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Total System Stimulation 1
Creative Energy Kriya 5
Adjusting the Upper Body 9
Adjusting the Body, Blood and Lymph systems !!
Energizing the Self 15
All of the sets in this manual have been created to strengthen
the nervous system and stimulate the glandular system. These sets
are considered intermediate in difficulty and should be done by
students who have had some previous instruction in Kundalini Yoga.
The concept of this manual came from Yogi Bhajan's saYing, ''Your
body is the vehicle of God-a truth machine. So keep it in tune!"
Yogi Bhajan teaches that the glands are the guardians of the
body. Glandular good health are integral to each person's physical
and mental well-being. We hope that this manual will help you to
achieve optimal glandular health.
For beginning instruction and further details about Kundalini
Yoga, please refer to Sadhana Guidelines, also by Yogi Bhajan.
1) Sit In Easy Pose. Bring the left hand up to the
level of the chest; forearm Is paraDe! to the ground;
palm Is facing the body. Grasp the left wrist with
the right hand from the outside. Do not endrde
the left wrist with the thumb. Oase the eyes to a silt.
"dee eyes," and turning left palm sUghtly upward,
8tare Into palm as Into a minor. Create powerful
tension by pu1Jlng toward the chest with the right.
Continue for 23 minutes. Donot reverse.
ThIll Jcrlya uorb on the Iddneys and adrenals.
It 111m cause ~ glandular ~ It wm
make J,IOU uxmt co cheat. Don't ~ about your
~ g o through It. Uduringtlds
J,IOU wish to Inhale and hold the breath before exhal
Ing. your lungs will beput through 801M change&.
-2) Sit In rock pose. Extend the arms overhead and
reach back. keeping the elbows straight. Face the
palms toward the oeding. Drop the head back. look
up and point the chin upward. gradually spreading
the knees as wide as possible. Relax Into the posltlon
for 2 3 minutes.
Prasure wUl be on the chat. We wal prepare
ouraeloes to get where &De UlCIIIt to go mUlImeter
3) Remaining on the right heel, extend the left leg.
Place the palms on the floor beside the body. Raise
the leg up 60 degrees and raise the buttocks as high
as possible. Swttchsldes and repeat. Hold the posi
tion for 12 minutes on each side.
4) Sit In rock pose. Place the hands on the ground
behind the body and arch up Into half camel pose.
'{)pen the mouth wide and stick the tongue out. Inhale
and belly laugh on the exhale. Continue for 10
repetitions. Relax on the back for 3 minutes.
ThJs exercise exerts a lot 0/ pressure and balances
the caldum and magnesium In the body.
5) Sit In rock pose. Interlace the fingers and raise
them to the throat level with the palms facing down.
Press the thumbs together. With no special breath.
vigorously flex the shoulders up and down. Continue
for 23 minutes.
The body is the ueh,cle of God. It should never be
exploited. This exercise pumps up the blood. Doing
ft. you will avoid an unnatural death.
6) Remain in rock pose. Stretch the arms straight .
overhead with the fingers interlaced and the
Jupiter fingers pointing up. Open the mouth and
stick the tongue all the way out. Twist to the left and
then to the right using the whole spine. Continue
twisting while breathing normally for 3 minutes.
7) Stand up with the feet about two feet apart.
Maintaining a straight spine. bend forward from the
waist until the upper body is parallel to the ground.
Relax the arms down. RoD the eyes up and raise the
head only as high as Is necessary to see straight
ahead. Hold the position for 3 minutes.
This position helps to adjust the vertebral discs.
8) Remain in 1he same standing position. Raise 1he
arms back and up as high as possible. Rapidly open and
dose the fists for 3 minutes. Relax on the back for
Thfs is a major overhaul as we use muscles not
usually arlled upon. It is goodfor pain In the back of
the head and works on the five ~ t e r s of the brain.
9) Sit In rock pose. Interlace the fingers and place
them on the forehead with the palms facing out.
Open the mouth and stick the tongue aU the way
out. Inhale. and powerfully exhale through the
mouth. Pull muhlband on the exhale. Continue
for 2 minutes.
