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The Perils of Clinical Trial Budgeting

(and how ClearTrial can save you)

We hear you loud and clear: Your budgeting process for clinical trials is long and painful. You have to use tools that simply arent intelligent enough to account for all of the nuances involved, and the end result is often far off from the target. The good news is that you are not alone; not in your struggle and not in your search for a better solution.

What is your primary tool for budgeting clinical studies?

Microsoft Access


In-house Software


CRO Bids


Microsoft Excel


Commercial Software

While Excel is the most widely used tool for budgeting, it lacks the clinical intelligence and functionality that allows for the creation of multiple, accurate plans for di erent what-if scenarios.

What [ClearTrial] allows us to do is run four or five plans right alongside each other and say, What if we change these options? How will it look? Those types of analyses are very helpful to management.
Manager of Drug Development, Lundbeck

How confident are you in the accuracy of individual study budgets?




Not Confident

Somewhat Confident

Highly Confident

As the number of studies and the complexity of budgeting increased, ClearTrial was the only software we found that addressed the issues we were attempting to tackle.
Executive Director of Business Operations, Astellas Pharma Global Development

What is your typical budget variance from forecast to actual, at the study level?



11-15% Variance



ClearTrial software has enhanced our ability to quickly assess the costs associated with multiple development strategies. It has been proven to be an effective tool that we can rely on to rapidly estimate project costs and establish guidelines for negotiating contracts with our services providers.
Vice President, Development Operations, Isis Pharmaceuticals

To get clinical trial budgeting processes in order, companies choose ClearTrial. ClearTrial is Oracles phase I-IV clinical trial budgeting software application that allows sponsors and CROs to accurately develop clinical study budgets and timelines using embedded global clinical intelligence.

intuitive to use and makes clinical trial forecasting easy and more accurate than I thought possible I talked to some end users of ClearTrial. The way they speak of the company reminded me of how Apple loyalists speak of their computers a true love for product relationship.
Life Sciences Leader Magazine

140+ documented study assumptions enable you to build study plans based on study activities and processes

companies use ClearTrial


Enables better cost control and more consistent RFP development

out of the

Accelerates planning timelines

Shorten outsourcing contract closure time by up to 75%

Top 10
biopharma companies use ClearTrial

Algorithms are provided for more than 200 therapeutic indications, with specific clinical development data and CRO labor rates for over 90 countries


In less than 10 minutes, ClearTrial will produce a budget variance between



Develops highlyaccurate budget forecasts

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