton Friedman is a good example) gives away the frivolousness of ufology. UFOs just can’t be taken seriously, and ufologists know this nowadays, so they play-act at being somber and quasi-scientific. This psychopathology isn’t harmful however. It’s a fantasy that makes life bearable for many who would otherwise be mired in a truly humdrum existence. UFOs make their lives palatable, providing escape from anonymity or existential ennui. Maybe that’s the clue to what UFOs really are: a mechanism of the gods to assuage the boredom that life presents to the great unwashed masses. Whatever the UFO reality, the one thing one can say about the phenomenon is that it has created a social construct that isn’t beneficial to mankind’s evolution but surely makes for a fun time among the meshuggahs who have made the phenomenon their “raison d’etre.” Samuel Orze III Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.


Did You Give Me Last Year's Candy! Valentine's buyers beware! While more than $1 Billion bucks worth of chocolate will be sold on the most romantic day of the year, it may not be as sweet as you think. An investigative report by CBS News found that many stores might very well be stocking the shelves with Valentine's Day candy from 2007! So how do you know if you're getting the fresh, good stuff? Well, be sure to check the expiration date on the box. And you can follow the advice of Brian Buckley of Manhattan's Institute of Culinary Education. Regarding chocolate he says, "It's something that should be glorious. It should have a luster to it. It should crack slightly when you bite it." CBS reporters bought six bags of Valentine's Day treats at stores around New York City. Of those six bags, five were inedible. From the finest of truffles to candy bought in bulk, most of these products were expired and showed signs of improper storage, like melting and reshaping. Some of the chocolates had white dots or streaks, called a "bloom," which means the chocolate is stale. A luscious looking giant Hershey kiss was also purchased that had its own secret admirers inside -- an infestation of worms. While chocolate has about a year's shelf life, many stores don't enforce expiration dates, so it's up to you. (CBS News) WATCH & LISTEN T O THE ‘X’ ZONE WWW.XZONETV.COM WWW.XZONETV.COM

The Psychopathology of Ufology
Ufologists aren’t seeking the truth about UFOs; they’re just seeking attention. With the plethora of web-sites and blogs vying for that attention, the UFO phenomenon has become an embarrassment of vanity for those who pursue the things to enhance their own egos or self-loathing. Displaying everything UFO-related won’t ever get to the heart of the UFO mystery. The panoply of flying saucer detritus merely showcases how discombobulated the UFO community is, with an obvious lacuna in serious research. Nuts took over the flying saucer visitations in the late 40s and early 50s, and their progeny remains ensconced in the extrapolated phenomenon (or phenomena, if you will) today. No matter how serious some ufologists pretend to be, their façade belies a need to be notable about something, and UFOs are the modus for their self-fulfillment. UFOs don’t mean anything to them; it’s the modicum of fame or notoriety that they seek (and need). A scrutiny of web-site or blog content proves how cavalier UFO research is, and how


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Alien Autopsy Inquest by Philip Mantle
The so-called Alien Autopsy film was released by London businessman Ray Santilli in August of l995. It made newspaper and TV headlines around the world. This film has gone down in UFO history as the most controversial piece of film ever. At the forefront of research into this film from the very beginning was former BUFORA Director of Investigations Philip Mantle. He was the first recognised UFO researcher contacted by Ray Santilli in l993 and he has been attempting to get to the bottom of this controversial film ever since. Now, for the very first time, Philip Mantle brings together 14 years worth of research and investigation into one book; ‘Alien Autopsy Inquest’. This unique 280 page (illustrated) work is published by PublishAmerica and is unique in every sense of the word. There is no other book that is dedicated entirely to the Alien Autopsy film. This book looks at the film from every conceivable angle, interviews and questions the relevant experts from around the world, and presents the facts as we know them. At the end of the book a number of possible scenarios are put forward to possibly explain the nature and origin of this controversial film, but in the end the reader is left to make up their own mind.

Visit Philip Mantle on line at

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More than half of Americans are convinced UFOs exist. And 75% of Americans believe the U.S. government knows more about them than it is letting on. But according to Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand, within the next few years there will be simply no way to deny their existence any longer - not when sightings and even open contact with them becomes common place in present-day human society. Get ready for a story so shocking/revealing that it will make The 'X' Files look like a kid's bedtime story. Drawing on Ancient prophecies, Dr. Rand reveals why an explosion in paranormal activity is set to occur between now and the year 2012, and why life on Earth will be fundamentally changed by what we experience within the context of realizing the reality of Planet-X. He'll reveal: * Why the return of the mysterious "Planet-X" - as predicted in religious texts and ancient prophecy - will usher in one of the most turbulent periods in world history. * Why 2009 will see the start of an explosion in contact with UFOs and alien races - and what their true intentions will be towards the human race. * The truth behind the infamous Mayan calendar, that predicts an end-to-time in 2012 - and its connection to catastrophic global events we're all now about to experience. The end-of-time is a reality beyond truth -- a truth which the ancient Indian societies appeared to know about and understand. CREDENTIALS: A respected UFOlogist and researcher, Dr. Rand has earned distinctive recognition and a Doctorate from the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow. He has written for several popular UFO magazines and is also a gold/platinum Grammy-nominated producer, recording artist, songwriter and publisher. His latest book is THE RETURN OF PLANET-X: And Its Effects on Mother Earth - A Natural Disaster Survivor's Manual. AVAILABILITY: Nationwide by arrangement and via telephone CONTACT: Dr. Jaysen Q Rand, (662) 280-2181 (MS)

For book review request: email Book ordering: Or call: 1 800-247-6553 / 1800-Book Log P. O. Box 141 Horn Lake, MS 38637

The devil is in the detail The Spyr os Melaris stor y


By Philip Mantle
It was 1993 when I was first contacted by London businessman Ray Santilli. It was l995 when Santilli's controversial 'Alien Autopsy Film' was released around the world. I have covered events surrounding this film in many publications around the world and in my book 'ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST' so forgive me if I don't cover old ground here. On June 22nd 2007 I travelled by train to London to meet up with Ray Santilli and his business partner Gary Shoefield. We had a pleasant lunch together and Ray Santilli showed me some frames of film encased in a type of perspex material. Santilli claimed these were original vintage 1947 frames of film from the alien autopsy. As they came with no official seal of approval or had been authenticated by anyone they were useless. Within a couple of days of this meeting my friend and colleague Russel Callaghan, editor of UFO DATA magazine, had a phone call from a man by the name of Spyros Melaris. This man claimed he had lead the team that faked the whole alien autopsy film. He was a magician and filmmaker and he was now ready to spill the beans. He gave Russel a run down of the who, what, why and where of the whole affair. Because of my involvement in this affair Russel was soon on the phone to me with the details. It wasn't long before I spoke to Spyros Melaris myself and he was telling me things in great detail. During the next few weeks I had several telephone conversations with Spyros Melaris and also put him in contact with US TV producer Robert (Bob) Kiviat at his request. Spyros was considering the best way to go public with his story, he had a book planned and thought that a TV documentary might also be a good idea. Along with my colleagues Russel Callaghan, Michael Buckley and Steve Johnston, I was one of the co-organisers of the UFO DATA annual conference. It just so happened that the 2007 conference had a loose Roswell theme to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident. My colleagues and I discussed the possibility of asking Spyros Melaris to make his first public statement on this whole thing at our conference

1. Drawing 1. Original pencil sketch of a design for the alien creature by Spyros Melaris. Copyright Spyros Melaris. and eventually he agreed. The conference itself was held over the weekend of October 20th & 21st 2007 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. A packed audience saw Spyros take the stage on Sunday October 21st. I had met him in person for the first time the night before at the hotel and I made loose arrangements to formally interview him at his home later in the year. As promised, Spyros took to the stage and told of his involvement in the making of the alien autopsy film. A small few members of the audience were rather upset to hear this but the vast majority were fascinated by what he had to say. I made arrangements to visit the home of Spyros Melaris on November 16th 2007 and I drove to his house in Hertfordshire with my partner Christine. Before the formal audio-taped interview began we had lunch with Spyros and his lovely wife Anne. Over lunch Spyros showed us some of the documentary evidence he has to support his claims. This included his diary from l995, hand drawn sketches of the alien, a full list of hand painted story board images of the whole alien autopsy film, original fax messages from Kodak in the USA providing copies of l947 fill canister labels, and a large portfolio of research material. This was mainly of vintage (l940's) US military vehicles and some vintage US military medical photographs. The interview itself lasted around two hours and we only touched the tip of the iceberg. The full interview can be located online at: ex.html (Alien Autopsy Information section). I would like to thank my colleague Steve Johnston for transcribing this interview in full. The following is based on that interview.

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Who is Spyros Melaris
As the name might give it away Spyros was originally born in Cyprus. As a boy he was taught a magic trick by his grandfather and his love of magic was born. The other passion as a boy growing up in the UK was film making. At school he told his careers officer that he wanted to be an actor but this was discouraged. A proper job was what he should have. So a proper job he took and after leaving school became an apprentice trained motor mechanic. However, his love of magic and film making eventually won over and he eventually became a magician and a filmmaker. He now owns his own TV studio in London and makes TV shows for all the major networks in the UK and independent production companies alike. In short in his owns words we make programmes for "anyone who books us."

How Did he Meet Ray Santilli
In January 1995 he was to attend the MIDEM music industry event in Cannes, France. He was taking a film crew there and had some spare time on his hands so he sent fax messages to 4 production companies picked at random from a media directory. He basically asked them if they wanted to hire him and his crew while in Cannes. One of these happened to be the Merlin Group owned by Ray Santilli. Spyros and Ray Santilli had a few telephone conversations but did not meet and arranged to meet in Cannes. By pure chance they bumped into each other at a restaurant in Cannes and it was here that Ray Santilli fist told Spyros Melaris that he had obtained film footage of an alien. Holding back a smirk Spyros asked Santilli if he was serious and he replied he was, not only that he wanted Spyros to make a documentary from this footage. They eventually agreed to meet at Ray Santilli's office back in London. A few days later Spyros kept his appointment with Santilli at his office in London. Here he met an almost distraught Ray Santilli who told him he'd bought this film but it had turned out to be very poor quality. Spyros was shown what has become known as the 'tent footage' and he immediately recognised it as been shot on video. The tape he was shown was on VHS format. Santilli seemed surprised that he had recognised it as being shot on video so quickly and he realised the game was up. Again in Spyros's own words. "If I can't get it past this guy, I'm not going to get it past anyone else. He realised it was game up. That's when the meeting ended. I thought the guy's mad. He's trying a fast one. I thought it was over at that point."

2: Drawing 2. Original pencil sketch of a design for the alien creature by Spyros Melaris. Copyright Spyros Melaris. had sometimes overlapped into film and TV special effects. Melaris and Humphreys had known each other for a long time and had worked on a number of things together in the past. Melaris simply put the idea to Humphreys, "John, do you fancy sculpting an alien?" Melaris told Humphreys of his meeting with Santilli and basically came up with the idea of making it. They talked things over from a legal point of view and how it might help them break into other projects, even Hollywood. The idea was to make it, release it to the world and then make a second programme shortly after showing how they did it. Humphreys agreed and Melaris pitched the idea to Santilli. Santilli looked like a man reborn almost and agreed. The budget put forward by Melaris was about £30,000 and it was Santilli's business partner and friend Volker Spielberg who put up the money. The funding was in place, contracts and a confidentiality agreement were signed and the ball was rolling.

The Team Behind The Making of The Film
First off there was Spyros Melaris. He designed and directed the film, directed, instructed and paid the rest of the team, made the autopsy table along with many of the other props, he also made the 'contamination suits' as well as obtain the props and cameras. The main researcher behind it all was Spyros's then girlfriend Geraldine. She was the one who checked the medical books, spoke with surgeons and pathologists and she even played the part of the nurse in the film. Geraldine is not her real name as she wishes to remain anonymous.

So How Did The Idea of a Fake Film Come About
Melaris met up with his friend and colleague John Humphreys. Humphreys is a Royal Academy trained sculptor whose work

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John Humphreys of course made the alien's bodies. The mould was actually made from John's ten year-old son who was quite tall. As a trained sculptor Humphreys had also studied anatomy so he was the man who played the surgeon in the film. Another friend of Spyros's was Greg Simmons. He was seen occasionally in the film in one of the contamination suits. Gareth Watson, a colleague of Santilli's and Shoefield's was the man in the surgical mask behind the glass, and finally Spyros's brother Peter helped behind the scenes. The set was built in Geraldine's house in Camden in London. The property was in the process of being converted into three flats (apartments) at the time and was therefore empty. The props were obtained from someone Spyros knew in the USA. She was not told what they were for and were all ordered separately and delivered to different addresses so as not to arouse suspicion. The camera's were obtained by Spyros, one bought and one borrowed from a friend. However, upon completion Geraldine noticed that a few of the medical procedures were not correct. They therefore had to make another creature and film another one. Apparently Santilli was ready for packing it all in at this point as there was no more money in the budget to film it again. They persevered and made another one at Spyros's cost the very next day. This too was not without problems. The foam latex used to fill the dummy had not worked right and an air bubble had left a hollow hole in the creature's leg. Humphreys was despatched to the local butchers by Spyros to get a leg joint of a sheep. This was inserted into the hollow part in the right, a few other things were added, the outside of the leg was gently burnt with a blowtorch and hey presto, the leg wound. Animal organs were used for the alien's innards, although altered with a scalpel and coated with latex. The alien's brain was actually made from three sheep's brains and part of a pig's brain cast in gelatine. This is how there came to be two separate autopsy films but only one of which, the second one made, has ever been released in it's entirety.


the main large beam, if translated correctly it reads 'FREEDOM'. Spyros thought this a fitting name for an alien spacecraft. While designing the letters which spell the word 'FREDOM', Spyros noticed that if the word is turned upside down, the word 'VIDEO' could be seen. He adjusted some of the letters to better facilitate this, so the piece would throw a little red herring into the mix. The translation of the smaller beam is being held back for Spyros's book.

The Cameraman's Interview



The Wreckage and I-beams.
These were all designed by Spyros himself. At the October 2007 UFO DATA conference Spyros showed me how he had designed the 'writing' on them and what it said. The wreckage was then manufactured by John Humphreys, Spyros and his brother Peter. He told me that he based it on Greek lettering, a bit of ancient Egyptian stylising and some artistic license. On

Why Are There Two Separate Autopsy Films
According to Spyros the first alien autopsy film went pretty much as planned.

According to Melaris, Ray Santilli was put under a lot of pressure by various parties to arrange an interview with the cameraman he allegedly bought the film from. Of course according to Melaris there was no such person so he came up with the idea of creating this aspect of the whole affair as well. The basic scenario is that Melaris flew to Los Angles and met up with Santilli's partner Gary Shoefield. Melaris wanted to find an eighty year old tramp on the streets of L.A. Pay him a few hundred dollars, put him in front of a camera and ask him to read from a script. Santilli and Shoefield were nervous, and not sure this would work but Spyros was confident he could pull this off, and went ahead. He found an old guy living rough on the street, offered him $500 and a night in the hotel and he duly agreed. ALIEN AUTOPSY - GAME OVER AUTOPSY Continued on Page 14

Paul Min ar The Complete Numer ologist
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Going Public
The one thing that I first asked Spyros was why was it that he had decided to go public with this information now. It was twelve years since the alien autopsy film hit the headlines. Melaris stuck to his confidentiality agreement. From a legal point of view if he broke it he could have been sued. However, in 2005 he was approached by Santilli and Shoefield to be involved in the movie version of this whole affair. He asked both if they would now tell the true story and reveal that it was all a fake but they said no, they were going to maintain that they really did have original film. Again Santilli and Shoefield stated that there was no money in it and that they were doing it for "a bit of fun" when pressed they admitted that both Santilli and Shoefield would get paid a percentage of the profits, there was no such offer for Melaris. Melaris declined their offer. He left that meeting under the impression that the movie was not going to be made. However, the movie was made and distributed by Warner Bros and so Melaris felt that he was now able to speak as the story was now in the public domain.