10) Remain In the same position. Pucker the Ups
until only a small hole remains. Inhale and exhale
through the hole with a whistle for 1 minute.
11) Remain In rock pose. Begin making a ducking
sound with the tongue clicking against the upper
palate. The mouth remains open. Continue for
2 to 3 minutes.
Take a 15 minute walk in the fresh air-barefoot
On the ground is best.
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12) Spread the knees wide and come up onto them
Extend the arms straight over the head with the
palms facing each other. Drop the head to the rear
and face the chin up. Then drop the head forward
and place the chin on the chest. Continue the
backward and forward motion of the head for 1
minute. Lower the arms.
13) Remain up on the knees. Hold the head straight.
open the mouth, and stick out the tongue. Inhale and
raise the hands over the head with the palms facing
toward the ceiling. Exhale and let them drop.
Continue for 2 minutes.
16) Remain In crow pose with the hands on the
ground.. Inhale, tilt the head to the left and place the
ear on the shoulder. Exhale, tilt the head to the right
and place the other ear on the shoulder. Continue
for 2 minutes.
14) .Remain up on the knees with the head facing
forward.. Inhale, raise the hands up over the head.
and clap them together one time. Exhale, dropping
the hands to the sides of the body. Swing the arms
loosely forward, clapping hands again. Then raise
arms over head, InhaUng and clapping as the three
phase exercise begins again: clap. drop. clap-clap
drop. dapcontlnue for 1 minute.
ThIs exerdse IIIIUprevent lungproblems.
15) Squat down into crow pose and place the
palms on the ground with the elbows outside of the.
knees. Keep the head up. Begin chanting your
favorite mantra for 2 minutes.
00111 pose puts direct pressure on the colon. AUoIII
thepressureand don't IDOrry.
17) QuIckly come into rock pose and fold the arms
across the chest with the right arm closer to the
body. Place the right hand on the left upper arm
and tuck the left hand inside the right elbow. OoSe
the eyes. Rotate the head in a figure eight. Stop.
Open the eyes and stare. Oose the eyes and rotate
the head in the opposite direction. Continue to
rotate the figure eight in alternate directions with
the eyes closed. stopping and staring between each
rotation. Continue for 1 minute.
. 18) Sit in easy pose and grasp the Jmees with the
hands. Inhale and flex the spine forward and the
head falls back. Exhale and collapse the spine. the
head coming forward. Continue keeping the neck
loose. the head falling back and forth with the rhythm
of the flex for 2 - 3 minutes.
During this exercise, every disc &Df11 moue uiDlently.
19) Remain in easy pose. Grind at the waist in a
clockwise motion as though whirling a hula-hoop.
Continue for 3 minutes. Reverse.
. ThIs kriya is goodfor the liuer.
20) Stand up and fold the arms across the chest
as in Exercise 17. Squat into crow pose and return
to a standing position. Begin chanting your favorite
mantra. Continue for 2 - 3 minutes.
21) Remain standing and clap the hands as fast
as possible ~ r 2 minutes.
22) Sit in easy pose. Extend the arms straight up' .
overhead with the palms facing forward. Bend the
Saturn and Sun fingers and lock them under the
thumbs. Begin alternately pulling down the arms
and thrusting them into the air. keeping the fore
. arms perpendicular to the ground. Rapidly continue
this alternate pulling and thrusting for 2 - 3 minutes.
23) Completely relax on the back and listen to 34
beat rhythm gong music. Meditate.
"..-.." ;,
1) Ue flat on the back and raise the left leg as far
as possible. Keeping the leg straight, reach up and
and grab the ball of the left foot. If this is not p0ssI
ble, grab the ankle or the calf. keeping the leg
straight. In this position. begin vigorously kicking
the buttocks with the right heel Continue for 2 3
minutes. switch sides and repeat.
2) Come up Into shoulder stand with the Weight
resting on the elbows. Lower the left leg to the
ground over the head. While raising ~ left leg.
lower the right leg. Continue to raise and lower al
ternate legs in this scissor motion for 2 - 3 minutes.
