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Vol 12, No 4 ISSN - 1499-8599 (Online) / ISSN - 1499-8602 (CD-ROM) April 2007 $4.95 (US)

The O’Har e
UFO / Roswell
The O’Har e UFO / another so-called UFO experiencer and
contactee in Switzerland.
Chicago - O'Hare, IL
Martinez, CA
Roswell Connection If you look at the time line of events, 9. Chicago, IL
you will see that something does not make 10. Hollister, CA
sense and the reason for all the hype will
become very clear and evident. The first report which was submitted to
According to the National UFO Davenport, according to his website at
Reporting Center, which is owned and operated pertaining to the O'Hare
by Peter Davenport from his "silo" in incident, was filed on November 13 2006 at
Davenport, Washington, the event over O'Hare 2:54 PM by an unidentified United Airlines
allegedly occurred on November 7, 2006 at employee, 6 days after the alleged event took
approximately 4:30 pm local time. place, with the duration of the event being 2
The total number of UFO reports minutes. This report was posted to Davenports
submitted to the NUFORC for November 7, website on December 7, 2006, one month after
2006 were 10 world wide., All 10 were from the the sighting happened, three weeks after it had
US: been received by Davenport.
1. Goleta, CA In this report which can be viewed at
2. Stratford, IA, it is
3. Victoria, MN prefaced with the following:
Hamilton, ON, Canada - The claim of a UFO
4. Tucson, AZ "NUFORC Note: This report is a revised
sighted over Chicago's O'Hare International
5. Aurora, IL version of the original report submitted by this
Airport has more holes in it than a piece of
6. Chicago - O'Hare, IL party, or parties. (CONTINUED OOPAGE 2)
Swiss cheese in the fridge of Billy Meier
2 In This Edition
In This Edition of The O’Hare
O’Hare UFO / Roswell The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
ConnectionThe O’Hare
O’Hare UFO /
The ‘X’ Chr onicles Roswell Connection
with Rob McConnell
Newspaper The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is heard Monday -
(Online/CD ROM Version) Continued From
From Page 1 Friday from 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern, and then
the show is repeated in its entirety from 2 AM -
It was revised at NUFORC's request, in order to 6 AM on The TalkStar Radio Network and it
April 2007 - Index disguise the person submitting the report. The family of affiliates throughout the United
report accurately addresses the event, although States, Canada and the Caribbean (Satellite
Publisher.....Rob McConnell we are satisfied that the person, or persons, who Galaxy 4R), on TalkStar Radio Streaming
submitted the report cannot be identified from it. Audio on our website at,
The O’Hare UFO/Roswell Connection......Front The above facts may be a sythesis of what throughout Central America, South America
Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down........Pg 4 dozens of individuals saw, summarized by one, and the Pacific Rim on Americas IntelSat 7
From The Pen Of Brad Steiger................Pg 5 or more, persons, who were witness to the (TelStar 7).
Missing In Action......................................Pg 6 activities surrounding the incident."
Morgellons ‘Cynics’..................................Pg 7 The second report received by Our Radio Station Affiliates include:
She Cheated Me........................................Pg 9 Davenport according to his website was on
Robbie Thomas ........................................Pg 10 November 15, 2006 from someone who was United States of America
Supernatural...............................................Pg 11 very skeptical of the sighting. Why this even AM 1350 KCHR - Charleston MO
Korff’s Korner...........................................Pg 13 generated a listing by Davenport makes no AM 1400 WZNG - Shelbyville / Nashville TN
Searching For The Truth - Roswell............Pg 14 sense at all. This report can be viewed at TalkStar 840 - Titusville, Orlando, Mims FL
Searching For The Truth - Aspartame.......Pg 15 FM 107.7 WMEX - Rochester NH
‘X’ Zone At Total Health 2006.................Pg 16 The third report to Davenport was on FM 89.7 KNTS - John Day OR
Living Dimension of the Universe...........Pg 17 November 21, 2006, two weeks after the alleged AM 1330 WELW - Cleveland OH
Books by Ralph Ellis................................Pg 18 sighting, by yet another United Airlines AM 1340 KSEK - Pittsburgh KS
9/11 By The Numbers................................Pg 19 employee. This report was posted to AM 1510 WDRF - Woodruff SC
Davenport's website on the same date as the AM 1600 KOHI - St Helens OR
Talk To Your Angels...................................Pg 20
other two O'Hare reports were posted -
Mysterious Hive Illness.............................Pg 21 December 7, 2006. This report can be viewed at
Just Like Sugar..........................................Pg 22 Canada AM 630 CKOV - Kelowna BC
Arch Angels of Dreamland.......................Pg 24 In the first report, the United Airline
Ghost Walks Wins Award...........................Pg 25 AM 580 CFRA - Ottawa ON
employee claims the duration of his event was 2 AM 920 CJCH - Halifax NS
Mysterious World: Ireland.........................Pg 26 minutes. In the second United Airlines
Your Never Ending Life.............................Pg 27 FM 92.9 CKNS - Caledonia, ON
employee report, the duration of his sighting
Rock Legend Mike Pinera........................Pg 28 was 20 minutes, a difference of 18 minutes.
Where Have All The Polar Bears Gone.....Pg 31 Caribbean
Here are other facts which are related to
EcceNova...................................................Pg 32 the alleged sighting at O'Hare:
The Mystery of Easter................................Pg 33 * FAA reports no unknown traffic on
Reality Press..............................................Pg 34 radar;
Geek or Public Enemy #1..........................Pg 35 * The only people in who witnessed this
Dead Whisper............................................Pg 36 event were the 12 United Airlines employees;
In The News..............................................Pg 37 * No one else in this very busy airport
Inner Traditions & Bear Co......................Pg 38 witnessed this event;
Facts About Global Warming...................Pg 39 * United Airlines claim that they have no
The Pyramid Age.......................................Pg 40 reports on this incident;
Ghost World Conference 2007...................Pg 41 * No private pilots reported the sighting
Classified Ads............................................Pg 42 over O'Hare or in O'Hare airspace.
Pyramids, Trivia & More..........................Pg 43 * No photographs or amateur video have
Save The Amazon Forest.........................Pg 44 AM 1620 WDHP - Frederikstead USVI
surfaced of this alleged object which remained
in the skies over the 2nd busiest airport in the The ‘X’ Zone TV Show
The ‘X’ Chronicles is published by REL-MAR
US for 2 - 18 minutes when people at airports
McConnell Media Company. The contents of this Is Coming To A TV Station, Cable Operator or
material are (C) Copyright 1993-2007 by REL-MAR always have cameras and the majority of cell
Satellite Supplier Near You!
McConnell Media Company and may not be copied or phones have built in cameras;
reprinted in whole or in part without the express written * No other aircraft crew or passengers
consent of the publisher. COMING SOON T O A TV SET NEAR
aboard any other flight on the tarmac, taking
REL-MAR McConnell Media Company assumes no
off, landing or on approach to O'Hare reported
responsibility for claims made by its advertisers and do seeing this object;
KHPK CH 28 - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
not endorse any product and or service mentioned herein. * O'Hare is surrounded by busy airport
WBQP CH 12 (Cable 75) - Pensacola, Florida
access routes and no other reports were made
To advertise in The ‘X’ Chronicles, please contact us at WBCF CH 3 - Florence/Muscle Shoals,
from the ground about this object;
(905) 575-5916 or send an email to Alabama
* The USAF did not scramble interceptors WXLF CH 5 - Florence/Muscle Shoals,
to investigate this unknown craft, which in a
post 9-11 world does not make any;
Subscribe to * No reports made to Homeland Security
KWVT CH 52 (Cable 7) - Salem, Oregon
WDRL CH 24 (digital 41) -
The ‘X’ Chr onicles could be found;
Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia
online at * No reports to Chicago Police could be
KCTU CH 41 - Wichita, Kansas
.com found;
KBGN CH 59 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
REL-MAR McConnell Media Company * Canadian air traffic controllers did not
Western Cable Service - Sequim, Washington
report any unusual traffic. (Cont’d on Page 3)
54 Tivoli Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, Cable in Guatemala and parts of Central
Canada, L9C 2E4 America
Have a guest suggestion or show idea for
Tel: (905) 575-5916 The ’X’ Zone Radio Show? Send us an
Fax: (905) 575-5066 email -
O’Har e / Roswell Connection 3
The O’Hare
O’Hare UFO / Roswell Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Global Once again, simple.
Peace and spirituality. If the President of the most powerful
ConnectionThe O’Hare
O’Hare UFO /
FACT: According to a recent poll at country in the world cannot have a Presidential
Roswell Connection, when asked, "'X' Zone "affair" between the Oval Office and the Oval
Nation, based on the lack of photographic John in the most secure building in the United
Continued From
From Page 2 evidence, radar targeting, and the fact that 12 States, and yet the world still found out, how
United Airlines employees were the only people could you possibly hide UFOs and aliens from
who allegedly saw a UFO hovering over O'Hare over 60 years ago?
I would like to know if there are security
Airport in Chicago on November 7 2006, is it So that is why I say that the claim of a
cameras at the airport that would have the area
FACT or FICTION?" UFO sighted over Chicago's O'Hare
where the sighting was supposed to have taken
- FICTION 53% International Airport has more holes in it than a
place to view what the employees were doing at
- FACT 37% piece of Swiss cheese.
the time of the event - to see their reactions or
- UNDECIDED 10% I am not a psychic, however, I predict that in the
to see if they just continued working as usual.
FACT: It took Peter Davenport 1 month weeks or months to come, a photograph will
So, here is our time line thus far:
to post the first report of this UFO sighting on surface and people will claim that it is the
* 2006-11-07 Alleged UFO seen over
his website. smoking gun in the O'Hare UFO case.
Chicago's O'Hare International.
FACT: November 7, 2006 was the date However, if it took more than one month
* 2006-11-13 1st report from United
of the US mid elections. for the story to break about the O'Hare Airport
Airlines employee about UFO over O'Hare.
Over the year's I have been asked UFO, just how long did those claiming to have
* 2006-11-15 Davenport posts
whether or not I am a believer or a skeptic? "the photographic proof" have to create it?
comment about lack of credibility of above
My answer is simple. Neither. As I predicted bogus photographs have
I am a realist. I want to see documented surfaced, non have been authenticated. Isn't
* 2006-11-21 2nd report from
evidence. digital photographic manipulation wonderful?
United Airline employee about UFO over
Then I am asked to rationalize my reply. []

Lady Elaine
* 2006-12-07 UFO report from Nov
13, 15 & 21 are posted to
* 2007-01-01 New Year's Day: UFO
story is published by Chicago Tribune and
media picks up the story and runs with it.
Now, let's factor in the following:
* 2007-03-13 10th anniversary of the
Phoenix Lights event.
"Knowing the future is an ability that is held by
* 2007-07-04 60th anniversary of the
Roswell UFO incident one and all. I am the interpreter of the road map to
Welcome to the "Year of UFOlogy" as
2007 is being called by the members of the
international UFO community. Stanton T your life as you travel throughout your destiny."
Friedman, the grandfather of the Roswell
Incident, will be releasing a new book at this It was as a youth that Lady Elaine first realized that
years 60th anniversary. 2007 will also see a new she was a very gifted sensitive, clairvoyant, empathic
book about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and spirit communicator. Her gift has served her well
case that took place in 1964. The UFO and those who have listened to the messages that
community look sat the Hills as the first alien have been passed on to them through Lady Elaine
abduction case which was brought to the from a realm that the established sciences and
attention of the public. theology refuses to acknowledge - The Other Side.
However, UFOlogy and the research
into UFO sightings and alien abductions no
Whether Lady Elaine does a psychic reading or uses
longer has credibility with the public due to in
her intuitive empathic abilities to connect and receive
large the mannerism in which UFO
messages from those who have "graduated" to the
investigations are done, by large, by untrained
hobbyists, not professionals.
Other Side who are preparing the way for those still
FACT: UFO sightings are down. on this plain of existence.
FACT: Alien Abduction cases
are down. For more information on how you can have a personal spiritual guidance session
FACT: Crop Circle reports are with Lady Elaine, please contact her today by e-mail at
FACT: Photographs of UFOs and other Lady Elaine Sessions are available throughout the United States and Canada via
phenomena are down even though there are Telephone and outside the United States and Canada by E-mail. Lady Elaine Gift
more cameras world wide than at any other time Certificates are excellent for Corporate Gifts & Employee Exchange Gifts. For the
in history. best Booking Dates, Buy Your Lady Elaine Gift Certificate Now! Know your future
FACT: The internet is filled with today! Contact Lady Elaine,
unsubstantiated UFO / Alien claims, reports and
FACT: There is an increase in people
who are concerned with the environment, The

People in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the

Bermuda Triangle
Listen to The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
with Rob McConnell on AM 1620 WDHP
4 Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down
Nuclear Weapons Lab
Backs Down
by Bob Nichols,
Project Censored
Censored Award W inner

(San Francisco) March 6, 2007 - Bob

Sarvey, a Tracy, California citizen/activist
looked at the plan of the Lawrence Livermore
Nuclear Weapons Lab and said that it was
wrong. Today the giant nuclear weapons lab
waited until the last minute and withdrew the
controversial nuclear radiation spreading
Bob Sarvey said in a prepared statement
late Tuesday afternoon, March 6, 2007 "I just
received a call from the head man at the San
Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control district,
Seyed Saderin. He has decided under intense
pressure from the Lab to cancel the Site 300
permit and the hearing is off. WE have achieved
a major but temporary victory. I am sure that the
lab will try again and the DU explosions
continue throughout the country and the world.
But tonight let us savor one small victory."
The controversial and secretive
Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab detonates in
the open air about 200 radioactive "dirty
bombs" a year creating deadly and radioactive
uranium gas in the heavily populated San
Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas of
Hydrodynamic (bomb core) test on firing table at Site 300, 1961. The bright “streaking” effect in
California. About 10 million people live and
the photo is likely from shards of pyrophoric metal, such as Uranium 238, hurtling through the air.
work within the large metropolitan areas.
U-238 is one of the contaminants of concern in the Site 300 Superfund cleanup. Photo: LLNL
The University of California "managed"
Weapons Lab had requested to go from
detonating 1000 pounds of radioactive uranium
and tritium bombs a year to 8000 pounds a year
on November 12, 2006. The request was
approved by the San Joaquin Valley Air GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION
Pollution Control Board in nearby Modesto,
Bob Sarvey objected and filed an
appeal. So did a large housing development near
the radioactive bomb site in Tracy, California.

The developer also withdrew from the case
today, March 6, 2007.
Manhattan Project and Nuclear
Weapons Lab retired staff scientist Marion Fulk
said today about the withdrawal by the Nuclear
Weapons Lab "Now they can put those deadly
radioactive explosions that release uranium and
tritium into the atmosphere underground."
Contact Bob Nichols at bob.bobnichols
[at] for college distinguished lecture
series speakers, commencement speakers,
people's events and rallies. Available speakers
include Leuren Moret, Dr. Doug Rokke, Dennis
Kyne, Karen Parker and Bob Nichols. Topics
generally include those of interest in building a
positive culture in the midst of a militarized
society and items of interest in nuclear warfare
April 23 - April 27
and radiation warfare. []


Monday -Friday
10 pm - 2 am Eastern
7 pm - 11 pm Pacific For Mor e Information Visit
To Watch & Listen Visit
www.savetheamazonfor &
“Dare To Believe - Dare To Be Heard”
Fr om the Pen of Brad Steiger 5
Can spirit mediums when she suddenly felt a stinging blow on her
right ear and heard a kind of hissing sound that
through the normal sensory channels. "Science,
like life, feeds itself on its own ruins," James said.
communicate with the gradually became a voice repeating the letter "S." "New facts break old rules."
Once this had been resolved, Leonora clearly Sir Oliver Lodge, after a series of
dead? heard the same voice tell her that her Aunt Sara experiments with Mrs. Piper, told how the
had died, but her spirit remained near. Leonora's medium from Boston had completely convinced
mother made note of the day and the hour in him "...not only of human survival but also of the
Leonora Piper: W illiam which she had received the spirit communication, faculty possessed by disembodied spirits to
and a few days later the family learned that Sara communicate with people on earth."
James' "One White Raven" had died at the very hour on the very day that Hereward Carrington related that Mrs.
Leonora received the message. Piper's procedure during a seance was to make
Although this event signaled the advent of herself comfortable on a pile of cushions, then
Leonora's mediumship, her mother wisely gradually pass into the trance state. Once
insisted on the young girl enjoying a normal entranced, the medium was impervious to pain
childhood and the dramatic impact of any and oblivious to everything that happened around
subsequent paranormal phenomena was her. After a few moments of trance, her right hand
underplayed. When Leonora was 22, she married would reach out and accept the pencil that a sitter
William Piper of Boston, and shortly thereafter would place in her hand. At this point, automatic
developed a friendship with a blind clairvoyant writing was produced and spirit communications
named Dr. J.R. Cocke, who had been attracting a were relayed to the members of the seance circle.
substantial following as a result of his accurate Professor James H. Hyslop wished to
medical diagnoses and cures. observe this remarkable woman for himself and
At her very first meeting with Dr. Cocke, contacted Dr. Richard Hodgson, who at that time
Mrs. Piper fell into a trance, walked in such a state was conducting extensive tests with Mrs. Piper, to
across the room, where she sat at a table, picked make arrangements for his attendance at a seance.
up pencil and paper, and began to write messages Professor Hyslop was a stickler for taking
from spirit entities. Since there were often some extreme precautions. He drove up to the medium's
very prominent Bostonians seated in the seance house in a closed carriage, wearing a black mask
circle at Dr. Cocke's home, the remarkable which completely covered his face. After Mrs.
accuracy of Mrs. Piper's trance communications Piper had entered into the trance state, Dr.
soon spread throughout the city, and she was soon Hodgson motioned for Professor Hyslop to take
By Brad Steiger
Steiger being pursued by men and women who wished to his place in a chair behind the medium.
sit with her in her own seances. From the time he entered the seance room
Ghost Hunters: William James and the At the beginning of her mediumship, Mrs. until the moment the sitting was completed and he
Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death Piper's spirit control claimed to be a young Native was out the door and back in his closed carriage,
(Penguin Press, 2006) by Pulitzer Prize winning American girl, but within a very short time, Dr. Hyslop did not utter a word. Even if the medium
author Deborah Blum details the efforts of a small Cocke's guide, Phinuit, a French doctor, had had not been in a trance state, she would not have
group of scientists to validate the survival switched his allegiance to Leonora. Phinuit been able to determine the identity of the silent
hypothesis and many of the other areas of the remained the medium's principal spirit control man who sat behind her with his face completely
unknown that Rob Mc Connell and his guests from 1884 to 1892, but there were other entities covered. But in spite of these extreme
explore every night on the X-Zone. Among the who spoke or wrote through her, notably the spirit precautions, Mrs. Piper had mentioned Professor
mediums that the great scientist-philosopher of George Pelham, a friend of the well-known James H. Hyslop's name several times during the
William James, author of The Varieties of psychical researcher, Dr. Richard Hodgson. course of the seance and had given the names of
Religious Experience, investigated was Lenora Pelham communicated through automatic writing so many of his family members that it took him
Piper (1857-1950), a direct-voice medium, who until sometime in 1897 when both he and Phinuit more than six months of correspondence with his
while entranced, would allow her body to be essentially retreated back into the spirit world kin back in the small Ohio town where he was
taken over by spirits who would use her voice to upon the arrival of a powerful control known born to verify all the information told him during
speak and, on occasion, to write messages to simply as the Imperator. the sitting.
those persons assembled for her séances. Harvard University psychologist William Mrs. Piper died on July 3, 1950, at the age
In a well-known passage from his works, James was brought to Leonora Piper's seance of 91. The majority of researchers who sat with
James writes that the phenomena that he room by some rather astonishing reports which he Leonora Piper were more than willing to agree
witnessed through the mediumship of Mrs. Piper had heard from his mother-in-law and his sister- with William James when he said of her: "I wish
had weakened his orthodox beliefs. "To use the in-law. The elder woman had heard the medium to certify here and now the presence of a
language of logic," he states, "I will say that a give the names, both first and last, of distant supernatural knowledge; a knowledge the origin
universal supposition may become false because relatives. Later, James' sister-in-law had of which cannot be attributed to ordinary sources
of one particular example. If you are taught that approached Mrs. Piper with a letter written in of information, that is, to our physical senses."
all crows are black, and you wish to destroy this Italian that had been sent to her by a writer who
belief, it is sufficient to you to present to your was known only to two people in the entire United ABOUT BRAD STEIGER: Brad
teacher one white raven. My only white raven is States. The medium placed the letter to her Steiger is a prolific American writer and author
Mrs. Piper." forehead and gave details of its contents and who has sold over 17 million books making him
Since 1957, I have had the privilege of described the physical appearance of the writer. one of the best selling authors in history.
sitting with many great physical and mental spirit As he entered Mrs. Piper's seance room, Professor Although primarily known as a paranormal
mediums, but I would have loved to have been in James identified himself with a false name in researcher, Steiger has written biographies
attendance in the séance parlor of Leonora Piper. order not to provide the medium with even the including a well-received biography of Rudolf
Psychical researcher Hereward Carrington (in slightest clue on which to work. In spite of his Valentino, which was made into a feature film
addition to James, another hero of mine) precautions, the psychologist came away from the by British film maker Ken Russell.
considered Mrs. Piper to be the greatest psychical sitting completely baffled as to how Mrs. Piper
Steiger began writing when he was a
medium of her time. Mrs. Piper was a resident of had been able to give accurate information on all
school teacher in his native Iowa when he had
Boston, as was Margery Crandon (1888-1941)-- of the subjects about which he had queried.
writings published in Fate Magazine and other
another spirit medium who would have been James soon returned to Leonora Piper's
seance room. He was uninterested in the spirit
popular publications. Throughout the 1960s
exciting to research-- but Leonora's mediumship Steiger emerged a successful author who co-
had already won the endorsement of such hypothesis, but he was convinced that the woman
could only be obtaining her information through wrote 22 books with other writers. By the 1970s
luminaries as William James, Dr. Richard
some paranormal means. It became the Steiger achieved what some would consider
Hodgson, and Sir Oliver Lodge before Mrs.
psychologist's conviction that, while in the state icon status as a regular guest on talk shows such
Crandon had really begun her psychic career.
of trance, Mrs. Piper was able to reveal as Mike Douglas and others.
Eight-year-old Leonora (often spelled
Leonore) had been playing in the family garden knowledge which she could not have acquired www.bradandsherr
6 Missing In Acrion
MISSING IN ACTION the feint shadows of faith and hope within.
My abilities have continued to share
relay messages from those who have moved on,
Rick has appeared on television, radio, and live
within that life is eternally filled with the riches events. For more information, visit
of happiness and peace in which we in our []
earthly plan cannot comprehend. Loved ones
who have moved on continue to guide and
protect, for this is how they would want it to be.
They truly understand our sadness for missing
them, as it is simply due to how much they are
truly loved.
Loved ones who have moved on are not
truly missing...
They are still in action around us is
guidance and love.


