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Monday, October 14, 2013

Support Letter for Appeal Katherine Jackson

Dear Mr. Panish: First, let us say that the legal team of "Panish, Shea and Boyle" did an excellent job representing Mrs. Jackson and Michael's children. We are so very proud of Mrs. Jackson for standing up to a giant mogul such as AEG Live. We are members of various Jackson Support Groups and we support Mrs. Jackson and the children's right to have AEG held accountable for contributing to Michaels death. We have been told this case may be appealed and if so we are happy that Mrs . Jackson is willing to go through that again. Supporters realize Mrs. Jackson has been through much already, however we are here should she decide to fight the AEG Wrongful Death Jury's decision. She may be tired of it all. She and the family may decide to put this behind them and that, too, we can understand. That is their right and we would support that decision. Mr. Panish, we know you are aware that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have worked hard all of their lives. They are the parents of Americas First Family of Music. They deserve better treatment than what they have received. It does NOT make sense that the jurors would all agree that Conrad Murray was hired by AEG Live on the first question; but agree he was a Competent physician when he was tried and is being punished for not being so. We cannot allow AEG Live to think they can just walk all over Michaels mother and children and get away with it. She is not ALONE like they think. We are here. We do not want to see Mrs. Jackson railroaded by AEG Live and a system that, at times, hands out selective justice. We are just fans and may be overstepping our bounds, but we are not the average fans. We are people who respect the familys rights to demand answers over the manner in which Michael died. We are tired of the mistreatment this family has received. We know they are peaceful people and so are we, but we have had Enough. Mr. Panish, please let us know how we can help to continue our support of Mrs. Jackson. We are here to offer our help when and however we can. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of this matter. #TeamKatherineJackson MJBackstage Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates VOICE AS ONE: MJ Anti-Defamation Protest Group Cadeflaw Gary, IN Butterfly Project MJ Fans for Charity Freine wahrheitsgetreue Berichterstattung ber MJ Michael Jackson FANS VS AEG and MJs Estate Michael Jackson: Innocent Verit e Cospirazioni su Michael Jackson TRUTH 4 MJ Vindicating Michael Michael Jackson: Its All4Luv and Discussion Group Debra Kunesh, Creator of ROTD Support for Michael Jackson - Italy Janneke van der Linden Jackson Source Daniel Cohen Divine Varod Cindy Truth4Michael The Dana Brenklin Radio Show -

Freine wahrheitsgetreue Berichterstattung ber MJ

Author: D. Francis

We Support Mrs. Jacksons Appeal

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