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Vol. 74 No. 32 October 9 - 15, 2013 50 cents

Joe Paluszek wins PBA Tyler Cacioppo Eastern Open Title
By Russ Mills - PBA

participated in Friday’s LEVITTOWN, N.Y. – Joe pro-am using a 10-pound Paluszek of Bensalem, Pa., ball. It was his first PBA earned his third career activity since April. Brian Professional Bowlers Ziesig, the winner of the Association Regional title 2009 Tour event, also parwhen he defeated Danny ticipated in the weekend’s Wiseman of Baltimore, 279fundraiser and regional, 190, in the PBA Tyler where he finished 10th. Cacioppo Crohn’s and All proceeds of the weekColitis Eastern Open at end went to the Crohn’s & South Levittown Lanes. Colitis Foundation of Paluszek posted a 7-5 America. match play record to qualiTim Beaver, Kingston, fy in the fourth and final PBA photo N.Y., finished third and spot for the stepladder Tournament namesake Tyler Cacioppo with earned a $1,100 paycheck finals. In the title match, he champion Joe Paluszek. followed by: 4th, Tommy started with three strikes, converted a spare and struck out to collect the Dakouvanos, Belford, N.J., $1,000; 5, Anthony $2,500 first prize. Wiseman, a 12-time PBA Tour Pepe, Elmhurst, N.Y., $800; 6, Sam Maccarone, champion and 2012 PBA Hall of Fame inductee, Glassboro, N.J., $700; 7, Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich., $680; 8, Louis Gaudio, Morganville, N.J., earned $1,300 as the runner-up. The event, new this year to the East Region $660; 9, John Furey, Freehold, N.J., $640; 10, schedule, was part of a fund-raiser weekend to Brian Ziesig, Levittown, N.Y., $620; 11, Eric benefit 14 year-old Tyler Cacioppo, who suffers Cornog, Cherry Hill, N.J., $600; 12, Gary Haines, from Crohn’s Disease. The fund-raiser began in West Babylon, N.Y., $590; 13, Joe Novara, East 2009 after the Cacioppo family met PBA Tour Patchogue, N.Y., $580; 14, Darryl Bower, champion Rhino Page while bowling in the pro-am Middletown, Pa., $570; 15, Johnathan Bower, portion of the GEICO Mark Roth Plastic Ball Middletown, Pa., $560; 16, Rob Gotterbarn Jr., Garden City, N.Y., $550. Championship. The PBA East Region’s next tournament will be Page helped establish the Rhino Page & Friends Lace Up to Strike Out Crohn’s & Colitis the Bryan’s Bowling Center Eastern Open presentFundraiser and has participated in the event each ed by The Insurance Market in Laurel, Del., Nov. year. Page, who is recovering from wrist surgery, 15-17.

Parker Bohn III Wins First European Title in Slovakia
By Bill Vint - PBA Tobias Börding PBA Hall of rolled a 239 game Famer Parker to eliminate Bohn III , a 33England’s Dom time PBA Tour Barrett (206) and champion, won P o n t u s his first European Andersson (165) Bowling Tour title of Sweden. In the when he defeated three-player Finland’s Joonas semifinal round Jehkinen, 255shoot-out, 218, to win the Jehkinen (235) BNC Open at eliminated BNC Bowling Börding (219) Center in PBA photo and PBA star and Bratislava, Parker Bohn III fellow Finn Mika Slovakia. Bohn, who earned approximate- Koivuniemi (196). Earlier in the tournament, ly US $9,465, for his victory, averaged 252.75 in the Round of 16 to Koivuniemi rolled a 300 game, qualify No. 1 for the six-player adding Slovakia as the 21st differstepladder finals. In the opening ent country in which he has shoot-out match, Germany’s recorded a perfect game.

Mike Ong 300 at Lodi Lanes
LODI, NJ - Mike Ong blasted a 300 game then added a 265 to finish with a 771 set in the Saturday Fil-Am at Lodi Lanes. But it was Bobby Castillo’s 280-280-246806 that earned high series honors for the night. Flor Mangasi tossed a 270, Marvin McCarroll 265, Hans Javier 277-269-743, Chris Garbode 266-277-767, and Vernon Moody rolled a 268.

