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[list] [*]Asset leverage [*]Effective communication [yes]Innovation [*]Loyal customers [*]Market share leadership [*]Strong management team [*]Strong brand equity [yes]Strong financial position [*]Supply chain Brand Images Apply technology into the business model

[Yes]Bad communication Diseconomies to scale Over leveraged fiancial position [Yes]Low market share Not diversified Undifferentiated products and services

[list] [*]Ajklts (raise money through debt, etc) [*] Partnership with international airways [*]Emerging markets and expansion abroad [*]Product and services expansion NOTHING [/list

Monsters] [yes]Competition [*]Cheaper technology [yes]Economic slowdown [yes]Exchange rate fluctuations [yes]Lower cost competitors [*]Maturing categories, products, or services [yes]Price wars [/list]

Radisson Hotels Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan Carlson Rezidor Group Hotels and Resorts Tourism Hotels That Love to Say Yes! Yes I Can! Service philosophy, aims at 100% USP guest satisfaction

STP Leisure travellers, Wedding parties, Segment Target Group Honeymooners, Business travellers Upper middle and upper class A powerful, globally consistent, first class brand that delivers vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality characterized by the Yes I Positioning can service philosophy. SWOT Analysis 1. Top notch service and excellent customer service 2. Global presence 420+ hotels globally in over 75 countries 3. Goodwill from Employees and customers 4. They offer really go deals and promotional offers hence attracting more customers 5. Parent group adds to brand value Strength 6. High Brand Recall 1. The brand name comes with a perception of being expensive 2. Current economic status is bound to take a toll on spending power 3. Still trying to establish itself in the emerging Weakness economies

1. Using current economic scenario to increase clientele through special packages 2. Expansion of the global tourism market Opportunity 3. Travellers are looking for novel destinations 1. Shift from 4-5 star hotels to lower ones 2. Terrorism events affects the tourism Threats 3. Huge number of strong competitors Competition 1. Four Seasons Hotels 2. Starwood Hotels and Resorts 3. Ritz Carlton Competitors 4. Hilton

Hilton Hotels and Resorts Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan USP Hilton Hotels Hotels and Resorts Tourism and hospitality Discover a world of opportunity Run by an experienced management STP


Budget, Mid-Market, Upscale, Luxury Leisure travelers, honeymooners, corporates,

Target Group Positioning

families, extended stay Prime location and luxury living SWOT Analysis 1. High brand recognition 2. Technical innovations to improve customer experiences and Constant upgrade of business processes 3. Good employee retention 4. Around 540 hotels in over 78 countries 5. They have been in the industry for 93 years now making them real experts at what they do.


6.Good reputation in the market 1. Limited market share inspite of good brand recall 2. Operations are affected globally due to


different Govt policies and parameters 1. High potential in emerging markets 2. Innovation in customer services 3. Digitalization and better use of technology 4. Indian and as well as global hospitality


sectors are looking at a boom

1. Entry of several international brands along with the strong hold of long standing, well established Indian brands. 2. Competition on price point 3. Stagnated growth 4. Economic and political turbulence in most Threats countries Competition 1. Marriott International 2. Starwood Hotels Competitors 3. Accor

Analysis of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) And Revenue Projections for Hotel Orbit, Bagdogra Strengths 1. Locational advantage- Proximity to the Airport, Army and Air Force Base; 2. Huge Demand for rooms in Bagdora in the absence of any good hotels except Marinas Motel in Bagdogra. Marinas Motel has 24 rooms. Marina has ARR of more than Rs 2000 with an average occupancy of 70% plus. 3. Hotel Orbit in Siliguri is an established and strong brand.The commercial establishments and corporate in the Complex can

