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START OF REEL JOB NO. 6-103 AR- 45-50 tle& fe Fe operator ML Monroe. 38 | 14lg 2s met a Ont THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES = MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Siue (5.3035 MW Renn Fine Au Werseune Oi This Leer is DESASSIRED FantDese (sao Tare (5 Novena is Cansacs Waren Bicaes een as Gist. Office of Naval Records and History Ships! Histories Section Navy Department HISTORY OF USS PIKE (SS 173) oughout the war one of the greatest factors for defeating and sinking Japanese shipping were the submarines. Among these silent hexoes of the deep there was a submarine called PixZ. Built before the outbreak of the war at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Henpshire. PIER vas launched 12 September 1935. Nisa Jane Logan Snyder, daughter of Rear Admiral C. P. Snyder acted as sponsor. PIKE was put in commisaton on 2 December 1935 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Lieutenant H. H. McLean, USN, assumed command. n hor pre-war shakedown cruise in July 1935 PIKE visited Vera- Crutz, Nexico; Nassau, Bahamas; Bermuda; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and @uantanamo Bay, Cuba. After this she joined the Submarine Battle Foree, Submarine Squadron Six, Submarine Division Thirteen. In 1937 she vas the only one of four submarines to compicte the fleet problem with credit. In tho spring of 1938 while at Mare Island, Lieutenant Commander J. P. Thew, USN, relieved Lieutenant Commander H. H. NeLean, USN, ae Commanding Officer. Tho sub joined the Asiatic Fleet in Manila in 1940. At the out- break of hostilittes with Japan PIKE was a part of the Astatic Fleet and got underway on her first ver patrol the first day of the var. PIKE departed from Manile Bay on the afternoon of 8 December 1941, wndor the conmand of Lieutenant Commander W. A. New, USN. ‘The entire patrol vas made in the China Sea off of Hong Kong and Hainan. A recon- Risance of installations on Practas Island vas made at distances of 8,000 to 10,000 yards. During the patrol no aireraft were sighted although several junks were encountered and avoided. The only two ships Worthy of torpedo attack were sighted at night. The first ship was assumed to be friendly. A submerged torpedo attack failed to Gamage the second ship. PIKE returned to Mantla Bay on 29 December 1941 efter 21 days on patrol. PIKE got undervay from Manila Bay just before dawn on 31 December 1941 on her second var patrol. ‘This patrol was conducted en route to Darwin, Australia via Apo Pass, Basilan Strait, and Dundas Strait. Several days were spent off Menado Bay in the Gelebes. Here, three subs were sighted but firing was withheld due to the possibility of their being friendly. A merchantman was sighted at 20,000 yards dur- ing daylight while submerged and three destroyers were sighted at close range off Menado Bey. An inconclusive attack was made on two merchantmen and thirteen Jap aircraft were sighted before PIKD arrived at Port Darwin on 24 January 1942 atter spending 25 days on patrol.