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a photo what we love, the grand story that we cherish and a prominent guest whom we have hosted recently.

interview with Máté horváth, rickshaw restaurant Manager on his duties, career development and his hobbies

plan your programs with us! We have listed a number of events for you to discover and enjoy.

corinthia hotel budapest sets example by supporting ill children in cooperation with the Magic lamp foundation.

> during autumn, the theatre season gets going again, performances are launched and stage life comes back into focus. this is also the time when gastronomy and culinary events are in focus in budapest. this is no different in our hotel; we are gearing up for a series of remarkable programs in october. cuisine is an important part of all our lives: either because we enjoy cooking or because we enjoy eating. everyone has stories about their favorite tastes and aromas from childhood, and about what mother or grandmother cooked in the kitchen. the same is equally true of top actors and actresses of our day. We have the opportunity to find out about the favorite meals of these popular artists, and their adventures in the world of gastronomy, during the Melodies and dinner programs in the brasserie and atrium restaurant. but what makes this program truly unique is that the artists also entertain guests with quality programs and musical shows, and during the evening they share their personal reminiscences with regard to individual dishes, they are open to chatting with the guests and answering their questions, thus turning these events into really special occasions. naturally, we continue the highly popular themed sunday brunches; two particular highlights are the upcoming Mexican and treasure hunt brunches. furthermore, this month’s edition includes an interview with Máté, the manager of the rickshaw restaurant, and exactly what the royal spa recommends for this time of the year in order to ‘fine tune’ both health and beauty. finally, we introduce our charming young guests who were filled with joy when we made their dreams come true as part of our year-long cooperation with the charity csodalámpa Wish fulfilling foundation. in addition to the many and varied programs that budapest has to offer we would like to draw your attention to our exhibition (lower lobby) that covers the more than 100 years of history of our hotel. i trust that you find our journal interesting and that our programs to meet your demands and interests.


> a place of enlightenment - our hotel's grand ballroom lobby and entrance - bY andrÁs csongrÁdi

Melodies and dinner in corinthia
> during a press conference held in the

thomas M. fischer | general Manager

hársfa room of the corinthia hotel budapest in early september, the latest dining program of the hotel – Melodies and dinner in corinthia – was presented. it was announced that, as part of this program, famous hungarian actors and actresses including dorottya udvaros, barbara hegyi, gyula bodrogi and János Kulka will make personal appearances at the hotel over the course of the autumn. actress barbara hegyi, actor gyula bodrogi, general Manager of corinthia hotel budapest thomas M. fischer and Joel Khalil, executive chef of the hotel, took part in the briefing. at the Melodies and dinner evenings, artists will present favourite recipes delicacies that are important to them personally and our chef will prepare these dishes to make the dinner a true gourmet experience. the actors and actresses will appear on stage to entertain guests with quality programs and musical shows, and during the evening they will share personal reminiscences with regard to the individual dishes. What’s more, they will chat with the guests and answer their questions, thus making these events really special occasions. the first in the Melodies and dinner series stars dorottya udvaros and takes place on 27 september 2013. dates of other performances are: 24 october 2013 with János Kulka, 21 november 2013 with gyula bodrogi and 19 december 2013 with barbara hegyi.


Andrew Lloyd Webber


the grand story
of corinthia hotel budapest

Meet the staff

The beginning - Chapter 9
> in 1934 hungarian playwright ferenc Molnár became world

Máté Horváth,
How long have you worked at the hotel? In what area do you work now and what are your responsibilities? i joined corinthia hotel budapest as banquet waiter on april 1, 2004. officially, this was my position, but on many occasions i worked for weeks, months, even years in the executive club, room service, brasserie and atrium restaurant, le bar and rickshaw restaurant. this experience has always come in handy. for instance, i learned how to make the perfect long island iced tea in le bar. i should add that it was enormously helpful that earlier i entered the cocktail europe championship in slovakia, where i came in third and received a special prize in both the flavor and display categories. this encouraged me to go for the world championship in san remo, italy, where i placed sixth and also picked up special prizes. but as i have already mentioned, i was always first and foremost in banqueting, so i spent most of my time in this section, and was eventually made banquet head waiter. With my colleagues, i have had the pleasure of overseeing many wonderful programs, outside events and weddings. i have been manager of the rickshaw restaurant since July 1, 2013. What has been your happiest experience in the hotel? i have had thousands of fantastic experiences in banqueting, from the polar bear carved out of an ice block that touched the ceiling next to the ballroom, to launches of different products (cars, computers, telephones...). but perhaps one of the best moments was when – albeit for just a few minutes – i could be a child again. it happened like this: in the valletta ii event room equipment was set up which projected from the ceiling to the ground and simulated a lasercontrolled football pitch; by kicking in the air it sensed where and when the ball was kicked. of course, this all happened at the request of the guest because he didn’t have any help in setting up the system correctly but i had a wonderful time. Many, many wonderful and lovely things have happened in banqueting. i could talk about them for hours. What events can we look forward to this autumn in the Rickshaw Restaurant? We are always looking to find some novelty for enthusiasts of oriental cuisine. in october, we are freshening up the menu to correspond with the season. in november we plan a really special indonesian week with authentic atmosphere and dishes characteristic of the country. among our longer term plans is to publicize and further promote the rickshaw restaurant, and thus we will be taking part in different gastronomy festivals and fairs. What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? at the moment i have a puppy, a german miniature pinscher called Milu. currently we attend kindergarten on saturday and sunday morning, where the puppies are primarily taught to socialize along with more than 20 other puppies of different breeds. Milu is very clever and learns quickly. she will be six months old and excited about starting school because she always wants to play with the bigger dogs.

