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Eng 102

Midterm Review

1. Because Paula wanted to study popular astrology, not classical astronomy, she was told to apply to the community services area not the academic area. No error. A. astrology, not B. astronomy, she C. area not D. No error. A. astrology not

2. The trainee for the tellers position was worried about his speed and unsure of his computer skills. Until he learned the new system. No error. A. tellers position B. speed and C. skills. Until D. No error.

C. skills until

3. The seventeen-year locusts have descended on our town and their noise actually drowns out my daughters music. No error. A. have descended B. our town and C. drowns D. No error. B. our town, and

4. The young naval officer in command had no control over the accident that killed one of his men, nevertheless, the officer was held responsible for the death. No error. A. young naval B. accident that C. men, nevertheless, D. No error.

C. men; nevertheless,

5. The poets remark about the longevity of things of beauty did not take into account the effects of such phenomena as acid rain. No error. A. The poets remark B. things of beauty did C. effects of D. No error. A. The poets remark

6. The paramedics, who had been called immediately, arrived on the scene very quickly, And knew exactly what to do. No error. A. paramedics, B. immediately, arrived C. quickly, And D. No error. C. quickly and

7. We celebrated the Fourth of July with special fervor that year, our experiences overseas had made us appreciate the holidays significance. No error. A. year, our B. had made C. holidays significance. D. No error.

A. year; our experience

8. Roger tried to ingratiate himself with the boss by getting to work early and volunteering for overtime. In addition to coming in half a day on Saturdays. No error. A. by getting B. early and C. overtime. In D. No error.

C. overtime in

9. Its not that Marcia doesnt understand the problem; she wont even accept its existence. No error. A. Its B. doesnt C. its D. No error. C. its

10. The house next door sold for $165,000 Martin was sure he could get more than that for his. No error. A. $165,000 Martin B. sure he C. more than D. No error. A. $165,ooo; Martin

11. The dentist smiled when he finished examining my teeth because he knew, that he could retire for life once he had taken care of all my problems! No error. A. smiled when B. knew, that C. had taken care of D. No error. B. knew that

12. Struggling, unpublished writers are sure that publishers, who seek out and publish new authors, are nonexistent. A. No change B. publishers (who seek out and publish new authors) C. publishers who seek out and publish new authors D. publishers who seek out and publish new authors

13. A devoted father, doing everything he could to make sure his children had all the things he had never had as a child. A. No change B. A devoted father, because he was C. A devoted father, he was D. Being a devoted father,

14. The boys at St. Andrews School had to war suitcoats, starched shirts, and ties. The girls uniforms were much more comfortable. A. No change B. The girls uniforms C. The girls uniform D. the girls uniforms

15. Because the central air conditioner had broken the old fan and window units were put into service. A. No change B. Because the central air conditioner had broken the old fan, and window units C. Because the central air conditioner had broken, the old fan and window units D. Because the central air conditioner had broken the old fan and window units,

16. Passing the State Departments oral proficiency examination at level 2 is one thing, passing it at level 3 is something else altogether. A. No change B. thing passing C. thing, however, passing D. thing; passing

17. Angelissa was late because she failed to turn right at the traffic light her teacher had warned her about that intersection. A. No change B. light; her C. light that her D. light, her

18. One way for parents to pass on their values to their children is to use opportunities that occur daily. Such as, chances to use the simple courtesies of Please and Thank you. A. No change B. daily; such as, chances C. daily. Such as: chances D. daily, such as chances

19. Major political problems may first show themselves in minor incidents. The Watergate episode, for instance, began with the discovery of a single piece of tape on the lock of a door. It led eventually to Richard Nixons forced resignation as president of the United States. A. No change B. episode for instance, began C. episode; for instance, began D. episode; for instance began

20. A. Mary is trying hard in school this semester, her father said. semester, her B. No, the taxi driver said curtly , I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen minutes. curtly, I cannot C. I believe, Jack remarked, that the best time of year to visit Europe is in the spring. believe, Jack D. My French professor told me that, my accent is abominable.

21. A. She asked, Is Time a magazine you read regularly? ... Is Time a magazine... B. Flannery OConnor probably got the title of one of her stories from the words of the old popular song, A Good Man is Hard to Find. C. When did Roosevelt say We have nothing to fear but fear itself? say, We have D. It seems to me that hip and cool are words that are going out of style. that hip and cool are

22. A. Yesterday, John said, This afternoon Ill bring back your book Conflict in the Middle East; however, he did not return it. book titles underlined or italicized, no quotations B. Can you believe, Dot asked me, that it has been almost five years since weve seen each other? C. A Perfect Day for Bananafish is, I believe, J.D. Salingers best short story. Short stories put inside quotation marks D. Certainly, Mr. Martin said, I shall explain the whole situation to him. I know that he will understand. Certainly, Mr. Martin said, I shall

23. A. Many uneducated citizens who have never attended school continue to vote for better schools. Omit who have never attended school (redundant) B. Bradley Hall is usually filled with students who do not study the building as a structure. C. He dropped out of school on account of the fact that it was necessary for him to help support his family. He dropped out of school to help support his family. D. It is expected that the new schedule will be announced by the bus company within the next few days. The bus company will probably announce its schedule during the next few days.