For Your FREE Sample Of
*Author/National Speaker/ and
Paranormal Communications Consultant Rick Just Like Sugar
by Rick Hayes Hayes is the founder of LifesGift, Inc. and Go To
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'We lost our dear loved one the other day; he and life-everlasting. With his unique abilities to
was eighty seven years old and had a full and
rich life.'

I had to pause mentally for a moment

when a friend shared this thought during a
conversation. Her emotion expressed a state of
remorse with shadows of hopelessness. I
acknowledged sincere condolences and with a
whispered tone shared feelings that "he is
enjoying peace and happiness now". My friend
continued to share the details of the funeral
arrangements and how "he would have wanted
it this way". Once again I paused, but without
verbally sharing my thought, I begin to wonder
how my friend's apparent thoughts were of the
past tense. It was as though the loved one is
'missing in action' and never to be seen again.
For centuries, the media utilized the
phrase 'missing in action' during the trials of
disagreements between countries. A definition
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and the pondering of reasons for such trials. electronic and magnetic features of the body like a The active materials are applied to a substrate so as
Words cannot describe the feelings. cellular radio to transmit information from the to form a nano-scale organic antenna. When
I can recall a particular trial of patches into the body to enhance the production of properly assembled, we believe that these
LifeWave™ antennas are capable of passively
disagreement between countries whereby the energy and stamina. This technological discovery
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day the media would announce the casualties The LifeWave™ Technology is the new
along with those 'missing in action'. With each approach to performance. Our Patent Pending
announcement, the viewers would feel a bit method allows organic materials to interact with
the human body to improve energy, performance
more sadness. As the time of this trial continued
and stamina but without ingesting anything.
down a long path, even the media members
themselves began to show signs of empty hope What is Nanotechnology?
and faith. Just as the cold hollows of despair Nanotechnology is described as
began to replace the hope and faith within, an "Manufactured products that are made from atoms.
experience never to be forgotten took place. The properties of those products depend on how
Action took place and a few of the those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the
missing came home. atoms in coal we can make diamonds. If we
I begin to think about my friend's rearrange the atoms in sand we can make computer
thoughts, and how it is a common earthly chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and
emotion to wonder if it will be the last time to air we can make potatoes." The LifeWave™
feel the embrace of a loved one who has moved
Technology takes advantage of nanotechnology For more information on Lifewave
resulting in an all natural product that Products and all Lifewave patches visit our
on. How we enter into our vocabulary words of communicates with the user to improve energy and
past tense; such as had a full life and would website at
well being without stimulants. Clinical studies
have wanted it this way. The sudden loss soon have shown increases in energy and strength
creates the hollows of despair but still includes
Morgellons ‘Cynics’ 7
Should One Reason
with Morgellons’
& Sample Replies to
Their Doubts
James Schaller,
Schaller, MD, MAR

One of the things I learned in my

extended college and graduate school work is
that most people, including scientists and
physicians, have core Meta beliefs about what is
possible. These are outside their insight and
awareness. We see this in religion and
psychology pretty clearly. For example, those
with terrible parents often are the most
passionate about the absence of God. My point
is not whether God exists, but that many with an
abusive or absent parenting experience core
beliefs about useless parents and a useless God.
Another example would be children who have
been bullied. Some tend to see the world as
more dangerous then others, often even after positions are much like the 1990’s politics of these patients so this means they are
decades without abuse. Perhaps another analogy global warming—some feel it is nonsense and delusional.
is politics. By the time one is 45 years old, it is some feel it is as obvious as basic math. Some
rare to see a major party change if the original of these polar medical topics include Chronic It is sad that some health care workers
affiliation was strong. Democrats rarely will Lyme disease, indoor mold exposure illness, are very simplistic thinkers and forget that all
become strong Republicans and strong Babesia, long-term narcotic pain medications, medications have a vast number of “off-label”
Democrats will rarely become strong long-term anti-anxiety medications, cash pay uses. Indeed, most medications in the USA are
Republicans after 45 years of age. vs. insurance pay medicine, the value of prescribed for illnesses never approved by the
In this setting of our core beliefs, the organized medicine vs. those who feel FDA. Physicians by experience or study have
fact is many scientists and physicians are not traditional medical societies are useless. learned that most medications have other effects
worth reasoning with about Morgellons. Why? So I would suggest that we take a lesson and benefits beyond the one use approved by
Their presuppositions and ability to explore this from politics. Do not waste your time trying to the FDA.
illness cluster is simply not open to this convert those with strong passions for the One common use of all anti-psychotics
possibility. Some physicians have character opposing party. You will waste your time. is for the treatment of significant agitation.
rigidity and obsessive personality traits that Instead, first make sure you have fully and Another common use is for calming
require extreme amounts of data unavailable for clearly stated your position to your own party inflammation restlessness and infection
many clinical situations. Obsessive personality and that they understand what is at stake and restlessness of the brain. I routinely use anti-
traits have some benefits in medical science, have an understanding of the “platform.” In this psychotics for agitated people with infections or
because they can help a practitioner attend to regard, patients with Morgellons, health care medical toxin exposure that makes them terribly
important small details, but can cause workers with Morgellons, and physicians who restless and agitated. If a patient is exposed to a
practitioners to fear what is not in their believe this is not simply a delusion and treat it, toxic chemical at a chemical plant, and requires
“information box”—their finite brain. should be educated and included in all an anti-psychotic to be calmed, no one would
Some are also worn, tired and have Morgellons organizations. think this was a cure.
limited empathy that causes them to see Next, we should reach out to those who Again, just because a blood pressure
individuals with obviously clear pathological do not know everything and are either open to medication lowers the blood pressure of
extreme skin lesions as simply folks who “pick considering Morgellons as an illness, or are too Morgellons patients does not mean the
at their skin.” We also know that some busy and indifferent to oppose Morgellons underlying trouble is gone. We do not hear from
individuals working in the medical sciences or illness. Both of these groups, over a period of these anti-psychotic promoters that the skin of
as health care providers have antisocial traits or time, might be open to the idea of Morgellons these patients becomes cured.
are narcissistic, which makes accepting a illness, or at least they will refrain from It can be unwise to diagnose an illness
patient’s history, over the doctor’s medical opposing its treatment if they are slightly purely based on the response to the drug used.
world view unlikely. This requires listening educated. Phenobarbital given to a person who is vomiting
very deeply, profound humility, and the belief will stop the vomiting. We would not say they
that we have a great deal to discover about Replies to Common Anti-Morgellons Criticisms had a Phenobarbital deficiency. We would still
human illness. look for a possible flu, food poisoning or other
Further, the abuse of health care 1) Antibiotics can act as placebos and that is intestinal illness—the “real cause” for the
practitioners by litigious patients, plaintiff what is happening with “cured” Morgellons vomiting.
attorneys, state boards, insurance reviewers, patients. I do not believe that any physician in the
insurance companies paying “reasonable and USA has seen a large number of clear
customary rates” which are only customary for The problem with this argument is two Morgellons patients and that they were all cured
1940, makes it hard for practitioners to have the fold. First, these are hopeless people who have of their signs and symptoms and abnormal labs
time or energy to learn new concepts and had some different treatments and they do not by a mere calming anti-psychotic drug. At best,
explore new illnesses. Some mean well, but are generally expect treatments to work. Second, they were made to experience less discomfort
simply keeping their head above water trying to the rate of eventual cure is higher then the by using the drug—one reason I use anti-
get all the codes right, and manage their huge expected rate of placebo for antibiotic psychotics for Morgellons’ inflammation
insurance processing staff. medications. agitation.
Further, medical illnesses are becoming
the source of polar physician positions. These 2) Anti-psychotic medications help many of (Continued on Page 8)
8 Morgellons ‘Cynics’
Should One Reason 5) The skin damage is self-inflicted.
getting arthritis. She beat Yale to the obvious.

with Morgellons’ The use of “meta analysis” is common

I have a large number of dermatology books, in medicine in an attempt to find out what the
Cynics? and some show self inflicted skin damage. very best of the contradictory studies are
& Sample Replies to These images never look like Morgellons’ skin
damage to me, unless one only looks at very
ultimately saying. Sometimes these conclusions
end up being wrong, based on later Metastudies.
Their Doubts select areas of itching. Further, as someone who Much of what I was taught about pathology and
Continued from
from Page 7 has been around dozens of individuals with especially treatment is already dated.
large numbers of fire ant blisters and itching, I In conclusion, most physicians have no
commonly see individuals very agitated with training in the science of knowing and how to
3) These patients are not physically ill. the residual fire ant blister on their feet and legs. discern their own biases. They believe it is easy
In my attempts to invent a fire ant treatment to to know based on last months journal articles
Sometimes one looks over the prevent damage at the bite site or death in a rare and this is simply not realistic medicine.
Morgellons work up of an internist, infectious few, I have intentionally allowed myself to be Much medical care is mere symptom
disease physician or a dermatologist and it is bitten 15--20x as I have worked to design a relief without a full understanding of the cause
clear they are trying to be very careful to limit rapid treatment. The day after the bite, many or mechanism of the pathology. So much of
any testing. Perhaps they are afraid the people want to severely scratch at the bite site what we do as allopathic physicians is to treat
insurance companies will not renew their due to pain and a severe itch. On the worst abnormal findings, not discover the cause of the
contract if they order too many tests. Or they patients I have seen with massive numbers of abnormal findings. And we do poorly with
will be wasting healthcare dollars. One can bites (30 plus on the feet), followed by itching illnesses that stump and at times annoy us,
respect this in some cases. Yet I would appeal and picking/scratching the following day, I have because we did not study 20 years to be left
that Morgellons patients should have very never seen lesions that even remotely look like trying to understand something outside our
aggressive work-ups. Limiting their lab testing Morgellons lesions. voluminous training.
to 3-4 blood tubes is really saying one has no Morgellons lesions are complex, diffuse, We have a clear large group of patients
wish to find abnormalities, and one is only deep and have many types of skin presentations with very similar troubles, diverse and clear
going to look for severe organ failure. I do not all at the same time. If there is any “delusion” to abnormal labs, profound skin disease and they
know anyone who thinks Morgellons is caused be found in Morgellons, it is that it looks like are found in many places, but with areas of
by severe organ failure such as kidney or liver the skin organ itself has become delusional and higher concentration, e.g., California, Texas and
failure, so this is playing at a diagnosis. shows a vast array of pathology all at the same Florida. This sounds like another example of a
time. As a research clinician who invents clear medical syndrome with clusters. Yet, as of
4) Morgellons illness is not a medical illness, treatments in many areas of medicine, one this year this Morgellons illness is not in the
but simply a specific delusion. should really be careful about simplistic newest “comprehensive” medical textbook. But
answers in this age of NASCAR medicine--the I guess there is a reason they continually revise
Simply, this is not credible because physician runs from the intake door to the exit all major medical textbooks, because medicine
20,000 things can go wrong with the human door faster then an INDY 500 race car, just to is a lifetime of constant medical discovery. I
body. Why then are the 20,000 possible make payroll. Simple answers are often only wish so many patients did not have to feel
“delusions” all the same in general content. We ridiculous answers. And calling Morgellons a rejected and ignored while health care workers
do not believe in “diabetes delusions,” because delusion with self-inflicted lesions is something come to accept this medical problem.
we often do extra basic lab testing to catch early that will embarrass medicine in the coming
diabetes and because we see a cluster of people decades—in the same manner in which HIV For more information, please visit,
with the same problems. Just because this was trivialized and ignored. []
Morgellons cluster tends to be restless does not
mean they are psychotic—most heart attack 6) I go by studies not people’s complaints.
patients are restless and are often given an anti-
anxiety medication to decrease their fear, which It is very surprising to some physicians to
also decreases the oxygen demand on the heart. learn just how little of allopathic medicine is
Again, if you only do organ failure supported by quality studies. Most medicines
blood testing you will not find Morgellons are used for off label uses with limited research.
abnormalities. Of course you could also miss Many medical beliefs are based on studies that
cancer, very early diabetes and a heart attack disagree. Many positions held in each decade
also, because these do not usually show up on are altered 10-20 years later—this seems to be
basic simple lab tests. routine. Medications felt to be safe based on
Finally, I have found rare Morgellons FDA approved studies, are not safe in later
advocates who report they know the SINGLE studies—usually due to the experience of a few
cause of the disorder. Yet I find 15-20 common patients. In child psychiatry, major changes in
abnormal findings and Morgellons is not prescribing have occurred based on the bad
reducible to one thing. Indeed, I usually find experience of 1-9 children or adolescents. In
about 4-8 causes of their Morgellons, which other words, massive medication changes have
combine to cause the symptom cluster of happened based on the report of a few patients
Morgellons. A small sample of these include the and their experience or “complaints.”
many very severe types of Bartonella skin I once used an enzyme blocker to stop a
damage, Babesia, mycotoxin war-like blood cancer in one patient, and it worked so
biochemical agents found in 30% of USA amazingly, it has become the standard treatment
structures, Lyme, various bio-toxins and for this cancer and some other related cancers
synthetic toxins, parasitic agents, a fully all over the world. One patient changed the
exploded inflammation system in the presence
of an impotent anti-inflammation system, and
treatment of many cancers, years before any To Get Your FREE
studies existed. Many medical problems have
many other causes. In our treatment, we simply very little research to guide us clearly, and we
Sample of
list them, and determine what the most
important ones are, and just go down the line.
often do not have large, double blinded random Just Like Sugar goto
studies to guide us.
Cures never happen in weeks or a few months In modern Lyme disease, it was a
as a rule, but folks can generally be made fairly
functional and comfortable pretty quickly.
mother and artist, who observed that in her /jlsample.htm
Connecticut community a cluster of youth were
She Cheated Me 9
SHE CHEATED ME feet by 3 feet)
- A dozen or so picture magazines you enjoy
Our lives have been as magical as she intended,
and without exception everything she
reading envisioned has come to pass. A few years ago
- Scissors we came upon a ceramic Hawaiian wishing
- Glue bowl while vacationing on the Big Island. It
Friday night from six until ten, and looks Oriental with its green cracked glaze and
again Saturday morning from eight until noon, removable bamboo-shaped lid on which is tied
Arianne meditated. Her intent was to reach a a leather thong that holds a suspended capsule.
higher vibrational state so she could see beyond Each of us has our own tightly rolled-up
the cloud bank that had enshrouded her life until piece of paper inside the capsule. On it we write
then. She also asked that the way be cleared for our next set of wishes. As each comes true, we
her to let go of the past and be totally open to give thanks, pull out the paper, and write down
moving into a new life. the next intended manifestation. This is how we
By noon on Saturday, Arianne knew she live our lives, taking responsibility for knowing
was ready. Her mind had been cleared of all what we want and focusing our intention to
preconceptions and was open to guidance from make it happen.
her higher self. She set the blank drawing board From time to time I think back on where
By Jean-Claude Koven before her on the table and opened the first of my other life might have taken me, but I don’t
the magazines. She read none of the articles, really see much. Things are much clearer when
How we evolve into what we ultimately confining her attention to the photos and I see myself fully here in the world Arianne
become is question for the ages. In my headlines. Without allowing her mind to enter crafted for the two of us that one April weekend
case it was neither fate nor self- into the process, she assumed a meditative state more than twenty years ago. The future is
determinism, but the vision of an as she slowly turned the pages, waiting for limited only by our imaginations and our
incredible woman who conjured me into something to jump out at her. willingness to let go of the past and enter into it.
existence. By the time she was halfway through the Now it’s my turn to open new doors of
fifth magazine, the message on the Treasure exploration. I’ve become curious about the
Map had begun revealing itself. She had already infinite potential in relationships and have
By the time I reached my early forties, I had found three key elements, carefully cut already written the first three chapters of a new
knew I was in trouble. I had achieved almost them out, and placed them on the board. The book that deals with how men must evolve in
everything I set out to accomplish in life and first was a beautiful color photo of one of her order to coexist with the emerging divine
had little to show for it other than a respectable youthful heartthrobs, Jean-Claude Killy, the feminine energy that is leading us all into the
stock portfolio and a shoe box full of badly French skier who won three gold medals at the next paradigm. From here on in I’m breaking
tarnished brass rings collected while riding 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. new ground, and I need to actually experience
society’s merry-go-round. In the world’s eyes I (Arianne admits to having always wanted a each of the teachings and initiations that await
was a successful entrepreneur; in my own I French lover. It wasn’t until long after we’d the main character.
desperately wanted a do-over. I had been living been married that she discovered I had been a I’ve been given a clear picture of what
someone else’s life, and it was high time I ski patrolman for many years before we met). lies ahead, and the thrill of the adventure has me
showed up in my own. The second and third photos were of a well in its clutches. Women will soon learn to
Little did I know that 8,000 miles away, beautiful home and a shiny new car. Arianne evoke and embrace their Aphrodite, the
in Johannesburg, South Africa, Arianne, the had always lived in homes that belonged to archetype of divine femininity. As they perfect
woman who would someday become my wife, someone else, and the one new car she had ever the ability to embrace this exquisite energy, a
was embarking on a magical process to create owned, one of the original Volkswagen Beetles, beautiful tree of grace, beauty, and wisdom will
the new world in which I was about to emerge. was stolen a few days after she had used the last begin to grow within their being. Men will have
She too wanted more. But unlike me, she had a of her savings to buy it. She spent hours going to become so sure, so strong within themselves
pretty accurate idea of what it was, and what’s through the rest of the magazines, allowing that they can readily surrender to that divine
more, she knew exactly how to make it happen. enough time for each page to speak to her. feminine and hold space for the magic tree to
I have asked her to repeat the story over and Occasionally a photo or word glowed with grow. It is the man’s job to shower it with
over again, never tiring of hearing how she radiance, a few fairly shouted out to her, but adoration so pure and complete that the
created me. Each iteration reveals a little detail, most faded into a haze, letting her know they blossoms of the tree are pollinated and develop
a subtle nuance that somehow escaped earlier were not to be part of her map. Arianne into the celestial fruit that will transport the
versions. I suppose every child – no matter how reverently cut out each element that caught her lovers into the next dimension of being.
old – wants to know where she or he came from. attention. By the time she was ready to glue That is the journey that awaits us all as
It started on a late Friday evening in each piece into its final resting place she had we learn that true freedom comes from the
April. Arianne arranged to have the house to selected about a dozen symbols of her future willingness to love with such complete
herself for the weekend so she could devote all universe. Each piece was moved again and abandonment that one is ready to lose oneself
her energies to a ritual of creation – making a again until it linked perfectly with all the others completely in the process of merging. To know
treasure map. Just in case any readers of this and the mosaic sprang to life. A small map of this is to know that all is One.
article would like to bake up their own new the United States was in the lower right-hand
universe cake, I’ll pass on the recipe. The corner, just below a cutout of a jet plane that ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jean-Claude
ingredients are easily assembled: represented traveling to the four corners of the Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in
Arianne claims she had no idea of what Earth. Up near the top were the words Rancho Mirage, CA. He is a featured weekly
to do before she began her process, but two “financial” and “security.” There were five columnist for the UPI (United Press
things she did know with all her heart: One, she different renderings of “love,” some encased in International) Religion and Spirituality Forum
would be guided each step along the way. Two, beautiful hearts. Fairies and angels blessed her and the author of Going Deeper: How to Make
whatever she envisioned would without a sliver creation from their perches near the top. When Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No
of a doubt be manifested. Friday night Arianne she finished the ritual, it was almost dark, but Sense, selected by both Allbooks Reviews and
began a fast that was to end only when she she could see her future world looming before as the best metaphysical
completed her work. (Her next meal was in fact her, and she liked what she saw. book of the year. For more information, please
late Saturday afternoon.) All she permitted She mounted the map on her bedroom visit: www.goingdeeper .org.
herself during the process was water and a wall so it would be the first thing she saw upon
single apple. There is something deliciously rising and the last before she closed her eyes for ©2006-2007. Jean-Claude Gerard Koven / All
symbolic to me in the woman eating the apple the night. We met two months later. Rights Reserved.
out of her own hand. Not only was I welcome in the universe
- A large sheet of drawing board or stiff paper (2 Arianne created, I am a fully vested co-creator.
10 www.r
Has This Best-Selling Author
Solved the Gr eatest Riddle in
Human Histor y?


