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Facilitating the new Publishing 2.0!

Bringing your message to life, and your unique insight to readers . . .

Publishing Has Changed

Heinlein If You Want to Publish—You Need a Plan—We Will Help You!
“Publishing . . . is evolving, and so radically that we may hardly recognize
PUBLISHING SERVICES it when it’s done . . . and we’re living through one of the greatest economic
Our Mission and technological transformations . . . since the early 18th century.”
— Lev Grossman, “Books Gone Wild: The Digital Age Reshapes Literature,”
To support and facilitate our clients’, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009
publishing vision and objectives by providing
expertise and resources for producing and
marketing published media. Our Services
About Us
We will help you to choose the right approach
We provide a tailored, full service consulting to independent publishing!
experience for published media and custom
strategic book marketing. We are a uniquely Strategic planning enables your message to be focused!
talented professional network community.
We work closely with a team of We will tailor a plan for your unique project!
communications media and publishing You can take your career to the next level—
professionals with distinguished industry as a speaker, trainer, writer, consultant, teacher—
expertise to support, resource, and facilitate without waiting or giving up control
your publishing vision. of your published content!
By providing our clients with a vehicle
to bring their intellectual properties to the • Regular consultation regarding strategic ways to meet your
market place, we give the opportunity for publishing vision and business objectives.
them to realize quality production, national
• Coordination and management of production services for
exposure and distribution through a variety of
independently publishing books, communications media, and
other related projects.
As longtime publishing “insiders”, we
have accomplished many goals through our • Development of book proposal(s) for new book manuscripts,
experience in the industry—including goals projects, and proposed manuscripts projects for agency
and objectives set by the companies we’ve representation and sale of book(s) and book project(s) to
represented, objectives accomplished for publisher(s).
clients, and goals and objectives that we’ve • Creation and execution of custom promotions—tailored
set for ourselves. We will work with you to marketing campaign(s) that express the best value for your
determine which publishing path is best publishing objectives, expectations, and budget.
suited for your needs including evaluation
of manuscript, establishing a budget and “Jay is one of the most creative and innovative leaders I have been
clarifying your objectives. associated with. He has an instinct that is very rare in the business world
We can also design your cover for you,
where he can take any situation and create and execute a plan of success in
write your cover or jacket promotional
copy, design, layout, and prepare your the most unique ways thinking outside of the box. He is a highly valuable
manuscript for print and select and manage asset to anyone he might work with in the future!”
the book manufacturing process.  —Eric Helus, Sales Manager, Navpress

Jay Heinlein  •  Heinlein Publishing Services  •  12591 Firenze Hts #2124  •  Colorado Springs, CO 80921
719-306-6975 (mobile)  •  •  •
S e r v i c e s D e ta i l
Create Tailored Strategic Action Plan It boils down to 3 questions: What are you passionate
• Detailed Project Timeline about? Who’s your audience? What are your strengths?”
• Clarify Project Objectives We will customize a tailored strategy designed to
• Create Custom Branding Identity and Tailored generate maximum visibility for you the author’s,
Marketing Approach unique audience.
• Define Strategic Tactics for Packaging, Positioning We will explore and identify the best promotional
Promotions, Sales, Distribution, Media venues for each particular project.
Communication Strategy Niche Marketing Strategy, We will advise regarding sales and distribution into
Ongoing Research major trade distribution channels:  Ingram, Baker &
Taylor, Barnes &, and
Development and Production Coordination
Most customized strategies include:
We will research and suggest several defined approaches
for your publishing project. We will help you choose • distribution of advance ebook reading copies
the best approach to fit your budget, publishing goals, (ARCs) and digital press kits to media connections
and your ability to market and sell your published and book reviewers, press release blasting
communications with the best opportunity for success. • digital distribution for pre-sales and “self-funding
Product to Market • excerpt promotions—including promotion online of
eBook and digital samplers
• Development
• direct sales, special sales, book trade positioning,
• Production Management
participation in specialized trade and direct
• Market Placement
marketing programs
• library visibility promotions
Coach, Coordinate, and Execute Your Tailored
• online advertising, website linking, email blasting,
Strategic Plan—Production, Marketing,
social networking, “mini-storefronts”
Promotions, Sales, Distribution • interview coaching, author interviews
We specialize in creating the essential author platform, • alliance opportunities and events
to ensure promotional “buzz” and brand identity for • participation in awards opportunities
you and your publishing project. • and more . . .

“Jay is a colleague whose professional work ethic is truly commendable. He is astute in identifying problems and then providing
strategic resolutions. Jay has a genuine and compassionate spirit that makes working with him an absolute joy.”
—C. Renee Jenkins, Sales Expansion Manager, United Methodist Publishing House

Cost of Services
Billable as “contract for hire” as per project including Budget Advance:
• Concept and idea development • Projects will be estimated as to total hours projected
• Set-up and deposit of 50% will be drawn prior to initiation/
• Implementation/execution start of project.
• Direct training and consultation via phone,
computer, or in person for each phase of project.
Project Consulting and Coordination
• Based upon coordination—process facilitation, Management
“coaching services”, and hands—on development. • 1–20 hours = $70 per hour
• All promotional, advertising, and event coordination • 21–40 hours = $65 per hour
services will be billed at cost plus 15% based upon • 41+ hours = $55 per hour
best negotiated industry prices with established • Extended retainer: 90 days or more billing based
industry network contacts—service providers. upon: $50 per hour, min. $500 per month = 10
• Travel and expenses will be approved in advance and hours
contractor will provide draw for approved expenses.

Jay Heinlein  •  Heinlein Publishing Services  •  12591 Firenze Hts #2124  •  Colorado Springs, CO 80921
719-306-6975 (mobile)  •  •  •

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