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29, Issue of July 19, 2009


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WEEKDAY MASSES Chapel of the Holy Child 8 A.M. (English) 7 P.M. (Español) SATURDAY MASSES Chapel of the Holy Child 8 A.M. (English)
Lower Church

Perpetual Help

Wednesday: Our Mother of Thursday: Virgen de la
Altagracia Friday: Sto. Niño

Chapel of the Holy Child

Tuesday 6:00 P.M.
Lower Church

5 P.M. (English/Español) SUNDAY MASSES Lower Church 8:00 A.M. (Español) 9:30 A.M. (English) 11:00 A.M. (Español) 12:30 P.M. (Multilingual) HEALING PRAYER Chapel of the Holy Child Saturday 6:30 P.M. St. Martin de Porres Healing Ministry NOVENAS Chapel of the Holy Child Monday to Friday - 6:30 P.M.
Monday: Virgen de Guadalupe Tuesday: Virgen de la Divina Providencia

Friday, after the 7:00 P.M. Mass

Pastor: Rev. Gilbert Luis R. Centina III, OSA Associates: Rev. Basilio S. Alava, OSA Rev. Abel G. Alvarez, OSA Rev. Angel S. Dulanto, OSA Rev. Jose H. Herrero, OSA Deacon: Rev. Mr. Luis Martinez Board of Trustees: Dominick F. Di Certo Sara C. Soto Parish Secretary: Gladys Lopez Accountant: Loretta Boehm School Principal: Suzanne Kaszynski

First Friday, after the 7:00 P.M. Mass

G OSPEL: Mark 6: 30-3 4

Lower Church


Saturday 1:30 P.M. Sunday 10:00 P.M. CONFESSIONS Half hour before Mass, or by Appointment WEDDINGS
Twelve months after application

ark provides us with much information about the ministry of Jesus. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, had sent the Apostles out into the world to spread the good news of the Messiah to all the people. When they returned they reported to Jesus all that had happened; how they drove out many demons, and their power to cure the sick. Crowds of people followed Jesus wherever he went. He was moved with pity for them, and he satisfied their spiritual hunger by teaching them many things, and showing himself as the faithful shepherd of God’s people. Are we satisfying our spiritual hunger by attending the Holy Mass and listening carefully to the good news of the Gospel?


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They were united through the reconciling peace of Christ which was made possible through the shedding of his blood on the cross. who were leading the people astray. we must believe. Paul stresses the oneness of the Jewish and Gentile Christians in the body of Christ. Everyday we should pray very hard that our beloved Church of the Holy Rosary (upper Church) will be repaired and returned to the people of God. This prophecy was fulfilled with the coming of Jesus. 2009 OUR CHAPEL IS TRULY THE BODY OF CHRIST M any parishioners are surprised when they are told that the Chapel of the Holy Child is our Church…the Body of Christ. The Chapel of the Holy Child is a perfect example of how the good Lord provides in time of need. His great prophecies foretold that God would send them a “Good Shepherd” who would lead the people of Israel back to the Lord. our Lord and Savior. and the infinitely adorable gift to feed us…the life-giving food of his own Son. the Messiah. Catholic (universal). established by Christ for all mankind. Holy. but his strong faith in God gave him the strength and courage to continue his mission. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians deals with making God’s plan of salvation known throughout the world-wide church. At the time of Paul’s ministry. Di Certo HOLY ROSARY PARISH— JULY 19. sincerely. Jeremiah also suffered greatly for proclaiming the truth to the people. Paul describes the church as One. He lived during a time when the people of Israel turned away from God and began to worship idols and false gods. God has provided a beautiful Temple of the Lord to worship Him. and Apostolic. BIBLE REFLECTION BIBLE REFLECTION . there was a great division between the Jewish Christians and the Gentile (non-Jewish) Christians. the Church.2 EDITOR’S NOTE News and Views in the Making By Dominick F. Meanwhile. that the beautiful Chapel of the Holy Child is our Church. and it is during the liturgy of the Mass that the miracle of the Eucharist occurs…the moment when bread and wine are changed into the true Body and Blood of Christ. that great destruction would come upon them. a prophecy that brought great hope to the people. Be strong in your faith and God’s good shepherd. In his letter. S t. Jesus Christ. It is only through the true Church that the Sacraments are distributed. the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah warned the kings of Israel. The Gentiles objected to the excessive number of restrictions in the Jewish faith that did not apply to the Gentiles’ practice of the faith. a refuge to take part in the Liturgy of the Mass. FIRST READING: Jer 23:1-6 SECOND READING: Eph 2:13-18 J eremiah was a great prophet of the Lord. will lead us all safely to his heavenly home.