Meetings W ith the Ancient Teachers of
On its first publication in the UK, centuries apart and continents away from each questions about humanity's history and
Supernatural was nominated by the other? prehistory and offers a popular challenge to the
entrenched views of orthodox scholars.
London Daily Express as "the year's
• I SEE DEAD PEOPLE — Is it possible to
most controversial book" and described communicate with the dead and interact with About The Disinformation Company:
by The New Statesman as: "As gripping our ancestors? Hancock contends that people Based in New York, The Disinformation
as any thriller, but with profound have been doing so for ages during indigenous Company ( is active in book
implications for the values and future ceremonies that honor and call upon the publishing, film/DVD distribution and other
development of humanity." deceased. How are these ceremonies performed home entertainment. Recent book releases
and what happened when Hancock tried to include Jim Marrs’ The Terror Conspiracy, Wal-
commune with his recently deceased Father? Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Beyond The
New York, NY (August 2006) –– For many Bleep. Bird Flu, and Everything You Know
people, the birth of religion, spiritual beliefs and About Sex is Wrong. Disinformation books are
• DIVINE INSPIRATION — Were our stone-
mythology traces back to Adam & Eve. For distributed to the trade by Consortium Book
age ancestors stoned? Hancock illuminates
best-selling author Graham Hancock, the Sales & Distribution (
man’s historical relationship with beneficent,
journey to this mythical moment when
shamanic plants and how it related to the
intelligent belief began, reaches even further. . . About the Book:
development of consciousness, culture,
all the way back to the cavemen and beyond. SUPERNATURAL: Meetings With the Ancient
spirituality and religion.
Returning with his new book, Supernatural, Teachers of Mankind by Graham Hancock
Hancock investigates extraordinary possibilities September 2006 -The Disinformation Company
about human origins, and about the nature of 720 pages/120 photos and illustrations
SPIRITUALITY — How do we quantify and
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Hancock sets out to investigate and discover the $29.95
consciousness? Hancock goes beyond
truth about the influences that gave birth to the
Darwinism in search of the truth behind the
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Hancock touches on topics including:
His quest takes him on a journey of adventure
and detection from the stunningly beautiful
MIND — From the Amazon to Africa, from
painted caves of prehistoric France, Spain, and
France and Spain to Italy and India, Graham
Italy to remote rock shelters in the mountains of
Hancock traveled the world to investigate the
South Africa where he finds a treasure trove of
before-and-after moment and reveal the truth
extraordinary Stone Age art.
about the nature of consciousness and reality.
About the Author – Graham Hancock
Graham Hancock is the author of the major
Graham Hancock examines the medicinal and
international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal,
pharmacological uses of many plants
Fingerprints of the Gods, Keeper of Genesis,
throughout history—plants that continue to
The Mars Mystery, Heaven's Mirror and
thrive across the world, the rain forest, Europe
Underworld. His books have sold more than
and elsewhere. What effect can these
five million copies, have been translated into 27
People in Halifax,
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languages, and include five No 1 bestsellers in
mental well-being today?
the UK. His public lectures and TV Listen To
appearances, including the three-hour Channel The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
4 TV/Learning Channel co-productions Quest
For The Lost Civilization (1998), and Flooded
archeological relevance of art work depicting Rob McConnell
Kingdoms of the Ice Age (2002), have put his
half-man, half-beast and the significance of its
appearance in artwork throughout time and
ideas before audiences of tens of millions on
worldwide. He has become recognized as an AM 920 CJCH
around the world. What is a “therianthrope” and
unconventional thinker who raises interesting
how is it possible that the same images appeared
12 Korf f ’s Korner
Kal Korf f to Announce
First Cast Members of
Secr et Wars TV Series
on Rob McConnell's
The ‘X’ Zone Radio
For further information contact: xzone@xzone-

March 13, 2007 produced and sponsored by several companies, poor research in time for the 60th anniversary of
media partners by dozens of individual parties, the Roswell UFO anniversary celebration
Tel Aviv, Israel - Prague, Czech Republic - including: Pavel Janousek, Sheik Khalid exploitation festivals."
European Union Mohammad, Albert Levy, Tigran Ashok, Avtar "Furthermore, we are now sending out
Singh, Kal-Ysrael Medzhibozh, Martina hundreds of 'freeze' notices to TV networks,
CriticalThinkers announced today that producers and the media. If they wish to now
its President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tycova, Avi Levy, among others. The massive
interview Mr. Randle about Roswell, at least
Kal Korff, will announce on Rob McConnell's undertaking is expected to produce as many as
they will now be forewarned. We are also doing
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show who some of the new 5,000 episodes which chronicle all operations,
the same with other UFO researchers
cast members are for the new reality-based TV executions, and results.
concerning other cases. We will also reveal
show, Secret Wars. For further information contact:
instances where it seems as if Mr. Randle just
"I am pleased once again to be able to be
made up what can only be called lies, and
given the honor of announcing yet more manufactured his Roswell 'evidence.' We have
exclusive information on Rob McConnell's The --------------------
the proof now, have had it for years in fact."
‘X’ Zone Radio Show. This Thursday night, "KMPG will be contacting Mr. Kevin
March 15, 2007, during the Kal's Korner radio KPGM to Audit and Randle at the appropriate time. Mr. Randle will
segment (Thursday nights 9-11PM PST, 12- be asked to formerly cooperate with this
2AM EST, 6-8AM CES) which Rob airs each Certify Kevin Randle’s credibility audit, or he will face very serious
Thursday night exclusively on The 'X' Zone
Radio Show, we will be announcing some of the
False Roswell Claims legal actions and consequences. We will be
announcing with KPMG shortly which office of
first members who will star in the new TV series theirs will be granted centralized jurisdiction to
(Secret Wars) we have been filming during United Arab Emirates, -- Tel Aviv, Israel.
proceed with their forensic audit against and of
these past several weeks." said Korff. Mr. Kevin Randle."
"The fact that this is going to happen in Sheik Khalid Mohammad, the gulf
"Finally, we would like to thank Mr.
roughly 48 hours disproves those individuals millionaire playboy who is one of the financial
Paul Kimball of RedStarFilms in Canada for
who said earlier that this was either not backers behind the new reality-based TV series
continuing to provide us with material that we
happening, or worse, -- that none of this was "Secret Wars" which chronicles the real life
can expose in front of the world. Until Mr.
even true. Once again, these people are being activities of Captain Kal Korff of the Israeli-
Kimball published Mr. Randle's legally
exposed, and they have real liabilities now, founded Special Secret Services (S3), has hired
troublesome comments and lies, therefore also
including legal, and their credibility is rightfully the firm of KPMG to begin an immediate
incurring additional legal and credibility
exposed concerning their claims. We intend and forensic audit and investigation of UFO
problems for himself, we had no intention of
will, hold them accountable before the public in researcher Kevin Randle's numerous claims and
dealing with Mr. Kevin Randle at all. Randle's
the show. writings about the purported Roswell "UFO"
claims were first exposed last century by
"I promised you all along that this was crash of 1947.
Captain Kal Korff, who has written the best-
all going to happen, and as I continue to say "Mr Kevin Randle has made very
selling Roswell UFO expose of all time. Mr.
each week on The ‘X’Zone Radio Show, -- and serious and completely false allegations against
Randle has even admitted that several of his
it has. This is just the beginning of many our main star, Mr. Captain Kal Korff. Such lies
favorite Roswell 'eyewitnesses' were liars, --
activities, there's much more coming." are also a libel and slander against all of us,
just like Korff proved last century, and showed
While as many as 15 people are especially myself as a financial investor. Since
in his book The Roswell UFO Crash: What
expected to be announced, Secret Wars has no Mr. Randle claims he has 'the truth' and even
They Don't Want You to Know.
fixed cast size. had the ego large enough to name his book 'The
"Our next announcement concerning
"We will also be announcing the first TRUTH About the Roswell UFO Crash' I have
Mr. Randle will be made in conjunction with
wave of UFO personalities, Bigfoot and so- decided to order a forensic investigation into
KPMG." []
called 'paranormal researchers' who are also Mr. Randles numerous statements and wild
going to be featured in our new series. accusations." the Sheik said in remarks prepared
"For too long the public has been told in advance and communicated via his translator. Visit KAL KORFF On Line
and sold the wrong side of truth. It is time for a "The UFO field is in very serious
major course correction in everything from the troubles. We will spare no expense to expose At
before the public and even bring to justice in the
war against terrorism, hatred, and Holocaust
denials, to the field of UFOlogy and the so- courts if necessary many of the lies and slanders
called 'paranormal' in general. We are confident and blood libels that are often and eagerly
that micro public scrutiny and strategic spread by many so-called 'experts' in this field
exposure and striking with the right kinds of who have the public and the media fooled
operations using overwhelming measures will concerning their true intentions and their real
produce a successful formula for victory, and motivations.
will tell the public all they need to know. Secret "It is an honor to document all of this for
Wars will accomplish this over the next five the world to see. It is something that should
years until our mandate ends at the end of have been done many years ago. Unless KPMG
December, 2012." cannot finish their task on time, we plan to
Secret Wars, a reality-based TV series, is release this audit exposing Mr. Randle's very
Sear ching For The Truth 13
Sear ching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth
Means Never Having to
Remember Anything)

