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A Member Of III Corps Based In Kabul, Said He Understands The Dwindling Interest Back Home

After 12 Years, People Are Going To Get Tired Of It, He Said

I Mean, Were Tired Of It, So It Makes Sense To Me
With Public Support For The Military Mission There Having Crumbled In The Past Few Years, Its Easy To See Why
But Obama Regime In Negotiations Over A Bilateral Security Agreement To Keep American Troops In Afghanistan Past The End Of 2014
October 6, 2013 By Heath Druzin, Stars and Stripes [Excerpts]. Stars and Stripes reporters Josh Smith, Matt Millham and Leo Shane III contributed to this report. More than a decade since the U.S. launched Operation Enduring Freedom on Oct. 7, 2001, there are still 54,000 American troops in Afghanistan. That is more, by far, than at any time during the first seven years of the war, yet these days, they garner scant news coverage. But Americans are still fighting and dying. With nearly three months left in 2013, at least 102 U.S. troops had died in Afghanistan as of Oct. 1, according to The Associated Press more than during any of the first six years of the war. But combat troops will be there for another 15 months, so we are likely still a long way from the last U.S. casualty in Afghanistan. After several years of relative calm following then-President George W. Bushs declaration of victory in Afghanistan in 2004 a time when international troops were supporting nation-building efforts, and U.S. and world attention was focused on the continuing war in Iraq the Taliban regrouped.

They mounted a violent and effective guerrilla campaign that eventually pushed President Barack Obama to increase troop levels, sending a surge of 30,000 additional troops to the country in 2009. Afghanistan is a topic seldom mentioned by the White House, and with public support for the military mission there having crumbled in the past few years, its easy to see why. President Obama talks about Afghanistan strategy maybe only once in a year, Majidyar said. When he does talk about it, he talks about the end of the war and talks only of positive things. A White House spokesman declined to discuss whether Obama is avoiding public discussion of Afghanistan, instead issuing a statement about negotiations over a bilateral security agreement to keep American troops in Afghanistan past the end of 2014. Media interest in the war has been waning for years, driven by Obamas silence on the issue since the end of his troop surge, said A. Trevor Thrall, a professor at George Mason University and the author of War in the Media Age, which explores the intersection of the military, media and public opinion in conflicts since the Vietnam War. Thrall said it isnt the first time a president has tried to bury news about Afghanistan. In 2010, during the surge, it was hard for a reporter to find a cot at Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, with journalists from around the world packed tightly into a tent that served as a media center, even battling over access to electrical outlets. Now, its rare that embedded reporters even need to share a room at a major base. But now, many see Afghanistan as the foreign policy guest that has long overstayed its welcome. America and its Western allies have gone from war fatigue to numbness. Theres a sense of exhaustion among long-time Afghan hands in aid organizations and foreign service positions, who are often tired and, in some cases, deeply fed up with the situation in Afghanistan, said Graeme Smith, the International Crisis Groups senior analyst in Afghanistan and author of The Dogs Are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan. Some of the (Afghan Local Police) are just Taliban, who have been recruited to the government side, and if they dont get paid, they can easily go back to the Taliban overnight. Army Staff Sgt. Mike Toole, a member of III Corps based in Kabul, said he understands the dwindling interest back home. After 12 years, people are going to get tired of it, he said. I mean, were tired of it, so it makes sense to me.


Forward Military Resistance along, or send us the email address if you wish and well send it regularly with your best wishes. Whether in Afghanistan or at a base in the USA, this is extra important for your service friend, too often cut off from access to encouraging news of growing resistance to injustices, inside the armed services and at home. Send email requests to address up top or write to: Military Resistance, Box 126, 2576 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10025-5657.