3: Philip Mantle (left) & Spyros Melaris (right). Copyright Philip Mantle.

Continued From Page 13
Again, by pure chance the chap had been an actor many years ago. Melaris took his name and the name of a movie he had appeared in. These details will be released in his book. He cleaned him up, gave him a shave, added a bit of make up and a false prosthetic nose and chin and the job was done. The man himself did not know what he was reading or where it was going to be used. There was little chance that he would see the broadcast either. No one would recognise him in a thousand years. And they never did. This film was delivered in person in New York to US TV producer Bob Kiviat by Gary Shoefield and a man claiming to be the cameraman's son. Eventually the film in question was broadcast on TV in Japan only and from there it was copied and distributed to UFO researchers around the world. The trick worked, no one has identified the man in question, and Melaris claims he is the only one who can do this.

over all three of them, filming as he went. Rodney Corn was able to show Spyros a great deal from the air, far better than would have been possible on foot. This included small dirt roads and long forgotten landmarks. Before the interview took place Spyros also informed me that he obtained both old and new maps of the area. All of this information was handed to Ray Santilli and it was Santilli, not Spyros, who then put it all together to make a location for a nonexistent crash site.

The Doubters
To round off the interview I asked Spyros Melaris what he had to say to the doubters out there, those that believe the alien autopsy film is the genuine article. I'm not going to paraphrase this; instead I will use his words in full: PM: Time's against us, Spyros. I'll ask one last question. There are those out there who believe in this film and Santilli 100% and they think that you're some kind of pathological liar, playing devil's advocate here, so please don't be offended. SM: No. Go ahead. PM: What would you say if you could say one thing to the doubters out there? Is there any one thing that you can say that would say to them Spyros Melaris is who he says he is and has made this film? SM: I don't think that there's any doubt that somebody made it today. That's fair to say that somebody made the film and even Santilli said it's a fake, but it was made from original film. I think that's really the question. The question isn't whether I made it because I can prove I made it. John Humphries will tell you I made it. Ray would probably tell you I made it! He couldn't deny it. There's too much evidence. The question is did I make it from original film? And the simple answer to that is no. There was never any original film other than the tent footage. I've never seen any other film. Ray maintains that he's got original film. My question to Ray is how would that film marry with what I made? It can't. I haven't actually seen the film. Now you may say, "Maybe you're lying and you did see the film and you made it."

The Grand Plan
I asked Spyros what was the grand plan. The research was done, the film was made, so what next. Apparently it was a rather simple plan. To release the film to a broadcaster, ask them to investigate and see what happens. They were confident that it would not be exposed as a fake. Then, after a few months the plan was to hold their hands up and tell all. The reason this didn't happen was money. Spyros had signed a confidentiality agreement with Ray Santilli and Santilli was still adamant that he needed to recoup his initial investment allegedly paid for the tent footage. Santilli told Melaris that he had invested a lot of money on this film and he must re coup that before they were to go public. Santilli reminded Spyros that he was bound by the confidentiality agreement and he was not to say or do anything until Santilli said so. Apart from a cheque for about £10,000, which Spyros split with his team, no royalties were ever paid. Santilli told him that due to the fact that he had stated publicly that it was military film, that it had simply been copied by third parties without permission and used without payment as the people who were using the film believed that the copyright was vested with the US Military and not with Santilli. Eventually time went on and Spyros just got on with life. He was constantly working on other projects with Santilli and earning a living and the alien autopsy film was all but forgotten.

The Crash Site
There are a number of people who believe the alien autopsy film is authentic, not because of the film itself but because of the crash site. Ray Santilli released details, supposedly from his cameraman, as to where the incident took place in the desert. How did this come about? Well, according to Spyros this was quite simple. In l995 he flew to Roswell. Here he interviewed many local people including Loretta Proctor. Mrs. Proctor was the neighbour of rancher Mac Brazel and it was she who suggested that Mac take some of the UFO debris into town after he found it. Spyros also met and hired private pilot Rodney Corn. He asked corn to fly him over the UFO crash site, to which he replied "which one." There are in fact at least three such sites. So, Spyros flew


Continued From Page 14
The story's a bigger story if there was a real film. There would be more money in it. There wouldn't be a reason for me and Ray to be parted. Why would we fall out? The common sense has got to come into the argument. I'm part of something as big as real film of a real alien. Why would I jeopardise being part of that and go off on my own? There's no reason to. That's the first thing. The second thing. I promise you, something happened in Roswell. I'm not an easy person… I'm a sceptic. I'm not an easy person to convince. Thirty people that I talked to out there, clever people, doctors, lecturers, all sorts of people tell me they saw something. And I believe them. Something happened. A lot of ordinary people. Something happened. So, I don't think there's dispute about whether or not something happened in Roswell or other sightings or whether or not everything's fake. No, I don't think everything's fake. I do know this is. I also know that if Ray had original film, he'd be jumping through hoops to let you test it. I'm sorry, but that's what you would do. You would say, "Give me billions of pounds for this." That's what you would say. You would say, "I've got nothing to worry about. The cameraman doesn't want to speak, but look at the film." That's what you'd do! That's what you would do. PM: Say no more. [END OF INTERVIEW] Once again I would like to reiterate that this is only part of what Spyros Melaris had to tell me. The full-unedited interview can be found in the alien autopsy section of our web site at: x.html


4: Spyros Melaris & drawings. Spyros Melaris shows two of the many paintings he did for the original 'story board' for the alien autopsy film.Copyright Philip Mantle. telling him that Spyros Melaris was the hoaxer. Hesemann had never shared this information with anyone. I asked him what he did with it and he simply told me that he phoned Ray Santilli and asked him if he knew this man to which Santilli replied he did not. Michael told me he left it at that. However, Spyros Melaris independently informed me that in l996 he had received a phone call from someone with a German accent asking him if he was the hoaxer and he of course denied it. He did not know who the caller was until he met Hesemann at our conference. I pressed Michael about this and eventually he admitted he did phone Spyros back in l996. Why Michael Hesemann never shared this information with anyone else is beyond me. In his defence Michael has stated that there were others mentioned at the time and he did not want to spread false rumours, but these others names were circulated and eliminated. I have to be honest and say here and now that I cannot understand why Hesemann sat on this information and never told anyone. I leave it to you to make up your own mind. A colleague of mine who is a veteran TV and movie special effects artist also took a look at the interview with Spyros. In his considered opinion the techniques and materials used by Melaris and his team to make the fake alien creature are 100% correct. There is no question in his mind that the dummies were made in the way described. He does have a few questions he'd like to ask, but these are purely little points of clarification and there is nothing wrong with what Melaris has had to say. The other main person involved in all of this is of course US TV producer Bob Kiviat. Several years back my colleague Tim Mathews and I were tipped off about John Humphreys, Humphreys was part of the team and he made the dummies. Bob tried for years to get Humphreys on camera and make a TV documentary but all to no avail. Eventually Bob did make a TV show for Channel 5 but without Humphreys in it. This was never broadcast. Both Humphreys and Melaris have spoken at length to Bob Kiviat about their involvement in this whole affair so I took the opportunity to ask Bob a few questions on December 4th 2007. This mini question and answer session is reproduced here in full: Q: How many times did you speak with UK sculptor John Humphreys? A: Once before the Ant & Dec movie came out. In approximately 2003. Once after that. Q: Did Humphreys tell you on what he based the design for his alien creatures? A: Yes, just on his own research, books and such. No other help. Q: Did Humphreys ever see any original film, stills or otherwise ? A: No, never. He claimed it all came from his creative efforts and book research. Q: During your conversations with Humphreys did he ever mention the name Spyros Melaris ? ALIEN AUTOPSY - GAME OVER AUTOPSY Continued on Page 16

Checking The Facts
So how do we check that what Spyros Melaris is telling us is correct? It is no easy task I can assure you. The documentary material shown to me by Spyros is intriguing but not proof positive. My colleague Mark Center in the USA checked the private pilot Rodney corn for me and he does exist. Mark spoke to him on the phone but he has no recollection of being hired by Spyros Melaris. However, when questioned about this Melaris informed me that the booking to hire Rodney Corn was made by his former girlfriend Geraldine and it was not therefore booked in his name. At the UFO DATA conference in October 2007 was German researcher Michael Hesemann. Michael was also one of the speakers that weekend. Michael investigated the alien autopsy film from l995 through to l997 and believes it to be authentic. After the conference when Michael was back home in Germany he sent me an email that quite frankly left me stunned. He admitted for the first time that in l996 someone sent Michael an email


contact for all of 2003 and 2004, and it was he who informed me John was going to do the Ant & Dec movie, without giving me the details. There would also be a companion documentary "that would be my worst nightmare," he said. Q: If you did, what did he tell you about Humphreys involvement and reasons for wanting to spill the beans? A: Instead of Humphreys spilling the beans to me, his manager clearly implied John had lost patience and saw a payday elsewhere - the movie, etc. Q: You made a TV documentary for Channel 5 in 2006 in which I appeared, could you tell us why it was never broadcast? Channel 5 was rushing instructions to my productions offices in L.A. from England telling me how the show needed to be styled, and they also wanted to move the airdate up to an almost impossible deadline. We were working around the clock already to appease the Channel 5 executive in charge when one of the top people at FIVE actually listed the show in a TV guide of some sort. That's when Gary Shoefield contacted FIVE and falsely claimed Ray Santilli was involved in the ownership of my original Fox show, which the new FIVE show was jumping off from. It was an outright fabrication, for my company has the only US copyright to the show AND THE ALIEN AUTOPSY FOOTAGE ITSELF! While we were sorting through this false claim, we interviewed you. When the FIVE executives saw you naming Humphreys as the guy who made the dummy and who was the key pro behind the footage, they wanted confirmation so they ILLEGALLY contacted Humphreys through a consulting producer. Humphreys freaked out, told them he wanted nothing to do with the FIVE show and said he had to contact Warner Bros. Ultimately FIVE reneged on their agreement with my distributor, my distributor did not fight for the airing, and this is how things were left. I'm still debating what course of action I can take to recover my substantial losses and DAMAGE! Q: You have spoken on the telephone at length with Spyros Melaris. Are you convinced he is telling the truth? A: For the most part, I can't find any outlandish things that make his story unbelievable. But I do wonder how he could have been so naïve about the amount of money Santilli was making around the world. This part seems odd, as if he was playing dumb. On the contrary, he seems very bright. And if Ray gave him just enough work to keep him quiet afterward, I still wonder why he let all the other money go into Ray's pocket without him demanding his share. This doesn't add up, literally, pound for pound. Q: You have been involved with the Alien Autopsy film since 1995, you have interviewed or spoken to most if not all the main players in it all, so what now is your conclusion? ALIEN AUTOPSY - GAME OVER AUTOPSY Continued on Page 17

Continued From Page 15
A: Yes. He said Spyros was the one who hired him for Santilli, who he met perhaps twice and came to the set once. All the money came through Spyros. Also, Spyros was the cameraman. Q: Did Humphreys provide the names of anyone else involved. If yes what are those names ? A: No other names. Q: Why was Humphreys looking to work with you on a documentary? A: Yes, Humphreys wanted me to get him a network TV show based on his revelations that he made the autopsy footage, with Spyros acting as money man and cameraman, who he believed was working for Santilli. Q: Was Humphreys going to tell all and sink the stories put out by Ray Santilli? A: Yes, but until I got a commitment from a TV network and guaranteed money for his exclusive he kept much close to his chest. Q: Did you speak to Humphreys agent/advisor? A: Yes, his business manager was my main

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Continued From Page 16
A: I'm going to need more time to answer that question. Spryros' actions or non actions in court will have a lot to do with this, and I'm looking into another intriguing angle that could impact my conclusions. Robert Kiviat. End of interview. It is clear from this brief interview with Bob Kiviat that there are slight differences between what John Humphreys says about his role in the faking of the film and what Melaris says. However, Humphreys does state quite clearly that it was Spyros Melaris who was the money man it was Melaris who hired him on behalf of Santilli. Humphreys also confirms without any doubt that there never was any original film. It was a complete and utter fabrication. I could go on but I think I've made my point. In l996 Spyros Melaris was outlined as the hoaxer to German researcher Michael Hesemann. In 2003 US TV producer Bob Kiviat spoke with UK sculptor John Humphreys who confirmed that Spyros was the man in charge and that there was no original film. In 2007 Spyros Melaris goes on the record for the first time and tells how it was all made. Well, perhaps not all. Spyros is holding back certain things for his book, which will be available in early 2008. And as for Ray Santilli, well he's pretty quiet at the moment but I doubt if he will ever own up, as he is quite simply in it too deep. The long awaited book by Spyros Melaris 'ALIEN AUTOPSY: The True Story' comes with an accompanying DVD and is priced at £37.50 plus P&P. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book it is available February 2008, advanced orders can be placed with DIGInet UK Publications, P.O. Box 60908, London W12 7UT or from Amazon. E-mail orders should be sent to


5: Spyros Melaris. Spyros Melaris being interviewed by Philip Mantle. Copyright Philip Mantle.

6: Spyros Melaris conference. Spyros Melaris photographed on October 21st 2007 at the UFO DATA magazine conference. Copyright Philip Mantle

About the author: Philip Mantle is an
international author, researcher, lecturer and broadcaster on the UFO subject. His book ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST is available now via Amazon. He can be contacted on email at:

7: The Daily Sun. Hoax cartoon. Source unknown.

Rob McConnell’s Image Viewed in Old Faithful.

8: John Humphreys. UK sculptor John Humphreys, the man who made the fake alien reatures. Source unknown

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Orbiting Nuclear Platform
passed around, a “flying saucer” is in question, that exploded during testing in 1966. According to the sightings of the local population, the American Army then collected all of the remains of the aircraft that it could find, and returned them to the USA by plane. However, the businessman Dick Smith found one of the pieces, and personally ordered testing of the material at the New South Wales University, where the chemical analysis confirmed that the “UFO” remains corresponds to components that are ordinarily used in the construction of aircraft. thought was: "My gosh! Those are Flying Saucers! Those things really do exist!". There, parked outside on a taxi-way near the base scrap-yard, were four flying wing discs, measuring 20, 40, 70 and 116 feet in diameter. Jack recalled that the chain link fence was only 50 feet from were the discs were parked. Because they were the last remaining of their model, the Master Sergeant of the NonCommissioned Officer's Club telephoned the Adjutant General's Office for permission for Polaroid photographs to be taken, even though all of the tires were completely flat down to their wheel rims. The Master Sergeant stated to Jack that he was not sure what these aircraft were for, but thought they might be some sort of "test" aircraft. The General's Office suggested that Jack use higher quality official Air Force photographs available at the Adjutant General's library at MacDill. Apparently, the Air Force wanted to make a good impression, and did not want to release photos of these aircraft with flat tires and at least one sagging landing gear strut (see subheading Large Disc). Jack was also informed that it would not take long to bring these aircraft back up to "flying status". Jack was issued for his article, the highest security clearance ever given to any civilian publisher due to his prior work with SAC/TAC/Navy/Army bases. Under armed military guard, Jack was personally shown literally hundreds of official U.S.A.F. photographs of these aircraft in formation flight, on the tarmac, and was shown portions of motion picture footage of these aircraft in flight. Jack was allowed to select those photographs best suited for the up-coming NCO Club newsletter article, and obtain additional detailed information concerning the discs. It's important to note, that these four aircraft are NOT to be confused with the well known Avro VZ-9 Avrocar, Chance Vought V173 "Flying Pancake", Project Silverbug, or the Chance Vought XF5U-1. DESCRIPTIONS OF THE DISCS: It's important to note that when describing the outward appearance of these aircraft, all aviation researchers and historians should 100% discard all of their pre-conceived ideas of what an aircraft should look like. When Jack first saw the official USAF photos of these aircraft, he was amazed, and immediately asked questions regarding how large, and how many of these aircraft were built. Jack also inquired about the flight performance (altitude and cruise speed) for these aircraft. Some of the in-flight photos clearly showed the discs being escorted by an F-84F Thunderstreak (swept-wing) interceptor aircraft.A few of the in-flight photos also appeared to show F-80 Shooting Star, F-86 Saber and F-100 Super Saber jet aircraft. Some of the photos that Jack was shown included 50 aircraft flying in formation. Authors special note: The specific USAF squadron that flew chase for these discs carried the unique designation "FLITAFF" (Fighter Long-range Tactical Air-command Future Forces).