JC Carolipio Jojo Carolipio Gladys Lopez Jojo C. 2009 FEASTDAY OF EL SANTO NIÑO REQUESTED BY SUNDAY. Spanish. JULY 12. JULY 19 8:00 am Blessings for Captain Rey Nuqui Aurelio Cadiz+ Elionora Alcantara+ St. 8 Children.96 (Cash). Love Offerings: $ 828.m. Second Collection: $00. Second Collection: $30 (Cash) ◙ 8:00 a.00 (checks). First Collection $ 348. Early Risers Mass: Attendance: 60 Adults.00 (checks). 2009 . Caarolipio Family Jojo Jackie Rivera Jojo C. Martin de Porres Ministry Malu Cadiz Ysabel Rosario Coss Sus Padres Nina Dieppa Pastor Jojo C.00 ◙ 9:30 a. First Collection: $ 68. Spanish Family Mass: Attendance: 129 Adults.00 (cash). 17 Children. First Collection: $ 100.00 (cash). 2009 SATURDAY. English/Spanish Bilingual Sunday Vigil Mass: Attendance: 44 Adults.00 (Cash) ◙ 11:00 a. 2009 ◙ 5:00 p. 42 Adults. 2 Children.00 (Checks). Second Collection: $ 24. Multilingual Parish Mass: Attendance: 2 Children. Second Collection: $217.m. Second Collection: $ 60.00 (Cash). 2009 TO JULY 25.09 (cash). AND JULY 12.87 (cash). $135.89 SUNDAY. 300 Adults. 20 Children.m.HOLY ROSARY PARISH — JULY 19.77 SUMMARY: Attendance: 49 Children. 2009 3 MASS INTENTIONS– JULY 19.m.00 (Checks).01 ◙ 12:30 p. $ 25. JC. $30. Carolipio Clara Mazzola Judy Posillico Family Mendoza 9:30 am Michael Saldana (Bautizo)+ 11:00 am Jeffrey Emiliano+ 12:30 pm Parishioners MONDAY– JULY 20 8:00 am Im Lan Ung (healing) 7:00 pm Healing of Esperanza Ileta Yasana TUESDAY– JULY 21 8:00 am Blessing for Rolando Yasana 7:00 pm Benita Cruz+ WEDNESDAY– JULY 22 8:00 am Blessing for Ariel. First Collection: $ 134. English Children’s Mass: Attendance: 24 Adults. First Collection: $ 178. $70. JULY 11.00 (checks).m. Second Collection: $ 98. Ahmela Abella 7:00 pm Birthday Blessing of Gloria Canlaran THURSDAY— JULY 23 8:00 am Healing of Sister Josephine 7:00 pm Francisco Rivera+ FRIDAY– JULY 24 8:00 am Thanksgiving 7:00 pm Blessing for Maria Bacarra SATURDAY– JULY 25 8:00 am Albert Mazzola & Paul Bobek+ Anthony & Viola Iaccarino+ 5:00 pm 16 Anos Jennyfer Mendoza MASS ATTENDANCE AND LOVE OFFERINGS FOR JULY 11. $ 10.

We urge all our parishioners and friends to be aware of their duty to keep our beloved Church of the Holy Rosary afloat.00. Niño of Cebu. Average Gift: $141. Msgr. This year. the third Sunday of the month. now both hang on the lower church. please contact the Bicentennial Campaign Office at (212) 371. Michael the Archangel Vanquishing the Devil. which. For assistance or questions. Niño de Cebu at the Chapel of the Holy Child/La Capilla del Sto. Church donations are tax refundable. Niño of Cebu. The column of his Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan.” another work by the same artist which used to hang inside our beloved Church of the Holy Rosary. Paid: $4. Msgr. Right after the Mass. Aside from observing the regular feast. to which our friars ministering to the people of God of our beloved Church of the Holy Rosary belong by their religious profession. July 19. Between them hangs “Resurrection.00. Patron of the Augustinian Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus of the Philippines. Please fulfill your pledges. . as per the decree of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.540. due to the inactive state of our church.620. Niño. Niño devotees guest priests will concelebrate. The Bicentennial Campaign Office continues to receive payments for pledges.” the 40X40 oil on canvas paintings by Milagros Palmieri commemorating the 9/11 Twin Tower international tragedy. luncheon will be served at the lower church and the Sinulog religious-cultural presentation will commence. “Triumphant Failure.m. Thomas A. Martin de Porres Healing Ministry. The feast of the Sto.4 HOLY ROSARY PARISH—JULY 19. ◙ Cardinal´s Appeal Update: Goal: $4.350. ◙ “Rescue of the Innocent” and “Prayer of Protection. Modugno. Just like last year. provisionally serves as our church. 2009 News / Noticias ◙ Today. Every time you give any amount for the church ask for a receipt. is the third Sunday of January. Pledge: $4.” has been framed and now hangs at the entrance of the lower church.88. . 2008 or email at bicentennial@archny. both donated by Malou Cadiz of St. Vicar of East Manhattan. Nena Matela and the members of the Parish Line Dance Ministry she founded organized this year´s Summer Sinulog Festival.org. Our Augustinian friars and Sto.00. a donation from Mexicans of Guerrero origin. Number of Gifts: 32. we started to celebrate last year the Summer Sinulog Festival on the third Sunday of July. multilingual Parish Mass. right under the image of St. ◙ A cursory look at the weekly collections at Masses can tell us that they are not enough to support a Parish. Modugno will enthrone the replica of the image of the Sto. Our lower church has also the icons of Martin de Porres and Saint Anne with daughter Mary. After the enthronement.1011 ext. will again be the presider of the 12:30 p. Generosity is part and parcel of our liturgy. we celebrate the Summer Sinulog Festival in honor of the Sto.