Taliban Statement On The 12th Anniversary Of The Detested Bushs Invasion Of Afghanistan:
They Failed To Make Any Progress In The War Front And According To Their

Own Tally; Thousands Of Their Soldiers Have Died In This War, Most Of Which Are American

10/7/20 The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; On 7th of October 2001, the detested President of America, George W. Bush, trampled on all human and Islamic standards, began the invasion of Afghanistan and declared an open Crusade. Bush, who had completely lost his senses and could not fathom anything except savagery and depravity, demanded the entire world support this odious war by either sending their armies or by providing financial and logistical support. That is when 49 nations including NATO, without having a legitimate warrant while failing to reject Bush's stubborn terrorism and accepting the sound reasoning of the oppressed Afghans, unfortunately sided with Bush and practically invaded our beloved homeland in the form of an anti-Islamic coalition. America and its coalition armies violated all Islamic and human norms and began the systematic torture, detention and killing of every Afghan who stood firm on his Islamic fervor and Afghan pride. The barbaric Americans tortured thousands of Afghans in the prisons of Guantanamo, Bagram, Kandahar as well as in the internal and foreign secret and open prisons, thousands of other defenseless Afghans were martyred, massive bombs were dropped on their mud built compounds and even banned as well as poisonous weapons were used throughout the country. But no international humanitarian organization or self proclaimed defenders of Human Rights pointed a finger towards these American and NATO brutalities in a proper manner and neither did the Security Council ever call a meeting with the intention of condemning the actions of these ruthless American and NATO armies or placing a blame on them!!? America used every war stratagem through their well-known Generals to win the war in Afghanistan and used 850 billion dollars on its war machine however Allah Almighty defeated and humiliated them despite all these war maneuvers. They failed to make any progress in the war front and according to their own tally; thousands of their soldiers have died in this war, most of which are American.

The Mujahideen not only aborted and scraped every war technique and tactic of America, NATO and their stooges but established their own writ in the vast swaths of Afghanistan, limited and confined the foreign and internal enemy to their bases and government buildings and forced the arrogant enemy to accept the existence and presence of the Islamic Emirate in the political field while openly declaring that they are quitting Afghanistan and want to bring the conflict in Afghanistan to an end through talks. Bush's abominable war and repulsive democracy!! proved that they entered Afghanistan with over a hundred thousand troops only to bridge a gap between the Afghans and their religious and national traditions, endanger national unity and the existence of a unified Afghanistan, afflict Afghans with the hardships of poverty and destitution and finally to turn Afghanistan into the oven of fire and gunpowder!! If America had not implemented these anti-Afghan programs and projects, then let it show what major development projects it has completed except the building of a few kilometers of low quality asphalt roads, most of which are built with the help of other countries? What positive economic changes have they brought into the livelihood of ordinary Afghans not counting those of a few of their own stooges? On the other hand for the first time in the history of Afghanistan, the current regime in Kabul won first place in corruption, fraud, insufficiency, embezzlement, terror and savagery the foundations of which are laid by America and which is also an important achievement of the American invasion and Bush's repugnant war. What is even more fascinating is that after 13 years, the stooge president of the Kabul regime is only now asking America to endeavor wholeheartedly in the redevelopment and economic improvement of Afghanistan and that only at the price of signing the Strategic Partnership Agreement!! The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns the attack and invasion of America, NATO and other tyrannical regimes on October the 7th and considers it a black day like that of the Russian aggression on the 6th of Jaddi . We are immensely thankful to Allah Almighty for the victory which is at hand of the Afghan Mujahid nation and also for the approaching days of the uprooting and abscondence of armies of Bush and its international Taghut from our beloved motherland. May the Merciful Lord Allah Almighty accept all the sacrifices of the Afghans as well as every sacrifice of the Mujahideen their martyrdom in His Supreme Court and may He bring an end to the hardships of the Afghans with the blessing of their blood so they can have glorious Islamic government and breathe serenely.