America’s Orbiting Nuclear Platform

U.S. built flying wing disc air craft?
In 1999, the designation of state secret was removed from the project that worked on the creation of an unusual aircraft, whose characteristics are reminiscent of a “flying saucer”. The creation of the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV) or lens shaped aircraft, started at the end of the 1950s, as a part of the project code named Pye Wacket, whose aim was to create a flying defence system in the shape of a disc. Even though the project was cancelled in 1961, it proved that there are “healthy foundations” for the development of the lens shaped aircraft, which is a shape that has proven efficient as far as entering and returning from orbit is concerned. The first concrete information about the LRV leaked into the public in 1999. One year later, the American “Popular Mechanics” used the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA), and launched a story that deserves a dominating position on magazine covers. Orbital nuclear war platform According to a report that was created by R.J. Oberto, a member of the US Air force, Los Angeles division, the LVR is an orbital war platform of an offensive character, that is capable of carrying four nuclear projectiles. The aircraft is fuelled by nuclear and/or chemical fuels, it has a diameter of 12 meters, it can remain in orbit for up to six weeks, and has a standard four member crew. The American Army never gave official confirmation of the existence of a functioning prototype, but there is no lack of “earthly flying saucer” indications. For example, one retired employee air force employee said for Popular Mechanics that he personally saw an aircraft that fits the description of the LVR in the late 1960s in Florida. Testing in Australia More concrete evidence that lens shaped aircraft really flew (and are probably still flying) comes from Australia where in 1975, the farmer Jean Fraser found honeycomb-like remains of a “UFO”. Fraser’s ranch is located near the area where the Australian, American and British forces tested some of their most secret nuclear weapons, which matches the technical characteristics of the aircraft fuelled by atomic/chemical fuel. According to information that is being

What you are about to read is still classified "TOP SECRET" by the United States Air Force. Now, after 60 years, the true story of the U.S. involvement into the design and construction of "Flying Saucers" can now finally come to light. This is not your run-ofthe-mill "light in the sky" saucer story. In this case, the dates, names, and locations of very specific personnel and hardware can now be identified, which point to a very "terrestrial" explanation for many of the "UFO" sightings beginning since 1947. THE REAL STORY: The case for U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft (aka flying saucers) begins with an unprecedented true account by a retired WWII combat veteran and publisher, herein referred to as "Jack". During the 1960's, and on into 1972, Jack and his business associate Harold published for the Air Force certain house-organ magazines (clubcalendar-events) for NCO and Officer's Club facilities for several military bases in Florida. It was 1967 when the Adjutant General's Office at MacDill AFB (Tampa Florida) proposed a front cover, and two-and-a-half page article within. The subject was Vintage, Historical or Experimental aircraft. THEY DO EXIST: Jack and Harold learned that some experimental jet aircraft were being stored at the base salvage/scrap-yard. These particular aircraft had already been decommissioned/declassified, and were parked directly outside, and NOT in a hangar. In September of 1967, both Jack and Harold drove together to where these aircraft were being parked. Upon arriving at the chain link fence, which surrounded the perimeter of the base near the scrap-yard, Jack first saw the most aweinspiring aircraft ever built. Jack's initial

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US Built Flying W ing Disc
U.S. built flying wing disc air craft?
Continued from Page 22 from This support group (SG) was at one time stationed at Carswell AFB (Fort Worth Texas), than later transferred to James Connolly AFB (Waco Texas). Indeed, "FLITAFF" was actually painted on a hangar at James Connolly AFB. Looking head on, they appeared as the classic so-called "Flying Saucer" shape, very similar to two saucers stacked one over the other. The pilot/crew compartment appearing as a bubble shaped contour located directly in the middle of the top of the disc. There was nothing forward of the pilot's compartment other than the sloping surface. That compartment, featured a "spinal fairing" that ran from the canopy, and tapered back towards the trailing edge of the disc, narrowing down to a very high vertical tail. The small 20' diameter craft had a crew of one, with an air-intake on both sides of the pilot's compartment, and two exhaust ports at the aft lower portion of the disc. The air-intakes could best be described as looking very similar to that of a Harrier or Douglas A-7 Skyhawk. This aircraft also employed control surfaces along the circumference of the disc. Jack also recalled that all four aircraft had a small black "non-slip" walk-way that ran along the length of the fuselage, leading up to the pilot/crew compartment. According to Jack, the smaller disc seemed to incorporate a sort of magnifying/enlarging optical sight, which was directly embedded into the 1-1/2 to 2" thick canopy windows, which may also have been used as a flat armored glass windscreen. The standard Air Force insignia, and the designation "XPERIMENTAL" followed by "USAF", was visibly printed starting immediately behind the windows of the compartment on towards the tail. On the upper surface of the vertical stabilizer, there was the identification "U.L." which stood for "Unlimited Altitude". Jack was informed that the discs had considerable various uses. The O.I.C. permitted Jack to actually kick the tires of the smaller 40' craft, while the O.I.C. stood nearby and snapped a photo in the process. The 40' disc featured a hinged canopy that flipped up to allow entry for the pilot. All four discs were polished aluminum silver in color, with the aircraft skin seams and rivets clearly visible. Jack recalled that the aircraft "skin" was in good condition, and did not show signs of excessive oxidized wear. He was also permitted to run his hand along the edge of the smaller discs. Amazingly, each aircraft was so exceedingly streamlined that it appeared as though each craft were made out of one piece. The discs themselves, regardless of size, all had tricycle landing gear. The size of the aircraft, determined how many wheels on each. The 20' and 40' discs incorporated a single wheel on all three landing gear struts, while the 70' diameter version used dual wheels all around. When Jack was permitted to walk around these discs, it was clear to him that both the 20' and 40' diameter craft were of single pilot design, while the 70' craft was a two seat tandem model. Jack also recalled that on the very forward leading edge of all of the discs, there appeared to be a "retractable slotted window", which may have been used to improve pilot visibility during approach to landing. For whatever reason, the top entry hatch of the small 20' diameter disc was left open, leaving it exposed to the elements. According to the O.I.C. (Officer in charge) of MacDill, all four aircraft had been flown in, and then immediately parked outside at the scrap-yard. The O.I.C. also informed Jack that not one person had ever been allowed to enter any of the discs since they arrived. THE LARGE DISC: Measuring 116 feet in diameter (comparable to the wingspan of a B47 Stratojet), and standing 12' off of the ground, (much higher near the edge) the largest of the four discs must have been a sight to behold. The O.I.C. permitted Jack to walk under and around this aircraft, but was soon told to come out from under it due to possible safety issues. Jack specifically noted that the port main landing gear of the large craft was partially collapsed, causing the aircraft to lean to the left. Each main landing gear consisted of 6 wheels, measuring 5' in diameter. The nose gear had an incredible 32 wheels, each measuring 2-1/2 to 3 feet in diameter. Indeed, Jack recalled that "the front landing gear had more wheels than I had ever seen on any aircraft before". Although all of the tires on this craft were flat, Jack noted that they did not appear exceptionally worn. A door was located on the port side of the craft, for access to the crew compartment. Immediately behind the door, were three oblong rectangular shaped windows that ran along both sides of the fuselage (see illustration #23). These may have been stations for the flight engineer, navigator, and weapon systems operator. The extreme forward section of the crew compartment looked like the nose of a Curtiss C-46 transport aircraft. The large craft employed two airintakes on both sides of the crew compartment, and four exhaust ports at the aft bottom end of the craft. The air intakes blended beautifully into the sides of the fuselage and upper portion of the disc. It was clear that the crew compartment had room for a pilot and co-pilot who sat side-by side. The main cabin/fuselage appeared very similar to that of a Douglas DC6 passenger airliner, with enough room for a central isle, and two seats on either side. The upper portion of the vertical stabilizer had the designation "U.S." which stood for "Upper Stratosphere" Jack specifically recalls that the unusually high vertical stabilizer was "higher than shopping mall parking lot lights" It was evident that the main landing gear retracted inside the main body of the disc, with the gear moving up and away from the centerline of the aircraft. The nose gear retracted to the rear and up inside the bottom of the disc. Flight control surfaces were located along the circumference of the disc, similar to the 20' model. Jack remembers seeing what may have been bomb bay doors located on the bottom surface of the disc. These may have been used for the release of 10' diameter in-flight radio controlled flying wing disc bomb drones. Indeed, Jack remembers seeing flying wing disc drones in various stages of disrepair at the scrap-yard, near the four discs. These bombs were capable of being delivered with "pin-point" accuracy decades before Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighters dropped "smart bombs" on Iraq during the Gulf War. This indicates that the primary mission for this aircraft may have been that of a long range


reconnaissance bomber. The O.I.C. also informed Jack that this aircraft had "nuclear capabilities". Jack was told that this aircraft regularly over-flew Russia after WWII, but was told: "you can't print that". It was obvious to Jack that this large craft would totally do away for the need of long range bombers, escort fighter aircraft, refueling aircraft, support crews, and air bases. What would be the point of manufacturing additional support aircraft, when you had an aircraft that could "do it all"? Of course this would not sit well with the military industrial complex which stands to make billions of dollars manufacturing ordinary runof-mill support aircraft. This specific point was brought home during President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation delivered on January 17, 1961. President Eisenhower stated that "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." This he knew from personal experience, and was well aware that when the military and defense contractors "slept together" bad things happen. AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE: When Jack asked the O.I.C. if these were the Flying Saucers everybody was reporting, he was given an affirmative reply. It's clear that what was being reported in the news media as "Flying Saucers" was one of the smaller craft, specifically the 40' diameter model. The overall logistics and tremendous costs involved in manufacturing the giant 116' model may have prevented it from being produced in great quantity. Jack was never briefed on the exact propulsion system utilized by the four craft, or who specifically built these aircraft. Jack also inquired why they had been discontinued, and was told that it had to do with maneuverability problems, and that the U.S.A.F. now had "better ones". In regards to the specific performance of these aircraft, Jack was told directly by the O.I.C. that "we could fly so fast as to attain sufficient altitude to be classified as achieving space flight". This is consistent with the official USAF classification that space flight begins at an altitude of 50 miles, or approximately 265,000 feet. For Jack's article, the O.I.C. told him that he could state that these aircraft could "exceed Mach 1", a very conservative understatement to say the least. Jack inquired how these aircraft could avoid burning up while descending from such high altitudes. He was told that during re-entry these aircraft "skip" across the upper portion of the atmosphere, thereby slowing down and dissipating the extreme heat (similar to a flat rock when thrown across a body of water). Jack was also told by the O.I.C. that "had we had different power source engines, we could have gone into orbit" (orbital flight requires 17,500 mph, 25,000 to reach the moon and planets). Jack was also told that these aircraft were more secret than the "Manhattan Project". Authors special note: Those that are skeptical of the reality of manmade flying saucers would do well to review the sighting made by former Mercury Seven astronaut and test pilot Gordon Cooper.

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Sear ching for the Truth
public on the information available, from credible witnesses. Both of these gentlemen have an obvious agenda that appears to feed directly into the television show host's biased reporting of these events. Just once, I would like to hear Shermer or Magaha admit that we possibly don't know what these witnesses are seeing, and allow a serious investigation to transpire. In my own research I welcome opposing views that have factual information presented, believing that I can become a better researcher by such views. Shermer and Magaha cannot accept the fact that many of these witnesses that come forward are simply asking for someone in authority to explain to them what they saw. In my opinion neither of these two gentlemen fall in to the "someone in authority"category. Those that are in authority of course seem to have had a lot of experience in not being truthful with the witnesses and the public when making an official statement, going as far back as the Roswell Incident 60 years ago. Retired military personnel, serious researchers like Stanton Friedman, and others are invited on the shows, but often times are cut off or interrupted by the host or skeptics not giving a fair balance to the viewing public that is desiring information, consequently coming away with distorted information Another serious mistake hosts like Larry King make are comments such as, "do you believe in UFOs?" UFOs EXIST, and have for many years, and have been admitted to by the military as far back as the 1940's and 50's, so it's not a matter of "if" they exist, but rather in my opinion, what these UFOs are, which have not satisfactorily been explained in the three cases I will mention later. Many television documentaries on the subject of UFOs follow the same biased approach. A good example of one such show was the National Geographic special, in which researchers Stanton Friedman, Don Schmitt , myself and others devoted our years of research freely to filming of the show, only to have the debunkers override the show to an extremely biased conclusion. Many shows on television (documentaries and news shows), as well as newspaper articles that do report UFO incidents, insist on bringing what I refer to as the "woo-woo" aspect into what could, and should be reported as a story that could well be the story of the millennium. Why then do the people in tinfoil hats, sci-fi film clips have to be included? If that is their way of being balanced they obviously don't understand the subject of Ufology to begin with, and is it any wonder that the subject is not taken more seriously than it is, due to the reporting it receives? If we are ever to have objective coverage of this subject, changes must be made not only how television documentaries are presented, but news media outlets should also be presented differently than what has become the norm. Many radio show hosts are trying to do this in live interviews they conduct with serious researchers and witnesses, and I compliment them for doing so.

Sear ching for the Truth (Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
Is There No End to the Excuses We're Given? by Dennis Balthaser
In a previous editorial I mentioned that I don't normally research UFO topics such as sightings, abductions, crop circles or cattle mutilations, while concentrating on Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza. I do however have an interest when a high profile case comes along, trying to stay abreast of how it develops, is reported, and normally swept under the rug in a short time period. In the last 10 years, 3 cases of sightings have surfaced which have generated an interest for me, and the official response to each case by the military and/or government agencies have followed a similar pattern, as well as the major media outlets handling of the information. Recent television "news" shows such as Larry King Live on CNN is a good example. Devoting too much airtime to skeptics and debunkers like Michael Shermer and James Magaha, does absolutely nothing to educate the

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This book resolves the biggest secret and international conspiracy of all time – the true origins of Christianity. The original objective was to confirm that St Paul (Saul) was actually Josephus Flavius. However, this novel identification exposed new perspectives on the life of Jesus, who was actually a king. "Priests and kings were anointed ... hence the title 'christ' or 'messiah' often signified the same as 'king'." Commentary on the Bible, Adam Clarke 1832 Contrary to orthodox perceptions, King Jesus and Queen Mary Magdalene were the richest couple in Syrio-Judaea. The Romans wanted to impose taxes on Jesus and Mary, an imposition that provoked the Jewish Rebellion. King Jesus fought and lost that war, and so he was crucified, reprieved and sent into exile in Roman England. In those remote lands, King Jesus became known as Atur-tii (the Egyptian) or 'King Arthur and the twelve disciples of the Last Supper Table' This identification of Jesus as a wealthy, royal, warriorhero of first century Judaea may sound bizarre, but that is what the texts say. All research and quotations are from original sources, including the New Testament, Tanakh, Talmud, Josephus, Origen, Eusebius, Irenaeus, Herodian, Suetonius, Tacitus, Clement and many others besides. This is a secret history that has been deliberately concealed from us for two millennia – for those feet, in ancient times, did indeed walk upon England's mountains green!