3) Sit up with the Jegs straight and spread wide
apart. Grasp the big toe of each foot with the same
hand. Stretch to bring the forehead down to the left
knee, then to the right knee., and then to the center.
MaIntaining a rapid pace. continue this left, right,
center sequence for 23minutes.
4) Ue flat on the back. Uft the legs over the head
Into plow pose. then return them to the Ooor. Con
tinue this motion 23 mlnutes.
lAdJes 10m beneftt from doing thJs exercise
5) Ue flat on the stomach with the chin point on
the ground. Make fists of the hands and fit them into
the area besic:Ie the groin. Point the toes and press
on the fists while raising the legs as high off the
ground as possible into locust pose. Keep the legs
straight and hold this position for three minutes.
6) Ue flat on the stomach with the heels touchJng.
Keeping the arms relaxed by the sides. arch up and
raise the head and chest off the ground as much as
possible. Stick the tongue aD the way out and breathe
rapidly tIuough the mouth.
Continue for 23 minutes.
7) Continue the breath desaibed above and put
the hands down to support the upper body. coming
Into cobra pOse. Bend the knees bringing the feet
toward the head. Arch the back. trying to touch the
head to the toes. Continue for 2 - 3 minutes.
8) Remaining on the stomach. grab theankles and
arch up Into bow pose. Bend the neck to touch the
left ear to the left shoulder. Hold for 45 seconds.
Change so that the right ear touches the right shoul
der. Hold for 45 seconds.
ThJs Isa good exercise for people who may hOue
9) Remaining In bow pose with head t r a I g h ~ rock
back and forth for 1 - 3 minutes.
10) Squat in crow pose, being sure to keep the
heels flat on the ground throughout the exercise.
Hold the palms together In front of the body with
the arms parallel to the ground and the elbows .
straight. Rise to a &tanding position on each Inhale.
and return to crow pose on the exhale. Continue
for 2 - 3 minutes.
11) Come Into frog pose. slowly raise the buttocks
by straightening the legs; retum to frog pose.
Continue slow frog bits 2 3 minutes. then stand
with the legs straight and bend at the waist so
that. the torso Is parallel to the ground. The arms
and head hang down relaxecl. Shout continuously
and as loud as possible for 23minutes.
12) Sit In rock pose. Place the hands on the shoul
ders with the fingers In front and thumbs In back.
Rhythmically twist left and right. Continue for 2 3
13) Still sitting In rock pose. stick the thumbs
into the annplts &0 that the fingers rest on the chest
and are pointing toward each other. Raise and lower
the elbows rapidly as If flying. Continue 2 3 minutes.
14) Stlll sitting In rock pose Interlace the fingers
behind the back. Bring the forehead to the Ooor
and raise the armS up as high as possible Into yoga
mudra. Keep the arms straight. Breathe long and
deep for 23 minutes.
15) Still sitting In rock pose. raise the anns up
IJO that they are parallel to the floor and bend them
90 degrees, &0 that the right hand presses down on
the left hand and the left hand pushes up on the
right. Both palms face down. Maintain maximum
tension for two to three minutes.
16) Still sitting In rock pose, open the hands.
fingers spread. Stretch the anns out In front parallel
to the ground. Then using alternate hands make a
grasping movement and pull toward the heart center
with great tension as If pulling a 200 pound weight.
Continue a1temately stretching. grasping, and puJJing
with maximum tension for 23 minutes.
17) Sit In easy pose. Cap the hands In front of
the chest with the elbows straight and arms parallel
to the floor. Immediately bring the arms out to
the sides with the wrists bent back 90 degrees.
arms stUl straight and parallel to the Ooor. Then
bend the arms to clap behind the head, keeping the
elbows stretched back as far as possible and finally
clap behindthe &maD of the back. Clap with maximum
force and as loudly as possible. Continue rythmicaJIy
and rapidlyIn four counts for 23 minutes.
18) Sit In full lotus or easy pose. Place the fists
on the ground close to the bodV. Raise and drop
the buttocks 25 30 times. If sitting In easy pose.
take care to use the arms only to Uft off the ground.
