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A la King A la Mode A la Newburg creamy white sauce, food served in cream white sauce. usually refers to vanilla ice cream on top of a pie. with butter sauce, cream, egg yolks, and sherry.

A la Provencale dishes with garlic and olive oil with herbs. Al dente A-1 Sauce refers to pasta that is cooked only to the point it loses the taste of flour and is chewy. bottled condiment, popularly added to meats, fish, fowl, soups and stews.

Admiral Sauce butter sauce with anchovies, capers and lemon juice. Albert sauce Almondine Alsacienne butter sauce, white stock, horseradish, vinegar, egg yolks, seasoning. melted butter with almonds. meat garnished with potatoes, pickled herring and thin apple slices.

Andalousian Gazpacho spicy, tomato, vegetable soup to be served cold. Antipasto Appetizers Apple Strudel Au gratin Au Jus Au Marsala Baked Alaska Barley Basmati Rice Batter Italian name for hors doeuvres. Assorted snacks served before a meal ,or along with cocktails or snacks. Assorted snacks served before a meal, or along with cocktails or snacks. apples and raisins in thin puff pastry served with vanilla sauce. baked with a topping of bread crumbs and/or grated cheese. (natural jus ) brown sauce, served with natural juice or gravy without thickening. brown sauce with Marsala wine. ice cream on cake covered with meringue. a grain; when polished (pearl barley) used in cereals, stews, soups, and puddings. aromatic, long grain beige colored rice, traditionally served with curry. a mixture of flour, milk, eggs, and often a leavening agent, the consistency of which is liquid enough to pour.

Beef A La Strogonoff ground beef tenderloin sauted and finished with sour cream, pored over boiled noodles. Bisque Blintzes Bouillon Brioche thick cream soup, usually made with pureed shell fish, although can be made of pureed pancake made with flour and eggs filled with sweetened cottage cheese .May have other fillings such as jam, fish or fruits. a clear soup, stronger than broth but not as strong as consomm. cake-like bread with light texture, many variations with added ingredients and flavorings.

Brochette Broiled Broth Brown rice Brunoise Cacciatore Caesar salad Caf de Paris Cajun Calamari

meat or vegetables grilled and served on skewer to hold in place while cooking. to cook by direct heat, either over or under the heat source. clear soup like consomm, thin made from vegetable, meat, or poultry stock. unpolished rice. Contains more vitamins than white or polished kind. a garnished of diced vegetables, any food diced or cut into small pieces. chicken casserole cooked with olive oil ,tomatoes, shallots, vegetables and wine. Cacciatore means hunter. a salad of greens, cheese, anchovies, and garlic flavored croutons tossed with raw eggs, mustard, Tabasco, olive oil, lemon juice dressing. Originated in Mexico and named for its creator, Caesar Cardini. herb butter. New Orleans spicy. squid, cuttlefish.

Canadian bacon trimmed, pressed, and smoked loin of pork. Capers Capon Capsicum Carbonara small flower buds of the caper plant. Pickled and used as a condiment. male chicken, castrated when young. the two important species are the chili pepper (cayenne pepper) and the sweet pepper peppers, paprika and pimento ) sauce of lightly-cooked eggs, bacon, and garlic. ( also sold as bell

Cassata Sicilliana three different color of ice cream, with candy fruit topping. Casserole Caviar a dish in which food may be oven cooked and served without transferring to another dish. the roe ( fish eggs ) of sturgeon including beluga, osetra, and sevruga.

Cayenne pepper very hot red pepper made by grinding dried seed of capsicum, a tropical plant of the pepper family. Celestine Champignons consomm with slices ( julienne ,very thin ) of unsweetened pancakes. mushrooms.

Chantilly cream whipped cream with castor ( very fine granulated) sugar and vanilla. Chateaubriand thick slice of tenderloin from the middle of filet mignon; classically grilled. Chateaubriand extra thick filet mignon baked in oven Chervil herb; relative to parsley. Chili sauce Chipolata red spicy sauce, condiment made of tomatoes, chili peppers, vinegar and seasonings. small, fresh, spicy sausages.

Choux pastry Chowder Chutney Cilantro

yellow paste made by combining a cooked mixture of flour, butter, eggs, sugar and baked. The many uses include clairs, profiteroles. thick soup usually made from seafood and milk. Manhattan style with tomatoes; New England white with milk and cream. relish made of fresh and dried fruits, often mango, raisins spices, and vinegar; served with curry dishes and meat. coriander.

