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“ Arundha Maangani Porindhiya Nalla Koorur”

Koovur @ Nalla Koorur – A Shiva Sthala, Where Lord Kannabiran(Krishna) replaced

a Plucked Mango to the tree.

15 km from Kumbakonam on the way to Nagapattinam via Nannilam is the temple

village called Nalla Koorur or Koovur.

A Historical and a very famous Shiva Temple in the past is known as

Aambaravaneshwara temple.

Aambaram – means Mango trees, Vanam – Forest, Eshwara among the Mango

Sthala vriksha – Mango tree.

Name of the Ambal - Sri Mangalambigai. – who showers Mangalam – well being to
the Universe.

The Temple is related to Maha-Bharathaperiod. That’s why Deities of Dhuruvasa,

Arjuna are seen here.

Since its Divine importance is not known and due to the negligence of the people -
the Majestic Temple is now in a Depleted condition.

Koovur is surrounded by Green fields, Coconut grove and Mango groves and just 5
km.,near Nachiar kovil – a famous Vaishnava temple and 15 km before nannilam.
Near the temple is the famous Thirumalai Rajan river – A pleasant scene to see the
running water in the monsoons.

Thirugnanasambandhar has worshipped and quoted in his Recitals. His statue is

also seen in the temple.

The Eshwara of Aambaravaneshwara temple is 1400 years old and was built by
Chola kings and Renovated by Adhitya Cholain between 9 A.D and 10 Century A.D.,
then later by Uttama Chola and Raja Raja Chola. Inscriptions are seen on the walls
of the temple Shrine.

Then later after the Kings, in the beginning of this 1900 ‘s the Nattukottai
Nagarathar trading family from Devakottai maintained the temple and was
renovated in 1946 and in 1980 by the A.Rm.A.L.Arunachalam Chettiar family and
to prove this his 5 ft. statue made of granite stone along with his wife is seen in the
Ambal Mandapam of the temple.

After that due to various difficulties and reasons the temple was not renovated and
was just maintained with available funds all these days by this family. Now with the
efforts of the present generation of the Arunachalam Chettiar family,
Aambaravaneshwarar temple is being renovated from April 2009 at an estimate of
Several Lakhsof Rupees.
As the foundation has caved in some of the places, huge funds is needed to
reconstruct the Stone Mandapasin the traditional way.

About the Temple – “Thala Varalaru”

Pandavas went on a Vanavasam and on the way, they visited this Temple.
Thiralapathi requested Beema to pluck “the Only Mango” which was seen in the
temple tree. Beema tried to Shake the tree. But the Mango fell, only after all the 5
Pandavasshook the tree. A Passer-by noticed this and warned Thiralapathi, that
themango tree yields only one mango , once in 12 years and is being consumed
only by Dhuruvasa Munivar . So he warned to replace the mango in the tree, as it
is, to avoid the “Koba” of the Munivar (Sage). They prayed to Lord Krishna and he
appeared and replaced the same.

There is a Bairava Deity in the Prakaram and known for its power to relieve any
Sickness. It was worshipped by Raja Raja Chola when he fell sick. Worshipping him
with Vadamalai in Thaeipirai Ashtami is auspicious and fruitful.

Temple Structure

This Temple is built of Granite Stones right from the foundation to the Roof level. It
has three stories of Raja Gopuram facing East and made of Lime Mortar and Bricks
with various figures with a Bali Peetam, Nandi Devar Mandapam, On the Right side
of the Pragara is the separate Amman Sannadhi.

In the Amman Sannadhi the Beautiful Mangalambal Goddess is around 4 ft. tall, with
4 hands blessing the devotees .The Deity is minutely carved ,precisely.

Outside the Karpa gruha is the 4ft., Statues of Late.A.Rm.A.L.Arunachalam Chettiar

and his wife are on both sides of the Mandapa and they are recogonised for their
part in Renovating and constructing this mandapa in 1946.

As you enter the second enclosure and Gopuram you can find Sri Vinayagar,
Thirugnansambandar, Arjuna, Valli Deivanai Samedha Subramania , Mahalakshmi,
Sambandar inside the Mandapam.

The Main Deity Shiva “Aambaravaneshwarar “ is in the Karba Grihamof the temple
and the ceiling is Decorated by Rudhraksha Mandapam.

As you go around the Praghara you can worship Vinayagar, Nataraja, Karaikal
Ammayar, Dhuruvasar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothvar, Brahma, Vishnu, Durga,
Chandikeswarar, Gangalamoorthy, Periandavar, Navagruhas, and a 5.Ft Bhairavar
on the inside Pragara of theTemple.

Devotees who are interested in Funding the renovation can contact. For
More details on this temple and Interested Donors can contact

Sri.A.Ramanathan , Great Grandson of A.RM.A.L.A family at Kumbakonam M: 91-

97901 16062, Landline 0435-2941752.
723 Kovil Street, Thiruvisanallur-612105

For photos log onto

Composed by A.Lakshmanan, Great grandson of A.Rm.A.L.A family, Hosur, email-, 0 94433 65550

Yoganandeswarar Temple - Thiruviyalur

Holy Water
Holy Tree

Thiruviyalur is Located near Kumbakonam and is 8 Kms from Tiruvidaimarudur. It is conceived

to be the 43rd in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river
Temple: This is a temple with a 5 tier gopuram and 2 prakarams. About 97 inscriptions are seen in
this temple. It is known that this temple has received the patronage and endowments from the
earlier Chola Kings Parakrama Chola, Rajaraja chola and Rajendra Chola. Thiruvisalur and
Thiruvisanallur are the other names of this place used by the residents.
The other names of this temple Siva are Puradhaneswarar, Vilvaranyeswarar and Sivayoginathar.
The other names of his consort is Soundaranayaki.
The place is sung in the Thevaram hymns of Thirugnanasambandar.
Legends: Several legends are associated with this temple. Bhrama is said to have taken the form
of a mortal, worshipped and merged with Shiva here. It is believed that Agasthyar worships Shiva
during Shivaratri. Jadayu worshipped this temple Siva and got blessed here.
Tiruvisalur is under the adminstration of the Thanjavur Royal Palace. Vilvam, Vanni, Punnai,
Magizhamaram, Aalamaram, Nelli, Arasamaram are the trees found in this temple.
It is believed that Saint Agastiyar worships God Shiva here on every Shivaratri day.