19) Sit on the right heel wlth the left leg straight
and toe pointed. Place the palms on the ground
near the buttocks. RaIse the leg up to a 60 degree
angle. (Avoid leaning back.) Hold one minute.
SWitch and hold one minute. Raise both legs up
to 60 degrees. Hold one minute more.
20) Sit In easy pose With the hands resting on the
knees. Rotate the waist, grlndJng deeply In a COUJiter
clockwise direction. Change direction. Do this exer
cise for a total of 23 minutes. .
. 7 . ~ : t
1) Sit in easy pose. Place the hands together
(right on top of left) with the palms facing down.
The left hand faces to the right and the right hand
faces forward. Raising the" left shoulder and elbow.
hold the left arm parallel to the ground. The right
arm is down by the side of the body. Apply maxi
mum downward pressure with the right hand and
maximum upward pressure with the left hand.
The breathing will automatically become heavy.
Continue for 5 minutes.
This kriya balances heauy electron exchange
in the brain.
2) Remain in easy pose. Press the palms together
(palms perpendicular to the ground) at the heart
level. Raise the elbows until both arms are paral
lel to the ground. Apply strong pressure to the base
of the palm. Using this as a pivot point. twist the
hands back and forth in opposite directions. Con
tinue for 5 minutes.
If done correctly. this kriya will cause pain in back
oj the shoulders.
3) Remain in easy pose. Place the palm of the left
hand on the left rear of the neck. Place the palm of
the riQht hand above the right ear With the fingers
extending to the back of the head. Look at the tip
of the nose. Push in with maximum pressure with
both hands. Continue for 2 - 3 minutes and then
reverse the position for 2 - 3 minutes. The breath
ing will become heavy.
This exercise adjusts the neck.
4) Remain in easy pose. Place the hands over the
ears with the fingers extending to the rear of the
head. Push in with maximum pressure for 3 - 5
aeconds. Relax the pressure for 3 - 5 seconds and
continue in a rhythmic pattern for 3 minutes.
5) Remain in easy pose. Place the first three fingers
()f each hand onto the boney ridge at the lower
edge of the eye socket (on the Moving
both hands toward the nose and away from the
nose in unison, gently and rapidly massage the
lower eyelid and upper cheekbone. Continue for 5
UI n"""uUII III t:d"'y P U 5 ~ ana n ~ l a x Ine arms In Ine
lap. RoD the tongue in a circle over the teeth and
along the outer gums. Continue for 5 minutes.
This exercise adjusts the jaw.
7) Remain in easy pose and tightly cross the legs
(foO lotus if possible). Make fists and put the knuc
kles on the ground at the sides of the body. Raise
.the body 3 - 6 inches with the arms. and drop It.
Continue for 3 minutes.
This kriya adjusts the elbows.
8) Remain in easy pose. Bring the hands together
in front of the chest with only the fingertips touch
ing. Keep the fingers straight. press the palms out as
the hands rotate out and away from the chest. and
in as the hands come toward the chest. The hands
will rotate in small circles. Continue for 5 minutes.
This kriya is to adjust the hand bones.
9) Remain in easy pose. Slightly raise the shoulders
and extend the arms strilight out in 'front of the
body bending the elbows to bring the forearms
perpendicular to the ground. Hold the hands in
fists with the thumbs pointing straight up. pun
forward with the elbows using maximum force.
Continue for 5 -10 minutes.
This exercise will bring tTemendous pressure to
the back of the neck. It worles on the glands of
the neck and giues control of sexual urges.
10) Remain in easy pose. Make f15ts of the hands
and extend the arms straight out in front of the
body, bringing the forearms perpendicular to the
ground. Firmly press the forearms together from
elbow to wrist. Keep the elbows up. Hold the posi
tion for 5 minutes.
This kriya works on the back muscles.
11) Relax deeply on the back.
1) Sit in easy pose. Open the mouth as wide as
possible. Bend the neck and place the head on the
left shoulder. Then place It on the right shoulder.
