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List of English Prefixes and Sufixes Prefix General Meaning Example

acr(o)aer(o)andrAngloaut(o)bibi(o)chron(o)cocom-, con-, col-, corcountercry(o)dynam(o)ecoelectr(o)extrakilo malmega -, megalmicro milli multioversemi-

high, up Air Man English or British Self Two Life Time Together with, together against, opposite frost , icy cold power , force house electricity very, more than usual, outside, beyond thousand bad, badly million , very large one millionth, very small Thousandth Many more than normal, too much Half

Acropolis aeronautics , aerodrome , aeroplane , aerodynamics androgyny , androcentrism , android , androgen Anglo-Irish relations, anglophile autonomy , autobiography , automobile , autopilot bicycle , bijection , bilingual , bicameralism , bisexuality biology , biography , biosphere , biotechnology chronology, chronograph cooperative, cohabit conference , connotation , context , Congress , congregation counterpoint , counterweight , Counter-Reformation cryogenics , cryoelectronics , cryostorage dynamic , dynamite , dynamo economy , ecology , ecosystem , ecotourism , ecotage Electrocution extra-thin, extra-special extraordinary, extraterrestrial kilogram , kilowatt malpractice , malnutrition megabyte , megaphone microgram , microorganism , micronation milligram , milliliter multiculturalism , multilingual overpopulation , over-consumption, overcharged semi-automatic , semi-detached


below, less than, under

subset , subsonic , subway , subtitles

(least to greatest in order: hypo, sub, super, hyper) supersyntranstritel(e)-, tel(o)extremely, more than, along with, together, at the same time across, beyond Three far, over a long distance superhuman , Superego , supersonic synergy , synchronicity transfer , transubstantiation triangle , tricolor , triptych telecommunications , television , telephoto lens , telodynamic

ultraununidia-di ex- e- ef-

extremely, beyond a certain limit not, opposite, take something away one , single through, across out upward completely previous

Ultramontanism , ultraviolet unconstitutional , undelete uniform , unification diagonal exit, exclude, expand exalt, extol excruciate, exasperate ex-wife extracurricular hemisphere hypersonic, hyperactive infrared, infrastructure interact, interchange perimeter unacceptable, unreal, unhappy, unmanned unplug, unmask


outside, beyond half beyond, more than, more than normal below between, among round, about reversal or cancellation of action or state



Acceptable, divisible, irresistible Professor, teacher, advisor

-able, ible, be (adjective) Possible to er, or (noun) Person who does something

-fugal -ful -less -ly

fuge, driving or travelling away from full of, having some or much lack of -like, having the attributes of; In modern English, primarily changes adjectives to adverbs; also changes some nouns to adjectives and some (past-tense) verbs to adverbs sound, audio circle, state of being

centrifugal hopeful , useful, thankful homeless , useless quick(adj) > quickly(adv), state(n) > stately(adj) abashed(v) >abashedly(adv)

-phone -ship

telephone , homophone friendship , relationship


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