Clam Chowder chowder made with clams, bacon, onions, and potatoes. Clarified butter butterfat separated from solids and liquids of butter after slow heating. Clarified butter allows food to be heated at higher temperatures without scorching of protein in butter. Cock-a- leekie Cocktail sauce Coleslaw Concasse Confit Congee Consomm Coriander Couscous Cream puff traditional soup of chicken and leeks. ketchup with horseradish. shredded raw cabbage, grated carrots combined with a dressing such as mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt. chopped, pounded or crushed. Very often peeled, seedless, chopped tomatoes. small cube cut. a thick porridge made from cooked rice; used with a variety of flavorings, meats and sea foods. clear meat stock. May be used plain, or used in flavoring. herb of the parsley family; also called Chinese parsley, cilantro. a cereal made of millet crisp, puffy-surfaced pastry.

Cream puff pastry yellow paste made by combining a cooked mixture of flour, butter, eggs, sugar and baked. The many uses include clairs, profiteroles. Also called choux pastry. Crisp slaw Croquette Crumble Curry powder Custard Diable Diablotine plain shredded raw cabbage, grated carrots; sometime with mixed with olive oil and vinegar. a small sausage-shaped cake of minced food held together with thick sauce; deep fried so that the surface is crispy and the inside, soft. Meat is often the main ingredients but fish, eggs, vegetables, are also used. mixture of flour, butter and sugar. a blend of ground spices turmeric, fenugreek, cumin seed, coriander, and red or cayenne pepper. Native to India. pudding made of eggs, milk, sugar, flavoring. Baked or boiled. spicy brown sauce; salad dressing made with wine or cider vinegar, chopped shallots, garlic, cayenne pepper and minced parsley. consomm with paprika and cheese croutons.

Dim Sum clairs

Chinese snack food, dumplings; steamed, deep fried or baked. French pastry filled with whipped cream or custard.

Eggplant Parmigiana pan-fried eggplant, covered with tomato and parmesan cheese. Eggs anglaise Eggs benedict eggs with bacon. poached eggs served on toasted English muffin that is covered with Canadian bacon. Garnished with sauce hollandaise.

Eggs Florentine poached eggs, served on the bed of creamed, boiled spinach and browned in the oven. Endive Entrecote Entre Escargot Farfalle Fennel Fettuccine salad herb green like chicory. steak cut from between the ribs. Sirloin. originally food served between heavy courses. Now generally refers to main dishes. snails, edible. Removed from the shells , cooked in wine, stuffed back in shells, filled with butter sauce, and than baked. bow tie or butterfly pasta. vegetable, belonging to the parsley family, a flavor and aroma like mild aniseed. long flat pasta, also called tagliatelle.

Filet Chateaubriand extra thick filet mignon baked in oven. Filet Mignon tenderloin of beef.

Finnan Haddie smoked haddock (fish) for breakfast. Flamb Flank Fleurons any meat dish or dessert served while in flame from lighted spirits poured over it. hindquarters of beef, below sirloin. baked puff pastry.

Floating Island soft meringue , with vanilla sauce and chocolate palm tree. Foie Gras Fussily Galettes Game Game fowl goose liver; fatted goose liver pate usually served as spread able paste. spiral-shaped pasta. round flat cake with many variations; may be sweet or savory made with walnuts or chestnuts, candied fruits , and curd cheese. edible wild animals such as bear, buffalo, deer, hare, rabbit. this term usually applies to edible wild ducks, grouse, pheasants, quail.

Gateau Gefilte fish Giblets Gnocchi

term for pastries and cakes. Jewish specialty; balls of minced fish, often carp, onion, matzo meal, egg, and flavorings. Served hot or cold. gravy; liver, heart, gizzard, and trimmings for poultry. small dumplings made of semolina or potato flour. Served like pasta with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce.

Gnocchi Romaine corn meal or semolina shaped in a half moon, top with parmesan gratinated. Goulash stewed beef or veal seasoned with paprika. Hungarian specialty. Gourmet connoisseur of fine food and drinks. One who knows.

Hors doeuvres small appetizers or canaps in a wide variety served with cocktails before a meal. Irish stew Jardiniere Julienne lamb, dumplings, carrots, turnips, potatoes, onions, seasonings. food made with assorted diced vegetables and herbs, such as Jardinire omelet. meat or vegetables cut into matchstick-size, thin stripes.

Kippered Herring smoked, salted, dried herring; after soaking, usually grilled or baked often served for breakfast. Kosher Ladyfingers Langouste Linguine Macedoine food prepared and served according to Jewish dietary laws. biscuits; sweet, crisp, long; often used as e base in molded desserts. prepared as for lobster, meaty tail but without large claws. long flat pasta. diced and mixed assorted vegetables or fruit.

