<center> <div class="boxdiv"> <table><tr><td> <div class="back1div"></div> <div class="back2div"> <center> <div class

="borderdiv"> <div class="linediv">H e l l o </div> <center><a href="http://vampirefreaks.com/gallery.php?u=shimizusenri"><img src=" http://i56.tinypic.com/2ykbzg2.jpg" height="112px" alt="gallery" align="center" /></a></center> <div class="infodiv"> <center><b>?? ?????</b><br /><br /> <b>Senri</b><br /> <b>XY</b><br /> <b>Tokyo,Japan</b><br /> <b>European-Asian</b><br /> <b>Uni Student</b><br /> </center> </div> <div class="linediv">+ i n f o</div> I also have an english name.<br />1/2 Japanese 1/4 British 1/4 Spaniard.<br />I' m a growing kid thus the monstrous appetite.<br />I am pierced.Multiple times.<b r /> I am aware that I lack colour, it's called being pale. <br /> I suffer from chronic boredom &amp; ADD.<br />I rarely verbally communicate.<br />A student by force and an unwilling member of the academic society.<br />If yo u're reading this, might as well say hello.<br />I always respond.<br />Add me o n msn, facebook and skype <br /> <div class="linediv">+ likes</div> Trivial things<br />Ice Cold Coffee<br />Clothes &amp; Shoes<br />Taekwondo<br / >Insects<br />Moonlight<br />Rainy weather<br />Weapons<br />Anime &amp; Manga<b r />Music<br />Smell of petrol<br />Lying on the floor<br />Scaring people<br /> Sleeping and Waking up late<br />Flat Coke<br />Fries dipped in sundae <br /> <div class="linediv">+ loathes</div> Sunlight &amp; Heat<br />People touching me &amp; my things<br /> People who ca n't spell &amp; use proper grammar<br />Loud people in public areas<br />Crowds< br />Worship/ Praise songs<br />Overly tanned,basically orange people<br /> Over ly flirtatious individuals<br />Chemistry<br />Egg yolk<br />Fizzy soda<br />Bee r<br /> <center><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border="0" width="0 " height="0" src="http://c.gigcount.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx* PTEzMjc2NzQwMzc1NjkmcHQ9MTMyNzY3NDQzODI1NiZwPTE4MDMxJmQ9Jmc9MSZvPTNkNTNlMzgwOWNk MjRjYWI5MGIw/ZTA3ZWViMGZmZTIw.gif" /><embed src="http://assets.myflashfetish.com /swf/mp3/mp-sk.swf?myid=87230078&amp;path=2011/12/13" wmode="transparent" flashv ars="mycolor=222222&amp;mycolor2=77ADD1&amp;mycolor3=FFFFFF&amp;autoplay=true&am p;rand=0&amp;f=4&amp;vol=100&amp;pat=0&amp;grad=false" width="0" height="0" name ="myflashfetish" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.ma

height:0px.com/cult/Asians"><div>Asians</div></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks." /><br /></center> </center> </div></div> <div class="back3div"> <center> <table><tr><td> <form action="http://vampirefreaks.n=56"><div>Friend of</div></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.ra te=1" method="post" class="ratecomment"> <input type="submit" value="Rate and Comment" /> </form> </td><td> <form action="http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/NumbCreations"><div>NumbCreations</div></ a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.php?user=shimizusenri&amp.com/cult/DokiDoki"><div>DokiDoki</div></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.php?u=shimizusenri"><div>Videos</di v></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.cromedia.php?user=shimizusenri" met hod="post" class="addfriend"> <input type="hidden" name="friendslist" value="1" /> <input type="submit" value="Add to friends" /> </form> </td></tr></table> </center> </div> </td><td> <div class="navdiv"> <div class="navlinediv">VF N a v i g a t i o n</div> <span id="nav"> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.com/profile_action.com/shimizusenri"><div>Asia-U</div></a> href="http://darkstarlings.com/cult/TheOrganization"><div>TheOrganization</di v></a> <br /><div class="navlinediv">L i n k s</div> <a <a <a <a <a href=""><div>Ask for MSN</div></a> href="http://facebook.php?u=shimizusenri"><div>Journal</div> </a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.php?user=shimizusenri"><div>Comme nt</div></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.com/shimizusenri"><div>Facebook</div></a> href="http://asia-u.php?user=shimizusenri&amp.php?user=shimizusenri&amp.com/user_comment.php"><div>Home</div></a> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.com/go/getflashplayer" style="visibility:visible.com/shimizusenri"><div>Darkstarlings</div></a> href=""><div>Ask for Skype</div></a> .com/journal.com/user_comment.com/video/user.uid=4 792159"><div>Add to Favourites</div></a> <br /><div class="navlinediv">C u l t s</div> <a href="http://vampirefreaks.com/profiles/home.width:0px.of=1&amp.com/lists.list=friends&a mp.com/profile_action.

