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Teacher: James W. Gilbreath Mentor: Mrs. Paula Ballew Subject: US History Campus/District: GHS

Daily Lesson Plan Form

Grade Level: 11th

Date: 10/10/2013 & 10/14/2013 Overall Goal of Lesson: The students will gain an understanding of the US annexation of Hawaii just before the start of the Spanish-American War. The students will gain an understanding of the events and major battles of the Spanish-American War; including the US acquisition of the former Spanish colonies of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines through the 1898 Treaty of Paris. Students will gain a better understanding of the major battles of the Spanish-American War, including the naval Battle of Manila Bay (which destroyed the Spanish fleet in the Pacific), the Battle of San Juan Hill (in which Teddy Roosevelts Rough Riders won fame), and the naval Battle of Santiago Bay(which crippled Spains effective Atlantic naval power). The lesson will explain important outcomes including: How Cuba became an independent country, how the Philippines became a US territory (later to become independent after WWII); and generally how the US first established its roots of global military influence, which later expanded and still influence the world today. Instructional Objectives: Students will gain an understanding of how the US used its influence and power to annex Hawaii in the late-1800s. The students will gain an understanding of the major battles of the Spanish-American War and their outcomes. The lesson will lightly touch on the Philippine-American War, which occurred after nationalist militant groups in the Philippines refused to accept the USs annexation of the region granted by the 1898 Treaty of Paris.

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) & ELPS: (typed out completely)

Key Vocabulary:

-annexation 113.41(c)(4)(A): explain why significant events, -Sanford B. Dole policies, and individuals such as the Spanish-Emilio Aguinaldo American War, U.S. expansionism, Henry Cabot -Battle of Manila Bay Lodge, Alfred Thayer Mahan, Theodore Roosevelt, -Rough Riders Sanford B. Dole, and missionaries moved the United -Battle of San Juan Hill States into the position of a world power; 113.41(c)(4)(B): evaluate American expansionism, including acquisitions such as Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico; Higher Order Questions:

Student Activities: (Keep in mind the following: Scaffolding, Independent or Cooperative activities, Groupings, Reading,
Writing, Listening, Hands-On/Minds-On, Connections to previous knowledge, etc)

-(independent activity) Spanish-American War graphic organizer worksheet daily grade -(group activity) students will have time to work on their yellow journalism article activity daily grade Modifications/ELL Strategies: -Student #1(1st period): provide transcribing for tests -Student #2 (1st period): extra time for completing assignments, short instructions, teacher check for understanding copy of class notes if requested by the student -Student #3 (3rd Period): check for understanding and ask student to repeat, allow up to 50% extended time for tests -Student #4 (3rd period): avoid penalizing for spelling errors and reversals, allow student more time to think, read directions or instructions to student, provide study guides/test reviews, provide a copy of lecture notes, accept work dictated to parent or tutor, read test to student, allow up to 50% extended time for tests, adjust written work assignments, evaluate oral performance more than written Student #5 (3rd period): avoid penalizing for spelling errors and reversals, read test to student, provide transcribing for tests Student #6 (8th period): allow extra trips to water fountain or student to have water bottle, allow extra trips to restroom, allow eating whenever and wherever necessary, allow eating lunch at an appropriate time, escort student to nurse, reschedule tests (without penalty) if student is affected by high or low blood glucose at time of regular testing, allow extra time for graded and non-graded classroom activities if needed due to missing class for medical appointments, glucose testing, or periods of high or low blood sugar, allow extra absences for medical appointments or sick days when necessary Anticipatory Activity for Lesson: i-Pad search journal activity: Students will need to find two interesting facts about Theodore Roosevelt. Students can find a large amount of facts by doing a Google search. The teacher will then ask about 3-4 students to share their facts with the class. (Students are encouraged to use their i-Pad or other webbrowsing device to complete this assignment; but they may use their textbooks if they do not have access to such a device.)

Time Allotted

Teacher Input/Lesson Activity: The teacher will give a lecture over the Spanish-American War, assisted by lecture notes and a PowerPoint presentation The lecture will be based mainly on pages 568-578 in Keenes Visions of America: A History of the United States; with supplemental information provided by the teacher and TEKS handbook. Modeling:

~30 minutes

~14 minutes

A YouTube video, American Imperialism: Crash Course US History #28 will be shown to help reinforce information provided by the lecture. Video URL: Guided Practice: The teacher will answer students questions over, and help clarify, the requirements for the Spanish-American War graphic organizer worksheet.

~15 minutes Independent Practice: ~30 minutes -Students will work on their Spanish-American War graphic organizer worksheet, and fill-in the blanks. -Students will have time to work on their yellow journal group work assignment. Lesson Closure: Assessment Methods/Strategies: Spanish-American War graphic organizer provided by TEKS handbook. Resources (supplies, equipment, software, etc.): Mircosoft PowerPoint, YouTube, lecture notes, materials previously listed for the yellow journal project Reflection: