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IAC - Jacob

Intro: Over 669 million people log on to facebook per day. Think about that for a moment, nearly double the entire population of the United States log on to facebook per day. The numbers are astounding the average person spends 8.3 hours on this website per week, and 76% of the 1.15 billion users long on daily. Facebook is not a new phenomena. The question is why are so many people turning to this website as a source of communication, socialization, and education. The answer is simple. Access to and the ability to share information quickly. If you made an announcement in class or at work then maybe 30 people hear it and most of them ignore you. However within 5 hours of any post on facebook there is a 75% interaction rate with the content. That means of all your Friends on facebook, 75% of those people read your post within five hours of it being put on the interent. All these overwhelming numbers point to one undeniable fact: everyone around the globe is addicted to facebook! I believe the relationship weve developed between ourselves and our cyber selves is beneficial to us. I believe this for 3 key reasons, accessibility, business, and family reasons, in which I, as a facebook veteran, have personal experience.for each. Lets begin by discussing how Facebook is an excellent way to stay in contact with your family and friends. This is for a couple reaons

First, there has Never been an easier time for family members just to jump on computers and have access to your life. They can message you, post on your wall, or if its what their into a poke. We can communicate with our parents and siblings without ever actually talking to them. In my opinion this is a significant benefit. I am also able to communicate with family and friends who live several hundred miles away. An example of this is my aunt P in Michigan. I grew up all my life with a very close relationship with her. When I was about 11 she had to move to Michigan for her husbands job. Due to the fact she was also our immediate neighbor I felt the effects of the move the day after. I got my Facebook in 7th grade and she was one of my first friends. Through facebook she was able to be there for me throughout the years. Yes she was there every relationship post from 7th grade to present. But most important she was there for every athletic, debate, or school achievement through facebook, otherwise theres a high chance our relationship would be completely different and potentially non-existant. Facebook is also a excellent way to branch out and meet new people. It has become an excellent forum to voice your ideas on multiple things, from politics to technology, and has created ways to allow you to meet new people that have similar interests. They have a few programs to help do this. Facebook pages are a sure fire way to meet new people. You can get any page and know automatically what it is about. You can then

engage other people who have similar interests that y you never would have had the chance to meet Another good way to meet new people is through the entertainment side of facebook. You can join any multitude of games and meet people through that. Most games have in game chat that you can use to discus with strangers before you friend them. Plus you always need more neighbors in farmville or you wont be the cool kid in class. It also helps you stay connected with other friends youve made throughout your life. Where else can you boast having over 1000 friends, but only know 100 odd some and only talk to 20 of those people. I remember when I got my farmville freshman year. Yes, I realize the irony of a Midwest Kansas Kid playing makebealiver farmer, but for the record, I did not grow up on an actual farm. I did go to a small school of 430 and so the majority of my 100 some person class played farmville. Everyone on the soccer team knew who had the coolest farm. I never anticipated when I went to oneof my best friend Jordans house and me and his mom had an automatic connection. This was for 2 reasons- 1. Im very polite and 2. We had been helping each other with farmville. The final benefit to facebook is professional development and the impact that facebook has on our economy. Facebook employ 4,619 people. More importantly, facebook is a primary means of free advertising for thousands of small businesses throughout the country. Every time someone likes your page it is the equivalent of paying thousands of dollars to put a commercial on television or a billboard on the side of the highway. Everytime I think of professional benefits of Facebook I think of my older brother Josh. Several years agoi he was no different than many of us in this room. Now he is one of the leading distributors of competitive bike racking parts in the country. He started with only a few kids on his racing team and a logo. After years and years of work and marketing he has been able to build his company. He now has dozens of teams all over the country, and they have begun to win multiple national competitions. The Race to Win companynnow also sells parts nationwide as well. He accredits most of his success to his facebook page. It helped him keep people interested, and with shares bring new people into his dream of the Race to Win company. In conclusion facebook is a positive contribution for many reasons. From keeping in contact with family, meeting new friends, business, or any of the other limitless reasons people use facebook its been a great help to the people that use it. An anonymous poem from someone who I assume is exceptionally wise reads Roses are red, facebook is blue, no mutual friends, who the hell are? can sum up our society a lot. Without facebook not only are you disconnected from your culture, but youre missing out on something which can be very positive.

Cross Examination Tabi asks Jacob Questions

INC -Bret
My colleague Jacob in his first speech said a few things that were true. It is true that a tremendous amount of people use facebook. In fact, most of you in this room likely have a facebook account and use it regularly. That makes our job as the negative pretty difficult. We have to convince you that something that you do everyday, is in reality something that you should avoid. In 2003, ten years ago, facebook didnt exist. The world did not end. Children did not grow up dying a little each day inside because they couldnt access their facebook page. Children were not bullied on facebook to the point of suicide, and people did not put pictures up on facebook of the murder they just committed. Instead people talked to each other and went outside every once in awhile. They had friends who they actually had met before. Simply put, Facebook is a disaster. It will cause you more trouble than it is worth. It causes cyberbullying, social isolation, and general feelings of despaire. With more accessibility to individuals lives through the internet we see that cyber bullying continues to rise. 1 out of every 3 individuals has been cyber bullied at some point in their life with Facebook being the main weapon of this cyber war on the individual.. Approximately 4,300 teens commit suicide due to cyber bullying every year. Let me tell you the tragic story of Daphne. In 8th grade Daphne got in a fight with one of her friends. Like most facebook squabbles Something small got blown way out of proportion . As a result, Facebook was used as the tool to spread hateful messages, negative propaganda, and even straight lies about Daphne with the end goal of trying to get her to commit suicide. This left emotional scars on Daphne that still last today simply because kids had a way to immediately spread their hate to large groups of

people. Listen, I realize kids are mean and stupid. Why are we giving them the tools to spread their stupidity to the masses. If we our kids of facebook, their life will be better not worse. Cyber bullying isnt the only negative effects to Facebook, A new study from the University of Michigan shows how online social media, rather than making us feel connected, contributes to loneliness and reduces overall life-satisfaction According to the study, the technology is having a fundamentally negative effect on the way we interact with others, and the way we perceive ourselves. The study's 82 participants were text messaged five times a day over a two-week period with a link to an online survey about their Facebook use, their feelings of well-being and the amount of face-to-face social interaction they had engaged in. The study discovered that the more time participants had spent on Facebook, the less happy they felt over time. 'The more people used Facebook at one time point, the worse they felt the next time they were textmessaged them; the more they used Facebook over two weeks, the more their life satisfaction levels declined over time. These results were not moderated by the amount of Facebook friends, the perceived supportiveness of the Facebook connections, motivation for using Facebook, gender, loneliness, self-esteem, or depression, according to the study. The study shows that Facebook was making the participants unhappy. Loneliness and social interaction in a world where we're increasingly connected is a growing problem. Increased feelings of isolation and a decreased sense of well-being seems connected with the way in which we use Facebook. Studies time and time again fine the same negative effects but you would expect the opposite to be true. Kross' the head in the study concludes, 'On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. Rather than enhancing wellbeing, however, these findings suggest that Facebook may undermine it.' Facebook is not social media. It is anti-social media.

Jacob made a compelling argument in his speech. I am happy he gets to communicate with his Aunt B without having to use a telephone. I am excited for his Brother and all of the bicycle spandex that he sells without having to pay for advertising. It is nice that he can waste his time playing fake farmer instead of working on an actual farm. However, what you should consider is what Jacob did not say. He didnt tell you about the feeling you get when someone says terrible things to, things they would never be able to say to your face. He didnt talk about the feeling you get when you know a party is taking place and you werent invited. He didnt tell you about any of the thousands of kids who are the victims of the soccer team bullying via facebook. He didnt mention the kids who bury their faces in their phone or computer instead of doing anything productive. Facebook is not the wonderful social interaction cite that people claim. Instead, it is a distracting, isolating, and potentially dangerous form of communicating without actually talking to someone.

Cross- Examination Jesse asks Brett Questions.