Manhattan Clam with tomatoes. Marrow Marzipan Matzo balls Medallion Melba toast Meringue Meuniere Milanaise,alla soft fatty tissue in the hollow, long bones of animals. Beef marrow is used in sauces and soups. for glazing; confection made of sugar, ground almonds, and egg white. Almond paste. dumpling made with matzo meal and eggs. small round meat fillets. very thin slices of white bread, toasted in the oven until brown and crisp. egg whites beaten and mixed with sugar. Used as a topping for pies, puddings and desserts such a baked Alaska. fish sauted in butter served with lemon. foods dipped in flour, egg yolk, breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, then fried in butter.

Minced Minestrone Minute steak Morel Mousse Mousseline Muffins Mustard New England Oat Oatmeal Palm hearts Panfry Pappadams Parfait

chop food into fine pieces. Italian vegetable soup with tomatoes, pasta and parmesan cheese. sirloin, sliced thin , for quick cooking. mushrooms. a light sweet dish made with a base of whipped cream or beaten egg whites; ground or pureed fish, chicken, fruits or other ingredients are added to the base; served hot or cold. sauce made by folding egg yolks and heavy cream into hollandaise sauce. quick breads made with eggs and baked in small cup-shaped mold. May be of white flour, corn meal, bran, whole-wheat, etc. ground or powdered seeds of the mustard plant. cream soup made with milk, chopped clams, and diced potatoes ( white ). edible grain of hardy cereal grass. oats crushed, rolled, flattened, or flaked. Boiled oatmeal is a popular hot cereal for breakfast when served with brown sugar and milk or cream. canned delicacy for salads, hearts of young growth on certain kinds of palm trees. to fry in a pan with little fat. Indian bread like chip, made from lentil flour, fried in oil until crisp. dessert made by pouring a hot thick syrup over beaten egg yolks or beaten egg whites, adding whipped cream, than frozen without stirring. Rich ice cream.

Parmentier,alla any dish in which potatoes are the main ingredient or garnish. Pate paste made of meat or liver, used for canaps.

Pate de foie gras goose liver paste. Prized as an appetizer. Patisserie Peach melba Penne pastry shop. French pastry. ice cream on half peach topped with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. short diagonally cut, tube pasta

Pepperpot soup creamy soup ;made with green and red peppers. Petit fours Polenta small cakes covered with icing of various colors and decorated. For gala occasions. yellow corn meal.

Porterhouse steak cut from the loins. Has the largest portion of tenderloin. Most tender and juicy. Potato gnocchi potato pastry , formed to small quenelles, boiled and than sauted in butter.

Potstickers Prawns Preserves Prime rib Profiteroles Prosciutto

Chinese roll filled with vegetables, meat or seafood. large shrimp. sweet concoction of fruit , whole or cut in pieces, and baked in heavy sugar syrup. last ribs of the forequarter. small cream puffs covered with chocolate sauce. Italian ham, air-dried and spiced but not smoked. Also called Parma ham

Provencale,alla with tomatoes, garlic, olives, and eggplant or mushrooms. Pumpernickel Quenelles a dark, sour, rye bread. dumplings made with minced fish or meat; bound with eggs and butter; breaded

Quiche Lorraine large custard pie with a filling of onion-flavored custard with chopped mushrooms and bits of crisp bacon, served in small wedges. Ragout Ravioli Relish Rigatoni Risi e Bisi Risotto Risotto Milanese rice cooked in white wine or chicken stock, with beef marrow and onions, flavored with saffron. Roasting Romaine Rosemary Roulade Round Steak Roux to make food ready for eating by exposure to heat, in an oven or before an open fire, usually with little or no moisture added. lettuce with deep green straight leaves and marked flavor. herb with piney taste. rolled , as meat rolled. from upper portion of the hind leg. Hip steak. a blended mixture of melted fat or butter and flour used to thicken gravies and sauces; may be white, blond, or dark depending upon the amount of time it is cooked; and thin, medium , or thick depending upon the amount of liquid added. sweet substance used instead of sugar by diabetics and weight- watchers. No calories. chocolate cake layered with apricot jam and covered with chocolate icing. thick stew made from browned pieces of meat, poultry or fish . small, usually square, pasta pockets filled with mixtures of meat, cheese or vegetables; boiled and served with sauce or grated cheese; also used in soup. a condiment of highly flavored chopped pickles and raw vegetables served with a meal or used as an appetizer. large short cut pasta. thick rice soup with peas. Arborio rice cook in stock with cheese.

Saccharin Sachertorte

Saffron Saint German Salamander Salsa piquant Sauce Aioli Sauce American

orange-yellow seasoning made from the dried stigma of the purple crocus flower. thick green pea soup. a broiler-like stove with heat from above and shelf below. Open front so that dishes may be put on lower shelf for glazing. spicy sauce with chilly tomato, peppers, onion, garlic, avocado. mayonnaise with garlic. ketchup with horseradish ( cocktail sauce ).