Resistance Action:

Attack In Front Of Nangarhar Security Commandment

October 12, 2013 BNA Two policemen and two civilians dead and five policemen with two others civilians wounded in an attack took place in front of Nnagarhar security commandment. The attack occurred at 7:30am when an insurgent after passing three preventing walls blew up his packed explosive car near the gate of commandment in Jalalabad city. Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal deputy governor of Nangarhar governor confirming the news told BNA reporter, armed oppositions are responsible of the attack and security forces started searching operation for identifying of the suspects. Meanwhile, doctors in the civil hospital of Jalalabad city called the health condition of five injured critical. After three hours of this attack, two other powerful explosions also took place in Jalalabad city. The explosions occurred in front of 4th precinct of Jalalabad city. Ahamd Zia Abdulzai spokesperson of Nangarhar governor said, only a vehicle of security forces destroyed in these explosions.


Shutdown Stomps On Troops & Military Families:

No Base Housing, Medical Appointments Cancelled, Bonus Pay Missing
October 14, 2012 Army Times staff report. Staff writers Jeff Schogol, Sam Fellman, Joe Gould and James Sanborn contributed to this story. The political stalemate that has paralyzed Washington and shut down the federal government may largely seem like a typical inside-the-Beltway stage farce. But the broader effects are all too real and they are swiftly rippling across the military in a myriad of ways. Navy Electricians Mate 3rd Class Christopher Barnes and his wife Valerie may be the perfect example of a military family caught in the storm, even though they are far from Washington. Sept. 27 was a big day for the family. Barnes, his wife Valerie and their three children, ages 7, 5 and 1, were on a plane bound for a new assignment in Hawaii. The beaches, the views, the weather everything seemed perfect. Then came the shutdown. After initially staying in a hotel, Valerie Barnes went to the housing office at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The housing coordinator told her she was leaving for the day and couldnt help. She was like, Thats not my problem. You know, I dont even have a job. Im not getting paid today, Barnes recalled. I just looked at her. I was in tears. A janitor took pity and let them into one of the houses. But the trouble didnt end there. Hotel bills were quickly cutting through the $900 they had in the bank, exacerbated by the fact that Barnes hadnt received his $10,000 bonus. Whats more, the family had only the clothes theyd brought on their flight. The rest of their household goods were being shipped by a moving company which refused to deliver them because the company had not been paid by the military. Valerie Barnes said neighbors loaned air mattresses and pots and pans. On Barnes E4 pay, they dont have money for a rental car and the shutdown has closed the base commissary, so the couple has hitched rides with others to get groceries from Walmart. We go there thinking everything would be OK, Valerie Barnes said. Its not.

Other service members and families have felt the effects of the shut-down: Army Staff Sgt. Desmond Cassell, Fort Story, Va., a truck driver, said he and his pregnant wife waited seven hours to replace her ID card after driving 45 minutes to a Defense Department facility at Hampton Roads, Va., with a ridiculous line. The couple also has seen his dental appointments and her obstetrics appointments canceled until further notice. I wish they would just go ahead and fix it, Cassell said of the government shutdown. Joshua Keller, Fort Sill, Okla. is one of 30 coworkers at the post public works department who were stunned to be sent home Oct. 1. He had no idea when he would return, and without his $15-per-hour job, he is scraping by on odd jobs. He and his coworkers filed for unemployment. I dont know how Im going to pay the mortgage or car payment, said Keller, a married Army veteran with a 2-year-old son. Its a lot of anger, a lot of helplessness. Alissa Butler, Marine spouse, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., a mother of three whose Marine husband works at The Basic School, says her family is taking a significant financial hit with the closure of the base commissary. The commissary is very convenient for us with their low food costs and it is only ten minutes away from our house, she said. Now she and her family spend more on food at groceries stores out in town and on gas getting there. But the hardest pill to swallow has been the cancellation of extracurricular activities for her children. We got an email Tuesday stating that until the government shutdown is over our children will not have any soccer games until further notice. Why are our children being affected by this shut down? She expressed sympathy, however, for those who have it even tougher, such as the many Defense Department civilians on furlough who wont get a paycheck on Oct. 15. Navy Fire Controlman 2nd Class (SW) Don Sands, Great Lakes, Ill. checked his bank account on payday, Oct. 1, he was missing his $2,800 Selective Reenlistment Bonus, due to be paid that day. A specialist at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service told him DFAS was not authorized to release his SRB and didnt know when it would be. Sands, an instructor at the Navys Training Support Center in Great Lakes, Ill., realized he was suddenly out a lot of money hed been expecting. Its basically a third paycheck for the month, he said, adding that he planned to pay off a credit card and buy a dirt bike. We signed the contract saying youre going to receive this on this date, he said. And then we were told up until even before the shutdown that were going to receive it. I was planning for it. And now ... are we going to get it? When are we going to get it? I dont know.