By Ralph Ellis

US Built Flying W ing Disc
U.S. built flying wing disc air craft?
Continued from Page 23 from During 1951 in Europe, Gordon Cooper and his squadron-mates attempted to intercept a group of silver saucer shaped craft. Flying their F-86 Saber jets at 45,000 feet, they were unable to catch the discs. Gordon Cooper reported that the discs were flying much higher, and traveling far to fast to be intercepted by his F-86. Colonel Cooper recalled that these discs were seen in flying formations of four and sixteen. THE PROPOSED ARTICLE: The four disc shaped experimental aircraft were never featured in the October 1967 issue of "NCO Club News". Coincidentally, while putting that article together, there was a UFO/Flying Saucer sighting which occurred directly over downtown Miami. That particular aircraft Jack was told, originated from Avon Park Air Force Range located 100 miles Southeast of MacDill AFB. Avon Park consisted of runways far too short for the operation of conventional high speed, horizontal take-off aircraft. Only "harrier type" or VTOL aircraft would be ideally suited for operations at this facility. Jack learned that this new prototype developed a propulsion system malfunction, which caused it to drop down to "tree-top level". The crew was desperately trying to keep the craft airborne long enough to clear Miami so that they could crash land offshore into the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually, the flight crew regained control of the aircraft, which quickly turned straight up, and departed the Miami area at a tremendous speed. It's entirely possible that a more advanced prototype VTOL variant (possibly Project Silverbug) of the original four discs stored at MacDill was responsible for the overfly of Miami. Immediately after the Miami over-fly, Jack bought a copy of the Tampa Tribune morning edition (which carried an article on the sighting), and brought this sighting, which took place approximately on September 20th of 1967 to the attention of the O.I.C. at MacDill, who personally felt that he should make a request to higher Air Force authority for the clearance needed for publication at that time (this sighting was also reported in the Miami Herald). The O.I.C. specifically told Jack "Yes, I know about that aircraft". This was now the making of the biggest and most decisive "Catch 22" that the U.S.A.F. ever found itself in. On one hand, the Air Force was standing on the door-step ready to officially release information pertaining to the four discs parked at the scrap-yard which had already been decommissioned/declassified. On the other hand, Jack was told: "the U.S. Air Force would never admit that aircraft ever existed, never" (referring to the aircraft that took off from Avon Park, and was responsible for the Miami sighting). Jack was specifically told that it would be in the "better interest of the Air Force" to delay publication of his article. Jack was seated across the desk from the O.I.C. during this meeting. The O.I.C. also possessed the official U.S. Air Force stamp which was ready to go on the back of each of the photos Jack had picked out earlier. Due to the fact that the Air Force had changed their mind, the O.I.C. began taking back the photos. At this exact point, the official declassification of these incredible discs, was officially terminated. Jack was later told that "Nobody will ever see these aircraft again, until they re-appear as U.S. space craft" (possible replacement for current space shuttle). Authors special note: During the time that Jack was examining the discs at the scrapyard, he noticed a hangar nearby. When Jack asked the O.I.C. what was in that hangar, he replied "I'm not going to tell you what's in that hangar". Speculating about the contents of this restricted hangar would be outside the scope of this article. However, it now appears that for what-ever reason MacDill AFB was chosen as a sort of "clearing house" storage facility for Ultra Top Secret Experimental aircraft. The time has come for the U.S.A.F. to fully declassify and release into public domain, the technical details, photos, and motion picture/newsreel footage pertaining to these specific aircraft. Any potential threat to National Security has now been far out-weighed by the economic and environmental benefits derived from the propulsion systems employed on these aircraft. Indeed, we can no longer as a civilization, go on using obsolete solid and liquid rockets to achieve space flight. There is a "better way" to access space. It's now time for the military industrial complex, and the highest level of U.S. leadership to finally admit that "the game is up", and that the American people, and the world, demand a full disclosure regarding highly classified aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems. Only then, can we all take our rightful place among the stars, and fully reach our potential to discover new worlds, just over the horizon.


NASA's Deep Impact Begins Hunt For Alien Worlds
As ANN reported, Deep Impact made history when the mission team directed an impactor from the spacecraft into comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005. NASA recently extended the mission, redirecting the spacecraft for an October 11, 2010 flyby of comet Hartley 2. As it cruises toward the comet, Deep Impact will observe five nearby stars with "transiting exosolar planets," so named because the planet transits, or passes in front of, its star. The Epoxi team, led by University of Maryland astronomer Michael A'Hearn, directed the spacecraft to begin these observations January 22. The planets were discovered earlier and are giant planets with massive atmospheres, like Jupiter in our solar system. They orbit their stars much closer than Earth does the sun, so they are hot and belong to the class of exosolar planets nicknamed "Hot Jupiters." However, these giant planets may not be alone. If there are other worlds around these stars, they might also transit the star and be discovered by the spacecraft. Deep Impact can even find planets that don't transit, using a timing technique. Gravity from the unseen planets will pull on the transiting planets, altering their orbits and the timing of their transits. "We're on the hunt for planets down to the size of Earth, orbiting some of our closest

neighboring stars," said Epoxi Deputy Principal Investigator Drake Deming of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Epoxi is a combination of the names for the two extended mission components: the exosolar planet observations, called Extrasolar Planet Observations and Characterization (Epoch), and the flyby of comet Hartley 2, called the Deep Impact Extended Investigation (Dixi). Goddard leads the Epoch component. More than 200 exosolar planets have been discovered to date. Most of these are detected indirectly, by the gravitational pull they exert on their parent star. Directly observing exosolar planets by detecting the light reflected from them is very difficult, because a star's brilliance obscures light coming from any planets orbiting it. However, sometimes the orbit of an exosolar world is aligned so that it eclipses its star as seen from Earth. In these rare cases, called transits, light from that planet can be seen directly. "When the planet appears next to its star, your telescope captures their combined light. When the planet passes behind its star, your telescope only sees light from the star. By subtracting light from just the star from the combined light, you are left with light from the planet," said Deming, who is leading the search for exosolar worlds with Deep Impact. "We can analyze this light to discover what the atmospheres of these planets are like." Deep Impact will also look back to observe Earth in visible and infrared wavelengths, allowing comparisons with future discoveries of Earth-like planets around other stars. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, manages Epoxi for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The University of Maryland is the Principal Investigator institution.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada People Listen To The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell on



Stranger Called Christ
name Siku, grew up in England and Nigeria in an Anglican family of Nigerian descent. He recently graduated from theology school in London. For years, he has worked as an artist, and a rendering of the Bible was the best way of glorifying God, he said in a telephone interview from London. While younger adults and teenagers are the most avid consumers of manga, Mr. Akinsiku said he had heard from grandmothers who picked up the book as a gift for their grandchildren. The book is meant to be a first taste of the Bible, which many feel too intimidated to read, Mr. Akinsiku said. Every few pages, a small tab refers to the biblical verses the action covers. “For the unchurched, the book is to show that this thing, the Bible, is still relevant,” he said, “because it talks about what human beings do when they encounter God.” Christian thinkers have tried to make the Bible accessible for centuries, scholars said. Stained glass windows related Bible stories when Europe was largely illiterate. New printing technology in the 19th century made it possible to mass-produce Bibles, including illustrated versions, said Peter J. Thuesen, acting chairman of religious studies at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. As literacy rose (and marketing flowered), individual families bought Bibles. In the 1960s and 1970s, books like the Living Bible and the Way came out, written in vernacular English, although scholars criticize their accuracy. In the past decade, as consumer products have been directed at niche markets and religious services tailored to different groups, publishers have made more money by creating Bibles to serve certain groups, said Lynn Schofield Clark, director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media at the University of Colorado. A few years ago, for example, the religious publisher Thomas Nelson issued a Bible for teenage girls called Revolve, which looked like a glossy magazine. It sold 40,000 copies in a month, Ms. Clark said, a staggering number for a Bible. The goal of the Bibles is not just to win people to Christ, but to particular ways of thinking, said Jason BeDuhn, associate professor of religious studies at Northern Arizona University. Mr. Akinsiku said the biblical message he wanted to underscore was justice, especially for the poor. His book has been criticized by some manga bloggers as too wordy. Mr. Akinsiku said the exposition gave readers a quick understanding of the Bible. His next project is a manga life of Christ. He has 300 pages to lay it out, which means there will be a lot more action, a lot less talking, something like Clint Eastwood in the Galilee. []

The Bible as Graphic Novel, W ith a Samurai Stranger Called Christ
Ajinbayo Akinsiku wants the world to know Jesus Christ, just not the gentle, blue-eyed Christ of old Hollywood movies and illustrated Bibles. Mr. Akinsiku says his Son of God is “a samurai stranger who’s come to town, in silhouette,” here to shake things up in a new, much-abridged version of the Bible rooted in manga, the Japanese form of graphic novels. “We present things in a very brazen way,” said Mr. Akinsiku, who hopes to become an Anglican priest and who is the author of “The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation.” “Christ is a hard guy, seeking revolution and revolt, a tough guy.” Publishers with an eye for evangelism and for markets have long profited by directing Bibles at niche markets: just-married couples, teenage boys, teenage girls, recovering addicts. Often the lure is cosmetic, like a jazzy new cover. Sales of graphic novels, too, have grown by double digits in recent years. So it makes sense that a convergence is under way, as graphic novels take up stories from the Bible, often in startling ways. In the last year, several major religious and secular publishing houses have announced or released manga religious stories. The medium shapes the message. Manga often focuses on action and epic. Much of the Bible, as a result, ends up on the cutting room floor, and what remains is darker. “It is the end of the Word as we know it, and the end of a certain cultural idea of the Scriptures as a book, as the Book,” Timothy Beal, professor of religion at Case Western Reserve University, said of the reworking of the Bible in new forms, including manga. “It opens up new ways of understanding Scripture and ends up breaking the idols a bit.” While known for characters with big eyes and catwalk poses, manga is also defined by a laconic, cinematic style, with characters often doing more than talking. In a blurb for the Manga Bible, which is published by Doubleday, the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, is quoted as saying, “It will convey the shock and freshness of the Bible in a unique way.” No doubt. In the Manga Bible, whose heroes look and sound like skateboarders in Bedouin gear, Noah gets tripped up counting the animals in the Ark: “That’s 11,344 animals? Arggh! I’ve lost count again. I’m going to have to start from scratch!” Abraham rides a horse out of an explosion to save Lot. Og, king of Bashan, looms like an early Darth Vader. The Sermon on the Mount did not make the book, though, because there was not enough action to it. The Manga Bible sold 30,000 copies in Great Britain, according to Doubleday. The print run in this country is 15,000, and it sells for $12.95. Mr. Akinsiku, 42, who uses the pen

Author calls alien life 'scientifically reasonable'
By: Kelli Long Jeff Bennett saw an unidentified flying object once, but he is not convinced that aliens were on board. Bennett shared his views of life in the universe with a packed room in the ChemistryPhysics Building last night during a speech based on his book "Beyond UFOs: The search for Extraterrestrial Life and Its Astonishing Implications for Our Future." Bennett's research of the universe has led him to investigate the possibilities of life on other planets. This investigation has made him almost certain that life exists outside of Earth. "There are a lot of possible homes for life," Bennett said. "That's why it seems scientifically reasonable that there is life on other planets." But Bennett is still looking for the answers to where this life is and why it has not tried to contact humans. The author of numerous texts, ranging from college textbooks to children's books, Bennett believes that alien life may be possible, but that other intelligent life forms are so far advanced they would not likely let humans know they existed. Technologically speaking, Bennett said he would expect them to be nearly 50,000 years ahead of Earth's civilizations. Bennett only talked about conclusions he has drawn from his research and avoided speculation, said physics junior Allan Straub. "He avoided any sort of jumping to conclusions and stuck to the facts," Straub said. "That is the way science is done. If we actually want to learn, we can't jump to conclusions." Leeann York, an astronomy professor at UK, encouraged her class to attend the speech, which was hosted by the Society of Physics Students, because she talks about man's search for life outside the planet in her class. "I hope that my students gained an appreciation for how much we can learn about other places without actually going there and also how little we actually know," York said. To Bennett, the real question that needs to be answered is not whether intelligent life exists on other planets, but, "Will we prove that there is intelligent life on Earth?" []

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out to sea. My son had to go in and pick him up. The dog seemed as if he was on remote control. He was also very cold. This was indeed very odd behaviour. We decided to take our dog back to the house and dry him off. All of the time we were walking back I was taking shots and again getting nothing. Halfway back I noticed a reddish haze near by in the sky, so I took a shot. I knew I had something this time because the window in the back of the camera lit up. When back at the beach house I reviewed the shots taken and was astonished to see the object, which appeared on the camera. We immediately went back to the main beach to see if there was anything else apparent. There was nothing unusual, but what was interesting, was the fact that everything was cleared and back to normal. We could hear the sea and the birds once more. It was as if viewing the object was the catalyst for normality to return. I did not see the object at any time but what ever it was, made itself apparent before I took the photograph. The camera used was a Nikon Coolpix 5900. The picture I sent to you was a re sized version. Attached to this email is the original photograph for you to use. Kathy. Kathy has also sent me another photograph taken at the same location, which she nicknames 'the question mark'. It is well known in UFO research that there are many locations around the world that seem to have a concentration of these mysterious lights. Marfa in Texas, Hessdalen in Norway and the Pennine Hills of Northern England are all such locations. Whether North Haven is one such location remains to be seen. Kathy is keen to receive any feedback on her photographs and while they are her copyright she feels they 'belong to the world'. I would like to thank Kathy for allowing me permission to reproduce her photographs. If you would like to comments on these photographs taken by Kathy I would appreciate it if you could contact me at: Philip Mantle, 49 East Leigh Drive, Tingley, Nr Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, WF3 1PF. Email:, web site:

By Philip Mantle.
One of the pleasures of lecturing or attending conferences on the UFO subject is some of the people you meet. In 2003 I had the pleasure of speaking at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, USA. This Congress is without doubt that the largest such event anywhere in the world. Out of the many people I met there one was Kathy D. Kathy is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia for many years. Kathy is a UFO researchers and lecturer in her own right and she lives in the foothills of Adelaide. She has a beach house at South Haven in South Australia. This is about 30 minutes drive from where she lives. It is at this beach house that Kathy has had several interesting UFO sightings and has managed to capture some of these events on camera. The following account is directly from Kathy D herself: “On the 25th June 2006 on a whim, my son and I decided to visit our beach house. Accompanying us was our 17 years old dog. I might add at this point that in all his 17 years, our dog has never liked the sea and ran away when nearing a rock pool on the beach. When we arrived at the beach house we went straight out the front and stood looking over the marina to the beach houses the other side of the inlet. As we stood nothing was said, we just looked over the sea. I was picking up a very unusual phenomenon. Everything looked distorted, small and interestingly, we could not hear the seagulls or the noise of the sea. Everything was silent. It was as if viewing the whole surroundings through cellophane paper or, even more bizarre, from another place. My son then mentioned that everything seemed strange and distorted, exactly the same sensations I was experiencing. We then decide to visit the main beach which is situated a one minute walk from the back gate, to see if the same phenomenon was apparent on the main beach. It was. The sea seemed as if it was boiling and had a phosphorescent color to it, again we could not hear the waves crashing on the breakwater rocks or indeed the seagulls. Everything was almost silent. All of the time I was taking pictures with my camera and getting nothing. The air seemed electrified. By this time it was dark and the time would have been about 7 p m. Still taking pictures, my son called to me to look at the dog, which by now was about 10 ft into the water and walking in a straight line

The Known Universe
The Known Universe Natur e's Ultimate Cosmic Design
unknown volume of our known universe. The Local Super-cluster (closest to Earth) consists of scores of other star arrays like the Virgo Cluster, some 50 million light-years away. The Virgo constellation numbers approximately 200 bright galaxies, which dominates our local region of galactic space. Some astronomers believe that this Local Super-Cluster is connected to an even larger feature, the Great Attractor. Its gravitational pull is strong enough to slow-at least in its immediate vicinity-the expansion of the universe, this fact possibly due to the presence of a scientifically unproven component called 'dark matter.' One way astronomers estimate density of cosmic/dark matter is by measuring the masses of rich star clusters. If the density is at or below a critical value, the universe will expand forever. However, if the existence of enough dark matter is confirmed-a contraction of the universe will eventually occur. Prime candidates for dark matter include neutrinos or other subatomic particles, objects of sub-stellar mass-similar to giant planets and miniature black holes. What explains this remarkable cosmic architecture and design? If the original matter forged by the 'big bang' was spread smoothly on all scales, in what possible manner could galaxies and clusters of galaxies and superclusters have been formed? Early on there may have been freak perturbations crinkling up major parts of the universe, triggering the growth of selected structures. Astronomers are still searching for the unique imprint of these density irregularities in the microwave radiation left over from the much-debated 'big bang' event-happening perhaps 15-20 billion years ago. Any primordial lumpiness would have eventually become amplified as gravity causing these denser regions in space to coalesce until billions of years later when distinct galaxies emerged. This infill of dark material might have been so concentrated that it created monstrous black holes-colossal gravitational gluttons with masses as large as a hundred million sunsmostly concentrated at the core-centers of these galaxies. Astronomers have also found galaxies emitting huge bursts of powerful radio-wave energy-quite possibly the cosmic belching of an engorged black hole. Did stars and galaxies develop first, then aggregate into clusters, super-clusters, and ultimately supercluster complexes? Or did these large-scale structures form first, then become fragmented? The answers lie both in the initial perturbations and the nature of an invisible, but pervasive, cosmic material. We have evidence that in addition to visible matter such as stars/gas, the universe contains vast quantities of a dark matter of unknown form presumably lingering over from the 'big bang' event. However the galactic structuring of the cosmos occurred-our very existence depends on it for without galaxies there would be no stars, no planets-no life here on Earth, as we know it. The sun, holding our solar system togetherbecomes the primary life-force energy governing our world-and "Planet-X" Earth's eternal nemesis-may well disturb our sun and the entire solar system as 2009 and 21


December 2012 brings "X" (back once again) into our "earthian field of reality existence."

