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NEWSPAPER REPORTS Purpose of Newspaper Report to keep in touch with what was going on in the local area.

. to catch you up on current events things that are happening around. it has coupons sales paper the newspaper gives you a lot of valuable information you can use to get a job or find a house sky's the limit with a newspaper Language of Newspaper Report 1) Headlines in English language newspapers (in Russian ones too, by the way) are usually short. - They thus tend to leave out all the inessential words, such as articles and auxiliary verbs, and to be as generally economical as they can. Certain words are very common in headlines, such as: deal, cost, ban, hit, get, clash. - Usually use a compound-noun phrase instead of a longer clause. Compound-noun phrase Japan Leadership Struggle Bridge Cost Bank Girl Killer Clues Longer clause The Leadership Struggle in Japan The Cost of the Bridge Clues to the Killer of the Girl who Worked in a Bank

2) Newspaper headlines generally use the simple tenses of verbs, and the present simple tense is very frequent. Eg : Japan Leadership Struggle Hots up, Bridge Cost Soars, Miners Ban Overtime, Police Get Bank Girl Killer Clues and Action Man Sinatra Dies.

- The infinitive form is often used to express the future: Agricultural Policy to be Discussed, Two Presidents to Meet in September 3) Inverted commas are inserted to show that a fact or an event is quoted or reported. Eg : Car Import Curb Would Hit Britain. 4) Another important thing about newspaper language is that, depending on how sure the journalist is of what he is saying, there are different ways of reporting the source of a story: It is believed that ... A report shows that ... ... claims a report ... It is feared that ... It is claimed that ... He alleges that ... 5) The adjectives and nouns are often strung together to make the writing shorter and snappier, so you get expressions like there: 1. The result of behind-the-scenes policy. 2. Top changes at Treasury. 3. A world-wide burst of anger. 4. Cash cut-back threat. If you try to re-write these phrases, you will discover just how economically they are written: 1. The result of the policy which was not obvious and open. 2. New changes in the upper level of the Treasure Dept. 3. A burst of anger from all over the world. 4. A threat to reduce expenditure.

6) One of the most important features of journalism is the human interest angle. The readers of a newspaper want to have the stories brought to life and one of the best ways of doing this is to add personal details about the people in the news. The journalist can thus provide information about a persons age . Eg : Susan White, aged 29; 51-year-old Mr. Brown. Or appearance: 17-year-old blonde; long-haired youth. Or their clothes: Mrs. Jones, dressed in a red trouser suit; or their jobs: Jane Smith, a secretary; or their role in the family: mother-of-four, Mrs. Sutton; Mrs. Goddard, a young-looking grandmother. Or these points may be combined: a 41-year-old factory worker, father of six, had an hour-long argument with his 36-year-old blonde wife.

Audience of Newspaper Report The target audience depends on the section of the paper. The funnies would be children. The sports would (most likely) be men. The economical section would be adults in general.