Bob Jacobson 300 at Rab’s
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Bob Jacobson blasted a 300 game finishing with a 717 series in the Mike Massaroli Memorial League at Rab’s Country Lanes. Jeff Doctor rolled a near perfect 299 followed by Joe Ambroso tossing 278, Anthony Pellegrino 247-678, and Steve DeMaria 245668.

Efren Capalaran, Flor Mangasi 300 at Lodi Lanes
LODI, NJ - Flor Mangasi found the line to perfection posting a 300 game in the Sunday Fil-Am F.A.S.T. League at Lodi Lanes. Efren Capalaran rolled his 300 while competing in the Survivors Trios League where Brian Creeley rolled a 258 game. High rollers in the Wednesday Night Live were Joe Serico 259, Shayne Thomas 257, Ryan Michalski 254. John Seoane found his way to a 288 game finishing up with a 750 set in the Saturday Fil-Am followed by Vernon Moody tossing 287-751, Shawn Bautista 269, Bobby Castillo 269, Chris Garbode 269, Charlonda Baldwin 258, and Jessica Calabrese with a nice 248 game. Leading the Wednesday Men's 820 was Ray Turton with a 280 to highlight his716 series followed by Mike Lennox with 279-759, and Eric Frey hitting 277. The Thursday Early Mix had Ed Biggy pitching a 268 game, Charles Jackson 256, and Mike Minervini 252.

Matt Vanderhoff Blasted 300, Joe Truchan 290-763 at Montvale
MONTVALE, NJ - Joe Truchan blasted scores of 229-244-290 for a 763 series to lead all scoring in the Thursday Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes. Matt Vanderhoff fired a 300-706 series for high game of the week. Ed McAuliffe 258-714, Rich Naclerio 236-704, Dave Spano, 257-701, Tom Fojtlin 242-692, Ken Brown 257-688, and Mike Rovetto 236-685.



October 9 - 15, 2013

USBC Youth Open Will Have Girls Division
By Terry Bigham - IBC ARLINGTON, Texas - The United States Bowling Congress Youth Open Championships will have separate singles and doubles divisions for girls in 2014, and the Youth Open West Region tournament also will return in 2014. Nearly 1,400 bowlers took part in the 2013 Youth Open Championships held in Detroit last summer. The tournament had a scholarship pool of more than $80,000 and champions were crowned in U8, U12, U15 and U20 divisions. The 2014 Youth Open, which will be held in the Buffalo, N.Y., area in July, will have girls divisions in singles and doubles. Doubles teams of two girls automatically will be placed in the girls division and mixed doubles teams will be placed in the boys division. In past years, divisions were determined by average; last year, the tournament moved to age-based divisions and giving the girls competitors a separate division is necessary. "This will give the girls the chance to compete against their peers for their own titles," said Chad Murphy, International Bowling Campus Managing Director of Youth Development. "While there is a doubles competition just for girls, they will have an option if they want to have a male partner for the event." An all-time high series and three perfect games highlighted the competition at the 2013 USBC Youth Open Championships, but the tournament also experienced a disruption. Severe weather caused a power outage at Sterling Lanes, forcing the cancellation of several squads. "We attempted the reschedule teams but, because of travel considerations, some bowlers were not able to take part in the tournament and we apologize for that," Murphy said. "It was an unfortunate circumstance." The Youth Open Championships West Region made its debut this past summer and will return in 2014. The West Region event was created so USBC Youth bowlers out west could have a major tournament option closer to home. Cal Bowl in Lakewood, Calif., located near Disneyland and other tourist destinations in southern California, will host the tournament June 21-22. The 2014 USBC Youth Open Championships will take place July 1027 at AMF Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga, N.Y. Online registration for both tournaments now is available. Go to for information on the USBC Youth Open Championships and for information on the USBC Youth Open West Region.