- OUR GALACTIC JOURNEY BEGINS HERE IN PART ONE WE ARE LIVING IN THE UNIVERSE'S PRIME, long after most of the exciting things have happened. Simply gaze into the sky on a starry night and you will see what appears to be only a few thousand glittering stars, most straddling the darkness of space in a great swath we call the Milky Way. This is all the ancients knew of the vast universe-oh, but there is much, much more. When projected across a flat disk for graphic purposes, the known universe appears to have a radius across of 20 billion light-years. Most astronomers estimate the age of the universe to be between 15 and 20 billion years old. (Possibly the end-product of the original "big bang?") However long before Earth's 21st century-before our planet was populated with modern-day man-and long before religion/science/technology reigned supreme here, certain ancient 6,000-year-old Sumerian pictographs revealed that our solar system contained one more mystery planet called "Marduk" -what they called "The Planet of the Crossing."

W ritten Exclusively for the "X" Chronicles Newspaper By: Chronicles Jaysen Q. Rand, Ph.D. © 2008 Futureworld Publishing Futureworld International, LLC
Author's Note: A large number of emails we receive each week ask us to explain in greater detail what we mean in our book when we speak about "The Larger Picture" of things in the universe. So this month we thought it would be a smart idea to reprise a previously written article that also includes some of the material contained in the first segment of our book, "The Return Of Planet-X," captioned: Earthwatch-The 21st Century and Beyond. Here is that segment: Dear Reader, even a casual glance at the nighttime sky hints at a universe of stupendous beauty, size and awe. The unaided eye discerns far distant stars blazing in the vast blackness of space while taking in the majestic white arc seen high above Earth comprising the Milky Way galaxy. Powerful radio telescopes scanning the electromagnetic spectrum reveal a great cosmos of intricate structure, unparalleled beauty and quite unimaginable violence. And the known universe, nature's Ultimate Cosmic Design, is a virtual battleground of timeless forces shaping matter and releasing megaquantities of energy eventually finding its way to Earth as light and other interactive forms of solar radiation-the cosmic life force on planet Earth constantly/perpetually reshaping our life existence. Astronomers can now skillfully detect billions of distant galaxies but have catalogued only a few million that display a variety of shapes, sizes and complexity. Some are elliptical, while others, like our own Milky Way, have magnificent spiral arms. Galaxies tend to cluster on the periphery of gigantic voids in space, giving the universe a frothy and filamentary web-like structure. In addition, galaxies also cluster like fleets of ships. Other clusters of galaxies are found linked to superclusters in intricate and unusual filamentary chains. Looking at the "larger cosmic picture"clusters and super-clusters also bound great voids of space that may account for most of the

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The Known Universe

The Known Universe
Continued from Page 29 from They believed that this Planet of the Crossing" was a rogue brown dwarf body theoretically roaming the Sun's solar system and returning time and time again (about every 3,600-4,00 years) to terrorize planet Earth and her inhabitants. Fast-forwarding from the past: Gradually as telescopes of greater lens size/resolution/magnitude were developed, we discovered the vast islands of light called galaxies. All around the galaxies is a cool sea of microwaves-the echoing 'big bang.' Time, space and dark matter all appear to have their origins in this one explosive event from which the present-day universe has emerged-still in a state of overall expansion-yet slowly cooling and continuously rarifying until one day-it may all collapse back into itself or be swallowed up by a monster-sized 'black hole.' The known universe as we believe it was constructed is a study into the infinite possibilities of space. In the very beginning the universe was an inferno of radiation, way too hot for any atoms to survive. In the first million years it cooled enough for the nuclei of the very lightest elements to form. Only millions of years later would the cosmos be cool enough for whole atoms to appear. This was soon followed by simple molecules and, after more billions of years, the complex sequence of events that saw the condensation of material forming glittering stars that created a billion swirling islands of great stars into their respective galaxies of light strewn across the visible horizon throughout infinity. Then, after more billions of years with the appearance of stable environments, mysterious processes we still do not completely understand nurtured the complicated products of biochemistry. But how and why did this elaborate sequence of events begin? And what do modern-day cosmologists have to tell us about the origin of the Milky Way-only one of 100 million galaxies charted to date? Answers to these seminal questions helps us unravel the mystical reality of Planet-X so let's begin at the beginning by asking the classic question: As human beings are we truly all alone out here locked into the solar system and Milky Way spinning through space into this vast universe?

- OUR STAR TREK ADVENTURE CONTINUES WITH PART TWO More than four decades ago, during the month of November 1961, an unofficial TOPSECRET meeting was held by many leading government sponsored scientists/researchers. This unprecedented technical and scientific conclave was convened at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia. It was designed to estimate the number of available planets in our galaxy, which might contain the necessary components/potential life zones, to host and maintain sentient intelligent life. These leading

scientific experts in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and science-secretly concluded that there is probably a minimum potential of between 40-50 million intelligence-based extraterrestrial civilizations lying scattered across the vast Milky Way-our local galactic system estimated to be 150,000 light-years across at its expansive core center. One of the major conclusions they reached was that there is ever-increasing evidence that some of these outer space civilizations may be presently visiting the earth, and in some cases carrying out sophisticated research and telepathic communications with earthian inhabitants-just as they have done in the near and distant past. This conclusion and its relevant connection to Planet-X (with its attendant Sumerian cosmology mentioned earlier)-is carefully explored in the full book version of our early research Manual which was eventually rewritten becoming-The Return Of Planet-X. However, in order to more fully comprehend the implications of our 'ETHypothesis' and the search for conscious/intelligent life on other worlds, we must first understand and then explore the unknown vastness of the universe. Consider for a moment the mind-boggling statistics comprising the scope and apparent construction of the cosmos early into the 21st century-as we now understand it One of the ways modern-day astronomers approach the study of the heavens is in terms of measuring (in light-year numbers), the relative distances between planets, suns and their star system's parent galaxy control points. This is accomplished by using this light-year measurement-based calculation as applied to the highly theoretical speed of light authored by Dr. Albert Einstein. A light-year is the calibrated unit of

length used in interstellar astronomy equal to the total distance light travels in one year (in a vacuo) at the rate of 186,300 miles per second or approximately six trillion (6,000,000,000,000) miles. A star that's located several thousand light-years away from Earth is only visible by the arrival of its light source which was radiated long, long before the advent of any form or discipline of planetary history was known or recorded about our solar system by primitive humankind (a relative time period believed to be less than 15,000 years). So let's take a fascinating journey into the boundless wonders of the heavens suspected of containing an inestimable number of billions, perhaps jillions of celestial objects. And in whatever direction we gaze into deep space, we detect galaxies, clusters of galaxies, superclusters and local superclusters comprising gigantic star groups-with all of them moving away from us across an elliptical plane. Towards the observable horizon we see quasars-quasi-stellar objects-notwithstanding the uniform glow of radiation from the 'big bang.' On the largest scale the universe looks the same in every direction. Quasars, the most distant celestial objects yet observed, are among the most curious and the most energetic. Each of the brightest quasars emits the combined energy of hundreds of galaxies-yet flow from an energy volume far smaller than that of our local Milky Way.

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The Known Universe
million years, traveling at 220km/sec or 355mi/sec. Astronomers believe that the large halo enveloping our galaxy's central disc contains very old stars and invisible dark matter. Beyond the expansive Milky Way there are galaxies stretching out expanding in every direction. Our own system is part of a loosely bound cluster containing some 30 galaxies, called the Local Group in astronomical terms. Our galaxy rotates in locomotion like a giant whirlpool and the myriad of stars move around its center control point just as the nine planets/moons rotate around our sun. Those stars nearest the center point rotate much faster than those located further out. Our sun, all the visible stars, and billions of other star groups form/design the immense flat spiral profile of our galaxy-much of which is seen only through powerful telescopes based on land and in space. This stupendous star system is believed to be about 150,000 light-years in diameter, but less than 7,000 light-years thick in our location. Our sun is close to the equatorial (long) plane of the galaxy, but still located well off to one side. The galactic center or nucleus of this star system appears to be about 26,000 light-years away, pointing towards the constellation Sagittarius. Our galaxy and the universe itself is so vast that its absolute limits are virtually unknown-a hundred billion stars and suns of many differing types ranging from red supergiants (less dense than the Earth's atmosphere) to immense white-hot dwarfs hundreds of times denser than lead, and lastly the lesser known variety called red or brown dwarf suns-those unignited/failed stars containing a relatively small mass and low or average luminosity as our sun. In our book, we believe Planet-X to be a spent brown dwarf starone that is connected to our solar system-but little understood nor accepted by most astronomers. Brown dwarf stars are discussed in the complete body of our book (and in our first "X"-Chronicles article for October-2007). Special emphasis was placed on this one particular 'brown dwarf star' -Planet-X-referred to in the Christian Bible as "Wormwood." (Reference Note: See Book of Revelation, Chapter 8, verses 10-13.) Conservative astronomical estimates place about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, with half of these systems judged to be binaries (double stars), which would practically preclude the actual presence of an organized system of planets, or for that matter, any kind of planets stable enough to create, foster and sustain ecological life-support systems as we know them to function. Of the five billion non-binary (single) stars, most, if not all of them, would qualify to become host suns to other large solar systems with anywhere from one to 25 planets revolving around a central luminary body (like our sun). Out of the remaining potential of 100 billion suns, about half of these would be classified as F, G, or K stars (an alphabetical arrangement according to temperature and size). The sun holding together our solar system is a typical Grated ordinary yellowish star, with an absolute magnitude of 5, and is estimated to be approximately 4-5 billion years old; F and Krated stars are hotter and cooler respectively. [Note: Ancient cultures/societies all believed that our solar system was originally a binary star system hosting a total of 12 planets, not the nine we know about.] Light from our sun takes a full eight minutes to cross the huge gulf of deep space to planet Earth-96 million miles or 150 million km. Light travels five hours longer to reach Pluto and after about four years--four months, it touches Alpha Centauri, our sun's nearest stellar neighbor, 40 trillion km or 4.3 light-years away. If sentient/ET life exists in the universe, the Alpha Centauri star system is widely believed by many cosmologists to be our nearest intelligence-based cosmic neighbor. Alpha Centauri is a multiple system with three stars locked by gravity in orbit around each other. Many such stars are binary or multiple-grouped and our modern-day astronomers-the American ("SETI-Project"Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and the Russian group-the ("CETI Project"Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence), are both currently searching the heavens for possible stars with planetary systems similar to our own and solid ET evidence to support it. However, all life-bearing planets must orbit in a biosphere range, not too close and not too far from their host suns, or else they won't have liquid water seas or the proper temperature range to support life-human or otherwise-(an absolute gradient ranging from about 100o Fahrenheit below zero to 150o above zero). In our solar system, only planets Earth and Mars exist within this specific life zone with planet Venus a borderline case and probably much too hot to support life. Therefore our 50-billion Sol-like suns in the Milky Way would, on the average, render us a total of say 500 billion planets of which only 50 billion (one per sun) would be in an Earthlike life-sustaining range. The rest is astronomical caution, the usual leaning over backwards to be ultra-conservative (thereby unrealistic) and thus display no wild suppositions / estimates / theories. On the average, primary stars are usually spaced multiple light-years apart. However, there are some star clusters that appear to be more closely packed toward their centers that actually contain perhaps half a million stars in all. It's now believed a number of these X-factored life-bearing/sustaining planets may revolve around many of those fardistant star groups. Our solar system is located approximately half way from the center of our galaxy. And around our sun revolve the nine known planets beginning with: Mercury, Venus, Earth/Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with their 32 moonlike satellites, the mysterious Asteroid Belt located between Mars and Jupiter and thousands of smaller asteroids with swarms of errant comets and meteors. Planet-X-mentioned as "Wormwood" in the Bible, Chapter 8, Verse 11may be the missing-link component-a failed 'brown dwarf star' that was quite possibly a sister sun to our own.

The Known Universe
Continued from Page 30 from Each is perhaps the violent nucleus of a distant galaxy and may contain a massive black hole, thought to be a theoretical massive object, once formed at the beginning of the universe or by the gravitational collapse of a star exploding as a supernova whose own gravitational field is so intense that no electromagnetic radiation can escape-a mega-void into which all things vanish permanently …with no lasting evidence, lingering traces, history or possible chance of recovery. And as the universe expands-even the farthest quasars appear to be rushing 'away' at more than 90 per cent the speed of light, with their light energy traveling billions of years to reach us. These quasars evolved during countless billions of years; we can only guess at what they are like today. Also visible at great distances are radio galaxies. And unlike quasars, whose dazzling brightness obscures their stars, radio galaxies reveal enough to allow astronomers to estimate the numbers and ages of the stars contained within them. To look at such objects is to see the wonder of the ultimate universe from within its youth some 15-20 billion years ago.