IAR Brenden
Introduction Every single time a new technology gets developed grumpy old men and women yearn for the olden days of letter writing, throwing rocks at dirt as a form of entertainment, and waking up at dawn and going to sleet at sunset. Every new technological development always brings with it a bunch of nonsense about how this technology is going to ruin the world. It doesnt. Cell phones have made the world a much better place despite the occasion texting while driving tragedy. Television has changed the world despite the claims that there is too much violence on TV. Facebook is an integral part of our future despite the unfortunate realization that it may be used for bullying. We can not and should not abandon facebook despite its drawbacks. We should harness its potential and work to make it free of bullies and hate. Brett makes the argument that facebook has increased the amount of bullying that kids suffer from. First of all, no it doesnt. Bullying exists on the playgrounds and the parks. Facebook is not the cause of bullying. Parents, teachers, Students and communities all have an obligation to challenge bullying but getting rid of facebook will not end bullying. That is absurd. Instead it will eliminate the very important social outlet that children who feel isolated, alone, and apprehensive have to connect to others for help. Brett reads a fancy study about how facebook creates feelings of individual despair among its users. A few things you need to realize about this study. First, it had a whopping 82 participants. I have attended parties that had more people at them than this study had participants. Second, what this study fails to realize is that with social networking technology you are communicating with a much, much larger audience than face-to-face communication. You are getting differing opinions and viewpoints. You are being exposed to real-time conditions throughout the world that you would of never even heard of before the facebook revolution. Of course there are some drawbacks to this, but I for one would rather have more access to news, even if it is bad news, then no access to news at all. I will give you an example. Most of you in this room have heard of the Arab Spring. Basically, it is a revolution among several Middle Eastern countries, starting with Tunisia and Egypt, to transform to a democracy. The social movement that spurred this region wide revolution was started on and fueled by Facebook. A movement like that would of taken years before social media. The movement to bring attention to and to stop the brutal slaughtering of thosands by Joseph Koni was aided by facebook. Within 4 days the documentary that outlined these abuses and urged action was viewed by 40 million people. That did not happen before facebook. There are countless examples of how facebook is changing the world. Each of you probably have a story about it has changed your life.I have one myself

In conclusion, People who are negative want to complain about change. They want to blame the latest technology or social media platform for nearly every problem in the world. Dont blame the technology,

embrace using the technology for the better the way that millions others have. You cant bury your head in the sand and talk about the glory days of black and white television. In all honesty, This debate isnt really that close. Vote affirmative and lets get back to checking the status of friends we havent seen in years.

INR Rachel
I want to begin this speech by telling you a few stories about the horrors of facebook. A Texas man grieving on the anniversary of his mothers death turned to facebook for moral support.
posting a status update about the darkness that haunted him. Many people liked his comment but not his recently estranged wife. She did not click like. He grew angry. He went to her home, drunk, and attacked her, punching her and pulling her hair. Thats amazing everyone likes my status but you, youre my wife. You should be the first one to like my status,. He was charged with battery.

Ashleigh, a shy 17-year-old who was desperate for a boyfriend, was murdered by serial rapist Peter Chapman, 33, who posed as a teenager on facebook before luring Ashleigh to her death and dumping her body in a ditch.
On July 21 this year, Cynthia Osokogu traveled across country , to meet with retailers whom she thought might be able to offer her better prices on clothes and accessories for her fashion boutique. After landing, she called her mother to tell her that she had arrived safely. But Cynthia never made it to the meetings because there weren't any. She was found strangled to death in her hotel room the next morning. The trip was organized by Echezona Nwabufor -- a man, police say, she met through Facebook. For months, he and Cynthia had chatted through these social media platforms and soon she had also "friended" his cousin. Police say Nwabufor told Cynthia that he was a student at Lagos State University but that he had connections and could help her with her fashion business. What Cynthia didn't know was that Nwabufor had been stalking her for months, patiently gaining her confidence through frequent chats and postings. Eventually, Nwabufor made Cynthia an offer that seemed too good to be true. He offered to buy her a plane ticket and to put her up in a nice hotel if she would come to Lagos to meet with his business associates. When Cynthia arrived she was taken to a hotel just outside of town, drugged, beaten, sexually assaulted and finally, murdered, according to police. I tell you these stories not to scare you. Obviously, these are relatively isolated tragic incidents. However, what is not an isolated incident are the thousands of people who get fired from their job for posting criticisms of their employer or the tens of thousands of people who never get hired for a position because their friend tagged them in a photograph taken at a party. What about the students who dont get accepted to a university because the admissions staff is trained to search facebook and social media prior to admitting students. If you dont think this happens a recent KAPLAN survey posted on the huffington post more than 80 percent of college admissions officers consider

