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INTRODUCTION The New 7 QC Tools (also called 7 Management Planning Tools) introduce the latest advances in tools for quality management techniques that promote a new, more creative and effective approach to quality planning and project management. The New 7 QC Tools are used by senior executives for strategic planning as well as at all levels of management for planning, goal-setting, and problemsolving. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to: a) Use each of the New 7 QC Tools to resolve complex issues and projects b) Defined the purpose, value and applications of each of the tools c) Facilitate the use of the 7 new tools ingroups and based on its stage in the process improvement Course Duration 1 Day BENEFITS The New 7 QC Tools enhances: Productivity by uncovering and processing creative ideas and prioritizing issues Detail planning and team participation by providing a structure for capturing input, gathering consensus and giving focused direction to a teams action plan COURSE CONTENTS Introduction to the New 7 QC Tools A planning model is needed The definition of New 7 QC Tools o Relations diagram o KJ method (affinity diagram) o Systematic diagram o Matrix diagram o Matrix data analysis o Process decision program chart (PDPC) o Arrow diagram Working With You To Achieve Results Applying the New 7 QC Tools Examples and Case Studies

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Manager, project leaders, team leaders, and facilitators, and the other employees involved in planning and completing specific projects and/or the resolution of complex issues or task. DELIVERY METHODOLOGY AND MEANS This course utilises a combination of lecture, group discussion and activities. Participants will work in groups using the concepts and techniques to resolve an issue from their own work scenario or a suggested workshop assignment. Training notes, case studies, exercises, samples and presentation slides are utilized during the lessons. English is the basic medium of instruction. ABOUT THE COMPANY (In-House Training and Guided Application Consultancy) Alpha Consulting and Training Pte Ltd specialize in management systems consulting, coaching and trainings services. These would include quality, environmental, health & safety management systems and engineering faculties. We also provide services and products that support these subjects, e.g., document control, statistical, process improvement and problem solving software and Information Technology/Systems.