-OUR COSMIC MYSTERY CONTINUES WITH PART THREE Our galaxy was thought to be the entire universe until significant discoveries were made in the early 20th century. Today we know it is only one of billions of existing galaxies-a gravitationally bound rotating congregation of thousands of billions of stars. The Milky Way's oval central bulge glows with the light of much older, redder stars and may also harbor a gigantic hungry black hole. The Milky Way, its sister galaxy Andromeda (M31) and the smaller M33 are both fast-rotating spirals. M32 and NGC-205 are considered elliptical galaxies consisting mainly of older stars. The Large and Small Magellanic clouds appear to be irregular shaped galaxies, described as haze in the southern sky by Ferdinand Magellan's gallant crew in 1520 and noted in detail in the Captain's log book. Situated some 150,000 light-years away, these two Magellanic clouds appear to be the nearest galaxies to ours and may well be satellites of our own local system. Our parent galaxy most resembles the great spiral nebula M131 in Andromeda-a breathtakingly beautiful galaxy some two million light-years away and twice the size of our own Milky Way. It should be noted that these two sister galaxies are also held together by gravity and orbit one another, even as the universe continues its timeless expansion outward towards infinity. Globular clusters contain our galaxy's oldest stars-most estimated to be 10-15 million years old. Even now gas and dust condensing in the spiral arms are themselves forming brandnew "baby stars." Seemingly located all alone set in a distant outlaying arm-our own sun circles the galaxy's center about every 20

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The Known Universe


The Known Universe
Continued from Page 32 from

- OUR INTREPID SPACE ODYSSEY CONTINUES IN PART FOUR We've just completed a fascinating excursion into the boundless wonders of the cosmos containing an inestimable number of millions, perhaps billions of galaxies, constellations, suns, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteors and other known/unknown marvels and mysteries of cosmic creation. Zooming back to our space home, Earth, hurtling through the heavens with a physical speed in motion (traveling at 18.5 miles per/sec within its yearly orbit around the sun), we find the Earth's relative mass 1/329,390ths that of the Sun's, or 5.887 x 1021 tons, with an average 'real density' measurement of approximately 5.6 times that of ordinary sea water. Assuming that Earth, and only Earth, contains life as we know it-means that our planet is ultra-special in our solar system. Is this not reason enough for us to understand/protect/carefully preserve the gifts that "she" represents? Earth's average distance from the sun during its annual trek is 92,900,000 miles. It rotates on its axis from west to east-once in each sidereal day (a period of 23 hours and 56 minutes) as it revolves completely around the sun once a year along its slightly elliptical path. The axis of the Earth (that imaginary line

joining the North and South poles about which it rotates) is inclined to the plane of its orbit (the ecliptic-the intersecting plane of earth's solar orbit with the celestial sphere) at about 23 degrees, 27 minutes. Existing as an oblate spheroid, planet Earth, as seen from deep space, appears to be slightly flattened at the poles and bulging noticeably along her equatorial plane. The polar diameter is 7,900 miles and its equatorial diameter is 7,926.7 miles. The area of its exposed land surface is approximately 57.5 million square miles-while the total area of the planet's oceans is believed to be approximately 139.4 million square miles or roughly 70% of Earth's total surface. And her highest land peak is Mt. Everest situated within Tibet's Himalayas mountain range with the incredible elevation of 29,141 feet, while her greatest ocean depth is the Swire Deep, some 35,640 feet down located deep within the Marianas Trench in the Mariana Islands, a group of 15 tropical islands in the Western Pacific, east of the Philippines. The Earth is completely enveloped by a gaseous atmosphere at least 600 miles high, and all that is needed to continually operate its unique set of life-support systems is the sun's perpetual thermo-nuclear heat and light machine-without which our verdant planet would quickly be reduced to a beautiful blue ball of frozen ice and snow perhaps a mile deep. Our Earth is the 'Home Planet' of mankind and "self-exists" as a living spiritual entity described

as a 'closed ecosystem.' This is reflected in the fact that our living world is completely selfcontained, capable of totally regenerating / maintaining / supporting all of its own primary ecological support systems. However, as we strive to learn more about our highly sensitive and vulnerable planet, we must also understand that its continuing ability to cleanse and regenerate itself has some very real obvious and fixed limitations-our 21st century society with its global politics notwithstanding! Recent data obtained from radioactive rock indicates that planet Earth is at least 2,260,000,000 years old and may be as much as twice that age. This wonderful globe has endured for some 5.5 billion years, but its future is now clouded by mankind's reckless ways; his overpopulation, continuous wars, global pollution of water / air / land, wasted resources and the wanton destruction of her natural wildlife habitats and numerous forms of the local / exotic wildlife inhabiting them.

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The Known Universe
Anyone who does pause for a moment peering into the cosmos and infinity through the lens of a telescope-quickly discovers that the vastness of space is a void filled with continuous creation and incredible beauty. Throughout the visible universe, we witness vast clouds of gas and dust birthing new stars, enormous stellar swarms majestically spiraling into new galaxies and countless other examples of cosmic creation taking place on a truly 'divine' scale. But the universe also has a much more sinister side-a 'destructive tendency' permeating the very fabric of this cosmically 'divine' landscape. Anyone peering through the same telescope also discovers a universe filled with dreaded cataclysmic events graded on an equally 'divine' scale. It's quite possible that Earth, herself, is the end product of a dramatic cosmic destiny, begun perhaps billions of years ago and still ongoing in its never-ending process of creation. Everywhere we look throughout the cosmos, we see whole galaxies colliding with one another-wiping out countless worlds in enormous collisions with black holes tearing apart stars with such overpowering gravitational force-not even 'light' can escape their destruction; comets crashing into planets with such ferocity that if the same objects were to hit planet Earth-they would instantly pulverize our world into countless pieces and there are stars exploding in gigantic events called 'supernovas' -releasing tremendous energy on/at almost incomprehensible radiation levels. As previously mentioned, the universe through which the human race travels is truly a wondrous mix of ongoing creation and destruction! One doesn't have to peer through the lens of a billion dollar NASA telescope to witness this phenomenal mixture of creative/destructive forces at work. Our very own planet provides us sober testimony to the reality of just how simultaneously beautiful and sinister old 'mother nature' can be. Are there established 'timelines' in Earthian history to help us demonstrate this premise? Let's take a look…! As an ancient civilization (8th to the 5th centuries BCE >>> to the early 2nd / until the late >>> 1st century BCE), Sumerian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian cultures had themselves successfully conquered the arts of mathematics, science, astronomy and the conceptual design of research/writing. But more importantly they also mastered the complex understanding of time and timelines, thereby seemingly mastering the metaphysical phenomena of time itself. Let us now continue this section of our research Manual by first examining the concept of 'time' and 'timelines,' since the principal objective of our mission is to establish the 'reality' and 'timeline' of event-evidence to formulate Planet-X's next rendezvous date with our solar system.

The Known Universe
Continued from Page 33 from But this is only the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg.' Consider what happens to the normal ebb and flow of Earth's life-support systems if something really catastrophic would one day suddenly disrupt our planet. Imagine something like a massive asteroid or a series of cometseven the unthinkable scenario of a rogue celestial object / a smoldering brown dwarf star (like 'Wormwood') tearing through our solar system causing major planetary disruptions-and here on Earth a major pole shift-with all the continents moving / shifting-2,000-foot tsunamis slamming against/over and instantly obliterating the world's seacoasts, also causing global earthquakes, belching volcanoes, huge cinder cones that soon blacken the skies creating the dreaded 24-hour night… for years to come -Ohh, and it only gets worse from there… If Planet-X arrives in 2009/2012 - all bets are off! Impossible, unthinkable and beyond the scope of even science fiction?? Think again!! And that, dear reader, is the purposeful intention/scope/mission of this assignment. What you are about to personally experience/understand by reading our book will greatly affect your individual conscious, subconscious, intellectual and dream-state reality producing systems! It was carefully designed to! This seminal work respectfully addresses itself to the 2009 President's White House science staff exploring certain impending questions/conclusions/directives surrounding the ongoing welfare of mankind and his continued existence here-the future of our world-spaceship Earth. Our book was not meant to frighten its readers-but more so to challenge them to fully explore its contents, thus allowing them to make correct decisions about their futures and the futures of their loved ones.

Mar tina Tycova Begins Pr e-Pr oduction of New 1967 "Bigfoot" Film Expose

W ritten by Public Relations www.kalkorf
Prague, Czech Republic - European Union announced today that Czech Media Personality, Author and Supermodel Miss Martina Tycova will begin pre-production tomorrow on a new video documentary she is both hosting and producing, which exposes the world famous Roger Patterson-Bob Gimlin "Bigfoot" film of 1967 as a hoax. The production is being filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, Yakima and Seattle, Washington; Ontario, Canada, and in Northern California. Unlike most Bigfoot "researchers," Tycova has been to Yakima, Washington, where she was part of a special team which managed to successfully recreate the world famous "Bigfoot" film hoax by using a man in a modified gorilla suit. Tycova notes that most people who consider themselves to be "experts" on the film, have never taken the simple step of bothering to try to recreate it. The documentary is expected to be released sometime in the Spring of 2008, and even includes a scene where Bob Gimlin, one of the hoaxers who helped Patterson fake his film in 1967, actually chases Martina Tycova; harrasses her, makes threats, and then and tries to confiscate her film. "Bob Gimlin doesn't like being exposed as a hoaxer. He can't stop the truth from coming out."

- OUR COSMOGONIC EXPLORATION CONCLUDES WITH PART FIVE Earth-the continuing saga of a small watery planet seemingly lost in space on an intrepid journey hurtling through the vastness of the Milky Way galaxy. This is the reality that we-the human race-presently find ourselves experiencing upon this world in 2008-the 21st century. We are an unpredictable/violent war-like species desperately clinging to the surface of this tiny blue orb totally preoccupied with our day-to-day human activities. Our work, school, sleeping, meals, chores, paying bills, vacations, combating global terrorism-all keep us busy from cradle to grave. We live in a rapid-paced world where most people are so 'caught up' in meeting life's immediate demands that we seldom pause to take notice of the 'Grand Universe,' the "Larger Picture," through which our planet is passing in terms of our present-day cosmic time and circumstance.

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The Known Universe
The Known Universe
Continued from Page 34 from According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the meaning of the word time (as a noun) is defined as: "a non-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible success-sion from the past-to the-present-to thefuture." Next, the meaning of the word 'line' (for practical purposes here), is defined in geometry as: "a set of points (x,y) that satisfy the linear equation (ax+by+c=0), where a and b are not both zero." In other words, more simply stated-a line could be described as being a form of linear measurement or a (set) continuous straight mark-cast in a one-dimension perspective. Example: ||| begin a line - [------- a timeline -------] - end a line ||| Now, let us combine these two words into one ---thus producing a new word in the English language-timeline. Now we may define our new word timeline as: A non-spatial continuum - i.e., BCE = [------ a timeline to -------] = AD A timeline occurs in which 'events' happen in apparently irreversible succession moving from the past - to the present - to the future creating an unbroken linear measurement or straight line of events from some unknown point in the past-BCE---through the present--AD -to some unknown point in the future. Let us hypothecate our Planet-X timeline BCE [----to-----] AD enigma as exampled by the demise of Atlantis in 12,500 BCE [jumping] 14,508 years to present-day 2008. Many eastern and middle-eastern philosophies profess a belief system that hypothecates that time is the 'mind of space' and that - space is the 'body of time.' The axiom of time itself allows us to establish when an 'event' occurs in relation to other 'events' and its measurement involves the establishment of the timeline scale to which these 'events' may then be 'referred to' or 'pinpointed against.' Earth's timeline of existence is believed to be 4.5 - 6 billion (timeline) years in duration. The concept of timelines plays a curious role in the reality of people's lives here on planet Earth -since it is also 'scientifically' hypothecated that the measurement of time and timelines may be an exclusive component for all that is 'earthian in nature' and therefore-that time and timelines do not actually exist or apply 'in the vacuo of space' once we leave the 'physical environment' of mother Earth. Time and Timelines exist on Earth based upon our solar system's specific rules of rotation. If the axiom of Earthian timelines is true-they become the essential ingredients of measure against which all other measurements are calculated-everything from the beating of human hearts to the felling of great empires and governments; to the growth of children or economies and the deaths of disease epidemics; to the decline of the human spirit and the morality content of our 21st century societies; and, quite possibly, the very end of our presentday humanity if Wormwood (Planet-X) maintains its deadly rendezvous date with Earth in 2009 and again in 2012. Let us now begin to connect the Planet-X dots based upon history and present-day media reports and commentaries…


- PLANET-X's 2008 TIMELINE OF BACKGROUND SCIENCE AND RESEARCH About 4.5 to five billion years ago a catastrophic collision occurred within our solar system as a giant asteroid smashed head-on into one of the 12 original planets the ancient Sumerians called Marduk. Most of its debris field became our asteroid belt with a larger piece also striking the smaller Jupiter-sized brown dwarf companion star to our sun. This event began "its" legendary odyssey as Planet-X -knocked out of the solar system traveling its bizarre elliptical orbit deep into space-then back again-returning each time causing periodic solar system upheavals and devastating Earth changes. Ancient 6,000-year-old Sumerian pictographs and arcane documents reveal that our solar system had at least one more planetThe Planet of the Crossing, Planet-X. You see, "X" is unique in that we believe it maintains a most unusual cosmic orbit around our Sun-an exaggerated ellipse taking it approximately 3,600-4,000 years to complete its longpredicted orbital return ripping through the solar system. (Note: Many Internet websites suggest that Planet-X be referred to as Planet Nibiru.) During this brown-dwarf's apogee (furthest phase of its fixed orbit), its distance is so great from Earth that "X's" natural reflected sunlight can't be detected-not even by the giant Hubble Space Telescope, one of NASA's most powerful satellite-based eyes-in-space orbiting Earth.

- Citing the New York Times: 9 June 1982 "Something out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune, some gravitational force keeps perturbing these two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away/unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet-X. The last time a serious search of the skies was made led to the discovery in 1930 of Pluto, the ninth planet. "But the story begins more than a century before that, after the discovery of Uranus in 1781 by the English astronomer and musician William Herschel. Until then, the planetary system seemed to end with Saturn. Today, scientists accept theories concerning plate tectonics. There are articles and studies showing that, at one time, all of the Earth's continents were on one side of the planet. What the stories don't explore is the question: If all the continents were on one side, what happened to the other side? The other side has been described as being a tremendous gap, matching the Sumerian story of how the Earth came about. The Sumerians said Earth was really only half a planet called Tiamat, which broke up in a collision with Marduk. (See Section Two following for details.) "The discovery of new planets has, in the last two hundred years, owed more to the science of mathematics than it does to the

design of bigger and better telescopes. The unaccounted-for mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets have prompted astronomers to speculate upon the existence of a further, yet undiscovered planet. These astronomers are so certain of this other planet's existence that they have already named it 'Planet-X -the 12th Planet.' "Recent calculations by the United States Naval Observatory have confirmed the orbital perturbation exhibited by Uranus and Neptune, which Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern, an astronomer at the Naval Observatory, says could be explained by a "single undiscovered planet." He and a trusted colleague, Dr. Richard Harrington, calculate this 12th Planet (quite possibly Marduk?) should be two to five times more massive than the earth and have a highly elliptical orbit that takes it some 5-billion miles beyond that of Pluto. "In 1982, NASA themselves officially recognized the possibility of a Planet-X, with an announcement later on -that some sort of mystery object is really there -far beyond the outer-most solar system planets. And then one year later, the newly launched IRAS (infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted a large mysterious object in the depths of space. The Washington Post summarized an interview with the chief IRAS scientist from the JPL labs in Pasadena, California, quoting him as follows: "A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter, and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system, has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting Earth telescope… All I can say is that we don't know what it is!"…stated Gerry Neugebauer, Chief IRAS scientist. "The 6,000 year old Sumerian descriptions of our solar system include one more planet they called "Marduk," which means "Planet of the Crossing." And the description of this planet by the Sumerians matches precisely the specifications of Planet-X, which is currently being sought by astronomers in the depths of our own solar system. Why has Planet X not been seen in recent times? Views from modern and ancient astronomy, which both suggest a highly elliptical, comet-like orbit takes Planet-X into the depths of space well beyond the orbit of Pluto.We discovered Pluto with our telescopes just recently in 1930.