Continue this movement for 2 minutes.
This laiya works on adjusting thejalD;
.2) . Remain In easy pose. Jut the lower jaw forward
in an exaggerated underbite and smile. Rock the
head from side to side as in Exercise 1 for 2 minutes.
This exercise is goodfor the teeth.
3) Remain In easy pose. Jut the lower Jaw as In
Exercise 2, wrinkle the nose, and cross the eyes.
Raise the shoulders to the ears and pull the head
down to meet the rising shoulders. Then lower the
shoulders and stretch the neck upwards. Maintain
the facial expression and continue the hunching
motion for 2 minutes. .
This Icriya exercises the face and neck muscles.
6) Remain In easy pose. Cross the foreanns and
grasp opposite elbows. Raise the crossed arms as
high as possible toward the head and lower them
back down as rapidly as possible. Continue for 2
7) Remain in easy pose. Grasp the elbows with the
arms behind the back. Again raise and lower the
arms as rapidly as possble. Continue for 2 minutes.
. 5) Remain in easy pose. Place the hands on the
knees. Rotate the shoulders either forward or back
ward for 3 minutes.
nus kriya is goodfor eliminating oalcium deposits.
DVUILoI 1"'\"""",_ ... _."'., -- -
8) Come up onto the hands and knees. Drop the
spine as In cow pose. Extend the left leg straight
out and raise It as high as possible. Continue 3
minutes and then reverse for 3 minutes. Come back
Into cow pose. Open the mouth. stick out the tongue.
and begin breath of fire for 1 minute.
This exerdBe adjusts the spine In areas not acces
sible to chlropract1c adjustment. If a woman takes
air Into the vagina while practldng this Icriya. a
basic structural deject Is Indicated and she needs to"
wear a sanitary pad at all times.
11) Remain In the seated position with the knees
drawn Into the chest. Place the hands on the ground
at the sides of the body and balance the entire
body weight on the hands and heels. Hold the posi
tion for 1 - 2 minutes.
ThIs is a JaiyaJor adjusting the knees and ankles.
9) Sit In easy pose. Press the thumbs Into,-the
temples. Rotate the eyes for one minute. Maintain
ing the pressure on the temples. open the eyes as
wide as possible and dose them. Continue open
log and dosing the eyes for 1 minute.
12) This is a four part exercise: a) Come into
shoulder stand and begin pumping alternate legs up
and down for one minute; b) Keeping both legs up,
do breath of fire for one minute; c) Spreading the
legs wide apart. continue breath of fire for 2 minutes;
and d) Bring the legs together. Inhale, exhale and relax.
Part a massages the liver and colon. eliminat
Ing problems with the liver. spleen,. or gall bladder.
In Part c problems with the sciatica are avoided
by this muscle stTetch.
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10) Sit with the spine straight and the knees firmly
held into the chest by the arms. Rock forward In
an effort to get onto the feet. This will not be possi
ble but in the effort correct muscular tension will
be created.
WIth this Jaiya. the toes and balls of the Jeet
(the "paws'') are adjusted.
. L ~ ' ""... UU'" a ..... _
and raise the buttocks. The heels do not need to be
on the floor. Keeping the legs straight. bend .at
the elbows trying to touch the nose to the floor.
Straighten the arms and raise the nose from the
floor. Squat back down into frog pose. Repeat the
motion for 3 minutes.
This kriyajlushesthe chest with blood. It is good
for the heart, the hearing and the eyesight; Uflushes
the arteries and the lymph system. The practice of
this kriya also flushes the breasts which can pre
vent breast cancer. Furthermore. there will be no
tennis elbow when this exercise is done regularly.
14) Sit in easy pose and fold the anns across the
chest with the upper anns away from the body and
parallel to the ground. The neck is straight. Meditate
at the root of the nose and pull the anns forward
from the shoulders.
This biya brings the serum up the spine and
adjusts it, giVing a l1ery calm. quiet, peaceful be
havior. It ,will enable one to face tension and feel
good about it. Practidng this kriya. you cannot
be a "zombie" but must be a/ull-fledgedperson.
