Technical Program
7 February 2013
Room Session 1 Catalyst and Reaction Engineering 2 Unit Operation and Separation Processes 3 Environmental Engineering 4 Materials and Nanotechnology

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Room Session

1 Environmental Engineering & Energy

2 Process Simulations, Design and Control

3 Energy

4 Biochemical Engineering

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Syaifullah Muhammad.30-15.15 PID-39 PID-25 33 23 17.00-17. Alisa S.T. Kunakorn Poochinda Modeling of Lactic Acid Adsorption Isotherm by Anion Exchange Resin Amberlite Ira-96 Wanwisa Sodsai.45 Code PID-6 Topic Selecting Proper Deactivation Conditions to Simulate FCC Equilibrium Catalysts by Cyclic Propylene Steaming Method Thu H. Tadé. Ha. Camille Hyacinth Shaye Llanes. Shaobin Wang Transesterification Catalysis of Coconut Oil by Lipase Tran Thi Be Lan.45-17. Vangnai. Sura Nguyen. Moses O.30 PID-36 30 16. Co3O4 and Fe3O4 Catalysts Edy Saputra. Dao A study on nano core-shell photocatalysts for treatment of water pollutants Le Anh Tu. Duy M. Dr.00 PID-8 9 16.00 17.15-16. Eden Mariquit. Hirofumi Hinode An application of the Box-Behnken design in the optimization of biodiesel production using calcined sodium metasilicate Maria Christine Asuncion. Tung T. Terasut Sookkumnerd Page 7 15. Kathleen Aviso Time 15.45-16. Prof. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong.30 PID-54 48 . Hongqi Sun1. Tran. Ha-Ming Ang. Nguyen Thi My Le. Mya Mya Oo Removal of Phenolic Contaminants Using Sulfate Radicals Activated by Mn3O4. Phan Ngoc Hoa Utilization of KegginStructured Heteropoly Acids for Carbon Monoxide Tolerant Catalyst in PEM Fuel Cell Thantakorn Nitaya. Xuan T. Chris Salim. Panca Setia Utama. Duangkamol Na-Ranong.00-16. Dr. Mark Hayden Angelo Gaspe. Dang. Tri V.XIV 7 February 2013 Room 1: Catalyst and Reaction Engineering Chairman: Assoc.45 PID-38 32 16.30-16. Vu. Phuong T. Nguyen.15-17. Ngo. Arthur III Gonzales Preparation of Zeolite-Y Catalyst for Petroleum Cracking Mu Mu Htay.L.15 PID-12 13 16. Nguyen Quang Long. Quan M.

Suchart Pongwadeerattanakul Study of pHe measurement of fuel-ethanol Ronny Purwadi. Maridable.15 PID-34 28 16. Dr. Adrian E.45 Code PID-11 Topic Moringa oleifera oil solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide: Empirical model Hoang N. Atthaphon Maneedaeng.45 PID-52 46 16. Pag-asa D.15 PID-47 41 17. Kankanit Khwanpruk Converting from Volume Based into Number Based Particle Size Distribution for Estimating the Growth Rate of γ-DL-methionine Lek Wantha Isoperibol bomb calorimeter failure analysis and Calibration Wanwisa Skolpap. Malaluan. Chanoknath Busalee. Toshihiro Hirotsu. Ram Yamsaengsung. Flood Development of a Continuous Microchannel Crystallizer Nabeel Kadhim Abbood Alghaffari.XV Room 2: Unit Operation and Separation Processes Chairman: Assist.00-17. Chayanoot Sangwichien Increasing of Gum Manufacturing Capacity for China Products Anchaleeporn W. Dr.00 PID-18 18 16. Hirofumi Hinode. Huynh Effect of Tailor-Made Additives to Crystal Growth Rate Peetikamol Kongsamai.15-17. Apinan Namkanisorn.00-16. Mohamad Uzir Time 15.30-15. Prof.45-17. Julius B.30 PID-40 34 16.30 PID-66 57 .P.15-16.45-16. Roberto M. Shinichi Goto Page 12 15. Lothongkum.30-16.00 PID-59 50 17. Papasaratorn Horsuwan. Gaspillo. Lau Phei Li and David Hassell Optimization Using Respond Surface Method on Silica Extraction from Palm Oil Mill Fly Ash Panca Setia Utama. Nguyen. Ha K. Chris Salim.