Dennis G.
G. Balthaser

Follow up: Is the Roswell UFO Museum &

Annual UFO Festival becoming a thing of the

As a follow up to my September 1, 2006

editorial entitled, "Is the Roswell UFO Museum
& Annual UFO Festival becoming a thing of
the past?" this editorial deals with the
inadequate response I received from the
President of the Museum's Board of Directors
and my reply to him.
In the editorial
tml I mentioned 14 items of concern not only
to me as a resident of Roswell and as a serious
UFO researcher, (which were not addressed in
the Board President's response), but also the
views of many in the community.
The city of Roswell has taken over the
annual Festival for next July (the 60th
anniversary of the Roswell Incident) and
preliminary indications indicate it should be
well organized and again bring credit to Geographic special filmed at the museum last September 29, 2006
Roswell, unlike the past few years annual event week); and development of plans for a new
that were disappointing for the community building on choice downtown Roswell land Jack Swickard and Board of Directors
under the "control and sanctioning" of the UFO recently purchased on favorable terms obtained International UFO Museum and Research
Museum. I suggested in my editorial that by Director Shuster is in the works. Center
changes were needed for both the annual Since your services at the museum were
Festival and the UFO Museum method of terminated by a previous board, I can Mr. Swickard and Board Members,
operation. The city of Roswell has initiated one understand your frustration, but please limit
of those changes. communication of your opinions in the future to Your September 14, 2006 response to my
those who appreciate them- our board does not, "editorial" which you referred to as "letter" was
Response from the IUFOMRC nor do we agree with them. not only disappointing, but also predictable.
Perhaps you will be good enough to Sadly, none of the "14 items of concern" were
September 14, 2006 pass along this reply to the other addressees in addressed "directly or adequately."
your letter for them to know our appreciation
Dennis Balthaser for Director Shuster and for her magnificent (Continued onPage 14)
Roswell, New Mexico leadership and efforts in the futherance of the
UFO Museum and Research Center.
Dear Mr. Balthaser,
In regard to our letter to our Board of LISTEN & WATCH
Yours very truly,
Directors of September 1, 2006, our opinion of
your views will be reflected in the brevity of this THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO / TV SHOW
Jack Swickard
reply. President
The UFO Museum and Research Center LIVE MONDAY - FRIDAY
Board of Directors
is doing fine, with visitor numbers healthy in a 10 PM - 2 AM EASTERN
International UFO Museum & Research Center
gasoline oriented business; national television
interest is high (with a new National My Response to the IUFOMRC
14 Sear ching For The Truth
Sear ching for the Truth numbers.
Jack, as President of the Museum Board
during that time period. I have copies of
invoices for those sales.
were you even in town for this past July's You stated in your response to my
Continued from
from Page 13 Festival, when your Director was sanctioning editorial, and your Director is taking credit for
and not sanctioning everything that took place obtaining property for a new building
I'm aware that several board members to add to the failure of the Festival, creating downtown, when in fact that property was
are totally unsatisfied with you as the President problems for many community organizations as initially negotiated for and eventually acquired
of the Board, and the actions of the Director, reported in The Roswell Daily Record. by a former Museum Board Member. Can you
and by you responding to me on UFO Museum Furthermore I'm curious about how many of the produce the minutes of the Board meeting
stationary and stating "the Board does not agree Museum Board members were actively where that occurred and quit giving the Director
with me", is erroneous and inaccurate to put it involved during this past July's Festival, and credit for something she didn't do?
mildly. Was the board advised of your response would be interested in knowing their reaction to Many in the community are also
to me, (since you stated "our opinion of your the low attendance at what should be the biggest questioning the status of the Museum as a
views will be reflected in the brevity of this event of the year. 501(C) 3 organization.
reply"), and did the board approve the Your knowledge of what is really going The Director has been spreading accusations
threatening letters to me and other researchers on concerned me when you stated in your against me and to others that my "Interception"
sent by U.S. Mail from the Director during the response that the National Geographic special video and other lecture videos I've done as a
past few years? was filmed at the Museum. It was also filmed volunteer at the Museum, belong to the
There are many in this community that with many researchers around the country, Museum. I have tried on numerous occasions to
have also been voicing their dissatisfaction with including myself for over 6 hours in front of the explain to her that all my lectures are
the Director of the Museum and the way the camera. Jack are you aware that your Director copyrighted with the Library of Congress in
Board has allowed her to operate, but you have told the National Geographic crew that "had she Washington, DC and in fact the "Interception"
chosen to ignore not only my comments in the known they were filming me they would not lecture (videocassette; ½ in.), was registered on
editorial, but have also helped to promote that have been allowed to film at the Museum?" Are September 26, 1997 on the recommendation of
dissatisfaction by your lack of response, which you also aware that on Sept. 25, I filmed with Museum co-founder Max Littell, prior to doing
has created an unhealthy atmosphere not only in the Canadian History channel for 3 hours and the lecture publicly at the Museum on October
Roswell, but through out the media and much of again when the crew went to the Museum the 11, 1997. The copyright number is PAu-2-238-
the UFO Community. Director told them, "If your filming certain 759. I have written documentation for all the
The editorial was distributed to those local researchers you cannot film at the other lectures I copyrighted also. There was no
that needed to know what is going on in Museum?" Additionally the Canadian crew was contract or agreement pertaining to the
Roswell with the Museum and the Festival, told "they should not eat at the Cover-Up Café "Interception".
unlike your comment that I should limit my at 2nd and Main because the owner was trying These type accusations and threats are
communication. Are you trying to censor me to shut down the Museum." Is this what you and intolerable and shall also cease by the Director.
speaking out as a concerned citizen and UFO the Board members expect from your Director, Trying to claim my research 9 years after the
researcher like the Director has threatened to by denying film crews that want to help fact while profiting from my research during
censor my work? Except for your Director promote the Museum, but can't because of a that time will not be tolerated.
trying to discredit me with documentary film vindictive attitude the Director has towards me While I was a volunteer at the Museum
companies and other researchers that posted the and many others. The Canadian film crew gave (1996-1998), I initiated the monthly lecture
editorial, the responses to the editorial have me permission to pass their information on to series for the public, which the current Director
been positive. Change is needed. you, and was shocked by the attitude of your decided to discontinue, thus taking another
As you of all people know Jack, my goal Director when they visited the Museum. benefit away from the community.
as a recognized and respected UFO researcher You stated, "my services at the Museum I have written documentation to support
was to promote the museum and the annual were terminated by a previous Board so you can the concerns I mentioned in the editorial I
Festival until a few years ago. I still maintain understand my frustration". That was in 1998, distributed on September 1, 2006. Many of the
the Museum is a vitally needed facility for the and like I have, it's time for the Museum statements and concerns expressed above are
public, but the current Director and support of personnel to get over it, and move on. I was different and more current than those made in
some board members is headed in the wrong asked to sever my services as a volunteer by an the editorial, and there are more, many more.
direction, and you in your response have Executive Board, not the Board of Directors. To This harassment, threatening and making untrue
refused to acknowledge that. this day I've not been told why I was supposed statements by the Museum Director have
With the city taking over the Festival to sever my relationship and my $1000.00 reached a point where if the Museum is to
next year I will dedicate myself to promoting Lifetime membership was returned to me. function as intended, changes have to be made,
the Festival again for them, however the Looking back leaving the Museum was a and as President of the Board you are expected
Museum under the current leadership will not positive step in my research career, by not to do so.
be promoted by me and many others The fact having to deal with the politics currently very Finally you asked me to pass along your
that the city decided to take over the Festival evident at the Museum. I have written reply to those that received the editorial so they
speaks volumes about the way it's been handled documentation on file where I earnestly tried to could know of your appreciation for Director
the past few years under the current Museum work with the Director when she assumed her Shuster and her magnificent leadership and
Director, but the community has yet to hear any position. Now years later, I'm being threatened, efforts in the furtherance of the Museum.
comments from the Board about that. After slandered and harassed by her. I will pass on your inadequate response
almost 4 months, the Director has not made any I'm also displeased with the Director for all to read, but because I base my research
figures public about the low attendance at this referring to Carol Syska and myself as "ex- on a quote I use in lectures and on my web site,
past July's Festival available, even as requested employees." Show me any paperwork I'll maintain "Always Telling the Truth Means
by Jim Mosley of Saucer Smear magazine, in a (including W-2 Forms), or a contract, that Never Having to Remember Anything."
recent telephone call to the Director. indicates I was an employee of the Museum
The lame excuse in your response about between July 1996 and October 1998. I was a 70 Dennis G. Balthaser
gasoline prices being a reason for low hour-per-week volunteer, so advise your Web site:
attendance is again a total untruth. I like many Director to immediately cease referring to me as Email:
other people I know made several out of town an ex-employee of the Museum.
trips this summer and paid the extra 5-10% for You might also ask the Director and Gift
gasoline. National polls do not substantiate your Shop manager why my lecture video and FOR YOUR FREE SAMPLE OF
excuse, since people have not reduced their cassette tapes were abruptly removed from sale
travel because of gas prices, or is that the in the Museum Gift shop after selling them at JUST LIKE SUGAR
Director's and your way of pacifying the board 100% markup from 1997 until 2 years ago,
and the public about the poor attendance purchasing 10 of each several times a year
Sear ching For The Truth 15
formic acid; both of these metabolites are
FDA Lists 92 Symptoms toxic." The recommend a limit of consumption
The truth about aspartame's toxicity is
fr om Nutrasweet of 7.8 mg/day. A one-liter (approx. 1 quart) far different than what the NutraSweet
aspartame-sweetened beverage contains about Company would have you readers believe. In
(Aspar tame) 56 mg of methanol. Heavy users of aspartame- February of 1994, the U.S. Department of
containing products consume as much as 250 Health and Human Services released the listing
mg of methanol daily or 32 times the EPA limit. of adverse reactions reported to the FDA
The most well known problems from (DHHS 1994). Aspartame accounted for more
methanol poisoning are vision problems. than 75% of all adverse reactions reported to the
Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, causes FDA's Adverse Reaction Monitoring System
retinal damage, interferes with DNA replication, (ARMS). By the FDA's own admission fewer
and causes birth defects. Due to the lack of a then ONE PERCENT of those who have
couple of key enzymes, humans are many times problems with something they consume ever
more sensitive to the toxic effects of methanol report it to the FDA. This balloons the almost
than animals. Therefore, tests of aspartame or 10,000 complaints they once had to around a
methanol on animals do not accurately reflect million.
the danger for humans. As pointed out by Dr However, the FDA has a record keeping
Woodrow C. Monte, Director of the Food problem (they never did respond to the certified
Note: This information requir
ed a Science and Nutrition Laboratory at Arizona letter from the WEBMASTER of this site a
Freedom Of Information Act request
request to State University, "There are no human or major victim!) and they tend to discourage or
pr y it from
from the reluctant
reluctant hands of the mammalian studies to evaluate the possible even misdirect complaints, at least on
FDA. mutagenic, teratogenic, or carcinogenic effects aspartame. The fact remains, though, that
of chronic administration of methyl alcohol." MOST victims don't have a clue that aspartame
MARTINI It has been pointed out that fruit juices may be the cause of their many problems! Many
and alcoholic beverages contain small amounts reactions to aspartame were very serious
Nutrasweet (brand name for Aspartame) of methanol. It is important to remember, that including seizures and death.
was not approved until 1981, in dry foods. For the methanol in natural products never appears Those reactions included:
over eight years the FDA refused to approve it alone. In every case, ethanol is present, usually ~ Abdominal Pain
because of the seizures and brain tumors this in much higher amounts. Ethanol is an antidote ~ Anxiety attacks
drug produced in lab animals. The FDA for methanol toxicity in humans. ~ arthritis
continued to refuse to approve it until President The troops of Desert Storm were ~ asthma
Reagan took office (a friend of Searle) and fired "treated" to large amounts of aspartame- ~ Asthmatic Reactions
the FDA Commissioner who wouldn't approve sweetened beverages which had been heated to ~ Bloating, Edema (Fluid Retention)
it. Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes was appointed as over 86 degrees F. in the Saudi Arabian sun. ~ Blood Sugar Control Problems
commissioner. Even then there was so much Many of them returned home with numerous ~ (Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia)
opposition to approval that a Board of Inquiry disorders similar to what has been seen in ~ Brain Cancer (Pre-approval studies in
was set up. The Board said: "Do not approve persons who have been chemically poisoned by animals)
aspartame". Dr. Hayes OVERRULED his own formaldehyde. The free methanol in the ~ Breathing difficulties
Board of Inquiry. beverages may have been a contributing factor ~ burning eyes or throat
Shortly after Commissioner Arthur Hull in these illnesses. Other breakdown products ~ Burning Urination
Hayes, Jr., approved the use of aspartame in ofaspartame such as DKP, may also have been a ~ can't think straight
carbonated beverages, he left for a position with factor. ~ Chest Pains
G.D. Searle's Public Relations firm. In a 1993 act that can only be described ~ chronic cough
Long-Term Damage. It appears to cause as "unconscionable", the FDA approved ~ Chronic Fatigue
slow, silent damage in those unfortunate enough aspartame as an ingredient in numerous food ~ Confusion
to not have immediate reactions and a reason to items that would always be heated to above ~ Death
avoid it. It may take one year, five years, 10 86°degrees F (30°Degrees C). ~ Depression
years, or 40 years, but it seems to cause some Much worse, on 27 June 1996, without ~ Diarrhea
reversible and some irreversible changes in public notice, the FDA removed all restrictions ~ Dizziness
health over long-term use. from aspartame allowing it to be used in ~ Excessive Thirst or Hunger
METHANOL (AKA WOOD everything, including all heated and baked (Continued on Page16)
ASPARTAME) Methanol/wood alcohol is a
deadly poison. People may recall that methanol
was the poison that has caused some "skid row"
alcoholics to end up blind or dead. Methanol is
gradually released in the small intestine when
the methyl group of aspartame encounter the
enzyme chymotrypsin.
The absorption of methanol into the
body is sped up considerably when free
methanol is ingested. Free methanol is created
from aspartame when it is heated to above 86
Fahrenheit (30 Centigrade). This would occur
when aspartame-containing product is
improperly stored or when it is heated (e.g., as
part of a "food" product such as Jello).
Methanol breaks down into formic acid
and formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde is
a deadly neurotoxin. An EPA assessment of
methanol states that methanol "is considered a
cumulative poison due to the low rate of
excretion once it is absorbed. In the body,
methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde and
16 Sear ching For The Truth
FDA Lists 92 Symptoms aspartame encounters the enzyme
chymotrypsin (Stegink 1984, page 143). Free
Did You Miss
fr om Nutrasweet methanol begins to form in liquid aspartame- The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show?
containing products at temperatures above 86
(Aspar tame) degrees F. also within the human body.
The methanol is then converted to
(Continued from
from Page 15) formaldehyde. The formaldehyde converts to
formic acid - ant sting poison. Toxic formic
~ fatigue acid is used as an activator to strip epoxy and
~ feel unreal urethane coatings. Imagine what it does to your
~ flushing of face tissues! (Note from Stephanie Relfe - Even the
~ Hair Loss (Baldness) or Thinning of Australian Cancer Council says that there are
Hair NO safe levels of formaldehyde).
~ Headaches/Migraines dizziness Phenylalanine and aspartic acid, 90% of
~ Hearing Loss aspartame, are amino acids normally used in
~ Heart palpitations synthesis of protoplasm when supplied by the
~ Hives (Urticaria) foods we eat. But when unaccompanied by Visit Our Archices
Archices Page
~ Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) other amino acids we use [there are 20], they
~ Impotency and Sexual Problems are neurotoxic.
~ inability to concentrate That is why a warning for
~ Infection Susceptibility Phenylketonurics is found on EQUAL and
~ Insomnia other aspartame products. Phenylketenurics are
~ Irritability 2% of the population with extreme sensitivity
~ Itching to this chemical unless it's present in food. It
~ Joint Pains gets you too, causing brain disorders and birth
~ laryngitis defects! Finally, the phenyalanine breaks down
~ "like thinking in a fog" into DKP, a brain tumor agent.
~ Marked Personality Changes In other words: Aspartame converts to
~ Memory loss dangerous by-products that have no natural
~ Menstrual Problems or Changes countermeasures. A dieter's empty stomach
~ Migraines and Severe Headaches accelerates these conversions and amplifies the
~ (Trigger or Cause From Chronic damage. Components of aspartame go straight
Intake) to the brain, damage that causes headaches,
~ Muscle spasms mental confusion, seizures and faulty balance.
~ Nausea or Vomiting Lab rats and other test animals died of brain
~ Numbness or Tingling of Extremities tumors.
~ Other Allergic-Like Reactions Despite the claims of Monsanto and
~ Panic Attacks bedfellows:
~ Phobias 1. Methanol from alcohol and juices People in Kelowna,
~ poor memory does not get converted to formaldehyde to any
significant extent. There is very strong
British Columbia, Canada
~ Rapid Heart Beat
~ Rashes evidence to confirm this fact for alcoholic listen to
~ Seizures and Convulsions beverages and fairly strong evidence for juices. The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
~ Slurring of Speech 2. Formaldehyde obtained from with Rob McConnell on
~ Swallowing Pain methanol is very toxic in *very small* doses as
seen by recent research
~ Tachycardia
~ Tremors 3. Aspartame causes chronic toxicity
~ Tinnitus reactions/damage due to the methanol to
~ Vertigo formaldehyde and other break down products
~ Vision Loss despite what is claimed otherwise by the very
~ Weight gain short, industry-funded experiments using a test
substance that is chemically different and
Aspartame Disease Mimics Symptoms or absorbed differently than what is available to from aspartame is unprecedented in human
Worsens the Following Diseases the general public. "Strangely enough", almost history. Methanol from fruit juice ingestion
all independent studies show that aspartame can does not even approach the quantity of
~ Alzheimer's Disease cause health problems. methanol ingested from aspartame, especially
~ Arthritis 4. A common ploy from Monsanto is to in persons who ingest one to three liters (or
~ Birth Defects claim that aspartame is "safe" yet a few select more) of diet beverages every day. Unlike
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome people may have "allergic" reactions to it. This methanol from aspartame, methanol from
~ Diabetes and Diabetic Complications is typical Monsanto nonsense, of course. Their natural products is probably not absorbed or
~ Epilepsy own research shows that it does not cause converted to its toxic metabolites in significant
~ Fibromyalgia "allergic" reactions. It is there way of trying to amounts as discussed earlier.
~ Lupus minimize and hide the huge numbers of toxicity 2. Lack of laboratory-detectable
~ Lyme Disease reactions and damage that people are changes in plasma formic acid and
~ Lymphoma experiencing from the long-term use of formaldehyde levels do not preclude damage
~ Multiple Chemical Sensitivities aspartame. being caused by these toxic metabolites.
(MCS) Laboratory-detectable changes in formate
~ Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Summary levels are often not found in short exposures to
~ Parkinson's Disease methanol.
Given the following points, it is definitely
How it happens: premature for researchers to discount the role of (Continued on Page 17)
methanol in aspartame side effects:
Methanol, from aspartame, is released in the LISTEN & WATCH THE ‘X’ ZONE
small intestine when the methyl group of 1. The amount of methanol ingested www.xzonetv
Sear ching For The Truth 17
FDA Lists 92 Symptoms friends and family... and if they stop using
aspartame and also "wake up well"... get them
symptoms, including death. They used to mail
this list out, but now you can't get the list
fr om Nutrasweet involved in the same way. without a congressman or Freedom of
Aspartame is an "approved sweetener" Information Act request.
(Aspar tame) because of a few greedy and dishonest people Betty had three children instead of a
who place profits above human life and well- doctor's degree, but spent 22 years in the
(Continued from
from Page 16) being. With the FDA and our Congress medical field. While working with a
culpable, only an INFORMED and ACTIVE hematologist she supplied the CDC with reports
3. Aspartame-containing products often public will affects its reclassification from "food on leukemia, which CDC said, were more than
provide little or no nutrients which may protect additive" to TOXIC DRUG, and removed from all the case histories submitted by the entire
against chronic methanol poisoning and are the human food chain. Emory University Hospital system combined,
often consumed in between meals. Persons who an indication of the low level of physician
ingest aspartame-containing products are often For more information: generated reports to the CDC. This reveals that
dieting and more likely to have nutritional only a small percentage of serious health threats
deficiencies than persons who take the time to are collected and statistically tabulated.
make fresh juices. In l970 Betty Martini established a
4. Persons with certain health conditions model for the nation by creating Physicians on
or on certain drugs may be much more Call, a network of five Emergency Care clinics
susceptible to chronic methanol poisoning. in Atlanta, Georgia, staffed with medical
5. Chronic diseases and side effects doctors 7 days/24 hours. Services were without
from slow poisons often build silently over a cost to the indigent. With a deep interest in
long period of time. Many chronic diseases traumatology she worked to build a trauma
which seem to appear suddenly have actually center in her mother's name, Eve Geller, who
been building in the body over many years. me lost her life to breast cancer, but this did not
6. An increasing body of research is materialize. She ran for Mayor of Atlanta in
showing that many people are highly sensitive Addresses: l973.
to low doses of formaldehyde in the When she developed breast cancer she
environment. Environmental exposure to Commissioner named the herbal formula that cured her for her
formaldehyde and ingestion of methanol (which Food and Drug Administration mother. Now the FDA has started outlawing the
converts to formaldehyde) from aspartame 5600 Fishers Lane healthful, life saving herbs. It is no wonder she
likely has a cumulative deleterious effect. Rockville, Maryland 20857 calls the FDA the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks for
7. Formic acid has been shown to slowly approving deadly poisons and outlawing safe
accumulate in various parts of the body. Formic Mrs. Betty Martini herbs needed for good health. She says when
acid has been shown to inhibit oxygen Mission Possible International people send complaints to the FDA about
metabolism. 9270 State Bridge Road Suite 215 aspartame shattering their life instead of
8. The are a very large and growing Duluth, Georgia 30097 concern they badmouth the safe herb Stevia.
number of persons are experiencing chronic Internet E-mail: This herb could save the life of diabetics since it
health problems similar to the side effects of helps in the metabolism of sugar, and aspartame
chronic methanol poisoning when ingesting NOW... that you are aware of the 92 FDA actually can precipitate diabetes, keeps blood
aspartame-containing products for a significant recognized symptoms (that required a Freedom sugar out of control, destroys the optic nerve,
length of time. This includes many cases of eye Of Information Act request to pry from their can cause diabetics to go into convulsions and
damage similar to the type of eye damage seen reluctant hands) and HOW aspartame does its interacts with insulin. Larry Hagman said of
in methanol poisoning cases. dirty work, change to Dorway's Official Dogma stevia:
page. "I am a diabetic and alive today due to
Note: It often takes at least sixty days without Stevia, diet and exercise. I no longer have to use
any aspartame NutraSweet to see a significant ABOUT DR. BETTY MARTINI
MARTINI insulin. I would never use aspartame knowing
improvement. (Note from Stephanie Relfe: how dangerous it is and having been declared a
Drink plenty of good water. Preferably water world epidemic."
filtered by reverse osmosis. If not that, spring In l993 she began Mission Possible
water. Not tap, distilled or mineral water). International when she investigated what was
disabling a family friend and discovered his
Check all labels very carefully multiple neurological symptoms were
(including vitamins and pharmaceuticals). Look Aspartame Disease. He constantly drank diet
for the word "aspartame" on the label and avoid sodas, which is #1 on the FDA list of aspartame
it. (Also, it is a good idea to avoid "acesulfame- disease causes. Soon Betty learned how
k" or "sunette.") Finally, avoid getting nutrition generalized the devastation is since most
information from junk food industry PR Americans consume it and many are addicted to
organizations such as IFIC or organizations that a substance that breaks down into methyl
accept large sums of money from the junk and alcohol, formaldehyde, formic acid (ant sting
chemical food industry such as the American venom) and a long list of other poisons
Dietetic Association. including diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.
If you are a user of any products with
aspartame, and you have physical, visual,
mental problems take the 60-day no aspartame
test. If, after two months with no aspartame
your symptoms are either gone, or are much less Betty Martini is the founder of the
severe, please get involved to get this worldwide volunteer force, Mission Possible
neurotoxin off the market. Write a letter to the International, which is committed to removing
FDA, with a copy to Betty Martini (for proof of the deadly chemical aspartame from our food.
how the FDA doesn't keep proper records). This poison has brought more complaints to the
Write your congressmen. Return products American Food and Drug Administration than
containing aspartame to the point of purchase... any other additive and is responsible for 75% of
for a FULL refund. Make a big stink if they such complaints to that agency. From 10,000
WON'T give you a full refund! Tell all your consumer complaints FDA compiled a list of 92
18 Books By Ralph Ellis
9/11 By The Numbers 19
Death, destruction, subways: $4.55 billion
~ Estimated amount of money raised for funds
charity, salvation, war, dedicated to NYPD and FDNY families:
$500 million
money, r eal estate, ~ Percentage of total charity money raised going to IS CHANGING T O
FDNY and NYPD families: 25
spouses, babies, and ~ Average benefit already received by each FDNY
and NYPD widow: $1 million
other September 11 ~ Percentage increase in law-school applications THE ‘X’ ZONE
statistics. from 2001 to 2002: 17.9
~ Percentage increase in Peace Corps applications
from 2001 to 2002: 40
The initial numbers are indelible: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02
a.m. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and
~ Percentage increase in CIA applications from
2001 to 2002: 50 & TELEVISION
102 minutes. Time they took to fall: 12 seconds.
From there, they ripple out.
~ Number of songs Clear Channel Radio considered
"inappropriate" to play after 9/11: 150 SHOW
~ Number of mentions of 9/11 at the Oscars: 26
~ Total number killed in attacks (official figure as of ~ Apartments in lower Manhattan eligible for
9/5/02): 2,819 asbestos cleanup: 30,000 The ‘X’ Zone Radio & Television Show
~ Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343 ~ Number of apartments whose residents have will be coming to a Television Station near
~ Number of NYPD officers: 23 requested cleanup and testing: 4,110 you! You will be able to watch the first
~ Number of Port Authority police officers: 37 ~ Number of Americans who changed their 2001 hour of the show (10 pm - 11 pm Eastern)
~ Number of WTC companies that lost people: 60 holiday-travel plans from plane to train or
car: 1.4 million
on television on the following channels!
~ Number of employees who died in Tower One:
1,402 ~ Estimated number of New Yorkers suffering from
~ Number of employees who died in Tower Two: post-traumatic-stress disorder as a result of -WSSN CH 21 (Valstar Cable 45) -
614 9/11: 422,000 [] Germantown, NY
~ Number of employees lost at Cantor Fitzgerald: -WBII CH 20 - Ashland, MS / Memphis,
~ Number of U.S. troops killed in Operation
-WAGM CH 8 (CBS) - Presque Isle, ME
Enduring Freedom: 22
~ Number of nations whose citizens were killed in LOOSE CHANGE Polaris Cable - ME
attacks: 115 -WBGN CH 59 - Pittsburgh, PA
~ Ratio of men to women who died: 3:1 -Over 50 Cable Systems (Comcast,
~ Age of the greatest number who died: between 35
and 39 Adelphia, others) - PA
~ Bodies found "intact": 289 -KHPK CH 28 - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
~ Body parts found: 19,858 -WBQP CH 12 (cable 75) - Pensacola,
~ Number of families who got no remains: 1,717 FL
~ Estimated units of blood donated to the New York
Blood Center: 36,000
-WSWF CH 13 - Orlando, FL
~ Total units of donated blood actually used: 258 -WVHF CH 9 (Insight cable 98) -
~ Number of people who lost a spouse or partner in Southern, Indiana
the attacks: 1,609 -WBCF CH 3 & WXLF CH 5 -
~ Estimated number of children who lost a parent:
Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL
~ Percentage of Americans who knew someone hurt -KWVT CH 52 (Capitol Cable 7) -
or killed in the attacks: 20 Salem, OR Country Cablevision
~ FDNY retirements, January–July 2001: 274 CH 54 - Central, OR
~ FDNY retirements, January–July 2002: 661 -WDRL CH 24 (digital 41) -
~ Number of firefighters on leave for respiratory
problems by January 2002: 300 Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA
~ Number of funerals attended by Rudy Giuliani in -KCTU CH 5 Wichita, KS
2001: 200 -Western Cable Service - Sequim, WA
~ Number of FDNY vehicles destroyed: 98 -Cable in Guatemala and parts of Central
~ Tons of debris removed from site: 1,506,124
~ Days fires continued to burn after the attack: 99 “LOOSE CHANGE will make you re-examin the America... and coming to many
events of September 11, 2001 and is a must for more areas.
~ Jobs lost in New York owing to the attacks:
everyone who is seeking the truth about who was
146,100 behind the attacks and what was their motive. This
~ Days the New York Stock Exchange was closed: 6 movie has gone where Michael Moore and Farenheit
~ Point drop in the Dow Jones industrial average 9/11 should have but didn’t.”
when the NYSE reopened: 684.81
~ Days after 9/11 that the U.S. began bombing
Rob McConnell
The ‘X’ Zone
Afghanistan: 26
~ Total number of hate crimes reported to the
This is where you'll find all the information
you need on Loose Change, the independent
Council on American-Islamic Relations
nationwide since 9/11: 1,714
~ Economic loss to New York in month following
documentary that has grown from a cult
following to a grassroots organism that can no
the attacks: $105 billion longer be contained. The central premise of (Committee for the Scientific Investigation
~ Estimated cost of cleanup: $600 million Loose Change is that the United States of Claims of the Paranormal)
~ Total FEMA money spent on the emergency: Government was, at the very least, criminally
$970 million negligent in allowing the attacks of
~ Estimated amount donated to 9/11 charities: September 11th, 2001 to occur.
$1.4 billion
~ Estimated amount of insurance paid worldwide
related to 9/11: $40.2 billion The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with
~ Estimated amount of money needed to overhaul Rob McConnell, Monday to Friday
lower-Manhattan subways: $7.5 billion from 10 pm - 2 am Eastern, LIVE
~ Amount of money recently granted by U.S.
and around the world on the
government to overhaul lower-Manhattan
TalkStar Radio Network
20 Talk To Your Angels
Talk To Your Angels accomplish this, knowing that things will work
out in your best interest. If you have any fears
was spared. However, there have been literally
countless smaller events where I know my
And Change Your Life! that a solution will not be found, give them up angels helped me. It is impossible to remember
to your angels as well and then consciously let them all, but here are just a few.
go of them. This could take some practice, but When I decided to write my first book in
you will eventually get the hang of it. Basically, 2003, I was on disability and broke. I had no
you must learn to trust your angels and assume idea how I was going to accomplish this, but
that help is on its way. knew somehow that with my angels help, it
The next step is to follow any inner could be done. First, a friend of mine had an
urges or guidance that seems to come to you. If extra computer he didn't need and offered it to
there is an opportunity before you, jump on it me. He had no idea what my plans were at the
immediately, knowing that your loving spiritual time. I also needed a printer, but with no extra
helpers have given this to you. Remember that money, I had no idea how I would do that. Then
there is NOTHING they can't do and their sole a friend offered to take me to look at some.
purpose is to make your life better. However, I felt strongly that I should go
Finally, be thankful. Whether it is a to a particular used computer parts store first. I
small or large thing they helped you with, send walked into the small shop and asked the man
love back to your angels. Let them know you behind the counter if he had any used printers.
appreciate everything they do for you. This is He immediately turned around with a printer in
vitally important. Every morning when you his hand and said, "Here. Take this one. It just
wake up, thank them for being with you all day. came in from a couple who didn't need it any
During the day, thank them for everything they more and you can have it free." Wow!
do. When you settle down in prayer in the Next, I got a notice in the mail that I had
By Martha Jette evening, thank them again. a $10,000 credit line at the bank! I was stunned
You might also feel the urge to give an to say the least, but accepted it with many, many
While I am not an expert in Angelology, angel a name. This is something you just seem thanks to my angels. With that money, I was
I have learned some things over the years and to know. For instance, I know that one of my able to get the extras I needed to write my first
had countless experiences that I would like to angels is Simon. He is the only angel I've book and get it published. I figured if I did so, I
share to help you see why you should let your actually seen and every time over the years could get my name known in writing circles,
angels become a part of your life. when I've thought of him, the name Simon hopefully prove my talent and then become a
The first step toward contacting your came to mind. This usually happens during published author in the conventional way -
angels is asking for their help. That is their meditation when the mind is more open to any which I have done. In fact, my fifth book is
purpose and even though you don't realize it, subliminal messages that flow naturally to you. awaiting release right now and I'm currently
they are "on call" 24 hours a day just for you. Of course, you don't have to name them. It just writing my sixth!
They love you more than you could ever makes your association much more personal, as Another day, my sister and I took a bus
imagine and only wish to assist you in your life, it should be. Try meditating and wait to see downtown, as we wanted to go to a specific
but they are powerless to intervene, if you do what comes to you. place. We got off the bus at what we figured
not ASK! I want to give you a few examples of was the closest stop and walked for several
You may have a number of angels how my angels have helped me in my life and blocks without finding the right building. It was
around you, just waiting to do your bidding. hopefully, this will encourage you to seek out cold and I was quite tired. Immediately, I asked
However, that does not mean anything that the guidance of your own angelic helpers. An my angels for help and within seconds, a man
would interfere in an adverse way in someone angel came to me shortly before I was adopted. came out of a nearby charity center, walked
else's life. Whenever you are in need, speak I was nearly 8 years old and very depressed, as right up to me and asked me if I needed help.
aloud to them. Let them know you are aware of saw so many other children taken in by loving This kind gentleman took my sister and me in
their existence and you truly want their parents. I seemed to be the one left behind and his car directly to where we needed to go!
assistance. felt I'd never have parents of my own. Within It often happens that as I go about my
One of the biggest stumbling blocks is two weeks of this angelic visit, I met my day, I realize that I could really use this or that
that some people don't think they are worthy of parents-to-be! around the house. I can't count the number of
angelic help. This is unfortunate. You must This was my earliest experience and it items that have come my way through
realize that you are a child of the Creator and as opened the door to many more. When I was unexpected means, including everything from
such, are more than worthy. Surrender yourself about 22, I was driving along when a woman in an upright vacuum, crock pot and coffee maker,
to your angels, open up and allow them to be a another vehicle turned left unexpectedly, right to such luxuries as music CDs, extra blankets,
part of your life. It doesn't matter what you've in front of me. I immediately asked for help, pillows, pictures, a new keyboard, candles and
done or what you personally believe, your because I knew this could be serious. I was you name it. I never asked anyone for these
angels are there for you. Since they are totally, headed right smack into a large concrete pole. things and I'm not talking about gifts I received
loving creations of God, they cannot feel ill will As if someone or something grabbed the wheel, on birthdays or holidays. I did not consciously
toward you and offer only unconditional love. my car quickly veered away from the pole, skid ask my angels for any of them either. I just had
When you call on your angels, let them about 50 feet and stopped when it gently hit two a fleeting thought about how nice it would be to
know what issues or problems fill your heart. vehicles waiting on a side street. Believe it or have such-and-such. However, I assume each
Also, let them know that you too are a loving, not both cars were slightly dente and although day that the angels know my needs, hopes and
caring person, who only hopes for the best the left, front end of my car was squashed, I dreams, and will be there for me in all instances.
possible outcome. Angels are gifts from the didn't have a scratch! My angels continue to amaze me with
Creator and we should approach them with On another occasion, I was driving their love and generosity. I can't understand
honesty and openness. along and a huge truck backed out of a parking why anyone would want to live without them.
As well, be sure to express your lot onto the road. I had nowhere to go! I So get going! Talk to your angels. They love
gratitude for not only their existence, but also immediately asked for help and continued to do you without end and want so much to be an
any help they may give to you. Do not expect so as I was forced to go the wrong way through active part of your life. That is their purpose.
them to help you in a specific manner. Rather, an underpass. I held my breath and hoped for When you do, you too will be amazed![]
give the problem or concern to them and let the best. When I came through on the other
them work it out for you. You should be excited, side, to my amazement, the traffic was at a total For more information on Marthja Jette or to
because you will be amazed by what they can stop at a red light! If my angels had not assisted order her books, please visit:
do for you! me, I would not be telling you this story.
In difficult times in our lives, it is hard to Those two instances are major ones,
be calm and patient, but you must strive to where my angels intervened to ensure my life
Mysterious Hive Illness 21
Mysterious hive illness estimates the value of honey bee pollination in
Canada is more than $1-billion a year.
Base in Tucson, Ariz., would report that no
military maneuvers were taking place that night
has beekeepers on aler t Commercial apiarists such as Rowaan rent out at the Barry M. Goldwater Range to the west.
hives to fruit and vegetable farmers to pollinate (Air Force officials would change their story
crops. two months later, saying the person on duty that
Bees also pollinate more than 16 per night failed to look at the proper logbook.)
cent of the flowering plant species in the world. The lights were flares, said the Air
There are approximately 2,400 beekeepers in National Guard, dropped during nighttime
Ontario. exercises at the Barry M. Goldwater Range.
That's what they were, insists Lt. Col.
Ed Jones, who piloted one of the four A10s in
the squadron that he says launched the flares.
Jones, in his first interview with the
news media concerning the night 10 years ago,
says he can't believe a decision to eject a few
leftover flares turned into a UFO furor that
continues to this day.
He now is assistant director of
operations for the 104th Fighter Squadron of the
Maryland National Guard.
On the way back to Tucson, not far from
Gila Bend, Jones says, he reminded pilots to
eject their leftover parachute flares.
As the weather continues to warm up, A pilot debunks old Jones and the crew returned to
Maryland. Several weeks later, Jones says, "All
the 1,000 beehives on Brian Rowaan's St.
Davids farm are bustling with activity as bees
Phoenix Lights UFO this stuff just blew up."
emerge from their winter sleep. r epor t
"Now it's spring, they're getting more
active so we're getting them ready for
pollination," said Rowaan, an apiarist who runs 1997 lights wer e flar es, he
B&E Honey Fields. insists
Along with other Ontario bee keepers,
Rowaan is also keeping a close eye on his bee BY SCOTT CRAVEN
population, looking for signs of a mysterious ARIZONA REPUBLIC
illness that is plaguing the United States.
Colony collapse disorder has been
reported in at least 24 states.
Some American-based beekeepers have
reported losing more than 90 per cent of their ROB McCONNELL
It has not yet been confirmed whether in Las Vegas
the mysterious syndrome has migrated north,
however, a number of Ontario beekeepers have
at the Head Of fice of
reported losses. JUST LIKE SUGAR
"It hasn't been a disaster for me but it is
a heavier winter loss than normal," Rowaan
said of his hives.
Brent Halsall, president of the Ontario
Beekeepers Association, confirmed some
members have reported significant losses in
hive populations.
"They don't know what it is and they
don't know why it's happening, but they do
know they're losing a lot of colonies," he said.
The association is conducting research On a mild springlike evening, the string
to determine if the losses are related to colony of amber orbs appeared as if by magic, a
collapse disorder. celestial sleight of hand that would in the
Mike Sylver and Rob McConnell
"We haven't found anything specific to coming weeks make headlines across the
say CCD is the cause of all this. It's a little nation.
premature to say what we've got here, but we Although little more than an
do know we're losing bees in Ontario," Halsall atmospheric curiosity at the time, the hovering
said. balls of light soon would become known as the
The cause of colony collapse disorder is Phoenix Lights, an event that 10 years later
not yet known. Theories include environmental continues to spark debate over just what was
change, pesticides and disease. seen that night.
An estimated one-third of all food In the ensuing decade, the Phoenix
production in North America depends on Lights would change outlooks, minds and even
pollination. a few lives. What hasn't changed is this: the
Lower crop yields could result in higher mystery that still hovers above March 13, 1997.
prices at the grocery store, a U.S. congressional It is agreed that at about 10 p.m. on that
committee hearing in Washington was told last Dr. Randall Robirds
date, under a clear sky with no breeze, a string
week. of lights appeared in the southwest sky. and Rob McConnell
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Officials at Davis-Monthan Air Force
shakes, etc…
Nutritional Facts per one gram serving Size
found 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol, JUST LIKE SUGAR
0 Sodium, 0 Carbohydrates and 0 Protein. It - AND -
does not contain any soy, yeast, animal
derivatives, No "MSG", No L-Glutamic Acid,
No D-Glutamic Acid, No Aspartic Acid or
preservatives; it is not fermentable, will not
promote tooth decay and is Gluten free.

