History wont set us free (La historia no nos absolverá).

José María Siles.

I recognize that I feel guilty. If this man get to become the next Mexico’s president, history wont set me free. When Televisa hired our news agency to cover Governor Peña Nieto visit to Turkey, I was clearly riskinmy professional independence. Noticieros Televisa’s International Chief Officer José Luis Arévalo, woke me up on a March’s Thursday to tell me that Leonardo Kurchenko tought it was absolutely necessary to go to Istambul and that they wanted me to cover the visit of Enrique Peña Nieto to the World Water Forum that took place last spring (northern emisphere). There is no budget issues, they said:

Televisa cobra del Estado de México (sic) y Enrique Peña Nieto es una prioridad informativa. Además, tenemos un acuerdo con ellos para cobrar por esas coberturas. (Quote translation: Televisa charges Estado de México (sic) and Enrique Peña Nieto is an information priority. Besides, we have an agreement to charge for the coverage with them.

José Luis Arévalo asked for two daily chronicles for a whole week, without hesitating by the fact that the governors visit was going to last only a couple of days. I have to admit that I did not like this scenario, but I lacked reflexes and I did not know about the silent rules of Mexican politics. However, I asked, completely shocked: ¿Are mexiqueneses (Estado de Méxicos people)

going top ay Televisa for the chronicles of a press correspondent in Istambul? Are you serious? Hombre, José María, Enrique Peña Nieto va a ser el próximo presidente de México, y nosotros estamos a las órdenes para cubrir sus actividades públicas con mucho gusto. (Quote translation: Enrique Peña Nieto is going to be the next President of Mexico and we are glad to be of service to cover his public activities) I do not know if Televisa has passed the check to Peña Nieto, but we are not getting paid what they owe us. People laugh at me when I tell the misfortunes with Televisa and Peña Nieto. You are very naïve, Siles. You should have known how people are around here. What has happened to you has ceased to be news in México, because, to our disgrace, this happens everyday. Later I noticed that Peña Nieto, ambicious and demagogue, was not thinking about going to the World Water Forum where his administration was going to deliver an international award. But when his counselors confirmed that Televisas camera was going to be waiting at Istambul, thanks to Noticieros Televisa and Kurchenkos good will, who was celebrating his engagement those days, Enrique did not hesitate to take the first plane. POSTDATA. Echoes about this polemic case arrive to Brussels this days, thanks to Jenaro Villamils story on ‘Proceso’ magazine. Televisa haven’t dedicated any comment on Villamils book “Peña Nieto, si yo fuera presidente”, instead it has launched all his power to discredit Villamil. He has dared Azcárragas boys to a document based debate. I have to confess that I feel in debt with the Mexican people, so I write my name down for that debate.

Originally posted 01/July/2009 in Spanish language at josermariasiles.wordpress.com English translation: www.twitter.com/chalalu

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