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The Unknown Universe
Planet-X. It is ironic that this very same year, 1915, two faint images of Pluto were first recorded at the Lowell Observatory, although they were never recognized as such until after the official discovery of Pluto was first published in 1930. - ENDRacing ahead to modern-day times, we find that the subject of Planet-X fills the global Internet with thousands of websites, blogs, scientific inquiries and a never-ending supply of theories, hypothetical conclusions, newspaper / magazine articles and books like ours, versus the persistent claims by the government, NASA and a host of credible scientific sources all stating that the entire Planet-X dogma / mystery / cryptogram / astrological puzzle is blatantly / absolutely ridiculous and therefore beyond their accepted scope of official scientific inquiry or consideration. We should also mention that as each new day passes by racing towards 2009 and 2012-brand new sources of scientific evidence / statements / astronomical inquiry and commentary continues to surface globally-thus refueling this ageless argument which now includes the added element of a UFO/ET related connection. And somewhere in between the official government's line of denial and their organized cover-up of the Planet-X facts as we believe them to be-lies the true reality of "what is" and "what isn't." - Just like in the "X" Files, the truth is out there… In conclusion-should Planet-X prove to be a solid/viable reality-we believe that no other 'news story' could ever be 'bigger' or more 'important.' Future generations in all countries and from all walks of life would forever be affected-once again creating a new planetary reality system (post 2012), where the global playing field has drastically been leveled once again-a place where everybody would begin anew as young 'children.' U.S. naturalist and author Henry David Thoreau once said: "The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life, which is required to be exchanged for it immediately or in the long run." He also stated that: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours." We'd like to add a few words of wisdom on our own here to Thoreau's: "Life itself is a great canvas -so throw all the paint on it you can!" If life existing here on Earth is as unique as it appears to be in the cosmos, we must surely realize the limitless gifts we've been given. Every day of our lives is a precious commoditysomething special to each one of us and in our own unique way! So please, let's not squander our precious cosmic gifts of 'time' and 'circumstance.' So that's it-this is "The Larger Picture" as we see it. We believe that it is vitally important to understand all things "cosmic in nature" as we approach the years 2009 and 2012 with open minds. Regardless of what your personal beliefs are regarding the true reality of Planet-X, religion, the subject of UFOs and ETs, global warming, partisan election politics and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism-our daily existence and continued life on this world is affected every day by what happens to and around us as a local and global community. Hopefully our book, The Return Of Planet-X, offers our readers a second chance to understand this "Larger Cosmic Picture" of life and existence here on spaceship Earth, our home planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Planet-X is admittedly a volatile / argumentative / controversial and in many cases-a politically / socially and religiously charged subject. By keeping an open mind, heart and spirit-your vested interest level will provide rich rewards both surprising and plentiful to all seekers of the 'truth.' We should also point out that the Internet offers a rich array of websites / blogs / commentary and research (both professional and non-) covering the subject of Planet-X /Nibiru / Wormwood and a host of related material on topic. We encourage you to seek other ideas / viewpoints and opinions on PlanetX-thus rounding out your understanding of the facts and non-facts in your discovery. In the December 2007 and January 2008 issues of the 'X' Chronicles, we presented Parts One and Two in the "Prelude To Our 2012 Planet-X Countdown." And we highly recommend that you visit the 'X' Chronicles archives to review this timely and important information updates. We thank you, one and all, for your valued time/interest/commitment and wish you and yours well on your reading adventure with The Return of Planet-X. We encourage and appreciate your loyal support by passing on word of our book's message whenever possible. And remember dear readers-tempus fugit… Make every week, day, moment and breath count-that's all we have. As the famous futurist and psychic, Kreskin, once said: "Everyone (it seems) is fascinated by the future, because that is where we'll spend the rest of our lives." We suggest visiting our exciting new website at for interesting and challenging details about PlanetX and how to obtain a copy of our hit book in both paperback and e-book version. Our third printing is now in distribution to bookstores and

The Known Universe
Continued from Page 35 from Is it not possible that there are other forces at work in our solar system besides the nine planets we know? Yes! The Sumerian descriptions of our Solar System are being confirmed with modern advances in science. This article demonstrates actual diagrams from Sumerian times and how their accuracy for describing the known planets in ancient times is overwhelming proof that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was at work for the ancient Sumerians and many other cultures of their time!" (END -- New York Times Article.)

- A RESEARCH TIMELINE REGARDING THE HUNT FOR PLANET-X Quoting an undisclosed source of PlanetX information sent to us anonymously: In 1841, John Couch Adams began investigating the, by then, quite large residuals in the motion of Uranus, and in 1845 Urban Le Verrier also started investigating them. Adams presented two totally different solutions to the Planet-X problem, assuming that the deviations were caused by powerful electromagnetic fields created by the gravitational waves from an unknown planet. September 30, 1846 -One week after the discovery of Neptune, LeVerrier declared that there might still be another unknown / undiscovered planet out there. Then on October 10, Neptune's large moon, Triton, was discovered, which yielded an easy way to accurately determine the mass of Neptune, which turned out to be 2% larger than expected from the perturbations upon Uranus. Another attempt to find a transNeptunian planet was done in 1877 by David Todd. He used a "graphic method," and despite the inconclusiveness of the residuals of Uranus, he derived elements for a trans-Neptunian planet: mean distance 52 a.u., 375 years, magnitude fainter than 13. In 1879, Camille Flammaion added yet another mysterious hint as to the existence of a planet beyond Neptune: The aphelia of periodic comets tend to cluster around the orbits of major planets. Planet Jupiter has the greatest share of such comets and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune also have a few each. Percival Lowell, most well known as a proponent for canals on Mars, built a private observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. Lowell called his hypothetical planet, "X," (possibly generating the first name and reference to today's "PlanetX") and performed several searches for it, without success. Lowell's first search for Planet-X came to an end in 1909, but in 1913 he started up a second search, with a new prediction of Planet-X: epoch 1850-01-01, mean long 11.67 deg., perih. long 186, eccentricity 0.228, mean distance 47.5 a.u., long arch node 110.99 deg., inclination 7.30 deg., mass 1/21000 solar masses. Lowell and others searched in vain for this "Planet-X" from 1913-1915. In 1915, Lowell published his theoretical results on

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The Whiteman Scenario
and training programs for the cream of the Fortune 100, Steve has been active in all forms of media; television, radio, print, and live stage events. He left corporate America for a while to become the producer/director for the critically acclaimed "Man Enough" off-Broadway, in New York. Most recently he co-wrote and directed the award winning motion picture "I Flunked Sunday School." []


by Steve McCudry Price: $24.95 Website: 304 Pages, Hardback, 6 x 9 ISBN-13: 978-0-09-761179-2
On the eve of the Nixon resignation, the Soviet Union took an action that elevated the Strategic Air Command and the North American Air Defense Command to just short of full combat alert status. Under "normal circumstances", there would have been a direct escalation of responses on both sides that would have taken us to nuclear launch. On this evening, though, there was an uncharacteristic hesitation on the part of normally hawkish US leadership. The book speculates that the hesitation was a reluctance to break an iron clad "do not disturb" order from the president who was entrenched with Republican leadership exploring the options of his future. This reluctance, it suggests, was fear that the event could have a rational explanation that would disappear into a conflagration of nuclear exchanges if Nixon, in his depressed and panicked state, interpreted the event as an attack (and a way out of the Watergate debacle.) The actions and sacrifice of an observant off-duty missile launch officer convince the Joint Chiefs and SAC commanders to back down from an immanent launch.

About The Author
Steve McCurdy worked his way through college as a radio announcer and bank teller. Four months after receiving his degree and his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force he found himself second in command of ten nuclear ICBMs. Eighteen months after that he was at the cross roads of what might have become World War III. "The events in the book were classified for a long time-even for a while after they decommissioned Whiteman's missiles and took half of our Minuteman force out nationwide. So, I've been sitting on this for a long time. I'm glad to have a chance to get the story told."• Steve may have been sitting on this story, but he hasn't been sitting on his hands. The creator of hundreds of marketing


Ontario Hypnosis Centr e

Mor e On UFOs
Why should people and media car e about UFOs?
By Steve Hammons
When we read UFO news reports or see coverage of incidents on TV, such as in Stephenville, Texas, some people may ask themselves, "How does this affect me?" What is the relevance of UFO encounters in Stephenville, at Chicago's O'Hare airport, in the "Phoenix lights" case and the many other similar situations going back decades, or maybe even centuries? Do UFO reports affect our paycheck, our rent or home mortgage, our access to health care and a good education for our kids or getting good people in positions of leadership? Do incidents involving UFOs affect global challenges such as war, poverty, hunger, disease, overpopulation, injustice, oppression, deterioration of our natural resources and other problems? Should our media cover the topic in serious, responsible and professional ways so we can become more informed? These questions may be worth thinking about because there could be connections. National and global problems could be affected by changes in human perception, understanding and behavior, which, in turn, can be affected by new information and knowledge about UFOs and other unconventional topics. With new perspectives and new information, we might find new solutions and develop improvements that are helpful. their instincts, intuition, gut feelings, prayers, meditation and internal perception can be quite interesting and helpful just like remote viewing, we could see positive changes in human consciousness on a bigger scale. In this way, certain elements of our military and intelligence community provide guidance for us in becoming more intelligent too, in terms of gathering information and our own capacities as human beings. The past and ongoing development of the human race and human civilization would seem to be part of the overall picture involving UFOs and attempts to solve the down-to-Earth problems we face. When we humans become more intelligent, in the many meanings of that word, we help ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations and our planet Earth. In our day-to-day lives, improved awareness and perception might help us do a better job, decide about new opportunities, connect with people in good ways, create more harmony with our loved ones, enhance our personal health or many other positive outcomes. Perspective and context about how we fit into the bigger scheme of things can be useful. What is the role of one human, a family, a team or organization, a nation? What can we understand and what can we accomplish? And are there visitors who can help us in some way?

somewhat unconventional, we can find this value in the media platforms available to us. They are not perfect, but there are many dedicated professionals who are striving to improve them and halt any dangerous deterioration of them. UFOs and interesting unusual phenomena should be covered by the media in the same way that public health and safety, governmental topics, science news or any other subject is reported on. In the recent Stephenville case, we have seen more professional, complete and serious news media coverage of just such an unusual group of incidents. There is every reason to believe that this professionalism in our local, regional, national and international media will continue. []

Russia Learns to Make Money on UFO
Websites of Russian travel companies teem with promises to show Yeti or meet little green men. Many regions severely compete for the right of being called the most anomalous territory of the country. There is also a tendency of constructing roads and building hotels in such areas where the local dwellers prefer not to go to. All this is not an example of mass madness. It is just the active players of the travel market in Russia consider selling tours to paranormal sites of the country highly profitable. At the end of November the authorities of the Perm Region reported about the intentions to create an UFO sanctuary in the local anomalous zone – the so-called Molebsky Triangle. A number of other regions of the country have decided to follow the example of Perm. In the Krasnoyarsk Region they have begun constructing tourist objects in remote areas of the taiga where 100 years ago the Tunguska Meteorite fell. The authorities of the Samara Region are thinking about creation of a tourist zone not far from the Medveditskaya Chain where the locals have spotted UFO several times. It seems that the Russian regional authorities have been eaten up by the fame of the American Roswell city that for already 60 years has been popular with tourists coming there to see the site of the supposed UFO crash.[]

The news media and various kinds of "open source" information such as movies, TV shows, books, articles and other communications platforms can provide good resources for us. Figuring out what is accurate or not is sometimes difficult, but not impossible. By checking many sources and resources, we can put the pieces together and hopefully come up with a fairly accurate picture of various kinds of situations. We might learn if it is a good time to buy or sell a house or to look for a better job. New developments related to our health and fitness could be of interest. Sciences, athletics and sports, creative arts, the environment and the natural world, social trends and many other conventional topics can be very interesting and of practical value. Unconventional topics can also be interesting and maybe even useful. This is where our "mainstream media" might be able to provide improved coverage. Of course, some people think the mainstream media is not doing a great job of even covering the conventional local, national and international topics. There are some problems in the operation and ownership of our newspapers, local TV stations, national broadcast and cable network TV, local radio stations and radio networks. Yet, they still provide a wide range of information that we can analyze and interpret. The Web, of course, is a mixed bag of useful and questionable information. If we use reasonable judgment about online sources, the internet can also be valuable. Whether getting news and information about conventional topics or those that are

What kind of information and understanding might we acquire that can "move the ball forward" for our nation and for the human race? Advanced technologies of various kinds could prove to be useful. Greater understanding of physics, engineering, biology and other areas of science could improve our day-to-day lives. However, we know from experience that advanced technologies can be used in destructive or unwise ways. So, the development of greater human intelligence and wisdom is also a worthwhile goal. Progress in understanding the human mind and body is truly impressive. Medical advances and current research hold much promise. New discoveries we are making about human consciousness could also be enhanced by greater knowledge we obtain by considering the possibilities of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. Implementation of unconventional human abilities such as "remote viewing" (a type of ESP) in our everyday lives is also something that seems very interesting. The U.S. military and intelligence fellows of "Project STARGATE" and related programs used remote viewing for defense intelligence purposes and general research and development. Yet, as more people become aware that


9/11: Perfect Oppor tunity
institutions and networks of co-operation that ensure that American and Canadian officials are working together toward common objectives and doing so on the basis of constructive political oversight.”2 Amazingly, Hart stated that it is “not a trade agenda”, but is, in fact, “an integration agenda that requires the full participation of departments and agencies on both sides of the border responsible for border administration, economic regulation, and infrastructure integrity.” Hart continued in his critique of the slow process of integration, stating that, “The crisis of Sept. 11, 2001, provided a perfect opportunity to seize the moment to re-imagine the border, but Canada blew it [emphasis added].” This is a clear example of how important it is for those who oppose the processes of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), and the North American Union which it seeks to create, must also examine the relationship between integration and terror; between the North American Union and 9/11. These are not separate elements of one another, these events are themselves deeply integrated, in both purpose and strategy. It is integral for those that oppose the NAU to review the attacks of September 11, 2001, to see the linkages between them and understand them as something beyond random associations and reactions to one another. As to explaining why “Canada blew it,” Hart states that, “Rather than work with the United States to address real security and related concerns, and to build a much-better functioning, more open, and more integrated North America, Canadian authorities reacted defensively and anxiously to American security concerns.” But this is a gross misrepresentation, as shortly after 9/11, in December of 2001, “Governor Tom Ridge and Deputy Prime Minister John Manley Signed the Smart Border Declaration and Associated 30-Point Action Plan to Enhance the Security of Our Shared Border While Facilitating the Legitimate Flow of People and Goods,”3 according to the White House’s December 2002 press release on the subject. Part of the 30-Point Action plan included “Biometric Identifiers”, stating, “In the interest of having cards that could be used across different modes of travel, we have agreed to use cards that are capable of storing multiple biometrics.” Another of the 30 points was “Permanent Residence Cards”, or in other words, ID Cards. Further, the plans also stated that, “The United States and Canada have agreed to share Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Records (API/PNR) on high-risk travelers destined to either country.” This is hardly stepping away from integration between the two countries, as Michael Hart seems to imagine. Hart further explains that, “In the absence of another crisis, only inspired leadership can overcome the narrow-minded response of special and entrenched interests and bureaucratic self-preservation.”4 Then, in revealing the true intent of the SPP, Hart states, “Each group [Canada and the US] is adept at exploiting the default position of incrementalism, exemplified by such initiatives as the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Progress will be made under the SPP banner, but at a snail's pace and without the impact needed to make a perceptible difference.” This is a public admission of the SPP being an incremental approach to “deep integration”, of which then ultimate goal is to form a North American Union. Hart explains that a key source of leadership is, “a business sector prepared to speak out forcefully and convincingly about the costs and lost opportunities flowing from misdirected and overzealous border administration.” So who is Michael Hart? He is the Simon Reisman Chair in Trade Policy at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.5 He is the first person to hold this position, which is named after Simon Reisman, “Canada's Chief Negotiator during the free trade talks with the United States, he also participated in a series of important international trade negotiations under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.”6 Reisman was recently quoted by CTV regarding the 1988 Canada US Free Trade Agreement, saying, “We got it, we didn't get it all. We left a little for posterity.”7 Further, Michael Hart “was a senior official in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade specializing in trade policy and trade negotiations.”8 He was also the author of a document entitled, “Free Trade in Free Fall? Assessing the Impact of Nontariff Barriers on Canada-U.S. Trade,” published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.9 From 2004 to 2005, Hart was a visiting scholar at the Center for North American Studies at American University,10 of which the Director is Robert Pastor.11 Robert Pastor is infamously referred to as the “father” of the North American Union, and arguably its chief public spokesperson and champion, and was the Co-Chair of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, a joint task force between the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the United States and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) in Canada, as well as the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations, which produced the document “Building a North American Community.”12 This document is the blueprint for the Security and Prosperity Agreement of North America, which outlines the overall objectives of the agreement in its goals of “integrating” North America.