Just Like Sugar® is available in a 165g

(5.82oz) bottle, in bulk 1, 5,25 and 50 pound
bags and in the future, 50,100, 250 separate
individual serving packet boxes. Note: One
teaspoon of Just Like Sugar® has the same
sweetening power as one teaspoon of regular
Mike Spice
cane sugar.
“The Sugar” Williams -
Just Like Sugar® is a natural alternative to Sylver Crosby
Just Like Sugar® is a 100% natural FDA harmful artificial sweeteners and will change
the way you believe AllNatural Sweetener Every
Every Second Wednesday
GRAS approved sweetener made from only the
products taste. From
From 10 pm - 11
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purest of Ingredients. Just Like Sugar®
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mimics the attributes of regular cane or beet
Product No. AR160GR-2 "NOW AVAILABLE" For Dates Visit
sugar in every way without any of the negatives
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from sugars on the market today.

Just Like Sugar, Inc. is proud to introduce our For more information or to become a Just Like
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Sugar®, a totally unique Natural Sweetener that Representative, contact, Just Like Sugar®,
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Just Like Sugar® is a wonderful natural
alternative for those health conscious people, HEALTHY CLASSIC
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great pure sweet flavor that tastes Just Like
Sugar® (hence the name) without any harm
from some artificial sweeteners. Just Like From Mike “The Sugar” Sylver
Sugar® is a great natural option for people
suffering from diabetes and may be useful in INGREDIENTS:
restricted diet programs where standard sugars
are not allowed. - 1 large bunch of organic Spinach (stems -
RETAIL PRICE - $6.99 - 2 boiled free range eggs (chopped)
- 1 organic Bermuda onion (sliced)
Just Like Sugar® enhanced composition is a - 8 ounces of Spice Of Life Meatless Jerky
source of Natural Dietary Fiber obtained from (natural flavor)
- 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Chicory Root and Vitamin C, which should be
- ¾ cup organic red wine vinegar
essential ingredients in everyone's daily diet.
- ¾ cup of Just Like Sugar®
Just Like Sugar® comprises a perfect blend of - 1/3 cup organic bacon flavoring
crystalline Chicory Maltodextrin pure balanced - 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
extract, Chicory Root Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, - 1 teaspoon organic mustard
Calcium and all Natural Flavors from the peel
of the Orange. DIRECTIONS:

Unlike other natural sweetener products in Cut Jerky in small thin pieces, mix in
markets today, which have a characteristic To Get Your FREE Sample bacon flavoring. Let marinate for 30 minutes.
intense sweet and bitter licorice after taste, Just Add olive oil and sauté crisp. Retain the
Like Sugar® has a proprietary formulation of Just Like Sugar® sauté liquid. Set both aside.
which tastes clean, smooth and sweet. It does In a large saucepan mix red wine vinegar
not leave an after taste. "You need to try it to and Just Like Sugar® bring to boil. Reduce heat
believe it!" Visit add sauté liquid.
Mix in onion, Jerky, Worcestershire sauce
Just Like Sugar® granular composition is as and organic mustard. Bring to boil for 5 minutes.
Reduce heat add Spinach, simmer for 5 minutes.
sweet as regular sugar cane gram for gram and
will dissolve instantly in any type of drinks, hot /jlsample.htm Remove from heat. Add chopped eggs
toss gently. Transfer to serving plates and serve.
or cold. Just Like Sugar® tastes great in all of Makes four servings.
your cooking, baking and, foods recipes that There are more recipes at:
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24 Ar ch Angels of Dr eamland
Ghost Walks W ins Award 25
Aliens not likely to aid on top of each other (after all, what are conference in Orillia.
neighbors for?). The Haunted Ghost Walks of Cobourg
absurd race But no, people back then did not do is gearing up for its 2007 season. Tours will
anything as logical as that. Instead, they built begin on July 5. They will run every Thursday,
the pyramids to stave off old age and death -- Friday and Saturday evening starting at 9 p.m.
they wanted to live forever. So naturally, they in July and August. Hallowe'en Spooktacular
used up all available resources (material as well tours running October 26 and 27. Tickets will
as human) to build giant edifices because they be available through the Concert Hall Box
thought they would somehow carry them into a Office in Victoria Hall, Cobourg, in the next
grand afterlife of eternal youth. How does that couple of weeks, and further information will
make any sense? be available on the Cobourg DBIA website at
Just as I think that the way we conduct or by calling
ourselves today will not make much sense to Kelly Jessup at 905-377-8024. Correction
future generations -- building even bigger
structures for no good reason, using up the
Earth's resources, poisoning the air. We will Prove Us Wrong Earthlings.....SAVE
definitely have to change things. YOUR PLANET and Buy A Tree! For
WOLFGANG NIESIELSKI And don't look to the aliens to do any More Information Visit.....
heavy lifting; they're afraid to talk with us.[]
actually might look forward to old age is the
turtle or redwood tree. This is because the older
they get, the larger they grow, which in their
world means they enjoy quite a bit of clout.
Because we also seek immortality, and
because we are an integral part of the world
around us, it is probably inherent in most of us
to aspire to bigger dimensions as well.
But we seem confused on the issue.
Our response to size has become
increasingly excessive and contradictory. As we
age, we spend enormous amounts of money
attempting to get physically smaller, but in our
secret yearning for size, we spend even greater
sums of our hard-earned money on bigger cars
and even bigger houses. Is it a wonder that
everyone is broke?
That explains why alien abductions are and
very rare. Life on Earth must seem extremely listen toThe ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
illogical to creatures visiting us from outer hosted by Rob McConnell at
space. I think what happens is that every once in!
awhile an inexperienced alien scientist can't
help himself and despite warnings, picks up
Ghost Walks win award
some hapless farmer or policeman in Kansas for
questioning and experimentation. The Haunted Ghost Walks of Cobourg In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
But the alien quickly becomes so won the Event of the Year Award award at the
Tourism Industry Association of Ontario People Listen To
frustrated by the irrational responses that he
angrily packs up his probing equipment and (TIAO) conference. The Ghost Walks were The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
flies off, leaving the dazed human behind. recognized as an event that "effectively with
It would have been a much more promoted and enhanced tourism in Ontario". Rob McConnell
satisfying experience had the alien picked up a "I am extremely honoured, and proud to
have had the opportunity to accept this award on on
turtle. Turtles make more sense than people
because their houses increase in size at the same behalf of the downtown businesses and board of AM 580 CFRA
rate as themselves. directors," Kelly Jessup, event and business
Some time ago there were some best- manager with the Cobourg Downtown Business
selling books that asserted that ancient people Improvement Area (DBIA) says. Mrs. Jessup
ascended to such heights of scientific created and facilitated the ghost walks in
sophistication that they built enormous Cobourg.
structures like the pyramids without any help "The Haunted Ghost Walks of Cobourg
from outer space. enjoyed tremendous success in 2006, through
Folks in Egypt and the Americas our partnerships with the Cobourg Museum
supposedly consulted alien decorators regularly Foundation, Town of Cobourg and various other
on how to improve the average pyramid. supportive downtown businesses.
If those writers knew aliens the way I "This award validates the need for us provide
do, they would understand that no creature from visitors to our downtown core with culturally
outer space worth its salt ever would entertain significant, tourism related activities," Mrs.
the outlandish idea of establishing a working Jessup. "Being recognized by the Tourism
relationship with a human. Just consider why Federation of Ontario is a wonderful
the pyramids were built in Egypt, for example. accomplishment for us and this award only
I'm almost certain that had the ancient further supports the notion downtown Cobourg
Egyptians considered building a few apartment is an exciting, vibrant place to live, work and
buildings for their burgeoning population, the play." Mrs. Jessup says.
aliens would not have minded dispatching a The award, sponsored by Smart Serve
flying saucer or two to help hoist huge blocks Ontario, was presented at the ninth annual TIO
26 Mysterious World: Ir eland