social media presence when recruiting students.

Brenden did a nice job of criticizing our study for only having 82 people. However, that is 82 more people than any study the affirmative has cited in this debate. This study was done by one of the most respected researches in the country. It was a longitudinal study done of a period of time and the results that were created where considered statistically significant. However, just for kicks I will give you some other options to consider. Most of you have phones that connect to the internet. Log off of facebook and instead do a google search for facebook and social isolation. That search will

produce over 15 millions hits. The first 15 pages of that search produce recent, quantitative, data about the negative impact of facebook on social isolation. However, this should be common sense. The more we look at a computer screen the less we talk and interact with actual people. We spend so much time staring at our phones or computers just to read about what other people are doing so that we either be envious or jealous. As I have heard before, Facebook can cause you to hate some of your best friends. You lose friends because someone virtually defriended you.

I realize that most people in this room think facebook is cool. I get that you are afraid that if you get off of facebook you will miss out on the important gossip or party invite that has recently been posted. However, the freedom you will gain by logging off and inviting a friend to lunch where you sit down and talk to your friend will be far more personal and beneficial than increasing the tally of your facebook friends who you will never meet. You dont have to worry about losing your job, you dont have to fear getting stalked or bullied, and you dont have to have an internet connection to have a relationship. I urge you to vote negative

IIAR Jesse

Intro- Facebook is good for you and America- Facebook unites us as a nation when we discuss football and miley cyrusFacebook lets us tell our loved ones that live far away we love them every night- Facebook is good for substanible capitalismbecause it creates new markets to exchange goods and advertise that does not take a toll on the environment or make others loose their jobs. Facebook has allowed us to be more connected to one another- most of my family lives in Wyoming-and if it wasnt for facebook I would not be able to talk to them as much as I do now which has allowed me to be close to them. I will be honest I hate people and most peoples posts are dumb and yes jacob's selfies get cheap, but the price of watching brett hurt himself practice karate is priceless. Plus Facebook allows you to do background checks on people when you meet them to make sure they are not Radical activists that if you associate with you lose your right to fly Facebook benefits business-facebook is a billion dollar company that gives thousands of jobs most in the US mind you. infact thanks to facebook brenden learned crocs are not instyle and he should go out and buy some new kicks that were advirtised on the thumbnailsIt is simple to see that getting rid of facebook will not get rid of Cyber Bullying or violent encouters with each other as Bob Dylan once said the Times they are a Changin' and social media has just became a new medium for our interaction with each other and unless we change ourselves we will always

have bullying and violence it is that simple. There is only a risk Facebook gives us a chance at making connections with people that we would not be able to reach other wise. The Facebook haters out there like to hate but they need to realize the reason they suffer is because of their own social failings on the website. As a matter of fact the real reason Brett hates Facebook is because no one wants to go to help him farm. Im sorry Brett I dont want to go to your farm and help you get crops. I do have a success story for you here tonight. Jacob michel used Facebook to become a winner. In elemtary school Jacob was the victim of being bad with girls-and a perpatuator of akwardness. It wasnt until he was able to facebook chat with women in one window and have mens health open in the other did he become the pillar of game that he is today

To conclude- voting against Facebook today is silly because at the end of the day you control how facebook effects youfacebook is not some evil monstor that destroys lives in fact I have proven with Jacob and myself that on average facebook is good

Just wrap things up