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1. Inspect boiler interior as thoroughly as possible to determine degree of contamination (i e. light, moderate, heavy).


Subsequent to degreasing or, if not required, construct a circuit for recirculating the acid cleaning solution through the boiler, being certain to by-pass all sections of the system containing non-ferrous metals. Ensure this circuit is vented at its highest point to allow the release of gases produced during the cleaning process. Introduce a solution containing the appropriate amount of Descaling Liquid mixed with fresh water, based on the estimated degree of contamination as follows:


Degree of Contamination Light Moderate Heavy

Descaling Liquid in Water 510% 1015% 1520%


Controlled heating of the cleaning solution can accelerate the descaling process. This must be done with great care, never allowing the solution temperature to exceed 60 C. Circulate for 412 hours depending upon the degree of contamination. Continually check temperature and pH of the solution at regular intervals. Maintain temperature as previously indicated. If pH goes above 4, add additional Descaling Liquid.

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When the circulation period is complete, drain the system and rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove any excess debris. Neutralize any remaining traces of acid by circulating a 0.5 % solution of Alkalinity Control through the circuit for 24 hours. Drain the neutralizing solution, checking the effluent to ensure it has a pH of 7 or greater. If not, repeat steps 8 and 9.



10. Re-inspect system interior and if necessary repeat. 11. Remove by-pass connections secure all access openings and fill with feed water. 12. Add start-up dosage of treatment chemicals and initiate boiler operation. 13. Check for proper treatment residual levels, adding additional chemicals if necessary to bring within proper specification limits.

Refer to Descaling Liquid Product Data Sheet for additional information.

Liquid Acid for Removal of Scale and Rust

Descaling Liquid
Product Description Descaling Liquid is a liquid acid containing descaling accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors and wetting agents. Directions for Use and Dose Rates The most effective descaling is accomplished by circulation for large systems or components. In the case of small components, the soak method in an immersion bath can be used. If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease, sludge or carbonised oil, then precleaning with Tankleen or Enviroclean is necessary. Descaling Liquid should alway be used in plastic bucket. Acid should always be added to water, and never the reverse. Descaling Liquid should be mixed with fresh water to form a solution of 10-30%, depending on the extent of scaling. After using Descaling Liquid it is essential to thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces at least once with a 0.5% solution of Alkalinity Control in fresh water. This solution should be circulated for 2-4 hours or until an acceptable pH value is obtained. This will neutralize any remaining acidity and passivate steel surfaces. Descaling Liquid should not be used on aluminium, zinc, tin, or any galvanised surfaces for which a special grade cleaner should be used. Unitor has developed a 210 litres capacity cleaning unit designet among other for use with chemical acid solutions for cleaning boilers, calorifiers, heat exchangers and other types of equipment where rust and scale form. Chemical Cleaning Unit: Product no. 664 613807 Descaling Boilers, Condensers, Evaporators, Calorifiers and Heat exchangers: See Unitor Practical Application Manual or Unitor Water Treatment Handbook.
Product Properties APPEARANCE: DENSITY, in g/cm3 at 15C: FLASH POINT, (PMCC) in C: pH, in conc: COMPATIBILITY: Metal: Rubber: Synthetic rubber: PACKAGING: Pale yellow liquid 1.2 N/A < 1.5 Contains corrosion inhibitors. No known effect. May swell. Product no: Size (in litres): Container: 25 Plastic 651 571653

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Features, Benefits and Applications

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Acid based product contains inhibitors against attack on ferrous metals. Unlimited shelf life. Easy to rinse off. Fast and effective scale remover. Removes scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, etc. Removes water scale from boilers. Approved by the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health for cleaning of evaporators.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product
For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and/or Product Label