OR CALL 1-800-247-6553
Your Never Ending Life 27
Your Never-Ending Life
Book 1 of the Universal Learning

By Sandy Andr ew

About the Book

Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning

Series introduces the philosophical theory of Universal
Learning. The Book was formatted to be short and easy to read.
The manuscript is divided into 3 parts:

I. Who you are

II. Why you are here
III. How to achieve success and fulfillment in your present

The book explains to the reader that the foundation of the

Universal Learning theory is based on the concepts of Universal
SOME OF THE MANY Laws and Universal Energy. The 12 Universal Laws are:
1. Karma
Your Never-Ending Life shows us that, “All life 2. Love
revolves around universal learning, no matter 3. Emotional Control
what religion or faith you belong to; it matters not 4. Action & Effect
if you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew.” So, here is 5. Preordination
a book that does not reject religion but instead
offers the philosophies that religions are based on.
6. Incarnation Characteristics
And that is a revelation! 7. Protection
Richard Fuller 8. Time
Senior Editor 9. Guidance
Metaphysical Reviews 10. Learning
11. Restoration
Your Never-Ending Life is the first in the Universal 12. Free Will
Learning Series from Sandy Andrew. The thought
of reincarnation escapes most people, as it did me A detailed explanation of how the Universal Laws can be
until I read this book. Sandy does a wonderful job
utilized to help you in your lifetime is given. The concept of
of laying foundations, and then carefully
explaining those feelings we have all had in our Universal Energy is explained as the infinite universe and all of
lives. When you’re finished with his book, written its contents whether it’s in the living or spiritual dimensions are
in a warm and unassaulting style, you may know all forms of energy.
yourself a little better. But you most certainly will
be convinced that you have existed for many
The book also discusses the subjects of past lives and déjà vu.
thousands of years and have relished the beauty
and sadness in all your lives. The greatness in the
lives of mankind is the fruit of spiritual debts paid Your Never-Ending Life: Book 1 of the Universal Learning
and loves cherished over the eternities. And we're Series is designed to help the reader understand the Universal
nowhere near complete with our journey. Search Learning theory by gaining an awareness of the Universal Laws
your higher mind, find your soul mate, and know
that you are never alone in this world. Sandy has
and by learning to harness the power of Universal Energy to
discovered for us a treasure. achieve spiritual growth and fulfillment, which is the essence of
Brooks A. Agnew, PhD our existence and the reason why we are all here on planet Earth.
28 Rock Legend Mike Pinera
shoot video for his new venture. He calls it the to invite Elvis over,' and feeling totally
Classic Rock Network, which will showcase his embarrassed I'm going, 'Dad, you can't do that,
library of over 30,000 hours of celebrity-driven Elvis is a star!'' 'But sure enough, after the first
Classic Rock performances and behind-the- show, right at this gate, we see Elvis coming
scenes film. offstage and out of the building, and he's wiping
He now has a library that includes the off the sweat. And my dad goes, 'Elvis, me, my
Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, wife and my boy live across the street here.
Santana, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, the How about you come over to eat?' And Elvis,
Doors, Jefferson Airplane and many others. with the most genuine smile, says, 'Thank you
Last year, Pinera created and kicked off very much sir. But I have to get back inside for
a Web site ( that features the next show in a few minutes. But I really
some of the vintage video. If all goes according appreciate the invitation sir.' "I will never forget
to his plans, CRN will find a home as an online what a polite, sincere, gentleman Elvis was."
broadcast cable TV network. Pinera, 52, filmed Pinera's parents managed to give him a
most of the footage himself with his video special Christmas present soon after he saw
production company and bought and collected Elvis. They bought him a Sears "Airline
the rest. Guitar," with a case that opened up and served
He accumulated most of this stuff while as the amplifier. "I was in heaven," he says.
living out a rock dream playing, jamming and Pinera made rapid progress, aided by instruction
living with many of the icons in rock music. He from one of his father's co-workers.
THE CAPTAIN RIDES was founder and front man for his Tampa band He listened to AM rock radio, trying to
AGAIN Blues Image. He was later recruited by the
Butterfly and shared in the on-going creation of
copy the riffs and learn the lyrics to the hits of
the late '50s and early '60s. At 13, he formed a
the group's sound and monster hit In a Gadda band he named the Impalas and, in his first bold
Da Vida. He appeared and jammed with such move, talked the guy who booked bands for the
Legendary Rock & Roll groups as Led Zepplin, Yes, Emerson Lake and North Boulevard recreation center into hiring
Legend Palmer, Eric Clapton and the Cream, The Who, his brand new group. "Our keyboard player's
Mike Pinera Santana, Jimi Hendrix and many more. He did a
tour of duty with Alice Cooper recording two
dad was a laundry man, so he let us use his
Royal Laundry truck as our band van," Pinera
Helps To Raise Money To albums and several world tours. Many of the recalls.
Plant Trees in the Amazon and Cooper shows he opened as the Mike Pinera The band soon was pulling in $50 a gig.
Band and then would return later in the show to Pinera says he kept some for burgers after the
Fight Global Warming with play with Alice. Years passed and the road show but always gave the bulk of his pay to his
“Save The Amazon Forest” nearly destroyed everything he worked for as he parents. His father recognized his son's passion
which will be broadcast live slipped deep into an addiction to cocaine. and surprised him at 14 with a real guitar, a
Pinera eventually regained control of his cherry red Gibson. Pinera began writing his
April 23 - April 27 life 16 years ago, aided by a 12-step program own songs, motivated by the success of another
on that helped him break free from cocaine and local group, the Impacs.
The ‘X’ Zone Radio and TV booze. Now a resident of Marina Del Rey, "They had a record on the radio - a local
California, he passes on an anti-drug and group - called I'm Gonna Make You Cry, and I
Show! alcohol message to youngsters at concerts with thought that was the coolest thing," he says. "I
the Classic Rock All-Stars. The group is made wanted to do that, too."
up of stalwarts from Sugarloaf, Cannibal and The Impacs played a teen-dance concert
"God works fast if we just do our best the Headhunters, Rare Earth and other veteran called the Clearwater Stars Spectacular. Pinera,
and then move out of His way!" acts, who perform about 100 shows across the never one to be shy, was soon lobbying the
country each year (see promoter to book the Impalas. He had an angle:
Article written by Dave Schweiber. He also began filming his old stomping The Impalas could learn the songs of the
Edited by Mike Pinera. grounds in Tampa as part of his Real Rock Road visiting performers, artists like Gene Pitney and
Stories series for CRN. That led him one Jerry Butler, and serve as the house band, thus
The morning sun is scorching the morning to the place where this wild ride saving the stars and the promoter the cost of
parking lot of Fort Homer Hesterly Armory as a started, the armory. flying in a backup group. The promoter gave
silver Mitsubishi convertible cruises through Pinera a shot with Pitney, and despite a tense
the front entrance. "This is just so cool," says Pinera, surveying the moment when the star stopped mid song to
The driver's hair is slicked back in a concrete structure. "I saw music history being correct the drummer, the gig went well and
stylish L.A. 'do, and his shirt screams out from made, just by looking through those gates." continued into the summer.
the far recesses of the '60s: a splash of blue,
orange and yellow forming a spiderweb pattern Pinera points across the armory parking lot to (Continued on Page 29)
that would make any old hippie proud. Gray Street and a small, off-white house with a
Mike Pinera - the man who brought the tiny front porch.
world the classic rock hit Ride, Captain, Ride -
is on a new ride back to his Tampa roots. His family moved from Ybor City into the
The former member of Blues Image and house in 1955. From that porch, he could see the
Iron Butterfly bounds from his car and aims a big stars of the day as they arrived at the armory
Sony digital Handycam at the venue that once - then a primo Tampa Bay concert venue - and
hosted legendary rock 'n' roll acts, from Elvis disappeared inside the stage entrance.
Presley to James Brown. He saw Ray Charles, James Brown, Roy
Decades ago, at this National Guard Orbison, Elvis Presley, and many others
base sandwiched between Howard and Armenia including world-class wrestlers. In 1956, when
avenues, a young Pinera peered dreamily Presley came to town, Pinera was a wide-eyed
through the chain- link fence, watching rock 8-year-old, pressed against the chain- link fence
history parade past him. just 10 yards or so from the stage door. His
The musical heroes Pinera saw as a kid inspired father, a telephone company employee, stood by
him to forge his own path in popular music. his side.
Now, on a recent weekday, he has returned to "My dad was saying, 'Son, we're going
Rock Legend Mike Pinera 29
THE CAPTAIN RIDES "The producer came in and said, 'Do you
have any more songs, because if you don't, this
the morning an unexpected call came. It was the
rock group Chicago, who were good friends of
AGAIN is your last day in the studio, I've got his inviting him into the band. It seems the
Steppenwolf and Three dog Night out there original guitar player had a coke-related
waiting for studio time" Pinera says. "So I said, accident and was killed.
(Continued from
from Page 28) 'Oh, I have a song,' which I didn't have exactly. Mike went to the audition and says he
So I went into the bathroom, and I shut the door, barely passed because he was so high it made
Pinera, heavyset as a teen and not part of and I just meditated. I calmed my mind, and I his playing stiff.. He passed up that job and
the in crowd at Wilson Junior High, found his started hearing music. I went out and sat at the instead joined Alice Cooper in 1979. But he
popularity soaring now in school. "The guys piano, which was a Rhodes Model No. 73, continued to indulge, later even trying free-
who used to flick pie in my face at lunch were which had 73 keys. So I say, 'Okay, I need a first basing.
suddenly asking if I could get them into the Star word.' And what came into my head was 73. I His wife Valerie, whom he had met
Spectaculars," he says. "I'd look at them and liked the rhythm, and I went, '73 men sailed in, while in The Butterfly, divorced him, hoping it
say, 'Gee, sorry, I can't.' " Sometimes when the from the San Francisco Bay. . . . The song sort would make him stop his habit. He formed a
school bullies would ask me to sneak them into of just wrote itself from there." trio, tried going solo, but things were spiraling
the biggest nightclubs in town where I was The keyboard player Frank Konte downward.
playing at, I would almost slip and tell them the clinked out a melody for the chorus, and Pinera "I was partying on my nights off and
real truth "if I did that you would see your dad added the lyrics to "Ride, captain, ride, upon getting thrown out of nightclubs, and I blew all
in there without your mom, making a fool of your mystery ship. . . ." and the rest is rock of my money on cocaine," he says. It is a
himself with his underage date." But I would history. The song reached No. 1 in 1970. cunning, baffling, powerful disease of
bite my tongue and just say 'maybe when you Pinera says he eventually left Blues addiction. "Finally, I found myself crawling
grow up, you're underage.' Image to get away from the band's entourage around on the rugs, looking for little pebbles of
While at Jefferson and Tampa Catholic which was encouraging increasing drug use - coke I had spilled.
High, Pinera moved up from Tampa clubs and not that it helped him keep away from drugs in It was pathetic - the lowest , the sickest,
began taking gigs around the state. His parents the end. He signed on with Iron Butterfly, and, I'd ever been, and I realized it. I had tried to stop
worried but didn't stop him as he drove off in his gradually, living in the fast lane of L.A. and on my own, but like most of us, I couldn't. So I
1966 Comet Cyclone for joints in Orlando, Miami Beach caught up with him. did the only thing I thought could work: go to
Ocala or Jacksonville. But he says he will He got seriously hooked on cocaine - Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Cocaine
always remember that no matter how late he even dealing directly once with mobsters, he Anonymous meetings.
would get home his dad would be up with the says. "First I was told it was not addicting that it I started attending AA and C A regularly,
lights on waiting for him. Not to scold him but came from the coca leaf like coca cola. You'd and thanks to some help from above I went into
to make sure he was alright. By now, the see it everywhere, at Hollywood parties, the motion picture industry's recovery home for
Impalas were history, and Pinera fronted his backstage, people I had admired were offering it two-weeks. Lots of well-known musicians and
new band, Mike and the Motions. He wrote to me. One day, a old friend of mine I had not film stars were there and getting well too. I
more songs and scored a regional hit in North seen for quite a while said he would give me figured with all the money they have they could
Florida with his tune Can't You Believe in some to take home but I'd have to pay for it go anywhere. But they were here at these free
Forever? ASAP. I asked how much it was and was told 'it meetings helping themselves and those around
After a brief fling playing gigs in Reno costs twenty five an ounce.' I thought that's not them. Because the program works.
and Las Vegas, Pinera returned to Tampa and bad, an ounce of grass is thirty and this twenty There's a funny line in the movie The
formed a new group, Blues Image, which five dollar stuff is stronger. Player where Tim Robbins is hurrying to get
played more edgy underground British rock I stayed up all night snorting the coke. In dressed and his girlfriend asks where is he
tunes by the Yardbirds and Cream, instead of the morning I got a call from the guy telling me going. He says he is off to A.A. She remarks "oh
fluff pop covers most other bands were playing. he wanted the cash right away. So I went over to I didn't know you had a drinking problem." He
His musical signature: his feedback pay him at his hotel where he and all these old yells back "I don't, that's where I go to make all
guitar and having two drummers pounding guys were sitting around a conference table. my movie deals."
away in unison, just like the band James Brown They all had bodyguards with guns but I was
used to bring to the armory shows. "We played way too stoned to notice. After I was introduced (Continues of Page 30)
the B side of Spencer Davis' Gimme Some to these gentlemen whose names sounded
Lovin' - this bluesy song called Don't Want You familiar I thought, but didn't know from where,
No More," he says. "One night, we're packing the guy put his hand out for the money. I
this club in Tampa called Dinos, and Dickey reached in my wallet and pulled out twenty five
Betts and Duane and Greg Allman walk in. bucks and gave it to him. He stared at me not
Duane says, 'How come you guys have two saying a word for a minute, just turning red
drummers?' I told him about watching James while the guys in the room are all laughing and
Brown at the armory. And he said, what's this saying 'you believe this guy, twenty five bucks
song you were doing? And I told him it was what a sense of humour!'
Spencer Davis' B side. He yells at me "twenty five hundred
"Well, a few months later, I saw that the dollars Mike not twenty five!" I was shocked
Allman Brothers had formed from Allman Joy, and reminded him that grass was thirty and that
and their signature song was Don't Want You No he had said this was twenty five. When he
More with 2 drummers and feedback guitar." realized I wasn't joking just clearly confused he
Blues Image went on to its own share of started laughing too and said something like 'if I
acclaim. The act moved to Miami Beach, where didn't like you so much Mike, I'd make you go
19 year old Pinera and Company, with wealthy away.' I told him there was no problem I was
suntan company owners The Collier Brothers, leaving anyway and the room laughed even
opened and ran their own non-alcoholic theatre harder. He then told his bodyguard to drive me
Thee Image. He began booking, playing and to the bank to get the rest of the money and
jamming with acts from Jimi Hendrix to the jokingly added if I didn't have it to make me
Doors to the Grateful Dead. The group moved disappear. That's when I started laughing and
to L.A. landed a deal with Atlantic Records and told him I didn't have twenty five hundred
cut an album of mostly original blues songs, but dollars in my account."
sales were weak. Just as the band was finishing He hocked his best guitar "to pay for the
its second album, the label threatened to dump blow." In 1979 thinking he had a few days off to
the act if it couldn't produce a hit single. party he got high and had stayed up all night. In
30 Rock Legend Mike Pinera
THE CAPTAIN RIDES be carried live via satellite as a test run for CRN.
The show helped earn over $500,000 in one day
Album: Hot & Nasty: Best Of
Contribution: Producer
AGAIN for the charity. Currently Pinera and The Classic
Rock All-Stars are on ta world tour. See Artist: Blues Image for more info. Album: Blues Image
(Continued from
from Page 29) All the while, he has been pondering a Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
way to exploit his backstage film of rock greats.
Many he shot himself on a Super 8 camera and Artist: Blues Image
later on a professional model simply because he Album: Open
wanted to capture the magic they were all Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
living. He later acquired the rest.
At first, Pinera thought about making an Artist: Alice Cooper
infomercial to sell videotapes. But then the idea Album: Special Forces
of creating a full blown music television with Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
his library came to him. He wanted a forum to
convey his anti-drug message for youngsters by Artist: Alice Cooper
using public service spots and interviews with Album: Zipper Catches Skin
stars who beat the habit. He wanted to create a Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
network that might offer a more music-
intensive, more family-oriented alternative to Artist: Alice Cooper
MTV, where baby boomers and their children Album: Alice in Paris DVD
can share their love of the music together. Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
In 1996, Pinera began working on a
business plan, for his parent company, Artist: Mike Pinera
OmniCom, and planning a launch date for the Album: Isla
Real Rock TV Network. He says he has beta Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Producer
It's true, being in the program is now a tested the network successfully on satellite and
very fun and cool thing to do. Lots of people cable using some of his 10,000 hour library of Artist: Mike Pinera
from all walks of life are getting well and self-owned content. The Internet launch comes Album: Forever
making new friends. Friends who can love you in mid June, and is scheduled to be followed by Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Producer
until you learn to love yourself. It works if you a concerted push for 24 by 7 media time from
work it. One alcoholic helping another. One day local broadcasters tied together nation-wide and Artist: Judy Mayhan
at a time. By going to A.A. and by the grace of via a national cable provider. "We have offers; Album: Moments
God, I finally had the tools to learn how to stay it's going to happen," he says. He wants to add Contribution: Guitar
clean." a Classic Soul Network featuring Classic R &
While in rehab at Studio 12 in Los B, Blues and Gospel if all goes well, too. Artist: New Cactus Band
Angeles, named for the12 Steps of Recovery, Life is good for Pinera: He's remarried Album: Son of Cactus
Pinera began praying for sobriety and some to his ex-wife Valerie, business is blossoming Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
work to come after he was released. As the two and the bold teen who talked his way into house
weeks came to a close he still had no money to gigs nearly 40 years ago in Tampa is riding Artist: Ramatam
live on. But soon after, in the middle of a group again. Album: Ramatam
recovery session he received a call from a "I may have bent a lot of rules along the Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
booking agent. When the agent asked where he way," he says, "but I've always tried to be good
was he said "I'm at Studio Twelve in the middle to people, and I've always kept my dreams Artist: Thee Image
of a session, I'll have to call you back." He is alive." [] Album: Thee Image
convinced that the agent thought Studio 12 was Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals,
a music recording studio, not a rehab center, or
he never would have offered a very lucrative DISCOGRAPHY Producer
spot as front man for a classic rock tour lasting Artist: Thee Image
all summer beginning almost to the day Mike Artist: Iron Butterfly Album: Inside The Triangle
was to be released. "God works fast if we just Album: Metamorphisis Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals,
do our best and give Him the rest and then move Contibution: Guitar,Vocals Producer
out of His way."
Pinera jumped at the chance for steady Artist: Iron Butterfly Visit Mike Pinera’s Website at
work, and that led three years later to him Album: Light And Heavy
forming the Classic Rock All-Stars - consisting Contribution: Guitar, Vocals
of original stars Jerry Corbetta (Sugarloaf), Watch For Mike Pinera’s
Peter Rivera (Rare Earth), Dennis Noda Artist: Iron Butterfly LIVE and Recorded Pay Per View wbecasts
(Cannibal and the Headhunters) and Pinera. The Album: Evolution exclusively on
group has been together for over 12 years now. Contribution: Guitar, Vocals REL-MAR / CONSOLIDATED
Taking a page from his teen dance days, Pinera STREAMING BROADCAST NETWORK.
and the All-Stars tour alone and also act as the Artist: Iron Butterfly
official "house band" at self-produced shows, Album: In A Gadda Da Vida - DVD For the dates and times of
backing up top stars, former members and Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Producer Live & Recorded Pay Par View Events,
singers he hand-picks from such seasoned acts visit
as Steppenwolf, Aerosmith, Grand Funk Artist: Black Oak Arkansas
Railroad, Styx and many others. Album: Black Oak Arkansas
The events have proved a popular Contribution: Guitar, Vocals, Producer
festival draw. In December, Pinera's group -
playing with alumni of Three Dog Night, Artist: Black Oak Arkansas
April 23 - April 27
Bachman Turner Overdrive, Kansas and the Album: Best Of
10 pm - 2 am Eastern
Allman Brothers - performed before 70,000 in Contribution: Producer
7 pm - 11 pm Pacific
Miami, in a benefit for the Joe DiMaggio
For Details and How You Can Participate
Children's Hospital, a show Pinera arranged to Artist: Black Oak Arkansas
Polar Bears: Endanger ed? 31
Polar Bears Draw
Record Public Response
to Endanger ed Species
More Than 500,000 Urge Feds to
Pursue Protection
Protection Plan in Face of
Global Warming