} . . border: none. } .jpg'). color: black.jpg').borderdiv { width: 286px. height: auto. height: 374px.back1div { width: 400px.back3div { width: 400px. TEXT-ALIGN: left. height: 360px. color: black. overflow: auto. background: none. background: url('http://www. border: none. TEXT-ALIGN: center. TEXT-ALIGN: left.<br /> <div class="credit"> layout © <a href="http://vampirefreaks. background: url('http://www. color: black. border: none. TEXT-ALIGN: center.com/readymade/layouts/greygrunge/grafix/im age02. background: url('http://www.back2div { width: 400px.com/readymade/layouts/greygrunge/grafix/im age03. border: none.jpg'). height: 112px.vflayouts.com/readymade/layouts/greygrunge/grafix/im age01. color: black.vflayouts.infodiv { width: 268px. border: none.com/readymade/layouts/greygrunge/grafix/im age04. overflow: auto.vflayouts. background: url('http://www.linediv { width: 268px. } . color: black. height: 81px. } . TEXT-ALIGN: left. } . height: 73px.vflayouts. overflow: auto.gif'). overflow: auto. overflow: auto.com/Gry" target="_blan k">Gry</a> </div> </span> </div> </td></tr></table> </center> </div> <style> .

border: none. cursor: url("http://content. background: none. } . color: black.navlinediv { width: 148px. } #nav a div { background: none. } input { background: gray. height: auto.com/czcontent/cursors/tinyh. } a:hover { text-decoration: italic. . TEXT-ALIGN: center. border: none. color: black. background-color: transparent.cometsystems.cur"). background: url('http://www. background: none. color: #EEDFCC. a:visited { color: black. color: black.navdiv { width: 150px.cur"). } . overflow: auto. TEXT-ALIGN: right. a:visited. border: 1px solid gray. } a:link. } a:link. overflow: auto.cur"). } body { overflow: hidden. border-bottom: 1px solid gray. TEXT-ALIGN: left.com/czcontent/cursors/tinyh. overflow: auto. } body { scrollbar-3dlight-color: #EEDFCC. cursor: url("http://content.com/czcontent/cursors/tinyh. a:link { color: black. cursor: url("http://content.border-bottom: 1px solid black. color: #444444. height: 538px. TEXT-ALIGN: left.boxdiv { width: 572px. a:hover { font-size: 10px. a:hover img { border: 0px. overflow: auto. color: gray. height: 530px. color: gray.com/readymade/layouts/greygrunge/grafix/im age05. } a:link img. a:visited img. } #nav a:hover div { background: #222222. background: black. img.cometsystems. } a:link. color: #EEDFCC.vflayouts.jpg'). } . text-decoration: none.cometsystems.

. cursor:url("http://content. . .friends. } <style> .maintop table { display: none. . . } </style> <style> . font-size: 10px. } table.buttons3.notify. } </style> . . . . . .buttons3. .buttons2 . . . #frie ndslinks. } . .topbar. .comments.leftnav td { border: none. scrollbar-track-color: #EEDFCC. .credit a:hover { color: #999999. .friends. .journal_entry. .bu ttons3. .maintop a:hover img { background: black. TABLE{ font-family: verdana. } </style> <style> .buttons2. . .buttons2.buttons1. . } BODY. . text-decoration: none. table. #menu0. color: black.gallery. scrollbar-face-color: #444444. .commenticon. . .scrollbar-arrow-color: #EEDFCC.dislikes_title. h2.gallery.defaultpic.rate.credit a:link.leftnav. .comment_title.maintop img { display: none.thumbnail.leftnav.buttons1.music_title. } .maintop. .menu2.cometsystems.likes_title.journal_entry. . . . . scrollbar-shadow-color: #EEDFCC.dislikes_title. } . .topbar. . } </style> <style> .credit { color: #cccccc. } <style> . .profile_title.m aintop img.credit a:visited { color: #ffffff.thumbnail.rate. .vide os.userinfo.music_title. .cur").likes_title.profile_title. . h2. .comments.profiletop { display: none.onlinefriend.leftnav. sidemenu_header. div.com/czcontent/cursors/tinyh. .buttons1.leftnav { display: none. . .comments. scrollbar-highlight-color: #EEDFCC. scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #EEDFCC. .

} </style> . height: 50px. width: 50px. right: 10px. border: 1px solid #666699.#credit { position: absolute. } . top: 10px.crednote { display: none.

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