00 PID-46 40 17.00-17. Phuoc Nguyen Dan Removal of methylene blue and methly orange from wastewater by adsorption onto rice husk ash Chawikarn Santasnachok. Pilario An Input-Output Based Model for Product Supply Chains Under Water Resource Constraints Kathleen B.30-16.15-17. Dr.15 PID-37 31 17. Nhat Phan The.45 Code PID-1 Topic Optimization the Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation of Sandy Soil Aquifers Phyu Phyu Myint. Villavert.00 PID-15 16 16. Florinda Bacani. De Leon.30 PID-23 22 16. Hirofumi Hinode Page 2 15.15 PID-21 20 16. Ismail. I. Aviso Carbon dioxide capture on amine modifiedmontmorillonite Phuwadej Pornaroontham.XVI Room 3: Environmental Engineering Chairman: Dr.45-16. Uri Zoller The temperature effect study of wastewater on membrane distillation's performance S.45-17. Idris. A. Wanwisa Skolpap The Performance of Partial Nitritation in a Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Nitrogen in Old Landfill Leachate Biec Ha Nhu. Apanee Leungnaruemitchai. Nuttaya Pongstabodee Economic feasibility of regeneration process of spent activated carbon Sangchai Theerakulwanich. Karl E. Christ Salim.30 PID-32 26 .30-15.15-16.L Ahmad Modeling And Optimization Of A Two-Stage Limestone Contactor: An Application To Carbon Capture Ricardo T.45 PID-42 36 16. Ma Hla Ngwe. Narisara Thongboonchoo Time 15.00-16. Rizalinda L.

30-16. Le Thi Thu Hang Synthesis of Pigment CoxNi1-xAl2O4 and its characteristics Huynh Ky Phuong Ha.15-17. Abdul Aziz Abdul Raman Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from the decomposition of acetylene on ferrite catalyst Lat Lat Tun.00-16. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong. Hirofumi Hinode Synthesis of Nano Cu/ZnO Catalyst by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Phatcharaporn Polae.15 PID-53 47 17. Mai Thanh Tung.30 PID-33 27 16.00-17.45-17. Chris Salim.45 Code PID-9 Topic Effect of annealing temperature on electrochemical characterization of binary Mn-Ni oxide films prepared by sol-gel method for supercapacitive applications Mai Thanh Tung.XVII Room 4: Materials and Nanotechnology Chairman: Prof.45 PID-35 29 16. Pambudi Pajar Pratama Page 10 15. Lothongkum.30 PID-65 56 .30-15.15-16. Sutichai Chaisitsak. San San Maw Preparation. Dr.00 PID-13 14 16. Characterization and Properties of Magnesium Aluminium Carbonate Layered Double Hydroxides Win Aung Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Microwave Method Using Ethylene Glycol and N. Kornwika Wongparb Synthesis of Geopolymer from Indonesian Kaolin and Fly Ash as a Green Construction Material Tjokorde Walmiki Samadhi.Ndimethylformamide as Reducing Agents Anchaleeporn W. Badrul Mohamed Jan.45-16. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh.00 PID-44 38 17.15 PID-22 21 16. Prasert Reubroycharoen Rheological and Statistical Evaluation of Nontraditional Lightweight Completion Fluid and Its Dependence on Temperature Munawar Khalil. Kunlanan Kiatkittipong Time 15.

30-09.15 Code PID-48 Topic Adsorption of Lead(II) from aqueous solution using Hibiscus cannabinus (Kenaf) fiber as adsorbent for post effluent treatment Florinda Bacani. Worapon Kiatkittipong. and Pyrolysis Temperature on Pyrolytic Product Yields Piyachat Wattanachai Page 42 09.15 PID-63 54 10.00-09. Biomass Pretreatment. and Phaseolus vulgaris seeds using salt solution for color removal of spent wash Gina Camacho. Marjorie Baynosa. Rominick Lee.30 PID-64 55 .00 PID-58 49 10. Suwimol Wongsakulphasatch. Phan Dinh Tuan Hydrotreated biodiesel production from palm fatty acid distillate Kunlanan Kiatkittipong. Anona squamosa. Kanokthip Pongsiriyakul. Tran Phuoc Nhat Uyen. Nguyen Dinh Quan. Kankanit Khwanpruk Time 09.45-10. Leucaena glauca.XVIII 8 February 2013 Room 1: Environmental Engineering & Energy Chairman: Dr. Songphon Phimsen. Katrina Go. Navadol Laosiripojana. Analiza Rollon Utilization of Agriculture Residues as Alternative Supplemental Nutrients for Bioethanol Fermentation Process from Rice Straw Vu Le Van Khanh. Dr.45 PID-28 25 09. Jan Benedict Yap Extraction of coagulant from Carica papaya. Suttichai Assabumrungrat Characterizations of Pyrolytic Products Obtained from Different Biomass Piyachat Wattanachai Effects of Biomass Types. Ricardo Villavert.15-09. Aiza Cruz.15-10.30 PID-27 24 09.00-10. Le Thi Kim Phung.