Center for Biological Diversity

NEW YORK– In just 90 days, more

than 500,000 Americans have urged federal
officials to list polar bears as officially
threatened under the Endangered Species Act
due to the profound effect of global warming on the public wants to see action taken to halt
the bears’ habitat, according to U.S. government global warming and protect the polar bear.”
statistics. That figure is almost double the Polar bears live only in the Arctic and
former record for the number of comments in an are totally dependent on the sea ice for all of
endangered-species listing case in American their essential needs. Five of the world's polar
history. bear populations are now classified as
The polar bear’s sea-ice habitat is “declining” by the Polar Bear Specialist Group,
melting at a dangerous and unprecedented rate, the world's preeminent scientific body for the
according to internationally recognized conservation and management of the species.
scientists. At this rate, polar bears will not On April 4, 2007, the U.S. National
survive. Snow and Ice Data Center reported that the
“The sense of urgency about the fate of winter 2007 Arctic sea-ice maximum —
the polar bears is like nothing we’ve ever seen defined as the area with sea-ice concentrations
in an endangered species listing,” said Andrew of 15 percent or greater — was the second-
Wetzler, director of the Endangered Species lowest in the satellite record, narrowly missing
Project at the Natural Resources Defense the March 2006 record and making 2007 the
Council. “The plight of these animals is critical, third consecutive year to see winter sea ice at
and so is the sense that the changes affecting near record-low levels.
them are eventually going to affect us. That’s
why there is such tremendous public support for ###
getting this listing done.”
In December, under pressure from a The Center for Biological Diversity is a
lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological nonprofit conservation organization with more
Diversity, NRDC, and Greenpeace, the Bush than 35,000 members dedicated to the
administration proposed the listing. Today protection of imperiled species and their
marks the end of the required 90-day comment habitats.
period. The government has until early next The Natural Resources Defense Council
year to decide whether to go forward with the is an international nonprofit organization of
plan. scientists, lawyers and environmental
“Just ten more years of current global specialists dedicated to protecting public health
warming pollution trajectories will commit us and the environment. Founded in 1970, NRDC
to enough warming to melt the Arctic and doom has 1.2 million members and online activists
the polar bear to extinction,” said Kassie Siegel, nationwide, served from offices in New York,
director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Climate, Air, and Energy Program. “We Chicago and Beijing.
urgently need to address global warming, not Greenpeace is a nonprofit corporation
just for the sake of the polar bear but for the with 2.7 million members worldwide that uses
sake of people and wildlife around the world.” peaceful protest and creative communication to
If the polar bear is listed, the U.S. Fish expose global environmental problems and
and Wildlife Service must designate critical promote solutions for the future.[]
habitat and prepare a polar bear recovery plan.
In addition, all federal agencies will be
prohibited from taking any action — including
issuing permits for a wide range of activities
including resource extraction and power-plant
operation — that would be likely to jeopardize
the bear’s continued existence or result in
adverse changes to its designated critical
“Global warming is rapidly destroying
the ice habitat that polar bears depend on for
every aspect of their survival: from mating and
raising their cubs to hunting and travel,” said
Melanie Duchin, a Greenpeace global warming
campaigner in Alaska. “The public gets it and
32 EcceNova
The Myster y of Easter 33
The myster y of Easter
Lunatic, liar or Lord? C.S.
Lewis's famous 'trilemma' is an
uncompromising framework for
the discussion of Christ's divinity.
Senior writer Rober t Sibley
considers the argument on this
Easter Monday,
Monday, the day when 'all
the World is called to attention.'

Rober t Sibley,
The Ottawa Citizen

When people stop believing in God, they don't

believe in nothing -- they believe in anything.

-- G.K. Chesterton.

It was not difficult to detect the

undercurrent of malicious glee that greeted
filmmaker James Cameron's announcement in empty." debatable, but unlike Mr. Cameron's, their
late February that he and director Simcha Easter marks the Triduum Sacrum, the skepticism was based on the honourable pursuit
Jacobivici had located the tomb of Jesus Christ three most sacred days of the year for of truth. They were responding to the perceived
and his family. To publicize their documentary, Christians. These are the days -- Maundy failure of Catholic theology to account for the
The Lost Tomb of Jesus, they held a press Thursday when Christ gave the command, the intellectual developments that resulted from the
conference to proclaim that ossuaries found in mandatum, that we must love one another; rise of science and modern historical
an ancient tomb in Jerusalem contained skeletal God's Friday, when He died on the Cross; and scholarship.
remains and DNA testing indicated they were the Great Vigil of Resurrection, Easter Sunday, The modern age is particularly skeptical
the bones of Jesus, his "wife" Mary Magdalene when He rose from the dead -- when, in the of the idea that a divine entity from "beyond"
and "son" Judah. words of Richard John Neuhaus, "all the world entered this material world with a view to
Never mind that the ossuaries were is called to attention." Only nowadays, many no "saving" its occupants. "The assumption that
discovered in the 1980s, and archaeological longer pay attention, especially in western nature, history, and human consciousness can be
experts have long since dismissed the idea that societies. Many no longer believe Christ is God. abruptly perforated by sacral manifestations
they contain anything other than the bones of For them, the discovery of Christ's bones would from a realm beyond the ordinary has been
ordinary mortals. That did not stop the director have demonstrated what they already assume -- rejected by modern skepticism," says theologian
of Titanic and other sentimental Hollywood that Christianity has been little more than a John Haught. Somehow, though, this skepticism
fictions from insisting his claims were honest 2,000-year spell of civilizational delusion, if not has turned from a pursuit of the truth to outright
and sincere. madness. Unfortunately, few think through the hostility toward Christianity. When Friedrich
The story had legs, of course. Much of immense consequences -- cultural, Nietzsche, the 19th century philosopher,
the media abandoned any pretense to rational psychological, political and, most crucially, pronounced "God is dead" he meant that
judgment, greeting the "news" with hyperbolic spiritual -- if Christianity's collapsed. Christianity had lost its moral and intellectual
headlines and faux-serious broadcasts. The Moderns tend to think their values are hold over the mind of western man. Perhaps so:
Miami Herald offered the smarmy headline: self-created projections of human will, and have Modern man has been very diligent in making
"Documentary claims Jesus was dad." The nothing to do with some overarching divine sure He stayed dead.
Daily Telegraph disingenuously asked "Is this authority. This mindset sidesteps the truth of Arguably, this Promethean impulse is
the casket that contained Christ's bones?" The Christianity as the subterranean source of the source of contemporary anti-Christian
Globe and Mail was positively giddy in giving western civilization, the feedstock for the rule attitudes. Not the fact that Christianity got so
Cameron's story legitimacy: "If their evidence is of law, human rights, individual freedom, etc. many things "wrong," scientifically and
verified, the film The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and a that we claim to cherish. In melding the Hebrew historically, but that we, as a civilization, feel
companion book, would raise profound Biblical revelation and Greek philosophy secretly guilty about our deicide and fear the
questions for Christians and their faith ..." (among other influences), Christianity possible consequences of such hubris. That we
The story held up for a few days as the channeled the springs that nourished the should feel this fear produces the kind of
media tracked down scholars who dismissed the western mind in all its dynamic spirit. resentment that expresses itself in quasi-
matter as nonsense. And then the story faded Even if westerners don't recognize this, pathological behaviour toward Christianity and
with no one, so far as I know, giving any non-westerners do. In his recent study of the the moral standards it represents.
thought to what it would mean if anything close link between faith and reason, sociologist You might remember, for example, the
to Cameron's claim was true. The fact is, the Rodney Stark quotes a Chinese scholar as uproar in 1987 over Andres Serrano's Piss
Globe reporter was right, albeit for all the wrong saying, "The Christian moral foundation of Christ photograph showing a crucifix in a glass
motives. In the words of theologian John social and cultural life was what made possible of urine. Why are contemporary artists so fond
Galvin: If there was solid historical evidence to the emergence of capitalism and then the of depicting Christ in derogatory and even
disprove some of the major tenets of successful transition to democratic politics. We obscene ways? Why is it acceptable to express
Christianity -- Jesus's consciousness of his own don't have any doubts about this." contempt and hatred for Christianity -- the
divinity, his miraculous and prophetic powers, I doubt Mr. Cameron ever heard this liberal intelligentsia defended Serrano's
his crucifixion, the empty tomb and his bodily idea, but then he merely exemplifies the current freedom of expression -- when the same attitude
resurrection, for example -- then "Christian faith fad for debunking Christianity. This fashion toward, say, Islam, would see you charged with
would be seriously affected." Indeed, as St. Paul goes back to the 18th-century Enlightenment a hate-crime?
said in a first-century A.D. letter to the philosophes -- Voltaire, Locke, Hume, etc. --
Corinthian church, "If Christ is not risen, then who thought Christianity was incompatible with .....To Be Continued In The Next Edition of
our preaching is empty and your faith is also the new Age of Reason. Their claim remains The ‘X’ Chronicles
34 Reality Pr ess
Geek or Public Enemy #1 35
Deluded geek or public without authorisation computers belonging to
the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of
enemy No 1? Defence and Nasa, and six computers belonging
to a number of private businesses." Through the power of angelic guidance,
Just days later he was arrested on behalf Sue Storm has created an unparalleled
of the Americans at the flat in north London connection with people around the world. As
which he shared with his then girlfriend. The the founder of Angelight Productions, she has
fight against extradition, with McKinnon free enlightened and uplifted countless people for
on bail, has been ongoing ever since. the past two decades. Sue Storm has been on
He is accused by the Americans of 1500 radio and television shows. Her TV
hacking into more than 90 top-secret military Program A Visit With The Angel Lady received
and Nasa sites, offences which he has constantly rave reviews. Now as the host of an internet
denied. radio show, Angel Talk, Sue Storm sends the
But last Tuesday, his campaign to stay in message of the Angels around the globe. Her
Britain was dealt a severe blow when the High numerous accomplishments as a prosperity
Court in London ruled he could be sent across consultant, international author, inspirational
the Atlantic for trial. Lord Justice Maurice and speaker and angelic advisor have established
Mr Justice Goldring stated they could not find her as one of the most respected and admired
any legal grounds to refuse the extradition consultants today.
By Richard Elias
application but added, however, that they had a The Angel Lady is best known for her
Scotland On Sunday
"degree of distaste" for the way the American incredible gift that allows her to bring forth
authorities had handled the situation. information from Angels. The ease with which
THE question posed by the film poster
McKinnon's legal team is now preparing Sue Storm receives messages for immediate
asked: "Is it a game or is it real?"
a final appeal through the House of Lords to application is amazing. Her knowledge and
The year was 1983 and the movie was
prevent their client from being extradited but expertise cover a broad range of areas.
WarGames and it told of a bored high school
the immediate future looks bleak for the 41- Sue Storm's first encounter with Angels
student called David Lightman who
year-old. was at the age of eighteen months when she saw
inadvertently uses his computer to gain access
The Scot has never denied accessing the them flying overhead during a near-death
to the United States' nuclear programme.
military computer sites from his London flat but experience. From that time on she has been able
Once logged in, Lightman, played by Matthew
his defence is he was looking for evidence of to see, hear, and feel the presence of Angels. In
Broderick, is asked to take part in a game
UFO activity which, according to him, the particular, Archangel Michael has been her
between the two world superpowers but it soon
Pentagon had deliberately suppressed. personal guide since childhood. With his help
becomes apparent he is triggering Armageddon.
He said: "I wanted to find out stuff the she has taken her unique gift out into the world.
Sitting in a north London cinema 24
years ago, a teenage boy watched the movie, government would not tell us about."
fascinated. It created in him a burning desire to This interest in UFOs goes back even
learn about cyberspace and to understand every
aspect of the then relatively-new phenomenon.
further than his trip to the cinema 24 years ago.
McKinnon spent the first six years of his SUE
life in Glasgow but his parents split up and he
But today, Gary McKinnon probably
wishes he had never paid his entrance money moved with his mother and stepfather to ST ORM
for the movie. London.
He is awaiting extradition to the US, It was his stepfather who was to open THE
accused of being a cyber-terrorist and the the youngster's mind to stories of spacecraft and ANGEL LADY
world's most notorious military computer alien beings. He had been raised in
hacker. US officials claim he made more than Bonnybridge, near Falkirk, a spot which UFO When Suw Storm is on The ‘X’ Zone,
50 alterations to top-secret computer aficionados from around the world claim is an
people from the ‘X’ Zone Nation hear
programmes in 2001 to 2002 that cost them $1m alien spacecraft hotspot.
McKinnon became hooked on science what their Angels have to say and get
to correct. an Angel Affirmation. For a one to
If convicted the softly-spoken fiction and, by the age of 14, armed with the
computer his parents had bought him, he began one private consultantion with Sue
Glaswegian, whose online name was "Solo",
faces spending the rest of his life in a to experiment. Storm visit her website and check The
maximum-security jail as well as being hit with The catalyst for his later successful ‘X’ Zone Radio Schedule for her next
a $1.75m fine. attempts to hack into some of the world's most visit.
The most-likely destination is a cell in secretive programmes was, he says, WarGames,
Red Onion State Penitentiary in south-west prompting him to spend more and more time sat
Virginia. Located in the town of Pound - alone, smoking cannabis, trying to emulate what
population 1,089 and a place where they Broderick had done on the silver screen.
recently banned dancing because it "entices sin" McKinnon has always denied being a
- the jail is one of two 'Supermax' prisons in the hacker - despite admitting voraciously digesting People in Titusville, Orlando and
state and has infuriated human rights the Hacker's Handbook, a notorious self-help Mims, Florida
campaigners with its ultra-harsh regime. guide to exploring the limits of cyberspace, as a Listen to
According to a recent report, it "restricts inmate teenager. He prefers to describe himself simply
as a "computer nerd". The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
movement and activity to a far greater degree
than other maximum security jails". His defence is that many of the sites he with Rob McConnell
One ex-inmate recalled: "Upon arrival, I visited, despite holding top-secret government on
documents, had little, or in some cases, no,
was told that I was at Red Onion now and if you
security systems in place.
TalkStar 840 AM
acted up, they would kill me and there was
nothing anyone could or would do about it." But one of the major problems facing
Although 14 individual states have claimed McKinnon and his defence team is the timing of
McKinnon hacked into their computers, the his hunt. When he was scouring confidential
state of Virginia has taken the lead in the case. sites, America was reeling from the immediate
Paul J McNulty, the US Attorney for the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
eastern district of Virginia, issued the
indictment against McKinnon on November 12,
2002, stating he had "accessed and damaged (This Story is Continued on Parge37)
36 Dead Whisper
Dead Whisper is a new film from Sedona,
Arizona Filmmaker Ronald James, Psychic Medium
Robbie Thomas and the Indiana Ghost Trackers.
Since its release less than two weeks ago,
Dead Whisper is sweeping the paranormal
community and has become what many agree is,
"The paranormal film of the year - perhaps the
"The only thing I can say about Dead
Whisper is that you just have to see it. I built this
web site full of information but nothing conveys the
impact what you are going to see." Says Ronald
From the style of the videography, which
James describes as "Raw and edgy" to the evidence
presented in the second half of the film, Dead
Whisper is a bold experiment in both filmmaking
and investigations that paid off in spades.
Everybody has seen psychics on
investigations, everyone has heard EVP, everyone
has seen mist photographs and iffy orb shots. But
Dead Whisper presents so much compelling first Paranormal Investigator Christopher O'Brien. The made three packages available to fit any budget. In
time evidence that many in the ghost community are producers of Dead Whisper have carefully fact, we're practically giving it away because we
asking new questions about the relationship of EVP documented every step of the process to insure that want everyone who would like to own it to have
to psychic channeling and even time itself. the results they share can stand up to scrutiny. options. This includes free shipping anywhere in
"You see these elements being fused in other "Dead Whisper is the real deal", says James. the world."
shows, but until now, they have missed the mark. In If anyone ever wants to call us on it, we're here to Dead Whisper is the film every ghost
Dead Whisper, we finally got it right, and we verify everything we're presenting. This evidence is aficionado should own. Not only is it absolutely
connect some pretty major dots in a big way." just too important to allow our integrity into mind-blowing, its limited edition status insures it
Dead Whisper follows the action through question." will be a collector's item.
two investigations, the first at the infamous Manteno Dead Whisper is a Two Disc set with over
Asylum in Chicago, and the second at Rico D's, a three hours of content, including in-depth Get your Copy Of
former mob hangout, brothel and biker bar. These interviews, lessons in ghost hunting, and 13 other
Dead Whisper at
segments play out in real time, and the creepiness
and atmosphere of these two locations seems to ooze "We are only making 5000 copies of Dead
from the film. It's as close to being there as could Whisper. When they are gone, they are gone. We've
possibly be achieved.
But it's the evidence section that really sews What Critics and Fans are saying about Dead Whisper:
the film together. Suddenly, the seemingly
unconnected events you witnessed in the "This is the best I've seen." "I recommend it as an instructional tool in proper
investigation segments are tied together by the
shocking revelation of the paranormal activity that investigation and also an amazing presentation of evidence."
was happening in each scene. Dr. Dave & Susan Oester - International Ghost Hunters Society
Dead Whisper's shining moments come in
the presentation of EVP, Electronic Voice "Four Stars!" "Astonishing EVP" "These phenomena could give us some new
Phenomenon. As Psychic Robbie Thomas channels
his psychic Impressions, viewers are shocked to see insight into the nature of the spirits, EVP and how they exist in the flow of time.
that as the EVP tapes were analyzed, there are often Anyone fascinated by ghost phenomena and EVP will find this DVD of interest,
direct correlations with what he is saying. and I can recommend it."
"What this proves is not only the validity of
EVP, but an uncanny connection between EVP and
Stephen Wagner - Guide to the paranormal for
Psychic power. In one instance, we ask the spirit of
a little boy about his favorite time of year. Robbie "Dead Whisper is going to knock people's socks off!"
channels the word, "Christmas." As we analyzed the Kevin Smith - syndicated radio host
tapes, we find an EVP saying, "Christmas" two
seconds before Robbie does. We actually have
captured, audible psychic interaction with the dead." "The most important film in a very long time!"
James says. Lia Ramses - Ghost Radio
This is the only piece of evidence in what
eventually becomes an undeniable snowball, finally
ending with a crescendo event that has ghost hunters "Dead Whisper is going to get a lot of people shouting -- for more! From frame
everywhere asking new questions about EVP and the one it's obvious this is the REAL thing, not the scripted, soft focus phony-ghost
nature of time itself. swill we've been getting. Dead Whisper is destined to become a paranormal
The entire evidence chain and editing of
Dead Whisper was overseen by respected
classic, and more. It's the new benchmark in paranormal video journalism."
Bill Schreiner, Owner & GM Achieve Radio.