24. A. Any student who wants to meet foreign students can do so in many ways. B. It is very unusual to find someone who has never told a deliberate lie on purpose. Rarely will one find someone who has never told a deliberate lie. C. Trouble is caused when people disobey rules that have been established for the safety of all. Disobeying safety regulations causes trouble. D. A campus rally was attended by more than a thousand students. Five students were arrested by campus police for disorderly conduct, while several others are charged by campus administrators with organizing a public meeting without being issued a permit to do so. Five out of more than a thousand students at a campus rally were arrested for disorderly conduct, and several others were charged by campus administrators with organizing a public meeting without a permit.

25. A. The subjects that are considered most important by students are those that have been shown to be useful to them after graduation.

Students think that the most important subjects are those hat will be useful after graduation
B. In the not too distant future, college freshmen must all become aware of the fact that there is a need for them to make contact with an academic adviser concerning the matter of a major.

Soon college freshmen must realize that they need to contact their advisors about their choices of majors.
C. In our company there are wide-open opportunities for professional growth with a company that enjoys an enviable record for stability in the dynamic atmosphere of aerospace technology.

Our company provides opportunities for professional growth and stability in the dynamic field of aerospace technology.
D. There are people who are for and people who are against capital punishment.

26. A. I sent a Thank-You Note to Aunt Abigail, but not to my other aunts. B. I sent a thank-you note to aunt Abigail, but not to my other aunts. C. I sent a thank-you note to Aunt Abigail, but not to my other Aunts. D. I sent a thank-you note to Aunt Abigail, but not to my other aunts.

D. I sent a thank-you note to Aunt Abigail, but not to my other aunts.

27. A. The word polytheistic means the worship of more than one God. god B. I was able to interview Miriam Moss, mayor of Littonville. C. The Patels have moved to the southwest. Southwest is a geographic area not direction D. Jims house is two miles North of Otterbein. north is a direction nor geographic area

28. A. Emerson once said, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. said, A foolish B. One of Jerrys favorite books is The catcher in the Rye. The Catcher in the Rye. C. The setting of the movie Cinderella Man is the Great Depression. D. My favorite soda is pepsi. Pepsi

29. The boy went to the Corner Store to get some fruit. A. adjective B. noun C. preposition D. adverb

A. adjective

30. It was a long day at the farm, so Jane took a nap on the couch. A. adjective B. conjunction C. preposition D. verb

C. preposition

31. Before they knew it, grandma and grandpa sat at the dinner table. A. noun B. conjunction C. preposition D. verb

B. conjunction

32. A. Liz played the piano. B. The dog is fed by Thomas. C. The letter was written by Marshall. D. The fire was extinguished. The best sentence is A because it uses an active verb.

33. A. The dog was hit by the car. B. The house will be built by the construction crew in five months. C. The problem was solved. D. It gets cold here during the winter.

The best sentence is D because it uses an active verb.

34. A. The car was being cleaned by its owner. B. The stunt man risked his life. C. Many tricks were learned by the dolphins. D. The question was answered by Julia. The best sentence is B because it uses an active verb.

35. A. I dont like the new postman. postman is sexist B. The fireman saved the cat. fireman is sexist C. The mathematician solved the problem. D. My nieces favorite pop is Mountain Dew. pop is a form of dialect or slang

36. Phillip, unlike the thousands of students who live on campus, has to drive thirty miles each day to reach the university.

A. B. C. D.

Live Has To reach No error

D. No error

37. Drivers should first fasten their seat belts. Next they should put the key all the way into the ignition. Then you turn the key to the right.

A. B. C. D.

their they should you turn No error

C. you turn

38. Marc made a mess of the trip. He arrived in the airport late. He didnt tip the baggage man (who promptly misdirected his bag), and he loses his wallet on the plane.

A. B. C. D.

trip. He didnt tip loses No error

C. loses

39. I would like to thank whomever is responsible for this lovely luncheon for our staff. A. B. C. D. would like whomever luncheon No error

B. whomever

40. When the registrar looked at my eighteenhour schedule, he asked me whether or not I also planned to work?

A. B. C. D.

no change did I also plan to work? did I also plan to work? whether or not I also planned to work.

D. whether or not I also planned to work.

41. A citation for a quotation in the text of the paper must always include the following information if available: the authors name, the works title, and a page number False 42. The works cited list is organized alphabetically by authors last names (or by title for a work with no author). true 43. The works cited list should include all of the works the writer consulted while researching the paper. false

44. An in-text citation names the author (if there is an author)either in a signal phrase introducing the cited material or in parentheses after the cited material. true 45. When a works author is unknown, the work is listed under Anonymous in the list of works cited. false 46. The list of works cited is titled Bibliography. false

47. When a work has no page number, it is possible that nothing will appear in parentheses to mark the end of a citation. true 48. In the parentheses marking the end of an intext citation, use the abbreviation p. or pp. before the page number(s). false 49. When a paper cites two or more works by the same author, the in-text citation includes at least the authors name and the title (or a short version of the title). true

50. An entry for a Web source in the list of works cited gives the date the Web source was accessed. true

For Wednesday
Definition essay final copy
Fallacy questions

For Monday
Read the Ramage appendix on fallacies and answer the following questions: 1. What is a fallacy? 2. What are the differences between fallacies of pathos, ethos, and logos? 3. What are types of pathos fallacies? Ethos fallacies? Logos fallacies?