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Last school holidays, Razif, Helmi and I went for a camping. We preferred to go to Hutan Jingga. I asked my parent to drove us to Hutan Jingga. However, they didnt joined us on camping as they were busy with their jobs. They permitted us to have a camping there because they believed that we can took care of ourself. At 10 o clock in the morning, we arrive at the Hutan Jingga. We started our trip one hour later. We took about 2 hours to reach the campsite. It was located beside the waterfall. I was so excited to see the waterfall. We got fresh air, fresh water and a great looking of nature. We built our camp. After we done it, Razif suddenly talked about what was playing in his mind to us. He said that he wanted to explore the jungle. He said again that there were a lot of beautiful flora and fauna here. Helmi and I were interested. We decided to follow his idea. About an hour of exploring, we got that we were lost. We cant find the real way back to our campsite. Everything was almost same in my eyes. So, it was hard for us to make sure which was the correct one.

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I told to Helmi and Razif to stay calm and kept walking. We walked in the jungle about two hours. Everyone became exhausted. It was a longest journey of the jungle that I had ever explored! A minute later, we found a cave. We quickly ran into the cave. We took our torchlights and turn it on as in the cave was dark as charcoal. We kept walking in the cave. Sometimes, we need to crawl to pass through the hole in the cave. We felt so afraid. We found many things in the cave. There were a lot of stone that had the weird shapes. Some of them, looked like a cats head, body of an elephant and the wing of a bird. We kept our strength and ignored everything around. Finally, after a scary journey, we found a way out of the cave. When we went out, we found a river. I was sure the river was flew to the waterfall. We looked around and Helmi said that there was a house across the river. I was the first person in the line who will cross the river. I was so grateful as we crossed the river safely. We quickly ran into the house. We knocked the door. A man with black shirt opened the door. We explained everything to him and asked him to help us. He was a good man. He led us to enter his house and gave us some

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food to eat. He said that he will help us by sent us to the nearest police station tomorrow. So, he allowed us to sleep in his house for a night as the day will reached the night. In the next morning, we went to the campsite which guided by him. We took all of our stuff. After that, he drove us to the nearest police station. As everything done, he went back. We thanked him and waved to him as the farewell sign. I was so grateful.

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