Get your copy of Dead Whisper at
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In The News 37
Deluded geek or public Half of Fr ench UFOs to emphasize the distinction between studying
unidentified flying objects in the literal sense of
enemy No 1? r emain unexplained the term and the stigmatized pseudoscience of
UFO visitors from outer space.
Most sightings are simply lights dancing
(Continued from
from Page 35) 1,600 cases; France puts three
three in the sky, he said in a statement posted on the
decades of archives
archives online space agency Web site, adding he is hopeful the
Following his arrest, McKinnon made release of the data may yield new
another serious error. Offered a deal which meteorological or astronomical discoveries.
would have brought him a relatively light four- For three decades, an arms length "Scientists must absolutely separate the
year jail sentence in the US, he turned it down branch of France's national space agency UFO file from the paranormal," he said. "It's an
because of concerns about how the trial would quietly gathered reports of strange apparitions subject of inquiry like any other. At GEIPAN,
be conducted. in the skies over the republic, from bright lights we regularly collect observations from tangible
McKinnon threatened to go public with zig-zagging in the dark night to calls about facts brought to our attention by witnesses in
what he had learned. But by his own admission flying saucers. good faith and we attempt to explain what
he had collected little information of value and A small team of investigators dutifully happened. In the cases where hypotheses elude
says he was "stoned" most of the time he was probed each sighting, and either reached a us, we want to call on scientists to help and
online. logical conclusion, or consigned it to enigma. make all our investigative reports available to
Infuriated, the US Justice Department Now, after decades under lock and key them to study."
appeared to decide to make an example of the in dusty filing cabinets, France went public The vault of the national Library and
man they dubbed the "worst military hacker of with its "X-Files" late last month. The Centre Archives Canada in Ottawa contains
all time". national d'etudes spatiales decided not only to information from five different departments on
All McKinnon can do now is hope that declassify more than 1,600 cases, but to scan UFO sightings and investigations in Canada,
the House of Lords rules in his favour. each official page and post it online for all to although the bulk of it can only be consulted in
Otherwise, he will be handed over to US see. person. Britain's Ministry of Defence released a
Marshals, handcuffed and shackled, dressed in "When the site went live, it was hit by chunk of information last year and Sweden,
an orange jumpsuit and put on a plane heading so much traffic it went down almost Italy and Chile have made some data public.
across the Atlantic. immediately," said Chris Rutkowski, a co- While many governments have kept
By fighting extradition here, his chances ordinator for the Winnipeg-based Ufology their UFO research under wraps or simply
of getting bail in the US are virtually Research Centre, noting the popularity of the denied its existence, France has released
nonexistent. project. "absolutely all" of its collection to the masses
McKinnon admits to being "terrified" at With more than 100,000 documents the for the sole purpose of furthering science.
the thought of going to jail but he realises his archives of GEIPAN, the Groupement pour The material is the motherlode for UFO
fate is out of his hands. "I won't stand a chance l'etude et l'information sur les phenomenes research, said Mr. Rutkowski, and it will be
in hell if I am extradited," he said. "It'll be Gary aerospatiaux non indentifier, contains official interesting to see if countries like the United
down a black hole and you won't see him police reports, statements by witnesses to States and Russia follow France's lead.
again." bizarre scenes -- even colourful hand-drawn "In terms of real verification of data, or
How he must have wished he had diagrams resembling children's artwork. well-investigated, high quality data, there are
followed the advice given by the computer to Each incident has been slotted into one very few other examples," he said.
Broderick at the end of WarGames. It told the of four categories: definitely solved, likely Chris Matzner, a physics professor at the
fictional hacker: "The only winning move is not solved, unsolved for lack of sufficient University of Toronto, said he sees the online
to play." information or unsolved mystery. More than archives being good public relations aimed at
Hacked off half -- 58% -- of the phenomena investigated by piquing the curiosity of the general public or
US student Robert Morris became one the experts remain unexplained while just 9% arousing the interest of school children.
of the world's first hackers in 1988. Just five have been definitely figured out. "It's an interesting cultural phenomenon
years after the launch of the internet, he set off For example, when two farmers in if nothing else," he said.
a computer worm virus that spread to 6,000 Royan came across a 50-centimetre metal Marc Nantel, a physicist at the Ontario
networks. cylinder in a field in 1985, GEIPAN launched a Centres of Excellence, said he doubts there is
Kevin Poulsen, Ronald Austin and thorough investigation that involved contacting much of strategic or scientific value to be
Justin Peterson rigged a Los Angeles radio NORAD about satellite orbits and missile tests. learned in the GEIPAN archives.
phone-in to ensure only their calls got through. It was finally determined the two men had "To me what this says is that the French
In 1993, they won two Porsches, $20,000 in discovered a piece of Nazi-era war machinery government [agency] said: 'This isn't worth
cash and holidays in Hawaii. left behind when the Third Reich retreated. anything. Let's give the people bread and
In 2000, the ILOVEYOU virus was sent An explanation was more elusive when circus.' "
via e-mail attachment. It deleted programs and GEIPAN inherited a case that had taken place But to those who actually believe there
damaged 10% of UK businesses. Just months 11 years before the body's creation. may be proof of alien life contained in France's
later Microsoft admitted its corporate network Two children out herding cows in files, the opening of the archives is a "breath of
had been hacked and its source code for future Cussac in 1967 came upon a sphere hovering fresh air," in the words of one Canadian
Windows products had been seen. over a field with little black beings running enthusiast.
Raphael Gray, 19, from Wales, sparked a around underneath. The strange creatures were "It's not right to lie to people and if we
global investigation by accessing the details of sucked into the sphere headfirst, which then are in fact being visited by beings from other
23,000 internet shoppers in five countries and flew away moving in an upward spiral pattern. worlds, should anyone be able to keep this
posting some on websites in 2001.[] The frightened children ran home information from us?" Nick Balaskas of Toronto
crying to tell their parents, who summoned the said. []
gendarmerie. The adults who returned to the
scene remarked a strong odour of sulphur that
lasted for days as well as burn marks on the
grass five metres in diameter.
France is not the first country to peel
back the layers of bureaucratic secrecy often
surrounding the official study of bizarre
phenomenon -- though it is the first to make its
data so universally accessible.
French national space program, is quick
38 Inner Traditions & Bear C0
Facts About Global Warming 39
Global Warming Fast converted forests and rangelands into farms,
began to develop about 10,000 years ago.
anthropogenic changes in land use, which have
the effect of reducing the net uptake of carbon
Facts dioxide.
~ The agricultural revolution caused a reduction
in standing biomass in the biosphere and ~ Anthropogenic changes in land use occur
reduced the uptake of carbon dioxide in when forests are converted to rangelands,
midlatitudinal regions, indirectly contributing, rangelands to agriculture, and agriculture to
however so slightly, to global warming. urban areas.

~ The concentration of carbon dioxide in the ~ Other patterns of land degradation--

atmosphere increased gradually from a low of deforestation, overgrazing, overcultivation,
190 ppm 21,000 year ago, to about 290 ppm in desertification, and salinization--reduce the net
the year 1900, i.e., at an average rate of 0.00478 uptake of carbon dioxide, indirectly
ppm per year. contributing, however slightly, to global
by Victor Miguel Ponce ~ The industrial revolution, where humans
developed machines (artificial animals, since
~ The Earth was formed about 4,540,000,000 they consume fuels, which are mostly organic
Global Warming by the
years ago. matter), began in England about 240 years ago Numbers
~ In the beginning, the Earth's atmosphere
contained very little oxygen (less than 1% ~ In October 1999, the world's population Chilling statistics to think
oxygen pressure). reached 6,000,000,000, which is double that of
the year 1959 (the doubling occurred in 40 about
~ Early plants started to develop more than 2 years).
billion years ago, probably about 1 - Rank of 2005 as hottest year on record
2,700,000,000. ~ The world's population is currently increasing (tied with 1998), according to NASA.
at the rate of about 80,000,000 per year (about
~ Through photosynthesis, plants uptake carbon 1.2 %). 100% - Increase in intensity and duration
dioxide into the biosphere as organic matter, of hurricanes and tropical storms since the
and release oxygen as a byproduct. ~ The current world population is
1970's, according to a 2005 MIT study.
6,575,000,000 (February 2007).
~ Through geologic time, oxygen accumulated $100 Billion - Estimate of damage caused
gradually in the atmosphere, reaching a value of ~ The global fleet of motor vehicles is estimated
at 830,000,000 (2006). by hurricanes hitting the U.S. coast in 2005
about 21% of atmospheric gases at the present
alone, according to the National Climatic Data
~ The global fleet of motor vehicles has been Center.
~ Through geologic time, surplus organic matter recently growing at the rate of 16,000,000 per
has been sequestered in the lithosphere as fossil year. 2030 - Year by which Glacier National Park
organic materials (coal, petroleum, and natural will have no glaciers left, according to the U.S.
gas). ~ Motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, and Geological Survey predictions.
scooters) account for 80% of all transport-
~ Early animals (the first organisms with related energy use. 400,000 - Square miles of Arctic sea ice that
external shells) started to develop around have melted in the last 30 years (roughly the
600,000,000 years ago. ~ The concentration of carbon dioxide in the size of Texas), threatening polar bear habitats
atmosphere, which was at 290 ppm in the year and further accelerating global warming
~ Animals operate in the opposite way than 1900, rose to 316 ppm in 1959, or at an average worldwide, according to the Arctic Climate
plants: they take up oxygen, burn organic matter 0.44 ppm per year. Impact Assessment.
(food), and release carbon dioxide as a
byproduct. ~ Measurements of the concentration of carbon 15% - 37% - Amount of plant and animal
dioxide since 1959 (316 ppm) have revealed an species that global warming could wipe out by
~ Early humans (Australopithecus anamensis) increase to 378 ppm in 2004, or at an average 2050.
began to develop about 4,100,000 years ago. 1.38 ppm per year.
1 - Rank of the United States as a global
~ Cool climatic conditions have prevailed ~ The concentration of carbon dioxide has warming polluter compared to other large
during the past 1,000,000 years. The species increased an average of about 1.8 ppm per year nations.
Homo sapiens evolved under these climatic over the past two decades.
conditions. 6 - Number of former U.S. Environmental
~ The concentration of carbon dioxide increased
Protection Agency leaders who say the U.S. is
~ Homo sapiens dates back to more than 2.87 ppm in 1997-98, more than in any other
not doing enough to fight global warming.
400,000 years. year of record.

~ The year 1998 was the warmest of record. The

0 - Number of bills passed by Congress to cut
~ Estimates for the variety Homo sapiens
year 2002 was the second warmest (to that global warming pollution.[]
sapiens, to which all humans belong, range from
130,000 to 195,000 years old. date). The year 2003 was the third warmest (to
that date). The year 2004 was the fourth
~ The concentration of carbon dioxide in the warmest (to that date). Last year (2005) equaled
atmosphere was as low as 190 ppm during the 1998 as the warmest of record.
last Ice Age, about 21,000 years ago.
~ About 75% of the annual increase in
~ The last Ice Age began to recede about 20,000 atmospheric carbon dioxide is due to the
years ago. burning of fossil fuels.

~ The agricultural revolution, where humans ~ The remaining 25% is attributed to

40 The Pyramid Age

Emmet Sweeney

The Pyramids were built centuries later

than currently thought, claims controversial
new book!

THE Egyptian Pyramids were not built

around 2350 BC, as is currently thought, but only
around 800 BC, according to a highly controversial
new book that will outrage the academic
In The Pyramid Age, Northern Irish
historian Emmet Sweeney argues that the
chronology of ancient Egypt is wrong to a dramatic
degree, with some major historical events mis-dated
almost two thousand years before they actually
Published in New York this spring,
Sweeney's book insists that the dating of ancient Ramesses II, tied to the biblical date of the Exodus these early scholars, was to become the traditional
history is often much more tenuous than most - owing to the fact that the Book of Exodus means of dating Egypt's past, and had already, by the
people realise, and that many of the puzzles and mentions a city named "Ramesses" constructed by 19th century, become so entrenched, that subsequent
inconsistencies that confuse historians and the Israelite slaves. discoveries were unable to uproot it."
archaeologists are solved if the chronology is The chronology of Egypt, as outlined by The earliest Egyptologists were often motivated by
adjusted. these early scholars, was to become the traditional a desire to "prove" the Bible correct and therefore
He concedes his conclusions are means of dating Egypt's past, and had already, by lacked the incentive to question these traditional,
revolutionary but says they are in line with a the 19th century, become so entrenched, that Bible-based dates. As a result, dates based on the
growing number of academics prepared to admit subsequent discoveries were unable to uproot it." book of Genesis found their way into the textbooks
that there may be something radically wrong with The earliest Egyptologists were often motivated by which began to appear in the 19th century.
ancient chronology. Not too long ago Wolfgang a desire to "prove" the Bible correct and therefore As an illustration of this, Sweeney reminds
Helck, Germany's foremost Egyptologist, admitted lacked the incentive to question these traditional, us how in 1798, before the Battle of the Pyramids,
that work on chronology "has clearly arrived at a Bible-based dates. As a result, dates based on the Napoleon pointed to the Great Pyramid and told his
crisis". book of Genesis found their way into the textbooks men that "Forty centuries look down on you."
Sweeney, who holds a masters degree in which began to appear in the 19th century. The French commander therefore placed the
history from the University of Ulster, is adamant the "Yet in 2350 BC, the Egyptians only had building of the monument around 2200 BC - within
pyramids could not have been built 4,000 years ago. copper and flint tools and such principles of little more than a century of the date still found in
"The pyramids were partly constructed of hard mathematics as we see in the pyramids had yet to be the textbooks. Yet Napoleon's speech was made over
granite and display in their design a knowledge of formulated. Modern scientists and engineers have twenty years before Champollion had succeeded in
Pythagorean geometry," he points out. demonstrated, repeatedly, that granite, basalt and deciphering the hieroglyphics and establishing the
"Yet in 2350 BC, the Egyptians only had diorite - all materials used by the pyramid-builders - science of Egyptology!
copper and flint tools and such principles of can only be cut using carbon-steel tools. It is quite evident that Napoleon's estimate
mathematics as we see in the pyramids had yet to be "This mystery has led to all sorts of weird of the pyramids' age was based on the "traditional"
formulated. Modern scientists and engineers have and wonderful theorising - not least the idea that the chronology; yet it is equally evident that the dates
demonstrated, repeatedly, that granite, basalt and pyramids were built by aliens or Atlanteans. still found in the textbooks are based on the same
diorite - all materials used by the pyramid-builders - "But revise the date of the pyramids' system. Thus European histories of Egypt from the
can only be cut using carbon-steel tools. construction to around 800 BC, when steel tools 17th and 18th centuries placed Ramesses II around
"This mystery has led to all sorts of weird were available and more sophisticated principles of 1400 BC (owing to the supposed Exodus
and wonderful theorising - not least the idea that the geometry were widely understood, and the mystery connection); again, very close to the date still
pyramids were built by aliens or Atlanteans. is solved." accepted by historians. The Exodus is not now
"But revise the date of the pyramids' Sweeney points out that the presently regarded as a historical event, yet a date based on it
construction to around 800 BC, when steel tools accepted chronology of Egypt is not based on hard is still found in the textbooks.
were available and more sophisticated principles of historical fact or science, but on biblical Sweeney's work may prove to have far-
geometry were widely understood, and the mystery numerology. reaching consequences for biblical scholarship, too.
is solved." "This chronology had already been He insists the main reason why Egyptian
Sweeney points out that the presently established, in its present form, by the second history appeared to be silent about the great events
accepted chronology of Egypt is not based on hard century BC, when Jewish historians in Alexandria, described so vividly in the Bible is that - ironically
historical fact or science, but on biblical utilizing the "History of Egypt" by the Hellenistic enough - early biblical scholars, in attempting to
numerology. author Manetho, sought to 'tie in' Egypt's history "prove" the Bible true, placed the two histories
"This chronology had already been with that of the Old Testament. together in the wrong order, with the result that
established, in its present form, by the second "These efforts led to the equation of Menes, Egypt's chronology was pushed out of sync with
century BC, when Jewish historians in Alexandria, the first pharaoh, with Adam, the first man; and the regard to that of the Bible.
utilizing the "History of Egypt" by the Hellenistic consequential dating of the First Dynasty to around As a striking example of this, he shows how
author Manetho, sought to 'tie in' Egypt's history 3700 BC. (the date favored by Jewish scholars for Hatshepsut, the female monarch who ruled as a
with that of the Old Testament. the Creation). The rest of Egyptian history, as "pharaoh" during the time of the mighty 18th
"These efforts led to the equation of Menes, outlined by Manetho, was made to fall in behind this Dynasty, was actually the legendary Queen of
the first pharaoh, with Adam, the first man; and the starting-point, with other biblical dates providing Sheba, who visited Solomon in Jerusalem. "The
consequential dating of the First Dynasty to around key anchor-points. One of these was that of connection between Hatshepsut and Solomon is in
3700 BC. (the date favored by Jewish scholars for Ramesses II, tied to the biblical date of the Exodus many ways obvious," says Sweeney, "but was never
the Creation). The rest of Egyptian history, as - owing to the fact that the Book of Exodus made because in the textbooks Hatshepsut and
outlined by Manetho, was made to fall in behind this mentions a city named "Ramesses" constructed by Solomon are placed many centuries apart."
starting-point, with other biblical dates providing the Israelite slaves.
key anchor-points. One of these was that of The chronology of Egypt, as outlined by (Continues on Page 43)
Ghost World Confer ence 2007 41
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Pyramids, Trivia & Mor e! 43

Continued from
from Page 40

Another example centres around the

biblical patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob. This
man was a great seer who interpreted dreams
and lived during a famine of seven years.
Sweeney suggests that Joseph is none other than
Imhotep, designer of the first pyramid, who also
interpreted dreams and also lived during a seven
years' famine. "Once again, the connection
between the two men was obvious, but was
never made because the Egyptian Imhotep is
believed to have lived over a thousand years
before the biblical Joseph," points out Sweeney.
If what Sweeney, and those scholars
who agree with him, say proves to be correct,
the textbooks will have to be extensively revised
and rewritten.
Another example centres around the
biblical patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob. This
man was a great seer who interpreted dreams
and lived during a famine of seven years.
Sweeney suggests that Joseph is none other than
Imhotep, designer of the first pyramid, who also
interpreted dreams and also lived during a seven
years' famine. "Once again, the connection
between the two men was obvious, but was
never made because the Egyptian Imhotep is
believed to have lived over a thousand years
before the biblical Joseph," points out Sweeney.
If what Sweeney, and those scholars
who agree with him, say proves to be correct,
the textbooks will have to be extensively revised
and rewritten.[]

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FILES OF continue to work if they won a $10 million
lottery prize.
and THE ‘X’ ZONE -The cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II moves only
6 inches per gallon of diesel fuel.
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-Rhubarb is in the buckwheat family. -Ostrich eggs are 6 to 8 inches long.
-In ancient China, people would commit suicide -A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours.
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by eating a pound of salt. -The ridges on the sides of coins are called
-Beavers mate for life. reeding or milling.
-Rubberbands were invented in 1945. -The phrase "Holy Toledo" refers to Toledo,
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-The official sport of Alaska is mushing. Spain, which was a huge Christian cultural
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-Nitrogen used to be called azote. center in 1085.
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-Left-handed people are 20% more likely to try -Armadillos can be housebroken.
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-According to studies, chocolate is the food -The average free newspaper is seen by 2.5
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-France was the first country in the world to -Elton John played piano on the Hollies' "He
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-Wyoming was the first state to allow women to -Black is the color a Mood Ring shows when
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-James Polk, the U.S.'s 11th president was -Koala is the Australian Aborigine name that
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-"Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in source of calcium.
"mt." Injured fingernails grow faster than uninjured
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44 Save The Amazon For est


Mike Sylver, CEO Rob McConnell - Host/Executive Producer Mike Pinera - R & R Legend
Just Like Sugar Inc. The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper

Join Rob McConnell in The ‘X’ Zone Monday - Friday, April 23rd - April 27th., from 10 pm - 2 am Eastern, for a special
GLOBAL WARMING WEEK raising money for the reforestation of The Amazon Forest. Special guests will include Mike
Sylver, CEO of Just Like Sugar and Rock and Roll Legend Mike Pinera.

Throughout the week, Mike Pinera will be webcasting from his California Studio with special guests from the Music
Industry dropping in and showing their support in the fight against Global Warming. Mike Pinera will also be
broadcasting L*I*V*E Pay Per View and Recorded presentations. Money raised by the Pay Per View Events will go
towards the purchase of trees to be planted in the Amazon.

Spice Williams-Crosby (actress and stunt woman) will be dropping in with special guests from the television and movie

For information on the SAVE THE AMAZON FOREST Project and how you can be part of this World Wide initiative,