famous when richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein ii turned his play liliom into the musical carousel. Many years earlier, when composer giacomo puccini asked for Molnár’s permisson to turn his liliom into an opera, he refused, fearing that it would be remembered more as a puccini opera than a Molnár play. but after seeing the duo’s hit musical oklahoma! he gave his consent. he presumably did not mind the fact that liliom became better-known as rodgers and hammerstein’s carousel, at least in the usa. in 1937, hundreds of veterinarians gathered at the grand hotel royal to celebrate 150 years of veterinary education in hungary. that year, the restaurant of the royal won the award of the paris World exhibition. in 1938, the vienna arbitrage enabled horthy to annex back 30% of former hungarian territory from czechoslovakia. five months later, when hitler took over what remained of czechoslovakia, the germans allowed hungary to seize carpathian ruthenia, as well. in 1940, hungary prepared to go to war with romania to regain another lost province, transylvania. again, hitler intervened on horthy’s behalf and gave hungary half of the disputed territory without firing a shot. in april of 1941, hungary became a full member of the axis, participating together with germany and bulgaria when Yugoslavia was invaded. in protest against this, prime Minister pál teleki committed suicide. in 1942 horthy decided to open negotiations with the allies. by 1944 the fortunes of war had turned against germany and the red army stood at hungary’s borders. the germans invited horthy for negotiations at the castle of Klessheim, in salzburg. they kept him virtually captive, so he could not muster any resistance. the Wehrmacht occupied hungary on 19 March 1944 to appoint a puppet government in budapest, which helpfully assisted the germans in deporting the Jews of hungary. horthy decided to act in June, stopping the deportation of the Jews living in budapest. after the romanians switched to the allied side, horthy dismissed the government, began to organize another one and started negotiations with the soviets. this time the germans intervened by sending commander otto skorzeny to budapest. skorzeny, best known for special undercover actions such as rescuing benito Mussolini from imprisonment by the italian government, hit hungary in october 1944, the same day horthy declared an end to the war. this surrender would have cut off a million german troops fighting in the balkan war theatre. skorzeny (code-named operation panzerfaust) kidnapped horthy’s son nicolas and forced his father to revoke his declarations and abdicate. a progerman government was installed under the leader of the arrow cross party, with ferenc szálasi as prime minister. horthy spent the rest of the war under house arrest in bavaria and was arrested by the americans in May 1945. hungary became a battlefield. in co-operation with the nazis, szálasi resumed the deportation of Jews, now focusing almost exclusively on budapest. a fascist reign of terror resulted in random massacres of Jews and other ’suspicious’ people. the retreating german army demolished rail tracks, streets, and communications systems. the advancing russian red army found the country in a state of political chaos. germans fought off the soviet troops near budapest for seven weeks before their defense collapsed; on 4 april 1945 the last german troops were driven out of hungary, now controlled by the soviet red army. at the grand hotel royal, the german commanders had taken their last dip in the pool of the boulevard spa. the spa closed, and would not be reopened until the year 2006. the cinema – an important entertainment factor in times of disaster and crises – continued to operate under the Mafirt (hungarian Movie plc.) until 1948. the royal had survived, but the city of budapest was badly destroyed. almost all the hotels along the danube were in ruins. the MÁv (hungarian railways) suffered grave losses; all its main routes hit, trains, buses and aircrafts were destroyed. the available river fleet on the danube was reduced from over 500 vessels to a mere 18 boats. a new chapter started in the history of budapest. Who would write it? this year the restored and rebuilt grand hotel royal celebrates the 10th anniversary of its reopening on the 30th of april, 2003 as corinthia hotel. several historical periods and chapters will be presented to the readers in the coming issues to commemorate this magnificent hotel.
To be continued…