Paisan Kittisupakorn.30-09.45-10.15 PID-50 44 10. Iqbal Mohammed Mujtaba Page 4 09.XIX Room 2: Process Simulations.15-10.Design and Control Chairman: Prof.15 Code PID-3 Topic Simulation of startup phase of batch distillation process – application for the alcoholic beverage purification process Trung Kien TRAN.00 PID-20 19 10. Thanyalak Phetthai Improvement of Production Performance of a Hard Chromium Electroplating via Operational Optimization Surasit Tanthadiloke.00-10.30 PID-51 45 . Hussain Optimization of Algae Biodiesel Production by acid transesterification using ASPEN Nuchchanat Mordtad. Xuan Truong DO Observers for Chemical Process System Jarinah Mohd Ali. Patt Sribenjaluk.00-09. Mohamed Azlan Hussain. Sirirat Nudchapong Heat Integration of Hydrogen Production in a Reactive Distillation Warunee Chankerd. Tanawan Pinnarat Hydrogen Production from Glycerol Steam Reforming in Supercritical Water with CO2 absorption unit Yaneeporn Patcharavorachot.30 09. M. Dr.A.Yaneeporn Patcharavorachot Time 09. Napat Chery-rod.15-09. Paisan Kittisupakorn.45 PID-4 PID-14 5 15 09.

Cahyono. Duong Thanh Long.45 PID-10 11 09. Noppol Mankong. Prof.30 PID-62 53 . Nguyen Dinh Viet.15 PID-41 35 10. Eakarach Bumrungthaichaichan. Chalermpan Fongsamut.00-10. Nathaniel P. Surat Areerat. Naoto Yasuda.Suzylawati Ismail Time 09. Susan A. Tharapong Vitidsant Investigation on Feasibility of Glycerol and Propylene Glycol as a Liquid Desiccant for Dehumidification System Nutdanai Akkavuthivanich.00-09.00 PID-5 6 10.45-10. Masaaki Suzuki. Nguyen Anh Duc Cracking of Used Vegetable Oil Mixed with Polypropylene Waste in the Presence of Activated Carbon Anchaleeporn W. Nguyen Huu Luong.XX Room 3: Energy Chairman: Assist. Dugos.15-10. Prakob Kitchaiya Photoelectrochemical Properties of Energy Storage Photocatalyst: TiO2/TiO2-V2O5 compound Wicha Supakosol. Pailin ngaotrakanwiwat Page 3 09. Lothongkum. Takahiro Nomura.30-09. Tran Binh Trong.30 PID-7 8 09. Roces. Kusnanto Application of carbon vapor infiltration for new ironmaking process Rochim B.15 Code PID-2 Topic Stability and Emission Characteristics of DieselEthanol-Coconut Methyl Ester Blends for the Diesel Engines Tanti Ardiyati. Dr.15-09. Dr. Tomohiro Akiyama Evaluation of the Potential Production of Bio-oil from Vietnamese Biomass Sources by Fast Pyrolysis Technology Phan Minh Quoc Binh.

f.00-10. Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasi. Amornpun Sereemaspun.30-09.15 10. Mohamad Hekarl Uzir Improvement in ABE Production from Sugarcane Juice by Nitrogen Supplementation P.15-10. Uengphon Rujihan. S. Thaosuwan. Prof. JM109 S. C. C.XXI Room 4: Biochemical Engineering and Processes Chairman: Prof. Joseph Auresenia. Prakob Kitchaiya Time 09. Assoc.15-09. Apichai Pornprasertpol.30 PID-43 37 09. Yanisa Laoong-u-thai Page 17 09. Thongkhaw.00 PID-49 43 10. Chowpongpang Physicochemical Characterization of Galactomannans Preeyapat Sae-aueng. Satirapathkul Total Phenolic Contents and Antimicrobial Activity Investigation of Colocasia Gigantea Hook. Sathirapipathkul.15 Code PID-16 Topic Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Citronellol Production Mediated by Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a Continuous-closed-gas-loop bioreactor (CCGLB) Aimi Aishah Arifin.30 PID-60 PID-61 51 52 .00-09. Suchada Sukrong. Chutimon Satirapipathkul Production and Activity of hyaluronate lyase from Streptococcus pyogenes in Escherichia coli.45-10.45 PID-45 39 09. Wancheng Sittikijyothin Antimicrobial Property of Natural Fabric Dyed with Eucalyptus Leaves Extract Kamonwan Khanthong.

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