This guy swaggers up to me and says, "Bowling is a stupid game.” "Oh yeah.” said I. "Oh yeah.” said he. "Why?" said I. "I'll tell you why." said he. And with all the nice stuff out of the way his mouth was off and running. "Two bowlers are working on a strike. The first rolls a gutter ball or gets two or three off on his next ball. The other bowler throws what looks like a perfect ball, but the 10 pin doesn't go down. If they both make their spares, the score is exactly the same even though the first bowler's performance can hardly compare with the effort of the second." I told him, “you’re all wrong. Things aren't what they seem to be. It all evens out in the end. If a bowler keeps rolling bad balls on strikes he'll leave tough spares and will miss many of them. And if you keep the ball in the pocket you'll get more than your share of strikes. It's like the baseball player who hits line drives right at an opposing player. Sooner or later, they're going to fall for hits." I thought I slowed him down a bit but he came right back, saying, "And you bowling writers, always talking about how many pins a bowler knocks down. You never get it right." This attack raised my ire and in defense of all the overworked and underpaid bowling writers in this world (all three of them) I meanly asked, "And what do you mean by that?" He quickly countered my question with his own. "How many pins does a bowler actually knock down when he rolls a 300 game?” I quickly figured 12 strikes times 10 pins equals 120 and told him so. He smiled. "So the most pins you can actually knock down in a game

is 120. Yet, one bowler can knock down 120 pins and score a 300 game while another can knock down 120 pins by recording nine spares and a triple in the last frame, and all he can shoot is 202 at best." He was wound up now and kept going. "When a bowler finishes with a 650 series you writers often say he knocked down 650 sticks, had total pinfall of 650 or some other phrase that adds up to the same thing, that a bowler knocked down 650 pins. He never did. He may have knocked down only 270 pins and scored a 650 series. So why don't you bowling people wise up and say a bowler scored 300 points or 650 points instead of saying he knocked down 300 or 650.” He pushed on, "Who devised this system of bowling scoring? Has anyone in bowling ever analyzed what I'm saying and thought about changes?" My adversary was getting to me and whether he had a point or not, he was stabbing pretty good. I weakly defended our position on scoring telling him that it was such a basic standard that changes in scoring would create havoc and added that it had stood the test of time just fine until he opened up. I had little defense in regard to pinfall and reluctantly agreed that maybe we should say points instead of pins. I finally had to resort to my "get you off the hook”•phrase. Whenever a sportswriter friend of mine receives a nasty.or critical letter he jots off a note to the sender, saying, "Maybe you're right." That’s what I told this critic. He went away happy and left me in a quandry. The thing that really got me was the simple fact I hadn't thought of some of his criticism long before he brought it up.

It would have made a heck of a column.

