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Introduction to Upstream Oil and Gas

Data Management

By Edy Irnandi


An Overview Data Management in E&P Industry

Data types & data model used in E&P Industry
Common Data Management issues and Impact
Data Management Functions
E&P Industry Standard
Pursuing Career in E&P Industry

An Overview Data Management in E&P

The Exploration & Production (E&P) finds and produces crude oil &
natural gas. E&P also known as Upstream oil & gas industry. The
Downstream industry includes oil refineries, petrochemical plants,
petroleum products distributors & retail outlets and natural gas
distribution companies.

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Current practices in each stage of E&P life cycle is the massive

amounts of data, both in digital & hard copy/paper format, need to be
collected, processed, analyzed, and stored.

An Overview Data Management in E&P

Industry - Cont.
What is Data Management?
Development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and
practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and
information assets - DAMA International

Why it is important & benefits and values of good

data management
 Poor data quality and lost data cost companies 15 to 25 % of their operating
budget (USGS on the value of data management)
 Cost of acquiring open-hole log data is about 10% of the total well cost
(Frank Jahn et all, Hydrocarbon E&P, Elsevier Science BV, 1998)
 Regulatory compliance. In Indonesia context, to comply with State and
Ministerial regulations (Law Number 22 of 2001 on Crude Oil and Natural Gas
& Ministerial decree No.027, 2006 )
 Importance of data was identified as major component in increasing reserve,
developing assets & increasing production activities (The business value case
for data management a study, CDA Oil & Gas UK ,2011)

Data types & data model used in

E&P Industry


Data types & data model used in

E&P Industry - Cont.
E&P Data model
 Needs a data repository to retain & to ensure that the value of your data &
information assets is managed effectively over time. It must tightly integrate
information supporting each of E&P life cycle.
 Proprietary model, e.g. 1) Schlumbergers Seabed data model used in
Schlumberger software product, 2) Landmarks OpenWorks data model used in
OpenWorks software product.
 Industry standard practice , e.g. PPDM data model v3.8, developed by The
Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association widely adopted by
numerous International & National Oil & Gas company and by E&P software
 Open data model e.g. British Geological Survey - Open Geoscience data models.
( Aim to provide open, ready-to-use database
designs that are free for all.

Common Data Management issues

and Impact
Typical data management issues
 Quality of data: completeness, consistency, and correctness
 Management /operational: Lack of leadership & responsibility, lack of
 Technology adoption vs. operational challenge

Causes of data quality issues

 Lack of quality control procedure in every stage of data cycle
 Multiple versions of truth
 Error made during data loading
 Incompatible versions are shared.

Business impact
 Non productive time -- Knowledge worker still spending 40% if their time on
data issues, e.g.: searching/locating, verifying & transforms.
 Project delayed due to incomplete required data set
 Financial loss (USGS on the value of data management)
 Damaged Reputation

Data Management Functions

The DAMAs ten data management

E&P industry specialised

Courtesy of DAMA.

E&P Industry Standard

Data Model standard
PPDM 3.8 is a relational data model, released in 2008, that covers 52 subject areas
in the E&P business. PPDM 3.8 is the result of nearly 20 years of collaborative
industry effort -- known as "the PPDM Way", with over $50 Million in contributed
skilled technical and business resources.
Most commonly implemented as a Master Data Management solution at Oil & Gas
companies. It is also used as the underlying data model for data vendors and
software vendors

E&P Industry Standard - Cont.

Courtesy of PPDM

E&P Industry Standard - Cont.

Data Exchange standard
 Energistics WITSML.
Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) is an industry standard from the
mid 1980s that uses a binary file format for transferring wellsite drilling. WITSML
is Web-based and built on XML technology expanded, for transferring wellsite
drilling, completion and well interventions data.
Digital oilfield. iFields. Smart fields. These are all names for the industry efforts to
use instrumentation and software to optimise operations in all domains for E&P.
To achieve this goal, all of these technologies must work together, but often dont,
because of incompatible data structures and designs.

E&P Industry Standard - Cont.

Technical data standard & specification:
 CWLS LAS standard. Log ASCII Standard, was introduced by the Canadian Well
Logging Society in 1989 to standardize the organisation of digital log curve
information for personal computer users, it did very successfully & popular in
E&P industry.
 SEG SEG-Y. Developed by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for
storing geophysical data. It is an open standard, and is controlled by the SEG
Technical Standards Committee, a non-profit organisation.
 Energistics WITSML. WITSML is Web-based and built on XML technology
broaden, for transferring wellsite drilling, completion and well interventions

Pursuing Career in E&P Industry

E&P Companies
 National: Qatar Petroleum, Pertamina, Petronas, Medco E&P
 International: BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Total E&P, Shell Intl E&P
 Services company: Schlumberger, Weatherford, Elnusa Tbk.

E&P Data Management roles:

Business Analyst, Data Management Analyst, Records Management Analyst,
Geospatial Analyst, S/W Product development and S/W QA Testing.

E&P Job prospects are bright

 Hot job market. Severe worker shortage for the next 10 years and more
 Highly competitive benefits package
 Graduates in demand. Fixed/structured training programme available, overseas
assignment available
 Industry promotes from "within" to fill managerial positions.

Pursuing Career in E&P Industry - Cont.

Career management grading & roles sample.

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