Air National Guard Master Sgt. Julie Avey, March Air Reserve Base, Calif. is a civilian whose job requires her to be in the Air National Guard. Even though she wears a uniform, she has been furloughed like other civilians, going overnight from being a part of what the Air Force calls the total force to being nonessential. At one point were essential; we can go overseas to Afghanistan and serve over there one day and the next day were nonessential. And thats just a little disheartening, Avey said. Before the Fort Drum commissary closed indefinitely, panicked shoppers overloaded carts, cleaned out the produce aisle and fought over the last of the meat, Jennifer Limerick, Army spouse and civilian employee, Fort Drum, N.Y. said no grocery carts were available, and the checkout line circled the store. It looked like people were getting ready for an apocalypse, she said. Limerick, whose job involves distributing medical ID cards to spouses, said the shutdown is interfering with spouses who want to enroll for medical benefits, and the post treatment facility where families typically get care is not accepting new appointments. Limerick is considered essential at her job, so she must work, but she is receiving an IOU instead of a paycheck, she said. This puts her in a bind because she cannot stay home with her 5-year-age daughter, but she does not know how she will pay for daycare. We live paycheck to paycheck, she said. The bills arent going to stop coming because of the government shutdown.


At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh had I the ability, and could reach the nations ear, I would, pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke. For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. There is no democracy without socialism and no socialism without democracy. -- Rosa Luxemburg

Just Because Their Women Are Veiled And Their Men Bearded Doesnt Mean Theyre Not Freedom Fighters
Just Because They Are Muslims Or Islamists Doesnt Mean Their Struggle Is Not Our Struggle
The Rules Of Internationalism Still Apply
Against All Odds, They Are Enduring Shelling, Starvation, Sarin Gas, And The Betrayal Of The Entire World Peoples And Governments For Years On End In Order To Pry Their Freedom From Assads Cold, Dead Hands
October 10, 2013 [Excerpts] Internationalism.

Once upon a time, it was ubiquitous among progressive-minded people in the West. Once upon a time, Western progressives practiced automatic solidarity with people battling their oppression and exploitation. Borders didnt matter. Skin colors didnt matter. Religions didnt matter. Jenny Marx, daughter of Karl Marx, used to wear a Crucifix not because she was Roman Catholic but to demonstrate her solidarity with the Polish uprising against Russian oppression in the 1860s.

How many of Jenny Marxs successors today would don a niqab in solidarity with the Syrian uprising? How many men would grow a beard? When the peasants and workers of Spain took up arms to defend the republic against a fascist uprising led by Francisco Franco in the 1936, Western progressives didnt sit around bemoaning the fact that extremist, totalitarian Stalinists were a major force on the republican side they acted. They poured into Spain and joined the fight. Those that stayed in their home countries held meetings and fund-raisers to support the brave men and women fighting on the front lines. When, where, and how internationalism died among Western progressives liberals and radicals alike is difficult to say.

That it is dead is indisputable. Syria proves that neoliberal Reagan-Thatcher Thought lives on in the minds of the Wests progressives-in-theory/scabs-in-practice who, in place of every man for himself have substituted its international equivalent: every people for themselves. The utter absence of an internationalist spirit or even instinct among the obnoxious, arrogant left-liberal milieu in the West did much to give rise to a peculiar form of internationalism among a wholly different demographic Muslims in the form of Islamism or political Islam. Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum and if the left is asleep at the helm, the right will drive ideologically and practically in its place. Revolution, that great locomotive of history, waits for no one.