October 9 - 15, 2013



Lake Hiawatha – Paul CeCe 245-662, Ralph Heiss 231-595, Van Thompson 227-645, J.W. Albensi III 226-632, Maryann Abasto 206-569, Kimberly Feehan 178-488, Jacklyn Coren 137-387. Spanish American Mixed – Chris Morris 245-657, Matt Svoboda 236, Tyrone Waal 226-630. Monday Early Birds – Brian Pires 257-635, Evan Warshaw 235-602, Ken Goerge 235576, Kevin Sikora 224-585, Tina Richardson 215-529, Leeann Chervnsik 192-489, Michelle Clouse 178-507, Judy Rollnick 168-421. Fox Hills Seniors - Steve Rainer 209, Don King 202, Steve Friedman 201-549, Lenny Richman 200, Rick Martone 198-543, Lorraine Dacko 169-425, Helen Loverro 151-395, Kathy Ingenito 149-388, Johanna Hofgesang 148-382, Ellen Nowicki 148. County Tuesday Night Mixed – Tyrone Waal 279, Matt Franke 279-712, Michael Kolibaba 265, PJ. Adams 258-729, Matthew Wood 256-669, Lee Ann Mackin 234-607, Lynn Coleman 213-581, Vicki Simon 202, Sue Dombrinsky 201-544, Sandy Turner 200564. Morris Hills Mixed – Sal Antoniello 200-497, Jay Taormina 176-438, Bob McClughan 175-456, Andy Romo 165-419, Bill Woodbury 162-438, Pam Antoniello 211-487, Rita McKoy 177-438, Beth Williams 166-461, Dolores Webb 163-444. Rockaway Woman – Tammy Baldwin 230-537, Colleen Boyd 197-537, Susan Chillemi 185-504, Pat Somers 184-469, Tracy OLeary 180-442, Annette Rossi 176-443, Marie Slater 165-453, Rochelle Duda 162, Gay Raab 162-447. Rockaway Foursome – PJ Adams 279-710, Chris Morris 258-710, Bob McGee 246, Ed Cook 241-678, Allen Apgar 241, Joan Dakak 243-567, Liza DiNapoli 217-586, Liesl Apgar 214-602, Joyce Hulbert 212-577. PBA Experience – Ken Yokobosky 267-605, Gary Malone 236-618, Jack Milne 223556, John Briggs 220-551, Philip St Amand 215, Tim Panek 203-575, Brian Scott 201516, Robert Rhodes 198-544, Liesl Apgar 184-509, Donna McKendrick 175-449, Dori Tingoli 162-473, Tami Mehesy 158-445. Nor-Bu – Bill Karpack 236-661, Keith Helbourg 226-565, Patrick Deo 222-565, Stacy Titus 209-588, Maryann Abasto 188-493, Marie Vantreuren 178-486. Thursday Nite Mixed – Kevin Helm 299-614, Nick Westergaard 267-627, Mike Ireton 266-638, Robert Rhodes 265-610, Graby Brown 258-646, Kim Cartelli 223-591, Tami Mehesy 215-512, Lynn Coleman 204-530, Nidia Haneveld 187-533. Lake Hiawath Men – John Finno 299-826, Sam Sapio 279-687, J. W. Albensi III 268681, Paul CeCe 257-702, Mike Harris 243-607, Maryann Abasto 243-577, Kinberly Feehan 186-537, Jaclyn Coren 183-425, Pamela Duff 139-311. Youth Program Bumper Busters – Michael M 118-206, Jacob Paniconi 92-74, Ricky R 90-165. Ball Busters – Jack Cook 278-767, Ryan Ackerman 267-636, Brandon Kwestel 222-584, Haley Paccione 188-497, Emma Wright 136-358, Stephanie Sihlanick 128-328.



October 9 - 15, 2013

Kenny Reinhardt 279
FARMINGDALE, NY – Kenny Reinhardt, Jr. fired a high game of 279 in the Wednesday Early Men’s Handicap League. Joe Inzitillo shot 277-265-733, Mike Maisono 269-225226-720, Nathaniel Fuller 269-708, Mac McNally 269751, Joe DiGiacomo 268-258-716, Mike Sikorski and Dennis Rashkover 267, John Bergen 266-267-266-799, and Elie Myers 263.

Mike Bagnato 267
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Bagnato led the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing a high game of 267. Ken Tamburrino shot 222-210, Frank Berardino 215-205, Steve Butera 212, Tim Jackson 210-208, Brian Walsh 207, Pete Tonon 206, and Dale Alberino 205.

Don Ciervo 264
FARMINGDALE, NY – Don Ciervo paced the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing a high game of 264. Dael Alberino hit 246-209-214-669, Dean Alberino 223201, Ken Tamburrino 217, and Brian Wlash 207-208-213628. Joe Napoli rolled 224, Luke Richardson 217, Kerri Delisi 234-233, Mackenzie Wagner 224-200, Deanna Rosenberg 214, Rosie Snyder 211, and Aahish Chohan 207 in the St. Marti’s Majors League.

Chris Weiss 710
FARMINGDALE, NY – Chris Weiss led the scoring in the Sunday Early Mixed League firing games of 254-249 for a high series of 710. Nick Butera shot 246-213-644, George Mazzocchi 241217, Paul Burns 207-236-202-645, Mike Garfinkel 236625, Ramon Carcamo 233, Craig Bogart 231-204, Rainer Lattier 226, and John Diamond 222. In the Saturday Island Trees League David DeLise shot 230, Joe Montefusco 211-211-615, Tony Mattia 206, Lori Siegbner 202, and Terri Saracino 184.

Andrew Carrig 714
FARMINGDALE, NY – Andrew Carrig led the scoring in the Thursday 3-Man League firing games of 278-236 for a high series of 714. Rich Brennan rolled 268, Mark Monfolett 267-246-698, Zbigniew Kamirowski 265-257, Tom Colon 237-260-233730, Joe Costanzo 231-244-249-724, and Mike Fradera 258.