corinthia hotel st george’s bay
> positioned in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the archipelago of Malta, known to the ancient greeks as Melita or land of honey, is a world-class resort. perfectly located at the entrance to st george’s bay and offering magnificent panoramic views of the sparkling blue Mediterranean, the corinthia hotel st george’s bay personifies the majesty and grace of a country that while small in size, is large of heart and history. With a choice of exhilarating water-sports and a tempting array of Mediterranean-focused restaurants, the hotel makes the most of its waterside setting. this is a resort for business, relaxation and sport. the apollo spa is a tranquil haven, while the water-sport facilities include jet-skis, parasailing and self-drive speedboats. Within the hotel, every guestroom has a large private balcony or terrace and the executive rooms provide access to the businesslike executive club lounge. as for dining, the choices range from casual to smart and from american to italian. it is easily possible to stay a week and dine at a different restaurant each evening. Monday might be french. tuesday could be seafood. for late-night entertainment, our bars and cocktail lounges offer a sophisticated alternative to the throng of nearby nightclubs and entertainment spots. it is also home to extensive conference facilities. the 14 meeting rooms range from boardrooms for 8 delegates to conference rooms for 550 delegates. Most meeting rooms have direct access to sun-terraces with garden or sea views. the corinthia hotel st george’s bay is truly a destination that dreams are made of.


recipe of the Month
the chef recoMMends
> Joel Khalil, executive chef of corinthia hotel budapest joined the

the royal spa’s
recoMMendation for october:
> time expert anti-wrinkle treatment (60 min) for her

hotel having already established himself as a highly skilled professional on a number of continents. his last appointment was the position of the executive chef of sofitel Macau in asia and prior to that he was working in dublin, switzerland, tel aviv, london, brunei and hong Kong. his international career experiences have inspired him to create some exciting, easy-to-make recipes. We invite you to cook with us and try Joel's favorites.

this revolutionary anti-wrinkle treatment tackles the visible signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté following the botox principle. > “for men” c plus energy treatment (60 min) for hiM an intensive detoxifying skin-vitalizing program for youthful and fresh-looking skin the royal spa welcomes you every day from 6.30 am until 10.00 pm. please contact spa reception on 7650 for further information.

Joel Khalil | Executive Chef

our offer - sundaY brunch

(4 servings, 789Kcal/serving) toKaJi JellY 1 cup tokaji wine | 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin | baKed pear and sYrup | 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise | 200ml water | 150gr sugar | 1 tablespoon freshly ground star anise | ? teaspoon freshly ground cinnamon | 2 pears, peeled | 4 slices grade a foie gras (about 50gr each) | fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper | 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

brasserie & atrium restaurant • every sunday from 12:00 until 16:00 hours cost of the sunday brunch: adults huf 8900; children age 6 -14 years get 50% discount; free for children under the age of 6.

Mexican brunch

date | 6 october 2013 12:00-16:00 | brasserie restaurant
> there’s a mega Mexican wave washing over brunchtime this week with

hot, spicy and exciting dishes at the top of the menu. Just listen to this list: taco, tortilla, burrito, jalapeno, corn, beans, nachos and dips, washed down tequila or mezcal, Mexican beers or a margarita cocktail. We have live Mexican music, and the kids can even learn how to make a fantastic sombrero. hola, Mexico!!!

go Wild brunch

date | 13 october, 2013 12:00-16:00 | brasserie restaurant
> the delicious scents of fine autumn fare waft from the brasserie

for the toKaJi JellY • place the tokaji wine in a heavy small saucepan. add the gelatin. let stand until the gelatin softens, about 5 minutes. bring the mixture to a simmer. Whisk over low heat until the gelatin is dissolved, about 1 minute. strain the wine mixture into a miniature square container so that the mixture is about 2 cm deep. cover and refrigerate until the mixture is softly set, at least 2 hours and up to 2 days. for the baKed pears and sYrup • scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean into a heavy medium saucepan; add the bean. add the water, sugar, star anise, and cinnamon. bring the liquid to a boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves. cut the pears lengthwise in half. using a melon baller, remove the core and seeds from the pears. put the pears into a pot, add some syrup and bake in oven until a skewer pierces the pears easily. to finish and serve • sprinkle the foie gras with fleur de sel and pepper. preheat a frying pan to high heat. add the foie gras and cook until deep golden brown markings appear, pressing with a spatula, about 1 minute per side. reduce the heat to low and cook until the center of the foie gras is warm, about 2 minutes longer per side. transfer the foie gras to paper towels to absorb excess oil. • Meanwhile, cut the jelly crosswise into 3/4-inch-thick slices. place 1 foie gras slice in the center of each plate. place 1 pear half alongside each foie gras. place 1 jelly slice along the opposite side of the foie gras. drizzle the chilled poaching syrup around the foie gras and serve immediately.