2009 5 SILVER LININGS By Gilbert Luis R. If you have been attending our church regularly but have not yet registered.org. pues la virtud de la paciencia se desarrolla sólo mediante la resistencia y el control. Lo mismo sucede con el dominio y el control sobre nosotros mismos. La victoria por la vida no es otra cosa que el triunfo de nuestras almas y esto se legra solamente ejecutando la paciencia en los momentos difíciles. La paciencia significa “espera”. We encourage new parishioners to introduce themselves to the priest after Mass.0740. pero hay que aprender a usarla. Augustine. uno de ellos le dijo que para él los hombres eran “como árboles caminando”. Non-residents of the parish may partake of the same privileges should they also register as parishioners. . es algo que se aprende. Cuando nuestro Señor Jesucristo devolvió la vista a los ciegos. La pac ien cia / Por Carmen Torres L a paciencia es lo contrario a “perder el control sobre sí mismo”. La paciencia es el gran remedio contra el temor. we are a church trying to reach the City of God as pilgrims by building a community with “one mind and one heart intent upon God. Find out more about us through our Parish Web site: www. If you have further questions. porque sólo cree disponer de tiempo limitado. our beloved Church of the Holy Rosary. is part of a safe. please do so immediately by stopping by at the Rectory or registering online. Mientras más materialista sea la persona. But whether you are a parish member or not.7572. If you are looking for a church to attend worship services and to avail yourself of the graces that the sacraments can bestow.org.nyholyrosary. one hundred and twenty-five years old this year.” Our parish boundary lies from 116 th Street to 125th Street. Ahora el problema está en que si el hombre no podría20enfrentar en cualquier dificultad. please do not hesitate to get in touch. fuera de este mundo será impaciente. between Second Avenue and Pleasant Avenue and between Second Avenue and Paladino Avenue. Those living around the area must register to partake of the rights and privileges enjoyed by resident parishioners.HOLY ROSARY PARISH—JULY 19. We look forward to meeting you. know that you are visiting a place of worship where you are welcome. vibrant and diverse neighborhood in New York City. Email us at: pastor@nyholyrosary. Ejemplo: La vista es un don de la naturaleza. ¡Claro está que nadie nace paciente. tanto más será su apresura miento. La persona que no cree en la existencia de nada. El hombre reaccionará mejor cuando conserva la calma. Our telephone number is (212) 534. Saber razonar cuando todos los demás se desmoronan. OSA An invitation to worshi p Dear Parishioners and Friends: Situated in East Harlem. Centina III. A Roman Catholic parish of faith administered by friars of the Order of St. come and join our church community. no solamente salva su propia persona sino también la del prójimo. Our Fax number is (212) 534. Por lo que ellos tenían que aprender a ver.

This page will be used to promote the businesses and services in our community. Please help us to find local vendors who are willing to support the work of the Church. \THIS PROMOTIONAL SPACE AVAILABLE THIS PROMOTIONAL SPACE AVAILABLE THIS PROMOTIONAL SPACE AVAILABLE THIS PROMOTIONAL SPACE AVAILABLE THIS PROMOTIONAL SPACE AVAILABLE . Please patronize these vendors as they appear in the spaces on this page. who will generously offer donations to help purchase books and supplies for the students and teachers in our important CCD Religious instruction programs.

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