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We are celebrating 5 years of Titus Project in Africa!

Titus Project is decicated to


church leaders throughout the world in the Word of God. To accomplish this, we develope School of Biblical Studies graduates in teaching and preaching and mobilize them into areas where Bible training is greatly needed.

Titus Project
YWAM Muizenberg South Africa

Read about some students who have been teaching and preaching ...

this time I didnt understand the Old Testament. It was confusing to me. But the way you are teaching us, it makes so much sense to me As we rolled down the road I now. couldnt help but feel excited and It was hard work, and it was cold. nervous about what laid ahead. I I would wake up early in the had never taught pastors before, much less a pastors seminar. Did I have what it took? Would they be open to learn from me? I leaned forward in my seat with a determination to rise up to the challenge. Slowly the people came into the b u i l d i n g a s w e s e t u p o u r illustrations. Finally every seat was filled. Without any cue voices filled the room falling and rising to African worship, feet shifting back morning, the cold fingers of winter and forth. This was the beginning touching my face, get dressed, and to two weeks that many of us would leave for the seminar with my never forget. team. We would teach until two in I cannot tell you how encouraging it the afternoon, and then we would was to hear testimonies from the come home with more material to pastors as we taught the Bible prepare for the next day. I Overview and the Inductive Method remember some evenings I would during those two weeks. Three take 4-5 hours to prepare for my days into the first week I remember next teaching. It sounds insane, one pastor saying to me, This is but it was absolutely worth it. You the most precious time for me. I cant put a price on being a part am learning so much. Every night of Gods plan to change peoples I go to one of the churches I pastor lives. and I tell them everything that I am learning. I am so so so excited Joel LeMaire, USA to be here. Then another leader nearby spoke up saying, Before Being young and single female, especially African, it can be intimidating and not knowing how people will respond to your showing up at their doorstep can be intimidating. Although I found it slightly intimidating, it was beautiful and I had a few Pastors encouraging me in that; one even said he wanted the young females in his church to be empowered in t h a t w a y a n d t h a t i t w a s encouraging for him to see and

Transform lives and nations

have someone come and do that so they themselves could see it was possible. I would like to encourage any female who may look at this and feel it would be intimidating to try it out and allow God to work through you. He knows why Hes set you up for that and you can grow in confidence and see God working through you to empower other. Natasha Mhone, Zimbabwe

Titus Project has been a revolutionary school for me in terms of Bible teaching. It helped me to value preparation, and gave me tools to present teachings to different types of audiences. One thing that Titus taught me is to be able to manage my time, to teach according to the time given to me, to be able to value the key points and not just speak random things and then rush through my material at the end. It really touched me to see the need for Bible teaching. It challenged me to pass on the knowledge I have.
Gerard Rabo, Burkina Faso

Dont just teach anything ...

important to remember that it is a huge privilege to partner with God in teaching His Word! church leaders and church at large in this time The practical hands-on experience in Titus lecture These are not my words but of Pastor Banda from phase was as equally challenging and inspiring! Having Mindulo Kitwe Zambia. With many comments from the opportunity to prepare real teachings and sermons, church leaders I just quote from one of the Pastors and then present them in front of an audience was speaking with passion from inner part of his heart. difficult, yet 100% beneficial. It was encouraging to Titus Project outreach has changed my perspective identify and grow in my strengths as a new teacher, while also discovering my weaknesses and a b o u t c h u r c h a n d learning how to overcome them. Bible Study, during This short, three and a half week course my outreach the would be valuable and profitable to Some Statistics: thing that stuck anyone going into any teaching or me so much is that leadership role. I am excited to use the 15 Nations in Africa reached Pastors and church skills that were taught during Titus 8 Titus Project Programs run (South leaders clearly and Project. I now feel confident in myself as a teacher and I am ready for any Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda) openly told us that opportunities that God presents me with! they have never experienced that Ashley Diehl, USA way of Bible Study. This challenged me very much and I promised myself whenever I will get just 45 minutes of Bible teaching I It was a great experience of developing teaching skills, rather teach how to study the Bible and leave people team work, and especially having a heart of a teacher. And through reaching out to people by teaching, God with tools they can use for the rest of their life. If reaches out to us. your fellow fisherman loves you, he will not give you

This is the teachings we need to hear as Pastors,

fish but will teach you how to fish . In Titus Project, this saying makes more sense. People so much appreciated the tools we gave them instead of just preach to them an exciting message. One more thing, Titus Project to me is not just about reaching out to others in the church but reaching out to myself. I know you will ask what does it mean! Before Titus lecture phase and outreach, my teasching was far poor but during outreach I saw clearly how many notes were poorly prepared. This caused me to struggle so much during my teaching time. Now I can structure my teaching and make it easier to communicate. Titus Project to me is all about reaching others as well as Im reaching myself. The teachings provided by Titus Project are desperately needed not just in Africa but around the world especially this time where everyone want to teach whatever he/she want as long as people are listening to him/her. Godlisten, Tanzania The lecture phase of the Titus Project is one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken. The daily Titus classes dug at the root of what it means to be a teacher and to lead others in their growth. I learned that the heart of the teacher matters above all else; I need to love God, love people, and make disciples. It is also

Lesley Lai, Taiwan

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