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Dear Sir/Madam The food science industry contributes immensely to the food security and economy of a nation.

Food is necessary for growth, healthy living and it is also the primary source of energy. The field of food science and nutrition has always fascinated me. I find issues of food safety, food security and poverty alleviation as very important as they affect the livelihood of people in our region. This is more so now as we are faced with climate change. I attained a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Food Science and Nutrition with a 2.1 class from the Midlands State University of Zimbabwe in 2010. I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Food Science at the University of Pretoria primarily because the programs course outline is in line with my desired career path. I believe there is a lot that I will learn which will help to broaden my perspective and to contribute to my personal development. The program will also empower me with knowledge and experience in food chemistry, food microbiology and analytical skills. I will also obtain experience in international communication and cooperation. The chance to learn from, interact, research and study with distinguished experts will be an experience that would contribute enormously to my academic and career plans. I have had the opportunity to intern at the Matabeleland North (Zimbabwe) provincial nutritionist office where I gained a lot of knowledge on human nutritional sciences. I participated in public health interventions and assisted in the development and implementation of various nutrition programmes. My passion for the food science industry drives me to pursue and better myself through education. Currently I am teaching A Level food science and a Masters degree in the program will empower me to impart recent and relevant information. Lastly a Masters qualification from a reputable institution such as the University of Pretoria would enable me to contribute to the production and processing of quality nutritious foods as a manufacturer. In this way I will contribute to the improvement of food security in the region. In conclusion, the skills and knowledge I will obtain from the masters program at the University of Pretoria will increase and improve my knowledge in food science and related fields. It will also be a great social experience living and learning new cultures. The opportunity will enlarge my educational background and catapult my career growth also it will contribute to the economy and food security of our region. My strong attributes are self discipline, self motivated, innovative, self driven and I have a high value for achievement. On that note I look forward to meeting the University of Pretoria Food Science department team in person next year.

Sincere regards, Ayanda Ncube