restaurant. this sunday’s theme is hunting, game and the outdoor life. start with a warming and hearty wild boar or pheasant soup and then order a selection of game meat - venison, hare, deer, capon, mallard - served on a wooden platter. What better to go with this than a full bodied bull’s blood red wine from eger or szekszárd, brought to the table in a terracotta jug. the decoration continues this theme (guns, hunting horns, clothing) and the children can learn how to make a hunting hat.

bbQ brunch

date | 20 october, 2013 12:00-16:00 brasserie and sauces, got some genuine foot-tapping country music going and the steaks are sizzling on the grill. a local craft beer-maker will be there to demonstrate his art and of course there will be plenty to sample as well. Wind the bbQ up with pancakes (kids just love choosing the whole range of toppings we have on offer).

> everyone loves a barbeque, it’s a big favourite with the whole family. We’ve lined up the skewers, dips

treasure hunt brunch

date | 27 october, 2013 12:00-16:00 | brasserie restaurant

> this is a really imaginative corinthia brunch that is guaranteed to thrill the

children as they hunt for ’gold nuggets’ hidden throughout the hotel (a map will help them locate the precious objects). We have a treasure chest stuffed to overflowing with jewels, a dramatic exhibition of minerals and pearls, chocolate gold coins and treasure chest cake. for the older pirates there is carat vodka and champagne with gold leaf shaped desserts.

halloWeen brunch

date | 3 november, 2013 12:00-16:00, brasserie restaurant

> the brasserie and atrium restaurant are putting on a special halloween

MYsterY of roYal Your Quest starts here

date | 2013. október 16.

> the corinthia hotel budapest's game is based on a 'robbery',the

brunch with a menu of special dishes like pumpkin cream soup and roasted pumpkin. special halloween features will entertain our guests like witches, black and orange balloons, white spider webs and pumpkin carving from the kitchen. cocktails include black Martini, bloddy red cosmo and black Widow. Join us with your family on this special day.

circumstances of which should be detected by you, the police inspector. if you are ready to join this adventure then reserve your participation via . each brave detective’s task is to figure out Who? When? Where? Why? and how the robbery was commited. each game round has a story that describes the happenings and that will be the base of the investigation. the most important thing is to determine the starting point by guessing a quiz and then spot by spot get answers for the most important questions. if you figure out all the answers and find all the tracks, you will solve the robbery and win the game! during the challenging mystery game we will invite you to a nice dinner and of course the winner will be rewarded with exclusive corinthia presents. the most important thing is to determine the starting point by guessing a quiz and then spot by spot get answers for the most important questions. if you figure out all the answers and find all the tracks, you will solve the robbery and win the game! during the challenging mystery game we will invite you to a nice dinner and of course the winner will be rewarded with exclusive corinthia presents.

in the spotlight - Melodies and dinner at corinthia
date | 24 october, 2013 | atrium restaurant

János Kulka: the fall fleW into paris, and the Kitchen
> János Kulka, the popular hungarian actor is well known for his love of the french culture whether its gastronomy or a chanson. We offer you a menu inspired by french cuisine accompanied by stories of Kulka’s childhood and youth in szeged. the actor also shares his own tips and tricks for cooking. these sophisticated dishes and wines capture the same elegance that János Kulka represents in his work and private life.

the price of the event: 24990 huf

table reservation and further inforMation: +36 1 479-4800 or


prograMs in october


only 2 minutes walk from corinthia

hotel budapest

corinthia hotel budapest
october aWaits us With a Wide range of colors in nature as Well as in the prograMs on offer... … festivals that shouldn’t be missed tamás ungár Chief Concierge

For further information and reservations, please contact the Concierge.