Eric Vazquez 659
FARMINGDALE, NY – Eric Vazquez paced the scoring in the Wed. Party League firing game s of 210-235-214 for a high series of 659. Mike Marrazzo shot 237-224-650, Lester Tse 234, Robert Engellau 229, Vinny Mastraniello 219,a nd Steven Dawideit 216.

October 9 - 15, 2013



"Contemporar y bowling centers where league bowlers are always welcome"
"We open every day at 9am as we have since 1960"



October 9 - 15, 2013

In the Monday Seniors: Joe Marsiello 242, Bob Haskin 216,602, Richie Coyer 215,202,606, Ray Wilson 202. In the Monday LIA: Tim Sciascia 246, Charlie Cuttone 244, Darren Thomas 234,627, Lorraine Morante 245,237,654, Jen Zappolo 236, Dawn Palladino 214. In the Tuesday Early Birds: Diane Parziale 222,616, Ginger Keinath 201, Ann Marie Romano 201,600, Karen Bernardo 259,252,690-210. In the Tuesday Postal: Jay Gellman 257. In the Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Dan Hastings 247,236, Mike Gregorio 243,679, Joe McLaughlin 620. In the Wednesday Early Birds: Suzanne Gates 200-213 In the Wednesday Swingtime Seniors: Joe Macaluso 203, Cappy Caporusso 235. In the Wednesday Young at Heart Seniors: Richie Coyer 237,234,672, Joe Cagna 205, Joe Marsiello 203, Bob Haskin 203, Pete Thomasefsky 258,216,642, Charlie Stumpf 222,204-253, Ray Wilson 204. In the Thursday Night Foursome: Jas Santoro 289,738, Mike Mutch 279, Denis Mendelson 268, Joe Valdina 266, Ray Munoz Jr. 264, Jery Neubauer 258,257,741, Jack Edvabsky 255,706, Jeff Hower 255, Tom Olino 705.


October 9 - 15, 2013



Tom Wilkinson 774
STATEN ISLAND, NY Tom Wilkinson topped the scoring in the Rab Wilkinson Memorial League firing games of 289-247 for a high series of 774. Keith Wunderlich shot 673, Tim McAuliffe 268-683, Marco Recchia 246, Mitch Bass 249, Rob Taglianetti 258, Jim Oliveiri, Sr. 262, Mike Alesia 248-682, and John Drabczyk 246-677.

ARLINGTON, Texas - After successful inaugural events, the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Senior Championships and World Singles Championships will return in 2015 and 2016, respectively. The 2015 World Senior Championships have been awarded to Sam's Town in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, while the 2016 World Singles Championships have been awarded to Doha, Qatar. "We were extremely excited and impressed by the way the world bowling community embraced these inaugural events and look forward to growing them even further," WTBA President and CEO Kevin Dornberger said. "Las Vegas and Qatar will be fantastic hosts, and we look forward to working with them to make our bowlers' experience second to none." The first World Senior Championships was conducted last month at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas and drew more than 200 players age 50 and older from 33 countries. The 2015 event at Sam's Town is tentatively scheduled for between July and September and specific dates will be announced at a later time. Sam's Town beat out bids from Vienna, Austria, and Brussels, Belgium, to host the event. "Sam's Town is tremendously honored to be selected as the host of the World Senior Championships, and we look forward to welcoming the world's top senior bowlers back to Las Vegas in 2015," said John Sou, Vice President and General Manager of Sam's Town. The World Singles Championships made its debut last year in Cyprus and drew 128 players from 44 countries. The dates for the 2016 event are to be determined but Qatar beat out bids from Brussels and Helsinki, Finland, to host the event. The World Tenpin Bowling Association, which is made up of 112 bowling federations, governs the sport throughout the world. For more information on WTBA, visit:

John Carbonella 667
STATEN ISLAND, NY – John Carbonella led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 217-234-216 for a high series of 667. John Eadicicco shot 238-236-664, Mike King 207-236-213-656, Al Felline 205-204-242-651, Joey Jew 259-206-659, Kevin Legg 245212-641, Tom Hollywood 247-216-647, and Dan Manzella 222-244631. In the Tuesday Early Birds League Anne Marie Rubilotta shot 256, and Michele Spaan 215.

