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East Sac County VOLLEYBALL

News Media Release (ESC Wins 3 2)

Date: 10 / 10 / 13

ESC At: Lake View - vs South Central Calhoun Titans

T.L. Conf. Game 1) 24-26 2) 13-25 3) 25-18 4) 29-27 5) 15-11

TEAM STATISTICS:ESC Current Record Overall: 25 - 3 Conf Record: 10 00 (Final)
Serving: 100 For 106,

94.3 Percent.

Attacks: 94 For 104,

Assists (Sets): 44
For Aces

9 Aces

.365 Hitting Efficiency,

Digs: 88


48 Kills

Blocks: 13




Merrin Blum (Sr)___18_____19_____2____12_____14_____8_________________________________2_____

Kyie Belt (Jr.)______23_____23_____0_____-_____-______-__________18__________3___________8_____
Mak Ernst (Sr ) ___15_____15_____2____12____14_____5_____________________4___________16______
Shae Blum (Sr)____15_____17_____1_____36____40____18_____________________2__________15_______
Shay Quirk (Sr) ___20____22_____4______8_____8_____2__________24_________1___________10__
Jenna Peters (Sr) ____9____10_____0_____26____28____16___________2_________3___________19_____
Jaylynn Peters (Jr) ____________________________________________________________________18___

Coaches Comments Below:

*(ESC finishes conference play at 10 0.

I told the gals tonight that this is a match that you will remember for a long, long time . .
. . . . like forever.
Our squad was well aware that they were in for some very serious competition tonight.
The offensive power of SCC can seem quite over whelming, they have a very good ball
I told our gals throughout the match that we could win; but that we had to make it
happen. We had to hit the ball or get hit at.
Our girls get fired up for home matches, conference matches, and just like SCC, we
get fired up to play them. Top it off with parents night and you have a receipe for some
pretty determined gals to bring the conference championship to back to ESC.