create a captive demand for both rooms and F&B. 4. Separate entrance, ample parking gives individuality to the Hotel and can be an ideal location for large gatherings. A 10,000 sft landscaped garden will be the unique selling proposition (USP) of the Hotel. Part of the Garden to be converted to Dhaba style open air restaurant and marketed as a drive in destination with giant TV screens. 5. The room size (250-300 sft) is ideal for Individuals as well as Corporate. The 50-seater banquet gives added advantage to the property. Weakness 1. The property has 16 rooms only. No scope for further expansion in future. 2. Marinas Motel is very well established brand with a very strong bakery and food section. The owners of marinas Motel and Glenarys in Darjeeling are same, which gives the Hotel a strong client base in Darjeeling area. 3. Will be largely dependant on airport based tourists and Army customers. Opportunities 1. The quality of rooms of the property and the amenities can be used to market the property to segments which goes to Siliguri town e.g. Airlines, visitors to the Army Hospital. 2. With the increase of flights from Bagdogra airport transit passengers can increase occupancy rates in the property. 3. The Marketing,HR, Purchase and Admin Departments already

existing in the Siliguri property. Overhead cost can be kept low. 4. The 10,000 sft lawn can be... [


Has a brand new Convention center attached to it Has the Rideau shopping center attached to it Has a 24-hour Business Centre WestinWORKOUT Gym (state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight training equipment) Squash court, whirlpool, sauna, jogging path Indoor heated saltwater pool Located in Canadas capital city (the business shell of Canada) Many Cultural diversions Unbelievable 5 green Keys from the Hotel Association of Canada) AAA four Diamond Award Beautiful view of the Countrys capital Walking distance from the Ottawa Market Wedding planner on site Has many lounge areas Concierge staff on-hand (dedicated employees) Signature in-room spa Internet access Serves Starbucks Coffee Has Express dining (Dalys Express) Has two fine dining restaurants(The shore Club) Westin kids Club Valet and Self Parking Disability Accessible Facilities High in prices Very business oriented and not family oriented enough No special transportation shuttle (to the airport) (Should maybe have a special shuttle to bring guest to certain locations on the Byward Market.) (help me find more weaknesses, this hotel is too amazing)



Located close to the Rideau shopping center Located on the famous Ottawa Byward Market (night life) Located Near Bus stations Linked to the brand new Convention center The government makes this hotel the number one meeting facility ( this helps the Hotels catering service get more business) View of and accessibility to the Rideau Canal Late night noises from different events taking place in the Convention center Hilton Lac-Leamy due to the fact they have a casino At busy times, parking can be an issue


S.W.O.T ANALYSIS OF HOTEL INDUSTRY Strengths A very wide variety of hotels is present in the country that can fulfill the demand of the tourists. There are international players in the market such as Taj and Oberoi & International Chains. Thus, the needs of the international tourists travellers are met while they are on a visit to India. Manpower costs in the Indian hotel industry is one of the lowest in the world. This provides better margins for Indian hotel industry. India offers a readymade tourist destination with the resources it has. Thus the magnet to pull customers already exists and has potential grow. Weaknesses The cost of land in India is high at 50% of total project cost as against 15% abroad. This acts as a major deterrent to the Indian hotel industry. The hotel industry in India is heavily staffed. This can be gauged from the facts that while Indian hotel companies have a staff to room ratio of 3:1, this ratio is 1:1 for international hotel companies. High tax structure in the industry makes the industry worse off than its international equivalent. In India the expenditure tax, luxury tax and sales tax inflate the hotel bill by over 30%. Effective tax in the South East Asian countries works out to only 4-5%.