festivals ...
> on october 4-8 the 6th annual pálinka and sausage festival is underway in the oroszlános and hunyadi courtyards of the buda castle. the aim of the festival is to call the public's attention to hungarian specialties and the importance of tradition, as well as to share hungary’s finest pálinkas and sausages with as many people as possible. 25 pálinka distilleries, 10 sausage manufacturers, and several wine and cheese-makers will have their goods on display. this year the invited guest is Mexico and its famous spirit, tequila. visitors will have the chance to find out how agave is turned into tequila and how some of the well-known Mexican specialties are made. > ten days dedicated entirely to culture - this could be a short summary of the café budapest contemporary arts festival, held on october 5 -14. this events series, which continues the traditions of the budapest autumn festival, will feature giants of contemporary popular and classical music, with electronic music and visual design highlighted in this year’s program. the list of venues includes popular cafés and retro pubs, - like a38, café Jedermann and szatyor bar contemporary art galleries - like trafó - and many of the city's theaters -like Átrium cinema, and the national theater. the program offers an exciting repertoire of theatre, dance and musical performances. > on october 13 the fascinating scenery and the beauty of budapest make the 28. spar international Marathon a unique experience. the route of the budapest Marathon passes by heroes' square, andrassy avenue, chain bridge, buda castle, Margaret island and the parliament building. participants include more than 4300 runners from more than 60 different countries. > on october18-19 Jazzy radio brings to budapest the greatest

> the new hungarian musical comedy! a real romantic riot! it’s so tough that a man has to have all the women! but it’s much worse when he gets them! there’ll be about 400 types of women… tubby and grubby, blonde and blowsy... flighty and feisty, beauty and beast.... but whether it’s heaven or hell... …will become clear under the spotlights of Madách theatre! polYgaMY! brilliant lovey-dovey, brilliant humour, brilliant music! brilliant!

… outstanding concerts of all genre...
Ballets like Giselle and the Golden Brush, operas like La traviata, Tannhauser, Falstaff, Der Rosenkavalier and The Verdi Gala Evening are waiting for art lovers at the State Opera this month.
> the festival theatre offers a colorful repertoire of all

genres, including recirquel – night circus, oktoberpest – tango show, szeged contemporary ballet – carmina burana, experidance – the Wooden prince and Jazz Workshop by eszter váczi and Quartet – arabesque. While the national concert hall awaits classical music fans with finely selected pieces like four strings together - violin gala on international Music day, Mark padmore and the britten sinfonia, richard strauss: the silent Woman - a joint production of the hungarian national philharmonic and the palace of arts, and the national philharmonic orchestra, offering three special performances starring Maria João pires. operetta theatre has a wide range of programs, including rebecca, elisabeth, Józsiás the devil-slayer, romeo and Juliet, the adventures of the flying grandma and ghost.

… and excellent exhibitions and fairs

of contemporary jazz from all around the world for the Jazzy festival 2013. the festival will take place in the MoM center. the program of these two magnificent days looks like this: october 18– incognito is a british band and a member of the united Kingdom’s acid jazz movement. october 19 - club des belugas is one of the leading nujazz projects in germany. they combine contemporary european lounge & nujazz styles with brazilian beats, swing and american black soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies using their unique creativity and intensity.

> every year following the World press photo contest, the winning images go on tour. approximately 200 pictures, the works of 57 photographers from 24 countries, made the final set of the 2013 traveling World press photo exhibition. the photos can be seen in budapest at the Museum of ethnography from september 27 to october 27.

> gouba is a regularly scheduled art market in the gozsdu courtyard every sunday from 10 am to 7 pm, inviting both tourists and locals for a refreshing walk in the heart of the city. gouba entertains particular and open-minded visitors with unique works by representative artists and craftsmen, designers and antiquarians, as well as valuable works of art and antiques. an even more unique ambience is created by the young musicians who play wellknown and new jazz compositions to the delight of the audience.
András Csongrádi, Max Richardson, Courtesy pictures
photos by


supporting children

> corinthia hotel budapest believes that as well as guaranteeing maximum guest satisfaction, it is equally important to act as a role model in the area of

corporate social responsibility. at the end of 2012 we finalized a strategic cooperation agreement with the csodalámpa (Magic lamp) Wish fulfilling foundation, now in its 10th year of operation. We have a common purpose: to help people in need. the Magic lamp Wish fulfilling foundation makes the wishes and hopes of children who suffer from life-threatening diseases come true, giving them unforgettable experiences and breaking the dull routine of hospital treatment. the foundation – acting together with generous, supportive individuals and companies – has been fulfilling wishes since november 2003, in which time it has made the dreams of around 2,000 seriously ill children come true. it is our intention to contribute to this worthy cause and brighten up the lives of needy children in 2013. the latest charity action of the corinthia hotel budapest in cooperation with the Magic lamp foundation fulfilled the wish of 6-six year old csaba tŒzsér– who suffers from sMa disease. csaba received a tablet pc and spent an unforgettable weekend at the corinthia hotel budapest being pampered by the staff and especially enjoying the royal spa facilities.

table reservation and further inforMation: +36 1 479-4800 or

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