Fred Crowell 299-778
MADISON, NJ – Fred Crowell blasted a near perfect game of 299 to highlight the meeting high 778 series followed by Emily Evanko posting a 192, and Beth Van Ness 550 while contesting in the CMIL League.

Jake Bird 245
MADISON, NJ – Jake Bird rolled 245, Joe Horincewich 227, Joe Marchese 223, and Karen Swartz 182 in the Morris County Police & Fire League.

Woody Wheeler 241
MADISON, NJ – Woody Wheeler led the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a high game of 241. Chris Waller shot 238, Jim Dresch 225, and Robann Madrowsky 169. In the Monday Night Ladies League Jodi Belli shot 200.

Donald Bryant 268
MADISON, NJ – Donald Bryant led the scoring in the Friday Classic League tossing a high game of 268 and a high series of 665. Trevor Bogert shot 254, John Mangariello 234, Pete Caporaso 663, Laura Russo 206, and Patty Heinlein 202. In the Ladies League Elaine Wilson shot 191, and Liz McKissock 170.

Dan Pridham 228
MADISON, NJ – Dan Pridham rolled 228, Don Prisco 224, and Joseph Mazzarese 196 in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League. In the Bantam Prep Breakfast Club League Chlie Glunk shot 171, Jeff White and Colin Fagan 100, and Amanda Granata 99.

Rich Keirstead 253
MADISON, NJ – Rich Keirstead topped the scoring in the Pharma Plus League firing a high game of 253. Wayne Hartwig shot 245, Les Barnum 224, Jackie Barnum 214, and Lisa Gibbon 200.



Richard Funk III 745
HOPELAWN, NJ – Richard Funk III topped the scoring in the Friday Nite Mixed League firing games of 232-234-279 for a high series of 745. Gary McGinness shot 221-211238-670, Kevin Cristi 215-201613, and Melissa Hertenberger 201-204. In the Avenel Youth League Branden Barrese shot 224, Miguel Arocho 239, and Andrew Shaw 211.

October 9 - 15, 2013

Patrick Plate 733
HOPELAWN, NJ – Patrick Plate topped the scoring in the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 215-279-239 for a high 733. Joe Weisenstein rolled 236-265255-726, Travis Tilley 210-245267-722, Glenn Mohr 243-228248-719, Ed Hayes, Jr. 245-225247-717, and Dena Simon 216200-278-694. In the Thursday Mixed Nuts League Jeff Kubinak shot 229208-600, Don Hellhake 216, and John Syslo 212.

Scott Akalewicz 653
HOPELAWN, NJ – Scott Alakewicz paced the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 203-267 for a high series of 653. Andrew Smith shot 204-225-615, Rollin E. Ball 236-66, Kyle Jannuzzi 205-204-602, and Danielle Medvetz 210-203. In the K of C League Jack Masculin rolled 235-606, Mark Makwinski 225, Nick Simone 221, Cid Stentella 213, and Al D’Alessandro 225

Bobby McCracken 643
HOPELAWN,. NJ – Bobby McCracken led the scoring in the Merck League firing games of 261-204 for a high series of 643. John Strauss shot 230-229-622, Mike Eglesia 215, Robert Siarkiewicz 221, and Pete Safian 205. In the Friday Nite Mixed League Richard Funk III shot 226-206624, Frank Testa 238-201-617, Dave Rezes 234-203-606, and Gary McGinness 219.

John Coupe, Amber MacLeod 275
LAKEWOOD, NJ – John Coupe and Amber MacLeod each fired a high game of 275 in the Saturday Scratch League. Brett Strycahrz hit 235-222, McKenna Collier 238, Austin Daddato 237, Tori Boughton and Faith Meder 226, and Angela Kozma 225. In the Saturday Pin Hitters League Frankie Billero shot 130, Joey King 123, Eric Lazarchick 116, and Jared Erickson 109.

Bradley Aumann 234
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Bradley Aumann led the scoring in the Saturday Junior League firing a high game of 234. Brian Lash shot 206, Michael Guzman 204, Nick Kafarski 201, and Rachel Katz 200.

Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.

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