The News-Herald

Election Questionnaire
Political party: Race is non-partisan Name: Edward W. Kaminski Place of birth: Cleveland, OH

Date questionnaire completed: September 14, 2013 Office sought: Hambden Township Trustee

Home address: 14599 Sisson Road, Chardon, OH 4424 Length of residence in that community: 48 years Home phone: 440-286-4205 Occupation: Hambden Township Trustee Employer: Hambden Township

Business address: 13887 GAR Highway, Chardon, OH 44024 Elected office experience: Hambden Township Trustee for 32 years. Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): Zoning Commission member-10 years prior to being elected, Illuminating Company Supervisor- 35 years experience, Ohio Township Association, Geauga County Township Association, Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging Trustee- 2 term Representative of Seniors, Leadership Geauga Charter Class, State Issue II Certification Representative, Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) Representative Education (list degrees if applicable): Management courses from the University of Michigan, Lakeland Community College Marital status: Married Name of spouse: Denise M. Kaminski

Name and age of any children: Deborah- 46 years old & Frank- 43 years old. Organizations: Member of: Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce. Prior Member of: Geauga County Maple Festival Board of Directors- 17 years, past president- 2 years, Hambden Grange, Hambden Little League manager, and Hambden 4-H Advisor. Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?: As a Hambden Township Trustee I will continue to be a cost effective government servant and to maintain a user-friendly government for the residents of Hambden Township. I will continue to solve residents’ problems, needs and concerns. I will also continue to work with the County and State Officials for the benefit of our residents. The major challenge is to maintain a rural atmosphere in Hambden Township as requested by our residents. I will support the zoning resolution and encourage land conservation, continue to provide and improve cost-effective services, such as the Township Park, Road Improvements, Fire/Rescue

Service, Cemetery UP-Keep, and Good Communication through Progressive Technology Up-Dates with NO NEW TAXES! Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? I will continue to provide strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and a vision to meet Hamb den Township’s future needs. All Hambden Township roads have been hard-surfaced; chip-n-seal, asphalt, and concrete. Much of the asphalt projects and culvert replacements have been partly funded with Issue II money and small government funds, putting less of a burden on Hambden Township residents. Programs to replace snowplow trucks with more reliable new trucks to better deal with winter snowstorms have been purchased. This is being accomplished by using state bid contracts to reduce the cost of vehicles for the taxpayers. Equipment has been updated for reliability and efficiency allowing township employees to be both efficient and safe. The Township Park has had numerous improvements, with the acquisition of additional property, pavilions, baseball and soccer fields, and new playground equipment. This is the result of a dedicated, hard-working Park Board with the cooperation of the Board of Trustees. As Hambden Township Trustee, I will continue to vote on issues that affect the township today, continue to look to the future, and have a vision for a plan for the township for the next 30 years.