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Victoria Wiebe September 19th, 2012 The Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Smell of Esters Procedure 1.

In a 600ML beaker, heat 300ML of tap water on the hot plate. 2. Once the water bath has reached a gentle boil, switch off the hot plate. 3. Combine 3.0 ML of each alcohol reagent, 3.0 ML liquid or 0.3g solid carboxylic acid of choice and 20 drops of concentrated sulphuric acid in a clearly marked, clean, dry test tube. 4. Repeat until all alcohol reagents have been mixed in their own test tube. Ensure that each test tube is stoppered as long as possible until each mixture has been made to avoid buildup of fumes. 5. Remove the stoppers and place the test tubes in the hot water bath for five minutes, removing the test tube from the bath if it boils. 6. Allow the test tubes to cool once removed from the bath. 7. Pour the contents of the test tube into an evaporating dish half-filled with cold tap water. 8. Smell the esters odour by wafting the vapour toward your nose. Record your observations. 9. Repeat step #8 for all esters, smelling coffee grounds in between smelling each to improve detection and clear the airway. 10. Dispose of all used materials in the organic waste container. 11. Rinse emptied glassware with cold tap water and soap.