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completed: Trustee Political party: Name: No Affiliation Eric Daniel Germovsek Date of birth: 11/27/72 Chardon, Ohio 1.5 years

Date questionnaire Office sought: Hambden Township

Election Questionnaire


Age: 40 Painesville, Ohio Home address:

Place of birth: 44024

10925 Copperleaf Drive

Length of residence in that community: Occupation: School Teacher

Employer: Ledgemont Schools Thompson, Ohio 44086

Business address: 16200 Burrows Road

Education (Please only list schools you’ve graduated from and list degrees if applicable): Chardon High School 1991 Kent State University 1999 BA Arts and Science Marital status: Married Name of spouse: Christina Germovsek

Name and age of any children: Owen 10, Taylor 8, Nathan 4months Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?: Hambden Township is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. If elected, the first area I would like to concentrate my efforts on would be to improve the Hambden Township Park. Our park is nice, but I would like to make it the best park in the area. There are a few areas of the park that could use some more attention. The ball fields, dugouts and volleyball courts can use some improvements to make them even better and safer than they are right now. My focus will be placed on our dugouts, making the floors of the dugouts concrete instead of the gravel. This will eliminate the gravel that always ends up on the infield, and will eliminate injuries to our players as they slide into home or 3 rd base. I will see that the edge of the in/outfield fields are reshaped, and the grass eliminated, making our ball fields look even better than they are now and safer too. As a Trustee, I would be in contact with the other trustees and the road superintendent to make sure the funds were there to do the concrete work in the dugouts. If funds didn’t permit for this work project, I

would look for ways to get the money or materials, grants or donated materials, to accomplish this job. I would work with the road superintendent and the other trustees to see that work orders are made and given to the road superintendent to insure that these jobs are efficiently addressed and completed. The second area of improvement I would concentrate on would be the creation of a monthly work order list. This list would be written up by the trustees and discussed with the road superintendent. The road superintendent would then complete the work order list. Right now there is no work order list given to the road superintendent. This list would improve communication between the trustees and the road department as to what jobs are expected to be done from month to month. It would also allow the road superintendent to give his input to the list and discuss any changes to the list with the trustees. The third area of improvement I would like to address would be looking into expanding the road department’s crew size. Right now the road department only has six employees. Only two of them are full time employees. Two of the others are seasonal (1 summer, 1 winter) and the other two are part time (each only working 20 hours per week 46 months a year). At most (2 or 3 days a week during the spring/summer months) five men are working in the park, cemetery, and on the roads. The other 2 or 3 days of the week there are only 3 employees working and trying to do the same amount of work because the part time employees are not there. I will work hard with the other trustees to find a good solution for properly staffing the road department crew. One of my future goals has to do with the township park, more specifically our ball fields. I have heard from parents, our baseball coaches, and from visiting teams that we have ONE of the nicest parks/ball fields in the area. My goal will be to make it the BEST place to play a baseball game in the area. My second goal concerns a very small area of the park itself, our sand diggers. They are a great toy and are used all the time by the kids but, 90% of the sand had been dug out and displaced outside the wood border. My goal will be to widen the wood border thus keeping the sand in the “digger area” making it look nicer and making it more functional by keeping the sand in its proper place. My overall goals are to make the park cleaner and a safer place to visit.

NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Please be aware that this questionnaire will be published.

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