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Olpers Ramzan Commercial Ad 2010

Every Ramzan Olpers brings about a treat for the eye which leaves behind a viral trail for everyone to discuss and share on social networks. Olpers Ramzan campaign is a blend of vintage treasures and gleeful moments that depict the true spirit of Ramzan, such is the case of the much appreciated old songs that are part of their campaign almost every year. Hence, the nostalgia and emotions triggered generate much of brand recall. The cultural aspect highlighted upon reveals the togetherness and family values of the entire Muslim culture no matter what the nationality. Thus, Olper s association with the family and cultural aspect continues its journey each Ramzan. Every time, people from various cities and countries are shown celebrating the moment of happiness whether its the preparation for Sehri or Iftar. Time difference continues but faith, love and affection stay the same as a result of the prevailing norm of the Holy month of Ramzan. In this particular campaign, Olpers focuses on this aspect by showing children of different nationalities who share the same sentiments. Be it a hurt human being or a hurt animal, these values teach people to care and share for everyone starting from their childhood stage, hence, the depiction in this campaign

Children in the ad refreshes viewers hope, faith in Allah and it conveys a feeling to the survivors of incident that they are not alone, whole nation is with them. They pray for the development of our country and at the same time showing the milk of olper s. Non-verbal communication in this advertisement campaign are mainly the prayers. The children pray for the welfare of the country and their mother is pleased to see them. And at the same time it is the moment of the first iftari of his young son which is termed as Rooza Kooshai. His mother and daughter are ready to serve him the olpers milk. It is a reality based advertisement. The ad beautifully highlights values and traditions. This ad came with a message of unity, hope, Muslim teachings, caring and love! Ad speaks for the incidents took place in 2010, from economic crisis to Air Blue plane crash and then worst floods in our nations history. Section II In this ad, there is no gender discrimination in this advertisement. Children and elder models are working at same level. I would say that Children are given priority. The reason for this is to show the feelings for the people died in different incidents in Pakistan and children are the best to show the innocence. This advertisement campaign is carried through Television, internet, newspaper, signboards and magazines. The attitude used in this ad is clearly the WE attitude. Although it is a milk ad but still the makers of this ad emphasize on the unity and prayers for the innocence people who died over the last years. As the prayer is carried out for the whole country so we must conclude that WE attitude is being used. The target audience in this advertisement is all the Pakistanis. Whether he belong to an elite class or a middle class. The main emphasize is the unity of the country regardless of the color, language or class. And in other part the children are the main focus when the Rooza Kooshai is carried out. Body language of models is perfect and this ad is directed and produced well. This ad is appealing because of its cast too. Its showing the Muslims religious activities in the month of Ramadan. Children are praying while elders are looking after the preparation of iftari. One worth mentioning factor about the ad is that there is no direct dialogue between any of the actors; still the ad is able to say so much to its viewers. It is clearly able to convey its message to us. Although the theme of the ad is Ramadan, still it is highlighting the different ways to use the product very well. For instance the ad shows that Olper s can be drank directly, it can be put in tea, and it can be eaten with cornflakes and is also being used to make pastries. This is a brilliant way of positioning the product in the market.

Section III Such unique advertising makes Olpers stand out from the rest of the competition thus making it the market challenger in this regard while there seems to be no direct response or competing campaigns from other brands in the industry of similar quality. The religious festivities and cultural aspect highlighted generate a brand rub in terms of the portrayed attributes which eventually have become a basis of Olpers positioning and therefore much appreciated by consumers. Therefore, the brand has been very successful in showing Islamic nations as a united faction where religion builds a strong bond of togetherness and family values which are significantly highlighted. In a country where traditional marketing overshadows the digital medium, Engro Foods media team gets the major credit for taking this digital initiative and putting their power brand Olpers in the leading role and set an example for many followers to come. It all started with an out of the box idea by Engro Foods, who worked to initiate this brilliant digital Ramzan Campaign. This is thus a good example of achievement regarding what the ultimate consumers prefer rather than what the company wants to sell. Engro has thus been able to acknowledge and make great use of what was to get the brand a quick viral impact and appreciation from people as part of the digital boost they gave. Hats off to all the people involved in the execution of this campaign as this may end up being an industry benchmark for many marketers who aspire to use the digital campaign. So far none of the brands in similar category have adopted such an approach of reaching out to the target audience and enjoy fame like Olpers which has been able to give an innovative twist to ATL activities here. Its about being different and making consumers notice whats new and attention grabbing. Eventually, the recall is high making the brand and overall campaign a top of the mind thing when it comes to Ramzan. It is because Olpers has bui lt upon and focused on the emotional side of consumers thereby inculcating an Islamic theme to its campaign every year which makes it memorable as opposed to traditional advertising.