Only 97,000 hotel rooms are available in India today, which is less than the Bangkok hotel capacity. The services currently offered by the hotels in India are only limited value added services. It is not comparable to the existing world standards. Opportunities Demand between the national and the inbound tourists can be easily managed due to difference in the period of holidays. For international tourists the peak season for arrival is between September to March when the climatic conditions are suitable where as the national tourist waits for school holidays, generally the summer months. In the long-term the hotel industry in India has latent potential for growth. This is because India is an ideal destination for tourists as it is the only country with the most diverse topography. For India, the inbound tourists are a mere 0.49% of the global figures. This number is expected to increase at a phenomenal rate thus pushing up the demand for the hotel industry. Unique experience in heritage hotels. Threats Guest houses replace the hotels. This is a growing trend in the west and is now catching up in India also, thus diverting the hotel traffic. Political turbulence in the area reduces tourist traffic and thus the business of the hotels. In India examples of the same are Insurgency in Jammu Kashmir and the Kargil war. Changing trends in the west demand similar changes in India, which here are difficult to implement due to high project costs. The economic conditions of a country have a direct impact on the earnings in hotel industry. Lack of training man power in the hotel industry. Transport Facilities A well knit and coordinated system of transport plays an important role in the sustained economic growth of the country. The present transport system of the country comprises of several modes of transport including rail, road, air transport etc. Tourism industry is also affected by the performance of these services heavy road taxes are the great threat to the tourism industry.

The strong points of your hotel - Examples are: Your business exterior is clean and tidy. Your prices are cheaper than your competitors. Your service style is new to the area.

You offer a product no other business offers. You have a branded image.

The weak points of your hotel - Examples are: Your hotel is new and not established. You have limited funds available. You offer a product which is already available on the market. Customers have to travel further to get to your hotel.

Benefits for your hotel - Examples are: A new office complex is opening nearby. A new housing development is being built nearby. A main competitor has closed down. The building next door has become available so expansion may be an option.

Instances that can harm your hotel - Examples are: A high street brand is moving into the area. Your operating costs are set to increase soon. Your business lease is up for renewal and a rent increase will happen. A main competitor has lowered their prices and started a price war with you.

SWOT ANALYSIS Introduction This assignment is about SWOT ANALYSIS .I assumed that I have a hotels group around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of them located in Makkah (Al-Shamia Street). I am trying to use one of the important tools in engineering management to develop an overview of my hotels strategic situation which called "SWOT ANALYSIS".

S trengths 1) The hotel is close to the holy mosque. (Just 10 minutes on foot) 2) The hotel is in the central district of the holy mosque. 3) The lodgers can hear ALATHAN from their rooms. 4) The hotel provides many services to its lodgers such as satellite channels in the rooms, two open meals every day, and many of rooms services. 5) The hotel has a wireless network which covers the hotel and enables the lodgers to use the internet everywhere. 6) The hotel has a good air-conditioning, ventilation, and fire alarm systems. 7) The hotel has a big celebrations hall (meetings and conferences for VIPs) 8) The hotel staff has a good experience. 9) Huge investments. W eaknesses 1) No parking near the hotel. 2) The hotel consists of twenty floors each floor consists of forty rooms in addition to four royal sections, and these are not enough especially in RAMADAN and AlHAJ 3) The capacitance of each lift does not exceed more than ten persons for each travel and their numbers are not enough. (Just 3 lifts) 4) The hotel does not commanding the holy mosque directly (that means the lodgers can not see the holy mosque from rooms windows). 5) The lodgers come from various countries with different cultures and languages. 6) The central district of the holy mosque contains a lot of hotels which compete to serve Makkah visitors. O pportunities 1) Making propagandas in newspapers and distributing bulletins in public areas 2) A developing of hotel staff 3) A developing of hotel services. 4) An increasing of the capacitance of the hotel. 5) A special parking for hotel lodgers. 6) Updating the wireless network of the hotel. T hreats 1) Missing one of the hotel steady lodgers for any reason .

