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Virtual Assistant Services

44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

February 11, 2008

Re: Virtual Assistant Services

I thought I would give you some information about my business – Right-Hand-Man Virtual
Assistant Services.

We are a Multi-VA practice with a team of virtual assistants from all over the globe. I am the
owner and principal VA. I have a team of Associate VAs which allows me to offer more services
than if I operated as a solo VA. Having a team also allows me to divide large contracts into
smaller jobs and get the client’s work done faster and more efficiently.

Check out my website,, and if you would like to contact me you can
email me at or call me at 902-367-5019.

Yours truly,
Darrell A. Williams

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:

Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

Meet the TEAM!

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services is a Multi-VA team practice which is
owned and managed by Darrell A. Williams.
Darrell has over 7 years experience in the administrative support field. He has worked for non-
profit organizations in Canada, the US and the UK. He has also worked as an event planner and
personal assistant and in the hospitality industry. Darrell has not only been
self-employed, but has also held management positions in several
companies and has worked in private sales contracting.
Through our commitment of constant educational upgrading, Darrell
recently increased our company's capabilities by completing a Legal
Administrative Assistant Diploma program.
Darrell's specialties include telephone support,legal administrative assistance,
editing, proofreading, research, document formatting and email management.

Associate VAs

Danielle Altamirano - Danielle has extensive experience in the medical field. She has worked in
nursing, pharmacy, bookkeeping, payroll, computer repair and networking. She is skilled in all of
the major office software and in hardware repair.

Gladys Green - Gladys has gained many years of experience providing administrative and
accounting support in various office environments. In 1997, she completed an Automated Office
Administrator course (final average was 96%) and is proficient in a wide variety of software

Yvonne Wu - Yvonne has a diploma in Marketing and Business Administration. She has experience
in sales, marketing, web design, shopping cart integration, desktop publishing and customer
service. Yvonne is also skilled in business writing and transcription.

Chris Taylor - Chris is extremely skilled in SEO and website design and maintenance. He can get
your site or blog up and running and then optimize it so it gets noticed. Chris can then assist you in
marketing your business on the internet. He is our new "go to guy" for developing your business
presence online.

Michelle Medd – Michelle is a highly trained Office Administrator. She is an experienced VA

specializing in website design & maintenance, shopping cart integration, ezine/newsletters, article
submission & marketing, and bookkeeping.

Denise Shears – Denise has over 7 years legal assistant experience with 1 year as the office
manager of a medium sized public defenders office. She also has a medical background, having
worked as a nurse aide for a number of years before getting into the legal field.

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:

Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

Secretarial/Administration: Desktop Publishing:
 Copy Typing  Flyers
 Correspondence  Word Processing
 Diary / Calendar Management  Newsletters
 Email Administration  Mail Merge
 Faxing  Mass Mailings
 Scanning / Document Conversion  Presentations
 Telephony Services  Editing Services
 Secretarial Services  Proofreading
 Time Management
 Phone-in Dictation Computer / Internet Related:
 Transcription  Research
 Digital Transcription  Data Input
 Invoicing  Electronic Forms
 Photocopying  Internet research
 Desktop Publishing
 Executive Assistant Miscellaneous:
 Filing  Price Comparisons
 Packing and Shipping
Travel / Meetings:  Concierge Services
 Conventions
 Travel Arrangements Personal Assistant:
 Minutes / Agenda / Itineraries  Reminder Service
 Event Management  Personal Administration
 Location Scouting  Diary / Calendar Management

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:

Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5


Due to the high Canadian Dollar our basic rate is now only
$25.00(CAD) per hour.
(+5%GST for Canadian Clients)
Billed in 15 minute increments.

• 5 hour Package - $112.50 (10% Savings!)

• 10 hour Package - $225.00 (10% Savings!)
• 15 hour Package - $318.75 (15% Savings!)
• 20 hour Package - $400.00 (20% Savings!)

We offer a 15% discount off our basic rate for

Non-profit Organizations and home school families!

Contact us to discuss "special rate packages" for special projects.

For a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and how

we can work together to reach your goals, contact us.

We accept cheques, cash, bank drafts, and money orders.

We also accept credit cards through Paypal.

Billing is done in 15 minute increments.

A deposit of usually 25% is required prior to the start of a project.

Payment is due upon receipt of an invoice.

There will be a $25.00 service charge for any NSF cheques.

Clients will be billed for incidental expenses incurred on their behalf. These include, but are not limited to

photocopying, postage, stationery supplies, shipping, long distance calling, etc.

