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START OF REEL JOB NO. ~*" _ | HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THE MICROPHOTOGRAPHS APPEARING ON THIS RFFL ARE TRUE COPIES. J APRIL 1965 ur Art DATE OPERATOR __ THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY U.S.S. FLASHER (SS249), & Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Calif., 29 February 1944. SS2L57R16-3749 Serial 03 DeCLASSEIN - 0! Dens Oe ana From: ‘The Commanding Officer, U.3.3, FLASHER. To: The Commander in Chief, United States Fleet. (1) The Commander Submarine Squadron 16. (2) The Commander Task graup 71.1 Via: Subject: U.S.S. FLASHER (89249), Report of Wer Patrol Number 1. Enclosure: (A) Subject report, i. Bnelosure (A) covering the first war patrol of this vessel conducted in the Manila, P.I,, area during the period 6 January, 1944 to 29 February, 1944, is forwarded herewith, 3 02607 | U.S.S. FLASHER (SS249) PROLOGUE: Arrived Fearl Harbor from Canal Zone on 15 December 1943 and after four days refit commenced fifteen day training period. Completed training on 2 January 1944. Sound tested ‘and depermed on 3 January 1944, NARRATIVE: January 6, 194 1314 (V-W) Departed Pearl for Midway. 1836 (V-¥) Escort departed. January 746.9. 194 Enroute Midway, conducting training exercises enroute. Janu 1 1021 (Y) Arrived-sdway. lade temporary repairs to deck forward and fueled to capacity. 1634 (Y) Underway; departed Midway for patrol under Com- taskgroup 17.2. 1930 (¥) Discovered that we Tit3c from Division 4 relief crew aboard as stowaway, Put him to work. January Ws12. 19h Proceeding to patrol area making'two engine speed (200 RPM). Encountering heavy swells from the Northwest. 1200 (¥) Changed time to 1200°(M) and date to 12 January 1944 on crossing the 160th Meridian, Zenuary 13, 19h Conducted practice battle surface using terget we obtained et Midway. Fired 6 rounds from 4 inch and 60 rounds from 20 MM, Have been attempting to average 13,5 knots but gheck on fuel shows us to be using 13.5 gallons to the mile in this sea so will attempt to aver- age 12 knots until we have better weather. Tqnwary Mes 19k 1000 (i) Changed to minus eleven zone time. 3 02607