2) A discounting which is made from some competitors. 3) Some uncaring lodgers which cause damages to the hotel chattel. SO-Alternatives 1) The hotel can reseize e the strength of being nearby to the holy mosque in the central district to making propagandas for its branches. 2) The hotel can reseize the strength of providing many services to its lodgers as a fillip to develop its staff and services. 3) The hotel can reseize its huge investments to build new floors, update its wireless network and create special parking for lodgers . WO-Alternatives 1) The hotel can avoid the weakening of no parking near the hotel by creating a special parking for the lodgers. 2) The hotel can avoid the weakening of finiteness of lifts by construct three moreover 3) The hotel can develop its staff. (Training, short courses in dealing with others and in some languages) in order to avoid differences of cultures and languages ST and WT-Alternatives 1) The hotel can offers special offers for the steady lodgers in order to tempt them to come back 2) The hotel can make a discount in dead days (The days which is the demand to the hotels rooms are weak)

Strengths Global leader Hilton Hotels Corp is the second largest hotel chain in the global hotels market, losing only to its major rival Marriott International. Diversified portfolio Hilton Hotels has a diversified product portfolio based on price and service

Loyalty Program the Hilton HHonors program is well-recognized in the travel and tourism industry. In 2007, Hilton Hotels Corp extended its loyalty program with the introduction of Experience Rewards, offering its 17 million members more personalized and experience-oriented rewards options. Early in 2008, Hilton also ended blackout dates, making the program more valuable to users. A strong focus on its loyalty program creates brand loyalty among new customers and affect future revenues. Weaknesses Domestic market focus the US alone accounts for approximately 85% of the entire Hilton Hotels Corp system, making it tender to any economic downturns in its domestic market. Late international expansion the fact that Hilton started its international expansion in the later part of the review period has hurt its prospects. Expensive real estate rising cost of real estate in dynamic markets like China, Vietnam, India and Russia has made it harder to move lower cost brands into those countries. Single owner being privately owned means that Hilton Hotels Corp is susceptible to any decisions taken by Blackstone, be it the divestiture of any hotel brand or the increase of daily rates to justify the high price paid for the property. Opportunities

Dynamic growth in emerging markets improving economic conditions, developing infrastructures, the development of the urban middle class and growing foreign tourism are driving strong growth in emerging markets such as Russia, India and China key target markets for Hilton Hotels. Luxury brands the global hotels category is seeing intense competition, with the major players exploiting considerable resources to generate and maintain high-profile brands. Hilton Hotels is seeking to redefine and revitalise its eponymous brand, as well as expand its portfolio through the development of The Waldorf=Astoria Collection. Unique travel experiences the shift in consumer demand towards a unique travelling experience is creating opportunities for hotel operators to develop distinctive brands, properties and services. Technology revolution the adoption of new technologies and the continued focus on global branding is creating a larger commitment to the internet, with hotels and other travel accommodation continuously enhancing online activities to minimize costs and better serve consumers. Green appeal recent studies have revealed that tourists are increasingly worried about business, social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, the adoption of Green Buildings does make a difference. Hotels as well as other travel accommodation which are able to maintain operational costs (energy, water) to a lower level and enhance services through the offer of healthier work environments and more comfort to tourists are likely to strengthen their competitive advantage in the near future.

Health and wellness appeal as a premium hospitality provider, Hilton Hotels is well-positioned to benefit from the increased demand for health and wellness services Threats The individuation of consumer choice increased demand for unique lodging experiences is driving a trend towards independent hotels, thus presenting a threat to major hotel chains such as Hilton Downturn in business travel Hilton Corp is heavily confident on business travellers, meaning that the negative impact of a impairment of economic conditions in business coupled with the ongoing pressure to push costs down, particularly in the US and Western Europe, would pose a significant threat to its future performance.
SWOT Analysis 1. High brand recognition and recall 2. Technical innovations to improve customer experiences and Constant upgrade of business processes 3. Good employee retention with a total workforce of 150,000 4. Has over 3700 hotels and resorts in over 70 countries 5. Various brands range from attainable to Strength Weakness aspirational

1. Competition from long established hotel

chains means limited market share 2. Global expansion and high number of hotels may lead to brand dilution 1. High potential in emerging markets 2. Innovation in customer services 3. Better interiors/Well done renovations 4. Indian and as well as global hospitality Opportunity sectors are looking at a boom 1. Entry of several international brands along with the strong hold of long standing, well established Indian brands 2. Competition on price points Threats 3. Stagnated growth