[Abraham Lincoln Brigade, one of the many International Brigades in Spain. ] The parallels between the Spanish and Syrian civil wars are striking and similar material conditions have a funny way of producing similar political trends even within ideological frameworks that could not be more different from one another. Instead of Marxs vision of the global proletariat as the chosen people or the central protagonist in the revolutionary drama, for Islamists, it is the global ummah; instead of the class struggle to topple the capitalist order, the struggle of the faithful (jihad) against godless tyrants and their wicked acts of blasphemy; instead of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the Jesus Christ Brigade; instead of No pasarn!, Allahu Akbar! The first thing to understand about Islamism as internationalism is the way the modern practice of Muslim foreign fighters flocking to a given battlefield is grounded within the history of Islam itself. When the Prophet Muhammad was exiled from Mecca to Medina, he labeled the Meccans who followed him migrants (muhajireen) and those who welcomed him in Medina supporters or helpers (ansar). Fighters from around the world in Syria see themselves as modern muhajireen while their Syrian counterparts are ansar, hence names like Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar

which is affiliated with Al-Qaedas Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) or the al-Ansar or Ansar Dimachk brigades of the Free Syrian Army.

[Al-Favares, a Libyan brigade in Syria; a 2013 International Brigade.] The second thing to understand about Islamism as internationalism is that it is a very broad spectrum. On one end, its adherents can be almost apolitical or strictly humanitarian and on the other end, intensely political and incredibly narrow, with a singular, overriding drive to establish a Caliphate, even at the expense of human lives. Al-Qaeda draws undue attention as the most reactionary force on the latter end of that spectrum while those on the former end go largely unnoticed, at least until idiotic stories such as women travelling from Tunisia to partake in sex jihad are exposed as total fabrications. (The women in question were nurses.) To complicate matters, many who are lending the Syrian people a hand against their oppressors on a religious or humanitarian basis end up radicalized and drawn to AlQaeda or, in the case of American Muslim convert and U.S. army war veteran Eric Harroun, end up fighting on Al-Qaedas behalf without agreeing to their extremist, austere vision.

The third thing to understand is how the ongoing democratic revolution is forcing all kinds of tensions and internal contradictions within Syrias traditionally conservative society and the increasingly religious, Islamist rebellion to the surface. When Assads security services detained and tortured children and teenagers back in 2011, it was 500 women in Douma, all in veils, some of whom had never left their houses alone, who came out into the streets to demand their release, surprising themselves and the police. One of them explained: Sometimes I feel like a man working among men. Theres no more differentiation between men and women in Douma. On the contrary. Men now let women take care of the injured because they know better how to deal with them.


Nazek Obeid As in Catholic Spain, women were not content with their traditional positions as mothers or wives bound to the kitchen and the nursery and took up arms, and the same is true in Syria where we see completely veiled women doing the same in special units like Nazek Obeid, a subsection of the Free Syrian Army Sawt al-Haq (Voice of Rights) based in Aleppo.

Um Jaafar, above right, sits next to her husband, Abu Jaafar, a Sawt al-Haq battalion commander, as she undergoes military training with other women in Aleppo. A group of women including Um Jaafar are undergoing military training to form the Nazek Obeid group as part of the Sawt al-Haq battalion, which is based on the front line of Aleppos Sheikh Saeed neighborhood.

Um Jaafar was a women's hairdresser before the revolution and was trained by her husband to be part of Sawt al-Haq. Muzaffar Salman / Reuters]

Yesterdays hairdresser, todays thuwar. Those who claim the revolution is losing fail to understand the transformation that has taken hold of the Syrian people. Against all odds, they are enduring shelling, starvation, sarin gas, and the betrayal of the entire world peoples and governments for years on end in order to pry their freedom from Assads cold, dead hands. Just because their women are veiled and their men bearded doesnt mean theyre not freedom fighters and just because they are Muslims or Islamists doesnt mean their struggle is not our struggle. The rules of internationalism still apply.