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:

Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

To Our Clients, We Promise…

 We will accurately represent what our practice is capable of in all marketing,

advertising and promotional materials.
 We will accurately represent our skills, recognizing our limitations and only offering
professional services that we feel competent to provide.
 We will inform prospective clients of any conditions that we am aware of that could
limit our effectiveness.
 We will place each client’s best interest first and foremost, making reasonably certain
that we have the necessary skills and resources to provide the support needed before
entering into a client relationship.
 We will clearly communicate the terms and conditions of any client relationship,
identifying the responsibilities of all parties, and documenting these provisions in a
signed agreement.
 We will honor our contracts, agreements and commitments.
 We will only make commitments that are within our power and abilities to deliver.
 We will accept responsibility for all work we do, admit mistakes and do whatever is
possible to rectify any problems that arise.
 We will maintain the highest level of professionalism, and refrain from misrepresenting
any authority entrusted to me.
 We will maintain accurate and sufficient records of all client work.
 We will safeguard and protect all private and confidential information entrusted to us
or obtained in the course of any working relationship.
 We will not release any client information without prior consent or unless given
instruction or permission by client to do so on his or her behalf.
 We will ensure that electronic and hardcopy record disposal is handled in a confidential
and secure manner.
 We will serve as an effective professional representative of our clients when asked to
do so, and do everything within our power to protect the interest of our clients at all

"Darrell is very capable and offers a great value. He has

worked with me on two projects and I found him to be
personable, technically proficient, and very good at what he
does. He is a true entrepreneur that works hard to get the
job done."
Brian Currie – Owner Value Star
tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:
Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

COST COMPARISON - Full-Time vs. Virtual Assistant

(U.S. Figures)
Full Time Employee - hours 40 Virtual Assistant - pay for hours worked 27.46
Hourly rate 18.00 Hourly Rate 25
Sub Total 720.00 Sub Total per week 686.50
Social Security / FICA @ 6.2% 44.64 Social Security / FICA @ 12.40% pd by me 0.00
Unemployment @ 6.2% of the first $7,000 8.35 Unemployment 0.00
Medicare @ 1.45% 10.44 Medicare @ 2.90% pd by me 0.00
Workman's Comp @ 0.3% for clerical workers 21.60 Workman's Comp 0.00
Vacation Pay (2 weeks) 27.69 Vacation Pay (2 weeks pd by me) 0.00
Federal Holidays (6 per year divided equally) 16.62 Federal Holidays (6 per year pd by me) 0.00
Benefits (approx 1.5% of salary) 10.80 Benefits (pd by me) 0.00


Initial Hours AT work 40.00 Initial Hours AT work 27.46
Coffee Breaks (1 per 4 hrs x 15 mins) 2.50 Coffee Breaks (1 per 4 hrs x 15 mins) 0.00
Lunch Breaks (1 hr per day) 2.50 Lunch Breaks (1 hr per day) 0.00
Personal Phone Calls (2 per day x 10 mins) 2.00 Personal Phone Calls (2 per day x 10 mins) 0.00
Washroom breaks (2 per day x 10 mins) 2.00 Washroom breaks (2 per day x 10 mins) 0.00
Casual conversations (2 per day x 10 mins) 2.00 Casual conversations (2 per day x 10 mins) 0.00
Training (2 weeks first year priced over 1 year) 1.54 Training (2 weeks first year priced over 1 year) 0.00


Other items not taken into calculations: SAVINGS OF HIRING A VA 152.03

Computer for staff person per week
Software for staff person
Furniture for staff person SAVINGS OF HIRING A VA
Office space for staff person PER YEAR!
Cost of advertising for help $7,905.76

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail:

Virtual Assistant Services
44 Bayfield Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2G5

Virtual Assistants: Benefits to YOUR Organization!

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant,

some of which include:

 No need to hire full time employees

 No need to acquire office space, equipment or supplies
 No overhead costs
 No overtime or downtime
 No training costs
 No hiring expenses such as advertising and interviewing
 No need to pay for vacation time or sick days
 No "office hours". We work 6 days a week so are almost

always available for our clients.

 No need to pay for employee benefits such as workers
compensation, CPP, EI or health benefits. As independent
contractors we pay my own taxes and business expenses.

Spend your time working on what you do best and

let Right-Hand-Man do the rest!

You can see all of the Services we offer at:

tel: 1-902-367-5019 e-mail: