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"If Mercury is in Aries at the time of one's birth, Budha-Mesha will be fond of battles (be uncompromising), be very learned, wicked, emaciated, interested in music and dance, be untruthful, be attached to sexual pleasures, be a writer, will produce fictitious things, will eat much, will lose hard-earned money, will incur debts and imprisonment frequently and will be sometimes fickle minded and yet sometimes firm in disposition. "


"Should Mercury be in Taurus, the native will be

skillful, eminently liberal, be famous, will have knowledge of Vedas and Shastras, be fond of exercises, robes, ornaments and garlands, be firm in disposition, will have sincerely earned wealth, will possess a chaste wife, will be a soft and sweet speaker, and be after sexual satisfaction."


"You are very skilled in the areas of communications, writing, editing, networking and all types of literary pursuits. This is very good for learning and teaching, arguing, learning languages, music, etc. " "You are highly intelligent and serve the government

but your body may have scars of wounds or there may be an infirmity in some limb.

You are a sloppy dresser,

but very popular nonetheless.

Danger from traveling, workshops and from animals. "


"You are talkative and your mind is changeable. This is good for storytelling but it can also lead to exaggeration. Your intellect is governed by emotion."


"You are cunning in your independence. For some reason or other you find that you have to use your brains to keep your independence. Also your intelligence may wander o and you have a difficult time focusing your mind on intellectual pursuits. You don't like to be held down to thinking one way. o You like to have mental freedom."


"You are very skilled in the areas of communications, writing, editing, networking and all types of literary pursuits. This is very good for learning and teaching, arguing, learning languages, music, etc. " "You are highly intelligent and serve the government but your body may have scars of wounds or there may be an infirmity in some limb. You are a sloppy dresser, but very popular nonetheless. Danger from traveling, workshops and from animals. " "Your intelligence or deeper thinking capacity is very strong. gives ... you understanding of finer things, original thinking, retentive memory, and fondness for discussion and literature." "...will make you a man with a mission. Some divine purpose or spiritual duty will direct you abroad, where you may achieve lasting glory. You will be an intellectual with a tremendous organizing capacity. You will have the immense vitality necessary to bear the troubles of unknown lands and unexplored regions. Your life will be a success for society. Personally, you may have a strong fascination for young and attractive members of the opposite sex. "


Good for talking and writing about temple and university life. May be an exponent of religious behaviors such as philosophical reflection, meditation-prayer, and ritual worship. Polite, negotiating, sometimes ironic speech style. Fair, balanced, equitable, agreement-seeking message style.

One 's true feelings on the matter will depend on the disposition of Chandra. Special sensitivity to maintenance of social harmony and design. Uses a vocabulary of agreement, contract, pairings, exchanges, balance and relationships. A natural and successful negotiator in matters both public and personal, if Shukra is strong. Likes to think about contracts, agreements, alliances, balance; negotiations, law courts, legal remedies and conflict resolution; marriage, sexual relationships; crime-and-punishment, truth-and-consequences, Any type of paired, partnered, balanced activity.


Gains of income via accounting, messaging, and communication of hidden information. Depends on character of Kuja. Intuitive, perceptive, insightful - but can be hurtful in revealing hidden truths. Vocabulary psychological domination, control, change, rebirth, renovation, rejuvenation, gender reassignment, tantrik secrets, life-force continuation within cycles of transformation Likes to think about topics: sudden, shocking changes; catastrophic upheavals; healing transformation; secret knowledge; taxes and inheritance. Cycles of death and rebirth; sacrificial transformation; esoterica, mysteries

Beneficial for investigators, police, psychiatrists, healers in all modalities. Tantrik modes include talking with spirits. In politics prone to intrigue, cover-ups, huge webs of corruption, dramatic power plays. Inordinately high rate of assassination.


"In your own deep thinking or intelligence, you try to be philosophical and wise.

You tend towards the expansive and progressive stance considering the generosity, good literature, good arts, which protect one and all, to be worthy of your thought. Therefore you are fond of science and medicine because they aim at taking care of one and all. "

"the preacher" ritual instructions, doctrinal explanations, ideologies transactions of faith and wisdom narrative of beliefs Good for communications regarding education (4) patriotism, land ownership or stewardship (4) and partnership or contractual agreements (7). Can be an excellent attorney. Depends on Guru. This one wants to be wise, cheerful, principled, broadminded, optimistic about change and known for taking care of others. Unless mercurial Budha is accompanied by more substantial graha, one may lack the depth needed to apprehend the broader principles of philosophy. Nevertheless may be a capable instructor or trainer in theoretical topics even while not understanding the deeper levels oneself. Prefers to use a vocabulary of religious humanism, financial and educational opportunity, internationalism and global viewpoint. Inherently internationalist.


transnational elite transitional governance discourse on law, policy, rules, steps, social order Good for communications regarding conflict + disagreement including war and divorce (6) philosophy (9) and ceremonial religion (9). Results depend on the disposition of Shani. Budha is neutral toward Shani, while Shani welcomes Budha as a friend. When Budha occupies a rashi of Shani, the native may express one's thoughts through a conventional, dogmatic, mentally rigid, or culturally limited perspective. Pronounced tendency to speak in platitudes or conventional, protocoldriven responses rather than offer one's own personal viewpoint. the native is more concerned to express a socially approved message and less comfortable saying something unique or non-scripted. May be a genius of reporting conversational speech (see Virginia Woolf , Mrs. Dalloway) If Shani Occupies Vrischika, Karkata, or Mesha, the native is constrained socially. One experiences (not always consciously) a background threat of punishment for unapproved lifestyle or inferior status or other conflict between with social conformity standards. In these placements Shani will also cast drishti upon Budha in Makara, and the native will speak in a constrained, pre-formatted, "nicey-nicey", falsified, or self-shielding way. If Shani occupies Makara, the native is very conservative in speech habits, speaking only on 'safe' topics, and typically limited to rehearsal of the protocols and platitudes of one's own culture. The psychological resistance to new ideas which is implied by Budha in a rashi of Shani and aspected by Shani does not reduce the mechanical teethand-tongue speech articulation. Rather, the native tends toward a less creative, more pre-formatted messaging style. The mentality is shaped by received knowledge and fixed explanations. Likes to think about institutional hierarchies of governance, social rank, propriety, executive leadership, skeletons, bones, and the Rules of Law.


transmission across the network Good for communications regarding creative performance, politics, theatre , and children (5) and the transmission of emergency or confidential information (8). Speaks and writes in the plain dialect of the common people. Results depend on the disposition of Shani; also because Budha is so impressionable, the location of Surya and Rahu (co-lord of Kumbha) are essential determiners of the final outcome of Budha-Kumbha. Budha = neutral toward Shani, while Shani welcomes Budha as a friend. When Budha occupies Kumbha, the native may express one's thoughts through an abstract, rule-driven, conceptual, principled, and emotionless filter.


transcendence, transference, transition Across the bridge from material plane to astral plane Budha is neutral toward His landlord Guru, while Guru treats tenant Budha as an enemy. Meena, the dreamlike rashi of all-encompassing, all-inclusive Guru, can welcome any graha EXCEPT Budha. Budha the chatty mentalizer becomes problematic in quiet, reflective Meena. Budha's narrow-view attention to detail and propensity to make announcements prevents the native 's engagement in quiet, Meenaappropriate broad-view reflection. Budha in Meena is like being at a silent retreat where some anxious person just can't stop talking : ) Budha mentalizes the spiritual intuition while Meena's reflective clairsentience dissolves and obscures the logic of Budha's arguments. In my files: the case of a talented young Budha-Meena-3 designer whoseimagination (Meena) overwhelmed his argument (Budha) and damaged his business (3). After graduating from a prestigious college, he had designed a number of products with household, athletic, and automotive utility. He had credibility due to his education and his family's rank. It seemed like his products were going to be commercially successful, because they seemed to be addressing real market needs at just the right time. Of course, to progress his ideas from the visionary design stage into the manufacture and sales stage, he needed to acquire funding. In order to convince his investors, he was going to be obliged to explain each step of his process. At this point, the Budha-Meena person became - as they often do - a victim of his own imaginative mind. The products while well-timed for market needs were all quite mundane in application. Yet the young man connected their earthly simple functions to the great waves of truth in the universe, and he mused profoundly over the broad effects that these items could have in different iterations, and the genius of human creativity filled with the inspiration of divine light. Delightfully imaginative as these thoughts were, he expressed them in entirely the wrong context - a practical, dollars-and-cents investors meeting -and furthermore he got so swept up in the experience of connecting human

experience to divine inspiration that he became increasing convinced of the immense power embedded in these utility products... so much so that he imagined far-reaching profits and a great fortune for his family lasting into the generations...