15) Sitting in easy pose. bunch the fingertips at
the thumbtips. thrusting the mudra into the ann
pits. Pull downward with the arms. creating a pres
sure in the shoulders. Continue 1 - 3 minutes.
16) Remain seated and extend the right leg straight
out in front of the body. Place the left foot on top
of the right thigh. Place the hands in Venus Jock
behind the back. Place the head on the knee and
raise the anns as high as possible. Relax in this
position for 1 . 2 minutes.
This kriya is good for the ovaries and proper
menstruation. It also eliminates the passing of bad
gas in women. (Men need to use baby pose to
control this problem.)

17) Sit in easy pose. Place the hands on the hips
with the elbows paraDeI to the body. Pull the elbows
back and push them forward with a jerk. "chicken
wings." Continue for 2 minutes.
18) Remain in easy pose. Make the hands into
fists and raise the arms over the head Begin lower
ing alternate arms (left aim first) and Jabbing
them back up. giving equal force to the extension
zmd contraction of the arms. Continue for 3 minutes.
19) Remain in easy pose. Place the hands in Venus
lock at the throat level wtththe paIms facing doum.
Raise the hands over the head and lower them back
down to the throat level as rapidly as possible.
Continue for 2 minutes.
20) Remain in a seated position. and place the soles
of the feet together. Pull the feet in towards the
crotch with the hands. Begin raising and lowering
the knees in a fluttering movement for 2 minutes.
21) Sit in easy pose. Place the hands on the knees
I ~
and keep the arms straight. Inhale completely.
hold the breath for as long as is possible. and pump
the navel in and out. Exhale and inhale. repeat the
exercise. Continue for 4 5 minutes.
~ lB.
1) Sit In easy pose. Extend the arms In front of
the body with the palms fadng up. Make fists of
the hands. Strike the right arm with the back of the
fist of the left ann Starting near the wrist and moving'
back toward the elbow. Reverse arm positions and
repeat. Strike with considerable force at the wrist,
mid-forearm, and elbow joint. Continue alternately
striking the arms for 3 minutes.
2) Sit in rock pose and place the palms on the
thighs. Begin flexing the lower spine, hunching the
shoulders as the spine collapses and pulling them
downward as the spine pushes forward. Continue
for 3 minutes.
3) Remain In rock pose. Extend the arms in front
of the body with the palms fadng down. Keeping
the elbows straight, begin alternately striking the
-thighs just above the knees with the hands. Step up
the pace as you preceed. Breathe normally. Continue
for 3 minutes.
This slapping 0/ the thighs works on the sex
4) Remain in rock pose and place the hands on the
hips. Begin flexing the lower spine. As the spine
collapses, bring the elbows forward. Then. thrust
them back to help push the chest out. Continue
for 3 minutes.
Rest/or2 minutes and remember God.
5) Sit in easy pose and rest the hands.on the legs.
RoD the shoulders forward twice. Then swing the
arms forward across the chest. Repeat the three
movement series and continue for 3 minutes.
6) Stand up and spread the legs shoulder width
apart. Extend the arms in front of the body and
place one hand on top of the other with both palms
facing down. Squat into crow pose and retJ,1rn
to the standing position. Continue for 3 . 5 minutes.
7) Remain standing and extend the arms over the
head with the hands in Venus lock and upper arms
against the ears. Squat into crow pose and return
to the stand position. Continue for 3 minutes.
8) Remain standing, extend the arms behind the
body, and place the hands in Venus lock. Squat
into crow pose and return to standing position.
Continue for 1 minute. '
9) Sit in. easy pose. Bring the hands together at
the chest level. pointing out from the body. The fin.
gers from their bases to their fingertips touch and the
thumbtips touch. The palms remain about three
inches apart. Push the hands in toward each other
with maximum pressure. Leave the eyes 1/IOth
open and meditate for at least three minutes.
10) Relax in easy pose and let the shoulders hang.
I dip/Jj
$UU 5.o'.K.B
'l'NAI 5 .... :SlNGH IUtAl..."A. 'Y0<:3IJt