Comments, arguments, articles, and letters from service men and women, and veterans, are especially welcome. Write to Box 126, 2576 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10025-5657 or email Name, I.D., withheld unless you request publication. Same address to unsubscribe.

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Navy Solves Budget Woes By Selling Ship Naming Rights, Launches USS Ford F-150

The USS Buffalo Wild Wings October 7, 2013 by Sandy, The Duffel Blog

WASHINGTON, DC Faced with looming budget cuts that could cost three aircraft carriers as well as a host of other ships, the U.S. Navy has been courting corporate sponsorships to pay for its fleet, sources confirmed. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus first hit on the money-making idea in a staff meeting. I was supposed to be getting a brief on nuclear weapons safety or something but I was mostly fooling around on my Blackberry, Mabus told reporters. Thats when I saw Xcel Energy paid $3 million to name the arena where the Minnesota Wild plays. I never heard of the Minnesota Wild but I have heard of $3 million. Soon after, the secretary directed the Navy to start selling naming rights for its ships and submarines like athletic venues, with Rear Admiral Albert Updike named as the program lead. The first contract we signed was for FFG-54, the USS Ford, which is an Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, Updike said. It is now known as the USS Ford F-150. That deal was for three years and netted the Navy $1.4 million. Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike OMalley, formerly a useless mass communications specialist, now leads the Navys sales team. SSN-715, the USS Buffalo is now the USS Buffalo Wild Wings, said OMalley, who has personally closed the most sales this month. That was $900,000. For $1.1 million the LPD-18 is now Zatarains USS New Orleans. The Navy gets more money for surface ships since submarines submerge and you cant see the logos all the time, OMalley explained. Many of the ships sold easily, such as the Band-Aid Brand Bandages USNS Comfort, and the USS Halyburton sponsored by Halliburton. The Wisconsin Dairy Council snapped up the USS Wisconsin Cheese even though the ship was decommissioned in 1991. Others ships took more work. OMalley said his best sale was the USS Theodore Roosevelt, The Big Stick Brought to You by 84 Lumber. It took him three months to close but netted the Navy $1.8 million. Were still working on some hard sales, OMalley reported. We need a good fit for the Raid Pest Control people. They wanted to buy the USS Wasp but the Chief of Naval Operations killed that idea. Were also negotiating with Oscar Meyer. We have told them more than once that they may be offering us a lot of money, but were not painting a Los Angeles Class submarine to look like the Wienermobile. And the success of the program is garnering attention in the other services. A note from Army Secretary John McHugh was leaked this week asking for cost estimates to change signs at Fort Bragg, NC from Fort Bragg: Home of the All Americans to Fort Bragg: Home of Call of Duty: Black Ops II by Activision.

If the Army does follow the Navy, Updike does offer one cautionary tale. We got a little ahead of ourselves early on, he said. We probably should have put a little more thought into Hebrew National Hot Dogs USS Abraham Lincoln. I mean there was a lot of money involved but we obviously cant deploy that battle group to the CENTCOM region any more, can we?


Zionists Speeding Up Rate Of Palestinian Home Demolitions:

Burhan Bisharat Lost His Home Last Week
Living On The Ground With No Cover Is Hard, Says The Father Of Eight Who, Like A Dozen Other Men From Makhul, Has Been Sleeping Out In The Open
The Army Blocked Them From Receiving Humanitarian Relief Tents After The Demolition