Sauce Marie Louise ketchup, mayonnaise, and brandy. Sauce Negresco sauce for the grand Marnier Souffl, vanilla sauce with Grand Marnier liqueur. Sauted Savory Scallions Scallops Searing Semolina Shallots Shellfish to fry quickly over a moderately high heat in a little butter, oil, or other fat, turning frequently. an herb with aroma resembling both mint and thyme. Summer savory used for cooking and winter savory used in marinades and flavorings. sliced spring onions. tender sweet shellfish, included the bay, sea, calico scallops. browning the surface of meat by intense heat. a flour or meal of finely ground durum wheat. Corn flour is called sometimes semolina. an onion variety, milder flavor. lobster, clams, oysters, mussels,- any aquatic animal with a shell.

Shepherds pie lamb or beef baked with a topping of mashed potatoes. Sherbet frozen dessert containing less than 2% milk fat and relatively low levels of other milk solids. They are mainly water, sugar, and tart fruit flavorings. The product is granular and may contain beaten egg white or gelatin. to cook food in a liquid over low heat just below the boiling point. a loin end of beef or hip roast or steak. green vegetables, similar to spinach, sour flavored. a delicate , baked, custard like dish made with pureed ingredients, thickened with egg yolks and stiffly beaten egg whites. Many varieties ; made be made with vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, nuts or liquors.

Simmering Sirloin Sorrel Souffl

Spanish omelet onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, mushrooms, celery and seasonings. Spare ribs pork ribs from which the loin has been removed.

Spices Spumoni Squab Sturgeon

any of variety of aromatic roots, bark, seeds or fruit of plants, such as cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, and cloves, used to add flavor to baked goods, entrees, desserts and pickles. fancy Italian ice cream, variously flavored, colored, and filled with fruits and nuts. game bird, now cultivated. Squabs are young pigeons, about 4 weeks old. a freshwater and saltwater fish. Valuable also as a source of caviar.

Supreme of chicken baked chicken with mushrooms, cream sauce, seasonings and Madeira wine. Sweetbread Tarragon Tart Tartar sauce Tartar steak Tartlets T-bone steak Tempura Tenderloins Terrine Thyme Timbales Tournedos Trifle Tripe Trout Truffle Turbot Turmeric Veal pancreas of thymus glands of calves. Choice tender delicacy; may be broiled, creamed, sauted in wine. aromatic herb with a flavor similar to anise. It is used on fish and poultry as well as in sauce barnaise. small pastry shell usually containing a fruit, custard, or jam filling, with or without a top crust. made by blending mayonnaise, pickles, capers, lemon juice. ( bee tartar ) raw hamburger, highly seasoned. small tarts, pastry basket. cut of beef taken from the center of the short loin next to the porterhouse. It contains parts of the loin and the tenderloin along with a t-shaped bone. fish, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients coated in batter (mixture of flour, milk, and eggs) and deep-fried in oil; served with a dipping sauce. the most tender part of the loin of beef, lying under the short ribs of the hindquarter. Steaks cut from the tenderloin may be labeled as chateaubriand or filet mignons or tournedos. finely chopped meat, fish or vegetables, baked in a dish called a terrine. an herb, with a mint like aroma round , molded cakes or pastries that they may enclose meats, vegetables, cheese, seafood or combinations. round shaped beef tenderloin. sponge cake or cup cakes soaked in sherry and served with jam. lining of beef stomach, needs long cooking, useful in making certain kinds of soup, such as Pepper Pot. large group of fishes related to salmon; Rainbow, Brook, Brown. Pinkish sweet-flavored flesh. Flavors from nearly bland to salmon like. underground fungi ( mushrooms ). European flat fish, white flash, similar in shape to sole or flounder. spicy, root of the plant, slightly bitter , is used in curries , lentil dishes and ground to a powder for spice mixtures or as a substitute for saffron. meat from young beef cattle less than a year old. vegetables.

Venison Vermicelli Vichy, alla Vichyssoise Vinaigrette Virginia Ham

deer meat ( deer, reindeer ). thin spaghetti, like angel hair very often poached or fried. a dish of sweetened carrots cooked in Vichy water cold potato soup , finely chopped leeks and onions, butter, chicken stock, milk and cream. Served thoroughly chilled. salad dressings made of vinegar, oil, herbs blended with chopped hard cooked eggs and chopped pickles. fine-flavored ham cured and smoked by special recipes.

Waldorf Salad apple- celery, walnut salad mix with mayonnaise. Wonton Chinese ravioli usually filled with meat, seafood, and vegetables. Egg-noodle wrappers.

Yorkshire Pudding a traditional accompaniment to roast beef; a batter of flour, eggs, and milk and baked. Zabaglione Zucchini wine cream, made by beating egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine (sabayon). long green summer squash. Delicate texture.