9/11: The “Perfect Oppor tunity” for Nor th American Integration

By Andrew G. Marshall Andrew G. Global Research Research
On February 12, 2008, the Canadian newspaper, the Financial Post, published an opinion piece by Michael Hart, of Carleton University, entitled, “Canada Blew It,” in which he blamed the “slow” approach to North American integration on Canada’s policies following 9/11. The article begins by stating: “The Canadian and U.S. economies have become intertwined in response to demands by Canadians and Americans for each other's products, services, capital, and ideas. Yet the border as presently constituted protects Canadians and Americans from each other, not from global security threats. It also presents a risk to the wealth-creating flow of people, goods, services and capital between the two countries.”1 Hart states that in order to “address global security concerns”, Canada and the US need to, “develop co-operative solutions to common problems.” He stated to do this, Canada and the US should implement an, “agenda aimed at removing the border to the largest extent possible as an obstacle to CanadaU.S. interaction and integration.” He continues in outlining the steps to be taken in this agenda, the first of which is to, “re-imagine the border.” Hart explains that much of the problems with the border are a result of “regulatory compliance”, as in having a border, to which he proposes a solution in which, “Canada and the United States need to aggressively pursue regulatory convergence,” or in other words, harmonization. He continues, “It is in Canada's interests to align as many of its regulatory requirements as possible with those of the United States.” In discussing the security of “North America’s” economic infrastructure, Hart states, “Similar to our interdependence in ensuring the security of the North American continent, neither country can ensure the security of its economic infrastructure without the full co-operation of the other,” to which he elaborates that, “we need to build the necessary

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New Roswell W itness
UFO at Roswell - Sgt. Earl Fulford. - A new cr edible 'debris field' witness comes for ward
By Brendan Bur ton Brendan
The Roswell UFO crash of 1947 has become one of the most significant incidents of the 20th Century. It has perhaps become engraved in the pubic psyche as much as the Kennedy Assassinations, Marilyn Monroe and even the moon landings. Whatever your 'beliefs' on Roswell - one thing is assured, you almost certainly know what is alleged to have happened there back in 1947. There has been so much literature on the subject, that it would be impossible to give a full reference cite in this one short article. But before we introduce our 'witness' to Roswell - and his exclusive evidence - here's the 'Roswell' story in 'elevator mode' On July 8th, 1947 - Colonel Blanchard released a press statement that a 'flying saucer' had crashed near Roswell and the army had recovered the 'disc'. Some time later, the press release was retracted and the army said that it was just a weather balloon. Out of the public eye - the Roswell Incident' faded and dispersed into the corners of UFOlogy - not surfacing until 1978 when Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel - who was involved in the recovery of the crash debris - and the whole issue of Roswell simply caught fire. And this fire has raged ever since. There are credible accounts of recovered non-human entities and materials of an apparent 'non terrestrial origin. Roswell became synonymous with the term 'cover-up' and soon became the symbol and 'core' of much ufology. It touched a 'nerve' - in the public psyche, and, it seems, within deep United States Government agencies. Official explanations fall short. In 1994 then New Mexico State representative Steven H. Schiff (now deceased) initiated a search of government documents relating to the Roswell event via the Government accounting office (GAO). The US Air Force responded to the GAO inquiry with a 900+ page report entitled; The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert by Richard L Weaver, Col., USAF in 1995. The report concluded that: "....the most likely source of the wreckage recovered from the Brazel Ranch was from one of the Project Mogul balloon trains." Link Two years later, during the 50th anniversary of the event, and following questions regarding the descriptions of strange bodies. The Air force issued a second report; The Roswell Report: Case Closed. Which offered the following: "Aliens" observed in the New Mexico desert were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by U.S. Air Force high altitude balloons for scientific research." LINK Significantly these explanation fail to address much of the key witness testimony. Consider the following: The Mogul balloon trains were made of common materials. Major Jesse Marcel and other witnesses were extremely unlikely to mistake balloon debris for anything else. The "Anthropomorphic dummies" were not being used in 1947, in fact they were not even manufactured until 1950. Three years after the event! According to the testimony of several witnesses the material recovered at the foster Ranch was extremely unusual General Thomas DuBose, at that time a Colonel, and General Ramey's chief of staff, prepared an affidavit prior to his death in 1992. Which included the following: "The material shown in the photographs taken in Maj. Gen. Ramey's office was a weather balloon. The weather balloon explanation for the material was a cover story to divert the attention of the press. I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection. Signed: T. J. Dubose." irsthand.php June Crain (deceased) was stationed at Wright field at that time and describes being shown a piece of this unusual material: "....Okay it was Lieutenant Rose is the one that showed it to me, or Captain Wheeler [...] And he says " June, you´re good. Tear that thing apart, break that up." And I took it and I bent it and I twisted it and I laid it back down, and it went (sound) got right back to the same shape. I got back to my desk and he said, "cut it. Cut it. Try cutting it." I got on my desk. I got my scissors out and I snipped at it, and you know there was no way I could cut even cut that piece of metal. And it was as light as a feather. [...] I even took the edge of the scissors and laid it know [..] Took the scissors like this, and I whacked it like this, and I couldn´t even make a dent in it. Just nothen. Cause he said tear it up, so I tried every thing I could to tear it up, and I couldn´t tear it up. I couldn´t make a dent in it; I couldn´t make a mark on it" As the freedom and access to information blew open many doors during the end of the last century, many of the soldiers, airmen and other witnesses to 'Roswell' started to come forward. No longer restricted by the conditions of their old employers, these men and women - some now in their 70's and 80's wanted to Do The Right Thing.


9/11: The “Perfect Oppor tunity” for Nor th American Integration
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Robert Pastor is also on the Board of Directors of the North American Forum on Integration, or NAFI, alongside the Chairman, Stephen Black, who is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.13 NAFI, “aims to address the issues raised by North American integration as well as identify new ideas and strategies to reinforce the North American region,”14 which every year, since 2005, holds what it calls a “Triumvirate”, which their website describes as, “an annual North American mock parliament,” which, “allows a hundred Canadian, American and Mexican university students to better understand the North American dynamic as well as the challenges faced by NAFTA partners.”15 Among the participating Universities in NAFI, is the American University, (of course), Simon Fraser University, of which an economics professor emeritus recently wrote an article for the Financial Post in which he mentioned the amero currency as a goal in North America [See: North American Monetary Integration: Here Comes the Amero, Global Research16], and another notable university is Carleton University.17 It just so happens that the author of Canada Blew It, Michael Hart, works at Carleton. The process towards a North American Union is embedded in our societal institutions, from the corporate world, to media, government and education. These are individuals connected through joint membership in think tanks and interest groups of those who share ideological beliefs in internationalism and globalization. So, too, must those who oppose the SPP and the NAU be embedded in all the institutions of our societies, working not for personal gain and profit, but for country and freedom, preserving our rights, liberties and identity, and exposing those who seek to challenge our inherent human rights. []

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Sear ching for the Truth
military, are deceiving the public and in some case outright lying to us, and it must stop. As for the military and government agencies that do publicly get involved in trying to explain a certain case, their historical record is also extremely questionable, and seems to get worse with each case. Remember we have had four excuses for what happened in Roswell in 1947 in the past 60 years, and many of us believe we have still not been told the truth. The excuses given in most cases are not satisfactory, and it is disheartening to me that witnesses must be made to look like they are not qualified to comment on what they saw, when the truth in most cases is the simple fact that the witnesses don't know what they saw, and the excuses given do not correlate with what they saw. Is it any wonder that most sightings go unreported because of the ridicule, embarrassment or threats the witnesses will have to deal with, if they report it? Having been in the military myself, and a proud life-long American supporter of our troops, I believe those military personnel in the United States that are supposedly in a position of authority, and in fact speaking for the military, are deceiving the public and in some case outright lying to us, and it must stop. The O'Hare airport case also had credible witnesses, (pilots and ground personnel) that witnessed a craft over the second busiest airport in the country and our government and military didn't seem concerned with National Security, waving it off as a weather phenomenon. United Airlines even tried preventing the witnesses from commenting. And now we have the Stephenville, Texas case, again with what appear to be several credible witnesses, and the military original stated no aircraft were in the area of the sightings. "TWO WEEKS LATER", in the interest of public awareness, the military admits it was in error, and had "TEN" F-16 Fighters in the air near Stephenville on the night of the sightings. How the hell does the military loose or not be able to account for 10 F-16's, (that are not quiet), being in the area of the sightings 2 weeks later. MUFON investigators and others are still investigating the Stephenville case, and I'll await their findings, but I feel the military explanation after a 2-week delay was again unacceptable. In all my years of doing research, I thought the Air Force had shot themselves in the foot several times, particularly with the 1997 "crash test dummies" excuse for Roswell, but I really believe they have outdone themselves with the Stephenville Texas sighting, by not accounting for ten F-16s for two weeks. How much longer will the American public have to put up with the excuses we are being given, when all we want to know is what is actually being seen by credible people who help to pay the salaries of these individuals in authority, that continue to give us lame excuses. It's time for accountability.

Sear ching for the Truth (Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
Continued from Page 24 As for the military and government agencies that do publicly get involved in trying to explain a certain case, their historical record is also extremely questionable, and seems to get worse with each case. Remember we have had four excuses for what happened in Roswell in 1947 in the past 60 years, and many of us believe we have still not been told the truth. The excuses given in most cases are not satisfactory, and it is disheartening to me that witnesses must be made to look like they are not qualified to comment on what they saw, when the truth in most cases is the simple fact that the witnesses don't know what they saw, and the excuses given do not correlate with what they saw. Is it any wonder that most sightings go unreported because of the ridicule, embarrassment or threats the witnesses will have to deal with, if they report it? Having been in the military myself, and a proud life-long American supporter of our troops, I believe those military personnel in the United States that are supposedly in a position of authority, and in fact speaking for the

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Computer Sear ch & Seizur es
UFO at Roswell - Sgt. Earl Fulford. - A new cr edible 'debris field' witness comes for ward
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Now a seasoned 82 year-old veteran, Sgt. Fulford was an original witness who was researched by Thomas J Carey and Donald R Schmitt for their ground-breaking book 'Witness To Roswell'. Tom Carey was good enough to hook Sgt. Fulford up with the Open Minds Research Team - who have now interviewed this vital Roswell witness and produced an exclusive audio account compiled from hours of candid conversations on the subject of the Roswell crash - in particular, Sgt. Fulford's deployment into the 'debris field'. In this amazing audio - we learn of entirely new evidence. Descriptions of the 'memory material'. How it felt. How it behaved and how it looked. Sgt. Fulford is clear about one thing the material he saw all had "geometric shapes". There were no tears, splits or jagged edges - all the material had completely straight edges. This is important information - not only does this show that the material was not 'balloon material' or 'mylar' (not invented then) - but there is an intriguing aspect to the material having 'geometric shapes' ( "there were no curved edges") - does this suggest something about the inherent nature and structure of the strange material itself? This interview is one of the new 'exclusives' on the Roswell crash. It has taken over half a century for all 'the truth' to get out 'there'. But here is a crucial witness with some exclusive first-hand insight. To listen to the first part of the audio - only just released 15th February, 2008 - the first hour long segment of this amazing audio interview with Sgt. Fulford will be streamed live from the Open Minds Forum main website within the next few days. With the latest events in Stephenville, Texas - and new developments in UFOlogy reaching an all-time high; with reports coming from around the world more so than in any time in history - we are perhaps at the cusp of a full Disclosure. Now with the addition of Earl Fulford's exclusive new evidence - this incredible yet 'hidden' history is becoming very much up todate. []


Does the Government Have the Right to Read Ever ything on your Computer?
These days, our hard drives are almost like extensions of our lives. The data there can tell others a lot about our personal and business lives. Many folks have files containing formal letters, informal email messages and even transcripts of super-informal chat sessions. In email and chat, especially, they may say things in a joking manner that would result in disapproval or even legal action if they were taken seriously. Or they may, in all sincerity, confide intimate details about their thoughts and lives and those with whom they live. They may also have personal financial information, such as tax returns and other documents. If we use our personal computers for work, we may have all manner of information on them pertaining to our companies and clients. We may have memos and correspondence and contracts containing trade secrets or the details of confidential deals. We may have credit card or account numbers of our customers and other information about them that they would not want released to anyone else. Even if you keep your documents on a secure server instead of the local machine and you're careful to delete your email messages regularly, there may still be a lot of information that can be had by examining your temp files, web browser's cache files and other locations on your hard disk where data can hide. This becomes more of a problem when the computer holding all this is a portable. And an increasing number of people are now using laptops as their only computers. Of course, there are lots of ways you can protect the data on your laptop in case the computer is lost or stolen, as we discussed last month over on VistaNews in "Keeping your Portable Computer Safe" (Jan. 17 edition) at But it's not just thieves you may have to worry about accessing your information if you travel, especially if you travel internationally. In the name of security, government agents can seize your computer or other electronics devices. Some are even demanding that the computer owners provide their passwords. And when we say "government agents," we aren't just talking about regimes in countries that don't have constitutions or bills of rights. Most people aren't aware of the power that U.S. Customs has to search you and your things when you cross a border. Think you're protected from searches without probable cause by the sixth amendment? Think again - that prohibition doesn't apply to "border searches" by Customs agents. They can search your person - and your computer - just because they want to. The matter is, however, under review in the federal courts. While those courts have always upheld the exception to the probable cause requirement for searches of persons, vehicles, etc., privacy advocates contend that searching our hard drives goes beyond looking for dangerous or illegal items and comes very close to "mind probing" for "thought crimes." Read more about this here: Meanwhile, if you're planning a trip

abroad, you might want to think twice about what's on your laptop's hard drive before you embark. At the very least, back everything up and leave the backup at home in a safe place. There have been reports of agents not just viewing data but also erasing it (either deliberately or accidentally). What about encryption? Can't you just encrypt all your data so the agents can't read it? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, you can - and you might not have to reveal the password (at least, if you're suspected of criminal activity). In a recent case, a man suspected of having child pornography on his laptop when crossing the U.S./Canadian border got a ruling from a federal court that requiring him to give up the encryption password would violate his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. You can read more about that one here: How about within the U.S.? Even if you don't cross any borders, there are circumstances where your laptop could be seized and searched without a warrant. Another exception to the probable cause requirement for conducting searches is called "search incident to arrest." This means if you're arrested - on any charge, including a traffic violation - police can search your vehicle, briefcase and whatever you might have with you, whether or not there's any probable cause that those things contain evidence of a crime. As the law stands now, that could also include your laptop or smart phone. Read an article about this here: Of course, you don't have to worry about that, because you aren't going to do anything to get you arrested, right? You're probably right - but perfectly innocent people do occasionally get arrested, for reasons ranging from mistaken identity to overly exuberant police officers who don't know the law (as a former cop myself, who still occasionally teaches criminal justice and police academy courses, I've seen more than my share of rookies who don't yet know or understand the laws as well as veteran officers who aren't aware of changes in the law that make what was arrestable last year legal today). A search of your hard drive under those circumstances probably won't turn up anything legally incriminating - but it's still going to feel like an invasion of privacy. What's the point? Don't assume that the information you store on your computer can't or won't be perused by government agents at some time or another. Be aware that joking comments about wanting to "kill" someone you're angry with or noting that your friend "must have been smoking some really good stuff" could very well arouse suspicion of wrong doing if they fall into the wrong hands. Sure, such mistakes will probably eventually be recognized for what they are, but in the meantime, you could suffer plenty of inconvenience (at best). What do you think? Should the government have the power to search your hard drive at the border, in the interests of national security? Should the police be able to do so if you're arrested for something completely unrelated to your computer? Or should those who have done nothing wrong just not worry about it? Tell us your opinions at

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