Bisharat Says Bitterly: The World Does Nothing To Help Us. Where Are The Human Rights? Am I Not Human?''
United Nations statistics show that the rate of demolitions rose in the last year, many of them occurring as US Secretary of State John Kerry prodded Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiation table. In August, a month after peace talks resumed, Israel leveled another small Palestinian community in East Jerusalem, Tel al-Adassa, forcing its residents to leave to the West Bank. They lacked Israeli identity papers, but dated their stay in the vicinity to the 1950s. September 29, 2013 by Ben Lynfield, Correspondent; Christian Science Monitor [Excerpts] Burhan Bisharat lost his home last week to an Israeli army bulldozer, but he retains the Palestinian ethos of hospitality, pressing his interviewer to drink more tea as he recounts how he has slept amid the ruins of the dwellings of this tiny village in the occupied West Bank. ''Living on the ground with no cover is hard,'' says the father of eight who, like a dozen other men from Makhul, has been sleeping out in the open because the army blocked them from receiving humanitarian relief tents after the demolition. On a scorching summer day, Makhul's men crowded under the only tree in sight for shade, while a group of Israeli soldiers stood guard nearby to ensure they did not attempt to rebuild shelter. Israeli Defense Ministry officials say the demolition of Makhul was a necessary law enforcement measure against unlicensed construction and they stress that the Israeli Supreme Court last month rejected a petition against the order. But human rights groups are condemning the demolition, the latest of operations in which hundreds of residential and other structures were destroyed this year in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They say the army's handling of Makhul, as well as repeated settler attacks on Palestinian property, highlight that the US-brokered peace process launched earlier this year fails to protect Palestinians from Israeli abuses. United Nations statistics show that the rate of demolitions rose in the last year, many of them occurring as US Secretary of State John Kerry prodded Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiation table. In August, a month after peace talks resumed, Israel leveled another small Palestinian community in East Jerusalem, Tel al-Adassa, forcing its residents to

leave to the West Bank. They lacked Israeli identity papers, but dated their stay in the vicinity to the 1950s. Three other small Palestinian communities near here Ras al-Akhmar, Hadidya, and Khumsa now face the imminent threat of being leveled like Makhul. ''There is always talk of a settlement freeze but it is not just building new homes for settlers but destruction of homes for Palestinians that have nowhere else to go that needs to be front and center during peace negotiations,'' says Bill Van Esveld, who is based in the West Bank and monitors the Middle East for Human Rights Watch. On Sept. 16, at 5 a.m., the Israeli army set about destroying Makhul, ordering its residents to vacate so that the bulldozers could demolish the corrugated metal dwellings and animal sheds. The remnants of the demolition were visible on the hillside more than a week later: piles of scrap that had been the ramshackle homes for just more than a hundred people, according to their lawyer Tawfiq Jabarin. Some Makhul residents trace their presence there to before Israel's victory in the 1967 war, although Israeli officials said most had dwellings in other locales and lived there just part of the year. Mr. Bisharat rents his land in Makhul from a private Palestinian owner who lives in the northern West Bank town of Tubas. ''I rent 7,000 square meters,'' says Bisharat. ''We plant our land with wheat, barley, lentils and other grains. We produce milk, cheese, butter, eggs, and meat. This is our style of life and we are not going to change it.'' According to UN figures, 862 Palestinians have been displaced by Israeli demolitions since January alone, including those at Makhul, up from 886 in all of 2012. Menachem Klein, a dovish Israeli political scientist, says that reflects an Israeli desire to ensure that at the end of negotiations Israel will retain control over almost all of Area C, which makes up the majority of the West Bank and is under Israeli administrative and security control. ''The peace talks just push Israel forward to create facts on the ground in Area C to determine the outcome of the talks,'' he says. He said Israel carries out demolitions in Area C in the hopes that it will force Palestinians to relocate to Areas A and B, which are under Palestinian self-rule. Israeli officials deny there is any policy to do this and stress that demolitions are strictly a matter of law enforcement. Speaking of the destruction of Makhul, Israeli Defense Ministry official Guy Inbar asks, ''If you want to build a tent in Central Park will the New York police allow it?'' The lack of protection of human rights during the negotiations, coupled with the weakness of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority, have left the Palestinians of

Area C vulnerable to demolitions and other challenges, Mr. Klein says. "The sides should have been made to commit to human rights from Step 1, not at the end of the process," says Klein, who teaches at Bar Ilan University. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas exacerbated the situation by agreeing to an American demand that the Palestinians not lodge any petitions against Israeli actions with international legal bodies for the duration of the negotiations, says Shawan Jabarain, head of Ramallah-based human rights group Al-Haq. ''This is more than a mistake, it's a catastrophe. It's like when one is being beaten and you take away from him the ability to go to court and the police,'' he says. Mr. Van Esveld argues that the demolition in Makhul and a refusal to allow humanitarian organizations to provide temporary tents for the families amount to a forced transfer of population because they could no longer live there without shelter a violation of the Geneva Convention. ''All the criteria appear to be met for this to be considered forcible transfer, which is a war crime,'' Van Esveld says. On Tuesday, Israel's High Court of Justice issued an injunction giving Mahkhul's residents the right to pitch tents for the next two weeks, when a court deliberation will be held. David Elhayani, chairman of the council representing the 21 settlements in the Jordan Valley, denies there is any effort to reduce the Arab population, calling the accusation "blood libel." Mr. Elhayani says there is plenty of room for more settlers, especially in the northern Jordan Valley, where Makhul was situated. ''There are no Palestinian villages in the northern Jordan Valley,'' Elhayani claims. While inaccurate today, Palestinians worry that statement could be a harbinger of the future. Amid the metal scraps that until recently were Makhul, Bisharat says bitterly: ''The world does nothing to help us. Where are the human rights? Am I not human?''

Occupation Troops Shoot Hebron Palestinian Child:

Seven-Year-Old Lost His Right Eye After Being Shot With A Rubber-Coated Metal Bullet Childs Mother Also Shot
September 28, 2013 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

Saturday Palestinian medical sources have reported that a seven-year-old child lost his right eye after being shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet fired by an Israeli soldier in Al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The sources added that the childs mother was also shot by a rubber-coated metal bullet in her shoulder. The mother and her child were trying to return to the refugee camp; they were far from clashes taking place between the soldiers and local youths. Eyewitnesses said that the mother and her child were trying to cross a road in an attempt to find a way back to their home after the army closed the main entrance of the camp. Nasser Qabaja, head of the Disasters Unit at the Red Crescent in the southern part of the West Bank, stated that an ambulance transferred the child from Abu Al-Hasan Hospital to the Hebron Governmental Hospital, before moving him to the St. John Eye Hospital in occupied Jerusalem. Furthermore, dozens of soldiers occupied rooftops of a number of homes in the area, and fired gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber-coated metal bullets leading to a large number of injuries, mainly due to the effect of teargas inhalation. [To check out what life is like under a murderous military occupation commanded by foreign terrorists, go to: The occupied nation is Palestine. The foreign terrorists call themselves Israeli.]


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Poll: Americans Divided Over What Wild Animal They Would Like To See Maul Congress:
There Was Significant Support For Another Scenario, Involving Congress Being Consumed By A Swarm Of Predatory Insects

October 12, 2013 by Andy Borowitz, The Borowitz Report As the partial government shutdown grinds on into its twelfth day, Americans remain deeply divided over what kind of wild animal they would most like to see Congress mauled by, according to a new poll released today. While a majority of Americans say they would enjoy seeing Congress torn limb from limb by a ferocious bear, there is disagreement over which species of bear would be best suited for that assignment. When asked, What kind of bear would do the best job of savaging Congress with its fearsome paws?, Americans gave grizzly bears the highest job-approval rating, followed by polar bears, and by black bears in a distant third. But the poll showed that there was also strong support for the idea of Congress being set upon by a pack of rapacious animals, with rabid hyenas the first choice of many respondents, followed by feral dogs and cats. While insatiable, bloodthirsty mammals were most often cited as the animals Americans would like to see eviscerate Congress, there was significant support for another scenario, involving Congress being consumed by a swarm of predatory insects. Fifteen per cent of those surveyed strongly agreed with the statement, Being torn limb from limb by a grizzly bear or devoured by a pack of rabid hyenas is too good for these people. They should be eaten, very slowly, by a colony of hungry fire ants. Yes, thats itfire ants. That would be amazing.


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